Assume that you are the CEO of a company.

Announce a special anniversary bonus to your employees in the form of a memo. However, the bonus has to be performance linked as a prelude to the memo.

Write a personal letter of condolence to the family of a former employee who died in a road accident.

You, as the CEO need to make an announcement of employee of the month. Dissimilate the information through an email congratulating the employee and urging others to keep performing well.

You as a manager have been disheartened to find that some miscreants have been spreading rumour and gossip in your company. Write a memo to your employees to refrain from such activities and to work hard to promote the name of the company. You, as the HR head are responsible to conduct an outing for all employees of your company. Make a draft incorporating all the details and put it in the form of a memo and submit it to the CEO.

Write a letter of condolence on the death of a former executive, addressing the family. assume necessary details. You’ve been asked to constitute a memorial scholarship for the deceased employee. Put up your proposal in the form of a memo to your superior

A CSR initiative bent to Write a memo to your superior incorporating plans to CEO.

Your company plans to organize a blood donation camp. Write a memo to your employees urging them to contribute to the noble cause of saving lives Imagine you are the CEO of a company and you served for 40 long years. Draft a speech to be delivered by you Draft a show cause notice who has flouted and asked the individual why disciplinary proceedings should not be flouted Your company has been adversely hit by the redcession. As the CEO of your company, you are forced to take the unpleasant step of laying off your own employees. Draft a memo to your employees informing them of the same.

Make a draft of the jobs and put it up for the perusal of the CEO .. You as the HR head are required to formulate the HR norms in your company. You have received complaints about the quality of service by an errant customer. You are the PRO of your company. Draft a suitable letter. Make a draft of the event published in the local daily. Write a letter to him/her addressing the persons concerns. Write a statement to the press about a fire accident of a company Write a standard operating procedure on fire accidents. Draft a speech for the CEO who is forced to offer pink slips to his employees due to recession You need to thank the volunteers for fund raising. assume necessary details. Draft an appointment letter for the perusal of your boss Draft a conditional offer of employment from human resources or employment officer to the individual.Your company has organized its 31st anniversary.

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