There was a kid that moved to a new town in 1998 she was eight years old and was

a good girl. She went to church every Sunday and Thursday for youth group. She had straight A's in school. She had not known a thing about sex, drugs, or haras sment. When she moved here she started in the middle of the school year. She was so happy that she gets to meet new people and lives in a bigger town. She was a nice little girl and wanted to make good friends, friends that s he can hang out with. Kids that wanted to have slept over. What kids do, where s he use to live the only friends that she had lived at apartments that her parent s owned and one little boy. That little boys name was Trever, his mom use to collect the dead animals on th e side of the road and make hate and other neat things out of them. Trever and V ictory was the only friends that she had. When she moved to this bigger town, sh e wanted friends like that, friends that cared, and friends that wanted to hang out, friends that would like. She was not expecting what she was about to go through for the next 12 years. Th e first day of school she remembers that her teachers name was Mrs. Flinton. She was the nicest teacher that she has meet. She thought her every thing that she needed help on, she took the time to help. But people start to call her teachers pet the first day of school and she did not think that there was nothing wrong with being called teachers pet. But the next day of school, kids started to call her a whore, slut, and a bitch. The little girl did not know those words meant. That day at school the teacher had a sub. So the teacher said that she did not hear what the kids were saying t o her so she went on with the rest of the school day. When school got out she went home and asked her parents what those words meant and they just said never to repeat them again. The next, day her parents went to school they had told the principle what had been said they said that they donâ t thi nk that 3rd graders would know those words and called them a liar. For the next few years until she got in to middle school she went through that every day at s chool. When she got to middle school they had things that were called harassment forms. Something that she could feel out and the other kids would be talked to about i t and would be suspend from school for a day. For the three years that she was i n middle school no one ever did any thing. There was that one girl that was harassing her from 3rd grade the whole time. T he little girl the one that went to church all the time, started to change when no one would help her out with something that was real, something that would rea lly happen, she was not lying. What else is a person to do when being harassed t hat long without help? So the friends that she had started to notice the change that was going on with her and so did her parents. There was nothing that they could to change her back she had enough shit that was going on in her life from people that she was gett ing tired of it and was going to do something about it if it was still going to happen in high school. So high school came around and at that time she new about drugs and sex and knew what the word had meant by them. She was not the little girl that she was a few years ago. She would skip school and go get high. There was one day that she went to school because she herd that this girl was still spreading rumors about her and calling her worse names, she skipped her class went to her lunch and confronted her about it, that if she wa s not going to stop than she was going to end it. When she walked away she started back up on her. After lunch she beat her up in the middle of the high school. She went to juvenile jail and when her parents ha d shown up at school she started to go off on all the staff and said that the gi rl deserved. And that this was going on for years and that no one would help her out with the girl causing all this pain on her. On the way out to the cop car her parents said that they will be there to bail me out and that they were going to get through this. That day changed her from t hen on. Never again did that girl pick on her. When the food fair came around sh

e saw her and started to walk away but at that time she was pregnant thatâ s why she was walking away, but the girl that had harassed her in the past stopped her and said that she was sorry and that she wanted to be friends with her. She said that if she was ever to talk to her again than she would make sure that she was in a comma at that time when she ran off to her mom, her mom had come b ack to tell her that if she was to touch her daughter again she would kill her a nd pulled out a gun. At that time her friends herd her yelling and came running over and pulled out their knifes, and said that if she was to ever look at me ag ain she would die before she got a chance to even look at me. She had friends that would protect her while she was pregnant. Even after she ha d the baby they were still there right by her side helped her with every thing t hat she needed. So because this little girl moved to a bigger town she had a hor rible life that she wish never had happen. But because that is her past now she has a great boyfriend that cares about her just like her family did. She meets the guy that she loves in a town that she ha tes so much, and she is grateful because she has a wonderful child that gave her a new life. She grew up to be a person that she would have never become in a li ttle town. There is many things that can change a person so donâ t let one person change your wh ole life were you have problems with every one because people like to make rumor s. Be a better person and ignore them. They are just jealous of you because you are better looking or have good friends , or good grades, parents that are there for them, it could be any thing. So ano ther reminder is donâ t harass people karma will come back to you from that person of from something else in life. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

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