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Freeman All-Stars
Mark Candelario Rob Lamont Justin Robinson

Ellenville 6-7 Senior 16.0 ppg

Pine Plains 6-5 Senior 15.4 ppg

Kingston 5-7 Junior 13.3 ppg

Joe Stortini

Mike Tamburri

Jovan Coffey

Mike Koehler

Player of the Y ear

Marlboro 5-11 Senior 14.1 ppg

Kingston 6-4 Senior 13.8 ppg

Coach of the Y ear

First team capsules
MARK CANDELARIO The 6-feet-7 Candelario provided an imposing presence inside for the Blue Devils, averaging 16 points 16.8 rebounds and 3.5 blocks. He controlled the middle on offense and defense according to coach Bryan Bonitz. “He was an excellent defender and rebounder and was quick to outlet the ball to start our fast break. This year he became a force on offense by developing a quality post game.” One of Candelario’s biggest efforts was 29 points and 20 rebounds during a 70-61 victory over Saugerties. ROB LAMONT Lamont mixed it up inside to key another successful year for the Bombers, who repeated as Section 9, Class C champs. He surpassed the milestone of 1,000 career points while scoring 18 points during a 61-41 MHAL semifinal triumph over Millbrook. Lamont averaged 15.4 points and 7.1 rebounds. Willingness to take shots underneath enabled Lamont to reach the foul line on a regular basis, and he converted 69 of 103 attempts. His career concluded with a 13-point effort in a 62-44 loss to Tuckahoe in the regional semifinals. MIKE TAMBURRI A leader in every way possible, Tamburri was the heart and soul of Marlboro’s drive to MHAL and Section 9, Class A championships. He averaged 14.1 points, 3.1 rebounds, 3.3 assists and 2.9 steals. Tamburri made 43 3-point baskets while shooting at a 40-percent clip. In the MHAL title game against Pine Plains, he had 18 points. Six of Tamburri’s 15 points in the sectional final against Red Hook came during overtime. JOVAN COFFEY Coffey consistently provided double figures in points and rebounds for the Tigers, who started 15-0 on the way to a 17-3 season. Played much taller than his 6-4 height with superior leaping skill and long arms. Averaged 13.8 points, 10.4 rebounds and 2.1 steals. Also demonstrated an ability to shoot from the perimeter with 13 3-pointers. Scored a careerhigh 24 points in a 66-63 loss at Middletown. JUSTIN ROBINSON Multi-talented point guard Robinson made things happen for the Tigers in many ways. He averaged 13.3 points, 7.5 assists, 4.5 rebounds and 4.1 steals. In the Section 9, Class AA semifinals against Washingtonville, Robinson tied Jesse Cannie’s school assist record with 15. He was at his best in the season’s first meeting with ancient rival Newburgh, scoring 26 points and supplying 10 assists and eight rebounds. Kingston beat the Goldbacks for the first time in six years.

Players of the Year
2012—Joe Stortini, Red Hook 2011—John Paulsen, Ellenville 2010—DaVonne Dunlap, Kingston 2009—DaVonne Dunlap, Kingston 2008—Shereef Taylor, F.D. Roosevelt 2007—Dustin Priest, Rondout Valley 2006—Greg Nero, Red Hook 2005—Greg Nero, Red Hook 2004—Artavius Fisher, Kingston 2003—Keith Simmons, Kingston 2002—Artavius Fisher, Kingston 2001—Keith Simmons, Kingston 2000—Jamal Lis-Simmons, Highland 1999—Jamal Lis-Simmons, Highland 1998—Jesse Cort, Red Hook 1997—Jamie Nero, Red Hook 1996—Jamie Nero, Red Hook 1995—John Parisio, Rondout Valley 1994—Raymond Younger, Ellenville 1993—Justin Lowe, Marlboro 1992—Eric Bell, Wallkill 1991—Earl Oliver, Ellenville 1990—Chris Fabiano, Saugerties 1989—Janton Shorter, Kingston 1988—Raynard Shorter, Ellenville 1987—Dan Rusk, Marlboro 1986—Anders Vestergaard, Kingston 1985—Erin Griffin, Red Hook 1984—Ken Galloway, Onteora 1983—Ken Galloway, Onteora 1982—Don Van Demark, Kingston 1981—Charles Davis, New Paltz 1980—Ed Ware, Ellenville 1979—Jeff Johnson, Wallkill 1978—John Dalzell, Red Hook 1977—Matt Kurdziel, Red Hook 1976—Don Timbrouck, Kingston 1975—Corey Chambers, Kingston 1974—Paul Kane, Rhinebeck 1973—Paul Kane, Rhinebeck 1972—Rich Koegel, Saugerties 1971—Joe Bush, Onteora

Caoches of the Year
2012—Mike Koehler, Marlboro 2011—Bryan Bonitz, Ellenville 2010—Rod Chando, Red Hook 2009—Alex Albany, Coleman 2008—Rod Chando, Red Hook 2007—Jim Malak, Rondout Valley 2006—Rod Chando, Red Hook 2005—Rod Chando, Red Hook 2004—Rod Chando, Red Hook 2003—Rod Chando, Red Hook 2002—Ron Kelder, Kingston 2001—Kris Felicello, Onteora 2000—Ron Kelder, Kingston 1999—Rick Roden, CoxsackieAthens 1998—Kris Felicello, Onteora 1997—Paul Kane, Rhinebeck 1996—Rod Chando, Red Hook 1995—Rod Chando, Red Hook 1994—Ken Ralph, Ellenville 1993—Rod Chando, Red Hook 1992—Steve Eggink, Saugerties 1991—Eric McLaud, Wallkill 1990—Ken Ralph, Ellenville 1989—Joe Stoutenburg, Kingston 1988—Rick Pesavento, Wallkill 1987—Joe Detz, Marlboro 1986—Rick Pesavento, Wallkill 1985—Bill DuBois, Coleman 1984—Rick Pesavento, Wallkill 1983—Frank Felicello, Marlboro 1982—Joe Defino, Kingston 1981—Frank Felicello, Marlboro 1980—Ken Ralph, Ellenville 1979—Jeff Hartman, Wallkill 1978—Charles Busick, Highland 1977—Rod Chando, Red Hook 1976—Mike Rienzo, Sr., Kingston 1975—Mike Rienzo, Sr., Kingston 1974—Joe Ciampi, Marlboro 1973—Joe Ciampi, Marlboro 1972—John Meehan, Sr., Rondout Valley 1971—Ron Pape, Onteora

Chosen by Freeman Sports Staff Player of the Year: Joe Stortini, Red Hook (6-3, Sr., 25.5 ppg) Coach of the Year: Mike Koehler, Marlboro (17-5 record) Second Team PLAYER SCHOOL HT. YR. PPG Felix Riascos Roosevelt 6-5 Jr. 18.0 Saugerties 6-1 Sr. 17.3 Marc Whitaker Alex Smith Marlboro 6-5 Jr. 13.9 Zack Cone New Paltz 6-0 Sr. 13.7 Jamie Paneto Wallkill 6-1 Sr. 13.6 Third Team PLAYER SCHOOL HT. YR. PPG Red Hook 6-4 Sr. 16.0 Yegor Stjupan Nick Sorel Rhinebeck 5-10 Sr. 15.3 Justin Cooper Pine Plains 6-3 Jr. 14.4 Adrian Echols Ellenville 5-10 Sr. 12.8 Ben DeForest Rondout Valley 6-2 Sr. 11.2 Honorable Mention Coleman: Jordan Shaw, Justin Bressack Kingston: Jordan DeCicco, D.J. Mapes, Micah Riddick Zach Short Marlboro: Austin Beck, Ryan Cary, Matt Tamburri Allen Musacchio New Paltz: Bryan Krebs Onteora: Nick Occhi Pine Plains: Tyler Lydon, Zach Lydon Red Hook: Ray Wright, Sean Michitsch Saugerties: Scott Melville, J.T. Elmendorf Wallkill: Rob Grullon


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