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Select View Mode View Mode BookSlideshowScroll Readcast Add a Comment Embed & Share <#> Reading should be social! Post a message on your social networks to let others know what you're reading. Select the sites below and start sharing. Readcast this DocumentTransparent <#> <#> Login </login> to Add a Comment <#> Share & Embed < 99%2FMaterials-Engineer-Test-Reviewer-1%23source%3Afacebook>< home? t>< 099%2FMaterials-Engineer-Test-Reviewer-1&message=> <#> Add to Collections Download this Document for Free Auto-hide: on <#> <javascript:void(0);> Quantcast Materials Engineer Test Reviewer 1.Scales for weighing aggregates and cement shall be accurate within____ % throughout the range of use. Scales shall be inspected and sealed as often as the Engineer may deem necessary to assure their continued accuracy. a) 1.0 % c) 0.5 % b) 1.5 % d) 2.0 % 2.When cement is placed in contact with the aggregate, batches may be rejected unless mixed within_____ hours of such contact. a) 1.5 hours c) 0.5 hours b) 2.0 hours d) 2.5 hours 3.When mixed at the site or in a central mixing plant, the mixing time shall not be less than______ nor more than____ unless mixer performance test prove adequate mixing of concrete in a shorter time period. a) 30 seconds nor more than 90 seconds

b) 50 seconds nor more than 90 seconds c) 60 seconds nor more than 120 seconds d) 90 seconds nor more than 120 seconds 4.The flow of water shall be uniform and all water should be in the drum by the end of the first____ seconds of the mixing period. a) 45 seconds c) 15 seconds b) 30 seconds d) 20 seconds 5.Concrete not place within____ minutes from the time the ingredients were charged into the mixing drum shall be used. a) 120 minutes c) 60 minutes b) 150 minutes d) 90 minutes 6.When concrete is delivered in truck mixers, additional water may be added to the batch and additional mixing performed to increase the slump to meet the specified requirement if permitted by the Engineer, provided all these operation are performed within____ after the initial mixing operation and the water and cement ratio is not exceeded. a) 30 minutes c) 45 minutes b) 15 minutes d) 60 minutes 7.A sample from a bituminous mix weighs 1000 grams. At extraction, it was found out that the dry aggregate weighed 950 grams. What is the % of asphalt by weight of mix? a) 5.2 % c) 5.4 % b) 5.0 % d) 4.8% 8.The minimum penetration of the preservative with the surface of the timber piles shall be____ a) 150 mm c) 250 mm b)200 mm d) 100 mm 9.The contractor shall submit in writing a job-mix formula for the mixture supported by laboratory test data along with samples of resources of components and viscosity temperature relationships to the Engineer for testing and approval at least____. a) two weeks c) one week b) three weeks d) four weeks 10.The concrete samples should be stored in a moist conditioned temperature within the range of____ until the time of test. a)18* C to 24* C c) 14* C to 24* C b) 15* C to 18* C d) 18* C to 28* C 11.This is used in soil stabilized road surface due to its high____

property, that is, it absorb and retain water. a) Potassium Chloride c)Magnesium Chloride b) Calcium Chloride d) Sodium Chloride 12.The mass % wear of soil aggregate used in cement/lime proportions should not be more than____ . 1 a) 40 % c)45 % b) 50 % d) 55 % 13.The uniform rate at which the movable head of the CBR machine travel is_____ . a) 0.05 in / min c) 0.08 in /min b) 0.10 in /min d) 0.09 in /min 14.Cast in place concrete shall not be post tensioned until at least____ and until the compressive strength has reached the strength specified. a) 7 days c) 14 days b) 10 days d) 20 days 15.The penetration test is an indication of the____ of asphalt. a) Consistency c) Hardness b) Softness d) Flash Point 16.Specification requires one (1) Quality test for every____ of asphalt a) 20 tons c) 50 tons b) 200 tons d) 40 tons 17.The____ is the most commonly used method in the design and evaluation of bituminous concrete mixes. a) Job mix formula c) Marshall Stability b) Design mix d) Extraction 18.Vibration shall operate a frequency of 8,300 to 9,600 impulses per minute under load at a maximum spacing of____ cm. a) 30 cm c) 60 cm b) 50 cm d) 40 cm 19.The specific gravity of Sodium Sulfate used in soundness test for aggregate should be with in the range of____. a)1.151 to 1.174 c) 1.051 to 1.154 b) 1.250 to 1.178 d) 1.058 to 1.184 20.The specific gravity magnesium sulfate solution used in soundness test for aggregate should be within the range of____ . a) 1.280 to 1.408 c) 1.295 to 1.308

b) 1.180 to 1.308 d) 1.195 to 1.318 21.Aggregate accounts for 92 95 % of the weight of the bituminous mixture asphalt accounts for 5 8 % of the weight of the mix. The exact percentage to be used is determined by the_____ a) Trial mix c) Job mix b) Design mix d) Job order 22._____is an indication that the asphalt mix is overheated. a) Blue smoke c) Rising steam b) Stiff appearance d) Mix slumps in truck 23.In checking the temperature of the mix, the thermometer should be inserted into the mix at least____. a) 2 inches c) 4 inches b) 6 inches d) 6.0 mm 24._____is applied on existing bit, or cement concrete surface with bituminous materials. a) Bituminous Prime Coat c) Bituminous Seal Coat b) Bituminous Tack Coat d) Bituminous Surface Treatment 25.The solution used in the soundness test of aggregate shall be cooled to a temperature of 21 +or 1* C and maintain at that temperature for at least _____. a) 24 hours c) 48 hours b) 36 hours d)18 hours 2 26.Proper compaction of the fill materials is very important, as it will______. a) Increase the shear strength b) Decrease permeability c) Minimize compressibility d) All of the above 27.In which DPWH item is emulsified asphalt not suitable? a) Item 301 c) Item 304 b) Item302 d) Item 308 28.Unconfined compressive strength test is usually performed on ______. a) Sandy soils c) Organic soils b) Silty soils d) Clayey soils 29.Consolidation test is usually performed on____ samples

a) Disturbed c) Consolidated b) Undisturbed d) both a & b 30.A concrete core sample having a maximum height of less than _____of its diameter before capping or height less than its diameter after capping shall not be tested. a) 93 % c) 95 % b) 94 % d) 96 % 31.The cohesion and internal friction of soil is tested by a) Tri axialshear test c) Bearing test b) Direct shear test d) All of the above 32.In concrete acceptance, core will be considered adequate if the average strength of the cores is equal to what? a) 80% of specified strength & if no single core is less than 75% of specified strength b) 90% of specified strength & if no single core is less than 80% of specified strength c) 85% of specified strength & if no single core is less than 75% of specified strength 33.Before the cement is to be used, sampling must be done at least _____before use. a) one week c) two weeks b) 14 days d) 12 days 34.Asphalt cement shall not be used while it is foaming nor shall be heated at____ at anytime after delivery. a) 107* c) 120* b) 159* 35.Moisture content of aggregate in bit mix shall not exceed____ of the time it is introduce into the mixing unit. a) 1.5 mass % c) 1 mass % b) 2.0 mass % 36.Batching tolerance for Sand and Aggregate is____. a) 1 % c) 3 % b) 2 % 37.Between stage of curing, concrete shall not be exposed for more than how many hours? a) 24 hours c) hour b) 3 hours d) 72 hours 38.As a Materials Engineer, what will you do with major honeycombed area that is considered as defective work?

a) Plaster b) Payment of the concrete will be made an adjustment c) Removed and replaced at the expensed of the contractor 39.If the strength of control specimen does not meet the requirement and not feasible to obtain cores due to structural consideration, as a Materials Engineer what will be your decision? a) Removed and replaced 3 b) Area will not be paid c) Payment will be made at an adjusted price 40.After concrete has been placed, it is advisable to maintain fully welted and in position for how many hours? a) 14 hours c)72 hours b) 24 hours d) 15 18 hours 41.Rock shall be excavated to a depth____ below sub grade within the limit of the roadbed a) 100 mm c) 200 mm b)150 mm 42.Minimum penetration of all piles shall be____. a) 3 meter c) 7 meter b) 6 meter d) 4.5 meter 43.Piles shall not be driven within 7 meters of concrete less than_____ old. a) 7 days c) 28 days b) 14 day 44.Paint contains_____ of pigment and_____ vehicle. a) 20 % & 80 % c) 79 % & 21 % b) 21 % & 79 % d) 80 % & 20 % 45.Minimum thickness of bedding materials beneath the pipe is_____. a) 100 mm c) 200 mm b) 150 mm 46.Tolerance of gabion dimension is_________________. a) +/- 1% c) +/- 3 % b) +/- 2 % d) +/- 4 % 47.Minimum size of galvanized wire mesh is____________. a) 2.0 mm c) 2.7 mm b)2.2 mm d) 3.4 mm 48.Minimum density of gabions is___________. a) 1,000 kg/cu. m c)1,400 kg/cu. m b) 1,200 kg/cu. m d) 1,500 kg/cu. m 49.Soundness loss of field gabions is__________________.

a) c) b) d)

9 % after 5 cycles 11 % after 5 cycles 10 % after 5 cycles 12 % after 5 cycles

50.The heating temperature of reflector zedthermoplastic material during application is_____ a) 130 +/- 7* C c) 200 +/- 7* C b) 150 +/- 7* C d) 211 +/- 7* C 51.Submission of sample minimum quantity of material for asphalt cement is-------. a) 5 kg c) 20 kg b) 10 kg d) 100 kg 52.For how many years does the small Contractor given to procure necessary testing equipment? a) 2 years c) 5 years b) 4 years d) 6 years 53.The depth of the weakened joints must not be less than____ and a width of ___. a) 40 mm & 6 mm c) 40 mm & 5 mm b) 50 mm & 5 mm d)50 mm & 6 mm 54.Used of bituminous cold mix for potholes patching during rainy/ wet period is acceptable a) false b) true 4 55.In soil, all boring shall be carried to a depth of at least____ below the proposed grade line. a) 0.50 m c) 1.5 m b) 1.0 m d) 1.8 m 56.The test that determine pile bearing capacity by loading oneor more pile and measuring settlement under load is_____. a) Vane shear test c) Pile load test b) Plate bearing test 57.The weight of disturbed samples from hard auger or split spoon shall be at least____. a) 1 kg c) 10 kg b) 20 kg

d) 100 kg 58.Submission of sample for testing for cement is_____. a) 10 kg c) 15 kg b) 20 kg d) 40 kg 59.The length of Shelby Tube of an undisturbed sample is_____. a) 10 long c) 20 long b)18 long 60.For small project where quantity of steel bars is 10,000 kg or less, what is the basis for acceptance of material? a) No testing c) Mill certificate b) P.E, certificate 61.______ determine the best combination of the material that will produce a potentially stable & durable mixture. a) Job mix formula c) Design of bituminous mix b) Marshall formula 62._______is the rate of loading for concrete cylinder sample subject to compression test a) 20 - 40 psi/sec c) 15 40 psi/sec b)20 - 50 psi/sec d) 15 40 psi/sec 63.I n a soil exploration, if the characteristic of rock is questionable, the minimum depth of boring into the bedrock should be_______. a) 1.5 m c) 2.5 m b) 2.0 m d)3.0 m 64.Determine soil bearing capacity by loading a steel plate usually 30 diameter. a) Vane shear test c)Pile load test b) Plate bearing test d) None of the above 65.How many hours do aggregate stockpile or binned for draining before being batch? a) 1 hour c)12 hours b) 6 hours d) 24 hours 66.What is the relative strength of mortar at 7 & 28 days of fine aggregates, when tested for the effect of organic impurities, which is higher than the standard? a) not less than 90 % c) not less than 95 b) not less than 80 d) not less than 98 67.What is the rate % % % of loading for concrete beam tested for flexural

stress? a) 110 150 psi/sec c) 125 175 psi/sec b) 115 150 psi/sec d) 130 -175 psi/sec 68.In concrete sampling paste shall be of normal consistency of_____ when the rod settles to a point below the original surface in 30 secs. a) 10 +/- 1 mm c) 15 +/- 1mm b) 11 +/- 1 mm d) 20 +/- 1 mm 5 69.What the temperature of a concrete sample? a) 10 15 * C c) 15 18* C b)18 24 * C 70.What is the wash loss of fine aggregates in the no. 200 sieve? a) 1 % c) 3 % b) 2 % d) 4 % 71.Retarder can delay the setting time of concrete up to how many hours? a) 1 hour c) 4 hours b) 2 hours d) 8 hours 72.Super plasticizer can increase the strength of concrete up to how many percent? a) 40 60 % c) 50 70 % b) 50 60 % d) 60 70 % 73.___________ is the moisture in an air dried soil a) Moisture Content b) Natural Moisture Content c) Hygroscopic Moisture Content d) Hydrometer Moisture Content 74._________ is the tolerance of mix in bituminous. a) 10* C c) 15* C b) 12* C d) 18* C 75._________ Number of measurement taken in a core sample for thickness determination of the finish asphalt pavement a) 3 c) 5 b) 4 d) 8 76.In the absence of beam mold in site, cylinder mold is allowed by specification. What is the required strength?

a) 2,500 psi c)b) 3,000 psi d) 4,000 psi 77.Prime coat shall be left undisturbed for at least_____. a) 6 hours c) 24 hours b) 12 hours 78.The first phase of rolling the spread bituminous mix is called breakdown rolling which is carried out by pneumatic roller, temperature requirement must be_____. a) 200 225* F c) 160 180* F b) 190 199* F d)150 185* F 79.How many gradation ranges for hot plant mix bituminous pavement are there in the blue book? a) 5 c) 7 b) 6 d) 8 80.What is the plasticity index of mineral filler? a)not greater than 4 c) not greater than 8 b) not greater than 6 d) zero 81.If no core had been taken at the end of each day of operation and the project has already been completed, a core shall be taken ________. a) for every 75 l.m,/lanec) for every 100 l.m/lane b) for every 150 l.m/laned) for every 1,000 l.m/lane 82.________is the slump of workable concrete if vibrated. a) 10 20 mm c) 40 50 mm b) 10 40 mm d) 40 75 mm 83.________ Burnt product which is used by Gypsum and pulverized to form Portland Cement. a) Hydraulic cement c) Fly Ash b) Clinker d) Volcanic Ash 6 84.When group index = 0, what is the grade of soil? a) weak soil c) good soil b) poor soil 85.______ is a process of breaking down of rocks into small pieces of various size that can range from large boulders to very small clay particles. a) Consolidation c) Weathering

b) Unconsolidation 86.________ is the limit were further loss of water due to evaporation which will not result in reduction of volume. a) Plastic limit c) Shrinkage limit b) Liquid limit 87.________ a classification of soil which 35% or less the particles pass through no. 200 sieve. a) Grain size soil c) Silty clay materials b) Granular materials d) Clayey materials 88.________ a classification of soil which 35% or more of the particles pass through no. 200 sieve a) Course Sand Soil c) Silty-Clay Materials b) Granular Materials d) Clayey Materials 89.It evaluate the quality of soil as highway subgrade material. a) Atterberg Limit c) Group Index b) Plasticity Index d) Liquid Limit 90.When soil has plasticity index value of 10, what is the criteria of the material? a) Coarse grain c) Clayey b) Sandy d) Silty 91.When plasticity index is equal a) Coarse grain c) Clayey b) Sandy d) Silty 92._______is an empirical number used in evaluation for G.I. a) 0 15 c)0 20 b) 5 20 d) 0 25 93.It indicates good subbase materials when G.I. is equal to_____. a)0 c) 10 b) 5 d) 20 94.It indicates very poor subbase materials when G.I. is equal to _____. a) 0 c) 10 b) 5 d)20 95.______indicates the composition of soil. a)Atterberg Limit

b) Plasticity Index 96.The higher the value of PI of the soil, the weaker will be the soil performance as a_____. a) True c) Depend b) False d) None of the above 97._______the Plasticity Index of group of soil a) 0 c)10 b) 6 d) 11 98._______is the minimum percent of A-6 group classification of soil. a) 0 % c) 35 % b) 25 % d) 36 % 99._______is the maximum of G.I. of Silty Clay Materials a) 0 c)20 b) 25 d) 35 100. When the value of G.I. is negative, what will be the soil performance? a) Poor Subgrade 7 Materials Engineer Test Reviewer-1 Download this Document for FreePrintMobileCollectionsReport Document <javascript:void(0)> Report this document? Please tell us reason(s) for reporting this document Spam or junk Porn adult content Hateful or offensive If you are the copyright owner of this document and want to report it, please follow these directions <> to submit a copyright infringement notice. Report Cancel <javascript:void(0)> This is a private document. Question_small </static/help?type=private> Info and Rating Reads:

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