Paleocurrent Analysis

By: Jason Choquette

Why is paleocurrent analysis important? Fabric and why it’s useful Internal and external structures
How they are related to each other

Liner structures; types and uses Practial study of paleocurrents in western Maine and some implications

Paleocurrent- The study of ancient flow Paleocurrent indicators- oriented sedimentary structures interpreted to have been deposited by ancient flows

Paleocurrent Indicators Include… Cross-beds clast imbrication/fabric tool marks groove casts and molds ripple crest orientation .

Paleocurrent Analysis…. longshore currents. and paleowinds Provides direction of initial dip or paleoslope Yields clues to the provenance of sediment supply Aids in determining geologic setting to which it was placed Provides info on paleogeography . sediment gravity flows. Yields information about the flow directions of rivers. Provides direct information about the orientation of the sedimentary systems.

Three Maine flow Indicators Fabric External structures Internal structures .

Includes various material types ranging in size from large cobbles to micro-fabrics Fossils Encompasses other fields lithologies such as carbonate rocks and volcanic deposits Imbricated bedding .Fabrics Refers to the spatial orientation of material in which they where deposited.

Uses of fabric analysis Largely used to infer current directions in sand and gravels. Reconstruct glacial motion Primarily used if there is no other flow indicators or to support other data. .

/hendrix/g432/g432_L12..umt.www2..htm .edu/.

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Internal and External Structures e.g cross bedding and ripple marks Used in unison to map large areas Both are found in many geologic environments Fluvial Littoral Marine Aeolian .


Some Internal Structures .

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Some External Structures . .umt./hendrix/g432/g432_L12.




jpg .edu/acad/geosciences/tcope/SedStruct/HiRes/LinguloidRipples.http://www.depauw.

coloradocollege. . .

http://www.jpg .com/adventures/2004/pct/wa/IMG_4153.studiozoic.


Paleocurrent Analysis in Practice Combining internal and external structures to develop a… Detailed map Paleoslope Tectonic history .

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