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Spring 2012

News and Events from the Indiana Beta Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity at Indiana University




Indiana Beta Thriving on IU Campus

As Indiana Initiates 3,000th Member, Alumni Are Encouraged to Help Brothers Become Their Best

n February 18, Chris Weber 12, an informatics major from Carmel, Indiana, became the 3,000th man to be initiated into Indiana Beta Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi. The entire Chapter and 19 alumni from 1969 to 2003 attended the initiation of 28 new Brothers, increasing the total roll to 3,023. At the banquet following the ceremony, Wade Garard 92 challenged the new initiates to have high aspirations and develop habits of success. Kent Agness 69 then reminded them all of the achievements and high standards set by those who preceded them and urged them to live up to those standards. All the new Brothers were presented with a copy of The Phi Kappa Psi Creed suitable for framing. The Creed was written in 1964, in large part by Kent Owen 58, who was unable to attend the ceremony.

Indiana Beta is not just surviving in 2012, it is thriving. This semester, the Chapter House is full again, and there are more than 150 Brothers on the Bloomington campus. In the fall recruitment season, more than 500 IU freshmen signed up and indicated that they were interested in visiting our Chaptermore than any other fraternity.

Typically, when there is a strong fraternity chapter, there is an involved group of alumni helping and supporting them. In the past four years, the alumni involvement and support of our Chapter has dramatically increased. Alumni volunteers are working closely with GP Dan Kelly 09 and the other Chapter officers on all aspects of Chapter John Wiebke 82, initiate life. John Siebert 76 chairs a committee that #2,000, and Chris Webber 12, provides alumni mentors for the undergraduates. initiate #3,000 That committee recently brought a group of students who are interested in business to Indianapolis for a day to One of the alumni guests was John Weibke 81 of Zionsville, who meet with business leaders from our Chapter. proudly wears badge number 2,000. Ed Wasmuth 46 of Boulder, Going over 3,000 members was a great achievement, but the real Colorado, is member number 1,000. key is making sure our new members are all provided a positive Indiana Beta has been the largest of the 103 chapters of Phi experience. Alumni consistently tell me that they believe they are Kappa Psi. The 3,023 members are 400 more than the second better people because of their Phi Psi experience. We have to do all that we can to help our undergraduates become better largest chapter in Phi Kappa Psi. people than they would have been otherwise. In that respect, all that we do to support the Chapter is really Indiana Beta has remained on the IU campus continuously since an investment in the next generation. 1869. It is quite an achievement to survive 140 years, during which the popularity of fraternities has fluctuated greatly and when the Kent E. Agness 69 misbehavior of just a few of those 3,000 Brothers could have led to (317) 231-7218 / the expulsion of the Chapter as happened to so many others.


Chapter Exceeds 3,000 Initiated Brothers

Brothers helped restore the Gulf Coasts ecosystem on a service trip in Florida.

xciting things are happening at Indiana Beta in all aspects of the Fraternity.

Thanks to the efforts of all of the alumni and active members, Phi Kappa Psi has a great reputation across the campus. As a result, 500 men signed up during recruitment to specifically visit our Chapter. Out of those, 31 pledged, and February 18, 2012, marked the day that more than 3,000 men have been initiated into the Indiana Beta Chapter of FKY. This milestone represents all of the hard work put in by all 3,023 initiates. We just introduced our spring class of 23 men looking forward to becoming a part of the Fraternity. (Continued on page 3)


Mentorship Road Trip

Undergraduates Learn from and Network with Alumni

n February 10, Indiana Beta undergraduates had the opportunity to network and learn from Indianapolis alumni on the marketing and operations segment of the 2012 Mentorship Road Trip.

production facility. The alumni and undergraduates were required to put on lab coats, hairnets, and ear plugs to enter the facility. The first thing that you notice is the sheer amount of raw materials that go in and out of the bakery. Doug explained how the commodity market can drastically affect the profitability and margins of the business. Doug continued the tour in sequential order to show logically how a bagel is produced in the bakery. One couldnt help but make comparisons between the vast production landscape of Harlan Bakeries and a scene out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory; there were conveyors and machines flowing over multiple stories, creating a variety of bakery goods. WILLOW MArKETING After snapping a photo of Phi Psi Brothers in full lab garb, the caravan proceeded to Willow Marketing, owned and founded by Brad Gillum, Indiana Zeta 83. Brad and Chris Suttile 00 hosted the final Mentorship Road Trip stop in the conference room of this urban marketing consulting loft. Brad and Chris presented on the importance of personal branding. They drove home the point that ones career doesnt start upon graduation, but in the personal life choices while an undergraduate. This includes giving back to the Bloomington community, getting involved in campus-wide groups, and even serving on the Fraternitys executive committees. Overall, this segment of the Mentorship Road Trip inspired undergraduates to be at their best and to think big. Ian Shoup 12 commented, The mentoring event was an incredible experience. We definitely got a lot out of the meetings and the day. It was great to hear the success stories from alumni and to make connections and network with them. It was definitely something that wed all like to do again. Were very lucky to be able to meet with such supportive alumni. Gratitude goes out to John Siebert 76 for coordinating the mentorship program for the Chapter. Giving back to the Chapter, as alumni, will ensure the strong bonds and long-term success of our beloved Indiana Beta. If you are interested in being involved in future Road Trips, please contact John at

Indiana Beta Welcomes 28 New Brothers

Nick Bass 12 River Forest, Ill. Alex Broady 12 Carmel, Ind. Brian Cawly 12 Darien, Conn. Billy Cohen 12 West Bloomfield, Mich. Camron Cooper 12 Indianapolis, Ind. Andrew Davis 12 Short Hills, N.J. Brett Desmond 12 Carmel, Ind. Jake DuPre 12 Naperville, Ill. Nate English 12 Naperville, Ill. Dan Gwizdalski 12 Carmel, Ind. Clayton Leslie 12 Indianapolis, Ind. Kevin Leszczynski 12 Woodridge, Ill. Craig Montgomery 12 Bloomington, Ind. Kris Norton II 12 Orchard Park, N.Y. Keaton OConnor 12 St. Charles, Ill. David Shepard 12 Indianapolis, Ind. Ian Shoup 12 Crown Point, Ind. Brandon Stein 12 Rushville, Ind. JD Stenger 12 Cincinnati, Ohio Sam Stephens 12 New Haven, Ind. Tim Sullivan 12 Winnetka, Ill. Drew Taff 12 Crete, Ill. Scott Tatay 12 Bloomington, Ind. Tommy Tobin 12 Cincinnati, Ohio Dan Watts 12 Valparaiso, Ind. Chris Weber 12* Carmel, Ind. Scott Zachau 12 East Amherst, N.Y. Jon Zeph 12 Winnetka, Ill. * Indiana Betas 3,000th initiate

Participants in the Mentorship Road Trip from left: Mike Kalmin 11, James Yonan 10, Sean Gelson 10, Ian Shoup 11, Jeff Brisben 80, Tyler Black 10, Doug Harlan 88, John Siebert 76, Jess Lawhead 04, and Bob Kort 88.

HArLAN BAKErIES First stop on the road trip: Harlan Bakeries. Doug Harlan 88 hosted an enthusiastic group of Phi Psi undergraduates eager to learn about small business entrepreneurship. Doug told the amazing story of growing a 1,500-square-foot bagel shop into an international wholesale bakery powerhouse. Dougs presentation included tips on working with family, marketing a B2B (business to business) vs. B2C business (business to consumer), personal work ethic, managing short, medium, and long-range growth, and business goal setting. Doug passed the gavel to Bob Kort 88 who expanded on how to succeed as an entrepreneur. Bobs business, Kort Builders, focuses on tenant build-out and fixturing in the Indianapolis area. Bob attributed his success to the importance of personal and professional excellence and the desire to improve himself every day. Bob further explained that he and Doug have been advocates and pioneers of the mobile phone since the early 1990s, doing business as Midwest Wireless. The undergraduates had to stop and think that the Brothers they are living with will not only be lifelong friends, but could also forge successful business partnerships. This stop of the Mentorship Road Trip concluded with a tour of the Harlan Bakeries

Spring 2012




Spotlight on Jeff Brisben 80

s the first person in his family to attend college, Jeff Brisben 80 had little idea of what a fraternity was all about. During his sophomore year, high school friends Mark richards 80 and Tom Pence 80 encouraged him to rush with them. Two of their other friends from high school, Toby Tyree 79 and Andy ruf 78, were already members and had piqued their interest in joining Phi Kappa Psi. Looking back, Jeff knows he made the right decision to join Indiana Beta Chapter. The friendships I made there I still have to this day, Jeff says. In fact, he recently went on a weekend golf trip with five of his pledge brothers in Florida. Its an annual tradition and a fun way for us to reconnect. Jeff credits Phi Psi for being a major influence on his life. Learning about order, structure, and leadership in the Fraternity has helped me in my personal and business life ever since. Since graduating with a B.A. in communications, Jeff has spent his career in the investment industry. For the

past three years, he has been with Merrill Lynch, overseeing financial affairs for a number of clients. He also volunteers his time on the Indiana Beta Housing Corporation. When asked what advice he would impart to younger alumni, Jeff recommends to stay connected with your Fraternity Brothers. The years go by fairly quickly and its easy to lose touch. But these friendships can last a lifetime if you keep them up. For the undergraduate Brothers, Jeff encourages them to take advantage of the alumni network and seek their advice and direction. Jeff lives in Fishers, Indiana, with his wife, Laura (an IU graduate and Alpha Chi), and their two sons, A.J. (10) and Ryan (8). The family attends Grace Community Church and belongs to the Hawthorns Country Club. In his free time, Jeff enjoys playing golf and attending IU sports. We go to a lot of IU football games and tailgate, so I encourage Brothers to contact me if they would like to meet up some time. You can reach Jeff at


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In 2011, Phi Kappa Psis cycling team qualified for the 61st Little 500the only team to qualify for every Little 500. We consistently field one of the largest and best cycling teams. This spring, we anticipate a great showing, yet again, from our team. To learn more about Indiana Betas team go to
Indiana Betas ranks hit 3,023 Brothers with initiation on February 18, 2012.

top five in volleyball, hockey, soccer, and dodge ball. This year, we are on track to do as well, if not better. Our B team has managed to make its way to the playoffs and hopes to go all the way. John Siebert 76 set up a phenomenal mentoring event with help from Doug Harlan 88 and Brad Gillum, Indiana Zeta 83. Vice President Patrick Dolezal 10 has been running the mentoring program with great success. He is developing a database for alumni and undergraduates to help facilitate networking and is exploring creating a website for the same purpose. We are dedicated to further excelling in the areas mentioned above. Our alumni and parents continue to offer great support and we cannot thank them enough. We would like to extend an open invitation to stop by the Chapter House at any time. We look forward to seeing you. Amici, Dan Kelly 09 Chapter President

In the spirit of the great joy of serving others, Indiana Beta has really stepped up our philanthropic efforts this year. Philanthropy Chairman Tyler Lucas 09 led us in running yet another successful triathlon, raising $1,650 for the American Heart Association. He also helped forge new relationships with Habitat for Humanity, Mother Hubbards Cupboard food bank, and Stonebelt (a service provider for individuals with developmental disabilities). We even took to the road with a trip to Florida to help with the Gulf Coast ecosystem restoration. Next, were looking forward to Puppy-Palooza, which will help raise money for the local animal shelter.

We have a many members in leadership positions across campus and in the community. They represent Phi Kappa Psi positively, and we are proud of them. Indiana Beta won the intramurals championship last year in Lacrosse and placed in the


Spring 2012

We strive to create an environment that fosters academic excellence. We are strategically focusing on improving our Chapters 3.03 G.P.A. Scholarship Chairman Jack Phipps 11 has developed a Brotherhood tutor program that will help new members and actives attain better grades and will serve as another way to bring our Brothers together. New academic contracts and policies have been formed, and we expect to reap a higher G.P.A. next semester.

Indiana Beta Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity
Phi Kappa Psi Indiana Beta Chapter 5395 Emerson Way Indianapolis, IN 46226-1415
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In December, 11 Brothers from the class of 1998 gathered in Bloomington. From left: Dan Tully 98, Neil Sharp 99, Zach Jones 98, Dave Umbricht 98, Anthony Bonaguro 98, Tom Bassett 98, Carlos Soto 98, Brock Steere 98, Adam Granoff 98, Jeremy Friedman 98, and Kyle Margolis 98.

Class of 1998 Reunites in Bloomington

n the weekend of December 2, 2011, 11 Brothers from the class of 1998 reunited for a weekend of fun in Bloomington.The event was organized by Anthony Bonaguro 98, who is senior manager with Grant Thornton LLP in Chicago. The Brothers visited all of their old haunts in Kirkwood, as well as 1200 North Jordan for a traditional photo in front of the Phi Psi fireplace.
Attention: This newsletter is intended for Phi Kappa Psi alumni and parents. If your son is still attending Indiana University, he will receive a copy at the Chapter House. If he has graduated, please send us his permanent address to update our records. Thank you.


Twenty-six brothers, initiated between 2003 and 2007, held their first reunion in Chicago.

wenty-six brothers, initiated between 2003 and 2007, met on November 5, 2011, at the Hubbard Inn in Chicagofor the first reunion for that era. They rented the top floor of the restaurant for cocktails and appetizers. Following an informalafter-party at oneBrothers nearby apartment, they went out for a night on the town.Most who attended live downtown or in near north-side areas ofChicago.They all knew of other Chicago-area Brothers who were not there.Everyone had a great time, andthey agreed thatthis should be just the first of many such get-togethers for young Brothers in Chicago.

Attendees were ryan OMaley05, Matt Ibach 04, ryan Jameson 07, Matt Krouse 04, Matt Sytsma 05, Mike Krivacs 05, Sam Potter 04, Matt rosenberg 03, James Nanavati 05, Hunter Dzierbicki 06, Jon Britva 06, Mike McSherry 04, Pat McGowan 04, Stephen George 06, Mike McKerr 05, ryan Larkin 06, Mike Snyder 07, Matt Kamhi 07, Marty Thompson 05, Mark Gross 05, Peter Macleod 05, Jack Shannon 06, Nick Carmen 06, Marco Garcia 05, Eric Kozik 05, and Jon Gallagher 05.

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