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REFLECTIVE JOURNAL Course : Principles in Microbiology Code : SBB 3033 Name Matric No.

Topic of lecture : Azuita bt Zoolkiflie : D20091035125 : Chapter 1 Introduction to Microbiology.

1. What do I learn today? For todays lecture, I have learned the Introdution of Microbiology. Microbiology is the study of organisms and agents too small to be seen clearly by the naked eyes. Microbes will be in size of below than 1 micrometer. However, the study of microbes shows that there are differences in size and one things for sure that the virus is the smallest organism which has around pikometer size. Then, Dr. Wong tells us about the overview of prokaryotic cell structures. There are two different of prokaryotic which are gram ve and gram +ve bacteria. Besides that, the overview about eukaryotic cells. And then, I have learned new terms in Microbiology wgich are acellular entities and compartmentalize. There are two types of Microbial Cells which are prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells. Sometimes, I have ever thinked what is the differences between these two types of cells? The answer is the nucleus, for prokaryotic cell, the nucleus is not double membrane and therefore we called it nucloid meanwhile, in eularyotic, the nucleus have nuclear membrane so we can called it as nucleus. Besides that, we learned about the classification schemes that consists mainly on three domains ; bacteria (true bacteria), archae and also eukarya ( eukaryotes). However, according to Dr. Wong, virus is included in another types of kingdom. In the domain bacteria, mostly it is unicellular and have cell wall with peptidoglycan. Lack of membrane bound nuclues. For example of bacteria is cyanobacteria. In the domain Archae, it is being distinguished by the unique rRNA sequences. They have unusual metabolism characteristics and therfore, the can survive in extreme condition. Then, the domain eukarya (eukaryotic) which is larger than bacteria

and archae and sometimes, it also have chloroplast which can undergoes photosythesis. The acellular infectious agents is viruses. Then, we learned the microbial evolution and comes into the main topics in this courses which is microbiology. The next subtopic will be covered next week which is the scientist that discovered the microscope. 2. What I do not understand in todays lecture? From this moment, so far, I am understand what has been taught by Dr. Wong because he is very good in explaining somehing and I am really enjoy during his class. However, I am hoping that for the next lesson I am more focusing during the class. 3. How do I feel today? I felt like I have to study more about bacteria because, in Microbiology, it have a lots of microbes that I have to remember. I also feel excited and enjoy during his class. However, I have another 13 weeks to study and knows about the classification of bacteria and other microbes. There are some other topics that related to the evolution and biodiversity. Moreover, I felt that Microbiology was such an interesting subject that we can learn because we can know more about bacteria that are on this whole world. Thank you for Dr. Wong because teach us.