Episode 14 – The Norns

Story by: Ana Tinoco and Paul Santos Edition, collages and hand drawing by : Ana Tinoco

The warriors decide to pay a visit to Egil, but a snow storm makes them seek for shelter in middle of the way. What they didn’t expect were to be surprised by an intriguing interference from the Norns, Goddesses of Destiny. In a magical musical this episode involves the characters in controversial situations in which they have to deal with their inner fears.

April 4, 2012

From Episode 13 – “Blood Bonds”

Joan – I still don’t get it. Why did he leave us? Anaxenite – If he felt he needed to go on his own then he’s right about doing so. Whatever it is that he seeks I...well let’s just hope he finds what he’s looking for. ****************************************************************** Old Man – Thank you young man! I was coming home from market and got attacked by those two men! *Thor hands the old man his bags.* Thor - Here you go. Hopefully nothing was stolen. Old Man – Thank you once again. Uh, Mr. Thor with a quick response – Thorne. Old Man – Mr. Thorne. My name is Egil. ***************** Egil – I have never met you before, but there is something oddly familiar about you. Thor – I’m just like anyone else who happens to be traveling. Egil – That is not it! Gods! I know where!(…) Thor – Don’t be ridiculous! If I were him wouldn’t I be able to fly? Tell me, where is my hammer? Little man, you have some funny notions. Egil – The aura around you is unmistakable. Not like any mortal I have seen. Thor – Nonsense! I suppose you are some kind of mystic. Egil – I am not a mystic. I’m a half-dwarf, but my human mother’s family are known to have premonitions. ***************** Egil – Loki invades the great hall of Valhalla with the Frost giants. In the confusion he takes over the throne. Sends you here to Midgard with your trusty companions in human form. Thor – By the gods! How did you know? *****************

Thor – When my father was busy fighting off the frost giants, Loki was able to sneak away and acquire the Great Eye of Odin. Egil – The Eye of Odin? Thor – A stone in possession of my father kept behind the throne room. It has a power that cannot be matched. Loki then used the stone to incapacitate my father and then sent us here to Midgard by using the stone and the powers of the sorceress Amora. Egil – Amora! The witch! Thor – Tell me Egil. How far do the premonitions go? Egil – Not very far. They come and go. I cannot control them. But I can tell you that your hammer followed you here to Midgard. Thor – Where? Egil – That I cannot see. I’m sorry Thor. ****************************************************************** Queen Jenessa to Anaxenite *catching her attention* – That’s a pretty necklace you have in there Anaxenite.

Anaxenite – Thank you. *grabs it looking affectionately* - It was given to me by the woman that raised me, Maera, she said it must have been from my mother. I don’t know who my parents were or are and probably I’m not going to find out… Queen Jenessa – That’s very sad, I’m sorry. You don’t have any clues at all about your parents?

Anaxenite – No, neither does Maera. The woman that was taking care of me when I was a baby passed away in Maera’s house and couldn’t tell her more than just her name – Oddny and that’s all I know. Queen Jenessa – I see…If you all you excuse me I need to absent myself for a little bit. I’m not feeling very well. *she gets up and leaves* ***************** Queen Jenessa – Anton, did you see the necklace that girl is wearing? King Anton – Yes you were talking about it during the diner. What’s about it? Queen Jenessa – That necklace was once mine; it was given to me by my sister Jayna before I left the Render Woods to come to the Castle. And…and the woman she mention Odnny, it was the servant that was helping me taking care of our child. Anton she’s our daughter. King Anton *shocked* – Can’t be… Queen Jenessa – No one else knew we had a child but even if they did do you forget who am I? (…) I’m a Nymph, my intuition does not fail and I’m telling you she’s our daughter Anton. I felt something when she first got into the throne room (…). Take a good look at her, do you remember my vision? *smiles in disbelieve her eyes watering* ***************** King Anton – What now? Queen Jenessa – I want our daughter back. King Anton *stunned* – She’s a warrior…and spirited as that. *smirks and shakes his head* ****************************************************************** Add Undain *continues* - Just wanted to congratulate you for the newest member joining this lovely family. *looks directly at Anaxenite* - Welcome to the family my dear Princess *bows mockingly* Anaxenite *confused* – What are you talking about? Add Undain *looking at the King and Queen*– Oh you haven’t told her yet? Ops my bad, think I just spoiled the surprise. Add Undain to Anaxenite – You are their daughter “Princess Undain”, first born of the King, illegitimacy daughter, born from a Nymph that was not Queen at the time when Anton was about to get married with Princess Regan. ***************** King Anton – You speak like a General. Anaxenite - That’s because I am one my King.

****************************************************************** Amora – Going to rescue your champion? She isn’t much of a champion if she needs rescuing. *Thor turns around to face Amora.* Thor – Shut up witch! You know damn well Ana doesn’t need rescuing! I have to collect her and Joan. Amora – I see the half dwarf has given you a sense of purpose. Mjolnir is here isn’t it? You don’t have to answer me. I see it in your eyes. Tell me Thor, after you find it, how will you defeat the great serpent? Thor – I don’t need your help nor do I wish to fulfill your wild delusions! *Thor unsheathes his sword and holds it in front of his face.* Thor – See this blade woman? Amora – A new toy? Thor – It is called a flame sword! Forged by the dwarves for generations. I will not hesitate to use it on you, so leave me! Amora – As you wish Thor, but remember my offer still stands. This all can end.

*Aad and King Anton respective armies confronting each other; at their heads Aad and Anaxenite with the King by her side.* King Anton – I’ve waited so much for this day, just never thought I would have my daughter fighting by my side. *Anaxenite just nods* Anaxenite *determined voice* – So let’s bring your brother down for good shall we? Anaxenite *shouts rising her sword* – Charge!!


Anaxenite *screaming*– Protect the king! Protect the king! Thor – Ana!! *His voice catches her attention and she turns.* Anaxenite *surprised and relieved* – Thor! You’re here! Aad Undain to Anaxenite *shouting* – Princess Ana! Pleasure meeting you on the battlefield. It’s a shame that you won’t have the chance to enjoy your family for long. *laughs* Thor to Anaxenite *raising a brow*– Princess?! Anaxenite – Long story. Anaxenite to Aad Undain *shouting*- So dear uncle how is Loki these days? ***************** Aad Undain *mockingly* – You know for a Princess you are not that bad with a sword. Anaxenite *scornfully* – Well for a warlord you suck with it. ***************** *Seeing his leader falling the remaining Aad’s soldiers start to flee.* Aad’s Soldier – Retreat! Retreat!

King Anton – But It was worth the time I’ve waited and hoped to finally meet my daughter and I’m very proud that she is you. Anaxenite *is touched by his words but tries to conceal it*– And I’m very proud to have a honorable man for a father, as for being also the King of Midgard, well that was nature being fare to the good people of this kingdom. *grins*

Anaxenite - Look I’m sorry I know I’m not the person you would want me to be. I’m warrior, I can be quite cold, brutal and not always I…let’s say not always I fought on the good site, or for the right persons. (…) Queen Jenessa *grabbing Ana’s hands* – You are wrong about one thing Ana. You are what I expected you to be. *Ana looks at her incomprehensibly* - And I’m so proud of you and so is your father. Your personality as you describe is what allows you to do what you do. And I love you just the way you are.(…)

Anaxenite *smirks* – I’ll come back. I promise. I just have to take ahead this quest with my friend Joan and Thor. Well dead or alive I’ll come back here. *a tear rolls down her face*. Queen Jenessa *cleaning Ana’s tear with her hand* – Hey have faith in you, I do, so should you. And in “your” God of Thunder as well my “Champion of Asgard”. *Ana smiles* Anaxenite – Thank you mother. ****************************************************************** *On the road Thor, Anaxenite, and Joan on horseback. Thor approaches Ana.* Thor to Anaxenite *playfully* - So you’re a Princess not to mention a Nymph… Anaxenite – Daughter of a Nymph. Why? Does that take away from me credit as a warrior? Thor – No, not at all. Actually it’s a good combination, the skill of a powerful warrior with the grace of a Princess Nymph *grins* Anaxenite *raises a brow*– You will never shut up about that will you? *Thor smirks* *changing subject* - So are you going to tell me the story of that new sword of yours?

***End of Montage***

*Thor, Anaxenite, and Joan are again on the road, this time leaving the Render Land.* Anaxenite to Thor – So your Hammer is here as well? Thor – Yeah, according to Egil the Hammer followed me here. Anaxenite – And no clue about where it is? Thor *shaking his head frustrated* - Nope. Joan – Well at least it is here…*muttering wryly* - in this tiny little space called mortal world… Joan *off their looks* - What? Is it a lie? Anaxenite *between her teeth* - You’re not being very supportive. Joan - Cranky are we? Anaxenite to Thor – What if we pay a little visit to your friend Egil? Thor – What for? He told me everything he knows.

Anaxenite – Just a hunch. Thor *mockingly* – Oh okay Miss Nymph of the year. Anaxenite *growls at him* - Don’t push it! Joan – Don’t forget Princess of the Kingdom of Midgard! *grins* *Thor smirks* Anaxenite *rolls eyes and mutters* - I’ll never see the end of this. Thor *smirks* - Well I don’t think Egil would mind if we paid him a little visit.

****************************************************************** *Small man singing on a hillside.* *Two farmers watching in the distance.* Farmer 1 to farmer 2- What strange little man is he? Farmer 2 – Indeed he is. He’s not from around here. Farmer 1 – I should say. What is he singing? I don’t understand his language. Farmer 2 – He’s a half-dwarf. The dwarves seek favour of the Norns by praying to them. Farmer 1 – Unlucky for us he didn’t adopt his human side. Perhaps for the sake of preserving our ears. Farmer 2 – Perhaps indeed. *Both men laugh in the distance.* *Cut to Egil singing in his native language to the Norns.*

Egil: O’ ladies fair, I pray thee for guidance For my friends here, who seek the chance To get back home, and liberate the people Of this land, and the land of heavenly souls

*Three female voices reply singing in unison.*

We hear your prayer, O’ kindly little old man Who kept the faith, when no one else demands We’ll guide your friends, who travel on this journey They’ll face the trials, and hardships along the way But when it’s done, their task will be clearer To liberate, this one and all the other lands.

*Norns voices fade into nothingness.* *Egil is comforted that his prayer is answered.*


*The trio continues their way along the road until they reach the Silver Peak Mountains. It starts snowing and a chilly wind begins to blow.* Anaxenite – The weather is getting worse. Joan – I hope we can make it to Egil’s place soon. Thor - I don’t think so. It’s still a long way from here. *The wind starts blowing even stronger and the snow falling makes it almost impossible to see anything.* Joan - Just great! I hate the winter. Those Nymph’s woods were really a paradise. Anaxenite *chuckles* - Now who is the cranky one? Thor – There, lets shelter. *He points ahead to an entrance of a cave. The trio runs towards it.* *They enter the cave and tie the horses’ reins.* *It’s a big cavern filled with stalactites and stalagmites of rock and ice and there’s a frozen lake in the center of the cavern.*

Joan – Wow this cave is huge. And beautiful, just look at that! *Joan gets near the lake. A cracking sound is heard and the trio becomes alert. Then suddenly a fissure in the ice starts opening with a strong cracking sound and at great speed till it reaches the near the edge where Joan is. She moves by instinct.* *The water starts rising in a shape similar to a snake…* Anaxenite *her eyes widening* – Watch out! *Joan starts running away but the water arm grabs her circling itself around her waist. Joan screams.* Anaxenite – Joan! *Ana reaches for her friend grabbing her legs only to be pushed into the water with her friend.* *Thor reaches out for them but they disappear into the water.* Thor – Ana! Joan! *Another arm of water forms and grabs Thor in a speedy movement taking him as well into the water.* ****************************************************************** *Anaxenite falls flat on her back with a thud on solid ground in a dark place.* Anaxenite – Ouch! *sitting up looks her over* - For someone that just fell into freezing water I’m pretty dry. *She gets up*

Anaxenite *looking around* - Joan! Joan! Where are you? *not getting any reply she frowns* Anaxenite – Where the hell am I? *A slow music can be heard. A spot of the place where she is starts to get illuminated and a figure emerges. The light hits their face – it’s Loki.* Anaxenite – You! Wha… *Before she has time to continue he starts singing and she just stares speechless.* Loki: Who would’ve thought That a slave girl like you Could be strong enough To pull it all through

Now tell me thanks to whom?

Anaxenite *with disgust* – Don’t flatter yourself.

*Loki laughs and continues singing*:

Loki: I picked you for a reason…

Anaxenite: You know nothing but treason…

Loki: …A vicious killer in a cell…

Anaxenite: You’ve put me through hell!...

Loki: …Sharp instinct to kill…

Anaxenite: *gestures around* None of this is real!

Loki: It’s exactly how you feel You live now undercover You’re still nothing but a murder Tell me… Do I need to go any further?

*Anaxenite covers her ears with her hands and closes her eyes while Loki’s sarcastic laughter is heard.* Anaxenite *shouts* - Stop it! Stop it!

*There’s a brief silence and then the place fills itself with light. Ana is now surrounded by nature, she looks at herself and sees that she’s now wearing the same dress she wore back in her parents castle.* Anaxenite – What the…?

*The music starts playing again this time accompanied by a different voice.* *Thor shows up with obvious godhood presence and starts singing while Ana looks at him in awe and confusion.*

Thor: Who would’ve thought That a slave girl like you Could be strong enough To pull it all through

And yet there you are…

*Thor stands before Anaxenite and lifts up her chin gently with his hand, making her look at him.*

With the strength of a leader The grace of a nymph The resolve of a fighter Ana… You’ve changed ever since

*Thor grabs her hand, pulls her towards him and spins her around until she’s facing her own reflection in the water from a small lake.*

*Looking at her reflection Ana starts singing.*

Anaxenite: Who would’ve thought That a slave girl like me

Could be strong enough To become what I see

And yet here I am…

I’m a warrior…quite cold But with friends in my path I’ve got something to hold I’ve gained true respect…

*Now she’s looking at Thor who is smiling back at her.* Anaxenite and Thor: …and I found of my soul

*It gets darker around Thor and he disappears, Ana looks thoughtfully at the spot where he has just disappeared.* ****************************************************************** *In the meanwhile after being pushed into the lake Thor finds himself falling down but suddenly he stops as floating in the air, his hammer appears in his hand.* Thor *looking himself over*– What the…? *Then he flies with a grin on his face and lands near a lighted space. There’s a wall of ice with a hole in it and he decides to get in.*

*When Thor passes through the ice wall he encounters something he has really not expecting. Seated in a throne is himself well a former self and seated on his lap is no less than Amora. He looks back but the hole in the wall is gone, he’s now trapped inside an ice cave. Thor frowns.*

Thor *muttering to himself with disgusted and sarcasm* - Oh the good old days. *Sill seated on the lap of his own counterpart Amora turns her stare from Thor’s counterpart to Thor.* Amora - How does it feel to be a full god again? *She gets up and walks up to Thor. His counterpart who remains seated in his throne disappears leaving only Amora facing Thor.* *Amora puts a hand over Thor chest.* Amora – You could have had everything back, all you needed… *Thor grabs her wrist brusquely to move away her hand.* Thor – With you? I rather be mortal! *Amora’s has an angry expression now.* Amora – Have it your way then! *Her eyes turn red and she starts laughing. Her body starts to turn to ice and grows abruptly. Thor has now a huge frost giant in front of him. Amoras’ voice transforms itself as well into a strong grunt.* Thor *his eyes widening* – Uhh, Amora you might have overdone it a little too much this time.

*The giant groans and attacks Thor and he fights back with his hammer which starts to irradiate light.*

*Thor jumps and hits the giant with all of his strength. The creature stops and a sound of cracking is heard, from the area where the hammer had targeted cracks start to emerge and spread all over the giant’s body, it falls apart with a groan. Thor jumps backwards to avoid the pieces of ice from the giant’s body.* *Thor is staring at the fallen pieces when he hears a familiar sound, it looks like a crow. He turns around and sees that he’s no longer tarpped in na ice cave, the inclosured place he was in gives now space to a forest with thick vegetation covered by snow.* *Then he sees a pair of crows on a tree branch.*

Thor – The crows, they can only be a sign from Odin…

*Thor starts singing.*

O’ Heavenly father please lend me an ear! Heavingly father! Please give me a sign! It’s because of Loki, that we were sent here. What must I do? If you are of a mind.

*From the sky rumbles an answer.* *Below the tree barnd where the crows had landed a stone with the Symbol of Odin appears – The Eye of Odin - and Odin’s voice echoes.*

Odin: If you can find it, It will help you along the way!

Thor: What is it?

Odin: If you want me to answer Then your heart has gone astray

Thor: Please father tell me what is it??

Odin: Deep inside you know the answer It’s finely crafted and elven made.

Thor: This I know it! Odin: What is it? Tell me son? Thor: In my mind’s eye it shows it! Odin: What is it then? Thor: Father please! It’s on the tip of my tongue! Odin: Tell us! Thor: Please!

*Thor collapeses to the ground. A familiar object appears for him in the light.*

Thor: I know it! It’s Mjolnir! Wielding of thunder and lightning! Mjolnir! For foes it utteringly frightening! For heroes it’s a vision of beauty! I can almost feel it in my hand! I beckon it with a simple command! Odin: Grab it son! Thor: It’s almost in my hand!

*Thor reaches out to the hammer. Just when he’s about to touch it a huge serpeant appears in its place.*

Thor: NOoooOooo!

*Thor’s eyes widden as the serpent’s mouth gets closer; he moves away from the creature and just as the serpent is about to catch Thor it evaporates in the air.*

Thor: What must I do? Father?

*Thor finds himself mortal again and drops to his knees. The screen grows black.* ****************************************************************** *In the meanwhile somewhere else Joan lying on her belly, she wakes up wakes up on a marble floor, with the sound of a gloomy laughter that makes her skin crawl. She’s in a throne room.*

Male voice *mockingly* – Well well what do we have here? *A built up man with red hair and long bear dressed with animal skins is seated in a throne. On each side of the throne two defiant dogs. *

Joan *eyes widening* - Mord! *Mord continues laughing.*

***Flashback*** From Episode 9 – “The Valkyries” *A group of men carrying peasant girls, probably from a near village. A huge man probably the leader is dragging a young girl by her hair while she screams.* Younger Joan – Please no, let me go! Warlord *laughs* - Not before I have my fun. *He starts ripping her clothes off, but she fights back hindering his moves and with this he punches her on the face.* Female voice - Like beating up women do you? *He turns back, but sees no one.* *Anaxenite jumps down from a tree*

Anaxenite –Well I’m one what are you waiting for? Warlord – How dare you!? *He charges at her lunching a punch. Ana grabs his hand and twists his fist. He screams in pain. With his other hand he tries to grab her, she catches the other hand to and kicks him in the gut making him lose his balance and stumble. He’s really pissed now, gets up, and grabs a sword.* Anaxenite – I see you still didn’t get it did you? *unsheathes one of her swords lazily* Warlord – Get what? Anaxenite *looking at the blade of her sword* - That you can’t beat me. *He’s pissed with what she said, her attitude and because no one has ever humiliated him like, well no woman as that. He strikes with all the strength he has, but he’s unfocused with rage and with this Ana doesn’t even need to break a sweat to deflect his blow, disarming him in the process.* Warlord – Who are you? Anaxenite - Anaxenite, *his eyes widen in shock* rings a bell? *mockingly* Warlord – Lord Loki’s General! Anaxenite – That’s right. Warlord – Didn’t know Lord Loki cared about peasants. What interest would he have in all of this? Anaxenite – None. *of his questioning look* But I do, and right now it’s me you have to worry about. Too bad you’re not really a challenge, spoils all the fun, but do what?…You know I don’t have time for this, for your own sake get away from here and take your scum with you *indicating his warriors*. Warlord – I don’t care who you are, no one talks to me like that, especially not a woman! Anaxenite *twists her nose* – You really do have a problem with women dontcha? *mockingly* - What momma treated you bad during childhood or something? *The warlord calls his men.* Warlord to his men – Kill her!! Anaxenite – hmm I might have some fun after all. *The warlord’s men attack Anaxenite, she spares with several at the same time using her both swords now. She deals with the situation like a daily exercise, knocking the soldiers down while the peasant girl she has just saved watches with amazement.*

*When the warlord sees that this fight is of no use orders his men to retreat, and they all leave with him, well the men who could still move as that.* *The peasant girl approaches Anaxenite carefully.* Younger Joan to Anaxenite – That was incredible. Anaxenite – What this? *pointing a sword to the fallen men* You kidding me right? You all right? *looks her over* No big damage, good, I’m on the move then. *heads towards the place where she had left her horse* Younger Joan *follows her* – Wait! Anaxenite *looks at her* - What is it? Younger Joan – Can you teach me how to fight? Please I want to know how to defend myself and my family. Anaxenite – This is not for you, go home and take the other girls with you to safety. *gets on her horse* Younger Joan *shouting* - By the way my name is Joan! Thank you for your help! *keeps looking after Ana until she’s out of sight.* ***End of Flashback*** ******************************************************************

Mord: So good you still remember me It’s always good the fear to see No Champion on the run So no one to spoil my fun

Joan – Oh yeah how about myself?

Mord: You? Please don’t make me laugh Without your friend to back you up Just a thought and you’d be death So keep your pretty mouth shut

Joan – Try me! *Mord’s guards get into the throne room at attack Joan. She disarms the first opponent with her boleadoras and gives him a powerful kick in his midsection he falls back taking another guard to the floor with him. Joan grabs the guard’s sword and fights the other guards knocking them out cold. Mord’s dogs attack as well but Joan hits them with her boleadoras.*

Joan: You’re wrong, Ana gave me the tools I fight beside her against the odd Cheer pleasure to break my rules And make you taste this sword

*As she points the swords towards Mord, the bodies of the guards disintegrate as well as the dogs. Mord is no longer laughing and his body starts to fade away as well.* ****************************************************************** *Back to where Anaxenite is.* *She’s looking thoughtfully at the spot where Thor has just disappeared.* Female voice *calm* – Anaxenite. *Ana turns back and sees two beautiful women with water by their waist, they are scantily dressed with white garments and golden adorns on their heads and arms. They speak with calm voices and have a gentle manner that transmit only peace.* Female voice 1 – Don’t be afraid. We mean to harm. Female voice 2 – I am Jayna. Female voice 1 – And I am Joreid. Female voice 2 – We are you aunts, your mother’s sisters. *The nymphs start singing.*

Jayna: The gods smiled on you child You have a very important path The roles of your destiny are wild

Many challenges you’ve to accept

Joreid: The nymph in you loves deeply The warrior surpasses everything The human element bleeds truly Before the demise of each eye blink

Jayna: In the Renden Woods it’s always Spring Every single element has a spirit within We’ve created the necklace you possess To help you in the forthcoming quest

*Ana removes the necklace from her neck and holds it.*

Anaxenite: You speak in riddles I can’t understand What power do I have now in my hand?

Jayna: You will know when the time comes Nymphs do not harm any creature But that’s a rule with two edges Neither can they hurt what is pure

*A ray of sunny light focus on the necklace Ana is holding, the two interlaced snakes start to move and to form the shape of Runes irradiating light from the blue stone. Anaxenite looks at the Runes in surprise and confusion.*

Anaxenite – “Mjolnir”!? *The Runes dissolve and in their place the two interlaced snakes remain again. Ana is about to inquire the Nymphs about the meaning of what had just happened why Thor’s hammer had appeared in her necklace but they are no longer there.*

***************************************************************** *Back at Thor, he’s on his knees, all is dark around him; suddenly he feels someone touching his shoulder and light coming from behind him. He turns his head back and sees Anaxenite she’s involved in light. She offers her hand to him as she starts singing.* Anaxenite: You’re not alone I’m here with you And though this road is raw We will pull this all through I won’t allow your faith flaw

*Thor now standing and still holding her hand sings back at her, his defeated expression changing to one of hope.*

Thor: Together! We see it to the end! Together! With me and my friends! It is fate that brought us to this land!

And together here we stand!

Thor and Ana in unison: Can’t be done alone! Can’t make it home! But together here we stand! To liberate this land! Together! Together! Together!

***************************************************************** *Thor, Anaxenite, and Joan appear unconscious near the entrance of the cave. The lake is now intact again.* *Thor who is lying down on his stomach stirs and opens his eyes.* Thor – Hey is everyone alright? *Anaxenite and Joan start getting up.* Joan *shaken* – Yeah, I think. Anaxenite – That was…well quite of a dream…or nightmare. Thor – Yeah… *There’s a flash of green light and three figures materialize in the cave they are wearing long cloaks with hoods.* Anaxenite – What now? Who are you? Female voice 1 – We are the Norns… Female voice 2 - ...the northern goddesses of destiny… Female voice 3 - …we represent the “fate”, the “being”, and the “necessity”. *One of the figures removes their hood revealing a young girl.* Female voice 1 – I am Urd and represent what has been… *The second figure also removes her hood, it’s a woman around her thirties.* Female voice 2 – …I am Skuld and represent what is... *The third figure removes her hood as well, it’s an old lady.* Female voice 3 – …and I am Verandy and represent what is to come.

Thor *warily and with irony* – Norns! Haven’t seen you in a while; I see your style haven’t changed. What was this all about? Urd – God of Thunder… Skuld - …we are answering to a prayer… Verandy – …there are pieces you must put together… Urd – …demons from the past that must be solved… Skuld – for your present quest… Verandy – …to be successful in the future. *They disappear as fast as they had appeared involved in green smoke.* *The trio just stares at the spot where they had just disappeared.* Joan to Thor – Do they always talk like that? Thor *casually* - Yup.

Anaxenite – Seems the weather got better. What about we leave this place huh? Thor and Joan *in unison*– Definitely! Anaxenite *smirks* - Thought so. ****************************************************************** *The trio continues their way to Egil’s house.* Thor – There! That’s his house. Joan – About time! I can barely feel my feet and hands, I’m freezing! *When they get to Egil’s house he is at the front door.* Egil - Welcome I was expecting you. Thor - How did you know we were coming now? Egil – Oh c’mon Thor! Underestimating me are you? Thor *chuckles* - No my friend. Egil – Please come in. I guess a nice fireplace will feel like heaven for you now. Joan *smirks* – You have no idea!

Anaxenite *surveying around* – You have a very nice place Egil. Egil – Thank you. Egil – It’s a pleasure finally meeting your friends Thor. *turns to the women* - The Champion of Asgard and her friend Joan. *smiles* Anaxenite – The pleasure is all ours.

Egil – So how was your trip here? Thor – Uh…agitated. Anaxenite – That’s an understatement. Thor – We took refuge in a cave when the weather got worse. And well weird things happened in there. We had some weird dreams and then a visit from the… Egil – The Norns, Goddesses of Destiny. Thor – How…? Oh one of your visions my friend? Egil – No, not this time. *Thor looks at him in confusion.* Egil – I prayed for guidance, for you and your companions to be helped on your quest. Thor – So you prayed to the Norns? Egil – Yes. Thor – Last time I checked they are very reserved so to speak. How did you manage to get to them? Egil – That wasn’t too hard. Thor there’s something you need to know. I didn’t tell you sooner because it was the rightful time…I’m Odin’s emissary, I was chosen by your father to guide you in the mortal plan. *Thor looks shock but then recomposes himself.* Thor – The All Father has his means…know what?...I don’t think he could have picked someone better than you for the job. Egil – What you experienced in that cave were more than mere dreams. They bring with them warnings and clues that you should take under consideration because they may serve you well in the future. Those “dreams” have also the purpose of helping you breaking old bonds that somehow are an obstacle to what you have yet to face.