Intelligent CAMEL eXchange

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The Intelligent CAMEL eXchange (ICX) enables mobile operators to significantly reduce the time frames and costs of implementing and testing international CAMEL roaming relationships. Key Benefits for Mobile Operators _ Generate new revenues through accelerated CAMEL roaming reach (inbound and/or outbound) _ Reduce coordination delays with remote execution of IR-32/IR-60 test case suites and centralized test SIM management _ Decrease network modification requirements through real-time normalization of CAMEL messages _ Speed fault sectionalization with SS7 message analysis and troubleshooting _ Improve call completion rates and customer satisfaction through Short Code and Intelligent Dialing Correction services _ Monitor service performance through consolidated reporting _ Maintain and expand preferential roaming relationships to broaden CAMEL roaming reach

Accelerate Implementation and Testing of CAMEL Roaming Agreements Our Intelligent CAMEL eXchange facilitates the implementation of CAMEL roaming agreements through intelligent signaling, monitoring and normalization. We offer remote test execution and efficient troubleshooting based on the signaling traffic flow. Drive Call Completion and Improve Customer Experience With enhanced CAMEL-based Virtual Home Environment (VHE) services, such as Short Code dialing and Intelligent Dialing Correction, your call completion rates increase dramatically. Expand Your CAMEL Roaming Footprint ICX supports your expansion into developing markets, where CAMEL roaming is a key enabler to both prepaid roaming and improved postpaid roaming experience. ICX ensures a seamless roaming experience as your roamers travel globally.

ICX supports your expansion into developing markets


Intelligent CAMEL eXchange

Connectivity and Service Performance ICX validates that the CAMEL messages exchanged between the Visited Public Mobile Network (VPMN) and the Home Public Mobile Network (HPMN) are using appropriate parameters. All parameters such as Location Information and Called Party Numbers are inspected and, if needed, modified. As part of the message modification, ICX provides VHE home Short Code and dialog services. In addition, ICX maintains full transparency so all existing network and back-office operational functions continue to operate. ICX does not affect MSC, VLR, HLR, and SCP addresses so real-time value-added services, such as Steering of Roaming, TAP file reconciliation and fraud detection maintain functionality. Remote Testing When a new network initially joins the ICX, our CAMEL specialists analyze the new network configuration, review CAMEL call flow and translations, and examine the test documents as well as testing requirements. We maintain a bank of test SIMs from all member networks to eliminate exchange between networks and minimize coordination delays between the VPMN and HPMN. We script and execute the IR-32, IR-60 and any other relevant roaming test cases from the remote probes. We test and validate both inbound and outbound traffic from an end-user and signaling perspective, and provide initial troubleshooting and fault sectionalization. After completing IREG test cases, TADIG validation is performed based on supplied TAP records. Advanced Monitoring and Reporting We facilitate continuous monitoring of CAMEL roaming through advanced reporting of key roaming KPI, such as CAMEL service success rates and volumes. By leveraging our SCCP and SMART services, we provide a near real-time, independent view of traffic to help detect potential roaming issues. Global Service Delivery With a global reach of more than 630 MNOs, including over 150 on-net customers, Tata Communications is a worldwide market leader for mobile roaming and international signaling services.

Global reach of more than 630 MNOs, including over 150 on-net customers

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