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Introduction to Writing Writing is an art of expression that brings out the unseen thoughts, idea or concept of an individual.

It is an art of painting pictures through letters. On this site however, we shall be treating the basics of script writing for the television and the big screen. A greater attention shall be paid to the elements of good script writing that a lot of writers overlook. The elements are those basic ingredients that make your script possess a strong sociological link to humanity; that is the audience. This is because writing is a representation of life. In real world, there are situations that create conflicts and these conflict are varied nature and circumstances. That is what brought about philosophies and philosophies produce genres in writing. Without the strong representations of genre in a story, the impact may be lost. It is the elements of these genres that elicit the desired effect in the audience. Steve Weiss once said The major problem with most indie films is the poor nature of the script. We all cannot dispute the fact that the concept and context of a story informs the strength of its content. One would not run into the conclusion that we all may have had one or more writing classes or not but here we are going to also discuss the relevance of style in writing. Since learning is a continuous process. Concept This is the original idea behind the story. It is usually the central message that drives every other theme in the story. It informs the reasoning of the conflicting characters in the story. Context Context deals with the meaning of the entire story. It also deals with how a writer approaches and interprets the central idea which is the concept. This is what the audience needs to understand. From the context, one is able to create an absolute content for the viewer who wants to have reasons to understand his life, world or anothers. It must be treated in such a manner that the concept will not be lost. For instance, if the concept of ones story is love, then in what context is the love defined in the story? Then what are the benefits of this love - the end results that would give meaning to life? This is the philosophy behind the writers concept.

Content The content is what the entire story contains. The language, plot, theme, activities of the characters and diction are all parts of the content. The context and concept are the major issues in the content of any story and that is what sells the story. The content is the type of story and the information that the story intends to disseminate. It is the larger part of the script. There are two major points that may give life to ones story or kill when not properly treated or lack of their knowledge. They are genre and style. Genre There are several kinds of genres for the literary aspects of the script and the box office classifications. However, to the writer, the former is most relevant. Understanding genre helps the writer create real and true to life characters. Each genre has certain elements. These elements build the plots of the story and the objectives and super objectives of characters in stories are born out them. This is because they are basically drawn out the philosophies mankind. What then is a genre? Genre is the classification of literary beliefs and philosophies in story telling in relations to peculiar circumstances surrounding the character and the crises engaged in. The beliefs of the character and the cause and effects of his way life in relation to the kind of conflict and the method, writers choice of diction, sociological representations reflect the genre. We shall be treating the basic genres that every form of modern story telling revolves around. Style This is talking majorly about the method, technique of story telling that may be chosen or employed to create the writers unique voice. The writer, like the singer, needs a style of writing the opening scene and ending the story. Writing is a means of communication. The writer needs a way of reaching into the hearts of the audience. The writer has to be very imaginative. He should paint very strong pictures that the director may find appealing. There should be a particular style in the use of language, plot, character development and the employment of flashbacks and futuristic. In our next topic we shall discuss the various genres. Questions? Suggestions? Contributions?