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15 Signs of Al-Dajjal (the Anti-Christ)

Introduction The Quran is the Holy Book of Islam and the Hadith is the sayings of Prophet Muhammed, Peace Be Upon Him. In the Sunni Islam tradition, Muslim and Bukhari are considered the most reliable sources of these sayings. All the information here is paraphrased from Muslim and Bukhari. Other sources are questionable. The Quran does not mention Al-Dajjal. There are numerous mentions in the Hadith. Al-Dajjal in Islam is similar to the concept of the Anti-Christ in Christianity. If Al-Dajjal presents himself during your time on earth, be sure not to follow him and be patient in waiting for the true Isa (Christ.) There will be many signs of Al-Dajjal and of the second coming of Isa.

15 Signs of Al-Dajjal Taken from the Hadith

1. he will have an imperfection in his right eye 2. his right eye will look like a protruding grape 3. he will bring rain 4. the rain will grow crops 5. pasturing animals will have very large amounts of milk 6. when he is rejected by a people, with them will be a drought 7. these people will be left without wealth 8. he will bring treasures from the desert 9. he will cut a youth in half and bring the youth back to life 10. he will have a caravan which will have smoke at its front and back 11. he will be riding a huge donkey that covers a mile in a single stride 12. all rivers in his wake will become dry 13. he will claim he is the lord 14. believers will be able to reader the word "kufr" (disbeliever) on his forehead 15. he will invite people to heaven, which will actually be hell, and invite people to hell, which will actually be heaven

The simplest and easiest sign of Isa's

God will send the Messiah, son of Mary, who will descend at the white minaret on the eastern side of Damascus wearing two garments, lightly dyed with saffron, his hands resting on the wings of two Angels. When he lowers his head, beads of perspiration will fall from it, and when he raises it up, beads like pearls will scatter from it. Every non-

believer who smells him will die, and his breath will reach as far as he is able to see. (Saheeh Muslim) Do not follow anyone claiming to be Isa until the real Isa (the man described above) comes. -Seif-Eldeine O. What does your faith believe about the Apocalypse? Help a starving artist! Share "Al-Dajjal" on facebook by using the readcast button on the left column. That way, I will be able to focus on writing you more quality content.

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