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Archangel Raziel

Message from Archangel Raziel

21st March 2006 1:06pm AEST

Welcome, I am the Archangel Raziel. For those of you who do not know me I am the keeper of secrets. I am the
holder of knowledge and wisdom.

The time has come for all who seek the truth. Many of you are now seeking answers to the questions that have
been asked over a millennia of time. Many of you seek truth. The time has now arrived for all who seek to
know the truth.

For many of your centuries we have watched and waited for you to reach the level that you are at now. The light
shining from you is extremely bright and beautiful and we welcome you.
There will be a time when more of you seek answers – these will be the new people. Today I speak to you so
that you may pass on this knowledge onto the new individuals who are seeking just as you are now.

I hold a key for you. This key will open the door to the many truths and secrets that have been kept from you.
Take this key and as you meditate I will help you unlock the door. Within you will find me and to you I will
give a message.

There are many of you who are changing. Do not be afraid of this change. This change is necessary for you to
ascend to your next level of vibration.

You have probably already realized that there are more and more individuals, such as yourself, who have started
to question their lives. Have started to realize that “there is more to life than this”.

This concentration of individuals has allowed others like myself to give messages to all who wish to hear. For
all who wish to learn.

There are also many lightworkers who question themselves unnecessarily. They are still coming to terms with
who they are and what they are becoming. They are struggling to hold onto what they are familiar with. Again I
say do not be afraid we are here to guide you.

Everyone of you as you awaken will become aware of your path for this life.

I must go now my friend here grows weary.

Remember we are with you always.

Archangel Raziel.
Today (and last night) I kept getting a name going over and over in my head... the name is Archangel Raziel. I
ended up ringing a friend of mine who has knowledge of the archangels to get her guidance on it. My friend
told me that this is one angel she has never heard of before but told me that this particular angel has a message
for me and told me to get pen and paper ready so I could write down this message. Which you can now see

I know of some of the Archangels - Michael, Gabriel, Metatron, Rapheal etc. But as this is a new name to me I
ended up doing some online research for Archangel Raziel and this is what I found:


In hebrew this name means "Secrets of God" and it is believed that his knowledge comes from hearing and
writing down everything that is said around God's throne.

Raziel had written a book known as "The Book of the Angel Raziel" in which contains 1500 keys to the
mysteries of the universe. When Raziel wrote these keys, he wrote them in such a way that only he could
decipher them. His language that was used in this book cannot even be deciphered by the greatest of angels.

Raziel is called the angel of mysteries and is the keeper of a vast amount of knowledge on matters of secrecy,
arcane and mysterious.

He is one of the Cherubim a guardian of originality and the realm of new ideas. He has knowledge of many of
the mystical arts and can give you an understanding of the energy currents of the magikal universe.

He has a glowing yellow aura and wears a grey robe that swirls as if made of liquid. His wings are large sky-
blue and he is quite tall in stature.

A Cherubim is one of the nine orders in which angels are divided, each with specific duties and honours.

The First Hierarchy is clustered around the central core of purity and they are divided as follows:
Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones.

It is the Cherubims duty to hold the knowledge of God. They are also the ones who are ofetn sent to Earth with
the biggest or hardest atsks such as the expulsion of Man from the Garden of Eden. They are the guardians of
the fixed stars, the keepers of celestial records and the givers of knowledge.

© Tania Collier ~ March 2006

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