Filename (GLE, Grade Level, Unit #, Lesson #, Page X of Y) UNIT # _____ UNIT TITLE:___________ GRADE LEVEL: ____

Lesson Title: Time Required for Lesson: Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Standard: Grade Level Expectation(s) (GLE): American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Standard:

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Lesson # _____of ____

Lesson Materials (Activity Sheets and/or suggested supporting resources—full citation/source for all materials used and/or modified MUST be provided)

Show Me Standards: Performance Goals (check one or more that apply) Goal 1: gather, analyze and apply information and ideas Goal 2: communicate effectively within and beyond the classroom Goal 3: recognize and solve problems Goal 4: make decisions and act as responsible members of society

This lesson supports the development of skills in the following academic content areas. Academic Content Area(s) Specific Skill(s) Communication Arts Mathematics Social Studies Science Health/Physical Education Fine Arts Enduring Life Skill(s) Perseverance Courage Respect

Integrity Compassion Goal Setting

Problem Solving Tolerance

Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Programs: Linking School Success With Life Success

checklists. • What did I “like” about what I did to facilitate student learning? • What would I change about what I did if I could do this lesson over with the same class? When I “do” the lesson with another group? IMPLEMENTATION PROCEDURES: How did the process work? E. • In what ways has their feeling. time. 3. acting changed? • How will these changes help them to be successful in school/life? SELF ASSESSMENT: How did I do?? E. • Which of the procedures were effective? Which were ineffective? • What changes will I make in the procedures the next time I “do” the lesson? (e.. grouping of students) • Did the assessment provide adequate information about ALL students’ performance? • What do I need to change to better align assessment with what all students are expected to know and be able to do? Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Programs: Linking School Success With Life Success . Grade Level. Unit #. materials. Lesson Preparation Essential Questions: Engagement (Hook): Procedures School Counselor/Teacher Procedures: 1. performance activity.g. 3.. Student Involvement: 1.g. Page X of Y) Created by: Lesson/Formative Assessment (acceptable evidence of what learners will know and be able to do as a result of this lesson): Lesson/Formative Assessment is an intermediate assessment step toward the Unit/Summative Assessment for unit (performance outcome for goals. involvement of students.Filename (GLE. objectives and GLEs). Classroom Teacher Follow-Up Activities (Suggestions classroom teacher may use to reinforce student learning of Comprehensive Guidance Lesson concepts) School Counselor reflection notes (to be completed after the lesson) STUDENT LEARNING: How will students’ lives be better as a result of this lesson? E. 4. Lesson #. 4.g. 2. Examples of Lesson/Formative Assessment: question answer. thinking.g. instructions. 2.

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