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gar seta ag) to) Anthony Hopkins Perera oon trg Repertory emer ened Pana fo is Oscar wining roe the hing Presi onal re iene the Lamba, Antony Hopkin covered he 10 serpt with cores of ny ports, each depicting bis idea of how his charter should lok, walk, even talk: One pictured Lecter with severe, slicked-back hair. Another Featured laserike eyes and a razorlade smile. A third owed bim dressed ina ight wasted prison boiler sult in Hopkins's words "sft and ere ssa caged panther’ When the ime came to film, decor Jonathan Derm accepied Hopkins vision ofthe Nest eig kiler without reservation. Marvels Denne, “Ti uncanny. Hi Simply tured up as De Lecter” When the fil was released in February last ea, that mastery characterization erifed film-gers ound the werd “Antony Hopkins has long ben tiling audiences with his ability wo breathe life nto. sinister, psychologically haracters. His rogue” galery of tno include owerfl portrayal of Hite in The Bunker, Captain Bligh The Bounty, deranged ventiloquist in Magy the panne newspaper magnate Lambert Le Roux fn Already labeled “one ofthe greatest tage actors of his generation’ by The Sunday Telegraph with The Silence fhe Lambs Hopkins has conquered the silver seen to As the St-yearold Welshman himself pus "After 30 eas as an actor Lam finaly an overight sensation “Though Hopkins shrugs off acting ss nothing more than of ticks in truth the effort behind his peforman sas intense and obsessive as the characters he porys. "Tony Hopkins goes beyond mere professionalism plains aireter ames very. "Before he tps onthe fnvarobly memorized not only. his own entire ‘mance bat that of very cher characte aswell To leam bis lines. Hopkins reads each scene up to 250 times. Ashe reads the srg load his voice begins to take a diferent ey, and the image of hie character tke Shape I's like slowly developing photograph,” he sy ‘Only when [know my part inside and out ca | begin to improvise. Next comes meticulous research, To m™ the 1980 television in E sae Ha

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