Parties to the Agreement Customer name and contact information

Contractor's name, business name and contact information

In the prepayment register Yes No Subcontractors used by the contractor, name/business name and contact information


Description of work, price and materials

Object of renovation and description of work


Price of the work and pricing basis

Materials to be used

Materials are purchased by The contractor The customer


Cleaning and removal of waste left from renovation/building work is done by The contractor The customer Actions to be done by the customer

Work begins Work is completed

Payment schedule Work is paid for when it is completed and approved by the customer. Work is paid for in instalments as it progresses. The contractor may charge for the various phases of work once the customer has approved them with his signature. 1. Instalment Work phase approved      2. Instalment 3. Instalment



Work phase approved Work phase approved

Changes to plans and additional work are determined by the customer. (Change-of-work agreement enclosed) Consequences of delays           % of the total price/each week or partial week OR euros/each week or partial week Consequences of delayed payment

Enclosures The following enclosures form part of this agreement


Date Signatures

Time and place



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