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only too well what this means...

low wages, short contracts and no

The Institute of Field Archaeologists comeback - no change. The IFA have a big thing about any members
- Why Join? (note you have to be a member, this doesn't work on non-members)
When I first started digging I had absolutely no idea what the IFA bringing the profession into disrepute because when you become a
was or what it did. From what I could gather fiom conversations with member you have to be a 'proper person' and joining has to 'mark a
my more experienced peers, they were some mythical entity which new threshold in an individual's professional development' (I'm not
wielded a kind of mysterious power, and acted in some way like the making this up... it is the Masons!). As far as I am aware only one
Masons, where no-one really knew how to get in or if they did they person in its entire history has been brought up in fiont of the council
weren't letting on.. .and whe was I to be asking anyway? and actually reprimanded. To me, the Institute has now effectively
To be fair I was young and nalve, but even now I am not entirely sure been rendered powerless, if it ever had any power, by the outbreak of
of the purpose they serve, and if you ask yourselves the same 'unsolicited' units on the back of competitive tendering can
question you may be struggling too. I have a lot of friends who have no longer reign in. All it now seems to exist as is a talking shop
joined the Institute, and who will sing the praises of the between increasingly older members who are in comfortable
establishment. They point out that by joining they are proving positions within the profession and who can afford to discuss the
themselves to be of an acceptable standard in order to undertake higher problems of archaeology in a relaxed and convivial manner
certain work, and anyway the extra letters after your name look good, without ever having to change very much for those that matter on the
don't they? ground (if you pardon the pun).
My personal problem with this is that I have worked for quite a long So after all this opening build up it may surprise you to know that I
time as a digger, I have a long and impressive enough CV, I have am going to join the IFA, and that I think you should too. My
gained a lot of skills, and I don't have a lot of problem getting work. reasoning is this. The Institute may be outmoded, out of touch and at
So why should I spend £50 a year (plus the £10 non-returnable present may serve very little purpose, but at present it is the&o
"application" fee) for little reward? The argument that by joining you thing we have which allows us any form of clout as regards the
are proving yourself to be a far better digger than your non-member profession we are in. Whatever we may think of them now, they
compatriot seems ridiculous. I know members who cannot dig for started up for the same reasons that we are presently fighting for.
toffee, besides which most, if not all, units will go on quantity of Apparently, in the past, other opposing groups did start up but they
experience rather than membership of the IFA as a selling never got anywhere (or things would be better and we would have
point ... especially these days where acceptable d i m are baoming heard of them), so why not use what actually exists and is firmly
a rarer species. Most units will now employ diggers on the back of established for our own ends?
only a few weeks experience if they are desperate enough, which in As it stahds at the moment, nothing will change through the IFA
itself is not necessarily a bad thing as it means more people get the because no diggers are joining, and if they do, no one is standing up
paid digging experience they deserve, but this just emphasises my to the say "e rm... I don't like this... change it, please". They have
point. Why join? conferences! We could make lots of noise and really upset the people
Exponents of the IFA will point out that actually the conditions we who actually give us the crap wages, long hours and woefully short
now fmd ourselves working under are entirely down to the IFA
,contracts. By getting large numbers to join to pull weight in
lelections, and using the newsletter as a rallying point, we can use our
issuing guidelines which units can now follow in order to come under
lnumbers to get someone on to council and to push through motions
the umbrella title of 'professionals' (to quote their literature, their
aims are 'to provide an active professional organisation', and 'to which favour diggers' work conditions. Sub-groups exist in the IFA
develop professional guidelines7 for field archaeology and some as regards (for example) finds/environmental staff, so at the very
other nice fluffy stuff). As an example, English Heritage and the IFA lleast we could push for a sub-group to be formed for us. So that's
are at present doing a survey of pay and benefits (e.g. why I'm joining. I want to make a difference in some way and I think
accommodation) in order to attempt to standardise job titles and pay lby doing this I will ... what do I have to lose? (Apart fiom £50 a
scales as guidelines for units to work by. This is not a bad thing (how year.. .of course). It is the only way.
tOr is it? What do you think? Are you a member and disagree with
can it be?), because the one thing this job needs is some form of
1this writer's point of view? Or is the writer mad to join? Or what?
professionalism to kick it into the nineties. But the IFA's guidelines
are not mandatory - no IFA police will come down heavy on a unit Write in.
who chooses to bend a few rules and cut a few corners. We all know
Here are some of the items that may be appearing in the next issue. A11 comments welcome.
The IPMS (archaeology division) -yes, archaeologists do actually have a union. Does anyone actually know what it does and how we
can make it workfor us?
A league table jor units - (coming over all New Labour for a nzomenl), who are the good units to workfor, who are the bad units to work
for and why?
Student archaeologists - how do you feel about the job market... can you even get work?

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The Digger Issue No. 2, February 1999
PO Box 39 1, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 3GS
: w e n t training situation and how it might t Carlisle Archaeology Unit are to be
Yes, it's now your chance to participate in ,e improved. aken over by Bradford University in
our statistically dubious and irreverent f you would like to volunteer to be iugust. What effect this will have on the
league of archaeological units. Just write nterviewed in confidence as part of the vages and work conditions of the unit staff
back to us regarding units you have worked ,eview, please contact the AFT'S consultant lnce they are no longer council run is
for and each issue we will make some vain ~t the address below and let her know when .nyone1sguess. A meeting will be held with
attempt to get them into a table as a guide to md how she can get in touch with YOU. tafT in March.
where to go and where not to go. In six nterviews are usually conducted by phone
mor,:hs iime h e winning unit's director will )U[, K you prefer, you can fill in a
receive a Creme egg; the loser a rotten egg. luestiomaire (available either from 'The
ligger' or from the address below). Or Winnersh Farm, Reading
Check out the following points: One bog for thirty people
+ wages: above f 190 or below? ;imply write with your views. AI1 records of
nterviews and comments of respondents Morning time bad Zen.
+ pay problems - yes or no?
.emain anonymous. Fobney street, Reading
+ sick & holiday pay - automatic or four contribution to the training review will Curl one down in the river
)e appreciated, and is a chance to make No Elsan on site.
+ travel eqenses paid - yes or no? ~ractical suggestions and add some
+ _;ommodation:free, charged or non- iubslance to the case for change in the way
Hampton Court Palace
existent? Trowelling gravel four weeks
.hat Lrai~ngand career development are
+ provision of equipment - e.g. boots? xganised in archaeology.
Finding nothing there.
+ length of contract - above a month or Wine stained through T-shlrt
below? Sill Chitty, Chop stripped down, oil in grill pan
+ level of respect - valued colleague or Hawkshead Archaeology and Conservation, Road kill and rank feet.
trowel fodder? Hawkshead Home Farm,
Highfield Lane, Soaked through the bone,
Dead easy! Get writing. Also on Lhe subject
Bolton le Sands, Slithering through wet clay.
of reviews...
Carnforth, God let's get wasted.
Lancashire LA5 8AE Project Officer
Hot on the tails of female
Student volunteers.
The Archaeology Training Forum is a
delegate body which represents all those
organisations which have an interest in the
issues of training and career development + A joint IFNEH survey of archaeological The IFA write back...
within archaeology. The Forum has recently employment, Projlrng the Profession, will R Your anonymous correspondent's article
conmussioned a review of current training be published shortly, and a summary will The Institute of Field Archaeologists - Why
in haeology and is looking at how appear in The Archaeologist (the F A mag) Join? (The Digger, I , December 1998)
promlon should be developed in the future and will also be accessible via F A , CBA zontained a number of nusconceptions about
and at particular areas of need. Part of the and EH websites. If like me you have accen the Institute, some of which I know to be
review has included interviews with a to none of Lhese (!), you will be pleased tc widely held amongst dyggers. Before
sample of archaeologists, drawn from the hear that the author, Kenneth Aitchison o: tackling them I should point out that
membership of professional groups, to seek Landward Archaeology, will be writing ar although addressing those working in the
their personal views and record thei~ article on it for us, on its publication. field, the IFA is the professional body for all
experience of training. A nunlber 01 + The next F A conference is in Glasgon archaeologists, whatever branch of the
respondents have commented 011 the serious behveen the 7th and 9th of April 1999. Thc discipline they work in.
problenls faced by hose working on h e annual elections to the FA'S governin{ Your co:-responder.t rig!iUy rubbishes the
digging circuit, in particular the general council are this sunlrner, when member! argument that by joining the F A you 'prove
lack of training and career developmeill will be canvassed Tor nonlinations. Ge yourself to be a far better dygger than your
opportunities for those entering the joining and let's get a dlgger on council non-member con~patriot'. You don't. But
( profession on short-tern coiltracts ol The Director has also asked if some form o you do demonstrate that your performance
employment in archaeological field projects. meeting could be arranged between digger! as an archaeologist has successfully
The AFT is concerned that the views of this and the IFA, quote: "to learn more abou undergone the scrutiny of your peers, and
particular section of the archaeological your concerns, and to discuss with you ou that you have made a personal commitment
coinmunity are not properly represented ir strategies for addressing some of thc to a demanding code of professional ethics.
the interview sample for the review, so we problems the proTession faces". Anyone u~ You have undertaken work only in a
are taking the opportunity to seek views and for it? Feedback welcome. responsible, professional way. The article
constructive colnments from you on the unkindly likens l l ~ eIFA to the Freemasons,
and although both organisations are ~ o u p for excavators (excavators are ve separate general slippage in post-
exclusive - for very different reasons - only pecialists) is long overdue. :xcavation work from the deliberate
one of them is secretive. We publish the viiithholding of information? There is the
'eter Hinton, Director, The Institute of
identities of F A members, and we expect pestion of interpretation; important sites
Tield Archaeologists
them to encourage others to adopt our :an be 'talked down'. It only needs a
I professional codes - somewhat different ro sz~ggest that all the woes of the vatching brief or a few trenches placed so as
from Uueatening to cut out the tongues of n-ofession can be blamed on non-members o find nothing. But how do you prove any
those who reveal our secrets! s simplistic; surely the blame lies with the )f ths? Sites have a 'subjective' component,
The article and the editorial make similar 'FA, for not addressing the reasons why ~ n deffective monitoring by curators cannot
points about what the IFA considers to be >eople generally aren't joining (no point, llways happen; what goes into the diggers
the biggest problems facing archaeology lever do anything, waste of irroney w k e t when no one is looking is anyone's
today: generally poor pay and conditions, ltc.)... how about making the joining and pess. In the end, if you want to be a cowboy
inadequate training, job ilis~cti~ity 2nd t!te ~ie~nher.vhi,u,fees myre manageable:' El. here's going to be no sherrifs posse after
lack of career structure. In essence, {ou and if things get a bit hot in one county
improving the situation could be hen you can always work elsewhere. Join
straightfonvard. The only group of people , do the diggers! he F A by all means, because one day there
that wants to solve these problems is the nay be an opportunity to get rid of these
only one that can. It's up to archaeologists to Zl 1 am well impressed that the newslette~ :rooks.
sort the profession out. Employers - most 01 sot together. I 100% agree with the arlicle
Zl My thoughts on field archaeology in the
them - pay diggers badly because theii m the F A . 1 have always shunned the F A ,
:onsidering it completely ineffectual where 30's6?Beyond the obvious "goddamn rip-off'
competitors do. It's no more reasonable tc
11 mattered. 1 still thmk that, but as the 11s pretty much the way you expressr i t
expect a single employer to act unilaterallj
yourselves in the newsletter. It's a disgme
than it is to expect a sole excavator to refuse uticle says, change isn't going to happen
where it needs to by shunning the issues: that our employers place such a low value on
to work for less than E25,000 a year. Bul
what we do. Compare [our wages] with the
there's no fundamental reason why the and infiltration with change from within is
definitely the way forward. Fuck it, 1 am werage E15K p.a. that graduates of other
whole archaeological profession shouldn'l
going to join. sciences walk into. Experienced staff are
move together to address these issues, f o ~
leaving, or suffering in silence. And the
the benefit of all. E? The last issue lamented the fact that the people responsible f o ~iius rake in the cash.
That's what the F A is about. It's made U[ [FA does not discipline or investigate it:
I of individuals who realise that archaeologj
mb their hands in glee and congratulate
own members; to be fair this might be themselves. They don't want us to lead
needs regulating,
- and that i t has to br dlfficult or inappropriate as the 1FA i s on15
L- -
clccenr Irappy iives b~cause-it wiil cos1 ii1e111
1 regulazd -from within. Its members havr an association and has no real status in law
money. What fucks me off most about
1 agreed to submit themselves tc The problem is that an individual membei archaeology is that it doesn't transfer to
I deinocratically agreed
- regulations that arc lacks the resources to gather evidence tc

anything else. I've tried [all the jobs]. All

far more stringent than those demanded b) make a good case against miscreants anc
any employer sees is that you've done 20+
the archaeological marketplace. If al: runs the risk that the subject of thc
lobs, none have lasted long and you've
archaeologists agreed to be bound by thr investigation might take retaliatory action ir
moved all over the place. And if you're
Institute's regulations, and to use it! the courts or elsewhere. On the other hanc
passed 30, you're basically dead. You can't
democratic procedures to ensure that a1 there are no other organisations who arc
settle, you can't hold a job down, you're a
areas are covered, our problems would bt either willing or able to take concertec
few. Your writer has pinpointed the' rea action to do t h s kind of thing , and somt waster. The most tragic t h n g is for an -a
£50 I'd be happy to stay in archaeoldgy.
issue: its not the F A that's the problen regard it as distasteful even to conside!
Fifty fucking bar. The difference between a
(however much he or she may see the neec gathering evidence against fellov happy life in my chosen career 1vluc11 I do
for reforming it), its the non-members. B! archaeologists. There is also the problem o
very well and living hand-to-mouth. The
not conlnlitting themselves to improving thc evidence; most archaeologists are reluctan
sanle amount as a "Time Team" presenter's
profession, they help to perpetuate the woe: to 'put their heads above the parapets'
nightly bar bill...
that they complain about. Again the fear of reprisal comes in
So I'm glad that your writer will be applyin! employers take a dim view of such activitie:
for membership. His or her zeal fo - being a whistleblower is never apopz!~r Please send any $cn hatc zai! io !he
changing the profession is just what the F i The case of sites where no report i, address above...
needs, and the suggested Special lnteres produced also presents problems - how dc
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contributions of funny stories, cartoons, ail, crosswords etc. (black and while only, please) welconle.
very last little saving and squeezing every chap went misty-eyed and said he wished he
unce out of the credit card so that at the ould do all that again. Hello? Tlus would
nd of the dig, some despotic landlord can le seen as a near fatal accident in the real
Every now and then it comes to the point urn round and say he's keeping it all vorld, yet in archaeology it is vicived almost
when you want to moye on, so you pitch out ecause you've chipped a mug he mm. omantically.
your CV and wait. Eventually you get a 'hen the biggest downer of all...all the bills :he ideal solution would be units
phone-call from some unit you've heard hat suddenly fly your way as soon as your ecognising that for an initial outlay of say
good things about who say that they've got a lame is down on a contract. Council tax, ;75,000 they cr~uldbuy up a house; do i! U@
kbul3ns si:e, i ~ o f i t hof wcric, con^ on vater rates, gas, electricity, TV licence. - md rent it at low rates to dggers, and still
down and join t k m . Excitedly you ask them hey all lace up their size 12 Docs and give ~e well in the black vis-a-vis mortgage
all lunds of questions...and then the IOU a good booting when you're down to Iayments etc. Tlus would provide enough
question of accommodation comes up. lour last few pence, no matter how long you Ieace of mind for us ro maybe consider
"Sorry I'm afraid we don't actually provide ry and duck them. And then t!xy 'forget' to aking on jobs that we would ofien like to do
anyhing" is d ~ inevitable
e answer. OK, you ,eimburse you when you have to leave as jut can't because we can't afford to: live
think, I'll wing it... lou've been hid off early, only to traipse off tnywhere in the south, for example. The sad
Lf ~rou're lucky enough to have friends o another unit to do it all again. The knock act is Lllat Llus will probably never happeii
al,dy working for Lhe unit, you may-be In effect of course is that you never have ind diggers will carry on losing money
able to doss down onra male's floor fqr a tny damn money ever, and that f i S 9 per land over fist while Q i n g to get by and
wlule, but of course tlus can only be a shop veek you are doled out ends up nearer hall :am a living, or end up in some godawful
Lerm tl~ing.Even the best of friends will hat. ;hack which most people wouldn't even
eventually nind up not speaking lust occasionally the answer to that question louse their dogs in. Sad but true.
to/liurting/killingg each other after 2 weeks will be "of course we supply 301 any wdwlievable acco~n~nodation rules
of foot odour and vegetarian coolung fallout icconunodation" tlus point be very veq 'o relav7 write in.
in a two metre squared box room. You also :areful. To be fair often the accommodation
feel like somc free-loader, no matter how ;upplied is way above par...for e.uample,
many pints you buy them. so alternative 3ci;!i;?& IT..-:'",..'
.""Pp:. L^"..':' 'l
U k U U L I lW If aayone is going tn f!ie F A cnnferc-?cc .
measures need seekng... ~cconunodation,but for a cost (it was free, ~t Glasgow University between the 7th and
The B&B is always a tempting ~ u tthanks to the government any free 9th of April, could Lhey write us a little
alternative... a cooked breakfast every 3ccomrnodation supplied to workers is nov $ece about it? (preferably satirical but 1
morning, clean sheets to come back to, axed.- Free accommodation is seen as E leave that up to you!). Due to the rather
complimentary soap, Swedish porn on Lhe ?erk, ergo taxable, so EH are now forced tc unfortunate choice of days (i.e. Wednesday
satellite telly... ern1... it's too good to be true. ?ass on the cost to the diggers - beware, thi: to Friday) we can't actually go, as !he
Except it never is of course; the places may soon happen to other units too). Yet the ~astardswe work for won't give us time off.
usually end up as some bad version 01 jtories of appalling and insanitary livin~ Failing Lhat, anyone fancy dumping a load
F ~ . 4 t yTowers on acid, there's always a ;paces are legion - caravan sites with nc of copies of this newsletter around, get in
lo, scally building crew living there and heating in the depLlis of winter; ex-drui touch.
every time you stumble in drunk fronl rehab hostels wilh junlues breaking dowr Also, if anyone knows the outcome of
whatever hostelry you may have frequented. [he doors to get in; sleeping in tht the nieeling behlieen Bradford University,
there will be some blue-rinsed scary lad] portacabin in Februaq; an old chapel wit1 Carlisle Archaeology Unit and h e i r
giving you the evil eye for existing. And snow coming th:ough the holes in Llle roof enlployees please let us know. We just love
they are incredibly expensive, especially or an abandoned warehouse, building you. juicy gossip.. .
our wages. Scratch h a t one... own room out of scrap metal - tliese have al
The inevitable and horrible result is that y o ~ been considered acceptable accommodatioi
will have to rent somewhere, and iiii! at some time by our illustrious leaders, whc IFA JIS Swizz'?
always presents problen~s,especially wher potter off in tlie Volvo at night to their IUCI PZ Most archaeologists I know are only
you Inay be renting somewhere else already cenlrally-heated semi. Most frightening i members of the IFA because it advertises
as is often the case for diggers with partner! that we are often charged for these hovel jobs that can't be seen elsewhere. Perhaps
andlor faiiiilies. The hunt is always r by those caring employers of ours. The: The Digger could set up a job search facility
drag...endlessly trudging around over-price( appear to view tliese ex~eriencesas bein] as a separate entity from thc newsletter (at a
bedsii ratholes ivith mould on the walls unti "jolly things to do, an exercise in Dunlurl small fee to cover cos!^)'? All it needs is for
finally you cave in and agree to a 6 montl spirit, the team pulling together for Llle gooc readers to inform you of anything they hear
contract with a months notice, even thougl of the dig". A friend recently relayed , going .
your employn~entcontract notice is only :wc conversation undertaken with a senio
weeks and you will inevitably lose money 01 arcliacologist about how he'd been stuck i .4 urce idea, Our this p~rblrcafionis proving
an unoccupied room. Finding the bond i a caravan with a gas fire which l e a k un a~nplyfime conswning rusk on i f s own!
;~lways enterlaining...sccmping togetlie Carbon Monoxide by some unit; the 011 Wh-v don '1 you give i f a go? We could point
peuple in -vur/r dirrciiuii Q" rlecessary. On )ecple working in the fieid - if they make so 10p a sheet no discount) and my time (if
[he su~netopic... nuch on advertising why not provide it lnly costs us 6p per sheet ...&l ).
:-i I was intrigued bj. your article on the iee? ncrease in membership would illcrease
IFk, and in particular the reply from the hese costs dramatically. Members sending
us. Bevan replies: Thanks for suggesting
director. What bdfles me is the conslant ; a s need only receive the sheet when they
hat a wage of £200 per week is a
claim bj' tlus pamcdar organisation that leed it, for example, when a contract is
reasonable sum' for my labours - l wish! 1
[hey are in some way battling for the rights onling to an end. Bear in mind ihat the
:ompile the JIS as a part-time job (for which
of archaeologists, when to my mind their FA is financed by members subscriptions
receive a part-time wage) in addition to
Jobs l~lt^ormationService is so over-priced. a d it cannot afford tc make a loss.
ny full-time work at BUFAU. I'd like to
For some time now 1 have subscribed to 'ersonally, 1 was against the subscription
loint out that 1 started in field archaeology
their jobs-sheet as a non-member. For the aise for non-members hvo years ago, but
md spent two years contract digging, so I
jr-r.l.,.b ~ i i lsilbscrip!ion of E60 a ;-?;v I receive he JIS is still value for money.
io appreciate the ilificdti~;& esqxrienced !)y
one shecl. a week (except where the
lour readers.
~ y n n Bevan,
e !SA JIS Compiler
organiser is on holiday) listing all jobs
Apart from my salary, yolu correspondent is 'lease send any fan / hate mail 10 the
available h a t particular week. Now I've
~ a d l y rnisiaken about our adverlising zddress above... anrljinally . . . . .
found this service very useful - a lot of jobs
revenue. We don't have paid adverts every
appear in there that don't actually appear on
week, or even every month, as most of our
a Wednesday in the Guardan - but there is
adverts are a e n from newspapers and
something which puzzles me. A double-
iournals, -which leads to a hefty annual iere it is, part one of our statistically
sided A4 sheet costs at most 10p to
newsagents bill on top of our other expenses fubious and irreverent, cut-out-and-k
photocopy, often as much as a t h r d less-if 1
@hotocop$ng, postage, telephone and fax eague of archaeological units. You write to
photocopying in bulk, which they must do.
:os:s, stationery etc.). Our -adverlising IS regarding units you have worked for and
A Grst class sta!!p costs 26p. An envelope
revenue is essentially unpredictable, :ach issue we make some vain attempt to
costs around 2p (again if you are buying in
fluctuating throughout the year, and would ;et them into a table as a guide to where to
bulk). Add it up . . . 38p, at the highest
not finance my modest wage, never mind all ;o and where not to go. In.six ulonhs time
possible cost. So out of the £1.15 w h c h you
of our adhtional expenses. Besides, there is he winning unit's director will receive n
pay for each release; you get s o m e h n g
no secrecy about our turnover. It's published 3 e m e egg; the loser a rotten egg. First up
which costs 38p. A profit of 77p for the
annually by the E A . ln the block.. .
F A . or - - two thirds of what you pay them.
-.- - From the feedback I receive, I know the JIS
T h e x 1s the aigi~iiefir rkzi d i ~ yare
is 'a lifeline for people woiklng in the iieici' I
- - - -. -. --.S
--.. -.. - -.-- - . .... .-,-- - --
provihng a service, and it costs to do tlus B.C.AS (aka LbRedford")

but I disagree it is 'overpriced'. The JIS is l I

(e.g. Lynne Bevan's salary), hence the

provided to IFA members at a substantial I -
Wages above El 90? 0 I
figures. But let's have a look at their
dlscount (which just covers costs) as a I Sick pay ? 0 1
advertising rates.. . E40 per week for up to an
benefit of men~bershp.For example, if you1 I Holiday pay? 0 i
A5 ad (which most are). If you count up the f Acconunodation? I O£ !
correspondent joined the F A as an
ads in any issue wllicli you happen to pick
up, you will find an average of about 10
for only £12, they could pay the annual ! Free eaui~ment? l @ !
(except maybe over the Christmas period).
nizmbers rate of L30 subscription, spending ; Any available training?
So on each issue the IFA nets £400 ir
£42 and saving £18 on a nonmembers ; Contracts 1 month+?
advertising rates, which is not a bad little
subscription as well as receiving Thc
Archaeologist and the annual director)
I Level of respect for staff 0
, I

sum, especially when you consider you're

which contains useful addresses for the job. L Good archaeology?
--------------- L--Q-~J V

paying for the ~uedlum on which it is

seeker. Sending SAEs would cost the samc Key:
produced. If Ms. Bevan is being paid E200 @ GreaUyes
m o u n t in postage and envelopes as the £3C
per week, which seems reasonable, there's
still L200 going into the coffers. Even wheu
subscription. (cheersfor the tip! @ Passablelyes
you have actually joined the IFA, you have
Regarding the suggestion that the JI5 @ Badlno
should be provided free to 1FA nlenlbers, : 2 Total poison - auoid!
to supply S.4F.s to ge! the bulleiin, whlch l
send ou: ';CO S M s ro IPA nlernhers eve? 6 ND. of months wai!.
think is distinctly fishy.
week. Lf the IFA paid for postage an( f Costs a bit!
I think most archaeologists woidc
envelopes, it would cost over £100 pel
appreciate a substantial reduction in thesc hrot a bad score. More next issrre...keep 'enr
month in addition to photocopying cosir
rates fcr what really is a life-line for mosl rolling in. -.
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e Any
of funny stories, cartoons, art, crosswords etc. (black and white only, please) welcome. Back-issues available.
For anyone currently working in the north- essence what would happen.. to them come the skills base available, and invest in it in
east and north-west of England. it appears the merger. Apparently our conditions .of terms of opportunities for noncore staff to
tha! Bradford University seem to pop up service are guaranteed to remain the same. provide input at a greater depth to
everywhere, whether its carrying out upland initially. However, we're a little confused as archaeological projects."
sumeys to just straight-fonvard escavation. to what would happen should they lay us off The correspondent also voiced some of the
This is no bad thing. as it demonstrates a for a period before the deadline then rehire diggers' concerns about just how well such
commitment on the part of the university to us. or whether our conditions have to a merger will work: "geographical distance
a wide range of experiences for its students, remain the same afier a sis month period. isn't necessarily a factor, with the es!stence
and provides in essence a well-rounded Another concern voiced was the possibility of technology such as e-mail; sadly. Carlisle
vocational background for all those who of paid professional diggers being gradually is a little behind arid only purchased a fas
ha1.c attended its courses-there. laid off, and their nunlbers being. replaced machine in the -past .twelve ~nonths. We
However. Bradford are now looking to enter by Bradford students. We were assured this were told that by joining with the university
the commercial market through their would not happen, and it might well not. as it would enable digging outside the county,
rger with Carlisle City Council I can't see them coming over to Carlisle (or something not permissible at present - but
A-ichaeological Unit, a move which has wherever) in term-time. However, in a how can this be feasible when the unit has
been on the cards for some time (as 'goodwill' gesture from the unit director, very little experience of escavations outside
previously mentioned in February, Issue 2). four Bradford placement students have of Carlisle, let alone Cumbria? We were
The benefits are reciprocal on both parts: already been taken on (on full pay with no also told that there would be no drop off of
the university will get to buy in to a esperience). I have no objections to training work within the boundaries, as the council
cornmcrcial market which already esists anyone, as long as it does not interfere with would still give all the work to the company
through the unit's long history of the archaeology. Everyone needs a start. but because of the 'friendly' relationship with
archaeological work. and any associated preferably it shouldn't be by being thrown the director. However, many units are
research which comes from this tradition of in at the deep end on a highly comples gleefully awaiting the merger so that the so-
working intensively in one area on some of urban site suffering time and money called exclusive area becomes open, once
the most archaeologically fertile areas of the pressures! the unit is no longer council-run: one unit
country (e.g. Hadrian's Wall): the unit will How about some in-house training for the already has a dig within the city limits."
be assured a safe future as an independent current staff? Any chance of being able to In what can only be described as sonlething
yet university owned company, and will be mingle with Bradford people, learning new of a hvist. Bradford University are now in
able to terider for work outside of the city skills, stimulating our interests and makmg the process of merging with one of those
boundaries for the first time evert being no ourselves more marketable? The university 'gleefully awaiting' units as well, Lancaster
longer restricted by council bureaucracy. representatives were very helpful and University Archaeological Unit. From those
The unit will also benefit from the wide suggested that perhaps we could get reduced who know and work in the north-west, it is
:e of research opportunities and rate courses...except that, of the people in alleged that Lancaster and Carlisle have
scfentific facilities on offer at the university. the room, a majority had already gained both had occasional differences regarding
which will in theory ex~and:he possib:!ities pos?gr&unte qua!ifica:icns. S= what good the pursdi: af conirxis, so ii now seems
of work undertakeable by the unit (e.g. would that be? A further point was also strange that both units will be operating as
geophysics), and will provide core staff made that we are all on temporary contracts. part of the same company - but perhaps it
members with the possibilities of personal and these are not normally compliant with will work. Lancaster provides a greater
research and development. course Icngths! range of services than its future sister-unit.
In order to outline the coming changes. due Everyone accepts that archaeological particularly within the spheres of survey and
to go through in August, the university and digging is quite a transient occupation; the building recording, so there is a possibility
unit director held a meeting with the core good point of the unit is that it does try to of greater concentration on those areas, with
staff in March at the unit in Shaddon Mill. keep people in employment as long as Carlisle undertaking more of the excavation
The 'temporary' digging staff were not possible. The bad point is that it takes the work. If anything the unit is far more in
invited to this meeting, despite the fact that rather excellent talents of its workers tune with a possible merger. as it already
a number of the diggers had been with the completely for granted. The point that thc operates within the aegis of a university
unit for two to three years with continuous diggers were trying to make the hardest is organisation. and therefore may have little
service on open-ended contracts. A zhat yes, we are temporary, yes, we are of the teething problems which may bc
correspondent describes how, as an hirable aud fireable, but that can be relative. around the corner for Carlisle come August
"appeasement", they were finally allowed a A years solid work is pretty good going (e.g. pensions etc.).
meting of their owl: whether as a fised term contract or an open A meeting was held with core staff at
"It was the feature of the meeting that all ended one, let alone three years! With that Lancaster in June, though we have little in
the diggers were trying to find out in in mind. perhaps Bradford could consider the way of details of what was actually
discussed (no meeting was held with the merger will offer better conditions for all 8 No. of months wait.
diggers. strangely enough). However. from staff from digger through to director. Any Costs a bit!
what we have gleaned fro111various sourccs, xoblems described hcrein may well vanish Q Self-employed only
the unit will opcratc as part of the same In the coming months. so we wish thcm the
company as Carlisle, as different branches. I xst of luck. But the question remains ....just
can't help but wondcr whether the hvo mits what are they going to call themselves'?
\\.ill also cnrn on tendering agair~st cach IFA JIS: I have to praise you ...
other as before. though common sense he'fantasy ~nit$&igue . In the good old days, searching for jobs
would lead onc to think not. as it would be -round three
of littlc bencfit to the company as a wbolc. Part threc of an indefinite series...and a
spending an afternoon each week in
local libran;. working through back
A further qucstion would be tlie disparity in lopical dok~ble-header in our cut-out-and- nunibcrs of newspapers. The process was
the currcnt \\.age levels betwcn tlie two keep league of archaeological - units! Just time-consuming. tedious. and sonl-
cottipanies - are they to bc standardised remember that change is just around the destroying. However good or bad thc IFA is,
across the company? If so. this could well be Zorner so all information contained herein JlS has been the jewel in a sonletimes
good news for diggers in Lancastcr if wages may shortly be out of datc. Kecp on writing tarnished crown: an efficient. reliaMe and
arc set to risc to thc samc levels as the 10 us regarding units you haw worked for; professional service that no ad-hoc
council scales of Carlislc. :ach issue we'll chuck 'em out 'til someone voluntar). cfIbfl could compete with.
I t is worth pointing oui at lhis point just comes up with something bctter to fill the C2 l i ~ o u l dlike io iigistci ;l;,iiik~ io
what our sensation-grabbing headline space. In six months... oh you know the rest. Lynne Bevan for thc service she offers. As
actually alludcs to. Thc company. once Let's get it on! parcnts of' a universit?; student lookirn for
established. will incorporate Carlisle. his first post. the J1S has been inva. ,ale.
Bradford. Lancaster and Lancaster's
, - - - - - - - -& - - - - - - - - - - - -I
speedy and (very important to him) cheap
Newcastle oficc - four points of an I Carlisle Archaeologj Unit I E l When you're unemployed. £20 sec

(admittedly skewed) rectangle. By setting up Wagcs abovc );200'? 0 like a lot of money. but it's a got,..:
this company. Bradford havc effectively ;
Sick pay ? 0% I investment. Due to JIS; I now have a onc
crcated a v e v powerful force within ..- year contract in London.
archaeology in the north, as at any point [ Accommodatio~~'!
they will be ablc to mobilise quickly across a i
Frec equipment? 0 i
wide area in order to secure work. Whether Any available training? @ I
tlic implications for digging staff from this ,I Contracts? (1 month+) I O !
'fast action' approach means that digging ; Level of respect for staff 0 ;
stay will also be moved around the whole of Nice archaeology'?
thc north and beyond, as contracts dictate,
remains to be seen. How hard this may
prove for those members of who do not i Lancaster Uni~rersityArchaeoloa Unit ;
wish to bc so easily ~nobilisedfor whatever I Waees - abovc &200? 0 ! Plrnsr .sent/ c z r y Jh , hotc mm/ to /hc
reason - e.g. family and friends - is a moot adtl~.t..csnbow..
point, and one which I feel surc will be a :Wo'rk'irig.AbroadThis Summer?
bone of contention for many. Diggers' Sojourning in the south of Frar - or
lifestyles are transient at best, but at least escavating in Eg!,pt? Working abrohd can
occasionally we get to rest u p some\\.here! be such n fabulous espcrience. and \VC all
il perhaps sceins to be unfair to k~iockthe need a holiday. So write in and tell us the
elTorts of Bradford. Lancaster and Carlisle hot destinations with the best archaeolog,.
to unite together to strengthen thenlselves the best bars and the best pay - \ ~ l ~ c r c
against the potential problems which you'vc been. or where you're going. Tlic
competitive tendering seelns to produce so weather's crap. the job's crap, so WC may as
much of these d?ys. By uniting they will @ Key:
GreaVycs wcll bugger otT solnewhere else. If your nest
guarantee that they will not go to the waI! @ Passablelyes issue starts mysteriously appearing from the
(not that there was cver any suggestion oj continent. you'll k n o ~why. See you by the
this, but it happens). that work \\..ill alway: @ Badlno
be available for them through theil El Two tier - depending on experience
nibined efforts, and that, potentially, thc 63 Free for 'away' sites only.
Finances: Credit Debit
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Total contributions
Printing costs (projected) 30.00
Postage costs (projected)
End balance
1 L20.00

'The Digger' is a non-profit making newsletter existing on donalions. A11 donations welcome. payable to 'The Digger'. Any
contributions of funny stories, cartoons. art, crosswords etc. (black and white only. please~~velconle. Back-issues available.

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The Digger Issue No. 6, September 1999
PO Box 391, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 3GS

Doing-It-Yourself the - own tax and NI. and it can be a pain in the
arsc. Howcvcr. thcre arc some benefits: !ou
own took 3. Movc from job to job (and
employed frcqucntly). -So archacologists
lowdown on self employment
only pay tax on your profits. not your and units nced to bc careful in how thcy
Evcv now and then. you'll hear sonieonc
income. Any expenses that are work-related arrange thcir work - otherwise they might
banging on about how nicc it would be to bc
(site equipnient. clothcs. travel. laundry fall foul of the powers-that-be'.
self-en~ployed, about all that money you
items for d i q work. stationery for admin. I reckon that, generally. it sounds likc more
sa\x on taxcs and all thosc expenses which
some of your gas/electric/phone bills if you trouble than its worth, and not so rosy as
can bc kvrittcn off by those nice chaps in Ihc
use your home as an ofice: and probably people make out after all. Might just stick to
Tax Office. It certainly scems tempting. and
other things I don't know about) can be working for The Man....
on a personal level l'vc ohen bcen enticcd
by thc thought of that little bit of cstra cash
deducted from your earnings, so you only It was twenty years ago...
l .his is a genuine extrcrct jrmr cr digger k
pay tax on what is leh aftcr that. But you ,
wery \\-c&. Quite a few units no\\1
pay tax on last years profits. which by the diimv enfty for /he 20th oJ'./une (979:
mandatorily cnlploy thcir staff on a self-
time you get thc bill will ha\,e long been "Agh. The pain in my head. with string tied
emplo!ed basis. so we asked 'is this a good
spent. lexing you looking a1 a bill for x ro~undit which didn't shrink. Feature 22 a
thing'?' (1.rsue1).or as r~sualdo we lose out
y' again. A numbcr of pcople esprcssed hundred quid. due yesterday. along with the glaring mirror of dust and gritted teeth. I
shirt off your back and a pound of flesh. Not
v,,.ing views: here is a piece scnt in by a barrowed. The barron a final straw. Twmist.I
onc-time self-employce (for want of a better much h n . turn on the spoil heap and ask myself why.
Also, as a self-employed person. you pay Tea break in the hut, no sun. no relief from
different N1. If, like me, you are sometimes the heat though. The orange squash a warn1
'Owr m!. post-uni digging career I have
~elf-eniplo~~ed and sometimes an employee d r i n k in the gullet. Tllc sun again
come across the use of self-eniploycd ficld
(depending on which unit has work). you
staff on three occasions. In two of those blindingly bright my make-up's running. I
cases the staff were 'employed' on that may earn so little as a self-employed person lie and try to get a tan. No benefits but
basis, with no real choice. In one other, it that they let you off NI. Generally though. socially unexceptional. The drone. Thc
the self-employed NI is paid at a flat rate of scrape of picks and shovels. Am I a convict
was simpler to carry on being self-employed
once registercd. So how does it work'?. about £6.30 a week, less than employee- of my own convictions? What have I done to
Basically. taking on staff on a self-employed status rates. But then again it doesn't count deserve this?
basis n.orks mainly to the employers towards contributions-bascd Job-Seekers Smre old .same old...
Allowance. vcn relevant in the world of
ad\.antage. If you are an employee. you may Review
shorl-term contracts and involuntary dote
have sonie rights (eventually) like sick pay, A Manual of Archaeological Field
holiday pay, etc. However. as self employed holidays betwcen contracts.
So. as a digger arc you better off? Well. you Drawing - J.M.Hawker
staff you are effectively a sub-contractor A copy of this manual flopped onto The
mnning your own business. The main will almost certainly pay less tax and NI,
but you w i l l also have more of your time Digger's doormat. and has proved sincc
contractor has no obligations to you in tcrrns then to be an invaluable aid to our daily
o r -ick pay etc.. you need to pa?. for then1
spent on extra forms when you sign on.
extra papen~orkdoing accounts and tax slog. so we thought we'd review it. Written
!;wrself. Also. the employers don't have to as the first half of a pair of publications (one
rcturns. as well as the same sort of general
pay sonieone to work out your tax. NI. and on ficld recording to follow soon), the
P45 through thc period you work with them, shite diggers on the circuit usually put up rrtantial is a response to the increasing
you do that for your own business. with (late pay. crap digs / archaeolog?. / numbers of archacologists and volunteers
Essen~ially.taking on a self-employed sub- weather. {insert appropriate whinges moving into commercial archaeology. wlio
contractor mems a unit can cut overheads. here! 1). So for me. 1 don't reckon it bencfits find that they are expected to know instantly
This can be reflected in lower tenders to get anyone but the eniployer. 1'11 end up a bit how to be qualified draughtsmen. \\-ithout
liiore work, andfor higher profits for thc~n. better off after I've paid my tax. but the any suitable training from their employers
But what does it mean for diggers'? extra hasslc means that effectively you earn
(except perhaps to be shown briefly a sitc
If you Ivork as a sub-contractor and are self- that extra cash. And for the amounts manual. with only a vcry sketchy section on
emploj-cd, you need to register as self- involved. I wouldu't do this by choice.' drawing conventions). On a personal le\cl.
employed with the Inland Revenue; this \vill We wrote to a number of units who are it is cquall!~ useful for those moments at
then be added to your file on las and NI known to employ workers as sclf-employed 8am where, brain fogged with last night's
contributions. You \\.ill also gct lots of staff. and perhaps unsurprisingly got littlc ale, you cannot for the life of you reme~nbcr
lelters saying they would like to help you in the way of feedback. One employer did how to lay out a site grid.
but the computer q~slemis still shagged, so witc back. and sounded equally as cautious The manual is task-orientated. offering step-
please be patient. Eventually. you will get a about the whole situation. They suggested by-stcp instructions on how to complete all
tax reference number (whoopee!). and at the that if you want any guidance you can get a aspects of archaeological field drawing.
clid of the financial ycar, you will bc sent a leaflet from your local contributions agency. mainly on excavation sites. The illustrations
self-assessment form. This is where the fun The main things they noted were that if you are spot-on. and the simple language and
begins. By not paying someone to do this. do wish to be self-employed you need to: 1. often humourous quips allows any work to
the employer has left you to sort out your Be secn to be unsupervised: 2. Have your
be completed in a fluid way, without any militant contra-IFA fashion before fizzling
hiccups. Thc guide also goes right down to ,tit. A correspondcnt has reminded 11s of its Key:
the dctail of csactly what equipment you :sistcncc. and WC wcrc wondering whcthcr 3 GreaUyes
need for each task, before you've walked a inyonc would like to submit an articlc on it. 3 Passablc/yes
mile from thc site-hut, only to realise you've xrhaps to illustrate how to/how not to 3 Badno
forgotten your hand-tape. A couple of approach issues whcn dcaling with thc Two tier - depending on esperience
chapters also deal with building and sunfey Jowers that bc. Ancient histoy it may be, 9 Free for -away' sites only.
recording. although. rightly. these are only 3ut certainly it ivould be interesting and "Q ., No. of months wait.
dealt with to the estcnt that they would be ~nlbrmativeall the same. E Costs a bit!
encountered by field staff. prior to nnlre The Fantasy Unit League 8 Self-employed only
specialised staff being called in. It is very
usefully indesed by chapter and sub-
- round four \lore next issue... keep "enr rolling in.

heading. to allow readers to quickly find the I11 keeping with the topic of self- @Letter bombs 3
task that they have to complete and to carry :mployment, here arc the league tables for a Emerald Isle a land of gold?
it o ~ taccording to the best possible
~ouple of units who eniploy staB on this 7 The following are the minimum pay
specification. Thc trouble-shooting section basis. hence thc sick/holiday pay status and ratcs rccommcndcd by the Irish Association
toward the end is absolntcl?; essential Ihe big smiley faces nest to pay. Kcep on 3f Professional Archaeologists (IRL per
reading, providing easy escapes to all those writing to us regarding units you have itleek):
sticky sihrations we all get oursclves in from worked for, and we'!l do our Icve! best t~ Senior Archaeologist - L695.25
time to time. like removing a string-line bang thcn~in when possible. As anyonc ivho Site Director - £587.10
before levelling it (111~personal failing). has been paying attention will know. thc six Site Supervisor - £489.25 -,
As specified by the author. the manual is months period has now long passed. but we Sitc Assistant - £386.25
not intended to be read cover to covcr, but still have a back-log, so an estcnsion may be Archaeological Worker - L283.25
rather is to be used as n quick reference in order. Then it's time for thosc rotten The following are the ndnimum
guide (though I did this in a moment of eggs... recommended subsistence levels (lRL per
boredom, and found out many handy hints bi~eek):

1 - minimum 33p per mile

and shortcuts which I did not pick up in n ~ y Mileage
long haul through archaeology). No I, Wages - above E200? 1 00 1 If over 8 hours on site or away from base -

equivalent publications exist which so Sick payp? E6 per day and £9 meal allowance
clearly e.qlain site terminology Holiday ay'? Overnight allowance (rural location) -
(distinguishing bet\veen different units' Accommodation? @ E30 per night
methods where they cxist). how to record I, Free eaui~ment? 1 0 1 Overnight allowance (urban location) -
the archaeology, and why that recording has
con~pletedin cerlain ways. Whether you are
; Any available training'? 0 I 'E45 per night
just starling out and need to know your way
Contracts 1 month+? @ 1 -1
Comparc with the IFA recommended levels
L Level of respect for staff
-why are their rates so low? Why aren't WC
around a planning frame. or arc a harassed I
all working in Ireland?
supervisor needing to quickly teach an
Tliev will tlou/~tles.sarg~iethnt there is n
inexperienced crew how to get the job done.
higher cost oJ living in Irelmtl, and [hot
tlus n~anualis an essential and cheap (a1 Northern Archaeolo ical Associates so~treho~c! Irish potrnds are cliflerent, ' I
around a fiver) solution to all your thitik even with tknt taken into nccoun~r.-, is
problems. It even comes with both a pocket- I Sick pay '?
obvious we're being cliented. Do tlie /E3
sized and a --wall-mountable laminate of Holiday pa!:? 0
. -. - -.. I don 'r think
drawing conventions. ~ " -y- it now!
Accommodation" ' 0 W..-l c o p ofthis letter htis been sent ot the
(avnilnhle j-o/rt tlie nufhor 01: i l Gq).lficIr,
I Free equipmcnt? @ IF-I nrrtl we look Ji71wnr.d to /heir n n w e r .
,Yqunrt, Edi~ihurghEFII 3P,4)
A.C.T. -'know the history?
I Any availablc training? 0 I' a
In thc early eighties. an organisation was sel I'lense send an-v Jan hare rrrail to the
callcd Archneologists Conr~r~unicatt atidress t r b o \ ~ .
msfortrr, which flourished briefly in :
Finances: Credit
Start balance (re\ised) £53.00
Total contributions E 10.00
Printing costs (projected)
Postage costs (projected)
End balance E 13.OO
'The Digger' is a non-profit making newsletter existing on donations. All donations welcome, payable to 'The Digger'. An!-
contributions of funny stories, cartoons. arl, crosswords etc. (black and whitc only, please) wclcome. Back-issues available.
, The Digger PO Box 391, Abingdon, 7,October
Issue NO.Oxon OX141999

We know what the issues are: poor pay, lack IFA mcmbers. Non-members should witc
Don'f Moan, Organise! of carecr stnlctures. job insecurity. to the IFA for their copy. or to us and wc'll
As the debate ragcs about whether continuity of s e n k e and nwch more. The h). and get you one. Any comnlents on the
membership of the IFA or of a trade unionI time has comc to act! sunrey welcomc. positive or negative! Ed.
is worthwhile, diggers eveywherc 'we still
having to endure thc sorts of terms and
Thc IPMS. .for its part. is co~nniittcd to
helping archaeologists build an effective
Archaeologists wanted -
conditions of employment most people union for their profession. An cstablislied no experience necessary
would find abhorrent and others would industrial organisation has the expertise and The relntionship he/~cwtiprc?/i'ssionnl nntl
simply deny esist in modern Britain. resources to support a process of organising mmtcur ~rclineologis/.v110s c>lwq~.:s been n
It would be wrong of mc to attempt to employees into a common purpose. and can strained one. InJ?)rtt~ation 11n.v recentlv cottle
profess the virtue of trade union fn our- nttrnfiori which will 111littrnrri~:
offer the tools to hclp niakc practical and
membership over that of a professional tangible things happcn. If n c arc succcssfi~l vet ttlore oil 011tht.,/irt.:
association: it is like comparing an apple every archaeologist should bc unionised - Both Leiccstcrshirc and Lincolnshire
with -- M crange. - the two.. types. . of and from that will flow !hc powcr that this County Councils arc no\v nmning a schcme
organisation have vastly different purposes sort of strength of numbers brings to the which r~niiermkesto i&~ol\klocal \.oluntCers
and objectives, and each should be bargaining table. from difTcrcnt parishcs into the
a owledged as having a legitimate role in But how effective the collective is depends archaeological planning proccss. The
yoG field of work. entirely on thc individuals who decide to 'archaeological nehvork' scheme. under the
A trade union is a collective organisation join it. It is not sufficient to wait nenrously banner of conin~unih.archaeolog?. aims to
intended specifically for the improvement of in the background ~ h i l others
e take the first establish and co-ordinate 'Ficldnork
work conditions. Professional associations steps: if that happens. we will fail. Groups' built from the 'ranks of enthusiasts'
have an entirely dfferent role, and cannot A trade union can go a long way in 10 undertake archaeological work in their
be expected to perform the specialist task of promoting thc interests of workers - it has regions. Among its esponcnts has been thc
negotiation and representation. been donc before. and can bc done again if former director of thc CBA. Richard Morris.
The role of the union is to pursue and workers are serious about achieving who dcscribes it as 'utopian' (Rri~ish
improve the bread and butter issues of your something. '
g v . l 999).
~ r c l ~ ~ e o l oJuly
working life. In 1913. the American tradc unionist Joe Each parish's representative bodv is invitcd
The IPMS Archaeology Branch is Hill was esccuted for his pursuit of to appoint a warden in consultation with the
attempting to do just that. Three months ago reasonable tcrms and conditions of council. The warden's principal job is to
at Royal Holloway College. twenty-onc emplo-vment. His final words to thosc seek out known and unknown sites and
diggers from Framework Archaeologj (a around him'? "Don't mourn. organiscm - check their condition. so that the SMR call
joint venture involving Wesses and Oxford we're ready to make things happen - join be updated ("archaeologists in the county
based archaeologists) committed us! are unable to make regular \isits to all thc
themselves to actively doing the same when Chris Gamhian, IPMS organiser sites on the SMR". from the Lincs. leaflet).
they collectively decided to take a proactive Tel: (01 18) 931 2300 They are also expected to act to develop
sr .awards making their voice heard. E-mail: understanding of the past in their particular
~t-'~ramework Archaeology, a steering Another shatr~elessyet well-cjesen~lplug parish. to promote sympathetic intcrcst in
corrmittee h s been established to progress /iir the lP.t.CY, p;~bcb.$,the on!\, :!nion we archaeology. and to improve com~nunication
the issues members have raised both renliv hove access ro. I om ir~~pressetl tl~at between the general public and the SMR
publicly at a general meeting of staff. and Frntnework hove tt~nrmngetl to orgmise office. This will be particularly effect ivc
privately with individual menlbers of the tho~~selves, nnd /qv clown tertrls bv which since parishes who appoint a warden will
committee. The issues raised can then be they wish to work. Howewr, ns I u~~derstnndreceive a copy of the SMR for their parish.
taken to management as part of a common t. the conrpnny nws set up fur the Henthrow listing all known archaeological sites and
agenda, which will carry the moral weight 'oh, a long-term piece oJ work en~plu.vingn indspots, as well as a 'selected range' of
of the mass of the organisation's staff. 'orye number of' people. Ilow '.sitr~ple'o )uildings and industrial features. So, so far
Whilst it may be a relief to cry into your :.lioicei t is fir those who are only n IinndJul ;o good. In many senses; the archaeological
'n n unit, or- with o very jinite orrrount of ieritage is not a preserve of the professional
beer that working conditions are poor or
that your career is going nowhere, you can vork, is sotnetliing which is conjecrurnl - I rnd surely it makes sense to build upon
now do something constructive about it. 7er.sonollv would,find it clifl~cultto stnnd lip ocal knowledge of a given area. Certainly
The time for indifference or apathy or even 7nd he counted. <r.vour circumstnnces w e he voluntccrs will have far better contacts
fear has long since passed. Diggers are now fiferent and you think zvol/ con do the stitlle with local landowners than the County
faced with a simple choice to be proactive YS Framework, join and rr~nkea dvference -
2ouncil. and with local people who are after
in fighting for what they know to be only 't can happen. Ed 111 an important source of information.
just and reasonable, or to submit to sub- rhere is also an intelligence behind raising
standard conditions indefinitely.
~ews'-Profiling The Profession he profile of archaeology at parish level. If
The above-mentioned survey by Kenneth
'arish Councillors can be encouraged to
4itchison is now published, and free to all
lcarn about thcir local archacolog\-. perhapr bricf car^ bc ur~dcrtakc~~ b!' an! one \ \ l10 ha: shall \\c just stcp back and Icl soll~co~~c c l ~
the!. will becornc niorc S!-mpetl~ctictowardr bccu gi\.cn ;I few quick icssons i l l tlic local mdcrtakc thc work'? I'm off to t n bci~rg; I I I
i t \\hen considering thc ncst batch ol archacolog. of n rcgion and a ' h o ~to dig' airlir~c pilot for a bit: its sor~~ctl~ing !'\.c
planning applications! manual ( i assumc thar cslra nrcl~acological al\va!s bccn i nlcrcsrcd in. and thc! haw this
Rather \vorn.ingl! though. thcsc arc crcdit \\-ill bc g i \ m to ll~osc\\.i~rdcns\\k schcnlc no\\ \\.hicl1 lcts an!onc do i t .
volirntarv roles \\it11 a disturbing rcrnit. Thc arc regular \'ic\\crs of Time T'ci~~n!). With C'hccrs.
rcspecti\.c Count!- Archi~cologist \v111 this schcr~lcas a prcccdcnt. thcrc is nothing The Fantasy Unit League -
pro\.idc training ; I I I ~ ad\.icc on ho\\ tc to stop dwclopcrs tv ing to saw nlonc!' b! Round Five (Terrier Special)
idcntify sitcs and collect informatio~~.gctli~lgMr. Bloggs fro^^^ up tl~croad to dc 11 > r ( l / ) l v r t / /hl.V o / l / t : l ~\ ~ ( ~ / ~ / ~ l l /~;Ll l\ ,l/,l ~ ! l l lt// W
Ho\vc\cr, rhc \\m-dens do not I'IR\'c tc thcir work for frce. rather than hiring a
acri\dy scck 0111sitcs but can act si~npl! as profcssional archaeologist. o / ~ r0//~11
\ Y [ V g o o ( / c , c ~ r ? ( / i ( / c ? / ( , , ///W
rccordcrs of infor~nalionas i t is brought to Pcrhaps thc qucstio~lis not '\vliat' thcy \\.ill
them bj, others. though thc schcnic strcsscs bc doing but 'why' they \ \ i l l doing tllcsc
the importancc of the former. So what arc rolcs. Is this thc bcginning of thc slippcn.
Wages: @ (But kccn on cnlcrgcncy tax!)
\vc sa!.ing herc7 Son~eonc \v110 has slope. 11-hcn finally County Arcliaeologists
undergone a tuo hour intcnsi\.c training concedc that cut backs \\.ill no1 allo\\. thcm Sick Pit?: @ Ycah right. sick of thcjob!
course from tlic County Arcllacologist \\.ill to c a r - out thcir jobs to the best of lhcir Holida? P a y @ Not a bcan!
aci as a recorder or' i~dornl;~iion i?orn pcoplc abiiity. and if so \vhcrc does ~ l \ i sslippcn Accommodaticm: @ X .4rc \\.c fz!xilinr
\vho have not evcn rccci\,ed this littlc slope cnd (apart from at the bottom)'? Yes. \vith: a) thc fro~cngas cl~a~nbcr cara\,ans"
attcntion'? I t is likc thc blind lcading thc vxdens \\.ill be helping to fill the b) the junkie-laden. psycho-fricndl! DSS
blind. kno\vlcdgc gap. which will bc of grcat use to hostcl? (BUT \ve should be gmtefnl. A 1st
\ve didn't Ii;~\,c to pa? money i n ordcr toJ'
I t is cspected that the Nctwork in Leicester thc cnhancemcnt of the archaeological
\ v i l l put "Parish reprcsentati\.es a ~ ~locald record. But l are i~icspcricnccd ieopardisc our li\.es!)
archaeologists in touch \vitIi cach othcr". enthusiasts being askcd to cart out Equipment: @ Ycs if !.ON count the world's
This I assume is a \\,a! for the cou~icilto \\.atching bricfs'? If I his schen~cbeconics stiffest. lrlost pern~eablc\vatcrproofs. blucli
save itself money b getting the conmercial natiomide, it will cffecti\,cl!. nark thc srchacological equipment poor or sinipl!.
archacologists to provide further advice and dcath-knell for most small-scale 1\01present. A tour-de-force i n
training for the n.ardcns. Thc result: Ten archaeological work. cutting work for local ~ganisationalIcthargy!
Easy Steps to Becoming a Ficld units as \\ell as for so many consultants Training: @ Cara\.anasin the depths of
Archaeologist (no espcriencc necessan-). tn-ing to make a li\:ing. Who is regulating ivinter? Arctic sun.i\.al training only 1.m
The main initiati\.es of \\,hat nardcns should and monitoring thc standards of tlic training ifraid! We wcrc taught ho\\. to mattock and
do, as laid out by thc pron~otionalmaterial. Lhat thc \vardcns reccive and the standards nothing clsc.
are: record local collections. memories and 3f their archaeological recording? If the Contract: @ Letter of appointnienl onl-.
parish lore; encourage people to scarch thcir County Archaeologist has not got timc to Respect: 3 Yes. but onl! because the!.
gardens for finds: undertake ficld-\valking w r y out a fc\v sitc \.isits whcrc will the realised it \\.as the diggcrs \\.l10 kcpt thc
suneys: and undertake 'watching briefs' on lime comc from for the training and ;how on the road.
scrvice trenches and othcr ground necessarily the continued monitoring of the Good Archaeology: Good skills
interventions. "Wardcns are idcally placed 9fcctiveness of this kind of scheme? This msted on barren landscnpcs.
to watch sniall building sitcs. \vith due may be an estrcme reaction to u.hat nright K e y
authorisation" (Leic, Information Sheet) k an innocuous turn of evcnts but the 3 Grea t/!;es ,
I t sccms relati\,cl. harmless. allouing kcen i~riplicationsof thesc parish networks do not 3 Passiblelycs
amateur arciiatologists ro 'check the S i W appear 10 have been -considcreci bcyond thc 8 ~ad/no
for the council. espcciallj. in light of the dirc realms of rose-tinted bcspcctaclcd amatcur 4 Two tier - depending on cspcricncc
financial constraints so many of tlic council irchaeology groups. and County P Free for 'a\n~!" sitcs onlj,.
a r c h a e o l o ~senices arc operating undcr. Archaeologists \v110 havc cnough on thcir ii No. of months \\.ail.
However, the most alarming factor is thc date \\orking out hou. to con~inccCount!,
E Costs a bit!
removal of archaeologists from parts of the Councils that their bvork fulfills the
D Sclf-cmploycd only
actual archaeological work. to whit thc 3bjccti\,csof 'Best Value'.
watching brief. What thc schcme is Tl~cqucstion r~ccdsto bc sskcd: do \\:c \\.ant
effectively saying. and thc lncssagc \vhich is irchacolog?; to bc a profcssional disciplinc.
ng givcn to dc\clopcrs. is that n \varching i\ ith profcssional st;lndnrds and practiccs. or
Finances: Credit
Start balance (rwised) L l .YOO
Total contributions E25.00
Printing costs (pro,jccted)
Postage costs (projected)
End balance 1
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contributions of funny stories. cartoons. art. cross\vords etc. (black and U hite onlj-. plcase) \velcome.
Christmas Double Issue (No 8)
December 1999
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No Future: Professional Training - A Digger's Reply

Tnis article was written as a response iirly by employers, and do not rcfleclion of the current state of lhc
to A Future for Archaeologists lisadvantage existing employees". profession as regards experience at the
(Bishop, Collis & Ifitton, The 4 further way in which it hopcs to levels of practilioner. Certainly from
Archaeologist 35), rcgardihg training ;timuldte the desire amongsl the personal experience, Lhe ratio of
issues in archaeology: ~ o r k e r s for lraining is the experienced to inexperienced staff on
"In the last issue of The Archaeoiogisk, mplementation of Continuous excavation sites has shifted
the IFA presented what i t regards as 3rofessional Development (CPD), "a dramatically over Lhe lasl few years.
its vision for the future, an agenda nechanism for planning and recording One possible reason for this is thal the
which will provide a career struclure 11.1 archaeologist's training". This will profession is now experiencing the
and training "that serves Lhe needs of u~volve the archaeologist in question knock-on effects of the abolition of
. -the__profession, its clients, the ?reparing Personal Action Plans, grants and the implementation of the
discipline of archaeology - and the -t.c.o:-din;; "what -they wish to. learn, student-, loan scheme. When this
public we serve" (Bishop, Collis a n d ~ h y , and their programme for digger '[ell university, this issi~e.w a s
k-ion, 1999). ~mplementingthe plan", through the certainly a mitigaling factor for why a
'The IFA has realised through the use of log-books which record their number of my compatriots turned [heir
results of a number of surveys thal day-to-day advancement within their backs on the low-paid and insecure
there is not currently enough :hose11 field. world of field archacology, and got
provision for training within the The result of these proposals is that an proper jobs. The issue remained a
sphere of archaeological work. It individual will have a clearly defined problem even for thosc who chose to
identifies the principal problems level of skills which can be used to dig, and gradually more and more of
which contribute to this a s being the further their career. The results of the my pecrs have fallen by the wayside,
lack of a formalised career structure training andlor CPD will also figure felled by the apathy of a profession
(i.e. employees working nationwide at heavily in thc individuals ability to which did not recognise lhe worth of
one scale, yet under a range o f join the IFA. Prospective members will their skills, nor financially rewarded
different titles in different conditions De expected 10 demonstrate adequate their efforts. Even those old hands
undertaking different roles for training at whatever level they choose who first helped me on my faltering
different wages!); no formal practical to enler the organisation; current steps into the professional stalus
training ; inadequate documentation of menlbers will be tested at random a n d which I now hold, through the
skills; no value placed on trailling expccted to prove that they are still personal dedication and love of the job
(presumably by employers); and no eligible to be at the scale they are which lead 10 them passing on skills
resources available to reverse these practicing at. Individuals Inay also be which Lhey had learnt, have now
'~lems. able to join the IFA through a n disappeared from view. As a digger
TK institute proposes to address accumulation of points gained through expressed in a letter to The Digger
these probiems in the fol!olvir:g ways. training alone, and experience may (Issue 2): "If you're passed 30, you're
By highlighting skills a n d 'abilities become less of a factor for basicaily dead. Yoi; C A ; ; ' : sttk!e, you
which it believes workers should be membership. can't hold a job down, you're a
able to undertake a s part of their scale The fact that the IFA is indeed waster". This is the reality ol field
within the profession, it hopes to addressing the problem of training archaeology today.
promote the demand for, and within archaeology is encouraging in This is not to suggcst that i t is the
provision of, post-graduate vocational itself. The issues of inadequate h u l l of those now entering the
courses through universities, vocational opportunities for members profession that they are inexperienced.
organisations a n d the IFA itself. These of staff are well documented. A n y To say this would be a ridiculous
courses may be modular, and may be training at present depends on the statement to make; I was 110 more
financed by government grants from goodwill of a n employer to provide i t experienced when 1 entered [he job
training bodies, though this is at andlor finance it, and [.he slight chance market than they are today. Yct the
present only a possibility. The courses of being employed by just such a IFA now considers that archaeological
will include a s a lundamental part ol benefactor. As is normally the case, degrees are not worth enough to
their structure the provision ol this does not happen. The current produce pr(dessiona1 field
placements and/or secondments, upsurge in interest regarding training archaeologists, despite the fact that for
though they insist that these "are used by employers for their staff may be a !Foh%k;d o n 3
page 2 ) 311, and whcrc exactly will they take dealing with these day to day
Views.html place? Arc they 10 naliotlwide, o r ilisecurilies is perhaps asking a bit
'I'his site is hosted by the exccllcnt will cvcryonc have to g o to (e.g.) much. A corrcspondcnt w h o wrote in
Ihctrack Archacologv, a Scottish Ih-mingham for a vcar, undergoing dftcr hearing these ideas outlined at
illustratio~i/CAl> consultancy, w h o relocalion costs a n d otlicr geographical the Il:A confcrcricc in April also made
have d o n e i t fcr nowt. I3ig thanks! Any problems. the following valid pninl: how cxacllv
other decent sites that need a plug, Ict Of course, no1 cvcryonc will bc able Lo dre W C 10 get the books t o improve
u s know. We're not proud. k k c these cou rscs, because of the :)c~rsclvcs wilh, w h e n we're in the
(c*o~ztiliueJfrom piigtn I ) a s long a s I iievcr-ending financial worries, a n d middle of nowhere with n o transport
can remember, i t w a s esseritially the the time factors which will bc and no library? O r with n o money to
only qualificalion you needed t o start involved. So thc option will be to not buv books? W h o will provide the
nut o n the rocky road of a digger. My oothcr, or t o g o i l l to archaeology resources for o u r personal
experience of degrees were that thcy 3nyway a n d sec what happens. I [.here is no real a n s w e r to that.
provided the basic necessary skills: bciievc thal this will create a Lwo-tier l a m also moderately amazed that this
how 10 take levels, h o w to dig, what m t r y systcm t o a rchacology: thosc forni of monitoring is now being
w e were looking for, dnd s o o n . No, 1 ~ h have o studied a n d those w h o have ~iiootcd~ t sa cor~ditionfor m c n ~ ~ r s h i p
couldn't g o o u t a ~ i d straight away l o t . l ' h e net rcsult of this will bc 1 - ~ h c A . 'l'hc organisation is
become thc world's best urban ~ m p l o y c r s o ~ ~ ca gc a i ~ i being able t o :onstd~itly at pains to try a n d
excavator; this w a s only possible ~ . m p l o v non-qualified diggers at Jncourage cmployccs <:L pra~tiiioticr
through the e x p r i c r i c e which 1 theii r ~ h a t c v e r wage o r c ~ l i d i t i o n th(:y eve1 t o join, yet surely the knock-on
gained through working in field :hoosc, whilsl mainlaining the belicf result o f lhc random rnoniloring v ".l
archaeology (and still a long way off :hat thcy arc encouraging training bv W that n o one a ~ t u a l l y b o t h e ~ ;
fro111 being the world's best...). l ' h e :aking o l i trained diggers side-by-sidc. 3ccausc ol the reasons just mentioned.
facl that new entrants arc I ~ O W I'his already happens. A number of Nliat information d o c s a rAIZ log
expecled to d o s o much more is a ~ l n i t s have a two-ticr levcl o f provide that a Curriculum Vitae docs
reflection ~ i o ot n their lack of skills a n d r.rnployniaiL accordi~ig t o experience, lot? iurthertnore, can you honestly
abilities, but the absence of ~ i t hthose with less cxpcriencc being .ell me how V ~ L Iwill monitor the I'APs
experienced staff to teach a n d coax the m p l o y e d a t a far lower scale than thc .)f Members I o r d e r that they
best from them. :econimended II'A standard. H o w rlicc ,nainlain their grade? According to
What I find most disconcerting about .hat the issue of traini~ig cat1 n o w f o u r annrral report for 199819, you
the idea of the post-graduate 'ortnalisc this divide! :ould only monitor o n e in six units
vocational courses is that it appears :'he possible option mootcd by the ~ h arc o considered RAOs, a n d n o
thal t.hev will be a n enforcing factor a s II7A a s a n alter~iativclpartrier to the -cports or corisultalin~l came nut of
t o w h y people become employed in mcational training courses is .his process.
archaeology. 'l'he article argues thal .mntinuous I'rofessional I'hc issue o f training is o n e which is
undergraduate yualificalions d o not I'>cvc4opmc.nL, a n d this would certainly nassively important to us dll, but to
address the areas required to produce opcn 10 thosc riot pursuing +uggcst thal "orie day, archaeologists
good field staff. S o w h y not mdke ~ocational courses. I-lowcvcr, w h a t n a y view lhc Annual Conference a s a
them d o just that? Instead, those w h o )ption is it rcally? The article states .urning point for archaeologir-l\
choose to gel into field archdeologv :hat maintaining Lliese logs will bc a .raining a n d crnployment" is o v v i '
will now find that they will have to "personal responsibility", which tends :'ggitig thc
p u. d d i n g to say. Lhe. least.
undertake these .. .
further courses to io suggest thal - :nininial ernplover UVhal comes across from this whole
prov@.thtycan dig, before they can get effort will be required to maintain this cxcrcisc is that the IFA by their o w n
a job. T h e issue of t h e placements atid form o f training. I t is rcfrcshing thal admission havc borrowed d load of
secondments provided by these thc 1I:A thinks thal most diggers call idcas piecemeal from o n e organisation,
courses o p e n s a whole dilferent can of have a "programme" for changing a n d havc grafted them o n t o the
worms: I havc lost count of the their careers, and that in some way w e tottering cd ifice thdt is Professional
number of times I have heard people are in control of what o u r destiny Cdn Archaeologv. T h e organisation in
complaining about having been hold. The career path of a digger is not queslion is o u r "sister body", the
shafted for a year, being paid C50 a chosen, but is o n c of necessity. I an1 I<oyal Town Planning Institute. 01-w
week to work a s cheap labour, because generally appreciative if I know that I has to ask - how many of them are 011
they undertook a placemen1 year. have a job bcyond three weeks, that I temporary contracts a n d low wages?
MosL of these never bothered lo gel can pay my rent a n d put food o n the In closing, the article stdtes that "the
into field archaeology o n completion of table. At the e n d of a hard days slog, development of a structured approach
their degree, s o skills are lost a n d time the last thing l want to d o is update to learning, related to IFA standards
is wasted. l'he courses will inevitably my I'ersonal Action Plan, a n d think a n d with the potential to link to pay
only be partially funded, if lunded a1 about where 1 want my career to go, a n d conditions, will lead to a carecr
a n d to suggest that I can d o this w h e n structure" (ibid., mv emphasis). This

- .
- -- -. - . p

(continued . 4)
In the first half a d a y a new trench is d o n e quickly regardless of
rapidly o p e n e d , a n d then more, until consequence to t h e ~ncltcrialevidence.
11all beco~iicsover-strctchcd a n d they Its not just lhost. w h o have thcir five
have to actuallv look at w h a t they've m i n u t e s of fame. I have friend\ w h o
i p ~ o u t h a mton Cit Council Unit I qot. 'l'his w a s very obvious a t York; 1 have worked o n l'ilnco /cwm wtio have
Wa les - above C200? lost count oi the ~ictmberof trclichcs tcstificd that the t a n t r u m s tlirown bv
which kcpt popping u p all o v e r the the regular digging stafl a r e incredible,
I i-lolidav av? place, with l o n y I<obllison flitting u p freqcwntly whingint; about the
: Accommodation? I @L ; to them briefly only for them never to s t a n d a r d s of thcir (frankly luxurv) free
be seen again. All archacolog~calwork accommodation while t t ~ c ~peers r 111
Free c ui nienl?
thcsc d a y s h a s to follow a prcscl t h e real world strugglc without, o r
I Anv available trainin.?
pattern of cvents within the m o a n i n g bccausc their frcc (a-la-carte)
I Contracts 1 m o n t h I ?
parameters of development control - food is maybe a bit ovcr-cooked. 'l'alk
1 Level of respect for s h f f O I' project brief stipulating thc maximum about 'lost in showbi/,'. ..
I Good archaeologv?
__----__-- 0 ; drca to be uncovered, projcc<design I have t o w o n d e r w h a t the agenda (,i
stating how this is to be drme. It dll those w h o get involved is. A frcc
Key: stems to go out the window w h c n a evaluation of a n area which I ~iglibh
0 Grea tlyes camera is ncarbv, a n d in York of all I-lcritdgc h a s d w m c d ~ i n t o u c h a b l e ,s o
-0--pas~-~~-;y-cs-. - -- -- -
13STdcFs, w1icr~- dcvclopmci;! is :X?- 2s t o -have a bit of ~ n u s c l cto . gel mc)re
@ 6adIno tightly controlled that y o u can't build archaeology uncovered a n d niorc brclss
F' T w o tier - d e p e n d i n g on a sand-castle without a n archacn\ogical in p o c k e k ? I'rcservation in situ m e a n s
experience assessment. scrapping ovcr w h a t 1 1 e ~ ' d sto
a(C Free f o r 'away' silcs only. 'I'hc search for spcciiic periods in each exposed; h o w useful to get the
No. of m o n t h s wail. area was stupefying. York has s o m e of tclevision crvcvs in t o provide frcc
f C o s t s a bit! the most complex urban archaeology a d v c r t s for the bencfits of extensive
Q Self-employed only in the country, a n d vet with the aid of rcscarch excavations in o n e 01- two
the Time Team this w a s disregarded arcas. So t h e '/?me r".,dtn country-widc
wholeheartedly. O n n o cxcavalio~i tour of pilldging conLinucs.IkL it won't
have I ever encountercd multiple hc long bcforc w e s e e I'hil tlarding
medieval floor layers being machind bunging a few t r c ~ i c h c s across
away without recording in o r d c r to gct Stonehcngc, w i t h only thrc-c d a v s to
to the Viking lavers ("it's O K , we'll work o u t (brcclthy s h o w b i z voice) "just
I w a s intercstcd to note the comments sec. them in section", said CarellLa). w h a t w e n t o n in those distant tirws".
of y o u r correspondent in the article on An unpardonable act, vet this looked It's fashionable to knock the ' l l n c .
councils employing amateurs for minor a s i f i t had full sanction of the cily r'~w171.I think it is also very juslifidble.
archaeological work ( h u e 7). I think archaeologist, J o h n Oxlcy, w h o h a d &';!?g dt.vil'.s dJvocdlt; 1 will h v c . !o
this is symptomatic of a n attitude to obviouslv d u g o u t his best suit a n d snv Ihdl 110 p r q y r d m t m ~navbc.
archacologv which frequently secs the s h a d e s for the telly. . scjio .sheW ] hij G
Mor[i/ric'r W h c - ~ / ~ r 'rd
a c 1 fieldwork sidelined in favour of He w a s just o n e of a n u m b e r of donc cts much to promolc. arch~eologv
the political a n d financial issues of thc 'eminents' w h o flitted x r o s s o u r d11d [o bring i! ~cro.sslo .such A /<jrgc.
council o r a n y o t h e r orga~iisalioliw h o scrtvn, giving u s !heir wonderful
has to deal with i t . insights into this or tiidt asp(:cL, while
Most illustrative w a s the recent edition keeping their best profile. This is
l of 7 3 - 7 ~ 'l;l-am l.ivc; a programme s o m e t h i ~ i g which I have ~ioted
filmed entirely on location in the frequently, mainly with /'/7c Time>
historic city of York. If you missed it, 7kn1 but a s m u c h with M c - c ~ f This
it w a s f i l ~ n e d over three days, a n d Al~cc~.slor.s o r a n y othcr archaeological
consisted of three major are'is o f programme you care to mention. Cet
excavation. 'T'hc tea111 wanted three an drchacologist in front of the tclly
different phases to be exposed, a n d so carncras a n d Iiclshe goes all Indiana
the sites were dcemed a s I(oman, Joncs o n us, a n d a n v sclnbldnce of
Viking a n d Medieval. What followed professional s t a n d a r d s g o o u t Lhc
amazed m e . w i n d o w in favour of ego-massagc a n d
As a n y viewer will know, the goody hunting. 'I'hc television crcw
programme relies heavily on run the excavation and the
maintaining a level of excitement for drchacologist become5 thcir p11ppet,
net ( i f wc'rc not o n there already) at:
each site, so if nothing is encountered anxious to please by getting things
misses a rather large point. Pay a n d facilitating planning. Unfortunately, it a lot of my colleagues will be with me
conditions are fundamental to the worked rather well for sections too. on this one. It's a sign of the
state we find ourselves in today; That was the hardest winter I have corruption of the moral fibre and the
shouldn't Inore effort be made to ever endured]. At this stage in life I dysfunctioning of society in general
address these problems as well, or is decided to wise up a little. Four years that people don't seem to know their
the IFA without teeth when it comes ago the Fates led me to doing (finally) place.
to laying down the law with units? an archaeology degree (no previous For example, I was down on a site of
Even the survey Profiling the qualifications - left school early). mine the other day, when some young
Prolession, by its au thof S own Having just about recovered from that, girl, couldn't have been more than
admission, missed archaeologists at 1 a m in the process of going for a thirty, had the impudence to address
the bottom e n d of the pay scale (Thc driving licence (never wanted t o me on a matter of archaeology, as if I
Archaeologisl, 34). The future for before). Actually, my 100% mark for with thirty years of experience needed
archaeologists remains the same: no the theory test meant more to mc than to be told anything and actually
future to speak of." the degree - as sad a s that is to admit. appreciated my very deep and
At my age I & to move up a rung contemplative thoughts being
Letters Bombs CI' or two. Nowadays, the driving licence disrupted. Then I heard someone
Issue 7 was the best one yet. I is essential, a n d so too seems the behind my back make some crude
particularly enjoyed the article on the membership of the IFA. Look how comment about the siye of m y M!y. !
'archaeological network scheme' - a many jobs prefer it. This is the only didn't see who it was; otherwise 1
fine example of the popular 'anyone reason I would apply. To me it seems would of course have sacked them 7n
can d o it' view of our profession. to be a game o n e must play - there's the spot. I would have just sacked ,~e
While I can understand amateurs n o pretending it's not there. The finer lot of them if w e didn't need them to
wanting to 'have a go', that county points of membership will have to dig the bloody site, b ~ ~ that's
t the
councils are using them to replace come later. problem these days, a necessary evil I
professionals in order to save money is Too true. German ingenui{y - let's SUppOSC.
beyond belief. Surely THIS must be a n hope no other directors cotton on to Anyway, that's all for now. Can't
issue for the IFA? Another amazing this flame-thrower idea' or it could waste my time with this rubbish, have
scandal unearthed was the appalling well be a very grim winter indeed! very important things to d o...
conditions at Tees Archaeology. A Unit Director writes...
Putting diggers in a DSS hostel? How Final Comment
t22 I have seen a number of your
can THEY sleep at night, never mind / w e that this finds you somewhere
issues and have some comments to
their poor staff? What about asking warm and away from the pen70us
make. I have been in archaeology
them for an explanation? frosts' nursing a cuppa! This has bee17
nearly thirty years and have seen a
We have sent thcm copies of the a rather larger /hall normal issue;
good few changes in my time I can tell
newslettec and as yet have not heard normal service resumes in the new
you. I am the Director of a unit myself
anything. The argument usua/[v veac in its new format. We would all
(Archaeological Research Surveying &
follows the 'it's the best we could do, like to thank those who have made
Excavation), and have been since the
for such a short time with so little contributior~.rto our scurn70us rag
late seventies. So I know what you
funds, and allywa-y, we could NOT throughout the last year, and Fe
and your contributors are on about.
provide accommodation! You should that you will continue to do so. //%as
There seems to me to be rather a lot of
be grateful!' line. Yes, mattresses on -far e~c~>edecr'
the sliccess W-ehoped it
- rxmiyiainf, a b o i ~ tthe sta~idardcif $ay
t7oors in-flophou&. . .if you're lucky. and conditions amongst you digger
would have, hendirg the ears of [hose
Most grateful, ta, & chaps, but I really don't understand.
that matter, and with your help will
E4 As a n older digger (over 4U), I a m You people don't seem to know when
carry on growing. Thank you, thank
now reaching a stage of having done you're well off; I saw one lad with his
vou, wherever you are...
my fair share of mattocking and
own car the other day, and my diggers Finances
shovelIing, year round, in all weathers never seem short of cigarettes, always
[including -20° in Dresden, Germany - puffing away, and you know how Start balance (this issue)
the director came u p with the novel expensive they are, need I say more? Total contributions +L20
idea that w e could work outdoors in 1 think the underlying proble~ntoday Total costs (projected)
these creating a in archaeology is not pay, which End balance
small flame-thrower to blast the seems to me to be quite enough to live
ground surface (after excess snow had on, let alone cars a n d cigarettes all the
been shovelled off, of course), thus time; it's a lack of respect, a n d I know
<TheLHgger'is a non-profit making newsletter existing entirely on donations. donations welcome, cheques should be
made out to The Digger'. Any contributions of material positively encouraged. Back-issues available, please send SAE.
Issue No 9 January 2000
PO Box 39 1
Oxon OX14 3GS


Self Em~lovment.Self Em~owerment..

a U 4 a
(The fdlowing drliclt. was written h y rates for site workers, a n d indeed for Frojecl Managers to local construction
/he director o l a slnall archac~o/c@a.I everyone elsc. projects; thcv will sub-conlracl small
practice ,m a rt-spo~~sc. to an arlick 01; Dul look closely a t t h e II'A vcarbook o r tcams of ecluallv cxpcricnccd diggcrs
the lack of meril ih,n sdl: C'r~rrc~~~l A r ~ ' h d ~ d o ~'l)irk:ctory
;v 10 d o the silc w o r k Tor cvalualions,
~ l m p l q publi,shcJ
v~~ in The nigger 6): Archacvlogy', Lhcrc arc sliiall walching briefs a11d small excavations,
'Your correspondetit (Issc:e 6 ) i~ I'rofcs>,ior~~~l I'racticcs I.;yrir.~giligu p ' ~ i l .inccryoratil~g r c i : ~ r d ink)
~ Llic
correct in his assessment of the over the U K exploiting the increasing resullant reports. 'l'he Learns of diggcrs
relative benefits of self-employment of d e m a n d for archaeological services will negotiate prices o r rates for each
site staff, in that A T 'THE MOMENT that the larger units canno1 - o r can't job separately, d e p e n d i n g o n work
they certainly fall o n the employer, be bothered lo - cope with. T h e s e load, Lvpe of site, distance from base,
though h e a p p e a r s not to havc smaller practices all learn quickly that their reputation a n d efficiency etc. The
recognised that [ h e self-employed wage ratcs for smaller projects are inexpericnccd dnd timid will start Lhcir
should also charge for employers NI larsely irrelevant; for a n evaluation carccrs with the large unils, gaining
tributions, sickness insurance, lasting - 5 days, t h e difference experience on set-'iece excavations
pensions etc., and that self- between paying a skilled site worker before being allowed to d o evaluations
employment offers far more scope for L5 per h o u r a n d Lli) per hour h a s little a n d watching briefs, Lhcn moving to
negotiating higher rales. Let's look real impact o n the final price a s far a s private praclicc a s rR0T:I-SSIONA1.S
a h e a d a t w h a t MIGHT BE, rather than -
the client is concerned they expect to o r self-employed CONTRACTC>RS,
moaning a b o u t the presenl. pay a few t h o u s a n d p o u n d s for [heir only after they h a d accrued e n o u g h
Currently, Archaeology UK Ltd is archilectural a n d planning services, s o expericncc a n d a reputation for
struggling to a d o p l lhe vestments of a similar bill [or drchaeological reliabilitv. At that poinl w e will have
professionalism, principally by cvaluation doesn't raise even a n succeeded in emulaling the
emulating the construction i n d u s t p - eyebrow, never mind a query. conslruction industrv, but not
w e all feel jolly imporlant in o u r Furthermore, in o r d e r to get good Self-employed s t a t u s s h o u l d nol a l a n n
yellow coats don't w e - b u t is hobbled people a t short notice for short jobs, site a n d (.>[her short-term workers, it
in doing s o by adherence to w e - the Professionals - have to pay heralds the start of the next major
employment structures developed pre- well. Good people are exlremely change in the wav UK archaeology is
PPG16. Yet t h e nature a n d a m o u n t of important; the F1 consequences of d n organised. C h a n g e is good, embrace i t
employment in UK archaeology 1999 is incorreclly interpreted cvalualinn o r a n d move on.'
wholly different to w h a t i l w a s e v e n watching brief a r e potentially very Fantasy Unit League
only 10 years ago. There is a h u g e -xpensive, so thal only t h e most
a , 7unl of 'archaeology' being d o n e , sxpericnced diggcrs should be used o n
1999 Awards
mnst of il in tlie form of Lhcse projects. Now, a s a n occasional After a n incredible first year of lhe
assessme~its/c.valuations!waLching -~nployer,faced with a choice &lween league, il's n o w crunch time for [hose
briefs of short duration, whilst [here is two good diggers, 1 will c ~ s clhc o n e units that were enlered by tlie hapless
a national shortage of skilled sitc staff who already h a s SE status to avoid the individuals w h o have had to work for
( w h y you haven't all exploited this hassle of working o u t the tax a n d NI them. I f you missed o u t o n gelling
simple economic fact, I don't know). For 5 d a y s in the middle of Lhe tax your rcsults in, don'l worry. Th?
However the bulk of the work is still vear. league will continue this year,.as [here
being undertdken by the old Units i foresee, within the next 5-10 ycars, arc plcnly more sorry looki~ig
(despite !heir ;IC:;. naincs a n d h i the slrcicture c l w h a t w e cc..ndidates ~ n o c k i n g a r o u n d w h o
corporate logos) w h o pull their hair laughably call 'the profession' will haven1[ been included. GET
o u t trying to juggle the conflicling zhange dralnatically. Evcrv market SCRIBHl..INC!
d e m a n d s of [his erratic work profile .own will have ils archaeological Wc had to havc a bit of a rethink o n
with the maintenance of large pools of practice, run by o n e o r [ W O s e a s o ~ i e d the prizes, a s a sliorl discussion with
slanding staff. T h e administrative m hacologists each with li)-20 years o u r k i ~ i d l ypostal depot revealed Lhal
costs of d o i n g s o a n d the necessitv of 3xperience a n d a modes1 publication t h e s e n d i n g of offensive malerial
planning b u d g e t s a n d rates in advance word. They will d o desk-top through [ h e post (viz rotten eggs) is
contribute to the generally low pay m e s s ~ n e n t s a n d consultancy work, actually illegal a n d a prosecutable
3ossibly acting a s Archaeological :)[fence; m u c h a s w e would LOVr.! to
d o it, I'm not doing time for dodgy So the clear winner is Bedford, dn out of the twelve others on site, 1 was
oeufs. So as a coinpromise w e arc oasis of niceness in dn otherwise the only digger producing any finds...
going to knock u p some immensely bdrren desert of organisationdl Watching the Wardens...
tasteful certificates for the winning complacency. As for Tees, well what '? I t seems like the Leicester scheme
and losing units to proudly display in cdn I say? Certificates winging their (sct. The Dimer, Lssue 7) is an
their entrance-halls/offices/torture way to them both. If you disagree with excellent idea in theory, a formal way
chambers. They'll most likely get the results, then re-enter dny unit of getting local dlnateurs involved,
binned, but keep your eyes peeled and already mentioned for the next bash, except- for the bit when they start
let u s b l o w if [hey appear. and we'il see if the the picture doing the professionals' jobs for them,
The awarding of points has proved a changes for 2000. We dwait with instead of merely being helpers to the
bit of a headache, a s when w e set this baited breath ... professioi~als.Them gathering info o n
daft caper u p w e didn't think i t An Apology (sorry) sites, visiting them to check u p on
through (as per usual). However, after them and suggesting new ones all
W e would like to apologise for the
musing for ten long minutes whilst o n seem OK, but watching briefs no way!
middle two pages of the ldst issue
the loo, I think the following should I've been digging for 2 years, have
being bdck-to-front, hence all the
just about work: worked o n a number of sites, and 1
stickers. This w a s d u e to an error
Wages, Contracb Sick Pay, Holiday during the photocopying; the s h o p still wouldn't feel 1-00 confident .ng
IJay, A ccommodation, a n d Respecf concerned has been bombed. For those a watching brief on my own without
seemed like the most important w h o didn't actually notice, ignore this more experienced back-up to hand.
aspects, so each O gets 4 points, bit. It never happened, honest... And i t doesn't sound like the back-up
each 0 2 points a n d 0 nulpoints, will be there for the Wardens. Also,
& Letters Bombs how well will they be able to stdnd
of course. 1 point deducted for two-
tier wage systems (m); 1 point Dirt versus Gown... their ground if they don't have the
deducted for expensive I've never understood how -xperience, when a developer is not
accommodation (E), 1 point added 'academic' archaeologists can profess being a s co-operative as they might in
for free away dccornmodation (c?); to mdke their cdreers o n sites, that facilitating the watching brief. And
but none deducted for waits on sick they cannot offer a n opinion on how that would have knock on effects of
and holiday pay (9) a s all units they were excavdted or recorded. That :he type of "well, they only sent an
w h o did this got panned in this 3ne facet alone should have becn 3mateur s o there can't be anything
category anyway! mough to have had 'dirt' ~ o r t h w h i l ehere". Dodgy way to start.
Free Equipmen4 Training and archaeologists trained and organised 3 I hope w e won't be seeing any
Good Archaeology get maximum to minimum standdrds. Sorry, I n o r e of the 'Archaeological Warden'
schemes u p here [Scotland]. O u r
marks of 2 points for each O, 1 graduated in History - s o I'm not a
point for each 0, a n d again, nowt 'true' archaeologist. Zouncil Archaeologist thought it was a
The transition to academically good idea to let the local he "3ge
fer yer 0.
'qualified' only field staff has led to a group carry out their own wat~n'ing
The grand total, therefore, should a d d quite shocking drop in field project xief on their new centre. Both the
u p to 30 points (plus a n y additional standards. Examples include - 'we p u p and the Council Archaeologist
points as previously detailed). Maths Aodt clean sections any more', 'why 'ailed to appreciate the significance of
was never my strong point, but here Ao w e have to clean the site first?', :he 0.75m of 'top soil - in an area

a re the results (fanfareddrum- 7aving to prompt supervisors to draw where it is normally 75mm! Even
mlldthunder and lightning etc.): jections - and then they had to be worse, they seem to have removed
guided, no questions (the what, why, arge parts of a n early medieval iron
where, when, how?) of the actuai melting a n d working- site ...( think
Aeposits. That w a s on my l d s t 'circuit' Zoppergate) which I ended u p digging
jite, which I only got onto a s a IS a o n e day watching brief mvself!
U NAA 19 1 'ostgraduate archaeological student. I
was the only person to have redd a n d
issimilated the site brief - during the
ea breaks. The other non-graduate Total contributions
was the oidy person qualified to drive Total costs (projected)
he 1.5 tonne dumper! Interestingly, End balance
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made out to The Diaer'. Any contributions of material positively encouraged. Back-issues available, please send SAE.
'The Digger'on the web, admirably maintained by Backtrack Archaeology, with extra art and discussion areas. Check it.
Apathy in the UK
1 was delighted to read Chri: ; I desire to d o so is not o n e that I would someone else d o all the work.
Can~bian's aptly titled piece ( L h z ' regard a s particularly subversive. Whatever your reasons a n d whatever
A.Iua7, Orgmjst,, in Issue 7) but wa: 4. I.ack of. continuity ol you want to get o u t of it, a s a member
concerned by the cornmmts whicl- employment - Although individual you will be part of a n organisation thai
followed i t . As a n IPMS rcprescntativc membership of IPMS has many looks after you, supports a n d advises
ill srnall unit, rccruitmcr~i has becl. haicfits, official recognition by your you a n d represents you, a t local level
one of I I I ~major headaches dnd I an- cmployer cnables you to start in your day-to-day working life a n d at
still not entirely sure why. I'br thosc. influencing your working conditions national level, influencing government
w h o d o no1 have idc:ological reason> and for this, you need your colleagues policy that affects you. Mow many
against joining a 'Trade Union - why to join up as well. Thc situation is more reasons d o vou need?
Lhc reluctance? S o many times l havt complicated when, as in archaeology, IFA Pro-active Shocker!
heard colleagues cry 'If only thcre wa> people arc moving between contracts
In what can only be described a s a
a r organisation that reprcscr?ted us'. a n d organisations all the time.
moment of extreme motivation by the
1' ,:re is, but you have to join it tc However, if you have individual
Institute, moves are afoot to set u p a
make a diffcrencc a n d the more whc membership a n d you work for a n
Special Interest Group for diggers.
join, thc bigger the difference will be. organisation which has officially
Matthew Reynolds, a digger currently
Some of the main reasons why recognised II'MS, you are included, no
serving on the IFA Council, is CO-
arcl~~icologists are reluctant Lo join arc: maticr how short your contract. So,
ordinating the exercise. H e needs the
1. I .ack of U r g c a a - many pcoplc the more n i e m k ~ r s ,the mare likely it
names of a minimum 15 members
only gcl round to joining a Union is you arc going to end u p represented
(including Affiliates) w h o wish to
when Lhcy lccl threatened by by arl officially recognised Union
become members of the group, a n d 5
redundancy, changes to working W herever you work.
members (excluding Affiliates) w h o
conditions, disciplinary action, etc. 5. 1.ack of Money - not much I can
wish to act a s thc organising
Joining before you reach crisis point say about Lhis one! For some people,
cornmittce. 'This will be a n excellent
means you can influence cvcnls to the the subscription will be just o n e
opportunity to get issucs across to the
point w h e w Lhc crisis is averled, noi demand too many o n a n already
IFA, s o GET AC'TIVE! Contact
just for yourself but I your overstretched budget. FIawever, if you
Matthew at the IFA for more details.
colleagues a s well. can afford it - join. If your
The annual conference is also likely to
2. Indifference - After years of circurnslances change (i.e. you're laid
be interesting, a s Wednesday's session
watching the IFA never quite getting off) you can change your subscripkion
consists of full day discussing short
round ko doing anylhing, right away and unemployed
an-haeologists often sewn to fcel contracts, poor terms a n d conditions
membership is free for the first year.
and poor pay for diggers. RAOs are
pc- aless to influence their o w n 6. Apathy - this seems to be the
working lives. They don't believe being encouraged to pay for their
most common obstacle to joining up,
joining a Trade Union will rnakc a and the most difficult to deal with. All diggers to go, s o badger your boss
difference. Believe me, i t does - not now! If anyone fancies reporting o n
I can say is - if you're not preparded to
just to the big things like k i n g able to the conference for us, w e may be able
even try to change things then you
negotiate better pay a n d condilions, to swing a small donation to the fees
deserve the ~ o n d i t i o n syou get. The
but also a s a source of information, :oo. You don't need to be a member to
whole point is that nobody has to d o it
advice a n d support. by themselves.
p, SO NO EXCUSES! Brighton 4-6
3. Lovalty - Joining a Trade Union April; details from the IFA.
At the e n d of the d a y it doesn't matter
isn't a n indication of disloyalty to your why you join - whether its the credit T d e s From The Other Side
employers a n d it shouldn't be seen a s zard a n d cheaper insurance deals, the N e have heard of Lhe plight of the
such. Many enlightened employers need to protect yourself from jigger, now hear tales froni the other
these days welcome, o r even positively unscrupulous employers, fear of side, o r should I say the other half.
encourage, Trade Union membership -edundancy, belief in Trade Unionism -or reasons of kindness the digger in
amongst their employees. Membership l r simply a concern for the profession juestion shall remain nameless, but
gives you the ability to influence dnd you have chosen a n d the way it is his story is true. When I met him a
enhance your working lifc a n d the w a d e d . As a member, you can get a s .ew years ago I had my work cut out
nvolved a s you like or sit back a n d let o repair the damage of 15 years in
Archaeology. Whcrc do I start? various stales of decay themselves. staff have left the profession in droves
Physical: Bad back a n d knackered Is it so bad to want good Food, a nice and we have failed in our attempt to
knees, so who i b Lhe lucky one who house, a crap cat and security for the replace hard knowledge with cheap
to look after him whcn hc is future? Not to mention the lurv of a labour. In our haste to slit each others
brnken? Add to that a dodgy stomach good wuman ...... after all a partner is throats to win contracts, we have
that had expanded to fill half my flat for life, not just between digs. seriously undervalued ourselves to
(all that lovely I.orry driver type food),
let's IIOL forgct ~ h smoker's
c cough, the
.a Letters Bombs &,' our
and carried out
pound turnover
excavations that
Another Unit Director Writes...
h e r belly (hidden
grinding tecth..JusL where do I
the fat) and
= are often farcical.
For sometime now I have been Somebody somewhere has to buck the
reading your publication. I enjoy the trend, and I believe we at Winnits
start.... Fie must have had hidden
debate it has started - it has certainly Archaeology can lead the way. For a
depths, I hear you say.
made some of us think about a few start, we will no longer be a PLC - I
I1ot.s thi5 person r e m i ~ ~ dyou of
uncomfortable truths that we have am turning the company into a
someone yet?
preferred to sweep under the carpet in worker's co-operative. Profits will be
Mcntal: Stressed and jc~~npy, wlth the
the past. shared equally among staff and there
attention span of a three-year-old,
1 have begun to realise just how out of will be no more casual hiring and
deep in thought about obscure Middle
touch we in the upper echelons of firing. We will no longer sell ourselves
Rronzc Age feaLurcs, but an inability
archaeological management have down the river when bidding for sites,
to deal wlth anything more complex
become. My own large income, private or encroach on others territory. '.ir
than o p e n ~ n ga tin of beans, - REAL
pension, comfortable house and clean, database of knowledge will be shafed
WORLII rHORIA. Hc explained it to
well-scrubbed children are in stark amongst our former competitors.
rnc as being a h111 time archaeologist \
contrast to the lives of many of my Laugh if you like, but please
part time human.
current and former employees - I have remember my selfless gesture when
Stdl not remind you n f someonc?
never had to sign on or do secretarial you pass me, holding my tin of Super
1.lnancial: Pass m e my laughing corset
as I have just split my sides. As temping - and until recently I never outside the shopping centre.
realised that my own comfort could
someone who had their own thc flat, a Fantasy Unit League I1
never have been obtained unless at
permanent job and a car, imagine my
dclight at flnding somconc who
their expense. - Round 1
As the director of one of the more
thought negat~vc eqc~itywas a good
thing. ItitermitLerit pay\no pay makes hawkish practitioners of competitive
life interesting don't you think? tendering I should not be having these ; Sick pay ? I @<L> ;
I'specially when you must find money thoughts - it is madness a n d : Holidav nav? 1 :
for that ~nortgagc, bills, shopping, professional suicide. It never bothered I Accolnmoda tion? l @ :
council Lax, pctrol, ctc. etc. etc..... Oh me before that I could be making my ; Free equipment? 0 i
he did manage to buy the odd bottle of employees homeless by laying them
vodka from time to time. Feel free to off, or that I kept them on a scale of ! Anv available trainine? 1 0 :
apologise to your partncr anytimc in pay comparable to unskilled labour, or Contracts 1 month-t? Q I
the ncxt few days. that they had to spend long hours f Level of respect for staff O _I
I have now come to terms with life travelling to and from my sites.
Good archaeolo~y? L -----J1

with a freelance archaeologist, with a I t was only when one of my ex-

fcw major modifications. He-looks a employees c hanged his name to 0 GreaVyes
lot better now (slim and innit its ~ r c h a e o l PL o ~C~ re as& @ Passabletyes
sexy. .... honestly) and his mental state Bastards" after I laid him off without @ Badho
is nearly that of a nomial human notice a week before Christmas that I -
Two tier depending on experience
being. As to thc old bug bear - money x g a n to have doubts. The press had a Free for 'away' sites only.
- he is not bad now and manages to
'ield day, colleagues began sniggering 3 No. of months wait.
pay half of everything (which is nice). x h i n d my back, my wife refused to E Costs a bit!
When he started to change, his fellow ;peak to me and Winnits Archaeology @ Self employed only.
archaeologists trcated him with ?LC lost clients. Sleepless nights
suspicion (1 of course got the blame for 3ecame the norm.
this a ~ p a l l i n gstate of affairs) a s it was : now realise that my love for Mrs.
a threat to the belief in the immortal Thatcher a n d her economies has had Total contributions
digger!! BLIt secretly maybe they Aisastrous consequences for Total costs (projected)
wanted the same; as they are in L~rchaeology.Experienced and talented End bdance
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Issue No 11 March 2000
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Profili. . --,-

Last year, Kenr~ethAitchison wrote tc countries who employ staff (e.g. SUA?'
us d i n his hrthcoming in Scotland; CPA'T in Wales). specifically asked on the
publication Profilirrg the Frofessioar. Ifi Similarly, there are no excavation staff questionnaire. Were employers
his letter, he said there wa> listed in the North-East, the North- generally cagey about replying to this
informatio~~ which didn't mdke it ink West and Mersey, the West Midlands section, and to what extent are
the 'official' report which he was kmfi and London (all also home to a volunteers employed
- - in the active
to disseminate, On the 7th Movemfm; number of units - MOLAS, PCA, contracting areas of archaeology?
with the publication now free@ UMAU, NAA etc.). Is this a n 7. It could be argued that there is a
a vailable, we wrote to -him with the indication of non-response by units to statistical gulf in the result-s, and that
following questions: the sai-~eyin these areas, or has this those at the very rawest edges of the
1 - .'he survey claims to be a n accurate category of staff been excluded by profession have not been represented.
representation of the archaeological those supplying Lhe information? If so, Do you consider that the survey has
workforce. Ye1 the original premise of can the survey really accurately been a success, in view of this factor,
the survey was to contact any represent a picture of British and that the 'profile' is a full picture?
organisation employing archaeological archaeology without these statistics? How could this problem have been
staff and to get a responsc from the 4. The survey states that two thirds of overcome? Should a further, more in
organisation or_llv, rather than Lhe archaeo1ogis:s are on permanent depth, survey be carried out, now that
workforce itself. The survey therefore contracts, and that the average the limitations of this exercise have
is e~;tirely skewcd tc a n employers contracl. l w g t h is 13 ~nollths.Further been revealed?
perspective of the siiuation, rather si:a tiskics s:.ate !hat 72% of staff As yet/ our questions haven't been
than getting to the employees il sl&s wxlting ::)I- at-chaeo!ogkal contractors answeed. Wonder why?
to profile. 'The survey t o ~ ~ lperhaps
d have a'c thelr place of work for
have encouraged the d i ~ t r i ition
b ~ of more t h k t i l a year. In view of the
Digging Jobs ONLINE!
A new free service is being provided to
questionnaires to a!l staff interested in (uncertain) nurnber of archaeologists
all diggers (Rc archaeological staff
replying so as to get a Iu!.ier picture. working a t the iowcst levels of the
generally) which will help those seeking
Why was this not done? profession, .c)fter~on a very temporary
w o ~ k ,and those seeking workers, find
2. The questionnaire asks for t h e basis, do you not consider that this each other. The ~ r i t i s h -Archaeological
number of paid stall employed by each
or-misation, yet does rmt stipulate
lig~i'e map be slightly inaccurate, and
is indicative that these people may
Jobs Resource is an internet service. '
designed to provide a searchable list of
tk,- staff should 'be includeci. it is have been overiooked in the survey? available archaeological staff for
therefore feasible that those staff who (NB. stdndard contracts offered to excavations/other positions, as well as a
are on temporary (:ontracts and zca-$3tors/sil:e assistants average 1 bulletin board detailing up to the minute
employed perhaps I'or c r d y a s h r t month).. news of forthcoming vacancies within
time will not have been cunslderx! .:>S 5. -irh e averclge salary for full-time the archaeological community.
'paid staff' (as opposed to, say, a 3rchaeologists is P,'17,079 according to The service, run by Backtrack
project officer on a 6 rnontln coniract) :he survey. By your own admission: Archaeology, is free for all entrants,
during summation. Simi!arIy, any- " h e r e may be a sample bias against whether units or archaeologists. The
discussion of benefits may only have bhe poore" paid (temporary) staff. Not searchable CV database requires
related to those considered more 311 oiganisalions responding gave archaeologists to submit a shortened
'permanent' by the respondent rather details or these employees" svnopsis of their CVs which employers
than perhaps those wore 'temporary r, can search for required characteristics.
:Aitc hison, P.rofiiing the Pmfession).
The information required is as foIlows:
(diggers often don't receive siclaess or 5 o w cou!d this have been avoided?
Name; Address; Phone numbers
holiday pay). How much of i: factor Do you believe these figures on a
[minzinm7 of one reqznkd; E-mail ,
would this be in distorting the results? ~ e r s c n a level?
address [optiona4; Skill [digger,
3. The geographical distribution of the ;. The survey asks whether there is osteologist, researcher, surveyor
workfcrce presented sonre surprises; nvolvement of volunteers within a n etc... any combination of terms
according to the results, there arc no ~rganiscilinn,statistics for which are c7llowab,le]; Years experience; Other
excavators or site assistants working in riuly provided. However, there is no information [only acceptable in dipg7taI
Scotland or Wales, yet there are a nei~ticm of the roles which the form - send disks]
number of contracting units in both mluntcers actually perform within an
Any information regarding vacallcies the F A , unions, or anyone else who will use the stairs! That night in the disco bal
which can be passed on to the service listen. Anyone interested should write to (eek!), tlu-pugh a lavish sea of dry ice,
provider will allow others to know where 'Class Action' at our address and we will happenedlto pass comment to the samc
to gel more work, and will be posted on forward any mail. MUabout my absolute abhorrence o;
70's PAP (music). "Hey, now just holc
the bulletin board. Units are encouraged L&Letters Bombs 4 F
to make use of this service by p s t i n g on a moment young man!" said the
their own adverts to the BAJR to get I was about toss my copy of The clearly hurt MAA, "this happens to be
further coverage than they might Archaeologist (36) into the Tesco carrier my era! It's before your t&e so yoc
otherwise get from media alone. Access bag (special file!) that hangs on my ddn't appreciate it". At that p i n t we
to the internet is not required to take part kitchen door, when at another quick flick struck U-ia friendly conversation ...
in this scheme; post the required details through it, I noticed your article and l leased to meet you. And you are?"..
to us, marked RAJR, or to 5/2 Hamilton decided Lo rescue it. A refreshing change and you can guess-the rest ...
Terrace, Edinburgh, EH15 1NR. The cost amidst this small world of blinkered, in- The IFA might see CPDs and PAPS a s a
of a stamp could make a difference to house back-slappers! h myopic style the "key to ou; future", but could we firs1
your career.. . F A is currently preoccupied with CPD have a key to unlock the door of IAF and PAP -. but in all seriousness, what is (Inherent Age Prejudice?).
the point of spending time promoting R I A suggestion for the older digger
West Yorkshire Pay Farce this Samuel Smiles approach when our (letters, issue 8). Next time somebody
A digger has written to us to highlight a little world is rife with ageism? suggests working in temperatures of
problem which appears to be occurring Some 18 months ago I did a telephone
minus 20 degrees, try turning ; .
as a matter of routine at West Yorkshire 'follow up' action (I suppose the F A
flame-thrower on them.
Archaeology Service regarding their pay would express it a s a PAP exercise?) on a
system. It appears that random sums of failed job application for a 'Community Fantasy Unit League II
money are being deposited in former Archaeologist' (no piizes for guessing
employees' bank accounts without prior the name of this RAO).
- Round 2
r--------------------- 1
nohfication or any form of invoice, after The director came on the line: "I'm s o n y I University of Durham I
having left WYAS. The consequence is you didn't get the job, but if it's any I ~ r c h a e o l o & c a lServices I
that a few weeks down the line when the consolation you were on the shortlist of a
hapless digger realises the error, the half dozen, narrowed down from
Wages - above EZOO? I 00 I
,I Sick Dav ?
money is spent and the County Council upwards of 50 applicants!". So where
are then on their backs to retrieve the did I go wrong? Was it the relevant
money, often numbering large sums (a degree, the extensive teaching
case where an individual is paying back experience, the computer literacy, or just
£7.50 has k e n quoted). In a climate the decade in British field archaeology? I
where finances are tight, often down to a was assured that I had "sailed through I Contracts 1 month+? I Q I
weekly basis, diggers do not have the admirably" on all the requested job :
Level of resvect for staff I C3 !
capital to suddenly repay these amounts criteria, but ... "we are a young team
and are forced to desperate here and we felt that a s you are in your
Good archaeology?---- ------ L L
means.. ..such as Visa cards Ws, well, you are just too o l d "And Key:
('shudder*). order to get their houses how old are you?" I asked. "Ah, well C3 Greattyes
back in order, causing distress m d loss now, you see that doesn't count because C3 Passablelyes
of time for the individual concerned. The I'm the boss" he laughed, evidently 0 Badlno
problem appears to stem from the unit pleased with his own humour. -
Two tier depending on experience
using the County Council acco~mting Not the first encounter of the kind that d' Free for 'away' sites oniy.
procedures, which fail to understand year. But when one is mindful of one's 8 No. of months wait.
short-term archaeological contracts and position as an out-of-work archaeologist £ Costs a bit!
the problems which they pi-oduce (and and understands only too well the small @ Self employed only.
often also fails to provide receipts for world of the discipline, it is better not to
'repaid' moneys). As a n aside, the make a scene. Finances
County Archaeologist was reputedly the At the IFA annual 'do' lasl year in
hest paid county archaeologist in the Glasgow, having returned to the Halls of Total contributions
countly in the mid to late 1990s... Residence after a run, I found myself Total costs (projected)
The digger in question would like to hear sweatily sharing a cramped lift with a
End balance 654
from other folmer employees of WYAS friendly middled-aged - archaeologist
who have experienced similar problems, (MAA) who jovially suggested that
so as'to form a group to badger the unit, someone of my years and fitness should
- -

non-profit making newsletter existing entirely donations. All lonations welcome, cheques should be
made o u t to T h e Digger'. Any contributions of material positively encouraged. Back-issues available, please send SAE.
'The Digger'on the web, admirably maintained by Backtrack Archaeolom, with extra art a n d discussion areas. Check it.
Issue lrlo 12 May 2000
PO Box 391
Oxon O X 1 4 3GS

Irish Dig :ing Boom Damaginl : Rights?

As many people are aware, there is at
- - -
The pace of development in Ireland is contracts which con~promisethe welfare
present a digging boom underway in such' that delavs in the construction of the diggers and ihe sites then these
Ireland, on the back of road schemes and industry cause2 by the archaeological conditions will become the norm; as the
development in general. This has seen a process are being blamed directly on the SIFTU newsletter stdtes: "we have got to
large number of British diggers, archaeologists. The National Roads make demands now while the canvas is
frustrated with working conditions here, Authority (NRA) for one are trying to still blank, before precedents are set and
making a break for Holyhead in the push through legislation concerning the system becomes s o solid we are
search for more money and a better life. archaeology which could not only have a unable to shake it". Feedback suggests
In issue 6, we publicised the quite diverse effect on archaeologists but could that diggers generally feel under-v&ed
disproportionate difference in wages also irreversiblv damage the and d i ~ & ~ e & xbv
l their employers,
. - and
which ltish diggers get paid in archacologicdl record. I h e N R A have that they- do no( see the companies
c. _-.parison to our lowly scraps - a site stated that they will no longer pay sticking "p for their rights, unles; there
assistant can get L386.25 as well as archaeologists for breaks, lunches, wet was financial advantage to themselves.
subsistence and other benefits. time (hours lost end u p being extended Tenders have already been submitted
However, reports are coming back that at the archacologists' cost) o r holidays, under conditions where archaeologists
the situation is not a s rosy as we may amongst others. Workers state that a will be not allowed breaks; any further
have portrayed. Despite the high pay recent job was under such pressure from pressure by developers niay see other
rates, the exchange rate means that pay the County Council and road-builders, rights evaporating ds well, as financial
at the archaeological worker level is who were desperate to find fault with the constraints always end up being passed
pretty much the same as in Britain. archaeologists, that the unit they were on to the lowest tiers. The NRA are
Furthermore, the benefits situation is working for (VJK 1-td again) caved in, already pushing for diggers to work the
very much dependent on who you work allowing break-times to be cut back. same hours as machine-drivers - daylight
for (no surprise there). Workers for Diggers were counted twice a day
Valelie Keeley Ltd have reported that not (echoes of Stalag Luft?), watched from a
only were travel expenses nonexistent, distance (big black land-rovers on the
but that in order to get to rural sites, horizon being a sure sign of trouble) and PO Box 7076, Ru/lc)r7dPlace, Dublin I
workers had to hire their own mini-buses photos of archaeologists apparently not P M 5 (ArcChdeo/ogyBranch) 76 ,Scacroft
as none were supplied. Staff were invited working were taken with ldng lenses. Road, York, Y024 IDD
bv application form to undertake Our source states "this invevitably boiled http:/www.ipn? uk
watching briefs, which meant a higher down to the usual ignorance and
ri of pay, and time-and-a-half for misconceptions about archaeological A Conference for who?
o3mtime. Yet, once again no transport work; i.e i f we are not down a hole So another [IFA] conference rolls around
was provided for this, and the early chucking soil, then we are not working". and, if you are anything like in my
starUlatc finish meant the shared Rumours state that the NRA are also predicament, disappears off without so
transport was out, that taxi costs would pushing proposals (still at the discussion iZii~!i a s or! i;; =;.v -'irX5;,32. The 'Ch
cancel out any benefits and so invariably stage at present) which will severely cut conferences are just a waste of time, no
onlv car owners could undertake the down the amount of treatment an use to any digger For starters, the IFA
work. archaeological site on road schemes has been running these conferences for
As with archaeologists in Britain joining receive, with only 'standing archaeology' years yet only now is i t even thinking
the IPMS, many archaeologists in lreland to be dealt with, and no 'subterranean' about sorting out its house a s regards
have been joining SIYTU (one of work to be undertaken at all, not even as diggers. At n o point in the last X amount
Ireland's largest unions) to try and get watching briefs. These are probably onlv of years has there been any attempt to
their voices heard. Communications extreme proposals in order to provide get diggers involved; in their minds you
across the different counties have been haggling space for the authority, but were never 'propcr' until you'd reached
helped by a recently formed group called even the middle-ground will inevitably the level of project officer, or had done a
WAAG (Workers in Archaeology Action spell bad news for the archaeology. Phd and nipped in the quick way. I
Group) which amongst its SIPTU are actively fighting against the know for a fact that a number of 'high u p
accomplishments produces a regular NRA proposals, lobbying the Heritage archaeologists' (County Archaeologists
newsletter. A survey conducted by Secretary and chairing emergency and a few others) aren't even bloody
WAAG of the archaeological work-place meetings, in order to respond to the members and take no interest in the
in Ireland produced results which are threat. Though the arguments are likely Issues, yet get a cash bung to go every
sadly not that unfamiliar: bad pay, no to rage for months, this is a c~ucialtime yedr during whlch time they catch up on
health and safety, sick pay, contracts etc. for archaeology. Unless the conipanies their shopping.
stick together and refuse to sign
Now all of a sudden the IFA seem to care reached everyone! What exactly does this I t stinks, and with any luck i t will soon
- possibly something to d o with the slight Matthew Reynolds rlo for the people he rot a w a y
irritations caused by your production is supposed to be representing, or come Of course the BAJR does have its faults.
(ma-vbe...&d.Only I don't actually to that Peter Hinton? Bugger all as far a s Without a Iaptop, modem and mobile
reckon they do care, because to be quite I can see. I hope against hope that phone, how is the digger on the circuit
honest all the efforts they make are people do start joining the IFA in their going to access the website? And I would
tissue-thin. Take this idea of getting masses and making the token working hate to see the e n d of the fights over the
diggers to the 'stratification in committee they've set u p work against Guardian at teabreak on a Wednesday
archaeology' discussion; a significant them, so they rue the day they ever took morning in fear of being laid off,
idea. Get d g g e r s face to face with the big on the job. But most people think the followed by the accumulation of
bosses, so as to get their ideas across and IFA stinks, and quite frankly so d o I, and shredded ncwspaper all over the
mavbe make sorne changes. Or so you'd 1 doubt I'll join again. How's about floorlseatslwindows of the site
think. Only instead of actually doing actually seeing these peoplc on a few hut/van/portaloo.
that, they just mention i t on the quiet m sites, making visits and stirring u p Fair critic is^^?.^: vacancies are nahrra/!v
everyone who is going knows about it interest. Or are the officcs too warm? I hard lo see wilhoul PC access...speaking
and thinks 'oh how praiseworthy are still haven't heard anything about how as one who doesn'l have access to the
they', and i t bypasses the rest of us like Lhe conference went or how many nel, I know exacUy what you mead
every other year. Take their advert for attended. about sorne facts, or are Solutims are: lo ba+er your unit to do
the session in The Archaeologist. They these only for the select few too? regular prinlorrls (bound not lo work h to
offered paid help for diggers to go to the Top ranting article o f the year. D N ~ G use /ibra';v/internet cafe service ,_,~y
conference and stated that units should Sn?i/es,you ha VC been rechrislened. IFA. cos/ -vou BUT cheaper lhan IFA subs!) or
pay for their staff to go. What use was it contribule a piece on the c~oderencean6 sneak into PC World and pretend to be
advertising i t only in there? I'm a WC will prinl il. Ed buying a computer (I do this when I
member of the IFA, but no one else was wanl to see how the web pages are
& Letters Bombs & ping$. Wllere /here's a will... .Ed
(some. 8 people o n one site I worked on -
and 6 on another), and so no one else - Hurrah! It's a huge relief to see that

Fantasy Unit League I1

would have evcn been aware of the offer the BAJR is finally online. If the F A had
- most diggers are too poor to join. ever pulled their fingers out, they could - Round 3
Stinks, right? Amazingly enough the have achieved the same thing - they have
(1FA-approved) unit we were all working the contacts and the resources - and hey,
for (were, as we are now dole-bound with all the cash they squeeze out of ;
once more) also neglected to mention their members, Lhey can sure a s hell
Wages - above f2W? 1 0
I Sick nav ? 0
= I
this generous offer because they were in afford i t (I don't belive their protests that

the middle of a crisis a s regards a badly they are on a shoestring budget) (God. Holidav pav? 0
tendered site which ended u p with us all Bdsh the IFA monlh! Eel). However, I am
I Accornmoda tion? I. v-.

butchering the archaeology, surprise curious that they did not see f i t to I Free e q u i p m e n t ? i @
surprise (how EH'S David Smiles can compete with this clearly superior service I Anv available trailling? @ I
support competitive tendering when i t or even join forces with i t . I h e y must f Contracts 1 month41 0
has ruined more sites than i t has saved is have known that the majority of their
beyond me - which he did in the F A members are not actually supporters,
Level of respect for staff G -1
: Good archaeoloev? m
yearbook, surprise again. Wake u p are merely taking advantage of the jobs
David - the Heathrow job was not typical service which was never adequate 0. a"'/..,c. r ~ . . l 1.-.or - -- -
of the iisual w a y thil.~g<gci cionci) ( / E m w v a . ;- . ?ha:, i i i ~ i i : I I U W , wab tile oniv

@ Passable/! es
praises Hcalhmw Ternlinal -7 a big join1 bonus of m e m k r s h i p . 'They never
job Oxford and Wcssex using managed to offer any digger any type of
9 Badlno
security - yet another promise they failed Two tier - depending on experience
'sophislicated IT syslems; lo coin his
arlic-1e.m. Most of the workers only got to get off the ground. Their job service 9 Free for 'awa! ' sites only.
-I-; No. of months lvait.
a notion of this happening because i t was was the only one of its kind, and i t was
mentioned in the +r, by which time used to hide the lack of expertise and E Costs a bit!
it was tor, bloody late to do anything general mismanagement. Hopefully, now @ Self emplo!cd only.
anyway as we were all locked into this that they have lost the monopoly on the Finances
site til death, no sick or holidays ( s o n y service, w e shall see the beginning of the
we couldn'l gel il on! artv earJicr. m).
demise of Short
How hard would i t have been to send of forking out a lot of cash just to be sent Total co~~tributions +L25
oul some posters or leaflets or the job-sheet, I have never understood Total costs (projected)
something, or publicise more why we have to provc our abilities in the End balance
widely. .. The Gudrrlian might have field in order to acquire this information.
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Know your Digger: A
employment'?)for longer than 6 weeks. l
to keep them in captivity (...shouldn't that be Write to Rhona Brankin at the Scottish
Parliament! Start a campaign!!
Directors Guide
When choosing your site slava...sorry staff you
Lost County FTAs in rights case
want to know what sort of digger you have, here Archaeologists FIFIXEN members who worked at the Museum
are some handy hints to spot the tell tale signs oi We are all aware of the Planning Guidelines o of London are waiting anxiously for an
just the sort of digger you are after. England, however here in Scotland we have ; employment tribunal decision concerning
The Dirt Dimr: The most common and shy of different set of rules: PAN42. Paragraph 3' unlawful deductions from salary.
the d i ~ e species,
r commonly dressed in Oxfam states that no work may be carried out beforc -
The 15 archaeologists and specialists on fixed
chique with combat trouser pockets stuffed full proper archaeological investigation has beer term appointments
.. - were excluded from last
of things that may be useful at some time in the implemented year's pay deal because they left the museum
-future. Fingerrids are alniost always a g o d This is all well and good but does it cove] between the April l . settlement date. and
indication as to where they last dug and check regions that have no county archaeologist? Ar September 23 when the deal was approved. up-
the size of their howel (remember size matters). example would be West Lothian which wher to 60 more archaeologists on fixed term
Usually communicate in a series of grunts and asked if it wanted to share the Edinburgh Cio contracts were also excluded from the pay deal
nc ' so don't ask them any difficult questions Archaeologist (who already deals with Easl in the same way.
l&-o you have a P60/bank account. Lothian), informed them that no archaeolog, IPMS negotiator Alan Leighton says the FTAs
The Survevor: This sub species on the other existed in that area. Now correct me if I ar should receive the increase because the museum
wrong, but this area has Cairnpapple Burial clearly indicated that all staff would be entitled
hand is on the other end of the spectrum of
Mound, Linlithgow Palace, several castles, statelj to it. Excluding them amounts to an unlawful
flamboyance. Proudly strutting around the site
homes, standing well as a host 01 deduction under section 13 of the Employment
with a small black notebook, nodding and going
industrial archaeology sites. Without the Rights Act 1996, IPMS maintains.
hmmmm. If you can, check the notebook
guidance of a planning archaeologist, just horn The museum claimed it was too difficult to
(though they are carefully guarded), if it has are planning proposals vetted?
strange hieroglyphics and numbers scrawled all contact all the FTAs involved to resolve the
I personally know of one site, a 17th centurg
over it then you may have discovered a real issue.
farm, that was gutted and partially demolished
catch.... an actual surveyor. You have to keep (0IPMS Bulletin May 2000).
for a courtyard development without any
an eye on them though as they usually use the archaeological investigation O n being informed SEX and lots o f it!
theodolite to keep an eye on the talent in the of this the RCAIIMS sent along a representative This is a subject that we are all familiar with (I
nearby village. but they were told to leave the site as the hope) but has not yet been approached by this
The Planner: Another flamboyant sub species
with an unnatural liking for 6H pencils (place
planning dept had already passed the proposal. m.
fine publication (er...go on... I strongly believe
How many other sites suffer the same fate across that every field archaeologist (apart from
one of them on the table and see if they make a the county as new estates spring up? You want Gordon Childe and Mortimer Wheeler who
grab for it). Their belt is often hung with the to alter even slightly, a building in say East wouldn't have women dig with them) has
tools of their trade and they tend to walk like Lothian then strict guidelines are enforced. If noticed how incestuous our profession is, and
gunslingers with their hands never far from a you want to demolish a historic building that is has at some point fallen victim to lusty advances
fear--me seven metre Stanley Tape. not protected by Historic Scotland in West of a colleague, or at least dreams of it and covets
Th, ,~otoma~hec: Bleary and pasty faced from Lothian then there is not a lot can be done as it from afar. The women are not in short skirts
too long in dark rooms they are easily recognised the proposal never passes through the hands of and suffer from perpetual bad hair days, and,
by three tell tale signs. 1 chaffing on the back of an archaeologist.
instead of makeup, are smeared with whatever
the neck from multiple camera straps 2 An When will a blanket coverage of the PAN42
noxious substance is in the general area. The
guidelines be enforced and the appointment of a
inaedible appetite for expensive black and lads aren't decked out in their-finest either - not
white film 3 never being there when you want county archaeologist be made mandatory in each
a sharp Italian suit anywhere (I wouldn't go out on
region? When cost-cutting exercises are
them with the excuse 'that, the light isn't right'.
The Finds Assistant: Almost invariably the implemented by councils you can guess where
rite in anything else...m. The general attire of
the first cuts are made. It is time that the weybody is either very old and should have
female of the species as this is deemed a suitable been left in the 1980s, or is bought from the
job for a young lady (hmmm....M.They have an councils see archaeology as a resource for the
area, instead of a waste of money. HS inspectors nearest army surplus store or charity shop.
incredible ability to create complex coding Crash hats and flash jackets are not sexy. The
are overworked as it is, as are regional curators
systems that only they understand. If they number of times I've been mistaken for a brickie
who must deal with many areas at once. Simple
instantly know what MWT1004/CBM/F198 county one archaeologist. In my is silly. We have to be practical in our choice of
then you have definitely found one. Beware, slothing, and to worry about appearance or
work in Scotland as an archaeologist, I have
they usually have a pet love of a certain pottery noticed that people love the thought of history :leanliness would be unprofessional, so why on
type and will often care for it to the exclusion of under their feet, even using it as a selling point s r t h do we want to have a nice hot roll on the
all others (this may affect your statistical analysis for their development., until it comes time to spoil heap with our fellow workers? Not to
of the finds. pay for its retrieval or preservation. mention the pride of winning - the boss'
Got it...well off you go and have fun...but There needs to be a big push now for properly -
d k t i o n s myself and several friends have done
remember a Digger should always be returned to curated SMRs to be made a statutory -
this (different sites/bosses!) you know who you
their natural habitat (unemployed) as it is cruel responsibility of local authorities. are!
The jargon that we use doesn't help matters life', why not go on strike' A oneday, nation unhealthy competition between specialising staff
How many times have the women gone to tht wide strike; perhaps with pickets, demos members, causing much upset and bad feeling. I
supervisor and said (before thinking): "woulc petitions, placards, all that stuff. To let pmpk understood we were a unit, a team, working
you like to come and have a look at my hole?" it- know that the archaeology of the IFA, and 01 together achieving common aims.
a completely innocent manner? Back in m) television, is not the reality of most of tht Case in point: being totally ignored when tying
inexperienced days, a friend of mine couldn't archaeologists of this country; to tell people thal to greet senior, and heads of unit with a cheery
help but snigger when a more senior member 01 if they really gave a shit about archaeology, ther 'good morning'. Surely this is bloody common
the team was going through the context s h e e ~ they should have a proper profession to deal courtesy and manners???
vnth her and said "you do know about physical with it. %se of us who pay union subscription It really gets my goat. Who do they think digs
relationships, don't you!". should start asking for something for our these very large holes in the ground? We are the
It doesn't make sense when site staff are all money, we need to leaflet every unit in the largest, and most important cog in the
accommodated together, and end up being country, decide a day, and talk to the press. W E archaeological machine, the people who actually
around each other 24 hours a day, yet still can'( need action; stop just complaining, or making do the work! I demand respect, not a lot, just the
get enough of the 'coveted one'. It would be excuses to each other, and at least bean to do basic respect and acknowledgement for which
lcgical that there would be more arguments than something. Things aren't going to get better on myself and fellow diggers deserve!
flirting, but in fact there is an equal amount of their own, why should they?Strike! Fantasy Unit League I1
both. This is the result of that great institution: WYAS Pay Farce.. some replies
'healthy competition' (although these words are E! I may be out of date, but somewhere in my - Roaand 4
by no means synonymous). This is how it goes: dim and distant past I am sure that I remember
day one of a new job. Arrive at site: I'm the being told that if an employer makes a mistake
second woman in a sea of men. Most speech is in salary payment it can only be recovered by the I
l Specialists

monosyllabic. The first woman is well consent of the employee That is the employer j Wages - above f 200? 1 @a i
established in the unit and is far more attractive has no legal right of recovery if the mistake is : Sick ~ a, v ?
- c - I1 0 Ii d ,
than me. I'm sent away to dig a large hole across theirs. Agreed, you probably will not work for : Holiday ~ a v ? 1 s :
a ditch while she is sat gracehlly planning a them again/for long, and the law may have
feature. I'm happy female dominated sites are a changed under Thatcher etc. Get unionised is
: Accommodation! 1 Of i
nightmare (!!!..m. I'm swinging my mattock my advice and get them fighting on your behalf. : Free equipment! 8 :
There are unions for professionals out there; Any available training? 0 i
with gusto, sweating like a pig and feeling great
Then some of the men gradually start to drift worth.
find an appropriate one and get your moneys
Contracts 1 month+? -- I -B-;
over and begin to communicate with me. The RYour reader Iabwre] endeavours to assure us : Level of respect for staff 1 8 1
first woman is not happy. For the next two that an employer cannot take over payments out : Good- - archaeolow? -, (
0 ;
months we barely spoke. The crazy thing was of salaries. True, but I had this problem whilst
that neither of us had any serious interest in working for a very large London unit, (it belongs Greadyes
anybody on site and we were both already to a museum). They simply made it so that my Passable/yes
attached. What's going on? Everybody seems to job was no longer tenable. They were very much Bad/no
be reduced to surviving on their wits and animal aware of this too. After leaving it took me over 6 Two tier - depending on experience
instincts alone. In the heat, clothing becomes weeks to get all my due pay out of them. I have Free for 'away' sites only.
more scarce and bodies more tanned. The been assured that I will never work for them No. of mo~lthswait
shades go on, and then its survival of the fittest. again.. Ho Humm. Costs a bit!
You strive to prove yourself when you're new, Northamptonshire rant .... @9 Self employed only.
and to the new people who join the team. B 1 am writing in utter disgust about the total ,fix a ndT u&t ~ateI$'d+nt ti &t
Whether we like to admit it or not, we lack of respect shown to myself and fellow own ba* and let other p p 1 e know just htw-
occasionally lose our professionalism, and it all diggers at Northampton Archaeological unit. bad .they ard Or were hey wondfvl
comes down to projecting our image. Or it could There is a total lack of communication between condirians coulddt do enough for you?
all be down to the funny chemicals in the higher members of staff within the unit itself, Send m in your er& far the F- Unit
tanning lotion. causing much upset, outrage and at times total League NOW! You got to be in it to...winmplt
I would also like to point out that most despair. *ALSO' someone-has written -into point mt
archaeologists, if they're not already having a Case in point: 26th of May - current diggers thatCtheIFA minimum wage requirements are'
relationship with a colleague, are likely to be contracts ending a week on Monday; being f213'fot di&ger$minimum- please adjust-any
having one with another archaeologist promised to be renewed for 2 weeks for ongoing dn;nriiesii~cotdi ngty...n~Q for anythf ng less!!!!
somewhere else. We bump into each other time postacavation work to be completed, all Finances
and time again, gossip is rife. One supervisor relwant staff to be contacted. Arriving back at
once commented to me: "you know, the next the unit I am told again by a senior project
generation of archaeologists are going to come assistant that I have 2 more weeks work. Head of Total contributions
from a very restricted gene pool". unit over-hears conversation, a s h me to enter Total costs (projected)
his ofice where I am told they have no more End balance -294
Letters Bombs work for me! Why doesn't senior staff tell staff,
Strike! directly, THE FACTS. It IS their job to do this
El Instead of sitting around in the pubs of this isn't it?
country discussing unit politics or just 'the hard Case in point: VERY LOW moral created by I
'The Digger' is a non-pzofit making newsletter existing entirely on donations. All donations welc:ome, cheques should be made out to The
Iigger'. Any contributions of material positively encouraged. Back-issues available, please send SfLE. 'The Dimer' on the web, with extra art
md discussion areas; and the Brltkh Arohaeological Jobs Resource, a free jobs service for everyone, with jo; adverts posted regularly and
d i n e CV service, admirably maintained bv Backtraok Archaeolw. Check it.
PO Box 391
Oxon OX14 3GS
e-mail:cybeydigger@talk21 .corn
in the tender, but these changes would be
Utopia Archaeologica Hmongst units as a whole, and I think the nation-wide rather than on an individual
The problems which face archaeologists on a IFA could actually sort this out if it wanted, basis. This would have absolutely no effect
daily-basis are all well known, and well listed as it does have the systems in place with on the contractors, for whom archaeology is
in this publication. Poor pay, short-term jobs, which to deal with the problem. but the smallest of potatoes compared to the
crap career structure a sense you get the Think about this: all work originates from total cost of a development, and who would
feeling that n o t h i i will ever change because the county archaeologists and the have to deal with the archaeology as usual
it just never does, despite all the lofty words development control department of the because othewise they wouldn't be able to
of the IFA. Diggers become Supervisors county council, who recommend what work proceed with making bootfub of cash. Net
become Project Officers, and the whole should be done prior to a development result: better conditions in archaeology, and
system reproduces itself through time. People taking place; on the basis of this, tenders are the same amount of work for everyone.
who once worked side by side with each submitted in order to land a particular NOW someone write in and tell me why that
other end up bitching away later in life as contract for a particular unit, which are duly -
wouldn't work ...
tb y h none of that ever mattered, and approved or rejected by the contractors. If
dkerately trying to steal each others work the county archaeologists specified that &
Poets corner
by constantly halving tenders in order to get IFA-accredited units could undertake the Tlte fobwing immensely cheesy poem was sent in
one over on the unit down the road. Sad. work, this would have an effect; cowboy by a ~mdm,written in 1975 by Peter Mahon -
My personal perception is that the problem units would suddenly become very thin on check out tlae cheese!
is and will always be the worth we put on our the ground. Units submitting tenders would Trenches stretch as far as the eye can see,
profession as a whole. The contractors to have to maintain the sets of standards laid Above, porters slowly advance on scree.
whom we present our ludicrously low bids to out by the IFA for Registered Archaeological All around endless sand, unbearable heat:
wouldn't really care if they were higher...all Organisations (RAOs), or else not get the Men working tirelessly, Trying to compete.
they want is the cheapest and quickest work At present the scheme is only
possible work done so that they can get on operating as a by-law of the institute, and is Six archaeologists, plans in hand, discuss,
with making a packet, and retiring and not directly linked to any disciplinary While excavation continues without fuss.
moving to Spain as quickly as possible. Get regulatio11~',any problems at present fall They have come to fulfil1 an ambition,
two units scrapping over one bit of work and directly on the shoulders of the Responsible dream:
there is only one winner the contractor. Postholders, which are usually the directors Thousands of pounds being spent on the
One solution is the cartel: if two (or more) of the units. This means a unit has to do scheme.
units who mainly work in one area actually something REALLY bad in order to get
shared out the jobs, and agreed sensible To one side a tent houses treasures of silver,
cautiond... not really an ideal solution. Careful hands clean sand from a gold salver.
costings between them before putting them However, the IFA has a whole raft of
to the contractor, then they would work as Excitement mounts as they uncover new
recommendations in place which units are
,,m as before but would make more by encouraged to abide by if they want to be Protected for centuries by the winds.
doing so, rather than cutting each others seen to be good RAOs, and one of these
throats to get the work off of each other. If recommendations is pay. If pay-rates were Somewhere out there is an ancient burial-
you as a unit are worried about another unit made mandatury, and failure to comply was ground,
encroaching on your territory, cut your costs made to be a disciplinary offence punishable The local natives think evil will be found.
then and only then, across the board of units by expulsion, RAOs would have to comply. They view the expedition with anger and
in the area, until the encroaching unit All units trying to seek work would have to malice,
cannot compete and goes elsewhere. Thii increase their tenders to accommodate the These strangers mutilating their Royal
only works where sane and mature adults are increase in pay, or else they would not be Palace.
in charge of the units involved, and as we are allowed to work at all, because by failing to
all well aware, invariably only over-paid ego- take account of the change they would be
One day these finds will go on show to the
maniacal slightly psychotic idiots with expelled and not allowed to tender for work world,
inferiority and/or superiority complexes end by the county archaeologists. Build into the In the desert the marks where new man
up in charge. The only people who suffer are called.
IFA accreditation process other factors such
those at the raw end who are the economic as provision of accommodation, mandatory As young and old gape at wonderous sights,
victims of bad management, hence all our sick and holiday pay, pension contributions, Natives return to primitive days and nights.
bad pay and appalling conditions. Simplistic and units would have no option but to Flipping cracking giggle eh ? %nkfuRy our
this may be, but get rid of the khting and implement these changes if they wished to correspondent has written us a brilliant updated
start chucking around a bit more cash and work This would see further increases in the version for the 90s,see what you think:
the situation could only improve. The costs which would have to be accommodated
Trenches stretch as far as the eye can see, of the IFA At both meetings the prospect of for complninants? And isn't it acrualEy m job to
Around, trainees emerge with their tea. Speck! Group for Diggers, like those fc monitor such bad RAOs? i. I

All about, endless mud, unbearable cold,

(Wolmen working listlessly, hunting for gold
Marine Archaeology and Local Groups, wa
encouraged, but so far no takers. How about I
Diggers? This is one way to get your viewpoint This I% a special letters sectrbn due to the
Two archaeologists, plans in hand, argue, over to "the big bosses". Matthew worke 0vefwheIming response to 3tx and lots of
Will the dig continue or the developer sue? if written forissue N b y a corresponden~..
They have come to build a pub with a theme
extremely hard to get the session off th
ground, and I am sorry that his efforts on you No sex please, we're digging ....
V I am writing in response to the [ad&]
Hundreds of pounds being spent on thc behalves was so unpleasantly "rewardedn. H
scheme. . should be congratulated for getting IPMS tc because I am irritated at its silliness and
attend; union membership can protect Digger dismayed by the writers attitudes which, if left
A portacabin houses treasures of iron anc in a way that the IFA cannot. As for Pete unchallenged, could seriously harm the
pot, Hinton (The IFA direaor...Ed), his output i position of women in archaeologg.
It's left to the volunteers to clean the lot. phenomenal in quantity and qualitg No one can deny that sexual artradon in the
Excitement mounts as the end of the dq Constructive criticism would be far morc workplace exists, but most people keep it in its
draws near, :ffective. place and keep a professional attitude to their
Has petty cash enough for every digger tc 3-1an equally serious note, if an IFP job at the forefront of their minds. The writer
have a beer ? Registered Organisation "butchered thc of the article, however, seems downright
uchaeologyn because of a mismanaged tender ~bsessedwith having a "nice hot roU" on the
Somewhere out there is another Seahenge, spoil heap, when she should be getting excited
we would like to hear details from thc
Bound to send someone else round t h e about the archaeology and maintaining her
uchaeologists who did the butchering. Harc
~ d e n c please,
e -
not hearsay in a signed letta professionalism and, perhaps, her dignity.
O r perhaps a repeat of Manchester airport,
Where "dope smoking" archaeologists got
)f complaint to the Chair and there will bc ['m appalled that there are women on the
h e possibility of doing something about it ircuit who have, on different sites, tried to win
caught 4nd any other evidence of competitive h e bosses affections. Do they want to go back
endering damaging archaeology, or pool :o the days when a woman was assumed to have
O n e day these finds will have gathered rust,
iealth & Safety, to the IFA please. Withou~ ~ oon t in a job only because she had slept with
And we archaeologists will have turned to
trchaeologists giving us the ammunition our h e boss? The writer's pride in having done this
As young and old gape at the new housing -
lands are completely tied time for heads S misti~ing. My pride comes from being

lbove the parapet! dcnowledged as a capable worker by my boss,

estate, lot as a good lay.
h d the IFA is also looking at better use of the
We do our CVs and leave it to fate. am angry at the suggestion that women invite
reb for job seekers. Anything that helps
IFA Conference - the Xggers to gain employment is to be exual attention to when they innocently ask a
IFA reply.. ..
The fouowing article was written as a response to;
Cvelyn Baker, Hon Vice Chair Standards,
,upervisor to 'come and have a look at my
lolen. This is l i e saying that women ask to be
FA exually abused if they wear shorts. If "Carry
bit of a rant someone had in issue 12 about the 3nn style jargon is deliberately used on site, it
Srstly, I'd just like to say that I am really not that
IFA, specijicalbj relating to the conference:
wprised that the 'St~atijkation in Archaeology s a only OK if it is casual banter between
"The IFA isn't caring "all of a suddenn. The
:mm' failed, because of the m y it was advertised. onsenting diggers. Depending on the
idea of getting Diggers to the "Stratification in
tick a w e advert in 'The Archaedogirt' dfen'ng ituation, "can I come in your hole" can be
Archaeology Forumn [at the IFA conference]
Lnancial assistance, a d exactly hau many digm ither a juvenile joke or real sexual harassment
was absolutely genuine. Units were asked by
n'U see it, seeing as so few are membets? Not that 've heard lads saying it to each other.-
the IFA to send Diggers, and to let their staff
urny. Aye, the complainant did nothing but lowever, the writer tells us that a senior
know about the conference, and the possibility
omplain...if you'd spread you7 message a bit more, nember of a team used a similar phrase to a
of financial wherewithal. A hardship fund
erhap you would have got a better mss section of riend, who snbered. I hope her friends can
was created, and not a sing!e digger applied.
ie digging populace, some of u h may have hstinguish the sleazy innuendoes of a creepy
Funny, isn't it, that bad news always travels fast
ctuaUy have been interested. Asking the units to boss from harmless banter amongst mates. The
while good news is ignored? True, in hindsight,
romote the confuence was aEo a bit daft...canlt see omer is sexual harassment and in this case
the fund could have been wider/better
im many units Wanting to send a fafr proportion of niggering is totally inappropriate.
advertised, but at least your anonymous author
workforce away for a fm days, while projectr h e article get sillier. Quote: "I'm the second
got the information and did nothing about it
P on hold. 1am really gm+l that you both @t so Ioman in a sea of men... the first woman is well
but complain. We get the message - good try,
ucch effort in; it tvouId have a m U y haw been stablished in the unit and is far more
must do better.
ice if it hadn't been a wasted opportunity, like so ttractive than men. Excuse me? She rated the
As one of several speakers in the Stratification
any previous. Furthermore, I would have happily ttractiveness of fellow female workers in
Forum, I spent valuable time preparing a talk
aw gone werboard adudsing the confer ence...fulG elation to herself? Archaeological sites are not
that Matthew Reynolds and I thought would be
age spread if necessav. Why don't you use us to get ~eautycontests! It's bad enough that some men
of real use to diggers an explanation of the ompile lists rating women on sites in terms off
le message amass next time?
local government system of job ranking used by m a l potential (this happened whilst I was at
S to the 'heads above parapets', I know exdctly the
most archaeological organisations. Few diggers niversity), without women doing it to each
redicament described as I've seen my fair s h e of
were there to hear it, but I was asked to the lther. The writer claims that she and the other
-ompetitive butchering', but I wouldn't do the
Cambridge Forum to repeat it - and answered a romen on site did not speak because the men
Ung. 1 am trying to keep in employment, and smff
bombardment of questions as an elected officer ad shown her some attention and the other
ke that sticks to your name. HOW about anonymity

woman was not happy. Her assumption that it hard about the way they use their gender and other than me. I've lost count of the times
was competition for male attention that sexuality at work OK this is sexist, but we are a when the phrase "I think your very special
resulted in the two women's non minority, and if we define oursleves in this way, but ...".The worst case is when, after weeks of
communication is very sad and dduded. She how can we complain when the men do it' Iaying the groundwork and you're on the verge
should realise that the other woman saw herself You won't have your looks for ever, girls! What of taking a major step forward, some bloody
as an equal and capable member of the unit are you going to do then, or will you have fresh- faced graduate joins the dig (usually as a
and saw the men as nothing more than a work married the director of a unit by then? You can break before getting a real job), spouting aU the
colleagues. She wanted nothing to d o with the be the site totty or you can be a professional. latest theories, and being a general witty
writers silly flirtations. One thing is certain, men won't let you be bastard. He then proceeds to work his way
?he writer feels that kmale dominated sites are both. through all the lovely ladies on site including
a rughtmare. Having deduced something of her We all know of women who've been promoted the apple of your eye. Sometimes more than
psyche from her article, this is presumably because of who they have slept with. The gossip one at a time. If you happen to share the same
because she feels there are less men to flirt with tends to get embellished until you are the digs as this c*** he usually gets the bed that has
and more competition Male dominated sites whore of Babylon and you don't know one end the most knackered springs with a head board
can sometimes (not always) be a nightmare. of a context sheet from the other, even if you pushed right up against the wall separating
Female dominated sides can often be more happen to be good at your job. your room from his. Thump, thump, thump,
civilised and supportive. So what am I saying here? Flirt with that grimy- squeak, squeak, squeak all night long.
I suggest that this woman takes a long, cold fingernailed, tattooed digger in the pub, take So come on ladies take another look at that
shower and grows up a little. I hope she will 'em home and give 'em a good seeing to if you shy, weather-beaten, bow legged old git. He
begin to see that sleeping with bosses will do must, but leave it out between the hours of may not be much to look at, and may also have
h* -areer no good in the long run, that other 8am and 4.30. Its not big, its not clever and its no money, but he could be hung like a donkey.
wt-en are potential friends rather than a lot more stomach churning to have to watch The restricted gene pool writes...
competition for male attention and that, in snogging in a minibus at close quarters first )) As the son of two volunteers who met
future, on sites, she should keep her mind o n thing in the morning than it is to do the while digging up the same Saxon grave I want
archaeology. All the other silliness should be snogging. to say we should discourage breeding in the
saved for a more appropriate time, for her own Not to mention that restricted gene pool thing - profession. I could have had a proper job if I
sake and for the sake of women being taken do you want a kid born with celtic tattoos, a lip- hadn't been off to such a bad start
seriously o n a archaeological sites. stud and a dog on a hairy string instead of Anyway I've just returned from a uni dig in
V Maybe I'm getting old. I'm sorry the afterbirth? bleugh! France which was starting as an exercise to
anonymous female archaeologist thinks female More from THAT Unit Director resemble Big Brother. 6 boys, 6 girls stuck in a
dominated field teams are worse than male V Sex and lots of i t What planet is the author tent for 3 weeks with nothing to do but drink I
dominated ones. In what way? Less men of this article from, or more to the point can safely say that sexual tensions were
offering to empty her wheelbarrow in the hope working o n In my experience archaeology and incredibly high and as for sexual innuendo... In
of a shag? The worst teams consist of the S word do not go together and as Principal which other profession can I get away with
unavailable project managers, inexeperienced Archaeologist within a unit (Archaeological supervising 'a trench full of bitches? This was a
supervisors and unprofessional diggers who Research, Survey and Excavation k d ) I take definite plus to having woman on site so long
think that archaeological fieldwork is a great every step I can to nip any blossoming romance as they don't flutter their eyelids and ask you to
big 18-30 holiday laid o n specially for them; ie in the bud. It was only last week that I had to take the bloody barrow.
a n opportunity to increase their t a n / m d e lay off one young female for being too A piece of advice someone should have told my
tone/bedpost notches (em..see last letter!a. attractive to the opposite sex. I for one will not dad.
P* ' ssionalism isn't just about getting the have my workers distracted from the features Fantasy Unit League I1
m k i x right or remembering to fill in sample
sheets. It also includes things like behaving
by the curves of some hussy who even brought
her own condoms on to site. It's hard enough -
Round 4
appropriately to your co-workers. Respect for getting a full 10 hour day from the lazy good
yourself &odd precl~deworkplace flirting, but for nothing diggers who have enough fag ! Trent and Peak (TPAUI* !
if it doesn't, then think about the fact that you breaks as it is, without the compulsory post -
Wages above f 213?

g [
are likely to know all these people for the next bonk one. Another factor that must be kept in
mind is the fact that there are not enough of
I Sick ~ a v ? I Q :
30 years if you stay in archaeology. People have
the lesser sex working o n site to go round. All Holiday pay?
the right to go to work and not be harassed or
wen made uncomfortable by a sexualised it takes is for one of these creatures to start ; Accommodation?
enviroment. I'm not saying archaeologists applying sun tan lotion to parts that I care not :
Free eaui~ment) @
shouldn't ever have relationships with other to mention than for WWIII to start as the Any available training?
archaeologists, just that if they do, it should be testosterone drunk males start vying for Contram l month+?
as discreet as if they both worked in an office, attention ! Level of resuect for staff 8 !
factory or school. No! In my point of view any woman on site
As a woman, I am embarrassed by some of the should be forced to wear masks of the Queen
behaviour Ibe seen on sites. Not because Ibe Mother and if possible all tea should contain a 0 Great/yes
gone into tool sheds and found people in liberal dose of bromine. 0 Passabldyes
various stages of foreplay, although I have; but Gentleman digger, GSOH, WLTM... 8 Badho
because you are letting those of us who choose V Sex and archaeology always happens to Two tier - depending on experience
to keep our sex lives out of the workplace someone else. In my experience the few women & Free for 'away' sites only.
down Female diggers should think long and on a site will all only have eyes for someone 0 No. of months wait.
E Costs a bit! systematic failure to inform staff of staffldjob out regularly? I am not the bashing BAJR,
@ Self employed d y y situations. which is a useful service, although it doesn't r'
'frut6er notest aside from having a name CASE IN POINT: as if the above attitude advertise a fraction of the jobs advertised in the
reminisce~lt of a dodgy eightia band (oh, you wasn't bad enough I experienced an attitude of JIS. I've been subscribing to the JIS for some
kn w...never mind)... this lot seem awful According sexist behaviour not encountered before (after time, and I found my present job through it.
to our source, they recruit fresh grnduates, and digging for 3 years in 4 different countries) I'm not a member of the IFA, as apart from the
erploit them This g i w a high pmmnel turnover from some male members of staff. This took JIS it does not seem to have much to offer field
and much disilltcsionment, but there's always more two forms: work staff, but you don't have to become a
crocuel*.f Sounds familiar? firstly and most obviously: the good old member to receive the job-sheet, contrary to
Field Archaeology Specialists a macho culture based around the familiar set of what your correspondent said. Also, I fail to see
comtion ... dubious premises which goes something like: why he describes the JIS as 'never adequate',
A representative of the Univmity of York, a bit digging big holes fast is an end in itself men just because it isn't available on the Internet - a
rattled by lan ism league, wrote the foilowing like digging big holes fast - therefore what are facility which as he admits himself mostly
"Having just read the latest issue, I wanted to all these women doing on site, don't they know itinerant diggers don't have regular access to. I
note a point in relation to your Fantasy League this is a man's game? Now I know that this used the BAJR on the rare occasions when I
and Field Archaeology Specialists. Although kind of thing can be found (sadly) to a greater am at home and I think that there is room for
FAS are situated at Kings Manor, within this or lesser extent on many sites what was most both, and possibly more, job services, and that
Dept., they are NOT part of the University of disappointing at Northampton was the extent there isn't a conspiracy or some kind of
York They simply operate from that base, for to which this attitude was promoted and competition going on between JIS and BAJR
which they pay rent. Thus, unfortunately, fostered by senior and experienced staff. If your correspondent had any sense, he'd get
those of us within the Dept who hme tried our secondly, more suLtly and worse: at his colleagues to ppoi resources and pay for a
best elsewhere to supp~rtdecent wages and the start of a long, largescale project, it became group subscription to JIS in someone's n a m e . d
conditions of service for excavators, and would clear that the male director and male Most fieldwork jobs last as long as a two month
certainly wish to push FAS in similar supervisors were fractionally more at ease subscription . Let's face it, if digging wasn't an
directions, in fact have no formal influence on communicating with male diggers than their option, some of your correspondents would be
how they operate (and, in my case, no actual female colleagues. Nothing blatant, just a unemployable but if I see any adverts for
knowledge of the situation there, until I read tendency for the men on site to be kept in the 'whining bastard wanted' I will be sure to pass
your piece). O n the plus side, having seen the picture a little more reliably than the women them-
League result and passed on its content to FAS, Over the course of several months this led to Or they could get down to their fiendly
perhaps they might take the implications to real division, with the men being given first neighbourhoal internet provider and do it for free.
heart we shall see." refusal of interesting tasks, exclusive use of and BAlR is slightly different from JIS in that it costs
Obviowly pays to highlight units' bad practice...keep training on unfamiliar high-tech equipment you nothing and is always available, witlwut
it up kids! We'U get 'em yet....& (what a career development opportunity some subscription. It also mmes CVs online, which
of us didn't get there ... ), exclusive assignment means any unit seeking staff can find you if they
4 Letters Bombs @ to any work involving machinery, first chance want to. It is a n evolution of the job service, but JIS
Northampton Rant Mark 2 to take any extra responsibility that was going stiU is necesarj for those evithmt access to PCs to be
Further to issue 13's 'Northamptonshire Rant' ... you get the picture. able to find jobs, and no one would say otherwise.
I have this to add. Please note that whilst this All of what both I and last issue's Northants Its just a s h we have to pay for that
unfortunately applies to most members of the ranter have highlighted is unnecessarg and information, which I think is the point the
organisation, there are a couple of excellent avoidable. It may all be attributed to a cmespondent wm trying to make.
people there who are to be excluded from this disgracefully unprofessional attitude to As to the bows issue, a somewhat fatuous point
they & others will know who they are.. and so management and employee relations. as it is everyone's right to have a holiday, I have this,
will the accused... Questions: to say. Whik David was away on holiday (his
CASE IN POINT: My recent stretch of To diggers: Would we put up with this in any honeymoon, incidentalb...), the service was still
employment (as well those of other people) other job? Would we be expected to? accessible. Lynne Bevan also takes htohdrrys, and
with the mmed ur?it=:v terminated abi~ptly To t'mse in a p ~ s i d o nto make h e r e l m t when she does, JIS does not come out, sometimes fm
and I found out in a 'by the way' manner by decisions: How can you expect the outside a week to two weeks. Also bem in mind that David
phone with no notice. The senior project world to take field archaeology seriously as a does the jobs sewice foJ nothing, at a great d e d of
officer bravely delegated the task of giving me profession when you appear not to yourselves? time and pmonal expense, while Lynne gets paid for

1 1 1
and others this news to one of the site Do you care? it (albeit on a nominal salary r a 3 . &
supervisors who, strictly, had no responsibility JISversus BAJR - who cares? Finances
for personnel-related matters. In reply to your foul-mouthed and inarticulate
&E IN POINT: there is a strong 'us and correspondent (issue 12 ...a, I think you St" balance (this issue) 49:
them' attitude that comes down from senior should bear in mind that the BAJR was off line Total contributions +£l 18
staff members. Many think they are far to good for about a month recently when David Total w s t s (projected)
to communicate with mere 'diggers' - this Connolly [who rum the site] went abroad. Could End balance -S56
ranges from senior members of staff not this be why the IFA pays someone to collate Thanks too all who contributed this issue!

replying to a simple 'good morning' to and send the jolxheet, to ensure that it is sent
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have only grazing rights granted by oral flood area is the Roman garrison town of
MoLAS to strike? tradition: unless they can produce a 'deed' on Zeugma. The ruins of the town have lain
Archaeologists and specialists at one of the
paper they will get nothing. Waterhrne undisturbed for centuries, and the dry climate
U k s largest units have balloted to take
diseases such as malaria will also increase in the has preserved scenes of stunning complexity in
industrial action over pay. A management deal
area, but no remedies are planned. 125 villages the 60 mosaics recovered. The site is currently
that amounted to a pay cut was &o thrown out
will be affected; 19 villages in the catchment being excavated by Oxford Archaeological Unit
by a 70% vote. In a packed meeting at the
area have been cleared at gun-point, the houses (amongst other archaeologicai contracmrs) and
Museum of London one digger called the deal
destroyed. There has been a lack of concern for it appears that British contract archaeologists
a 'slap in the face' considering that workers
those displaced under previous such ventures, are "relishing' the opportunity to dig such a
there had endured pay freezes and had lost
annual leave in order to 'save the Museum' in
with no consultation or monitoring of the -
uniquely preserved ancient town selflessly
social impaa; Turkey has not provided a rescuing the remains from the flooding. The
the past. Currently the archaeological arm of
resetdement budget for any of the displaced OAU website describes the town as being 'the
the museum is booming, with many large
Kurds or set up a forum where they can state Turkish Pompeii'. Hurrah for development!
excavations in the City of London
their views, which violates World Bank and I accept that the GAP programme offers
'I ballot was organised by the IPMS union,
OECD guidelines on financing such projects. opportunities for British companies to expand
and diggers voted by 57% for industrial action
The British government backing of the scheme into international markets, but am quite
Management had offered a flat payment of 1%
is conditional on a satisfactory resettlement frankly shocked that any company should want
from April to November 2000 followed by a
package being implemented, and is currently to be involved in such a project purely to
3% rise from November 2000 to November having a rocky time in the House of remove an archaeological contaminant from a
2001. Over the 17 month period the pay deal
equates to a 1.9% rise a pay cut in real terms
The Ilisu dam project in that region has
construction site (or should that be saving these
hemendow threatened remains?). Unless I was the
since inflation is currendy 3.3%.
A strike may also be looming at the Museum
probably the highest profile. Since 1984, the unwitting victim of some clever W editing it -
area has been racked by a savage armed conflict seems that the archaeologists were pretty much
itself, where the vote for industrial action was
between the PKK, the Kurdish separatist on their own in welcoming the Bireclk dam to
over 90%: Any action is likely to be organisation, and the Turkish security forces. that area The local population have been
coordinated with IPMS members at the Science
Locally elected officials of the preKurdish turfed out of their homes with hardly adequate
Museum, where workers voted for industrial
parties state that the climate of fear and compensation for their flooded pistachio
action by a similar margin
intimidation provoked by the ongoing war orchards. In the village of Belkis, the villagers
Archaeology and Dams makes it is impossible to voice concerns over were pulling apart their houses so as to take the
I wonder how many archaeologistswatched the the dams, as any opposition would be swiftly timber and bricks to sell, rather than see them
n crushed by the military rule of the disappear intact: "I've seen the mosaics, they're
BBC "Correspondent program, broadcast
30th September, concerning the Turkish government.. Many see Ilisu as being part of a beautiful", said one, quoted in The Guardian,
government's damming of the Tigris and wider strategy of destroying the Kurds as an Ubut I rather liked my house as welL Who cares
El -ate rivers? ?he regional development ethnic group; the area is 95% Kurdish. The about that?". O n the other side of the border,
scheme, the South-Fast Anatolia Roject (GAP), dam will flood Hasankeyf, the oldest Syrians and Iraqis are losing their water as a
includes 22 dams and 19 hydroelectric continually inhabited town in Turkey and an result of the restriction of the flow of the Tigris
stations, and is being backed by a number of ancient citadel of great cultural importance to by the dam; no consultation has occurred with
international corporations, including those the Kurds, which has been compared them, which' is a violation of a treaty signed in
from the UK. Balfour Beatty (famous for the archaeologically to Ephesus (it was awarded 1946. Their supply could be diverted at any
Pergau dam scandal in Malaysia) lead the Swiss- archaeological protection by the Turkish time and without consultation, leading to
based consortium undertaking the work, and government in 1978!). *By destroying waterwars in the Middle East This raises
are likely to be backed by the British Hasankeyf, they hope to eliminate our history , serious human rights issues and yet the IFA,
government to the tune of f200 million under said one Kurd, quoted in The Guardian. The our professional standards body whose code of
an export credit guarantee. movement of Kurds into planned urban areas conduct insists we operate in a responsible
A leaked government report states that up to in Ankara and Istanbul will allow them to be manner, seems to be either unaware of the
78,000 Kurdish people will be made homeless controlled easier, and the dam will cut off the involvement of one of the largest units in the
and landless by the scheme; the damming will escape routes of the Kurdish guerrillas into the country or is not concerned. How well does
inundate the most fertile irrigated land in the mountains. this sort of behaviour sit with the notion of the
area where landlessnesg and poverty are already However, thii was not the subject of the RA0 and Responsible P d o l d e r s ? Doesn't
widespread, drowning most available pasture program; the nisu dam is still on the drawing inspire a lot of confidence, guys.
which the Kurds rely on to stay alive, and board. The scheme chosen to highlight the In the UK, we accept that our livelihoods are
forcing them into greater destitution. Much of injustices being erp pet rated upon the people based on the polluter. But in the case of
the land to be drowned is owned by absentee both sides of the Turke-ySyria/Iraq border was South-east Turkq, the polluter pays nothing.
landlords who will receive large sums in the Birecik dam, part of the same scheme but Contract archaeologists have always existed in a
compensation. The people who work the land already nearing completion. In the path of the poorly defined middle ground between the
interests of the dewdoper and those of the Get Active... £1 1575 in a year, it will cost you £4.77 a
environment, yet surely there should be a point The letter in issue l 2 says it all really. The month. If your annual income is less than
at which greater emphasis was placed on people majority of people joined the IFA for the £3690 then it will cost you just 64 pence a
rather than profit, and surely this should be it? jobs resource. The problem is that any month If you are laid off, then the first year
Do we raise ourselves above political situations association/club/society is only as good as its of unemployed membership is free. I know
and 'save the archaeology?' Or do we accept membm. You only get out what you put in. that there are not many rich archaeologists
that people are more important? The IFA will only improve if all its members out there and rich diggers are even rarer, but
If the remains at Zeugma are as important as play a more active role in running it. Start this is not a lot of money to benefit
the programme suggested then should we not writing letters, tell people what's wrong with yourselves and your colleagues h the larag
be invoking the heritage argument to prevent the job, what you want out of it etc. Don't sit Exin.
or divert development' What about back and moan, get active! If you had a choice between an extra pint
internationally commissioned surveys of
archaeoiogical potential such as are already
Or JustSit On Yer Arses after work once a week and enabling a
€3I refer to the letter in The Digger 13, colleague to contest an unfair dismissal,
being produced by OIL-funded individuals? calling for a oneday, nationwide strike to (that's what it comes down to in financial
This sort of involvement would not only allow
publicise the reality of archaeology for the terms), what would you do? My experience
greater opportunity for properly instituted
majority of diggers (and others) within the suggests that most of you would go for the
research excavation of the sites but also have
profession. All I can say is "good luck to pint. Live for yourselves, for the present and
the added fringe benefit of allowing some of
you!". My experience of trying to get stuff your colleagues and the long term. You
the local population to keep a roof over their
heads and land to farm, both worthwhile archaeologists to do something, especially in have a choice. Prove me wrong!
causes in the eyes of any reasonable circumstances where they are not directly 2X.s Ltter W written bejbre tlavs of the
professional archaeologist or human being. affected, is dismal. I have never heard of a impending MoLAS strike, but I think it makes .-
I can see why many British diggers would jump more selfish, self obsessed bunch of people, some signif;cant points. 7 k M O W diggers me
at the chance of a free, all expenses paid ever! Sure, we all have stories to tell of prepdring to stand up jbr br righu - what wiR
holiday in the sun, with some tasty archaeology appalling employment conditions, lack of YOU do?U'
for a change, given the conditions we have to respect, redundancy without notice, poor Fantasy U& League I1
work in here at home. But please try and have
a conscience! People are los& their homes and
pay, illegal deductions from wages, etc., but
how many people are prepared to join a
Round 5 -
getting little or no compensation and you are union and do something about it? Not many,
facilitating this by blithely engaging in rescue I can tell you.
excavation. I would like to see the bill for the I work for an organisation that has an
air fares, wages, subsiste&e payments for those officially recognised trade union, and we -
Wages above t?
'selfless' archaeologists compared with the have been successful in negotiating a number l Sick pay? 0
compensation received by locals in that area. of improvements to working conditions - for
Holidav ~ a v ? @
Or alternativelv,. . if the BBC have misled me, our p e m e n t staff. The next obvious step
:r Accommodation? 1 @ l
then maybe a representative from one of those would be to begin negotiation on behalf of
British archaeological companies involved in our staff on short term contracts to bring ; Free equipment? @ i
the excavation of Zeugma, or the IFA, could their terms and conditions up to speed with ! Anv available trainim? 1 @ !
qualify their position and allay my fears about ours. Except that when we held a
archaeologists smoothing the way for the profit- recruitment session for our short-term staff - .
driven bulldozers. we only ended up with one additional I
G o d archaeology?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
l @ ;
- - - - - - - - - - -

So what is it that archaeologists actually member. The rest thought it was a great idea, Key:
conserve? Is it a quantifiable set of material yes, of course something should be done, etc, @
remains, or the ethical responsibilities of the etc but none of them ever quite got round to 0 Passablefyes
profession to local communities? it 8 Badno
Apologies m all h e cwrcrpondma who wmrc in fm El Two tier - depending on experience
condensing dui7 4inro one a&. E$ I have heard many excuses from people who
do not have any ideological reasons against & Free for 'away' sites only.
4 Lettern Bombs Trade Unionism, for not joining. For most 0 No. of months wait.
More Sex... E Costs a bit!
people, unless they q n see a direct, personal

P yeah, we know S& and archaeology (issue Q Self employed only.
benefit, they will not join. Even when that
13) is a common combination, and not just at means leaving their colleagues open to unfair Finances
the bottom of trenches when the PO is at the
other end of the field one of the authors of a
redundancy, harassment and deterioration in
terms and conditions.
Total contributions
recent, large, heavy and WO* English Joining IPMS -the only Union with a branch
Heritage sponsored tome on Stonehenge left Total costs (projected)
specifically for archaeologists - is unlikely to
archaeology to...write some Black Lace books. End balance
cost you more than £7 a month, depending
Straight up. I know which I'd rather have on Braesic again!
on your annual income. If you earn less than
my cv! -
'Thc Wggsr' is a nap- ofi it maMng newsletter existing entirely on donations. All donations welcome, cheques should be made out to The
Digget'. Any contributions of material positively encouraged. Back-issues available, please send SAE. 'The mf'
on the web, with extra ert
and discussion areas; and the Brftbh Archaeologid Job8 a jiee jobs service for everyone, with job adverts posted regularly and
online CV service. admirably maintained bv Backtrack Arohaeo1oeg. Check it.
Issue No 16 February 2001
PO B& 391
Oxon O X 1 4 3 G S
e-mail:cyber-digger@talk2l .corn

Proposed 'IF'A Chartered lower paid archaeologists. Provision of training practical and theoretical problems and to
towards chartered status would be a joint address concerns at an early stage. The wider
Archaeologists' Scheme responsibility of IFA and employers. the consultation the better. Having examined
'I have recently been trying to come up with an
Organisations wishing to become Registered and incorporated initial comments, the
idea for some sort of system that would address
Archaeological Organisations would need working party could then circulate a draft
the issue of archaeological standards and
M O % of their staff to be chartered. Any scheme. From start to finish, the scheme could
employment standards together, rather than
publicly funded work (grantaided, Cadw be implemented within two years. KG.
seeing them as seperate problems, as the IFA
contingency, etc.) would have to be carried out Fantasy Unit League II
currently seems to. I was pleased to read the
by a chartered archaeologist (if an individual)
Utopia Archaeologica contribution as it
or a R40(if an organisation). Curators within
2000 Awards
seemed to be along similar lines to what I was After yet another incredible year of the league,
the planning system would be able to.stipulate
thinking. Having showed my draft to various it's now crunch time for those units that were
the same for developer funded work R e m o d
colleagues, the response seemed to be 'Very entered by the hapless individuals who have
of chartered status (and consequent financial
P:--, but the IFA would never do it'. The had to work for them. If you missed out on
loss) would be the ultimate sanction for
I . ,on for the pessimism ranged from the getting your results in, don't worry. The league
general perception that the IFA hasn't got the will continue this year, as there are plenty more
Chartered status would be equally available to
balls to the idea that, run as it is by the Great sorry looking candidates knocking around who
permanent employees and archaeologists on
and the Good of Unit Directors, they wouldn't haven't been included. GET SCRIBBLING!
short term contracts. Within other sectors,
ever implement a scheme that might end up The prizes as usual are some immensely tasteful
there is a financial reward for chartered status;
damaging them (by making them work for a certificates for the winning and losing units to
this could overcome the problem of
start). It seems to me that the IFA are facing a proudly display in their entrance
disproportionately low pay for archaeologists
massive challenge at the moment, the pressure halls/offices/torture chambers. They'll most
within a local authority context (i.e. equality of
from all sections of the profession is on for likely get binned, but keep your eyes peeled
pay with chartered architects/surveyors). The
them to do something. W i l they rise to i ~ ' and let us know if they appear. If anyone out
financial reward would also be an incentive for
The Scheme 'diggers' to become chartered (and to join IFA). there can think of some alternative prizes
The IFA has two stated aims: to improve (nothing TOO offensive) get in touch
Any digger wanting to direct excavations (or
professional standards in archaeology and to The awarding of points is still the same as last
assessments/evaluations) .would need to be
improve conditions of employment for year, because it seems to just about work and I
chartered anyway.
archaeologists. Although the link between these can't be arsed revising anything:
A 'Charter' scheme for archaeology would
aims is generally accepted, they have Wages, Contract, Sick Pay, Holday Pay,
drive up standards, encourage more individual
traditionally been approached in different Accommodation, and Respect seemed l i e the
members to join and would enhance the R40
ways. The scheme outlined below attempts to most important aspects, so each gets 4
scheme. It would indicate a standard
address both issues toged-ter. points, each 0 2 points and 8 nu1 bints, of
recognisable to the outside world and would
M-~bershipof the IFA would exist as at course. 1 point deducted for metier wage
allow for direct comparison with other skilled,
p_.-cnt, but applications for full membership systems (H);1 point deducted for expensive
graduate entry professions. It would improve
would involve becoming a chartered accommodation (f), 1 point added for free
pay and conditions for archaeologists at all
ar6haeologist. The procedure would be
levels and would be accessible to all practising away accommodation (R);but none deducted
comparable to that of becoming chartered for waits on sick and holiday pay (8)as all
archaeologists. It would shengthen the position
engineers, architects or SUNeyOrS and to the units who did this got panned in this category
of the IFA as the representative body of
outside world, chartered archaeologists could anyway!
be compared equally with the above Free Equipment, Training and Good Anzfmeobgy
All Trust and Unit Directors would be get maximum marks of 2 points for each O, 1
The first stage of implementation would have
chartered archaeologists, as would County point for each 0,and again, nowt fer yer 0.
to be consultation: if archaeologists are going to
Archaeologists. Excavation directors of all f i e grand total, therefore, should add up to 30
impose this sort of regulation on themselves (as
publicly funded excavations (EH, Cadw, points (plus any additional points as previously
architects, etc, etc, have done in the past) it
Historic Scotland, etc.) would also need detailed). Maths was never my strong point, but
needs to be with consent. No doubt a working
chartered status. nere are the results (fanfa~es/dmm~o~s/thundeT
party would have to be set up!
Chartered status would be available to all
[n the first instance, professions operating
archaeologists, regardless of discipline or
'Charter' systems would need to be consulted.
specialisms. Experience and qualifications
The more closely the scheme could be
would be considerations, but ability would be
modelled on those in existence already, the
the most important factor. Achieving chartered
more directly comparable they will be in the
status would be a significant individual
commitment The IFA could give financial
The second phase would be to consult with all
assistance below an earning threshold to help
branches of the p~ofession to highlight any
1 Northamptonshire 15 !l other members of the profession) and as such I 'The IFA has put some money aside to help

Archaeoiogy felt it was an important moment to actually get lower paid archaeologists attend the
University of York Field 5 the point across that conditions are conference. We would be grateful if you could
Archaeo1Ogy Specialists unacceptable and that t h i must start to bring this news to their attention by publicising
change Whether I was successful or not only it in your newsletter.
Trent and Peak 4
time will tell. Could interested archaeologists please write to:
Until I went to the IFA conference I was MSRacbtl Boning,Company Administrator
So the clear winner is Cambridge ardently anti IFA for the reasons that I'm sure IF& University of Reading, 2 Earley Gate
Archaeological Unit , not quite up to Bedford's will sound familiar, they never seem to d o PO Box 239, Reading RG6 6AU
26 points last year but still a good result Also anything, they don't represent digg.a, I'm Please encourage your readers to take advantage
good to note that Carlisle Archaeological Unit poorly paid and can't afford it etc. etc. None of of this offer, which will probably be on a first-
have improved on their 12 points of last year, my views have particularly changed having comefirst~erved basis unless particular
leaping up to a massive 21 points. As for been to the conference but I am now hardship is the case.
University of York and Trent & Peak, well determined to join the IFA and do something. Yours sincerely
what can I say? They have scored EVEN You can sit in a tea hut and moan about it Evelyn Baker, Hon Vice Chair Standards
LOWER than Tees Archaeology last year, who until your blue in the face and all that will What you waiting for, frw money, go go go...The
scored 6. Certificates winging their way to both happen is conversation will get repetitive. I am conference is on the lOfil2" April and will be held
winners and losers. If you disagree with the already a member of the IPMS and I am in the in Ne~ucastle-UportTm,B
results, then reenter any unit already process of joining the IFA because it is the
mentioned for the next bash; and we'll see if Letterc~Bombs @'
the picture changes for 2001. We await with
combination of these two institutes that will be
a powerful tool for change within archaeology. Wages rant ...
tense bowels or something. These two organisations fulfil radicdly iXI I've just read the most depressing -_
Food for Thought different roles and without both nothing will archaeological advert I've ever seen in my life.
The Digger has no doubt provided a useful happen. They have only one thing in common Perhaps it's a Millennium Bug mistake and
forum for those who feel un-represented within and that is the need for members. Without they've used 1901 pay rates not 2001 rates?
archaeology to air their views about the state of membership both the individual and the Who says we don't need unions? I sent this to
the profession regarding conditions for field institutions have no voice. There have been a Pete Hinton at the IFA (and a copy to
archaeologists. The overriding conclusion is lot of things going on in Britain and France Canterbury for good luck):
that field archaeology is in aisis with a recently which demonstrate admirably what Dear Pete
disillusioned work force who feel undenmlued can be done through united action. The effect ARCHAEOLOGISTS PAY AT
for the work which they undertake. As was that a bunch of people gening together and CANTERBURY
recently highlighted there was a session at the being vocal has had on British society is I read with alarm an advert in the Guardian for
incredible and to a great extent almost "trainee archaeologists... preferably with some
IFA annual conference which set about starting
to address the issues which most field -
unbelievable. The message in this is that to excavation experience £7737 pan. It is not
archaeologists regard as important namely -pay have a voice diggers have to stop expecting entirely clear from the advert who the
and conditions, the lack of training available to things to be handed to them on a plate. Sign employing archaeological organisation is,
temporary staff, the nature of employment and up, get involved and create the voice for though the 'cat' in the email address clearly
the future role of the IFA and importantly the change. It is not enough to just pay your refers to Canterbury ArchaeologicalTrust.
unions. I d M e e with the editor in issue 14 subscription and then sit back and wait for Can I ask you to investigate this flagrant breach
that the forum was a failure. The session was things to change You have to get involved. Join of IFA pay standards as quickly as possible. I
very informative and for me provided what I the IFA special interest groups and committees, understand that CAT are not an IFA-registered
feel are the seeds for the future of archaeology run for council. If you don't like the way health organisation (and I trust that they never will bc _,
(though it will take a lot time a ~ effort).d and safety is approached on site join the IPMS after issuing an advert with this level of pay).
Overwhelmingly the session produced positive and become a health and safety representative. Can I assume also you will want to contact the
discussion which must be a start. Encourage others to join the union and project managers Mark Houliston and Alison
I am a digger and gave a paper at the forum increase union recognition If you think the Hicks and inform them that they are no longer
(and to set Evelyn Baker straight I did apply to archaeology is being compromised report it to IFA members?
the hardship fund and received ample the IFA council, you don't have to be a Yours, depressed about British archaeology
remuneration). As I was writing I found it member to complain. Join the IPMS and the Nick Holder, Chair, Museum of London IPMS
incredibly easy to find things to complain IFA and join others shouting for change or you union branch
about because, lets face it, there is a lot wrong. will still be having the same old moans years Finances
What I found more difficult to do was actually from now.
say anything constructive or voice my opinions The only feedback 1 haw had regarding the
Total contributions
in such a way as to be taken seriously rather conference (apart fim this letter) wns the IFA's
Total costs (projected)
than being dismissed as merely another digger own dssertion that 'few diggers t u m d up'. 1 have
End balance
with a chip on his shoulder and an axe to just been sent the fobwing letter which all of you
mind. The session was attended IFA council should take up: In credit for first time ever! Thanks!
members, unit managers and diggers (as well I
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Museum strike shows way Somehow, we have to break this circle. History the services we provide on our web site
suggests that it is not going to happen as a ( An electronic application
forward result of generous employers (although many form is available on the site. Alternatively,
O n 16th February, fifty workers at the Museum
support the need to improve things, they are phone or e-mail me with any questions.
of London walked out on strike. The official
not going to do it independently of each other). Steve Jary
halfday action was in protest at the below
Change will only come about if employees
inflation pay deal imposed by management last
combine together and make demands that are IPMS HQ 020 7902 6649
year. An IPMS union official reported that the
coordinated across the sector. The only way of A lot more FAS over nowt...
strike was 95% solid.
doing this effectively is through a trade union.
As the strikers walked out they were applauded Steve Roskams of University of York writes:
IPMS has over 300 members employed in
by archaeologists from MoIAS and specialists "Following your piece in Edition 13 of The
around 20 archaeological trusts and units. The
from MoLSS (the finds arm of the Museum). Digger, in which you featured Field
largest groups are in MoIAS, York, @ford,
.This was despite -a threat by management that Al-chaedogy Specidists in your Fmtasy League,
Wessex and AOC. We also have 160
an^ such demonstration of support would and my response in Edition 14 clarifying the
archaeologists in our English Heritage branch
rc . in legal action The lunchtime protest institutional position of FAS within the
and 20 and 50 in EH'S Welsh and Scottish
o&ide the Museum swelled to 100 as diggers Department of Archaeology at York, I am
trooped in from nearby sites. Senior managers contacting you again. This is not because I am
Over the past 3 years or so, we have been
looked on in dismay from upper storey "rattledw by your publication, any more now
developing our profile in archaeology and
windows as leaflets explaining the action were than the first time I emailed you, but to put an
expanding our presence in the independent
handed out to members of the public. Nearby, impomnt matter straight.
sector. We have been working with
posters pinned to columns announced 'We Having- had further discussions with the
organisations like the IFA and the employers'
give you gold, you pay us peanuts!' - directors of FAS, it is clear that your assessment
body SCAUM to improve training and
contrasting the low pay of archaeologists to the was completely inaccurate. To be specific, with
development and to bring better definition to
Roman gold coin hoard found recently in respect to the questions asked (your original,
archaeological jobs and careers. This is all published responses in brackets):
London, worth over £70,000.
The diggefi and specialists of MoIAS/MoLSS
important long-term work, but it will not
improve things overnight. We need to start
- W w sa k fuxi and PIFA l e d a& ZFA
are also angry at the real-terms pay cut they nuhimum? Yes ("7h.v tier, dependiog on
making in-roads with the leading employing e~perknce3
received last year. One digger commented,
units. -Sick Pay? Yes ("OKD)
'Our work generates hundreds of thousands of
pounds surplus for the Museum.' Another
Unless we are formally recognised by a specific
employer, there is a limit to the practical
- Holiday pay? Yes, afkr pmvisiooaI one-
added, 'Next time we should bring barrows full month contmct (W03
of soil to dump outside the Museum entrance.'
assistance we can provide in any problems at
work (we cannot represent you in negotiations
- Accommodation? F m accommdabbn
The strike -the start of a campaign by IPMS proded when mrking on transfer ("C&&
on terms and conditions, for example). But we plen W)
against low pay in the heritage sector. Workers
at British Library have already voted for a
are able to represent members in individual
disciplinary and grievance procedures, up to
-Free equ&mentl Yes, appropriate PPE and
s e r L of oneday strikes due to start soon. excavathdmniing eqwpment W 0 3
and including legal action, if necessary. And -Any train& available?Yes (7wt &hp)
Strikes at other museums are also likely to
follow later this year.
we also provide detailed advice on employment
issues, be they legal or very practical (health
- 1 month+ contnctsl Y~J; a h r provisional
one-monthcontract (No3
Why Diggers Need A Union:
IPMS Membership And You
and safety, for example).
Having said this, a recent change in the law
-Level of sttH ~ s p e c tOK
? ~otgood/OK!)
I have no particular brief to defend FAS from
Archaeologists generally - and diggers in now gives a right to staff employed in an your observations (I am sure they can do that
particular - have legitimate grievances about organisation with 20 or more staff to be themselves if they are so minded). However I
poor pay and conditions. Pay rates of E200 a represented by a union. IPMS is actively using think it is clear that any objective appraisal of
week, no contractual sick pay, no pension, this change to seek recognition in a number of the above differences demonstrates that your
short term contracts ... the list goes on. leading units. (We are already recognised by s d l e d "assessment" is, in part, misleading,
Conditions are reminiscent of the early days of some, including MoLAS, with whom we are and elsewhere simply wrong. I would therefore
the industrial revolution: low pay, no job just about to agree a new pay structure). ask that you now publish the accurate data. I
securitv and little or no training and If we are to make a real impact, we need think this is an important step, not just in the
develovment Staff are scared to complain in archaeologists - and particularly staff in the cause of simple fairness to the people
case their contracts aren't renewed. In the -
contracting sector to join us. The easiest way concerned; nor because you may open yourself
contracting sector, fierce competition between to get recognition is to demonstrate that you up to legal action by disseminating such
units is based largely on price. The drive to have over 50% of the employees in inaccuracies; nor even because you put those
keep costs down means that any unit that pays membership. such as myself, who read what you ~ublishand
'above the market' is likely to go out of IPMS has over just under 80,000 members and believe it, in a completely invidious position
business. you can find more details of who we are and when trying to argue for remedies. NO, the
Quite a few have written to
The unique landscape around us about various problems they have
Stonehenge,one of the world's most hacl with either accon~odation,inv-
famous ancient monuments, is ellirg expences and site equipment.
threatened by a major road scheme Some people have been put up in
to turn the A303 into a dual sheds!! while others wlk about get-
carriageway all the way from London ting to sites where it is rheir duty to
to the West Country. provide the transport!! Even the
classic 1 hand shovel between 12
Stonehenge is a world heritage site, diggers!! A lot of this is down to
which Britain is internationally WHAT YOU CAN DO ? Units trying to cut budgets down to
committed to protect, bui the the n~i~~irnum at the expence of the
H:-hwags Agency plans to drive a
Ask UNFSCO to place digger... but there must be a certain
r-our-lane highway right throu~h amount of responsibility placed with
Stonehenge on the List of World
this sensitive area, des~roying YOU. When you apply for a job and
Herir:age in Dange~
irreplaceable archaeological it says there is accon~odationpro-
Write and encourage othcrs to -
vided Find out whar sort is on of.
write to the government, to English fer Also , get in writing just what
'To alleviate its impact on the srones, you are supposed to provide your-
Heritage and to the National Trust,
the authorities want tohide the road selflike steel toed boots,waterproofs,
asking them to:
in a 1:unnel close to the henge. trowels etc ( i l you feel it may hc a
Unfortunately the chosen option is bit to good to be true). If you work
Observe che World Heritage
very destruc.~ive.Involving the in Ireland clvxk to see \vhether you
Convention and the Managenlent
diggins of two 11ugetrenches to cut arc paid in Punts or Pounds.
of the
Plan by recognising the val~~c:
and then cover the t w ~ t~.~nnels.
whole Stonehenge Landscape and
which would pern~anentlydamage If there are any serious breachcs of
conservingit for future gneralions.
the integrity of the site. H a (and some of the letters are
Oppose (he release of National Trust
in.alienable land tor dual truely scary) then don't jusr leave it
The peace of this mysterious and ~ ~ n someone
ril gets hurt, write to the
carriageways and C L I ~and cover
sacred landscape would be shattered management with your conccms or
by nois37 dud carriageways, sccurely talk to the site director. If it still con.
fenced of, with long cutthgs leading tinues (likc uushored baulks or dan-
Puc as~dethe Stonehenge 'Master
down to the tunnel entranc:es, gerous ~nasonry)rhen get onto the
Plan' road scheme xnd asses the long
illunlinaced day a d night
bored tunnel option and seek IFA - thats what they aw there foK
funding to irnplenlent the right
W Most of all though make sure you
WHAT NEEDS TO BE have all the facts so there is no way
DONE?? thac you can find yourself on the site
Protect the wholc World
Heritage Site The S~onehellgeAlliance consi.sw
Minimise the impact of
of: The Council for the Protection
the roads of RuraI England; Friends o l the
Relocate the visitors
Earth; RESCIJE The British Ar-
centle chaeological Trust; Save our Sacred
Follow the Management Sites; and Trampon 2000
Plan the Master
For more infornla~on,visit he web
site at
!'l Bombs consider thc possibility that tllese staff
miglrt work elsewhere. This docs Tell it as you see it!
"Just a quick note on my experiences this
Tell them what you want! not mean that there arc not staffwithin the
summer with a fum out of Milmn Keynes
unit who arc not suitable [or
* I was just reading the!ert$s section of promotion, merely that when pbscome up. called ASC.'I'he immediate supewisor and
this (and prcvious) m&t% mmgazine, and the Project Officers were rantasric to work
t h e opportunity is there for b o t h
it x c m like everyLwdyenjoyshavingagwd
internal and external applicants to be for. They b t h were keen to do good archae -
'dig'areach otherand usually regarding thc ology, record in good dcrail, and created an
judged o n a level playing field.
gulf between the rop and b t t o m of each cnjoyablc work atmosphere. I-Iowever, the
unit. Often this is the case and admittedly "corporate" aspect of ASC ran roughsl~ocl
The second assuniption, that this cstcrnal
even in my ~elativelyshort career within over [he excavators. It wasn't so much the
advertising is a reflection o n the
contract archacology l have seen gross difficulties in the housing anangenients as
qualityof the staffthat work ineithcr unit,
incompetancc by management. In any opposed to he rude attitude concxrning
is simply wrong. Over half of
other vocation it would result in severe thosc arrangcrnents. The "management".
the Project Oficers at Wssex (including
disciplinary / legal action. However there alter stating that we would be kep~in cot-
me) started morking for rhc unit
arc sornc very good m n a g r s out therc:and tages, relegated us to acan~pground.While
as Site Assiscancs and have workcd their
only too righrly thcy should be applauded. this wasn't an agreed upon situation, whar
way up rhe ranks (sounds
My personal p d g e /chip on shoulder / made it worse was thc lact that the "man-
uncomfortably like a career ladder to me),
soap Lnx topic regards slander (and I mean agement" wouldn't pay for extra spaces for
as did all of the current site
it in its legal definition), bullying, sexism out ten6 and se~iouslydemanded tha
superviso~s.There is a policy of identiking
and cven dishonesty, anlongst the lower "double-up" in Lents.'Thi$ s i t u a t i o n w ~ . ~
site assistants who are thought to have the
reaches within units. This is often acceptable and eventually led to tluee or
potential to progress to suprrvisor,
compounded by weaknesses of iour O ~ U to
S decide to not rcncw our con-
Project Officer andbcyund, andgiving them
nlauagnlenL in dealing with such issues. tracts. So, if you work for ASC, my recom-
Iongel contiacts
So hey, why don't we niaks it casy for rhrt mendation is that you enjoy the orchaeol-
management. ogy with the supervisors and projcct nwu-
Ah, 1 hear you cq: what about mining,
l..eL1sall k rcliahle, honest, hardworking. agels, but he wary of any mawagement
skills development etc. Recenc 'in
If there arr any problerrs lace up to them pn~mises.
house' training has covered surveying
and try 10 sort thcm out. It would be [wd to hear mlu! o h side of the
(including total stations), First Aid,
In the Ion: rcrm u n ~ t swhich have story. Ed
standing building recording, reporr. wriling
prolessional staff can only go forwards.
and desk cop assessments arid has
Keep up the good material Tell me whar to do!
bee11 targeted largely as permncnt site
PSIfanybdy clisageeswithvhat Isay they
had better watch out....... I'll make up
,,sis:an:s a d sup-rvisors. T1:is
seems to mirror thc rcquests of your "1 hope ail i h wrll with the D i g e L.. wor-
stories about them. ried ro sec it nlighr cloac an all!!
What I amwr~tingabout is a desisiun I feel
Drcnm... you know ... it mrgh j i i r work ... Ed T h e r e are several problems facing I musL make scan. Should I1~comca PIFA
archacology ~ o d a y ,a n d he lack of whir.11 might help my clrances o l getting
Tell it like it is suicahly csperienced :md craincd staffisonc work....OR should I join the IPMS and un-
* As a Project Officer Idr \Vcsses OS thcm ionise roprhettrrpay and conditions (rhat
Archaeology, I feel ohligcd to rcply to a old gripe eaiu!!). I have h e n working in
letter printed in iaue #l8 abut the lack I wish your correspondcnt luck with thcir the fieldrorudl over 1%years and feel tlmt
of'iu house' trainingin archaeology which letrcr writing campaign. (luitc my 'carccr' is ,ping nowhere ...
was riddled with errorsand inconsisicncies. whar rhe IFAEngiish HeritagcICBA erc
After having spenL much of my adult MC can do is beyond me. (Thats true!! Ed) I do Who do I throw nly lot in with!
beingbrutalised invarious hostelriesby the TF
notdeny r:hat these skill^ need to br ~.a~lgh~.,
assorred viewpints of other digers (.and or a t thc very least Icarncd, and this ..-/
probably responded in kind) I had llasbce~iaproblen~for as longas I haw k c n W11 no;u weU now....
thought that 1 wus incapable of bcing working in archaeology. My adgiu for whal u s wonh b to do both...
surprised by che views ofnlore or less anyone Clearly the employers nccd t~ make much The ~ : u um e not rnurudly cxc!usive and mu
in he archaeological community. I was more of a n effort, cven if it is for could m j q r h t brrlrfirst l q I I ~ I~oufftr
? (bile.<
wrong. their benefit riithe~than yours .
So, Lip f i i t i n ~ u ~ ) .
get O U L there, write letters of complaint, As [o the Digp ... hopefiiuy some liitui soul or
F~rstly,I cannot understand why the fact badgcr your employers, ask for souk will come along a d rescue it ...
that jobs a t \Vesses and Oxford are training, but for heavenssake get your hcrs uhat ohout you?!
advcnked nationally should bf a surprise right first NC
to anyone. Surely any sensible
unit is going to want toemploy t h e k s t std&
Fair points ... I)o orher Units irrvesr in llreir
and to do s o must s ~ ~ r c rrolf??
l ~ lid

'Tire Digger' is a non-prolit making newsletter existing curirely on douationo. All douations welcome, cheques should be
made out to T h e Digger'. Any c o n t ~ i b u ~ ~of
o nruale~ial
s posrt~wlyencouraged. Rack-issues nvaihble, plesve send SAE. 'The
Digger'oo. the web, with ext1.a art and clir-cussion areas; and the British Archaeological Jobs Resource
(, a /TCP jobs seiviw for cvc1yone, with job adverts posted ~ ~ g u l a r .ly~ud
l y onlinc CV service, admirably
maintained bv B ~ c k t r n c kArchaeolocv. Check it.
English Heritage hit some 400 EH properties, including report will be completed in Septembcr
vote to strike Stonehenge. The action will be 2002.
coordinated with sister union PCS (the
Public and Commercial Services Union) The APPAG admits that 'Responsibility
First it was postal workers, then it was that represents administrative and security for archaeology is divided amongst several
train and tube drivers, now it seems even staff. PCS are also balloting for strike Government departments both in
workers at English Heritage (EH) are action. Westminster and in the devolved
joining the picket lines. Prospect union administrations. Archaeologists are also
members at EH have voted by a massive The industrial action at EH comes against split into many different areas and groups.
77% for industrial action after rejecting a a background of increasing militancy in
This has meant that thcy have rarely
3.5% pay deal. A campaign of one day the heritage sector, with strikers at the spoken with one voice.' The Group aims
stnkes is planned to start on 11 March, Museum of London winning a big pay to reflect 'the concerns of all those with an
backed up with overtime bans and increase last year, and diggers in units like interest in archaeology, both professional
working-to-rule. Wessex, Oxford and AOC pushing for and amateur' and will 'consider strategies
union recognition. for funding' UK archaeology.
.-,le pay offer was the last straw,' said
Prospect's national heritage officer Steve The Digger wholeheartedly supports the Concerns that are likely to be flagged up
Jary, whose union had recommended a action EH union members are taking, and include:
'Yes' vote for strike action. 'It's one of the we urge all archaeologists to do the same.
lowest offers in the heritage sector this We wish them luck. A victory at English pay and conditions,
year.' Recent years have seen a decline in Heritage will strengthen the campaign for health and safety,
English Heritage workers' pay compared better pay and conditions for training,
with other Civil Service salaries, with archaeologists too. It will show that the
pressure from the Treasury on the problems with developer-funded
way to win improvements won't come archaeology,
-Department of Culture Media and Sport from relying on organisalions like the
(DCMS) to drive down wages. Yet 'the fragmentation of the industry,
IFA, but from action we take ourselves. PPG 16,
DCMS is paying its own staff a 5.6%
increase', said Steve. 'English Heritage underfunding
has fallen behind mainstream civil service All Party Parliamentary no career progression,
employers and, with this offer, is set to fall Group just a talking shop? no money for research,
behind other DCMS-fknded bodies, too.' the destruction of sites supposedly
As you work in a cramped, cold trench preserved in situ,
But the industrial action is about more with the winter rains lashing down, spare standards of work,
+"-m just pay. In 2000, EH staff voted to a thought for a group of Parliamentarians old uncle Tom Cobbly and all.
, ~ e p t a pay deal after management munching biscuits in heated rooms as they
promised talks about an improvement the decide your future. The All-Party But will this just be a tallung shop for
following year. These talks never Parliamentary Archaeology Group MPS? The mainstream parties'
materialised and management simply (APPAG) has been set up to i d e n w commitment to archaeology is
imposed 3.5%. At first they blamed the problems with archaeology and will be demonstrated by the fact that none of them
Foot and Mouth crisis, but once the presenting a report to the government in even has a policy on it. Admittedly Lord
provision for foot and mouth was released the Autumn. Redesdale has tried to correct this
management still failed to put more embarrassing omission by hastily
money into pay. Management even The APPAG, headed by Lib Dem peer convening a Lib Dem archaeology panel to
rejected the union's offer of arbitration Lord Redesdale, consists of 129 members decide what his own policy should be. One
because they claimed they couldn't afFord of the Commons and Lords and includes digger in Cambridge who happened to
to pay their staff more. However, MPS Tam Dyall, Simon Hughes and write a letter to Redesdale suddenly found
managenlent were able to find 'around Jeremy Corbyn. Individuals and himself seconded onto this panel to give it
0.5% of the pay bill to finance the former organisations like universities, units, the some credibility.
Chief Executive's severance package,' say IFA and the union Prospect (formally
Prospect. The Chief Executive earned IPMS) were invited to opine on the faults Rumour has it that Redesdale himself is
&100,000in 1999. of archaeology in the UK today. 250 determined to bang heads together to get
submissions have been received. More some answers, but also that he has already
As well as the monitoring oj evidence will be sought in a series ol rejected the solution to a problem which
archaeological sites, stnke action would public meetings in the Spring and the lies at the heart of the crisis in UK
archaeology - an end to competitive you tell us what's happening where you
tendering. Competitive tendering leads to are. So keep your letters coming! The BAJR is at both
fragmentation of the industry as sites are and
often dug by units who submit the lowest 92%say IFA minimum not . And you can email
bid, not those who have the most local enough info@, too.
knowledge. The market also drives down
wages and conditions as units cut corners Jamie Oliver to present
to bid as cheaply as possible. The In a poll conducted on the BAJR website a
staggering 92% of people demanded L250 Time Team?
alternative - public fimded archaeology -
is no panacea, but at least funding or more per week as a reasonable wage for
diggers. David Connolly, who runs the Recently the makers of Time Team
decisions are dcmocratically accountable.
website, asked, 'When will the F A raise advertised for new presenters. Applicants
Another moot point is how much effect the minimum wage level from the £215 had to care about archaeology as deeply as
even the strongest-worded report will have that is currently in place? Just how long 'Jamie Oliver cares about cooking'(!) the
does it lake to change the minimum pay advert said. But The Digger asks - why
on a government that is dogmatically
committed to private finance, whatever the rate? Surely RAOs [archaeological settle for second best? Now the Naked
consequences. Chances are that in a year's organisations registered with the F A ] Chef has been dropped by the BBC, why
time we'll still be stuck in the same (or could be informed of the change with a not snap him up for the Channel 4
single email.' programme instead! Or failing that, the
similar) cold trenches, and the
Padiamentarians will still be sitting in new dumbed-down Time Team could be
heated rooms, munching on the same (or Over 600 people answered the question presented by Gordon Ramsey or Ainsley
similar) biscuits. 'What do you think a reasonable weekly Harriot.
digger's wage should be?' 3% said it
should be L21.5, 29% said it should be Channel 4 are desperate for new ideas , -
New Editors for The Digger £250 and 63% said it should be 'more breathe life into a programme that many
than 6250'. believe has gone stale. The alarm bells
The Digger is set to continue with a new started ringing in the production suite a
team of editors. The new team stepped in Twenty-nine people (5%) said diggers month ago when the viewing figures for
at the eleventh hour to save the should be paid nothing and should do the the first programme in the current series
publication that has become a forum for job for love. David asked that they 'get in dipped below two million - the lowest for
ordinary archaeologists often forgotten by contact with me as I would like to hire years. Viewing figures have picked up a
organisations like the F A . them! ' bit since then, but producers are already
experimenting with new formats.
The new lean said, 'The Digger is a The average wage in the UK is £380 per
massive achievement on the part of the week. But if new presenters are introduced
original editor and we want to cany that what's to become of Tony Robinson? The
achievement forward. From day one, the BAJR watch producers hotly deny that they'll be 'doing
publication gave diggers a strong a Carenza' on him. Still, if he is sidelined
independent voice that we've rarely had
before. It would be a real loss to have this 'I'm perfectly happy in my job, thankyou' it'll leave him more timc to fulfill h s
voice silenced. is not a phrase you often hear in site tea duties on New Labour's National
cabins or in unit offices. But even if you're Executive Committee (NEC). Here the
'The publication has highlighted bad not bothered about the latest vacancies, ictor who is best known for playinn
units, discussed F A and union issues, why no1 check out the BAJR anyway? It's aowan Atkinson's manservant WM.-.
covered strikes and international concerns more than just a job sheet. There's a jway the hours agreeing with everything
rony Blair says and does (surely 'battling
like the Ilisu Dam, all on a shoestring MESSAGE BOARD as well as that vital
'he bzireaucrats for a better deaf for
budget. And the Digger has an irreverent accessory that no up-and-coming website
streak that we want to see continue. It has can be without - the infamous CHAT zrchaeofogy'? Ed).
frequently enraged the archaeological ROOM.
establishment, for example - always a Finances
good sign! ' But if you are looking for a new job, the
BAJR is the place to go too. It's frequently
The change of editors means that there updated, free and used by almost every Total contributions
will be a new PO Box for correspondence unit and archaeological organisation in Total costs (projected)
(see above) and a new email address: the UK. And if you want to advertise a job End balance
thedigge@, But the Digger can on the site it's £2.5 a shot, or £7.5 for the Thanks to everyone who has
only continue to reflect what you think if year. Cheaper than the Guardian and contributed.
you'll get more replies.
The Digger is a non-profit making newsletter existing entirely on donations. All donations welcome, cheques should hc made out to
The Digger'. Any contributions of material positively encouraged. The Mgger on the web, with extra art and discussion areas; and the
British Archaeolo&cal Jobs Resource ( Check it. Do we have your correct name and address? If not, drop us a
line and well pi11 i t right. If you want to receive The Mgger but don't, or you don't want to receive The M_agerbut do, send u s
your details.
E13 9YP

Prospect loses its nerve The only thing that has been agreed is the (1999). Since the act came into force most
over EH strike bare bones of a pay structure. Although employers and unions in the UK have
this goes some way to address the opted for the voluntary route.
Ln a move that will anger many union
grievances of EH S W , the deal won't be
fully implemented for 3 years. Important With statutory recognition, however, the
members, the Prospect and PCS unions
timescales have yet to be finalised, union has to demonstrate it has support of
have called off strike action at English
although EH has been tied down to 40% of workers in a given 'bargaining
Heritage. As we reported in The Digger,
providing a minimum amount of money to unit' as well as a majority of those voting
in February EH workers voted
fund the eventual implementation of the in a secret ballot, or 50% membership. A
overwhelmingly for a campaign of one-
deal. 'Central Arbitration Committee' (C AC)
day strikes backed up by overtime bans
and working-to-rule. However, the hard makes the final decision. The latest report
The danger is that now the threat of action of the CAC reveals that of the handful of
work of ordinary union members in
has been lifted, there is no longer any cases that made it through the entire
building this campaign has been thrown
away by union officials who have accepted pressure on EH management to complete procedure, union recognition was enforced
a management deal which even they negotiations. Unions hope to ballot on employers in all of them.
members on the new structure in May, but
d . - ;ibe as 'vague.'
this is doubtfi~lif management soft-pedal In London, PreConstruct Archaeology
on the deal. The unions would have been (PCA) have agreed recognition without a
The dispute centred around poor pay and
in a much stronger position if they had ballot, although this won't be formalised
the lack of a pay structure at EH. The
wages of the 500 staff employed by the kept their nerve and gone ahead with until the Spring. Prospect is also
stnkes. This would have shown that they negotiating the recognition agreement at
heritage body lag approximately 10%
were serious about fighting for their the Oxford Unit (OAU) following an
behind those of the mainstream civil
members' interests and much more could overwhelming ballot in favour of union
service. The threat of two one-day strikes
have been achieved. representation.
in March brought EH management to the
negotiating table, and the stnkes were
postponed until the beginning of this A ~ u e s t i o n of Recognition The union also won an internal t;allot at
month. Last week, industrial action was Wessex by a landslide, but management
cancelled altogether when unions and Whether it's Unison for local government there are insisting on another formal
management signed up to a new pay units, or the AUT for university units, ballot. AOC, based in Edinburgh and
structure. archaeologsts are joining unions in ever London, were listed in a union publication
greater numbers. However, the union that a year ago as a unit where Prospect was
But in documents seen by The Digger, seems to be reaping the greatest rewards is recognised. This attempt to 'encourage'
union officials wony about the Prospect, which organises in the the management down the road of
shortcomings of the deal and admit that independent sector. In the next edition of recognition, however, did not succeed, and
U 1 members may feel betrayed. In a The Digger we speak to the Secretary of
a ballot looks likely here too. The union is
c k d a r , Becky Payne, the head of the the Prospect Archaeologists Branch about also in talks at the Dyfed Archaeological
negotiating team, says that 'a lot of our the reasons for this, but today we report on Trust in Wales.
members are going to be disappointed, the progress of union recogniton in
angry and frustrated' at the decision to contract archaeology and see what diggers At the Canterbury Archaeological
call off the strike. The deal itself is at the sharp end have to say. Trust, management were initially
'vague' and 'lacking in detail', she says, reluctant to contemplate recognition, but
although there is 'extra money on the 'A few of us who have been IPMS [now agreed to let the union have a meeting
table. ' Prospect] members for years went on a with all staff when the union explained
recruitment carnpgn, as we had a new what might happen if statutory procedures
A major flaw is that there is no mention of influx of diggers,' one of our contacts told were invoked.
this year's pay deal, an issue at the heart us. 'We did this with a view to forcing
of the dispute. Management had imposed management's hand over the percentage Progress has been slow everywhere. 'I
3.5%, condemned at the time by Prospect issue. A rep was appointed and don't think management has blocked
as 'the last straw' and 'one of the lowest representations made to both management unionisation, but I suspect that they're
settlements in the Heritage sector.' In a and to Prospect.' The union and dragging their heels ... There is a feeling
ballot 90% of union members rejected it. management then began talking about that until Prospect is recognised as
But union officials seem to have forgotten recogrution. representing all members of stafT, the
about the pay deal and it has quietly union is without teeth should their services
dropped off the agenda. Union recognition can be voluntary or can be required. All this, of course, while the
be enforced using the statutory powers subscriptions continue to be paid month
outlined in the Employment Relations Act on month. Prospect is keen to negotiate on
our behalf, but cannot do so until allowed The pay offered by private employers
to the table.' ~ftenoutstripped the F A minimum and h's going to be a long haul. Things won't
he average was held back by local h n g e overnight because there are too
There are also wonies about Prospect iuthority units. But there was one many powerfd forces militating against it.
itself. One digger we spoke to said, '1 am xganisation singled out in particular for But some of us are spending (unpaid) time
uncomfortable with the union representing laying below the odds. 'Come on, English md effort to improve matters. We are
such a large proportion of workers in the 3eritage.' said James, 'make it your New xginning to see improvements in some
nuclear industry. No one begrudges their Year resolution not to employ Project xganisations - better archaeology and
right to representation, but I am not happy LZssistants at f11,133 when the IFA xtter care and appreciation of their
with the political implications of my m m m e n d s f 11,817.' iggest asset, their staff. Managers need
subscriptions being used to lobby for help and support too. We have to pull
purposes to which I may object.' Ci" Letter Bombs Ci" together in the same direction or we'll get
Prospect reckons that by 'mid 2002',
rony Robinson promises 'not to sulk'
union recognition should be in place in Things are happening - Valetta, APPAG,
24 Congratulations on keeping The
four of the units that it is targeting. But the F A Roles & Skills project, RAOs and
9igger running. In your last issue you had
perhaps the union shouldn't count its inspections encouraging better
I pop at Time Team in general and me in
chickens. The Digger has learned that in management and conditions, improved
mrticular. It was good knockabout stuff
at least one of these units management [FA membership, wider consultation,
md I promise not to sulk, but I'd like to
toured sites trying to dissuade their useful training, CPD, better understanding
mrrect a few misapprehensions.
workers from joining the union. 'We were with developers that archaeology and
gobsmacked!' said one of the diggers. 'But archaeologists are important.
rime Team is more popular than ever,
we joined Prospect anyway!' Archaeologists need and deserve more; 1
with viewing figures in excess of 3
hope you get it. 2

million. We're not loolung for new

The IFA examine presenters, I've just agreed a two year
Please continue to be a thorn in the side of
your wage packet :xtension to my contract. But we are
the complacent. But you'll get further and
trying to find new young diggers to reflect
quicker with constructive criticism.
In, the most recent edition of The the changing world of archaeology,
something I'm sure you'd endorse.
Archaeologist (43, Winter 2001), the F A
review what's happened to pay in the past
... and the view of a digger
El Just to let you know about Trent &
year. They do this by looking at the jobs As to my work on the Labour Party NEC,
Peak unit. Basically they have fucked up
featured in the JIS, the F A weekly jobs ['m currently co-chairing the Policy
as they simpiy haven't got work in. So
bulletin. Commission responsible for DCMS. It's
ALL bar one of their diggers have been
my ambition to convince politicians that
laid off. Shitty bit was people had been
The author of the review, James our historical heritage is as important as
told work would have been there at the
Drurnmond-Mumy, found a marked drop our environmental one. It's only when they
time. Now I know that archaeology is a
in the number of jobs advertised in most are persuaded of the vital role you play,
depressing way eke out an existence, but it
categories. Pay increased overall by 3.8%, that money will become available to pay
seems to me that the gulf between 'us' and
but this masked a sharp variation between you decent wages.
'them', that is the diggers and the
jobs. Diggers' pay only just kept ahead of - Best wishes, Tony Robinson.
'managers' has begun to grow far too
inflation with an increase of 2.9%.
Supervisors fared worst, with pay actually The establishment view ... large. While their positions appear secure,
they simply don't give a damn what -
falling by 1% compared with last year. As part of the 'establishment' I am happens to the dggers. We are
The pay for Field Officers was virtually delighted that The Digger is alive and expendable.
unchanged, while Project Managers' pay flourishing. Honest! Your voice is veq
increased by 7.2%. important.
Finances -

The fact that most jobs were advertised at Archaeology is suffering the growing
above the IFA minimum for each grade pains of a young profession and some
prompted the author to comment that 'i1 changes will take time as well as political Total contributions
may mean these are now too low'. This pressure from all sides - including frorr Total costs (projected) 4123
was a sentiment echoed by 92% 01 The Digger and its readers. Archaeologists End balance
respondents in a recent poll, reported in are poorly paid in comparison with mosl
the last edition of The Digger. other professions, exacerbated for many bj Skint!
contractual rnculties and appalling
physical conditions. 1
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PO Box 23570
E13 9YP

'Don't blame the system' :ities on Brownfield sites. A firther tax on :ontracts mean that archaeologists have
i h e ~developments will not help the more of a stake in their profession and are
In the March edition of The Digger, we regeneration of historic towns. What is quite within their rights to enquire about
suggested that competitive tendering lay needed is grant aidmg by the Lottery of xnsions, sick pay, training, appraisals
at the heart of the crisis in UK :xcavations carried out in advance of md career prospects.
archaeology and that publicly funded regeneration projects. This would
archaeology could be on answer. Here,
'Third, the slow improvement of thc
mcourage a greater take up of difficult
one of our readers puts his view.
mhaeologist's lot to date has largely come
Brownfield sites.
From exqernal factors and not the
'Is PPG16 so bad? P P G ~has~ benefited 'Blaming the funding method for all our :mployers themselves. The competitive
archaeology by forcing Local Authorities problems in archaeology is wrong. The tendering economy is usually blamed for a
to address heritage issues within reason some sites are badly excavated is lack of provision of basic necessities.
development plans such as Local Plans. that a unit puts too low a tender in to get Similarly, attempts at dialogue about
This has resulted in more sites being h e job and then cuts corners. It is illogical terms and conditions through other means
investigated and more archaeologists to blame thls on the system.' (eg professional bodies, Staff Councils,
G ing out tlus work than in the halcyon site reps) are generally unsuccessful -
dafi of the 70's and 80's public funding. Unionisation - especially for those in casual employment.
'Are readers (and editors) of The Digger the wav forward? The individual contracts of employment
willing to go back to the days when non- dished out by non-union employers divide
elected county archaeologists and English In the last 2-3 years, trade union a workforce and make participation almost
Heritage distributed funding to County membership in developer-funded impossible in decisions affecting how we
units based on importance of sites? This urchaeology has grown rapidly. The work.
would lead to less work being carried out Prospect Archaeologists Branch, which 'But trade union representation offers the
and fewer archaeologists. The smaller represents many contract archaeologists, option of collective bargaining - a real
sites now covered by PPG16 would not has seen a four-fold increase in tool in the fight for better conditions. Mass
happen. Meanwhile loads of sites will get membership. The Digger asked Jayne membership of a union is an
dug in February and March and other Gidlow, the Secretary of the branch, why acknowledgement that there are areas of
perhaps more significant sites would not urchaeologists are joining unions in such conflict within archaeological
get investigated if too many sites come up large numbers. organisations where disenfranchised
in one year. 'First, there has been a change in the workers require outside representation.
'The method of paying for archaeology dynamics of archaeological work. Union membership is a sign that
within a public finding system is a form of Archaeologxal skills and labour are in archaeological workers find their terms
development tax. Presumably this would more demand than ever before and many and conditions of employment
b percentage-based tax on the costs of units find it hard to recruit. It appears that unacceptable and that they are keen to see
all'developments nationally or regionally. far fewer archaeologists in the UK are a change and participate in the nature of
So the more expensive a development the unemployed and many itinerant field this change.
more tax paid. workers have seen an upturn in general 'Obviously it is not in our interests to put
terms and conditions. our employers out of business! For
'What happens if it's a regeneration
project involving the redevelopment of a 'In addition to this, multi-million pound example, Prospect is very close to
threatened historic building (perhaps for road, air and rail link developments finalising recognition agreements at PCA,
social housing) carefidly designed to brought large numbers of field workers AOC, Oxford Archaeology and Wessex
ensure no affect on any archaeology? Is it together. Excavations and 'stay away' jobs Archaeology. Along with MoLAS (where
fair that this developer should be paying generated a network of informal contam Prospect is already recognised) these form
tax to fund the excavation of a Greenfield and this network was both strengthened the big employers in the South-East.
site down the road that destroys an Iron and utilised by the arrival of The Digger When these four 'jump together',
Age settlement? Field workers have come into contact wi6 developers will no longer be able to expect
other subcontractors and witnessed thei~ lower prices via cutting of necessities for
'With the present system at least those far superior site welfare provisions. Fol archaeological staff, because those workers
who d e c t archaeology most severely have many archaeologists this has mean1 will be protected by recognition
to pay the most. A development tax wilI throwing their rose-tinted, 'Rescue agreements.
end up costing environmentally friendly spectacles on the spoil heap! 'Prospect advocates this approach as a
developers more than others because
careful design often costs more initially. 'Second is the random variation in t e r n national strategy for archaeology.
and conditions between employers Archaeologists are a dedicated workforce
'At present the Government is trying to Increased work opportunities and longei with a sense of responsibility for what they
encourage redevelopment of towns and
do whilst at work. The level of From start to finish the archaeology employers. So come on guys, give it a
dissatisfaction and of union activism to formed the backdrop to the unfolding shot, you have nothing to lose.
date dwsn't come from a group of people human drama. A large urban excavation -Chert
who bear a grudge and can't be bothered to followed the all too familiar themes of
Beware court action!
do the job well, but from people who little time and less money.
genuinely care about all aspects of B I am not a unit manager. I do take
Perhaps the most touching scene involved your point about how suppressing costings
archaeology and those that work within it.
Tony Robinson being given the 'grand whllst tendering for archaeological works
'So go on, join and get involved, whatever tour' of the dig house and shown the single leads to low wages. However if the
stage in union relations your employer hand basin that Sewed as the only sink for industry was to hike its costs and a
happens to be at. Union recognition is the hventy diggers! Then cut to a permanent developer took umbrage. Well...PPG16 is
first step toward a decent living wage for member of staff, who could at least afford only planning guidance, not law, so if in
all archaeologists.' to have his own roof and central heating court a developer was to win the right not
repaired. to deal with archaeology then we would
Contact info: Union website: For the first time a digger's wages were have a precedent and we would no longer
Enquiries about recognition to: dxussed on camera. It was good to see have an industry. Damned if you do. this classic exchange between managers: Damned if you don't.
'We have taken out a big advert to get 10 What is the legal minimum?
Give Milord Redesdale diggers, but we haven't had that many I've got a querylgrumble - what are
a piece of your mind! applicants.' 'Why - is it the wages of £215 h e legal minimum standards a digger or
per week?' 'Er, could be ... ' 'So how big experienced and qualified archaeologst
Lord Redesdale's All Party Parliamenkuy is the shortfall?' 'Eight! ' should be offered? I am thinking mainly of
Archaeology Group (APPAG) is We also saw dggers working in the holiday, sick pay and notice periods when,
attempting to dmover what's wrong with appalling weather conditions we know and work is likely to dry up. Where I am
the way archaeology is organised in the love. Arguments with ground workers and employed at the moment we do not get any
UK.A series of meetings is scheduled for unsupervised machining of archaeology all of the above. Surely something is wrong,
May and June at the House of Lords to featured. By the end I was in tears. Not for but ignorance certainly isn't bliss. Yet
grilI English Heritage, the F A , the CBA, the loss to archaeology, but because my rocking the boat would mean quick
Rescue, museums, universities, life, our story, was there. replacement.
government departments etc. APPAG say Any suggestions out there? Ed.
that ordinary diggers are welcome, but Originally posted on the BAJR messageboard.
only as observers (ie only if you keep your Charity work at OAU
mouth shur). [X1 While I naturally applaud all the good
Letter Bombs
charity work that the Oxfam Archaeology
But there is also an APPAG public
Employers - you have nothing to lose Unit (OAU) does, I do think that putting
meeting where you can have your say. up all those poor souls in long-term bed
This will be held in London at the Society B It is about time that more employers
realised that what they need is not more and breakfast accommodation is only a
of Antiquaries, Burlington House, short-term solution to the problem. It is
Piccadilly (on the left hand side of the staff, but more time. If you can ration your
staff out and negotiate longer slots for not uncommon for many of these poor
courtyard as you approach the Royal people to live in bed and breakfasts for
Academy) on Saturday 6 July, from 13:OO excavations, you increase the length of
time you can employ individuals. many months (in some cases years!).
to 16:OO (doors open at 12:30). The There is the danger that they will become
meeting will be chaired by the formidable This should put no extra cost on the rootless, living from one breakfast to the
Dr Rosemary Cramp. project. Fewer sta£f equals fewer NI subs. next, existing outside the community most
So if you're hacked off with your pay, Staff are kept on for longer, become more of us take for granted, their few
conditions, health and safety, or with loyal, are more able to put down roots, possessions stuffed into a plastic bag. Yes,
seeing unrecorded archaeology ending up find accommodation etc. Therefore less the phrase 'bag for life' becomes more
on the spoil heap so your unit can make a need to advertise. Longer digs mean more poignant when seen in these terms.
fat profit - get yourself along! continuity between excavations .equals
fewer and shorter lay offs.
TV Review A realistic unit should ration and
sequentially organise its projects so that it
Some of you may have seen Time Team's employs exactly the same number of
latest venture 'The Big Dig' in Canterbury. people throughout the year. And before Total contributions +£l05
I personally think it was the greatest leap you say it isn't possible, it is. I've seen it in Total costs (projected) -&l28
forward in TV archaeology since their action and it works. And because it works End balance -5137
original series, which showed the public I have a house and a wife and a car, and I Thanks to everyone who has
how we really worked. live in the same town in which I work. All contributed!
it takes is a shift in the mentality of the big
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your detdb.
Petition for Change archacologists arc forccd to leavc thc industp EH: No.
due to poor pay, poor job security and no hope D: So in what way do the training posts
This month The Digger and BAJR are of'moving up a carcer ladder. differ from the work that the ordinary
launching the Petition for Change. The 111 July, a ~tullio~i IJiiison, GMH and T k G archaeologists do?
petition is aimed at the employers of members went on strike for a 6% pay rise for EH: (pause) You get a turn with the
archaeologists and of other workers in the public sector workers. We also demand an end EDM.
heritage sector. It draws attention to the to low pav. With decent wages and career
lack of career structure and pensions, the stnicture comes respect aid pride in the The EH person went on to explain that thc
long hours and the poor job security that profession. training jobs were aimed at archaeology
we all know and love. The petition also We call on Ule enlployers to end poverty pay graduates who were 'not up to working on
calls for the Institute for Field for archaeologists and others in the I-leritage site.' She said she wasn't aware that the
Archaeologists (FA) to increase its Sector and to introduce a clcar and wage was so low (the cost of ten pounds a
minimum pay rate to a level deemed by standardised career structure with a recognised week for accommodaLion effectively
the European Union necessary to lead a work description for each grade. reduces the trainee wage to 69680 pa). But
c' m t life (the 'European Decency We also call on the F A to raise its minimum she said that the trainees at Whitby were
-1hieshold') and to expel any of its pay rate to the European Decency Threshold or in fact lucky because elsewhere 'most
members that do not comply. £280 per week (£7.34 per hour) with training positions aren't even paid.'
immediate effect, and to enforce this by
The editors of The Digger said, 'The idea expelling units and unit managers that do not She praised English Heritage's other work
is that people take the petitions round their comply. in funding training.
workplaces for their colleagues to sign, No one is born an archaeologist, so of
and ~ e return
n the sheets to us or to Training wage course people need training on site. But if
BAJR. We'll forward them to the F A . you're doing the same work as others you
The more people who sign the more
or cheap labour?
deserve the same money. And low pay for
impact the petition will have. The petition
In June English Heritage advertised for one group of diggers drags down all our
highlights problems faced by all Heritage trainees to join the fieldwork team at their wages. EH, as a leading heritage
workers. Let's use it as a tool to improvelong-running project at Whitby. 'Trainees organisation, should be setting a better
all our lives at work.' must be keen 10 learn and gain experience example, although they are not the only
In a recent poll on BAJR 92% of people as part of their career development,' the offenders in paying 'trainees' so little.
said that the current F A recommended advert in the Guardian said. The wage for Many Digger readers will remember last
minimum pay rate of &215 per week was the trainees was just &10,200 pa. year's notorious job advert from the
too low. It would cost the F A nothing to At The Digger we decided to find out what Canterbury unit offering E7737 pa to
increase its minimum to a decent level. sort of 'training' EH was offering for such trainees 'preferably with some excavation
A- -' yet this change would mean a real a pittance. A Digger correspondent posed experience.'
in+ovement to the lives of thousands of as an unemployed archaeologist with a few To be fair, the EH person did point out
low-paid workers in the heritage sector. months experience and phoned the EH that with our few months digging
The petition will be publicised to the people organising the site. The experience, we could apply for one of the
CBA, Rescue, Britarch, APPAG etc. The conversation went something like this: slightly better paid site assistant jobs. But
text of the petition is as follows: training with no formal lectures, no tests,
Digger: As a trainee how many hours a
no written work, no accrcditation, no
End poverty pay in the Heritage Sector! week wi11 I work?
recognition or regulation by any academic
English Heritage person: It's a 36 hour
The Institute of Field Archaeologists (FA) or professional body, and very Iittle
week, but you may have to work some
estimate that archaeology contributes £100 difference to the site work being done by
million to the economy. Many sites that the other diggers - can these really be
archaeologists work on yield big profits to D: What does the training consist of!
called training posts? Or are they just an
developers; some are multi-million pound EH: It's a basic five week placement
excuse for getting the site dug on the
projects. Yet many archaeologists and other working closely with archaeological staff.
Heritage Sector workers earn less than £13,000 It's very similar work to the site staff.
pa, and some earn less Lhan £8,000 pa despite D: Are there any fonnal lectures?
having high practical skills andtor good STOP PRESS: We wrote to the Chief
EH: Oh yes! Well - not lectures exactly. Archaeologist at English Heritage to
academic qualifications. Talks. comment on our Jndings. This was his
Field archaeologists and Heritage Sector D: Does the training count towards any reply:
workers also work long hours, sometimes academic qualification or accreditation?
unpaid overtime. Few can aflord mortgages. EH: Er ... no. 'I have seen the Whitby project design and
Pension provision and sick pay is often non- D: Is there any written component or the training programme has been endorsed
existent for those on short contracts. Too many tests? by the Archaeologicd Training Forum in
previous years. This year's programme has enthusiastic rcsponsc from somc hc field staff n-h! isn't any work coming
been submitted to the ATF. managements. n'? This is what happens when you get
m-of-their-depth academics trying to run .
'Thc bass of thc training programrnc 1s
APPAG meeting postponed 1 business! If the! want to moon about
that trainees are rotatcd around as many
.alking archaeology all day they should be
parts of the project as possible. pairing The All-Party Parliamenta~Archaeoloe Aoody lecturers. otherwise go out and
than mith an cspcrienccd archaeologist as Group's public rneetlng In London has secure some contracts. We could always
a mentor. There arc talks and scrninars bccn postponed. A nen datc nil1 be ?ut the directors on weekly contracts and
from Wcrent cscavation staff members announced for the Autumn. Details at see how they like living in financial limbo,
,and from visiting specialists. There is no \\~iw.sal.orguk/a~~a~/ Get not knowing from one day to the nest
formal csainination qstem but the yoursclf along and tcll thcnl what's nrong whcre the rent is coming from!
students' work is checked and signed off with the way archaeology is organised!
by a supervisor. PS - Friend of mine was digging with
Network Archaeology and it was pissing
'Your comments suggest you havc a rather C?" Letter Bombs &' with rain. His supervisor was in the
formal attitude to training. As I am
bottom of a muddy trench covered in filth
responsible for the finances, I can assure Court action could lead to
when the guy emptying the Portaloo saw
you that the presence of the trainees adds improvements
to the cost of the project rather than 8 The letter 'Beware court action' in him. shook his head and said. 'You've got
[he worst job in the world, mate.'
providing labour on the cheap. The charge L)i,gger 32 pointed out that PPG16 is only - Northern Ranter
for acconlmodation is to avoid the Inland planning gu~dance and could be
Revenue taxing it as a benefit in kind. challenged in court. But if a challenge
were successful. would the archaeological In Memoriam
'Yours sincerely, David Miles. Chief
Archaeologist. ' profession and the public stand by and The Digger sends its condolences to the
accept the consequences? Such a case family and friends of Darren Riddle, 26, ..:
would expose the fragile nature of who tragcally lost his life during an
Wessex says yes to a union archaeologxal provision. Archaeology archaeological excavation in the Yorkshire
Staff have voted by 71% to rccognise isn't the NHS. but it has never had a Dales last month.
Prospect at Wessex Archaeology. The higher public profile; popular awareness
union says that the majority meets all the has never been greater. Government would Darren, from Huddersfield, was a first
swutory requirements for a recognition have to act to ensure protection of the year Archaeological Sciences student at
ballot, which means that Prospect is now historic environment, resulting in an Bradford University. He was taking part in
officially recognised at the unit. inprovement in archaeology's legislative a four-week University excavation at a site
situation and also in terms and conditions. near Malham, North Yorkshire. The day
This is unlikely to affect terms and he died was a rest day from the
conditions straight away. However, J a p e Another point. I know several graduates of Iexcavation, and he had gone out walking.
Gidlow, the Secretary of the an MA course in heritage management When he didn't return a search was
Archaeologists' Branch has told The who have been lectured by representatives launched and his body was found that
DIgger that 'a recognition agreement wiIl of dBerent developers. In every case the evening. He had fallen down a quarry.
now be drawn up and will have to be representatives have been astonished that
agreed upon by both parties (ie the archaeologsts undersold themselves in Carl Heron, the University's dean of
company and the union members at comparison to all other contractors and archaeological and environmental
consultants. They're expecting us tal sciences, said: 'Darren was a mature
Wessex). Union members will elect
charge more, and their budgets can cope student who enjoyed his studies n'
representatives to a committee, usually
with it - but they're hardly likely to put Bradford. He was well-liked, with ma.
called something like a Joint Consultative
that in tender documents, are they! interests and a bright future.' There will
Committee (JCC). '
be an inquest, but police are not treating
The recogrution agreement will contain The 'don't bite the hand that feeds you' the death as suspicious.
the areas of the terms and conditions of argument has been used by employers tal
employment at Wessex that both parties counter demands for improvements in pay
agree can be collectively bargained upon. and conditions since the onset of industriall Finances
This could include pay, pensions, travel capitalism. If we fall for it we'll wailt
time, annual leave entitlements etc. Once forever - and in vain - for sigruficanl i

this is agreed, then the actual terms of improvements.

Total contributions
employment can be discussed. Put the bosses on weekly contracts! Total costs (projected)
The result is a victory for the union and m At the unit I work for, supervisors. 9 End balance
ordinary union members who have directors etc. outnumber field staff by 2: 1 Thanks to everyone who has
campaigned hard for recognition at a at least, I kid you not! If the directors', contributed!
number of units, despite a less than main (if not sole) job is to find work foir
he Digger is a non-profit making newsletter existing entirely on donations. All donations welcome, cheques should be made out to
The Digger'. Any contributions of material positively encouraged. The Digger on the web, with extra art and discussion areas; and the
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lime and well put it right. If you want to receive The Dfgger but don't, or you don't want to receive The Digger but do, send u s
your detatl.
Petition for Change - peration. And even though a year has hailed by experts at the Royal Armouries
support floods in ~assed since it went to the wall, as 'a unique discovery from anywhere in
mtroversy still dogs the old unit. The the Roman world.'
Support for the Petition for Change has atest twist is that police are investigating But things started to go wrong in the
been flooding into The Digger and BAJR. he disappearance from the unit's old HQ autumn of 2000 when the local newspaper
The petition was launched in the last issue )f artefacts that could be worth hundreds ran a story headlined 'Roman Chiefs
of The Digger and calls for an end to )f thousands of pounds. So what went House Makes Way for Millennium
poverty pay and the introduction of a wrong at Carlisle? In a special report, The Gallery'. The Cumberland News reported
decent career structure for archaeologists 3igger investigates. that the Castle Green finds 'could put
and others in the Heritage Sector. The rhree years ago, it must have seemed like Carlisle in the same league as York', but
petition demands that the Institute of Field he perfect match. Bradford University that part of the Roman fort would have to
Archaeologists (FA) raise its minimum was on the lookout for new training digs be destroyed to make way for the new
recommended pay rate to the European md opportunities to dabble in the worId of gallery. By this time, a local campaign to
Decency Threshold of L280 per week mmmercial archaeology. Carlisle Council save the Roman remains was gathering
'7.34 per hour), and to enforce this by was eager to privatise its city archaeology momentum. One letter to the local press
'expelling units and unit managers who do mit. As a result, Bradford University described the proposed removal as an
not comply. ~cquiredthe unit in 1999 and Carlisle 'abdication of responsibility in allowing
The petition has won the support of 4rchaeology Ltd was formed. needless destruction of an irreplaceable
archaeologists from Southampton, When the takeover was first announced, a
Liverpool, Sunderland, Hull, Gateshead, m i o r Bradford lecturer held a meeting The campaign succeeded in forcing a
Norfolk, Newcastle, Bath, Scotland, uith Carlisle staff. 'He said something statement from English Heritage
Tayside, Swindon, York, Middlesex, h u t using Carlisle as a training area for defending the scheme. EH said that the
Durham, Sheffield, London, Birmingham, heir students,' one of our contacts told us. benefits outweighed 'the loss of such a .
King's Lynn, Lincoln, Wales, Cambridge, I never found this all that convincing a small part of the archaeological remains.'
Canterbury, East Yorkshire, Kent, Oxford, reason though, as there was only ever 2 or But the City Council was already
Bristol, Worcestershire, Leeds, Cumbria, 3 students there at any one time.' approving a redesign of the Millennium
Essex, Twickenham, and Tyne and Wear. Gallery, even though the additional
There has been support from members of b o t h e r promise was that 'dggers and
archaeologml work would increase costs.
Unison, Prospect and NATFE. Diggers 3ther staff would be employed at Bradford
from units big and small have sent their if work dried up at Carlisle,' our contact 'The whole wllennium] scheme was a
support, as have university archaeology said. 'It was also suggested that Carlisle nightmare from star1 to finish,' a source
departments and consultancies. staff would be able to undertake postgrad close to the City Council told us. 'When it
muses funded by the new company, but was originally costed, there was no budget
. .: Branch Secretary of the by the time the deal was finally done, this for further digs on the Castle Green. The
mchaeologists Branch of Prospect, Jayne had been quietly dropped.' As our contact Council was picking up a f5 million cost
Gidlow, has said that she supports the wryly observed, 'They weren't going to for what was supposed to be L3.5 million.'
petition in a personal capacity. Stephen make me a guest lecturer.'
Cheshire is promoting the petition on his Perhaps this very public debacle soured
website for illustrators. On BAJR over 400 But at the time of the takeover the future relations between the Council and its
people have pledged their support in an looked rosy. A L7.2 million construction recently-privatised archaeological unit.
online poll. scheme in the heart of Carlisle was on the Because there was more trouble when the
cards. The Mllemium Project was jointly post-excavation budget for the
So keep those petitions coming in! Have h d e d by the City Council and the archaeological works came to be
you signed yet? Millennium Commission who put up discussed. Rumour has it that the quote for
about half the money each. The scheme the work was much higher than the
Carlisle Archaeology Ltd - included the construction of a gallery with Council expected.
What went wrong? an underground passageway that involved
The Council and Bradford University are
archaeological investigations around the
It was a unit in an important UK city both tight-lipped about what arrangements
castle. Roman remains were known to
sitting on a wealth of Roman and had been made about post-ex funding. But
s w i v e here, particularly the Castle Green
medieval archaeology. It had just former managing director of the unit Mike
area. McCarthy is explicit that Carlisle's demise
completed a major excavation. It had a
well-respected university behind it. Yet The excavations, led by Mike McCarthy, was because the unit 'was unable to come
Carlisle Archaeology still went bust, made some astonislung discoveries. These to an agreement with the client with
throwing sta£f on the dole and losing local included important Roman structural regard to the post-excavation programme
expertise gathered over almost 25 years 01 timbers and articulated Roman armour for the Millennium project.' He also
blamed 'inMcient contracting work to llways bring cost savings and improved ;trike was necessary and what happened
sustain staff..' These were fatal body blows. luality - the opposite can be the case. The )n the day.
The unit closed in August 2001 and staff mexpected increase in the costs of the
I voted for strike action in the Unison
were made redundant. Mike McCarthy vlillennium Project suggests a lack of
)allot. This was because I feel that the
secured a post as Senior Lecturer at oresight, and the council must be
owest council grades are stiIl too low. I
Bradford University. quinning with embarrassment that
would also like to give Blair a hard time. I
lationally important artefacts have gone
So what did Bradford do to defend the was not taking action for personal reasons
nissing and that the police are poking
unit? A source in the archaeology )f greed, and certainly not so senior
department told The Digger that the nanagers can get 6% for crossing the
feeling there is that the university let the What about the role of Bradford licket lines.
unit go into liquidation rather than stand Jniversity? Apparently some in its own We contacted our union branch for advice
up to the City Council. The unit had been uchaeology department feel that the md picketed outside our ofice and the
reliant on Bradford to support it miversity was not robust enough in ocal museum. We did not try to prevent
financially for a long time. Three months ;tanding up to the City Council over the irisitors attending the museum. Our senior
later, the unit's work was taken over by mstex funding - an issue that was aanager did not try to talk us out of
the ubiquitous Oxford Unit in the form of dtimately to sink the unit. Promises to aking strike action. He did, however,
Oxford Archaeology North - ironically C'arlisle staff were not kept and work to mme to work. My line manager (a union
itself once a university unit. =stain the unit was not secured. Did the
member) crossed the picket line. Words
university fully appreciate the cut-throat
But that's not the end of the story. A rail me. The response from the public was
nature of commercial archaeology today?
stock-take last November revealed that mixed - some obvious support and some
Presumably it was not the university's
more than 150 finds from the Castle hought we were trying to better our own
intention to have its new unit close down
Green excavation had vanished, including position. '
after only two years.

the rare Roman annour. News of the The picket line consisted of finds
dsappearance has only recently been The outcome of this sorry tale is that specialists and SMR staff. No union
made public. The finds had been stored in Carlisle is now without a regional unit, members at the museum crossed the picket
six boxes at Shaddon Mill - the former local experlise and important finds have line. 'The manager of the museum stopped
HQ of Carlisle Archaeology. been lost, diggers have been made
3y to wish us well. He had no intention of
redundant and the archaeology in
'It's a huge blow for historians. Some of going to work!
will be carved up between units
the items were unique and extremely rare,' 'I am not sure that a few curatorial
parachuted in from hundreds of miles
said Gerry Martin, who led the dig with
away. Not a great success for British xrchaeologists striking for one day does
Mike McCarthy. 'The lorica squamata is archaeology. any good in the long term. We obviously
very rare - there has only ever been one
Felt obliged to support the others, and will
found here before.' Artefacts of this nature 30 so again. It is the suspension of
STOP PRESS:Carlisle City Council have
can be sold for hundreds of thousands of :ssential services that will have most
written to tell us that despite extensive
pounds over the internet to overseas :ffect. I am willing to keep going until
reports in the national news to the
collectors, Mr Martin added. some compromise is reached - not
mntrary, 'the armour was never lost'. It
Cumbria Police confirm that they have 'is undergoing conservation at Durham necessarily 6% across the board, but
been called in to investigate. The City University.' Since the police investigation, xrtainly a better deal for the lower grades
Council refuses to speculate about the many of the items have been recovered,
disappearance of the artefacts now it is a 'although a few are still outstanding.'
police matter. But a spokesman stated Don't miss the next issue of The Digger
within the council. I would like to see
more support and more unions cc
~rdinating their strike days. Longer
that: 'The council has liaised closely with for more responses to this article! periods of strike action will only have an
and taken the advice of English Heritage effect with solidarity, i.e. no bins being
With thanks to the many people who
and the county archaeologist' in matters emptied.'
contributed to this article.
connected with the finds, which were
'being stored in good condition and The letters section returns in the next issue.
thorough c l ~ k kwere
s made to ensure their Archaeologists
continued upkeep.' on the picket line Finances
Whatever the outcome of this latest twist, In July up to a million public sector
it marks another undgrufied episode for a workers took strike action for a day Start balance (this issue)
unit that has fallen victim to a number 01 against low pay. It was the biggest public Total contributions
factors. sector stnke for decades and involved Total costs (projected)
End balance
The privatisation of the unit was the members of the Unison, GMB and T&G
Thanks to everyone who has
beginning of the end. The City Council unions including archaeologists workmg
are not the first local authority to discove~ for local councils. A curatorial
that selling off public servi&s does not archaeologist tells The Digger why the
The Msger -- is a non-profit making newsletter existing entirely on donations. All donations welcome, cheques should be made out to
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line and well put it right. If you w a d to receive The Digger but don't, or you don't want to receive The Mgger but do, send u s
your detalls.
Carlisle Archaeology - supportive. 'However, once the fieldwork responsible agencies to ensure that thej
'An inquiry is needed' was over, they quickly turned against will be fully published.'
CAU and effectively staged a rather nasty
coup d'etat over the question of the post- 'The whole episode raises many questions
In the last edition of The Digger we ran an
excavation programme. The client wished about the condition of prolessional
article about Carlisle Archaeology Ltd,
which went bust a year ago aJer being to get away with a minimalist archaeology in Britain. We remain
contribution, but the data, including finds, convinced that there should be closer links
taken over by Bradford University. A
disagreement over the post-ex funding of a required a much higher level of support.' across the sectors. The problem remains,
Mike adds that heritage agencies rejected even if this attempt to achieve somethmg
large-scale excavation - the Millennium
scheme - and lack of other contract work 'a solution which would have retained the sadly failed.'
sunk the unit. expertise of CAU.'
Keep those petitions
It's clear that bitterness over the closure 'The closure resulted in many members of
still runs deep. In response to the article, staff who had acquired an unrivalled
"4ke ~McCarthy,who ran the unit and is knowledge of a major frontier zone over Many thanks to those who have sent in
-,W a senior lecturer, calls for an inquiry many years being put on the spoil heap, as their copies of the Petition for Change.
into the closure. He accuses the client of it were. It was as if thev were of no
'harassing and interfering' with the unit consequence. It was handled with The petition calls for employers to end
and heritage agencies of staging a 'coup astonishing ineptitude and insensitivity.poverty pay and to introduce a decent
d 'etat' once fieldwork was over. Bradford Some have re-trained to the profession's career structure for archaeologists and
Ufiiversity says the affair 'raises many others in the Heritage Sector. The petition
loss. These are trained, articulate, literate
questions about the condition o j and experienced archaeologists. The also demands that the Institute of Field
professional archaeology in Britain. ' profession is not so well endowed that itArchaeologists (FA) raise its minimum
Read the replies below ... can afford to lose such talent.' recommended pay rate to the European
Decency Threshold of £280 per week
Mike McCarthy: 'Here are some on the 'An inquiry is needed into the whole (57.34 per hour), and to enforce this by
record comments for you.' affair. There is certainly a great deal more expelling units and unit managers who do
that can be said on tlus shameful matter.' not comply.
'At the time of, and for sometime after,
the transfer from the City Council to the Dr. Rick Jones on behalf of Bradford Get your copy of the petition by contacting
University, Carlisle Archaeology Limited University: 'The University originally The Digger or by downloading from the
(CAU) was winning a very high level of began negotiations with Carlisle City BAJR website.
bids. That began to change and by the end Council because we saw an opportunity to
of the first full operating year it was in make links across the sectoral divisions in Last minute reprieve
+fiCit. This continued throughout the British archaeology. The University took
-,and year, not helped by the foot and over Chrlisle Archaeological Unit for
for Gloucester unit
mouth outbreak. As companies cannot those motives. We saw mutual benefits in A spirited campaign supported by local
legally trade whilst being insolvent, the enhancing research and developing press and celebrities and involving
University had little option but to opt for archaeological practice. We hoped over petitions and demonstrations has saved the
closure. The University did not have time to initiate new projects that would Gloucester unit from closure.
sufficient financial resources to continue build links between staff based in the Unit
underpinning the operation.' in Carlisle and in the University in Gloucester City Council had been
Bradford. We saw many exciting threatening to close the regional unit as
<The millennium scheme was a major
possibilities in these areas, but all were part of a series of cuts. The council hoped
project by any standards. The
dependent on the Unit's basic financial to save £100,000 by throwing up to six of
archaeological component had been
perforinance being satisfactory. The the unit's seven staff on the dole.
worked on by CAU on behalf of the
University did not expect to make However, a local campaign to save the
developer, Carlisle City Council, English
financial gains from the Unit's work, but it unit involving Time Team's Tony
Heritage and other interested parties over
could not sustain losses either.' Robinson and Mick Aston stopped the
a number of years. It had undertaken all
the fieldwork but the archaeological 'As it turned out, the overall financial council in its tracks. Professor Aston said,
programme was bedevilled by the client performance of Carlisle Archaeology Ltd 'Gloucester is one of the most historically
who [was] harassing and interfering with left the University no choice but to important cities in the country and for it
CAU throughout the last year of terminate its activities, with much regret. not to have its own unit will make it more
excavation. These are matters of record.' The Millennium Project resulted in many diEicult to protect what it has. Every year
exciting archaeological dmoveries, and [this] happens somewhere and every year I
Mike McCarthy goes on to say that during get really angry, we have to fight another
the University has co-operated with other
the excavation heritage agencies were very battle.' Tony Robinson urged protesters to
'go home and get agitating. Let them :alled for Saturday 7 December at the practical experience and asking more
balance the books but not at the expense of Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, lexperienced site staff their advice? On the '
the Gloucester Archaeology Unit.' Piccadilly, London at loam. APPAG is EH digs I've been on everyone from the
:ompiling a report about all aspects of lproject manager downwards was dead
The campaign made the front page of the
wchaeology, and the meeting is an friendly and helpful. You get to work on
local newspaper - The Citizen - and when
~pportunityfor ordinary diggers to have all parts of the site, learn how to use the
councillors turned up at their North
)ur views heard. To obtain a ticket, lequipment, get talks and informal site
Warehouse headquarters to decide the
:ontact Lisa Elliott at visits. When was the last time you got this
unit's future, they were stunned to be
working on a developer-funded site, eh?
besieged by 100 banner-waving protesters Low pay is also a burning issue for
- some dressed as Saxons, Plantagenets museum workers. A meeting 'For love You also say that £10,200 pa is bad! OK
and Tudors. A petition signed by more but not money' has been organised by the £5.45 an hour isn't good, but then no job
than 5,000 people was also handed in. Museum Professionals Group as part of in archaeology pays well. If you take the
their own campaign against low pay. The cheap accommodation (£ 10 a week) into
Then at the eleventh hour, the council
meeting will be held on 9 December at the account, it is not much worse than your
backed down and said the unit was safe for 1bog standard site assistant's post (who has
Royal College of Surgeons, London.
the time being. Phi1 Jones from Unison,
Conservators, museum education staff, to work the full week without the trainees'
said, 'This is a tremendous shift in policy
and the director of the Museums perks). Anyway, with EH training I easily
by the cabinet. We had no idea it was
Association will all speak. walked into a site assistant job at the dizzy
going to happen until a sheet of revised
heights of £12,000 a year.
proposals was handed round at the
meeting. We must now keep the pressure p Letter Bombs I think you are well off the mark
up to make sure the unit is kept. We have criticising the EH training posts. They ar-
Too harsh on EH one of the few good things to happen -
been astounded by the depth of feeling this
issue has created. ' YOU were a bit harsh on English archaeology in the past few years. It's
Heritage (EH) regarding the trainee wage worth putting up with the money aspect
Earlier, the cabinet member for culture (Digger 23). The people who take thcse for a short time, and having seen the
Bill Crowther denied being a hypocrite in positions would probably not get a look in miserable experiences of fresh-faced
threatening to close the unit even though with most 'professional units'. Don't graduates in contracting units, schemes
his party, the Liberal Democrats, has Forget, there are enough so-called training
like the EH one has got to be the way
recently adopted a policy of promoting digs that charge a king's ransom for the forward. So there!
archaeology. privilege of telling people how to hold a
trowel. The experience with EH can only 'Avoid Trent and Peak unit'
Developer faces fmes for help them get more work - that is if B 0 n c e again, Trent and Peak
destroying sites working in Whitby in the autumn doesn't Archaeology Unit have laid everyone off,
put them off archaeology for life! including the assistant supervisors.
A landfill company faces fines after a local This is the second time in a year this has
I don't think a fuss would have been made
council accused it of destroying parts of an happened, but now there isn't even the
if EH had advertised the positions as
l lth century battlefield. Aberdeenshire prospect of future work. How can a unit
voluntary. Also, you can't compare the
Council has issued an enforcement notice that should have control over two counties
work of a trainee with that of a site
to Stoneyhill Waste Management, based in be so crap? The answer is simple. The
assistant. I can't imagine trainees being
Peterhead. The council says the company people at the top do not value their str"
able to make complete sense of
extended its landfill site before They show diggers and supervisors -.J
stratigraphy and their speed and quality of
archaeological work required by planning respect and no trust. Diggers are not even
work is not likely to be great.
permission could take place. allowed to fill out context sheets, and you
I am thadd%l that I turned the Whitby job need divine intervention to even look at
David Lynn, director of the Scottish
down after reading that trainees would be the EDM.
Council for Archaeology, said, 'Our
paired with experienced diggers. Maybe
archaeological heritage is always under This is a unit to avoid.
you could ask EH if they pIanned to pay
threat. You can't have the economic
those diggers who had trainees a better
imperative overriding everythmg else.'
wage? More work demands more money. Finances
Glenn Jones, manager of Stoneyhill Waste Doesn't it..?
Management, said: 'As far as we are
EH training 'the way forward'
concerned, we don't believe that they were
=AS a 'graduate' of the EngIish Heritage Total contributions
archaeological sites. '
(EH) archaeological trainee scheme, I feel Total costs (projected) -£128
I have to defend it.
Speak out against low pay
You say that there is no formal training on Thanks to everyone who has
The All Party Parliamentary Archaeology the scheme. But surely the only way to contributed!
. public meeting has been I become a decent digger is through-
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put i t right.
Rail company 'desecrates' thousands. The CBA estimates that 'over discussions about the future possibility of
St Pancras cemetery 2,000 graves' have now been removed joint working' or, failing that, of OAU
without archaeological monitoring. 'acquiring' the Essex unit.
Most of us use a trowel to excavate a The outcry - by the Church of England as Graham Tooms, the head of the Waste,
skeleton, some use a plasterers' leaf too, well as archaeologists - was reported on Recycling and Environment directorate
while others favour a spoon bent into TV and radio and in the local and national that oversees the archaeology unit, and
interesting shapes to get at the awkward press and after an emergency board Dave Buckley, the Head of the Heritage
bits. Well, at St Pancras in North London meeting the developers agreed Conservation Branch stressed that the
they've discovered a new tool for the job - provisionally to refrain from using JCBs. proposed merger or takeover was not
it's called a JCB. An EH statement welcomed the definite and only 'one of a number of
The archaeological community was developers' promise to 'reinstate options under consideration.' A source
horrified to learn that an important archaeological monitoring and prepare for within Essex council told The Digger that
cemetery was being machined out after our approval an archaeological method these options included Essex 'merging
archaeologists had been thrown off site. statement appropriate to the new with another unit or units in the South-
A aeologists and English Heritage (EH) exhumation methodology.' EH said it EastlEast Anglia region,' adding that: 'It
inspectors were barred from the Camley would 'continuc to monitor the seems that Oxford are keen to establish a
Street Cemetery site by Union Railways, archaeological programme.' base of operations somewhere in the
despite a 'gentlemen's agreement' that South-East,' - another possibility being
The developers insisted that: 'We have all
there would be an archaeological Kent.
the relevant permissions required to carry
excavation. out t h ~ sprocess and we are fully compliant Once the story was out, Essex Council
Simon Thurley, the director of EH, said: with all our commitments. The work is issued a press release saying that 'an
'The archaeologists were excavating these being undertaken by a competent specialist operational review' had been set up to
remains with respect. Now, instead, the contractor.' The change in the exhumation examine 'the role of [the Essex unit]
company will bc sending bdidozers method 'could have--serious imp:ications within the county council.' The review
straight through the lot, loading the soil, for the cost of the project and for its panel - which will initially include three
bones, bits of coffin and name plates into completion date,' they added. archaeology staff - will decide whether the
what they call a muck-away uuck. It is a unit will be retained withm the council or
The CBA, whch was at the forefront of
total desecration of human remains.' A be merged or go into partnership with an
the campaign to stop the destruction, said
worker on the site confirmed that: 'We've it was pleased with the result but warned external organisation. The review will be
been digging up skulls, ribs, legs, the lot.' that: 'We need to keep the pressure on to completed 'by late February 2003' and
negotiations will only begin with an
The cemetery was first used in 1792 for ensure that the planned archaeological
the Catholic community in Camden and work is reinstated.' The wider outside organisation if Essex councillors
give their approval.
ari :rats fleeing the French Revolution. implications were 'extremely worrying,'
BUM continued until 1854. The Council however, since proposed changes to make Despite these assurances, our source told
for British Archaeology (CBA) said that planning legislation more 'business- us, 'the temporary staE are not convinced
'this short period of burial activity makes friendly' would result in blanket consent that Oxford would keep [them] employed
the assemblage even more signiicant as being granted for other major projects on the county payscale, as apparently they
trends can be analysed over a couple of such as airports. pay their digging stag much less then
generations.' Many of the caskets have Essex County Council. Why would they
names on them, increasing the potential OAU makes a grab pay one group of diggers more than
for historical research. for Essex another?'
The site is part of a new station for the The fact that the council has not rejected
The Oxford (OAU) unit's quest for world OAU's proposal outright suggests that it is
Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL), built
domination continues: they want to take actively considering privatising the unit.
by Rail Link Engineering for London and
over the Essex unit. Councils have no statutory duty to provide
Continental Railways. The scheme is
governed by its own Act of Parliament, the The news-broke first on the messageboard an archaeology service - and some
CTRL Act 1996. This sidesteps normal of the BAJR website. Essex staff had been councils have tried to make short-term
planning regulations - archaeological summoned to the unit's Braintree savings in the past by shutting down or
intervention is not statutory, ordy by headquarters earlier that day to be told selling off their archaeology units. In
'gentlemen's agreement.' The developers that the council had recently been November, the Gloucester unit was only
now say that time has run out, although contacted by OAU. A letter from Oxford saved from closure by a spirited campaign
archaeologists were allowed only three raised 'the question of whether it would be of demonstrations and petitions backed by
weeks to excavate about 100 graves out of beneficial for both parties to enter into local press and celebrities. Two years after
being acquired by Bradford University the P Singalong P &' Letter Bombs @
Carlisle unit was controversially closed
down. TESSERA We deserve a 60% rise
by A Lodoen & K Harris Whilst supporting wholeheartedly the
From the point of view of OAU. taking (sung to the hine of 'Que Sera Sera')
over Essex is a shrewd move. OAU gains petition for a decent wage for
a firm foothold in the lucrative South-East When I was a young trust trainee archaeologists and for an overhaul of the
market and eliminates a competitor at the l asked my bosses 'career structure' in our industry, I feel
same timc. What will I find? that we ought to say that trained site
Will 1 find treasure'? archaeologists are worth around £18k pa,
Will 1 find gold? with salaries raised accordingly for
Union backs petition supervisors, project officers, specialists
This is what they said to me:
The Museum of London branch of Tessera, sera etc. That's around a 60% payrise.
Prospect has pledged its support for the Whatever you'll find, you'll find The perils of self-employment
Petition for Change. The union branch - And honestly, we don't mind It's all very well the Petition for
which represents MoLAS archaeologists Tessera: sera Change recommending a minimum wage
as well as museum workers - joins Then as a site assistant, still of £280 pcr week but it's also important
lwndreds of others who are calling for an I had to ask them that diggers are taken on as salaried staff.
end to poverty pay and a decent career What should I do'? I work as a subcontracted employee for
structure in the heritage sector. Eighty Should 1 use mattock? £50 per day. This does not seem too bad
people signed at the London based unit Should I use hoe? compared to other units but works out a lot
after the petition was circulated around I haven't got a clue lower. I have to provide all my clothing -
MoLAS's HQ and sites. Tessera, sera hard hat, viz vest etc. I have my hours
The petition demands that the Institute of Whatever you'll do, you'll do dictated to me and also the invoice form -
Field Archaeologists ( F A ) raises its But please make it quickly, too that I have to submit to get my wages. I do
minimum recommended pay rate to the Tessera, sera not gct paid leave. My wages in real terms
European Decency Threshold of £280 per are about £5.70 per hour. Being made
Then as a supervisor, still unemployed from units like these also
week. This change would cost the F A I had to ask them
nothing, but would mean a real affects benefits. We need units to fully
What should it be? employ their staff even if it is just for a
improvement to the lives of thousands of Should we use mattocks
low-paid workers. The F A estimates that week.
Or JCB'?
archaeology contributes £100 million to Please huny answer me I earn more as a temp
the economy. Get your copy of the petition JCB, CB Your recent newsletter sums up the
by contacting The Digger or by Whatever it'll be, it'll be frustration that I am going though. I am
downloading from the BAJR website. But it is the JCB desperate to get back into archaeology, but
That will set us free cannot because I can't afford such a large
News in brief pay loss. Why do I get paid more doing
Then as a Project Manager
simple, boring secretarial work than those
The Annual General Meeting of the I was in meetings
who are actively unearthing. conserving
Archaeologists' Branch of Prospect will All the day long
"You can have this bit"
War managing heritage? It's absolutely
take place at 11.30am on 22 January at
"This bit is mine" disgraceful and I'm heartbroken.
Prospect House, 75-79 York Road,
Archaeologists should not only be paid
London, SE I. Lord Rupen Redesdale will "We mustn't get it wrong"
more fairly for their hard work, but should -'

be one of the speakers and all members of Tessera, sera

also get more accolades for preserving and
the branch are welcome. The union is also Whatever that we'll decide
presenting history.
compiling a report on accommodation We never can relax

1 l
supplied by employers on 'away sites'. Skanska's on our backs
As wcll as poor pay and conditions, poor Finances
Now I'm Director of the Trust
accommodation is 'an additional cause of Six weeks from now
occupational stress' says the branch's We will go bust Start balance (thisissue)
Health and Safety Oflicer. Send details of We need some treasure Total contributions +&210
your experiences to Martin Campbell at We need some gold Total costs (projected) -&l28, or to The All that we have is dust End balance
Digger at the usual address. Tessera, sera
The Museum Professionals Group Whatever I'll do, I'll do Thanks to those who have contributed!
seminar, 'For love but not the money', Whatever I say - is true
advertised in the last issue of The Digger Tessera, sera Happy New Year to all Digger readers!
has been rescheduled for 10 February.
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APPAG report met with Another key recommendation that diggers benefit from the current system perceives
will cheer is that: 'There is an urgent need it as unfair, the report finds. 'A developer
deafening silence
to improve pay and conditions for in one place may have no plaming
The long awaited All Party Parliamentary employment in field archaeology so that constraint, whereas an identical
Archaeology Group (APPAG) report has they are commensurate with graduate development next door which happens to
been met with a deafening silence from entry level in allied professions, such as affect an archaeological site may have a
organisations responsible for archaeology. local authority planning officers, civil prohibitively expensive constraint.'
The report, entitled 'The Current State of engineers and university lecturers.'
Many submissions to APPAG suggested a
Archaeology in the United Kingdom,' was The F A together with EH and the union 'developer tax' - but although the report
published over a month ago. But neither Prospect should create a training structure says this suggestion should be 'carefully
the Department for Culture Medla and linked to career development, the report considered', it does not feature in the
Sport (DCMS), English Heritage (EH), the says. Employers not meeting training recommendations. Instead the report
Institute of Field Archaeologists (FA) nor standards would not be allowed to bid for recommends that 'Urgent consideration
even the Council for British Archaeology developer funded work. 'In the longer should be given to replacing the present
(CBA) has made an official comment term, the current fragmented commercial system of competitive tendering in
,ut it. In a special article, The Digger unit system which has resulted from developer-funded archaeological
lifts the lid on what APPAG has competitive tendering should be replaced investigations by a local franchise system.'
discovered, and reveals why some of the with a more stable regional, or more local The report reveals little about how such a
changes it recommends may be framework of archaeological system would work except that 'Franchises
unpalatable to those in charge. organisations. ' should be offered after consultation with
APPAG consists of 139 members of the the relevant local and national authorities
So how much would we get if this
Houses of Parliament who invited and would need to be reviewed at regular
recommendation became law? The report
submissions and arranged select- intervals.' Who would award the
doesn't put a figure on it, but our research
cormnittee type hearings to gather franchises? This 'will need to be
shows that graduate level entry in .the
evidence for their wide-rariging report. professions mentioned is about £16,000-
discussed,' says the report.
The report makes ten key £19,000 pa. That's not too bad - it beats The idea of franchises is not a new one - it
recommendations for change in the way the Petition for Change that only demands was mooted in British Archaeology in
archaeology is organised. These include the European Decency Threshold figure of 1996. The article 'Let us have franchises
making Sites and Monuments Records and £14560 pa minimum for diggers. The in archaeology' was pemed by John
museums statutory, boosting the teaching report recognises that archaeologists are Walker, now Chair of the Standing
of archaeology, the abolition of class 'insecurely employed, poorly paid and Conference of Archaeological Unit
consents so farmers can't plough up sites generally itinerant.' We're also 'excluded Managers and Director of the York
like Verulamium, and much more. This from training ... [which] prohibits Archaeological Trust. He argued that a
cle will concentrate on the parts that promotion to more secure senior posts.' regulator - 'Ofarch' - would spec* levels
hive most impact on field archaeologists, There is 'no clear career development of performance, and the contractor who
but it's also worth reading the full report; path'. Why is this? The report is explicit: provided the best quality at a reasonable
even the most hackneyed heritage worker 'Ths is in large part due to the effects of cost would win the franchise. Franchses
will learn froin (and be shocked by) some the system of competitive tendering' and could be awarded for each county, with the
of its findings. because of 'a weak professional structure.' winner subcontracting if necessaq.
The government plays a vital role in the Developer funding may be worth '£75 But would it work? A franchise system
organisation of archaeology, but the report million per annum', but competitive may simply reproduce all the problems of
highlights how fragmented this is. tendering comes in for a real bashing. The competitive tendering. What would stop a
Responsibility is split between DCMS, report acknowledges that 'Competition on developer (or a consultant in his pay)
EH, the Office of the Deputy Prime cost tends to drive down the quality of acquiring a franchise and then sub-
Minister, the Department for Education work, impair morale and career structure, contracting out all the work on a tendered
and Skills, the Department for the and to remove costs ... such as training'. basis? What would stop larger units
Environment Food and Rural Affairs, the Competition for every job 'results in great driving smaller ones to the wall? How
Minislry of Defence, the Department of ineficiencies and unnecessarily large would a unit that lost its franchise suslain
Transport and others. Not surprisingly, overheads' for units because of the cost of itself and the postexcavation work it was
there is a 'lack of coordination' between preparing tenders that do not succeed. It is committed to? Even the word 'franchise'
these bodies; the report recommends the expensive, information is not readily has unfortunate associations. It conjures
establishment of a DCMSchaired exchanged between rivals, and it cuts off up dodgy burger bars and train companies
committee 'at ministerial level' to bring local communities from archaeological ripping off passengers while running
them together. activity. Even the group that should down the rail network. Even as a starting
point for discussions about the best system The report has its flaws - even though the within the University' and that this was
to replace competitive tendering, the idea sub-tea is that UK heritage needs more being done 'with full consultation of Field
of franchises is flawed. money, the report shies away from Unit staff, the University personnel
recommending anytlung as drastic as an department and union representatives.'
One key reconunendation that will stun
increase in general taxation - or even a
many observers is that the CBA, the F A
developer tax - to pay for it. Franchises, Archaeologists against war
and other lobbying groups should merge,
too, are a non-starter. But overall, the
or at least clarlfy their functions. It seems
report is a step forward. The people who Archaeologists have got together to
reasonable enough that there should be 'a
make the laws have acknowledged the campaign against war with Iraq.
single voice to make the public case for Archaeologists Against War is 'an
problems with low pay, training and
archaeology,' and APPAG says that it
career structure caused by competitive organisation for archaeologists who are
'stands ready to advise on this process.'
tendering. Now they've acknowledged it, opposed to war, the destruction of
But the CBA and the F A are very
maybe it's time we put pressure on them heritage, the exploitation of professional
different organisations, and although they
to do somethmg about it Loo. diggers, establishment control over
have overlapping aims, il's hard to see
archaeology, and the abuse of the past to
how merger would work. The CBA gets You can download a copy of the report
justify imperialism in the present.' It is a
'core funding from the British Academy,' fiom, or send a £3 cheque
'loose, open, democratic grouping that
and both the CBA and the F A 'are in payable to 'The Society of Antiquaries ' at
links together archaeologists and other
receipt of major funding from EH.' No Burlington House, Piccadilly, London heritage sector workers,' say the
doubt the government would be licking its WlJ OBE. The CBA is also hosting an organisers.
lips at the prospect of cutting back funding email discussion list about the report.
for the new streamlined CBAJIFA. Two dozen archaeologists marched on thc
Job cuts at Stafford February anti-war demonstration in
A phrase in the report generating more
London under a banner showing a trowel .
attention that it perhaps deserves is this and Birmingham breaking a bomb. Two million protesters
one: 'watching briefs ... could be most
Ironically, just when APPAG is took part in total, with millions more
appropriately serviced by local
recommending greater regionalisation of across the world. Neil Faulkner said,
amateurlvoluntary groups.' Some
units and more outreach work, a local unit 'There was a tremendous excitement that
professionals fear that this means an army we really could win.We have an email list
of unqualified volunteers will soon be with an excellent record of involving the
community is being shut down. Stafford of about 100, including some from abroad.
appearing on the horizon to take work off
Borough Council has announced that its A university in California even asked if it
archaeology service will be axed at the end was okay to have an AA W banner on the
It is a sad symptom of the way the current of this aozth. The closure, which may Szn Francisco demo - so already we're a
system has divided us that we see amateur save as little as &25,000, is part of i1.2 global organisation! '
involvement as a threat. The best amateur million cub across the council.
The Digger fully supports this initiative,
societies already undertake watching briefs and we urge readers to join Archaeologists
- often on sites that would otherwise go Local heritage groups have expressed against War. This is a war about oil and
unmonitored. The first ever archaeologists disgust over the closure that will result in US dominance that will kill thousands of
were amateurs. Amateur involvement is an the loss of two posts and may put an innocent Iraqis and wreck archaeological
expression of the public's fascination with important publication on Stafford Castle sites dating the origins of civilisation.
archaeology. We'd do better to nurture in jeopardy. The unit's responsibilities Send your details and E5 to Dave Thorpe,
this enthusiasm rather than dismiss it - will be transferred to Staffordshire County 12b Despard Road, London, N19 5NW.
after all, public campaigning and support Council. Contact email is dav.thom@, A -
reprieved the Gloucester unit recently and Meanwhile, we're getting reports that cuts newsletter will be launched soon, with a
saved the Newport ship. at the Birmingham University Field conference in May. More protests are
So why the silence from official bodies? Archaeology Unit (BUFAU) may result in planned the day war is declared.
The motive force behind APPAG, Lord the loss of '25% of the field unit's staff,'
Redesdale, has described the way undermining the unit's postex capability. The letters section returns in the next issue.
archaeology is organised as 'a bit of a The university promotes the unit as 'one

1 Ig 1
mess.' This is embarrassing for EH and of Britain's foremost centres for applied Finances
DCMS, a minor government department field archaeology and research.' 'Not for
with little interest in archaeology. As for much longer' a source within the
the CBA and F A , a merger may attract university tells us, describing the decision ~tartbalance(thisissue)
cuts in their government grants. The to launch the new Institute of Archaeology Total contributions
findings on pay and training underline and Antiquity just as staff are working out Total costs (projected)
how the IFA has failed those at the bottom their notice as 'crass.' End balance +g42
of the profession. Some people will be The Director of the Institute, Dr Vince
Thanks to everyone who has
wishmg that this report would just go Gaffney, confirmed that a review was
away. being conducted as part of 'restructuring
The a
Mgger is non-proat making archaeological newsletter existing entirely on donations. All donations welcome, make cheques
payable to The Digger'. Any contributions of material positively encouraged. The Mgger is available by post, by email, or on the web
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Open letter to IFA Council they are commensurate with graduate of the S h p group, Simon Rutherford,
:ntry level in allied professions, such as which headed the campaign to save the
This is the text of an open letter sentporn local authority planning officers, civil ship, said: 'It seems extraordinary that the
The Digger to the IFA Council on the eve mgineers and university lecturers.' This is council would risk bankrupting the
of the 2003 IFA Conference in Bangor. about ~16,000d19,000pa. What is the archaeological experts.' The Trust
Dear F A Council, FA doing to implement this provides planning advice for 12
recommendation? authorities across south Wales.
As the ruling body of the Institute of Field
Archaeologists, you have the power to rule Last year The Digger and BAJR launched A spokeswoman for the authority said it
on the level of F A recommended pay the Petition for Change. The petition calls was obliged to ensure 'efficient and
rates. Many employers of archaeologists For a standardised career structure and for effective use of public money' and act in
use these rates when they set the pay of the F A to increase its minimum the best interests of Newport.
their staff. Increasing the recommended recommended pay rate to the level deemed
pay rates would have an immediate affect by the European Union necessary to lead a Irish nightmare
c 'he lives of thousands of archaeologists decent life (the European Decency
Threshold). On current figures, updated A Digger reader S experiences:
a d would be a big step in tackling low
pay in the industry. since the Petition was launched, this Lured by the pay, the quantity of work and
quates to E3 I6 per week. the Guinness, I headed for Fishguard to
In the APPAG Parliamentary hearings last
Hundreds of archaeologists and heritage work in Ireland. I had read tales of
year, Peter Hinton, the head of the F A ,
workers from across the country have Dickensian style workhouse horrors in The
denied that there was a crisis in
already signed the petition, and 400 Digger. However I wanted to experience
archaeology. Yet the reality of low pay and
backed it in an online poll. The petition the Emerald Isle for myself and I jumped
the lack of a career structure mean that
dso gained the support of leading at the chance of a job promising me 1000
crisis is a regular feature of diggers' lives.
members of the Prospect union's Euros [E6601 a week. l also wanted to gain
Every time an archaeologist is turned
Archmlogy Branch and- of the union's my director's license after interview with
down for a mortgage, or fails to scrape
Museum of London branch. Duchas, the Irish Heritage Service. But 1
together the deposit for a rented property,
was about to embark on one of the most
it is a crisis. Every time an archaeologist When will the F A implement these unpleasant experiences of my working life.
loses their job and has to start again with zhanges? We hope that t h s month's F A
another employer at the bottom of the ~onferencewill begin to tackle the deep- I won't name the company because I
'career ladder,' or misses out on the rooted problems in the profession. might be done for slander, but they are one
training they deserve, it is a crisis. The However, if the F A continues to ignore of the major players in Dublin and indeed
F A seems detached from the reality faced these problems, many archaeologists will Ireland. I began as Assistant Director on a
bv many that it claims to represent. rightly question the relevance of the F A , major infrastructure project and was
and its viability in representing their responsible for monitoring the initial
tr5 not that there is no money in
interests. 60km strip.
archaeology. The F A itself estimates that
archaeology contributes &I00 million to My suspicions of doom were first aroused
the economy, and archaeological sites Welsh trust saved for n o w - when I was left on my own to watch not
yield big profits to developers. Letters to one or two 360° excavators but 14! Spread
Gwent and Glamorgan Archaeological
The Digger confirm that other contractors over a distance of 2km. I've watched a few
Trust has been saved from bankruptcy by a
are astonished to learn how little machines in my time but I challenge
Last minute deal with Newport city
archaeologists are paid, despite high anyone to monitor that situation
council. The council had been refusing to
practical skills andlor good academic successfi~lly.Most site photos were done
pay E31,000 that the Trust needed to pay
qualifications. We all know many with disposable cameras and I was told to
the salaries of its 20 staff. The money
excellent and capable archaeologists who ignore anything that didn't have charcoal
related to work that the Trust had
have been forced out of the profession or burnt clay in it.
undertaken on the rare 15th century ship
because of poor pay, poor job security and
discovered unexpectedly during the 1 was working 8 till 6 and rarely got home
no hope of moving up a career ladder.
construction of a new arts centre in until 7.30pm. I also didn't get half the
Recently MPS and peers in the All Party Newport last year. money I was promised. When I wrote a
Parliamentary Arclueology Group letter to the company explaining the
However, a bill for &102,000 - also for
(APPAG) published a report into the state situation one of the bosses rang me and
work on the ship - remains outstanding.
of archaeology in the UK. The report said I was a troublemaker and if I
Trustee chairman Bob Trett said, 'We are
recommended that: 'There is an urgent complained again I would be fired. This
obviously in dispute about the larger sum
need to improve pay and conditions for was the person who begged me to come to
but I am relieve4 it is enough to keep us
employment in field archaeology so that Ireland in the first place.
in business.' The chairman of the Friends
Now with all those machines suprise, Dave Webb is collecting images of You state that 'this is a war about oil.' I
surprise they hit a cemetery and of course archaeologists on his website at agree, but wouldn't it have been better to
guess who got the blame? Me. There was a invite opinion and suggest alternatives,
12 foot spoil heap with bones and skulls The photographer says that a discipline like CND or other groups? Let's have a
sticking out - it looked like something Pol concerned with documenting people's dialogue.
Pot would be proud of. So I get hauled up activities 'seems to have forgotten to
The Digyer has a voice in archaeology
in front of Duchas to explain myself and record itself.' He wants to 'replace the
Decause it cuts through a lot of the crap
everyone leaves like rats from a sinking usual anonymous back of the head shot of
and keeps people in touch with the issues
ship. Next thing my contract ends because "diggers" seen in archaeological reports
fleeting dirt diggers. This important role
'there is not enough work.' and put a face to them instead.' would be diminished if it came to have too
Later Duchas exonerated me for any Prospect and the F A are holding a joint political a voice. I feel that you have failed
wrongdoing. I moved on, yet all of a conference in Birmingham on Skills and to be objective on this issue.
sudden no one had any work, despite Pay on 31 May. Contact Becky Wright at There has been debate about this group
advertising. 75-79 York Rd, London SE1 7AQ or 020 9n the CBA 'S Britarch mailing list and the
I was invited for interview to get my 7902 6670 for details. BAJR nressageboard. So is The Digger
license and I was convinced I had passed. pight to back Archaeologists Against
However I got a letter telling me 1 had 10,000 holes War? Ifme your sny write to us at the

little clue of how to dig or recognise vsual address. Ed.)

The Time Team is appealing for
artifacts and that I would have to wait six
archaeological facilitators to help in Not really self-employed
months for another interview, even though
they are held every month. Someone had
'Britain's biggest ever archaeological g One correspondent wrote on 'the
evaluation.' Channel 4 is encouraging perils of self employment' (Digger 26;
been making a lot of phone calls I fear.
members of the public to dig test pits in goes on to describe a situation where i,,
This was the final straw and I've decided back gardens, private land and public sounds as if their self-employed status has
to give up archaeology as a career after 5 spaces. been decided by someone else (an
years. So don't work in Ireland. We've archaeological unit). This is not in the
The aim is to add to knowledge about the
heard it before yet we still go. Yeah the employer's say-so (at least in England).
archaeological resource, to involve people
money's good but the practices would There is information from the Inland
in local archaeology and to introduce them
make you cry. Revenue, which helps anyone work out
to how practical archaeology is conducted
correctly, the programme makers say. The whether they are employed or self-
News in brief test pits will be 0.60m deep by a metre employed within the meaning of the law.

Ever gazed out of the tea cabin window square, and the facilitators will be needed Lf your correspondent reads this
and wondered what happened to the team to give advice about any archaeological information and feels that they are really
you dug with a couple of seasons back? deposits or artefacts that are discovered. 'employed' (and it sounds as if they would
Well, you've heard of 'Friends Reunited' - However, some archaeologists have prefer to be), they may want to contact
now there's Digs Reunited. Cole Henley, expressed reservations about the their local tax ofice, who have pretty
an Edmburgh-based research student, says programme. Questions have been raised tough powers to act against transgressing
his site aims 'to help diggers past and about health and safety, damage to employers.
present get back in touch with people archaeology, and the impression that Thousands of people struggled for their
they've met on excavations but have since archaeology is an amateur pursuit rather work to be recognised as 'employment' in
lost touch with.' The idea came to hlm 'on than a profession. The project will take the 19th and 20th century, in the teeth o.
a long stumble home from the pub.' The place on 28 and 29 June. strong opposition from employers. To be
free site has been a runaway success, with selfemployed should be a choice, a
over 500 people registering in the first few
weeks. Check it out at
p Letter Bombs ei balance of freedom against security. The
law protects people from having that
httD:Nwww.~ole007,netl~nsreunitedl. Wrong to back this anti-war group choice forced upon them.
An ex-archaeologist is researching what I was worried to see that The Digger
diggers think about the current state of has backed the Archaeologists Againsl Finances
the profession. Paul Everill asks, 'Do you War group (Digger 27). Whilst 1 and
enjoy the job you do? Does your future lie perhaps the majority of archaeologists are
within commercial archaeology? Has the against the war in Iraq, possibly all war,
the reasons for these stances are highly Total contributions
profession changed since you started out? Total costs (projected)
What would you change about it?' Contact varied. I do not feel it is helpful of The
Digger to support this group when debate End balance
him at Dept of Archaeology, University of
Southampton, Avenue Campus, Highfield, on BAJR has shown that many diggers are
Southampton or through his website at not supportive of its political take on Skint!
h~:// events, something you do not mention.
The Digger is a non-proflt m d n g newsle Er existing- entirely on donations. All donations welcome, make cheques .payable
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Digger'. Any contributions of material positively encouraged. The Digger is available by post, by e m d l , or on the web with photos
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Future 'bleak' for Essex A change of government later, and a new xevious government (especially
law was proposed that brought in an annual :oncerning the 35 hour week) were
Substantial job cuts are taking place at the budget proportional to the level of liquidated including the new law on rescue
Essex unit as it struggles to keep afloat. development (and thus to the level of site ~rchaeology.
Out of the 42 staff, up to 22 face destruction). Money would be allocated
redundancy. Some have worked for the In December a group of deputies and
depending on the interest of the site. It was
unit for more than 15 years. Work has been jenators tried to bring in an amendment to
clearly stated that rescue archaeology is a
so short that diggers were painting the a t developer costs by 50%. This lobby is
research activity and a public service not
:omposed mainly of mayors and other
walls of the Braintree HQ to keep them subject to commercial competition.
Aected representatives, most of whom are
busy. Managers are also under threat, but
'the hardest hit will be diggers and A governmental agency - lNRAP (Institut llso developers. They seized on some of
supervisors,' a source told us. de Recherches Archeologiques the more extreme cases of expensive
PrCventives) - was created to carry out :xcavations to start a campaign of
Earlier this year, The Digger revealed that excavation under the control of the 3isinformation. Their intention was to
the Oxford unit (OAU) had approached regionally-based state archaeological abolish INRAP, introduce competitive
' sex council to take the unit over. services. Although other organisations tendering and return to the good old days
d w e v e r now 'the merger with Oxford could carry out excavation work with of volunteer diggers. The total lack of any
seems to be very much on the back burner INRAP's consent, there was no external opposition was painful. The government
-with the heat turned off?' competition. Funding was based on the instructed the regionally-based
'polluter pays' principle, with a licence fee archaeological services to reduce their
'There is a little more work about now, but
(rkdevance) levied on certain categories of project designs by 25%, catastrophic for
not enough to make a real difference. I
development. This was a break with the evaluations and smaller sites.
don't see how this is really going to save
previous system in that it meant that rescue
the unit, as no structure so top-heavy can With no money coming in, INRAP
excavation was developer funded without
survive for long,' said our source. 'Frankly couldn't pay all its expenses and came
being developer led. The cost of
it all looks very bleak.' under the administration of the ministry of
archaeological work was calculated using
finance. Its budget barely meets the wages
complex formulae based on site surface
French archaeology in of the 1200 permanent staff. No capital
- area, depth of overburden, depth and
expenditure is possible and no temporary

turmoil nature of stratigraphy etc.

staff can be taken on (usually 300 or so).
Archaeology in France is in turmoil afier The advantage of the new arrangements Meanwhile, the government still required
the government overturned a new funding was that the funding and the conditions of MRAP to respect its obligations and
system. A French reader explains ... any given intervention were legally schedules. As a French proverb says: if you
defined, with developers treated more want to get rid of your dog, convince
After barely a year's trial period, the new equally. Most INRAP personnel were everyone it has rabies.
'-W on rescue archaeology in France is
permanent with some on fixed term
..,ming under heavy fire From politicians. contracts to meet specific needs. Pay and Despite the small numbers spread out over
Up until early 2001, French law covered conditions were aligned with those of civil a very large area, INRAP personnel
the protection of archaeological sites but servants. Even junior site staff could managed to mobilise enough people to
didn't take into account the funding of consider leading a normal life! From the stage several protest actions in Paris,
rescue archaeology. The few rescue staff's point of view, there was real status including sit-ins at public monuments and
excavations were carried out by the state with a career structure and the possibility government buildings, attracting a good
services with the help of volunteers and to develop long term projects integrated deal of public attention. There was also a
amateur societies. campaign of 'harassment' of the minister of
with universities.
culture, infiltrating public and official
There was a lack of any clear legal However, there were disadvantages too. events, virtually forcing him to answer
framework so developers were treated The Byzantine complexity of the questions and make public policy
unequally. The level of funding for an procedures created an administrative statements. A 1700 strong protest march at
excavation was related to the developers' overload. The funding for evaluations was the end of January made national news.
capacity to pay rather than the real interest insufficient. The 'price' of a deeply
of the site. Following on from the scandal stratified urban site was often far less than The most important thing is to keep
of Rodeze, where the right wing Prime its real cost to dig, while large area rural showing that we are active, organised and
Minister Alain Juppe intervened to stop an sites were more expensive for developer: angry too! Long term, most staff formed
excavation deemed by the developer as than under the old system. impromptu regional working groups to take
being 'too expensive', French up political lobbying and contact with the
archaeologists managed to fight off The political landslide of April 2002 sav media. In this way, we can counter some of
proposals for a system of competitive the arrival of a new right-wing coalition the misinformation spread by the anti-
tendering. The majority of the laws passed by tht archaeology lobby.
Contacts with our European colleagues 6"' Letter Bombs 6
The council has also said that it is too
have been helpful - for instance the recent
dangerous to excavate the ship's stern even
All Party Parliamentary report on the state Shed no tears for GGAT
though experts insist that this is vital to
of British archaeology has provided us I t is with surprise that I greet the tone
understand the ship's construction.
with reasoned arguments for our protest of the article about GGAT (Digger 28).
Outraged local campaigners are convinced
movement. Why anybody should be pleased that this
the true explanation for the decision not to
Contacts with developers has also been recover the stem is the compensation that outfit have been saved from bankruptcy is
interesting. Contrary to popular belief, it's would have to be paid to the builders of the beyond me. Perhaps the fact that Newport
not necessarily the cost of an excavation arts centre by the council if construction Council are reluctant to pay would indicate
that worries them, but delays. Many of work were delayed. that they, at least, were not quite so happy
them would prefer to pay a tax and have at the job provided by GGAT as these
the archaeological constraints removed 'experts' would have us believe.
DGchas to be closed down
rapidly than go back to a system of last Militant archaeologists - apply here
minute negotiations which could hold up
their projects. A tax is attractive because
Duchas - the Irish equivalent of English
Heritage - is being closed down. Some of
m Mick Aston and I dedicated our book
'Archaeology is Rubbish' to 'the army of
everyone pays a little and no-one gets its functions will pass to local authorities highly qualified, underpaid diggers whose
lumbered with expensive digs whilst his and others to the Department of commitment to high standards helps make
competitor gets away with nothing. Environment which will have the word British archaeology standards among the
'Heritage' inserted into its title. best in the world.'
It has become clear that the anti-
archaeology lobby is motivated by a In a press release, the Institute of I'm CO-convenor of the Labour Party's
handhl of extremely aggressive free- Archaeologists of Ireland (IAI) condemned 'Quality of Life' Policy Commission which
market militants who are able to bring to this 'retrograde step.' They say the move deals with issues covered by DEFRA and
bear a good deal of political influence. The 'raises serious doubts regarding the DCMS. We've managed to include tl
lukewarm support from ministers is commitment of the Government to the following into the consultation document?
worrying and shows that they do not have protection of the archaeological heritage ... 'Nearly 40% of our archaeology sites are
any desire to intervene. There is also a real Perhaps this is indicative of an underlying under threat from ever-deeper ploughing
sense of weariness since the personnel of trend by Government to pandering to the and climate change but also from the
French archaeology have been engaged in Construction/Development lobby with
activities of man. How can we raise
an ongoing conflict for the last five or six regard to archaeology in particular and to awareness of our historic environment? Is
years. On a more optimistic note, one of the built heritage in general.' Certainly this new legislation to protect it needed? How
the results of this latest conflict has been seems borne out by the actions of the lrish can we help communities realise the
the growing awareness amongst French government earlier this year when they potential benefits that can be derived from
archaeologists of the need for a forced a motorway building scheme their local historical environment?'
cooperation and an organisation on a through the 13th century Carrickmines
European level. Why not create a lobby for Castle site in South Dublin despite local Any archaeologists who are Labour Party
the creation of European legislation for the protests and allegations of corruption. members and want to make
profession so as to enforce minimum recommendations to us should go to their
The lrish archaeologists add that placing local constituency meetings or Local
wages and a real career structure? If we
responsibility for Duchas into the Policy Forum and submit something to us.
don't act, we will forever be reacting, and
Department of the Environment is It would be great if we were overwhelmed
one day that simply may not be enough.
'inappropriate' given 'the development by militant archaeologists.
agenda of that department.' They say:
OAU to dig Newport ship 'The expansion of the heritage roles of - Tony Robinson.
Local Authorities is also of concern,
There have been more twists in the saga of
particularly with regard to Archaeological Don't miss the next edition of The
the Newport ship. The unique 15th century
Heritage. There are many instances where Digger with the FA'S reply to The
vessel was discovered last June during the
Local Authorities have not implemented Petition for Change.
construction of an arts centre and was only
the recommendations of Duchas, whereby
excavated after a vocal public campaign.
the Archaeological Heritage has been
95% of the ship was excavated by
endangered.' The IAI say 'what is really Finances
Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trust
required is a more independent heritage

protection agency outside the influence of Start balance (this issue)
However, Newport Council has announced government' and call for the government to Total contributions +E 745
that the rest of the ship - the bow - will be rescind the decision to abolish Duchas. Total costs (projected) -E75
excavated not by GGAT but by Oxford End balance +E637
The Minister of the Environment, Martin
(OAU) and Mary Rose Archaeological
Cullen, said that the proposed new
Services. Is it a coincidence that GGAT are
arrangements would 'optimise Thanks for everyone's very generous
currently in dispute with the council for an contributions!
organisational resources.'
unpaid bill for work amounting to over
L 100,000?
T h e Digger is a non-profit making new? tter emsting entirely on donations. AU donations welcome, makecheques payable to
The Digger'. Any contributions of material positively encouraged. The Digger is available by post, by email, or on the web with
photos and discussion areas courtesy of the British Archaeological Jobs Resource ( Check it. If you want to
receive T h e Digger but don't, or you don't want to receive T h e Digger but do, send u s your d e t d s and well put it right.
IFA reply to below the recommended minima. The Training Forum and Prospect to bring
second is the union members agreeing to about a proper career and reward structure
The Petition for Change refuse to work for the less than the minima: for archaeologists. An alliance of
Last year, The Digger and BAJR launched this, as now, would surely result in jobs professional institute and trade union is
the Petition for Change. flundredr of being taken by non-union members how these things are done. Many
archaeologists signed the petition which prepared to accept lower wages. Simplistic signatories to the petition will be IFA or
called for a decent career structure and an and extreme scenarios perhaps, but enough Prospect members. We hope that the
end to poverty pay. Here is the IFA's reply to suggest that a more subtle approach is signatures of those that are neither is an
to the Petition and the open letter in required. indication that they are about to join both
Digger 28. organisations to help with this campaign,
The first limb of the IFA strategy is to
rather than standing aside waiting for
The IFA is grateful for the support that the identifjl the roles that archaeologists fulfill,
others to produce miracles.
letter and petition indicate for its long- the skills required to cany out those roles,
running campaign to increase wages in the training needed to provide those skills,
archaeology. Until the profession can the qualifications that indicate that those Archaeology in Holland
--ccessfully address this issue, skills have been obtained, and the IFA
There are times when we've all stared out
,chaeologists will continue to be rewarded membership grade that recognises the skills
of the tea cabin window and wondered
below the level we merit, driving talented - and so to argue about the pay and
about digging abroad. But what's it really
people out of the profession before they conditions that reward the expertise
like? Recently we've focussed on Ireland
can establish a career. This situation denoted by the IFA grade and
and France. Today it's Holland A reader
prevents us from serving either our qualifications. This is the route
in the Netherlands takes up the story ...
commercial clients or the public as well as successfully taken by other professional
we should. bodies such as those representing, Developers in Holland are responsible for
engineers, scientists, accountants and the h d i n g any digs that need to be done as a
It is apparent from the letter that there may like. The National Occupational Standards result of their work, although in very
not be universal support for the IFA's for Archaeological Practice now give us special cases (eg Roman villas etc) the
tactics, but we can all agree on two things: the fust two elements, allowing us to 6onts up the cash. In my
that pay in archaeology is scandalously proceed to developing the structures for opinion the mostly commercial nature of
low, and that the IFA recommended training, qualifications, recognition and archaeology is leading to a fall in standards
minima are much lower than we would all reward - importantly expressed in the in this country. Developers are pushing for
like them to be. Unfortunately we are up terms that human resources professionals faster and cheaper digs and opting for
against some harsh realities in terms of understand and using arguments they watching briefs rather than excavations.
market forces, with an oversupply of accept. This is held in check by the relevant
archaeologists and an undersupply of work. authorities - 'het Ryksdienst voor het
Even in such a situation a professional The second line of attack is to encourage
Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek' (ROB)
' .stitute can still have a significant effect, recognition of the importance of 'qualified,
- and the Kwaliteitsnorm Nederlandse
k u t its impact is severely compromised specially authorised' archaeologists (to
Archeologie (KNA) has been recently set
when two-thirds of the profession do not quote the Valletta Convention) by
up to monitor standards. But it isn't enough
sign up to its code of professional ethics, government, clients, consultants and
for my liking.
preferring to leave regulation in the hands curators with their responsibilities for
of the marketplace rather than the ensuring that work of an appropriate Pay and conditions are much better than in
profession. With - at a guess - a similar quality is done. This is how other the UK. Although archaeologists' pay is
proportion of archaeologists reksing to professions, with a recognised career still crap compared to other professions, I
join their trades union, perhaps we have structure, put in place thresholds of do get holiday and sick pay and all my
what we deserve. competence and quality that ensure that the travel expenses. It varies from company to
underskilled and undercosting company but if I have to travel more that
In such circumstances it's worth exploring organisations find it hard to win work. 1 % hours to site I'm entitled to a hotel and
two scenarios suggested by the petition. And this is what we are pressing the about &15 a day expenses. And of course
The first is the IFA dramatically raising its national heritage agencies, ODPM, the cost of living is much lower over here -
recommended minima and strong-arming APPAG and others to help us with. particularly beer and tobacco!
its Registered Archaeological
Organisations (RAOs) into significant This is a long-term plan. This reflects the Digging strategies in Holland are a bit
wage increases. The RAOs would then IFA's belief that radical changes to pay different 6om the UK - I can't remember
have to decide whether to increase costs, rates will not be achieved if all other the last time I used a trowel! And if you
with the consequence that they lose aspects of archaeology stay as they are - want to get anywhere you need to try to
contracts to unregistered organisations and though modest improvements will continue learn the language. Everyone speaks
make their staff redundant, presumably to to be won. The IFA is delighted to be English, but companies are reluctant to hire
work for the unregulated competition at working closely with the Archaeology non-Dutch speakers. I would say if you're
keen enough go for it! Digging abroad hasand community identity, there is no is a (rather fuzzy) realisation that pay and
given me. the chance to be employed in pressure for local and national government conditions must go up - however has
to give a damn when it comes to axing
archaeology for the last 6 years solid, and anyone noticed that small companies with
public services. It should not be an
now I've got a permanent contract. I can't less overheads often pay more? I would'
see me having managed that in the UK. 'eitherlor' question. What is the point 01 like to see a system combining the Irish
digging all this stuff up if it is not shared version of the Licensed Archaeologist and
WhafS your experience of digging oufside
with the community whose heritage it is? a multi-franchise system. With these in
[he UK? Wrifeto us af [he usual address.
We must not allow lack of hnds to force place, the policing of archaeology becomes
us to make a choice between the resource much simpler. If an archaeologist or unit
Giffords to dig and the involvement of the community. fails to meets recognised standards in the
'billion dollar' site Professional archaeologists (and I am one)
course of the 5 year period, then they are
banned from that area for 5 years until they
Giffords has been named as the and administrators should look to the
can prove the standards have improved -
archaeological consultant for the salvage of future of community participation in
harsh but damned fair!
the HMS Sussex. The warship sunk with its archaeology; this will lead to the survival
cargo of coins in the Mediterranean in the of their jobs in the long term. Public Chartered status. This is the only way to
17th century. involvement should be of [he heart of the go, though the suggestion that the IFA,
job not the periphery. It will never be so CBA etc merge is bizarre. A fresh new
The project has attracted controversy whilst competitive tendering exists and this organisation is needed ... started from
because artefacts will be sold off and the is why all archaeologists should be scratch. I see no problem in using the IFA
proceeds split between the British concerned with the restructuring of the as a template as it is the largest
government and the US salvage company. profession. organisation in UK archaeology (though
Odyssey Marine Exploration say that with only c. 25% of the heritage workers
'value estimates for the cargo range from - Chris Tripp involved, it is not exactly fully
several hundred million to a billion dollars representative).
or more.' BAJR's view of APPAG
Over the past 3 years of running BAJR, l fully agree with the polluter pays policy
An Early Day Motion signed by over 60
I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of a tax levy on developers depending on
MPS condemned the 'treasure hunting' and
reality of archaeology in the UK. Poor pay, the size of the company. Balfour Beatty
the CB.4, Rescue and the IFA have
poor working practice and our fragmented, can afford to place &largeamounts& into a
questioned whether an archaeological
disorganised and toothless 'profession'. general kitty, while Tiny Builders Ltd need
excavation is even feasible at the extreme
Whether as a digger in the field or a only pay Esmall amounts&. This is as fair
depth of the Sussex.
specialist in a museum we have all seen for the developer as it means if Tiny
heritage becoming more popular while Builder Ltd finds a Saxon Graveyard in the
G Letter Bombs @ funding is cut and jobs lost! The APPAG area of a house extension they ars not
report is just what is needed; I agree with forced to close down the project because
Don't forget the public! 95% of it. However, there are points that I they cannot afford to pay for the
Your article on the APPAG report am concerned over: archaeology.
(Digger 27) was very informative. I was
pleased to see the comments on community Amateurs working on watching briefs and People should read the report (or the
involvement in archaeology. Professionals evaluations. Not so much a problem of synopsis), understand the consequences
would be unwise to dismiss public them working with us ... rather them and react. Burying your head and hoping it
enthusiasm for heritage. working instead of us. The whole point of all passes by is to ignore the change that is
our work is to involve and inform the zoming. I want to be seen as the
The report states that: 'The Government's public, not to shut them out from our secret professional that I am - this report ' .S
priorities are expressed in terms of world. Free watching briefs may sound begun that.... But not all that glistenb--ln
broadening access to and developing the Ienticing to developers, but where is the this report is gold, some of it is pure s**t -
educational potential of the cultural sector. lexperience of an archaeologist who does But at least it is a start.
These aims, while worthy in themselves, this for a living, not to mention problems
force Government-funded bodies with ,of public liability. Money should be made
- David Connolly.
responsibilities for archaeology to divert available for professionals to work with
attention away fiom what should be their local groups, this not only creates a bridge Finances
core aims, to identify, protect and sustain between us, but allows the concept of
the historic environment, towards these 1research excavations/surveys to actually
other goals. ... Without the preservation of ,exist.
this fundamental resource, there will be Total contributions
nothing left to provide access to or to Franchkes? Get real! It is unclear whether Total costs (projected) -£l 16
educate people about.' (p 6). a single company will receive a 5 year End balance
franchise for a region or not. If so, many
I think that we would all agree with that. ,of us will be out on our ear. There are I'hanks to everyone who has
But without the support of the public for small consultancies that work well in an contributed!
archaeology as a community service which area, so there is no reason to squeeze them
helps to give a sense of place and personal ,out. Pav rates varv meatlv now. and there
The D i m e r is a non-profit making newsleltter existing entirely on donations. All don!ations welcome, make c h e ~ u e s-payable
- to
The ~ & e r ' . Any con&buhons of material positively exkoura&d. The Digger is avdable by post, by email, or on the web with
photos and discussion areas courtesy of the British Archaeological Jobs Resource ( Check it. If you want to
receive The Digger but don't, or you don't want to receive The Dfgger but do, send u s your detruls and well sort it out.
IFA reply to below the recommended minima. The Training Forum and Prospect to bring
second is the union members agreeing to about a proper career and reward structure
The Petition for Change refuse to work for the less than the minima: for archaeologists. An alliance of
Last year, The Digger and BAJR launched this, as now, would surely result in jobs professional institute and trade union is
the Petition for Change. Hundreds oj being taken by non-union members how these things are done. Many
archaeologists signed the petition which prepared to accept lower wages. Simplistic signatories to the petition will be IFA or
called for a decent career structure and an and extreme scenarios perhaps, but enough Prospect members. We hope that the
end to poverty pay. Here is the [FA S reply to suggest that a more subtle approach is signatures of those that are neither is an
to the Petition and the open letter in required. indication that they are about to join both
Digger 28. organisations to help with this campaign,
The first limb of the IFA strategy is to
rather than standing aside waiting for
The IFA is grateful for the support that the identify the roles that archaeologists fdfill,
others to produce miracles.
letter and petition indicate for its long- the skills required to cany out those roles,
running campaign to increase wages in the training needed to provide those skills,
archaeology. Until the profession can the qualifications that indicate that those Archaeology in Holland
-vccessfully address this issue, skills have been obtained, and the IFA
There are times when we've all stared out
,chaeologists will continue to be rewarded membership grade that recognises the skills
of the tea cabin window and wondered
below the level we merit, driving talented - and so to argue about the pay and
about digging abroad. But what S it really
people out of the profession before they conditions that reward the expertise Iike? Recently we've focussed on Ireland
can establish a career. This situation denoted by the IFA grade and
and France. Today it S Holland. A reader
prevents us from serving either our qualifications. This is the route
in the Netherlanh takes up the story ...
commercial clients or the public as well as successfully taken by other professional
we should. bodies such as those representing, Developers in Holland are responsible for
engineers, scientists, accountants and the funding any digs that need to be done as a
It is apparent from the letter that there may like. The National Occupational Standards result of their work, although in very
not be universal support for the IFA's for Archaeological Practice now give us special cases (eg Roman villas etc) the -
tactics, but we can all agree on two things: the first two elements, allowing us to governm&t ftonts up the cash. In my
that pay in archaeology is scandalously proceed to developing the structures for opinion the mostly commercial nature of
low, and that the IFA recommended training, qualifications, recognition and archaeology is leading to a fall in standards
minima are much lower than we would all reward - importantly expressed in the in this country. Developers are pushing for
like them to be. Unfortunately we are up terms that human resources professionals faster and cheaper digs and opting for
against some harsh realities in terms of understand and using arguments they watching briefs rather than excavations.
market forces, with an oversupply of accept. This is held in check by the relevant
archaeologists and an undersupply of work. authorities - 'het Ryksdienst voor het
Even in such a situation a professional The second line of attack is to encourage
Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek' (ROB)
'~stitutecan still have a significant effect, recognition of the importance of 'qualified,
- and the Kwaliteitsnorm Nederlandse
' ~ u t its impact is severely compromised specially authorised' archaeologists (to
Archeologie (KNA) has been recently set
when two-thirds of the profession do not quote the Valletta Convention) by
up to monitor standards. But it isn't enough
sign up to its code of professional ethics, government, clients, consultants and
for my liking.
preferring to leave regulation in the hands curators with their responsibilities for
of the marketplace rather than the ensuring that work of an appropriate Pay and conditions are much better than in
profession. With - at a guess - a similar quality is done. This is how other the UK. Although archaeologists' pay is
proportion of archaeologists refusing to professions, with a recognised career still crap compared to other professions, I
join their trades union, perhaps we have structure, put in place thresholds of do get holiday and sick pay and all my
what we deserve. competence and quality that ensure that the travel expenses. It varies fi-om company to
underskilled and undercosting company but if I have to travel more that
In such circumstances it's worth exploring organisations fmd it hard to win work. 1 % hours to site I'm entitled to a hotel and
two scenarios suggested by the petition. And this is what we are pressing the about E15 a day expenses. And of course
The first is the IFA dramatically raising its national heritage agencies, ODPM, the cost of living is much lower over here -
recommended minima and strong-arming APPAG and others to help us with. particularly beer and tobacco!
its Registered Archaeological
Organisations (RAOs) into significant This is a long-term plan. This reflects the Digging strategies in Holland are a bit
wage increases. The RAOs would then IFA's belief that radical changes to pay different fiom the UK - 1 can't remember
have to decide whether to increase costs, rates will not be achieved if all other the last time I used a trowel! And if you
with the consequence that they lose aspects of archaeology stay as they are - want to get anywhere you need to try to
contracts to unregistered organisations and though modest improvements will continue learn the language. Everyone speaks
make their staff redundant, presumably to to be won. The IFA is delighted to be English, but companies are reluctant to hire
work for the unregulated competition at working closely with the Archaeology non-Dutch speakers. I would say if you're
keen enough go for it! Digging abroad has and community identity, there is no is a (rather fuzzy) realisation that pay and
given me. the chance to be employed in pressure for local and national government conditions must go up - however has
archaeology for the last 6 years solid, andto give a damn when it comes to axing anyone noticed that small companies with
now I've got a permanent contract. I can't public services. It should not be an less overheads often pay more? I would'
see me having managed that in the UK. 'eitherlor' question. What is the point of like to see a system combining the Irish
digging all this stuff up if it is not shared version of the Licensed Archaeologist and
What S your experience of digging oulside
with the community whose heritage it is? a multi-franchise system. With these in
the UK? Wrile to us a1 he zrszral address.
We must not allow lack of finds to force place, the policing of archaeology becomes
us to make a choice between the resource much simpler. If an archaeologist or unit
Giffords to dig and the involvement of the community. fails to meets recognised standards in the
'billion dollar' site Professional archaeologists (and l am one)
course of the 5 year period, then they are
banned from that area for 5 years until they
Giffords has been named as the and administrators should look to the
can prove the standards have improved -
archaeological consultant for the salvage of future of community participation in
harsh but damned fair!
the HMS Sussex. The warship sunk with its archaeology; this will lead to the survival
cargo of coins in the Mediterranean in the of their jobs in the long term. Public Chartered status. This is the only way to
17th century. involvement should be a1 the heart of the go, though the suggestion that the IFA,
job not the periphery. It will never be so CBA etc merge is bizarre. A fresh new
The project has attracted controversy whilst competitive tendering exists and this organisation is needed ... started from
because artefacts will be sold off and the is why all archaeologists should be scratch. I see no problem in using the IFA
proceeds split between the British concerned with the restructuring of the as a template as it is the largest
government and the U S salvage company. profession. organisation in UK archaeology (though
Odyssey Marine Exploration say that with only c. 25% of the heritage workers
'value estimates for the cargo range from - Chris Tripp
involved, it is not exactly fully
several hundred million to a billion dollars representative).
or more.' BAJR's view of APPAG L

Over the past 3 years of running BAJR, I fully agree with the polluter pays policy
An Early Day Motion signed by over 60
I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of a tax levy on developers depending on
MPS condemned the 'treasure hunting' and
reality of archaeology in the UK. Poor pay, the size of the company. Balfour Beatty
the CB.4, Rescue and the IFA have
poor working practice and our fragmented, can afford to place £large amounts£ into a
questioned whether an archaeological
disorganised and toothless 'profession'. general kitty, while Tiny Builders Ltd need
excavation is even feasible at the extreme
Whether as a digger in the field or a only pay .£small amounts£. This is as fair
depth of the Sussex.
specialist in a museum we have all seen for the developer as it means if Tiny
heritage becoming more popular while Builder Ltd finds a Saxon Graveyard in the
Letter Bombs d lost! The APPAG area of a house extension they are not
hnding is cut a ~ jobs
report is just what is needed; I agree with forced to close down the project because
Don't forget the public! 95% of it. However, there are points that I they cannot afford to pay for the
[XI Your article on the APPAG report am concerned over: archaeology.
(Digger 27) was very informative. I was
pleased to see the comments on community Amateurs working on watching briefs and People should read the report (or the
involvement in archaeology. Professionals evaluations. Not so much a problem of synopsis), understand the consequences
would be unwise to dismiss public them working with us ... rather them and react. Burying your head and hoping it
enthusiasm for heritage. working instead of us. The whole point of all passes by is to ignore the change that is
our work is to involve and inform the coming. I want to be seen as the
The report states that: 'The Government's public, not to shut them out from our secret professional that I am - this report ' is
priorities are expressed in terms of world. Free watching briefs may sound begun that.... But not all that glistens--m
broadening access to and developing the enticing to developers, but where is the this report is gold, some of it is pure s**t -
educational potential of the cultural sector. experience of an archaeologist who does But at least it is a start.
These aims, while worthy in themselves, this for a living, not to mention problems
force Government-hnded bodies with - David Connolly.
of public liability. Money should be made
responsibilities for archaeology to divert available for professionals to work with
attention away £tom what should be their local groups, this not only creates a bridge Finances
core aims, to identify, protect and sustain between us, but allows the concept of
the historic environment, towards these research excavations/surveys to actually
other goals. ... Without the preservation of exist.
this fundamental resource, there will be Total contributions
nothing left to provide access to or to Franchises? Get real! It is unclear whether Total costs (projected)
a single company will receive a 5 year End balance
educate people about.' (p 6).
franchise for a region or not. If so, many
I think that we would all agree with that. of us will be out on our ear. There are Thanks to everyone who has
But without the support of the public for small consultancies that work well in an contributed!
archaeology as a community service which area, so there is no reason to squeeze them
- ~

helps to give a sense of place and personal out. Pay rates vary greatly now, and there
The Digger is a non-profit makiug newsle'tter existing entirely on donations. W dona.--ons welcome, make cheques -payable
m - to
The ~ i z e r ' .Any con&ibutions of material positively encouraged. The Digger is available by post, by email, or on the web with
photos and discussion areas courtesy of the British Archaeological Jobs Resource ( Check it. If you want to
receive The Digger but don't, or you don't want to receive The Digger but do, send u s your details and well sort it out.
Excavation or plunder? "Never play jokes on the support from the Ministry of Human Rights
in Irbil. The University of Salaheddin is
guy with the machine gun"
In the last edition of The Digger, we providing staff and measuring instruments
reported that Giyord and Partners were "NEVER play jokes on the guy with the - even though their resources are limited
acting as archaeological consultants for machine gun. He might not share your they eagerly want to be involved. The mass
the controversial salvage of the 17th sense of humour." That's the advice from grave issue is a very delicate subject and
century warship HMS Sussex. The $nu3 - 'Archaeologists for Human Rights' being here you feel the urgent need of the
said to be worth 'a billion dollars or more' (AFHR) who want you to work for them in people to start with the work. They are not
- will be sold off and the proceeds split Iraq. willing to wait any longer and they will
between the US salvage compaty Odyssey begin to excavate by themselves, with or
and the British government. Grffords are A group of young German archaeologists without international help."
registered with the Institute of Field formed AFHR in the aftermath of the
Archaeologists (IFA). BAJR contacted the recent war. The Digger spoke exclusively What experience do you have of this sort of
Director of the IFA Peter Hinton, for to one of the founders, Sinje Stoyke, who work? "AFHR archaeologists have worked
comment. Ifis informal response is has been in Iraq since September. AFHR extensively in Syria and Iraq. They are well
advertised recently in the UK for diggers trained and experienced excavators. They
- ,produced here with permission. are very used to the climate, soils and
for a 'long-term project of excavating and
The IFA has been a signatory of most of documenting mass graves in Iraq.' Several working conditions here. The method and
the letters to the MOD about the project. hundred graves are already known fiom the documentation of excavation is applicable
We've taken the view that it is clear that the hundreds of thousands of victims of to any kind of site."
site will not survive (too well known, too Saddam Hussein7s regime. If you want the
much loot) and rather than have it trashed There have been reports of archaeological
job, you'll be paid $2500-3000 (£1700- sites being looted since the war. Have you
with grab buckets it is better to go with the 2000) a month and stay for six months to a
Odyssey plan and get some archaeological seen any evidence of this? "We only
year in the war zone where - according tc passed Niniveh, but didn't walk around the
data. We've argued therefore that the site the Foreign Office - 'the threat to British
needs proper arch~eo!ogical supervision site. Too dangerous."
nationals from terrorism remains high.'
and that the excavation should be to IFA What other experiences have you had in
standard. With an RA0 [IFA Registered Sinje's team is based in Irbil, the biggest the country? "On our fust attempt to get to
Archaeological Organisation] we expect to city in the Kurdish region in the north 01 Baghdad we had to return to Irbil because
get that. None of the above detracts from the country. The Kurdish Regiona of robbers on the road attacking bypassers.
the view that the concept of digging sites to Government is financing the project anc We were travelling in two cars with
flog the finds is appalling and possibly in providing protection. A car bomb in Irbi officials from the Ministry of Human
contravention of the Malta code. in September killed one and injured 4; Rights and a bodyguard with a machine
people. Elsewhere, recent bombings of thc gun in each car, but we preferred to come
We will keep the pressure on the Red Cross and UN headquarters haw
wernment throughout so that they get the prompted NGOs and aid agencies tc back in a few days rather than in a few
-messagenot to be so dumb as to enter into evacuate most of their foreign staff. pieces. Being in Baghdad was fiightening.
an agreement like this again. They know Even though it was quiet we didn't go out
they screwed up but of course cannot admit AFHR have already identified fourteen kej after sunset at all. During the night there
it, and we intend not to let them forget how burial sites. They will be collecting was frequent shooting in the city. That
painful an experience it can be. But that evidence for future trials and will return tht doesn't give you the idea of having a nice
doesn't include turning our fire on remains to families for humane burial time in some restaurant or walking around
professional archaeologists trying to make Forensic experts will be closely involved the place."
the best out of a bad job. Much the same the AFHR website lists no previou! So is there any other advice for diggers
line as not opposing archaeological forensic archaeology experience for thr working in Iraq? "Don't use clearly marked
recording in advance of ill-conceived dam current team's members. cars. Don't hang out around US military
projects, and so unlikely to be universally We asked Sinje about the existin> bases, UN Headquarters, international
popular - but the debate I think is about situation. "We are basically occupied witl NGOs. Stay away ffom Falluja and
tactics rather than principles, which seem making contacts with the communities Baghdad. Don't go sightseeing in Tikrit."
to be pretty universally shared on this one. local authorities and NGOs," Sinje told us
I don't have a copy of the Giffords project "We plan to start excavating the burial site Winchester unit to close
design, and I'd be amazed if one is as soon as possible - within the next twc
Another archaeological unit is being forced
available for public scrutiny - not if it gives months. We will be celebrating Christrna.
to close because of council cuts. .
the detailed whereabouts of E3bn of gold, and New Year in Irbil!"
Winchester City Council plans to axe its
anyway! How have focal people reacted? "Wc field team in March 2004 with the loss of
- Peter Hinton. haven't experienced a t y resentment fion three jobs. The two fieldwork personnel
the population. We have had a lot o
and the team's Documentation Officer, standards in all aspects of archaeology. However, I was recently offered some paid
who deals with the curation of There are also individual archaeologists in training on a university run excavation at
archaeological archives, have over 40 years all levels of the 'cowboy' companies who £150 a week. This is below minimum
experience between them. The cuts will try their best to work to the highest wage. When I questioned this I was
save £90,000. standards., often under difficult conditions, informed that it is cash in hand so 1 can
and I'm not talking about the weather. I still sign on. I was also told that I would be
Winchester is only the latest local council
have worked with archaeologists from the provided with 6ee food and a field to pitch
unit with problems. Essex Council's
UK who have grim stories on the conduct my tent. I have worked on the side in the
archaeology service is also in trouble and
of some units in Britain. past but do not wish to do it any more. But
there are rumours that the Gloucester unit
if I sign off to take the job I will not be that
is under renewed threat. Gloucester was Improper conduct happens in all
much better off. Also, I will have no record
saved only last year when local people and professions, it's up to those of us who care
of work for the month of the excavation so
celebrities mounted a campaign of petitions to try to right any wrongs. Please don't be
there will be problems when I try to sign
and demonstrations. Councils are under no put off coming to Ireland. Perhaps I can
on again. I would like to report the bastards
statutory obligation to provide in-house persuade a couple of my English fi-iends
but feel it may make it harder for me to get
field units which are often first in the firing here to write positive accounts for you.
work in archaeology in the future.
line when savings are imposed. They came over a couple of years ago and
show no signs of leaving. Indeed, it's tough No luck with jobs in Europe
There has been an archaeological field unit
enough to get them out of the pub. This is not a story of great success and
supported by the council at Winchester
since the 1940s. The popular annual Liverpool's past is being destroyed riches gained in the wonderful world of
Community Archaeology project will also archaeology outside Britain. I've been
In 2008 Liverpool will be European
be closed down. The Director of City of Culture - a great chance for the city employed by units in the Midlands almost
Community Services at the council, Steve to celebrate its heritage. Massive injections continuously since graduating in 1996. But
Tilbury, told The Digger: "The fieldwork of money and new development should put I fancied a change earlier this year so I quit
service carries a significant overhead and it the city firmly on the map. Liverpool was my job and moved to Vienna to fir,
is the one area of the service in which we an important medieval centre - chartered in archaeological work somewhere in Europe.
can make a cost-saving." But archaeologist 1207. In the industrial revolution, Couldn't be that hard could it?
Dr David Johnston, a former tutor at Liverpool was one of the most important However, three months later I am still
Southampton University, criticised contract cities in Europe - the docklands were the unemployed. To date I have applied to
archaeologists undercutting the council biggest and busiest around. But the reality around 100 contracting archaeological
service. "Local background knowledge will is that Liverpool's heritage is being companies within mainland Europe with
be lost," he said. "The cheapest alternative destroyed. There is a tremendous backlog about a 15% reply rate (probably the same
is not necessarily the best." in planning applications. No archaeological as in Britain if you scattered your CV to
investigation takes piace in or around the [Re wind). i've had some very nice replies
Letter Bombs p city. There is no county tendering list, no but the underlying problem seems to be the
proper established commercial unit, and a depressed economy. This was quoted in
Don't be put off working in Ireland workforce that cannot fmd work. over half the replies I received. The only
[E3 I was dismayed to read the recent success I've had is securing a contract for
This is not the fault of the county
article about an archaeologist's experience archaeologist, rather the system that she next summer in Austria. But this is even
working in Ireland (Digger 28). The has to work within. I think pressure should worse paid than in Britain!
treatment that person received was be put on the council to provide funds to So the moral of my story is that
outrageous, unprofessional and insulting. deal with applications. I am just one of archaeology seems to be in a pretty bad
I'm equally disappointed to say I'm not many professional archaeologists who are state over the whole of Europe. If yc
surprised, having worked in commercial desperate to work in the place where I live. fancy a job abroad I would suggest you-'
rescue archaeology in Ireland since 1996. But as it stands I am not able to. So it is sort it before you go! I'm coming back to
I've heard several similar horror stories time to do something else, and I am not the delights of the British winter soon
from Kends working for particuIar aIone in having to do this. I feel that The before the bank sends the bailiffs after me!
companies. I know the person who wrote Digger is starting to carry some weight and
the article; I know the story is true. maybe some pressure could be put on. Finances
Yet I have to say that the statement "don't Told to sign on to boost low wage
go to Ireland" is a bit harsh and mildly
[RI I recently finished a degree in ancient
offensive. Yes such incidents happen, yes
history and &chaeology. M& of my field
they raise the question of professionalism
experience consisted of unskilled, slave, Total contributions
and ethicaI conduct in Irish archaeology
manuaI labour, so I decided to gain some Total costs (projected)
but please don't tar the entire profession in
practical experience before doing my End balance +£516
Ireland with the same brush.
masters. Unfortunately no one wants to pay
Professionally, ethicaIly, in terms of
you to train and on principle I will not
organisation and pay there are companies
work for nothing and I cannot afford to
over here who try to maintain and push up
The Digger is a non-profit making newsle,tter existing entirely on donations. AU dona o ~ w e 6 o m e make
, cheques payable to
The Digger'. Any cont&butions of material positively encouraged. The Digger is available by post, by email, or o n the web with
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Issue No 32 February 2 0 0 4
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e-mail: t h e d i g g e ~ e m a i l . c o m

Pay: 'industry-wide remove the excuse that if only some units ~f the Gloucester unit still looks far from
improve pay then others are given an :ertain, while at Essex it has been
bargaining is the answer' advantage in a competitive tendering ~nnouncedthat 20 jobs are to go.
Phil Carpenter, Negotiations Oficer for situation.
jloucester council has just set its budget
Prospect, explains the union S latest The solution we propose is 'Industry Wide vhich includes E3 million worth of cuts in
initiative. Collective Bargaining'. There would need he coming year, despite extra finding of
Prospect is the trade union which to be a formal agreement between two :214,000 secured fiom the govenunent
represents staff in the major archaeological parties - an employers' organisation on ecently. The county council said that 'a
organisations in Great Britain. It has one side and a trade union, or group of ange of services will suffer ffom restricted
members in the independent contracting trade unions on the other. There are nvestment.'
bodies and archaeological trusts, all the already other industries that use such a
3loucester's plans to close its Folk
national museums, English Heritage (EH), process; discussions cover such issues as:
vluseurn for 42 weeks a year and cut its
Cadw, Historic Scotland, and the Royal pay (including increments 1 progression
~rchaeology unit to the bone caused a
Commission on Historic Monuments. and London weighting), sick pay, holidays,
;tom of protest. Before the budget was set,
hours etc.
( , of the APPAG recommendations is m insider told The Digger: 'The council is
that Prospect, EH, the Institute of Field Before this process could become a reality ~lanningto sell off the unit building, stop
Archaeologists (IFA) and other national there are a number of hurdles to overcome, :ontract fieldwork - resulting in the
institutions should work towards improving not least who would form the employer 5edundancy of fieldwork staff, and leaving
pay and conditions, training and career group at the negotiations. At the moment WO planning archaeologists - and relocate
development for archaeologists as a matter no one organisation covers all employing -emaining staff to the City Museum. The
of urgency. units. The IFA Registered Archaeological ;ervice will be focused purely on planning
Organisations (RAOs) cover most of the 'although still expected to do watching
Both the IFA and the Standing Conference largest organisations and SCAUM covers ~riefs and training projects - without
of Archaeological Unit Managers most of the other employers and units too. leldwork staff).' Two staff were lost last
(SCAUM) have objectives. which relate to year. 'This is a!! being dressed up a
improving pay in archaeology. SCAUM hospect has agreed to work with- the 'improvements" to the Museum and
principles of archaeological employment RAOs and SCAUM to see if a common 4rchaeology Service, the result of a
practice include a commitment to 'invest in approach can enable a suitable employers' ;trategic review of the service which
development and skills, remunerate in line organisation to be formed and appropriate ;tarted in March last year,' our source told
with qualifications, cumulative experience mechanisms for the purposes of Industry 1s. 'Needless to say staff are at a loss to see
and responsibility'. The IFA Code of Wide pay negotiations. low this all constitutes improvement.'
Conduct, Principle 5 says: 'the After the APPAG Report there is a unique
archaeologist shall recognise the opportunity that should be taken by all The Gloucester branch secretary of Unison,
aspirations of employees, colleagues and parties if they truly want to see pay and Phil Jones, told councillors that staff are
yers with regard to all matters relating conditions improved. The alternative is that jick of threats to their jobs. Ln a letter
to employment, including career we accept low pay and poor conditions as mblicising the union's 'Save our Heritage'
development, health and safety, terms and the natural state of affairs in archaeology. zampaign, he said that this was 'the third
conditions of employment and equaliu of We all know that things must change. If year in a row the Council has put museums
opportunity '. and archaeology in the frame for cuts,'
industry wide bargaining is not the answer
adding, 'Once again it is down to us, the
However, these statements have never been - then what is the alternative? And if we
service's supporters, staff and unions to
turned into reality. The IFA minimum pay don't take this opportunity for change -
:ome to the defence of the service.'
guidelines are a welcome underpinning to then will change ever be possible?
pay, but they are based upon local More than 30 museum and archaeology
- Phil Carpenter, Prospect.
authority pay levels and should also workers with members of the public
include other parts of the local authority lobbied councillors and handed in an 800-
remuneration package such as a final salary Council cuts put more signature petition calling for the plans to be
pension scheme, good annual and sick archaeologists on the dole dropped. One of the two former mayors
leave provision and travel and subsistence who supported the petition, Derek
As councils put the finishing touches to Dobbins, said, 'We should not be closing
arrangements. If a true comparison is to be
their budgets this month, it looks like cuts our culture in this city, we should be
drawn then these factors need to be costed
will mean more archaeologists out of work. exploiting it for our benefit.' The protest
to produce an equivalent total salary
package. In the last issue of The Digger, we reported resulted in plans to close the Folk Museum
that archaeologists at the Gloucester and being put temporarily on hold.
Prospect policy is to try to get all units and
the Essex local government units were The title of Gloucester's corporate strategy
organisations to raise their pay levels and
under threat. As we go to press, the future is 'Proud of our past, building for the
conditions at the same time. This would
fi~ture,' yet it fails to mention either the :he UK and overseas, for U K police forces, Balkans since 1999. Armed police and
museums or archaeology service once. In a :he MOD, the Foreign Office, and the UN; military security were always provided,
response to a letter of protest from BAJR, ['ve worked in Bosnia and in Kosovo, and I with de-mining and security assessments
Mary Smith, leader of the city council said: think I have a fair experience of these conducted at every crime-scene and .
'We did give the archaeology section a jituations. My advice to anyone exhumation site. Grenades, plastic
year to make themselves self funding, but ~onsideringworking in the set-up that is explosives and live munitions have been
unfortunately they did not manage to Lurrently proposed by AFHR is: DON'T routinely uncovered and crowds of people
achieve that, and did not win the tenders 50. hostile towards the work are not
they expected to win. That does not mean uncommon. Iraq presents further concerns
There are good ethical and professional
that we will stop doing the statutory duty of potential chemical contamination of
reasons for concern about the proposed
we have to do in connection with planning graves, the uncertain threat of depleted
AFHR excavations, but in addition there
applications.' uranium, for instance.
u e very strong safety concerns. Insurance
In Essex, the 20 archaeologist is currently fourteen thousand pounds per There are many in forensics who want to
redundancies are part of l00 job cuts made month for anyone from the UK working in disassociate themselves from AFHR out of
across County Hall. Lord Hanningfield, the [raq - and for good reason. If you are a concern of inexperience and lack of
leader of the County Council, announced sivilian, you are a target, especially if you information about security. However, I had
the redundancies following the biggest- u e working to retrieve and record evidence been contacted by AFHR and am
ever spending shake-up in the authority's >f past crimes on this scale. considering assisting them with their work
history. The Tory peer insisted the once unanswered questions have been
You need training on mines, on booby-
redundancies were "unfortunate" but were resolved.
traps, on behaviour in crisis situations. The
part of a major new efficiency drive. He
advice not to drive marked vehicles chills My objection to your article is that it does
said that "We are able to bring in a much
a e - they should not be out without a full not at all project the seriousness and
lower rise in Council Tax this year".
military escort. Driving in war-zones is a concerns related to the work to be done in
Concern is also being expressed at the skill in itself, not just an off-road burn-up. Iraq. This is not the message th
length of time Lancashire County Council archaeologists seeking to get experience in
This is not cowardice on my part, but
has taken in reappointing its County forensics should be hearing, it is terribly
zxperience and knowledge. I've been in
Archaeologist post. Is this another attempt misleading.
:nough dangerous situations for work to
at saving money?
last me a lifetime, and a long lifetime is Derek Congram
what I'd prefer to have. This is not exciting,
@ Letter Bombs @ Editor's reply: In our defence, our article
nor a big adventure. Going to Iraq at the
did draw attention to Foreign OSfice
current time would be - in my personal
In Digger 31, we published an article advice that 'the threat to British nationals
and professional opinion - stupid,
about Archaeologists for Human Rights fieom terrorism in lraq remains high. ' We
foolhardy and possibly one of the last
(AFMR) who were advertising for pointed out that the Red Cross and the UN
decisions you might make.
archaeologists to join them in lraq to have evacuated most of their foreign staff
excavate the mass graves of those killed by If you want to move into forensic and that Irbil where AFHR are based has
Saddam Hussein's regime. Here are some archaeology, look at the reputable been the target of suicide bombs. We
of your responses: organisations around internationally - referred to armed guards provided for the
Bahid, Inforce, CIFA. And never, ever, archaeologists and characterised Iraq as a
AFHR supporting illegal occupation work in a war zone without full backing of 'wanone. '
The Iraqi based activities of AFHR an international organisation such as the
may - and probably should - be taken as In our necessarily brief article, we wanted
UN, full training, and the back-up of
indirect support for the illegal military the archaeologists involved to speak for
experienced team-members to work along
occupation and economic colonisation of themselves. We lefi readers to draw th.
the inexperienced.
that country. The investigation of the own conclusions about whether AFHR's
killings and human right abuses of Saddam Laura Sinfield, Forensic Medicine Section, intentions are naive and foolhardy or not,
Hussein's awful regime is commendable, School of Molecular and Clinical and whether there is adequate provision
but it would be naive not to be concerned Medicine, University of Edinburgh both for the work and for safety.
about the political implications during Misleading and flippant
ongoing military conflict. Any activity that As you may be aware, there is a bit of Finances
uses the opportunities opened up by the debate surrounding your article on AFHR.
invasion of Iraq is likely to provide the Much of the concern revolves around The
political prospects for hrther human Digger's misleading portrayal of the work
abuses by the occupying army, whose and flippant attitude, especially concerning
humanitarian record is not better than thal Total contributions
security. I feel that The Digger should feel Total costs (projected)
of the former Iraqi butcher. a moral obligation to present the work in End balance +E47 1
DON'T GO! Iraq accurately.
I've worked since 1996 as a forensic I have worked as an archaeologist in the
archaeologist and anthropologist, both in UK and as a forensic archaeologist in the
The Digger is a non-profit making new: tter existina entirely on donations. AU donations welcome. make cheaues ~ a v a b l eto
A a -

The Digger'. Any contributions of material positively e ~ c o u r a g ~The

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Issue No 33 September 2004
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NEW! web:

How can they get away mefully. The idea was to remove Seller of archaeological
werything fast, and find as little as
with this? mssible. The final plan was interpreted as
records apologises
A Digger reader has sent us shocking treas, rather than as the superimposed A person who sold archaeological records
allegations about an IFA-registered )hases that they really were. to metal detectorists on the intemet auction
archaeological unit based in the south of 4 second site, considerably larger, was site eBay has apologised to the
England The reader names the unit in 5iven a small number of workers, and only archaeological community. The seller fiom
question, but we have decided not to ;ix weeks to excavate. After four weeks, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, lmown only
publish the name pending an investigation we had done only a quarter of it. When by the eBay pseudonym nov1128, sold
by the IFA. iuman skeletons were discovered by the 1600 records fiom five counties for £350.
A few months ago, I worked for a while nachine, so much overburden was The card index of archaeological records
with [the unit]. I should like to warn any of -emoved that only the bases of the for Cheshire, Durham, Lancashire,
your readers against working for them, and ikeletons were left. The skeletons were Nottinghamshire and Cumberland/Curnbria
if possible warn potential clients about hen dug up as fast as possible, and we included OS grid references and were
~loyingthem. ivere told that it was unlikely that they advertised as 'a guide to finding more ,
ivould be examined at all. Similarly, we productive metal detecting sites.' The
I am not writing to get revenge for a slight ivere told that environmental samples were
seller had obtained the records h m 'a '
of some sort. I am writing because the unit regularly dumped rather than being
retired archaeologist/archivist.'
is the worst bunch of 'cowboy' diggers I :xamined.
have ever encountered, paying the barest But after outrage fiom archaeologists, the
lip-service to proper techniques and The permanent staff I met told me that such seller offered 'profound apologies.' In a
procedures, and they should not be allowed hings were normal in this unit. They also statement posted on the intemet the seller
to get away with it. :old me that many units will not employ said: 'It was never my intention to upset
you if you have worked for this unit. 1 the archaeological and heritage fraternity
The unit suffers fiom a negative attitude would therefore suggest that anyone
who have recently voiced #,eir opinions by
fiom top to bottom. One member of senior reading this would think twice before
describing this disposal of these records as
management has been quoted as saying, applying to work with them, because to be
unethical, especially as they view this
"You should never have to resort to using a bank, this company should not even be in
information could fall into the hands of the
trowel," and, "This is what I think of business let alone flaunting its Institute of
unscrupulous who may use it to locate and
trowels: they should only be used for Field Archaeologists (IFA) approval.
plunder sites. In hindsight, had I realised
cleaning tools." The tools owned by the
that this could cause a potential problem, I
unit are few, and low quality - they did not The Digger editor ad&: We have no
independent wwqy of verrfiing this story, but would not have put them on eBay. I
own a single pickaxe when I was there.
we are passing the details we have - therefore will not offer for sale by auction
One supervisor had no tools of his own, including the name of the unit, but not our any more of these records.'
lacked a basic understanding of the reader's identity - to the IFA. We are also
There is increasing concern about the sale
Harris matrix. Health and Safety on site calling on the IFA to fully investigate the
of such records as well as antiquities on
were nearly non-existent, with diggers degations, and to make the result of these
eBay. The British Museum and the
allowed to work close to JCB's, without investigations public.
Museums, Libraries and Archives Council,
hardhats. There was minimal first-aid
who manage the HLF grant that supports
equipment, no running water, and sites It is important that the IFA investigate
the Portable Antiquities Scheme, are
which had not been cleaned of modern these allegations, and is seen to do so.
Should the allegations become widely currently in discussions with eBay with a
sewage, asbestos and syringes.
known - ie beyond the archaeological view to producing a Memorandum of
The standard of archaeology was appalling: community - and it also emerges that the Understanding about such sales.
on one urban site, the top three feet of allegations were not investigated. then the
stratigraphy was machined away, leaving result could be damage not just to the unit Pay going backwards
only the bases of contexts remaining. On concerned and the IFA but to archaeolog).
this multi-phase site in a medieval town- and archaeologists generally. This is The FA'S annual review of pay in,.
centre, I estimate that two thirds of the particularb the case where the proper archaeology suggests that wages are going
contexts were destroyed before hand- excavation of burials is concerned - as Imr backwards for almost all grades. The
digging began. The shoddy organisation on year's experience at St Pancras showed average annual pay for diggers fell h m
site, and the ridiculous time constraints for £13,232 last year to £12,903 this year.
this large area meant that maybe only 10% It is in everyone's interests that the Supervisors' pay fell fiom £14,806 pa to
of the potential archaeology was allegations are thoroughly investigate6 £14,765 pa in the same period. Pay for
recognised, and of course only sample cuts and either proved (and appropriate actior field officer and project manager grades
were put into these. No attempts were taken), or disproved also fell, but there were increases for SMR
made - or allowed - to excavate contexts and specialist posts.
system. However, it is not just PPG16 that
The author of the review said that the F A Do you have a nomination for Red Face
gives archaeology its place in planning..
recommended minima were becoming Corner? Send us details at the usual
Archaeological Policies are found in
increasingly influential, but warned that the address.
County Structure Plans and Local Plans
IFA needed 90 increase them more
which have been adopted by locally elected
aggressively if archaeology graduates are BAJR museum appeal members of County and District councils.
to have any chance of paying off their t o p These plans are the basis on which
up fees." The F A minima for the period The British Archaeological Jobs Resource
pm) has launched a E 1000 appeal to planning decisions are made and therefore
covered by the review were £12,720 pa for
help a museum in Georgia get back on its cany weight in planning applications or
excavators, E14,8 17 pa for supervisors and appeals.
E19,185 pa for managers. Feet. The Nokalakevi Museum was looted
in 1991 during political disturbances that The concept that a developer can 'win the
The review was based on pay rates quoted Followed Georgia's independence. Valuable
right not to deal with archaeology in a
for jobs advertised with the F A and on xhibits were taken and windows and
court' doesn't fit very well with the
BAJR and was published in i'%e cabinets wrecked. planning system as it is not normally a
Archaeologkt earlier this year.
Despite the fact that most other artefacts judicial matter. Developers can argue not
Red face corner were subsequently transferred to the to have evaluations prior to determination
National Museum of Georgia in Tbilisi for of planning applications and this does
happen frequently. However, that decision
Let's face it, we all make mistakes. safety, the Nokalakevi Museum is still
is up to the elected members or a delegated
Fortunately most of us don't have the Dpen, although visitors are advised to bring
planning officer not a court. Also a
media breathing down our necks when we their own torch since there is no electricity.
developer could appeal against an
blunder. But some archaeologists aren't so The Museum holds pottery and exhibits
archaeological condition placed on s
lucky, and end up with red faces when their from the 6th century BC to the modem
permission but as long as the reasons .
discoveries turn out to be less than earth period. It is located next to one of the most
important archaeological sites in West the condition are sound, a planning
Georgia where many of the artefacts were inspector is likely to dismiss the appeal and
For example, there was the carved rock Found. The site was a fortified uphold the condition.
found on a beach at Gorleston near Great administrative centre and capital of the
Very rarely have developers argued that
Yarmouth, Norfolk. The two-tome lump of west Georgian kingdoms of Colchis and
archaeology should not be a consideration
granite was engraved with intertwined Egrisi-Lazika - the land of the mythical
in a planning proposal and won, and that is
serpents, a dragon and runic symbols. Golden Fleece, of Medea and of the Jason
only when the elected members believe
Excited archaeologists at Norfolk county and the Argonauts legend.
that the reasons for the development
council declared that it could be up to 2000
outweigh any archaeological issues.
years old. Only after the rock had been The money will be used to buy an
However, these are not really precedents as
transported away for safe storage did electricity generator that will provide
every planning case is unique. Although
unemployed construction worker Bany power for the museum and the local
some Planning Inspectors have ignored
Luxton, 50, reveal that he had made the community, as well as to repair damaged
archaeology or removed conditions it is far
carvings for a modem druid celebration display cases and increase security so
more common for inspectors to place
nearby. The rock had become buried in important artefacts can return. BA.lR's
conditions on appeals found in the
sands and shingle. County archaeologist David Comolly said, "With more money
developers favour.
Bryan Ayers admitted, "It seemed too good we can even replace the war damaged dig
to be true even at the time." houses and fit them out with Many LocaI Plan Policies have been tested
accommodation and work rooms for in appeal situations and been upheld
Or there was the Viking settlement in
visiting specialists. Even a pound will don't worry too much about PPG16. It is &
Buckhaven, Fife, that turned out after make the difference - how often do you get
robust as any other PPG. Interestingly,
months of excavation to be a 1940's patio. to rescue a museum for a quid!"
PPG16 is currently under review. It is
Douglas Speirs, chief archaeologist at Fife
expected to remain basically the same with
council, said it was "an easy mistake to Send donations to: David C o ~ o l l y ,
some of us hoping the words 'research'
make." The patio "had all the hallmarks of Museum Appeal, 512 Hamilton Terrace,
appear in the new version!
ancient building techniques" although he Edinburgh, EH15 INB, or log on to the
admitted that his team had ignored finds of BAJR website.
a WW2 child's gas mask and an old Finances
television remote in their search for Viking Letter Bombs @
evidence. "The chap next door - who has
lived there since 1939 - was absolutely Don't worry about challenges to PPG16!
certain that there had never been a patio in m Some readers of The Digger have Total contributions
that back garden," Mr Speirs said. The expressed concern about possible legal Total costs (projected)
owner of the patio, Marion Gany, 50, said challenges to PPG16 because it is only End balance +£42 1
she hoped to turn it into a garden feature. planning guidance.
"It looks quite messy now but I think it will Thanks to those who have contributed!
look pretty
- - with flowers and plane Well, so are all PPGs (Planning Policy
gowing around it," she said. Guidance) which cover the whole planning
The Digger is a non-profit maglng new:sle tter existine: entirelv on donations. AU donc~tlonswelcome, make cheques payable to
The Digger'. Any contributions of material positively encouraged. The Digger is available by post, by email, or on the web with
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The Digger but don't, or you don't want to receive The Digger but do, send u s your details and well sort it out.
Diggers get organised responds to them. Through the Forum we Iraq warned that many Sumerian cities in
can discuss and formulate responses to IFA the south like Larsa and Umm a1 Aqarib
Last month at MoLAS's London H Q initiatives and put forward our own. We were being systematically robbed. This
archaeologists with various backgrounih aim to strengthen our voice by increasing process continues today. An aerial photo in
and experience met to discuss the latea our representation on IFA Council and the latest Rescue News shows a site in the
IFA initiative - ' f i e Diggers Forum.' various committees. From this position we southern Dhi Qar Province reduced to a
Acting Committee member Paul Everill can potentially influence issues fiom the lunar landscape by looters' trenches.
explains what this new group hopes to subscription rates for PIFAs, recommended
But looting isn't the only cause of damage.
achieve. minimum wages, effective and transparent
Although military authorities claim they
disciplining of units with poor employment
Ten of us made the trip, and none of us respect Iraq's buried heritage, worryingly
practice. You name it!
knew whether the train fare would be worth British troops refer to the area outside their
it. Later though, as we headed to the pub to The work of setting the Forum up is still bases as 'the Gifa' (Great Iraqi Fuck All).
wrap up the day, we all felt that the Forum ongoing, but soon we can begin to really Hatra, near Mosul, is a UNESCO World
was not only worth the fare, but was an change things. There will never be a better Heritage site; its thick stone walls and
siting prospect for the future of contract opportunity and now there really are NO towers have withstood invasions for
mchaeology too. excuses for not getting involved. millennia. However, since May the US
army has been using the area to detonate
Our aim is to establish an IFA special If you want more information on the next
unwanted munitions. US colonel Paul
interest group for the most under- meeting or membership please contact: Jez
Woerner admitted in an email to Chicago
represented sector of contract archaeology Taylor jezt0molas.or~~u.k (0207 410
- the site staff! As with other special
University that the explosions are 'causing
2242) or C M Clarke
a deteriorating situation to the structure' of
interest groups (such as those for Finds, 612574).
the ancient buildings.
Buildings, Maritime Archaeology etc) IFA
membership will not be a prerequisite for The Digger wholeheartedly supports this
Some sites get caught in the crossfire. In
those wanting to get involved. Instead, initiative and we urge readers to get
- . - October, -Times correspondent J HXde: -
non-"IFA members will be asked to pay a imolveb.
described how Marines dug foxholes and
minimal annual rate to cover postage and trenches at Yusufiyah, the site of an ancient
administration, about the cost of a couple War wrecks world heritage city south of Baghdad. 'The resistance has
of pints of beer a year. Members should be been using the archaeological sites to bury
Iraq's present and future are being
able to discuss issues at national and local their weapons, and have been using the
destroyed by the USNK occupation that
meetings, and there will be a newsletter mounds as a vantage point to fire,' he said.
has already killed 100,000 civilians. But
and a wcbsite detailing developments in the Iraqi fighters 'started firing heavily' on the
what about the country's past? Iraq is the
profession and the work being done by the
'cradle of civilization' encompassing much Marines and 'we spent most of the day
Committee to push for change. pinned down at this historic site with
of ancient Mesopotamia and some
a y people will ask what can really be academics say that the whole county mortars flying over our heads, while we
called in mortars to strike back.' Iraq's
achieved in my name? Well, how about should be a World Heritage Site.
built heritage has fared little better. Falluja
this - the Diggers Forum is primarily
Francis Deblauwe's 'Iraq War and - 'the city of mosques' - has been reduced
conceived as a way of unifLing contract
Archaeology' website is regularly updated to rubble according to TV reports.
archaeologists to campaign through the
with news of the war's impact. At the start
1FA for change within the profession. Ironically, millions of dollars of USAID
of the war, there was international outrage
Archaeologists involved in excavation and grants have been allocated for archaeology
when the Baghdad Museum was ransacked
post-excavation assessment are currently and museum conservation in Iraq. These
after being left undefended by Coalition
under-represented (as opposed to programs, often subcontracted to
forces. Over 8,500 artifacts are still
managers, consultants, county officers etc). companies with Republican party ties, are a
missing according to Dr Deblauwe, but he
The Forum will aim to redress this balance problem for Iraqi institutions. If they
points out that 'the spotlight has not been
and keep the issues that @ect us at the top cooperate, they risk being identified with
focused as intensely on the plight of
of the IFA agenda. the occupation and targeted by the
archaeological sites throughout Iraq.
resistance as a result.
We all h o w there are serious problems Journalists are unable to venture out into
that desperately need resolving: poor pay remote desert areas where most But above all, it is the mounting human
and conditions, lack of traininglcareer archaeological sites are located.' He admits cost of the war that is most alarming. As
progression, poor health and safety that his list of at least 32 sites that have Francis Deblauwe says: 'No epic Sumerian
standards, under-fimded projects. The been looted, including ancient Babylon, cuneiform tablet, majestic Neo-Assyrian
Forum will serve as a platform providing Nimrud and Hatra, is 'grossly incomplete.' lamassu sculpture or any other
information and news about subjects Mesopotamian artifact is worth a human
Even back in June 2003, Haniet Crawford
affecting archaeologists and how the IFA life, be it Iraqi, American, British or other.'
of the British School of Archaeology in
Developer bulldozes site published. The fieldwork for the pipeline While 1 was working for a council in East
was finished seven years ago. Anglia I ran a small excavation in the
after telephone enquiry centre of a market town. In the plot next
Bucks CC have also had problems with
Developers in portishead have denied door, a certain unit had also undertaken an
Tempus Reparaturn which went bankrupt
destroying an important World War 2 excavation the previous year. Reading their
before fieldwork back in 1996 at a
structure because local historians expressed report it was painfully obvious that once
prehistoric site at Little Marlow and a
an interest in getting it listed. again they had machined through medieval
Bronze Age and Saxon settlement at
and Roman stratigraphy down to the
The possibly unique pillbox guarded Bierton could be published.
natural. This meant that most features were
Portishead Marina from air raids. Military only recorded in section unless they were
historians telephoned Quay's Consortium Letter Bombs Ci:" deep enough to have their bases surviving.
who are developing the area to ask about In one of their section drawings a Roman
the future of the structure. Within hours of That unit has been investigated before wall was visible, but there was no record of
their call, the pillbox had been flattened. I read the article in Digger 33 with its alignment or length.
Chris Cain for the developer said: "This interest, knowing exactly which unit the
concrete bunker was in a very unsafe state person was talking about (unless there are One of their former project officers came
two of them, perish the thought!). to work for us and told us that this was
and there is evidence it was being used as a normal policy, in fact insisted upon by
den by youths. It is in the middle of a site The IFA have investigated them on several senior management. This unit gets a lot of
designated for employment use." occasions but nothing ever seems to get 'work in our area, and most of their sites are
Portishead local Adrian Jones said: done. The F A never interview the diggers similarly ruined. Something has to be done
"Concerned individuals were carrying out fiom the unit, just the higher levels of S- about them before they bring our
some research into its history and as to and having the boss within earshot means profession into disrepute.
whether or not it was the last remaining that nobody dares to speak the truth.
Tell us who to scrutinize
structure of its type in the country. It may My iiiends and I could tell you many 191 Dear Digger, Please find attached our
not have been the most beautiful piece of stories about the unit that would make any open, standing list of archaeological
architecture but the very fact that there was archaeologist cringe, it is appalling what contractors. The list is not an 'approved'
a time in our history when we had to build they get away with. list, and infers no endorsement by the
structures for this purpose should not be
forgotten." I also have a similar story about the County Council. The list is used only for
excavation of a cemetery fiom July 2003, information purposes to help developers. If
and other*fiiendsworked on a similar site a you think there are any contractors on this
Second unit referred to IFA couple of years ago, so it's not just a one- list that might benefit fiom closer
&. monitoring or scrutiny by our service to
In the last issue of The Digger, we
improve quality control, then I would be
published claims that a unit in the south of The unit is very proud of their F A status, grateful for your views. You could respond
England had little regard for Health and and all diggers have to fill in PDA forms by simply asterisking such contractors and
Safety and machined away stratigraphy and regularly, although they're told to make returning the document.
human skeletons without proper recording things up and most of them get laid off as
(see Letters section for more). The F A are soon as the site has finished anyway. I was I have always taken the view that
currently investigating the allegations. laughed at when I said that l wanted to be a archaeological endeavour is a joint or
Since then, it has emerged this unit isn't the site supervisor - girls get to write up the partnership effort, and that higher
reports, only men get to run sites. standards are realised by involving
only one that's being investigated.
everybody, curators, consultants,
Buckingham-based Network Archaeology If the F A want any eye-witness reports I contractors, workers, academics, an$
has also been reported to the IFA know several people, plus myself, who avocational people.
according to the minutes of would be willing to tell them exactly what
Buckinghamshire County Council's goes on there. - Neil Campling, Principal Archaeologist,
Historic Environment Forum. The forum North Yorkshire County Council
members expressed concerns in March this T h d l l y the local county archaeologists
year that Network Archaeology 'had not have started to wise up and do everything

/ 1 1
they can to stop this unit from working in Finances
fulfilled their publication obligations.'
their areas, but money talks and
A revised post-excavation programme was unfortunately they do always manage to
agreed, but by September the outstanding come up with the lowest tenders - no prizes Start balance (this issue) l : :
reports had still not appeared. The unit was for working out how. Total contributions
referred to the F A , with the threat of Total costs (projected)
'further sanctions' if the medieval site of Archaeology machined out End balance +E3 5 I
Bury Farm in Great Missenden and Roman [XI Although you edited out the name of
sites found along- the Aylesbury to the unit, I think that most of us down here Thanks to those who have contributed!
Steppingly gas pipeline were not can guess who they are.
The Digger is a non-profit making newsleltter existing entirely on donations. AU donaitions welcome, make cheques payable to
The ~i&er'. Any con&butions of material positively encouraged. The Digger is available by post, by email, or on the web with
photos and discussion areas courtesy of the British Archaeological Jobs Resource ( Check it. If you want to receive
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Issue No 35 F e b r u a r y 2 0 0 5
PO Box 2 3 5 7 0
E13 9YP

Fears that EH cuts will Babylon trashed by troops written submissions, which tell their own
hit archaeology Parts of ancient Babylon have been
Participation has been fairly good, with
There are growing fears that government irreparably damaged and severely
responses now about 9% of my estimated
cuts to English Heritage (EH) will mean contaminated by US and Polish forces, total of 2,100 commercial archaeologists.
less money for archaeological projects. according to a report by the British
Based on the IFA survey Profiling the
Museum's John Curtis. Dr Curtis, head of
Tessa Jowell, the Secretary of State for the Department of the Ancient Near East, Profession 2002/03, these responses
Culture, announced the 4.6% reduction in was allowed access to the site that was appear to be broadly representative. I have,
spending in December, but EH says that in established as a camp by the US military however, had a higher response rate from
reality the figure is nearer 6.3% on top of shortly after the invasion of h q . the under 30s than from those in their 40s.
10% cuts since 2000. This amounts to a This may be a reflection of the sampling
f l3m reduction in real terns, contrasting His report details how the original brick and of an under-representation of the under
with a 98% increase in government funding surface of a 6th century BC processional 30s in the F A study.
for sport. route has been crushed by tank tracks. The
Of my respondents, 37% believed that a
famous Ishtar Gate has been damaged by
Smon Thurley, EH chief executive, said, attempts to remove decorated bricks and rethink is needed in order to prevent a
"We need to look and see what a &13mcut trenches have been dug into the zigguarat - future crisis in commercial archaeology.
means for us. It will mean something, and the basis for the legend of the Tower of 35% believed that it is already in crisis and
probably something that we don't like very Babel. He describes how acres of the site needs urgent attention. However, of the
much and that our partners won't like very have been levelled, covered with imported latter group only 21% are currently trying
much." to get out of the profession while 59%
gravel and sprayed with chemicals which,
intended to remain as long as they can.
He has already axed staff numbers by 1 l%, together with fuel, are seeping into This demonstrates the dedication most
including the post of Chief Archaeologist unexcavated buried deposits. Two 20m archaeologists feel to their job, even when
last year. He ruled out an "equal misery for long trenches have been dug through the they feel the profession i s in crisis. The
all" approach, fuelling fears that site a ~ d thousands of tonnes of most disillusioned sector appears to be 26-
archaeological fimding could be hit archaeological material lie in spoil heaps or 30 year olds of whom 34% are currently
disproportionately. have been used to fill sandbags and mesh
trying to get out.
In a letter to the Guardian, Alison Taylor The under 30s represented 42% of all
of the Institute of Field Archaeologists Babylon was the centre of the Babylonian respondents. Of these 28% were IFA
warned that the 'accelerating programme empire and the capital of Hammurabi members; 16% couldn't afford to join;
of cuts' would mean that the 'worst-hit of (1792-1 75OBC) who introduced the 15% felt the IFA wasn't relevant to them;
all funding will be the budget for world's fvst code of law, and of 7% would never join, but 31% would
arrhaeological commissions, ie the money Nebuchadnem (604-562BC). Dr Curtis consider joining. Ln this age group 12%
tl xtually supports work in the field.' says that his 14-page report "should not be
7 were members of Prospect, with 9%
seen as exhaustive ', but is only
The government cuts are only the latest of "indicative" of the types of damage caused. members of other unions. 18% didn't
EH'S woes. There is no guarantee that the believe there was any point in joining a
Heritage Lottery Fund, which has given union, but a stunning 60% would consider
£3bn in grants in its 10-year life including Invisible diggers it.
£lbn on historic buildings, will exist after A Digger reader reveals thejindings of his In comparison 31-40 year olds represented
the current lottery contract ends in 2009. survey into UK archaeology ... 36% of all respondents (making over three
Its director, Carole Souter, insisted she was quarters of all respondents under 40). Of
"confident" that ministers would c o n f m I left full-time, commercial archaeology this age group 33% were IFA members and
that heritage would remain a lottery good two years ago and began work on a PhD at 30% Prospect members. 32% and 33%
cause "as soon as they are able". the University of Southampton. I wanted to
examine commercial archaeology by using would consider joining the IFA and a union
In addition to archaeology, EH'S major a previously untapped resource - the respectively. This makes this age group
repairs programme for cathedrals and its opinions of those within the profession! statistically the most actively 'involved.'
grants scheme for historic parish churches There is much interesting data to be had by
are also rumoured to be under threat. There are two strands to my project: a
series of i n t e ~ e w and
s an online survey to getting it straight from the source, and this
However, the Department of Culture submit more detailed comments. I am now research has the potential to be the most
denied that the budget had been cut. A publishing the interim results to detailed study of professional
spokesman said that "English Heritage will disseminate the information and to archaeologists ever undertaken. I hope that
receive an extra £13 million for capital encourage more people to take part. More everyone reading The Digger will get
projects across the next three years." detailed articles will appear elsewhere and involved. Visit to is kindly hosting some of the have your say. - Paul Everill
Letter Bombs archaeologists have a duty to protect our
heritage, and if you are party to a site being
The next Diggers' Forum meeting will take Give the IFA hard evidence ruthlessly b******d, then that is on your
place on Saturday 19th February 2005 at I was the IFA Vice Chair for Standards conscience too. - Evelyn ~ a k e r
lpm at MoLAS HQ at Mortimer Wheeler for 6 years, and some of that time was Network response
House, 46 Eagle Wharf Road, London, N l extremely hstrating because we knew (XI Network Archaeology is committed to
7ED. The Forum is intended to unify there were bad apples in the barrel but had an appropriate level of publication for all
contract archaeologists to campaign insufficient proof to do anything about it. its projects. To this end, Network has
through the IFA for change within the RA0 inspections flushed out some bad recently appointed a Publications Manager
profession. practice and huge efforts were made to and three dedicated Reports Officers.
Contact Jez Taylor (020 7410 2242 or improve the standards of those who were
07951 024197 or falling below those of the .Code of With regard to the two projects referred to
Chris Clarke (020 8769 5029 or 07751 Conduct. But because the inspections, help in the last issue of The Digger, full and
6 12574
for more and advice are strictly confidential, the open dialogue is being maintained
details. wider world erroneously assumes that throughout with all relevant parties, and
nothing is being done! Far from it - one dates for report submission have now been
particular organisation cost the IFA dearly agreed with Buckinghamshire County
Hotline set up as IFA in staff time and money (despite Council Council Archaeological Service and the
dismiss 'moans in a pub' Members only receiving travelling EA. The IFA has not previously, and nor
The Institute of Field Archaeologists have expenses) and there has been a noticeable is it currently investigating Network.
said that allegations about an IFA all round improvement in this and other All archaeological organisations face the
Registered .Archaeological Organisation cases. The F A has no jurisdiction over challenge of bringing their work tc
( M O ) are 'moans in a pub.' non-members. The more members we get publication within the commercial an^ ..
and the more RAOs the better the standards political pressures of the business world.
The Digger published claims by a reader will become. Timescales for post-excavation
that the unit, based in the south of England,
Site visits are made so that the archaeology programmes can range from weeks to years
ignored health and safety and machined out
and not just the admii and records are dependent upon issues such as size of
stratigraphy and human skeletons without
scrutinised, and efforts are made to talk to project, commission delays, specialist sub-
proper recording. Other readers wrote in
site staff out of management earshot. If a contract works, client confidentiality
with similar stories of bad practice and The
number of offences are made over time this issues, internal commercial pressures etc.
Digger passed the name of the unit to the
IFA to investigate. is also recorded and may lead to We support The Digger in tackling this
disciplinary investigation or non- issue, but wodd point out that there are
However, the %A says it will not act unless registration. We are encouraging more existing mechanisms in place for dealing
a formal complaint is made. An article in participation 6om archaeological planning with organisations which struggle or fail to
the latest edition of the IFA magazine The officers who have a crucial role - they writemeet their professional obligations or
Archaeologist says: 'Moans in a pub the briefs, inspect sites and sign them off. planning requirements. Bodies such as
reported third hand and without evidence This should deal with non-IFA cowboys - LPAs, English Heritage and the IFA
don't take us far' but complaints 'with the minority who undercut by cutting generally show an enlightened approach to
names, dates and description, and ideally corners. dealing with such issues by working with
with photographs, will be taken very
seiiously indeed' by the IFA's RA0 We get lots of hearsay evidence - but until archaeological organisations.
Committee. those who actually witness from first hand We hope that The Digger will refrain fron
stand up to be counted, there is little that singling out individual cases a n d -
The F A response has prompted David the IFA can do. Give the IFA hard (not companies and instead encourage support
Connolly, who runs the British malicious) evidence and these cowboys can of those numerous organisations that have
Archaeological Jobs Resource (BAJR) be removed from the RA0 register and if worked hard to tackle this important issue
website, to set up his own hotline to report proven guilty at a Disciplinary Hearing, in .recent years and thereby bring the whole
rogue units. chucked out of the F A . If 'curators' and profession to a much improved position.
Once David has established that a clients insisted on RA0 or MIFA status or - David Bonner on behalf of the directors
complaint is genuine and 'seriously proven equivalent for site directors, this
breaches codes of conduct in the IFA would hit the cowboys hard. Similarly, if a
client finds that his shoddy archaeological Finances
guidelines or has serious Health and Safety
implications,' he wiU contact the work is not signed off by the 'curator' he
appropriate County Archaeologist or HSE won't use them again, and it could cost the
officer. David says that: 'This procedure is unit a pretty penny. Total contributions
designed to have a positive effect on the At the end of the day, if dud archaeologists Total costs (projected)
profession.' are still RAOs it is because you, the End balance +&l77
The hotline number is 0787 6528 498 or diggers, won't use your communal strength
email info@, to cry foul and get them out; it need not be Thanks to those who have contributed!
one brave soul going it alone. All
The Digger is a non-profit making news;letter existing entirely on donations. AU donations welcome, make cheques payable to
The Digger'. Any contributions of material positively encouraged. The Digger is available by post, by email, or on the web with
photos and discussion areas courtesy of the British Archaeological Jobs Resource ( Check it. If you want to receive
T h e DIgger but don't, or you don't want to receive T h e Digger but do, send u s your details and well sort it out.
Digger 36 April 2005
PO Box 23570
E13 9YP
web: www.

IFA pledges changes after. providing false information in support of The article prompted fury from MS Jowell.
an application for registration.' In a letter to the Chairman of EH, Sir Neil
Digger revelations Cossons, she said 'I have no plans to close
Archaeological Solutions has been a long-
Following revelations in The Digger about the organisation. Nor do I plan to hand
standing member of the IFA in which
the practices of a rogue unit in the south of control of your historic sites to the
managers have held senior positions.
England, the Institute of Field National Trust or anyone else.' She added
Archaeologists (IFA) has pledged to that EH 'does superb work in promoting
reform its disciplinary procedures. F A BAJR hotline a success and protecting our historic and built
director Peter Hinton admits that the environment.'
The BAJR hotline for reporting rogue units
current procedures are cumbersome, lack has proved a success. The handful of However, it is well known that the Culture
credibility and are nol transparent. 'Our complaints so far have been dealt with by Secretary believes that there are too many
process has proved long-winded and alerting the appropriate County 'overlapping' bodies in the heritage sector.
expensive, and has done little to silence Archaeologist, the Health and Safety EH funding has been fi-ozen and there were
critics,' Mr Hinton says in an article in IFA Executive or the F A . David Connolly of proposals last summer to merge the quango
r uine The Archaeologisf. BAJR told The Digger: 'Curators think the with the Heritage Lottery Fund, although
1n-the IFA's 22 year history, there have hotline is a useful tool, and contractors see these came to nothing. With a general
been forty formal allegations of it as a wake up call and a reasonable way election looming and a likely ministerial
malpractice and numerous informal to watch out for cowboys. The head of reshuffle at DCMS - EH staff will be
complaints. Allegations are usually about some large national organisations have also hoping the next Culture Secretary will be
competence, business behaviour, or privately backed the initiative. Even a bound by MS Jowell's promises.
impugning the reputation of other group who have been wrongly accused are
archaeologists. However, only one of these backing the hotline as it is easy to squash Curator hits back at
allegations has ever resulted in the rumours before they start.'
Private Eye allegations
suspension of a member. Another case is in However, not a!! archaeological units we
progress, and in a third case the allegation happy. The Digger has learned that a North Yorkshire County Archaeologist
was withdrawn on compassionate grounds. director at one unit contacted BAJR to Neil Campling has denied allegations that
There have also been 13 formal complaints complain about the hotline. He wrote that it he is undermining efforts to preserve the
about six F A Registered Archaeological seemed to be 'divisive and slighting landscape around the scheduled
Organisations (RAOs). Eight of these were towards the efforts of the IFA' and risked Thornborough Henges. There has been a
partially or fully upheld and several are fiagmenting support for the professional spirited campaign by 'The Friends of
pending. body. The IFA's Peter Minton confirmed Thornborough' group to save the landscape
that the unit director had spoken to him and that is threatened by gravel extraction by
The new procedure will be drafted by a
initially he shared his concerns. However, Tarmac.
lee4 advisor and is intended to improve
t t _ redibility of the IFA by making 'the Mr Hinton added 'I've spoken to David In its 'Rotten Boroughs' section and below
punishment fit the crime'. However, the Connolly since then and have been a cartoon of a wrecking ball knocking
1FA will not normally investigate when the reassured by his explanation of what the down trilithons, Private Eye accused Mr
complainant insists on anonymity. This is a hotline is attempting to achieve.' The Campling of telling people not to sign a
problem, since many potential hotline number is 07876 528 498 or email petition to save the henges. It was also
whistleblowers have been reluctant to m. implied there was collusion between Mr
report bad practice in their units in the past Campling and his predecessor at the county
for fear of being blacklisted. 'No plans to close EH' council Mike Griffiths, now Tarmac's
says Culture Secretary archaeologist, in restricting trial trenching
The proposed changes will be published on
to just 2?40 of the threatened Ladybridge
the F A website and voted on at the IFA Tessa Jowell, the Culture Secretary, has site when 'other archaeologists believe a
AGM in the autumn. denied threatening to dismantle English sample of 8-10% would give a better idea
Heritage (EH). An article in the Sunduy of what may be there.'
Arch Sols kicked off Times claimed that her department was
IFA register proposing that EH'S 400 sites - including In a threepage letter to The Digger, Mr
Stonehenge and Dover Castle - would be Campling says 'I have never asked the
Hertford-based Archaeological Solutions, handed over to the National Trust. This general public or non-planning
foimerly Hertfordshire Archaeological would leave EH with liltle except its role archaeologists not to sign the petition,'
Trust, has lost its RA0 status. A statement of advising the government on the historic although he admits he did ask fellow
on the F A website reads: 'Unfortunately it environment. The article said that the move curators in a private email group not to
has now been necessary to remove was the result of 'bitter rows' between EH sign because the petition demanded 'all
Archaeological Solutions fiom the Register and the government. quauying' wound the henges stop. 'No
[of Archaeological Organisations] for planning archaeologist could honestly take
this stance,' he explains, because it would Come off it Evelyn, the blame lies squarely 1the conduct of a unit. Dismissing these as
halt existing permitted development and with you and your colleagues. The IFA is l'moans in the pub' in this extremely
prejudge applications. ineffectual bordering on pathetic and will iinsulting manner only justifies the view
not be worth joining until it develops a 1hat the IFA is only interested in presenting
'Mike Griffiths is the commissioning
proper disciplinary system to deal with the iitself as a functioning self-regulatory body
archaeologist for Tarmac's archaeological
few 'duds' amongst the membership. l:ather than actually taking action.
investigation,' Mr Campling says. 'As
County Archaeologist, I am required to Mendacious IFA passing the buck f i e letter from the ex Vice Chair for
discuss with him the planning requirements Several points in reply to the letter in l
Standards notes that the F A are
for the case. To imply there is some sort of the last issue by Evelyn Baker. It is no ,'encouraging more participation from
collusion as a result of this ongoing surprise that only 28% of diggers under iwchaeological planning officers.' Well
dialogue shows ignorance of the thirty are members of this mendacious and 1;hanks for that, because it's not as if
procedures.' In response to the 2% claim, pointless organisation. Evelyn begins by (:urators aren't already doing so. In the end
Mr Campling says 'the evaluation at complaining that the IFA has investigated 1he IFA is a confused organisation with no
Ladybridge has involved resistivity, one unit, which has 'cost the IFA dearly'. 1:eeth and, it appears, little understanding of
magnetometry, fieldwalking test pitting The IFA claims to enforce standards in lwhat planning archaeologists do. Every day
and trial trenching. Taking this into archaeology, and would have us believe I.eports are returned deemed unacceptable,
account means that the wider prehistoric that it deserves to be a chartered institute :rites are monitored, context sheets, plan
landscape has in fact been sampled at a 50- responsible in a statutory capacity for imd sections are examined by curators all
55% level, well above the levels enforcing its own standards. Can we really 1without the 'encouragement' of the F A . It
recommended'. have faith in its suitability for such a role, iis clear that the IFA are only interested in
when one investigation elicits such 13 e perception of themselves as an effective
Archaeologist killed complaint from the organisation? If it (xganisation rather than being one.
in trench collapse really is intent on enforcing standards, it 3ne way of 'encouraging' curators wouldd
must accept that its investigations will cost perhaps be to support them when they
Archaeologists around the world were money - and, indeed, some will be fruitless. 1make complaints about organisations
shocked to hear about the death of Austrian
'Site visits7 are made (apparently), as well linstead of discounting any problems as
Marcus Koller, 30. He was killed last ,
as other procedures, to investigate units 'moans'. 1 have attended planning appeals
month when the 2.511 deep unshored
and 'remove cowboys from the RA0 list'. 1where IFA archaeologists l?om RAOs have
trench he was working in collapsed.
But how many people realise that the iwgued not to evaluate sites in advance of
Despite being injured themselves, two
infringements closest to most diggers (jesignating them as development areas
women colleagues - one of whom was his
hearts and pockets - wages and conditions - (despite the potential for significant
fiancee - were able to dig him out but he
are not considered to be important enough 1remains. Is this raising standards? Is this
had suffocated. They were working on a
to remove an RAO! A company can pay tmcouraging curators? No! Clearly the IFA
Roman f a m site for Salzburg museum.
less than the IFAs pitihl minima with 1represents client based units and favours a
impunity! It is clear that the IFA, with its lmarket lead archaeological response rather
Letter Bombs #$ major membership base being senior 1than one based on the best practice of
members of units, makes the rules to suit lmanagement of archaeological remains.
No action on my formal IFA compliant itself. l'he idea that we need to stand up and be
So Evelyn Baker blames everyone but counted is laughable! 1 for one have no
the F A for not removing what she calls A typical passing of the buck from the IFA: (compunction to make a complaint, be
'dud' archaeologists from that body's If cowboy units still exist, 'it is because (dragged through the mud by unit managers,
membership. you, the diggers, won't use your communal dismissed by the F A as a 'moaner' ano
strength to cry foul and get them out'. So, 1then find my career compromised.
A few years ago I lodged a formal in addition to being the lowest paid
complaint with the IFA about the conduct professional workers in Britain, we lMy message to the IFA is simple: stop
of one such 'dud' who had failed to shoulder the blame for the piss-poor 1being an organisation where units pay to
properly record an excavation for which he standards in archaeology. Then what the appear professional by having the IFA
was paid and over several years, despite hell is the IFA for? Could it be that, as we ,stamp and use your h d i n g to ensure they
numerous offers of help, also failed to all suspect, it exists solely to protect the Ibehave professionally.
produce a report. The case was examined interests of management? The IFA has - From a planning archaeologist
by Evelyn and a colleague who saw how nothing to offer diggers - join if you must
poor the site records were and who ('IFA membership preferred7), but for
accepted that no report had been produced heaven's sake don't conhse them for an
but who, in a letter to me later, said that no organisation with diggers' best interests at
action could be taken against the heart. Spend less money more wisely and
individual. To the best of my knowledge join Prospect. Total contributions
the individual concerned remains a Total costs (projected)
member of the IFA and now has several Curator not surprised by IFA response End balance
other unreported sites to his credit (or & l I wish I could be surprised by the
otherwise). FA'S response to the complaints by the Thanks to those who have contributed!
- low paid, temporary contract staff about-
The Digger is a non-profit newsletter existing entirely ati.ens welcome, make cheques -
. to
The Digger'. Any contributions of material positively encouraged. The Digger is available by post, by email, or on the web with
photos and discussion areas courtesy of the British Archaeological Jobs Resource ( Any problems with receiving
The Digger? Send u s your details and well sort it out. STOP PRESS: Read the full text of Neil Campling's letter on the BAJR website.
APPAG puts a brave face on love to hear about it. As for CPD, this has Bath Archaeology closes
been an idea kicking around for years, with
slow progress minimal impact on the lives of ordinary Bath Archaeological Trust has closed its
It is two years since the All Party archaeologists. excavation unit. A statement on its website
Parliamentary Archaeology Group APPAG recommended that a fianchise- says: 'Bath Archaeology has decided to
produced its report The Current State oj based system replace the present system of cease providing professional
Archaeology in the United Kingdom, and competitive tendering. The review says: archaeological services to the conslruction
now the MPS and peers have compiled a 'Feedback industry and related spheres,' although it
has demonstrated much
review into how many of their key scepticism of the value of this approach will continue charitable and educational
recommendations have been implemented. within the archaeological community, work. BAT was formed in 1977 and has
worked as a professional unit in south and
Current responsibility for archaeology is although others have argued that a more west England for the past twenty years.
scattered across many government detailed study by a competition expert One of its largest recent jobs was the Bath
departments, to the detriment of the would be beneficial to assess the options.' Spa project for Bath and North East
industry. The review found there has been This assessment effectively kills the Somerset Council that started in 1998. It
apparent progress' on the fianchise idea. In fact, there is unlikely to was hoped to publish the site in 2005, and
recommendation that the Department of be any change in the near future since 'the a review of funding for the project was
Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) should consultation on the new Planning Policy taking place late last year.
give heritage a higher priority and establish Statement which covers the PPG 15 and 16
a committee chaired by a minister to co- guidance notes is now deferred for 2-3 BAT never recovered fiom a loss of
ordinate archaeology policy. Indeed, things years until completion of EH pilot £130,000 four years ago compounded by a
have gone backwards. The review points projects.' further loss of £100,000 over the following
out: 'English Heritage [EH] and the two years. The past five years saw annual
Heritage Lottery Fund would appear to The postponed change to PPG16 also income halve from £460,000 to £220,000.
have an uncertain hture. The funding to means that developers still will not have to Many archaeologists have worked for BAT
the sector in real terms has been cut contribute towards the costs of the long- and there were five permanent staff. Peter
dramatically in recent years'. Alarmingly, term storage of archaeological archives in Davenport, the former Director of
'since February 2004 there has been no one museums. Excavations, is now at Oxford
in DCMS with specific archaeological APPAG's Archaeology.
recommendation that
expertise.' organisations like the lnstitute of Field The Company Secretary Stephen Bird told
APPAG recommended improved training Archaeologists (IFA) and the Council for The Digger: "BAT found itself poorly
for field archaeologists who should be paid British Archaeology (CBA) merge was met positioned between the big units with large
as much as other graduate entry level with incredulity at the time, and the review critical mass and economies of scale and
professions, such as local authority says that amalgamation 'is not the very small or individual operators with
, ining officers, civil engineers and appropriate.' The organisations are very low overheads. The Trustees took the
university lecturers. The review says: 'The 'working together closely' through the decision, in consultation with staff, to
IFA, the Standing Conference of Historic Environment Forum which withdraw from commercial archaeology."
Archaeological Unit Managers (SCAUM) together with Heritage Link lobbies for
and Prospect are currently discussing a heritage interests. Out-of-court settlement for
national collective pay bargaining On the plus side, the Portable Antiquities Welsh trust
mechanism for archaeological units,' Scheme is one success highlighted by the
although there are no details about how far Newport council has settled the two-year
review. Another is that the government has
these discussions have progressed. legal dispute with the archaeological trust
accepted that Sites and Monuments
that excavated Newport's medieval ship.
There also seems to have been little Records (SMRs) should be made statutory,
although the review concedes that 'it is The unexpected nature of the discovery in
progress on training. 'The Archaeological
June 2002 meant that site work on the
Training Fonun is continuing to take the difficult to see how this is to be achieved in
unique 15th century vessel took five weeks
lead on a number of initiatives to embed a climate of Local Authority resource
longer than planned. The council alleged
skills development within the sector and constraints.' The changes will cost at least
&8m. that the extra work had not been properly
thereby encourage high standards,' the
agreed and refused to pay the £118,438
review says. 'The IFA is undertaking a
The APPAG report marked a step forward that Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological
number of relevant projects looking at in detailing the serious problems within Trust (GGAT) claimed it was owed.
training, CPD [Continuing Personal UK archaeology and made a valuable Before the case reached court earlier this
Development], etc on behalf of the Forum.' contribution to the debate about possible year, however, the council agreed to settle.
If any digger has had the benefit of their solutions. But why has progress been so
"skills development" being "embedded Bob Trett, chairman of GGAT when the
slow? Archaeologists deserve an answer.
within the sector", please write in - we'd dispute started, said: "For a small
charitable trust it's a lot of money. It's the many and varied jobs I've done in my time, measly and we are still scraping around
difference between solvency and going nothing comes close to the camaraderie doing things in ever-tighter budgets to that .
under. As a result of this dispute, four and the large amount of cool broad-minded 'fixed price.' "
people were made redundant, though one people you meet digging and it is a low
"What do I hate most about commercial
has since been re-employed. It needn't stress job unlike many other professions.
archaeology: the fact that prices in
have happened." Newport council declined Instead the stress is when you have got
competitive tendering are pared down to
to comment. home filthy, haven't got to the bank, have
such a degree that it is impossible to do a
Pck all money and have just got a postcard
decent job on the archaeology without
English Heritage to strike kom your mates with 'proper jobs' who
putting in unpaid time (something I do
are living it up somewhere hot on full pay."
EH staff have voted to strike on 21 June in Pequentlyl and that there is no-one who
protest at an imposed below-inflation pay "The diggers are always the last to know ensures good standards are maintained.
award that averages 1.5%. The action by about anything, including where they will And the fact that so many managers
500 Prospect members will affect EH'S befiom day to day. Organisation is not a appear to have no idea what an excavation
London headquarters at Saville Row, as strong point in any unit that I have ever involves and have no interest in the
well as regional offices and tourist worked for and there seems to be an archaeologv. "
attractions like Stonehenge and Hadrian's overwhelming lack of communication
"It's fast becoming a parody of itself. I feel
Wall. The union says this latest low pay throughout the profession. "
we are reaching a stage when the skills
settlement is indicative of the financial "A horde of 'experts' accompanied by needed to close a project quickly and
crisis facing the heritage body, which has management suddenly drop onto your profitably are far more important than the
already resulted in job losses. trench, totally ignore the excavators, and ability to excavate and record a site
loudly make pronouncements regarding the properly ."
End for Bournemouth HND work people are in the process of Go to to re'
completing. Usually no input is requested
Bournemouth University is closing its kom the excavation staff, obviously more and take part in the survey yourself:
HND in Practical Archaeology. The well- because we are some lower species of pond
respected two-year course was a stepping life." @'Letter Bombs C;"
stone to BA's and BSc's for many
archaeologists who did not have formal "Over the years I have found loaih of sites Stop whingeing!
academic qualifications. John Gale, who and archaeological material during I don't suppose it would be possible for
works at the university, told The Digger: monitoring. I hove written reports on said us to have some good news occasionally
'The HND has now been replaced by a sites and material. My name appears instead of this endless whingeing. I'm as
Foundation degree (FdSc Field nowhere!! How frustrating. " broke as everybody else but I like my job,
Archaeology) which was designed in "We need to squeeze out the cheapskates I've had some good bosses (and maybe
association with colleagues from the who pay low wages: ultimately their recognising the good units rather than
profession.' There will be a reunion for activities harm individuals and are making obscure sideways comments about
past students in August. Contact responsible for the appalling loss of talent the bad ones might help), some brilliant
brussell@, or jgale@, which haemorrhages out of the colleagues, and some jolly good times.
for details. archaeological world every year." Otherwise I would quit and go and do
something more interesting instead. In the
Meanwhile, the University of Exeter is "There are many dtfSerent opinions as to same way as local news bulletins have the
cutting all Archaeology and E,vtology the problems inherent in the current one ' h n y ' at the end of each show we
Distance Learning studies at the end of the commercial archaeology system and many could have tips on best handcream, artefi
next academic year. In a letter dated I June diflerent solutions. The main problem I see of the month, anything except this endless
2005 Head of Department John Blewitt is apathy; archaeologists are not the most doom and gloom. I happen to agree with
advises students to transfer to the Open 'go-getting' bunch of people. They The Digger's politics but at the moment no
University. The OU does not offer courses complain, a lot, but no one seems to do one who doesn't already agree will ever be
in archaeology or Egyptology. a v h i n g . A complete lack of organised tempted to read it and (perhaps) change
rebellion has led to the continuing poor their mind.
Invisible Diggers speak pay and conditions. "

Paul EverillS 'Invisible Diggers' project "We need to be professionally organised- Finances
ends this month. Paul's PhD examines the more people in the union, better training
profession through the eyes of ordinary and wages. There are people I know who
archaeologists. We published his interim still get laid off over Christmas and go
kom week to week on weekly contracts - Total contributions
results in Digger 35, but here are some of Total costs (projected)
your quotes he has published on his we are a disorganised bunch fi-om top to
bottom and no wonder developers and End balance
website, reprinted with permission.
architects run rings round us and don't take
"In the summer it's the best job in the us seriously. The price of an archaeological Thanks to those who have contributed!
world, in winter you feel like you've been condition on a developer's budget is
sent to a ~ u s s i & Gulag, but out of the
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The Digger'. Any contributions of material positively encouraged. The Digger is available by post, by email, or on the web with
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'Save our course!' £13,300 pa. Starting salaries were better article was 'an afiont to the
for graduates of drama, hospitality and professionalism of all the organisations
Students and lecturers at the University of theology. The guide also said: 'Prospects involved.' He added that 'communication
Wales, Newport, have appealed to the are poor: 11 per cent of [archaeology] between the developers ProLogis Ltd], the
wider archaeological community to help graduates are unemployed and 30 per cent contractor, Northamptonshire
save their department. are in non-graduate jobs.' Archaeology, NCC's curatorial
archaeologists and English Heritage pH]
Third year undergraduate Amy Haskins Mr Chadwick said: 'I would urge anyone
was excellent.'
posted a message on the CBA's Britarch who cares about the provision of academic
email list revealing that university archaeology in Britain, and about However, in a letter in the same edition of
authorities plan to axe the archaeology archaeology in South Wales, to write to the Rescze News Glyn Coppack, EH'S local
course by 2007. 'We need your help!' she Vice-Chancellor of the University of Inspector of Ancient Monuments, said: 'I
wrote. 'They have taken away our Wales, Newport, and to the new Dean of was assured that Northamptonshire
archaeology building, which means that we Health and Social Science. It would be Heritage had the matter in hand, and I
now have to fit into whatever fiee space particularly good to have the support of understood fiom Northamptonshire
t :is on campus, we have lost a lecturer leading academics from other archaeology Archaeology that they wcre dealing with
an3 our lecture time has been cut by almost departments in Britain, and from the the archaeology. What nobody told me was
50%.' Council for British Archaeology [CBA], that the masonry had been exposed by the
RESCUE and the Institute of Field contractor, and EH advice on how best to
'This will be a great loss for archaeology in
Archaeologists.' deal with the masonry was not sougbt. I
South Wales,' said lecturer Adrian
would at least have offered the services of
Chadwick. The department is active in
Row rages over damaged our Civil Engineers.' A concrete revetment
research with an enviable publication
was built against the 25m length of wall
record. It has strong links with local Roman wall that was exposed. This 'is separated from
heritage groups, includiug the Friends of
the Newport Ship. A row over damage to a Scheduled Ancient the Roman masonry by a sheet of
Monument is threatening to overshadow a polythene and can be removed without
The decision to close the department was local council's plans for a Heritage Park. further damage,' he said.
taken in August on financial grounds.
The scheduled Roman wall - part of the Ironically, the council has just bought part
Students who had been accepted at the
defences of the town of Irchester, east of of the Roman town with money fiom the
university have now been told to reapply
Wellingborough - was exposed without government and plans to turn the area into
elsewhere. As well as considering legal
archaeological supervision last year during a Heritage Park. The row over the damaged
action the 30 current undergraduates
construction of a new access road to the wall threatens to eclipse both this and the
organised a demonstration that was
A45. An article on the damage by the good working relationship between
reported on the BBC and in the local press
pressure group RESCUE drew an angy archaeologists and developers on the site.
a r ' resulted in the university restoring
response from Northants County Council Cooperation over the last decade has
(NCC). resulted in the excavation of an Iron Age
Students and staff are particularly angy enclosure and the discovery of previously
about the way they learned of the decision. Ln a letter published in the current edition unknown Roman stone buildings.
'The head of Archaeology at Newport, of Rescue News Bob Colenutt, the Head of
Professor Stephen Aldhouse-Green, only Sustainable Development for NCC, said: The row also highlights problems with the
found this out by accident when he 'The exposure of part of the Roman way Scheduled Ancient Monuments are
overheard a conversation between two defences in November 2004 was a result of designated. A large part of the monument
members of Estates staff in a corridor!' works by a sub-contractor in advance of contains no archaeological deposits while
said Mr Chadwick. University bosses the agreed development programme. As the an archaeologically-sensitivearea nearby is
intend redeveloping the Archaeology works were unprogrammed and the main not scheduled. '1 will be asking our
Centre as a space for Art, Media and construction contractor was unaware of designation team to look at the whole of
Design. their taking place, excavation started the site as a matter of urgency,' Mr
without the programmed archaeological Coppack said.
The closure adds to the growing crisis in supervision and control. However, this was
archaeology teaching in the UK. Even identified by the archaeologist on site Policy changes at the IFA
though the subject has never had a higher within hours of the works starting and the
profile, applications for BA Archaeology main contractor immediately ensured that At its AGM held last month in London, the
degrees have fallen almost every year since the unauthorised work stopped.' Institute of Field Archaeologists (FA)
2000. The good university guide published adopted a new Disciplinary code. The
in the Times in May revealed that of 61 He denied that there was any 'failure of change was prompted by revelations in the
subjects ranked by graduates' starting process' and said that the allegation of a Digger about the unprofessional practices
salary, archaeology came last at about communications breakdown in the Rescue of ab IFA-registered unit in the south of
England. The LFA also voted to change its The archaeologists have sent a statement to I'll carry on whingeing
regulations for Registered Archaeological the National Assembly lambasting the So your correspondent doesn't like the
Organisations (RAOs). Hertford-based constitution's failure 'to mention in any of whingeing. Ahh, bless. Well, there's a lot to
Archaeological Solutions, foimerly its articles that the utilization of Iraq's whinge about in archaeology - bad
Hertfordshire Archaeological Trust, lost its ancient civilizations, archaeological sites, practice, shXt pay, poor working
R A 0 status earlier this year after providing heritage and archaeological riches is a conditions, snobbery, elitism and
false information in support of an prerogative of the central government.' downright corruption.
application for registration. The new
policies can be read on the F A website. We could have some cartoons in the
June Digger newsletter and yes, I like the 'artifact of the
Due to a glitch in our distribution system month' idea. What would you suggest?
SAMs destroyed How about the director's head on a stick,
some readers did not receive their paper
More bad news for Scheduled Ancient copies of the last Digger. We apologise for or a photo of Oxford Archaeology
Monuments: drainage in the Somerset this error which has now been rectified. buildings going up in smoke - I'd like that.
levels has destroyed internationally- Distribution of the email and web versions Having spent 4 years at college, getting
important sites. In work h d e d by EH, the of the newsletter was not affected. skint, now owing for my course and still
Environment Agency and Somerset County taking home less than £300 a week, I think
Council, small trenches were opened to
check waterlogged sites where well-
ei Letter Bombs G' I've got every right to whinge. As for
middle class shXts who stroll through their
preserved organic remains had previously In Digger 37 a reader complained about degrees, amble through their MA's and
been identified. The stakes, wicker fiames, 'endless whingeing: Here are some oj then swan into supervisor jobs just because
fish traps, village sites and plank surfaces your responses: units are terrified of employing people who
of a network of tracks across boggy ground may have 20 years experience (better thar
illustrated how prehistoric people lived and We're being screwed
most directors, in my opinion), they too
hunted. I read, with a sense of incredulity, the
make me want to whinge.
sentiments expressed in the letter. I
However, most of the sites examined have suppose the person who wrote this expects Did I mention sexism, racism (how many
been seriously damaged and two scheduled people to suffer crap pay and conditions black, Asian or other ethnic groups do you
trackways have disintegrated completely. just because the job happens to be see working on digs, let alone in post-ex or
The internationally famous Iron Age lake interesting. This is the attitude that some office jobs?), I get a little tired of being
village at Meare was so damaged 'that the archaeology fums rely upon in order to told I've a chip on my shoulder.
only remaining organic components were justify their unprofessional treatment of
shrivelled and contorted wood fragments.' There is no investigation at any meaningfd
fellow archaeologists. After all, why bother
The only sites in good condition are par1 of level of crap units, nor is there any real
to treat people with common decency when
the Sweet Track, a main road built around discussion of the real issues underlying the
evely year you have a fresh intake of eager
5,800 years ago, in a nature reserve where decline of development archaeology, which
young graduates who are desperate to get
the original water level is maintained, and is becoming an adjunct to the planning
their foot on the first rung of a career and
the Glastonbury Lake Village which is process and is being subsumed by the glow
are willing to put up with anything. They
owned by a trust. The report, published in of technology and 'market forces'. That's
hope that as their career advances (irony
November's British Archaeology, blames why the Bath unit is closing down -
intended), things will improve for them.
the use of more powerful pumps since the underbid by bigger units.
Unforhmately, as many of us who live in
second world war for the destruction. the real world know, what actually happens 1see no hope in UK archaeology - pay will
is that they eventually become continue to drop in real terms, condition
Iraqi archsseo8o@stsY
anger disillusioned, leave archaeology for a "real haven't got better in the time I've been
over new constitution job" and their places in the ranks are taken working and the big units continue to drive
up by the aforementioned new intake. down wages and standards.
The new Iraqi constitution has been
criticized by Iraqi archaeologists who say a I just wish that everyone involved in the So, I'U carry on whingeing, if that's all right
federal lraq will leave the country's ancient profession would own up to the with you.
past at the mercy of regional unpalatable truth; the majority of us who
administrations rather than under central are on the circuit are being screwed by our Finances
government control. The Head of the fellow archaeologists. Our pay and
Antiquities Department of the Iraq conditions are pathetic because the prime
Museum Dr Donny George led a motivation of these people is not a love of
archaeology or a commitment to carrying Total contributions
demonstration against the constitution this
out the job professionally; it is ensuring Total costs (projected)
month and said: 'Our national wealth of
archaeological riches will be divided that they secure their own semi-permanent End balance
among these regions and subject to the contracts and careers. That's why tenders
whims of their governors and are priced so low, so they ensure a Skint!
administrations.' He added that this would continuity of work (for themselves) and
be a heavy blow to Iraq's heritage. that's why our pay is so poor.
- Ken Denham
The Digger is a non-profit making news tter existing entirely on donations. W donations welcome, make cheques payable to
The Digger'. Any contributions of material positively encouraged. The Digger is available by post, by email, or on the web with
photos and discussion areas courtesy of the British Archaeological Jobs Resource ( Check it. If you want to receive
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Freed archaeologist denies Heritage inquiry wants Norfolk privatizes its unit
wanting to return to Iraq your views as councils cut jobs
Susanne Osthoff, the 43-year-old The Parliamentary Culture, Media and Norfolk County Council is planning to
archaeologist and aid worker who was Sport Committee has announced a wide- privatize its archaeology unit. NAU will be
abducted and then k d in lraq recently, ranging inquuy into the heritage sector and taken over by NPS Property Consultants
has denied she said she wanted to return to wants you to help identify priorities for the Ltd - the authority's private trading
the war zone. Her reported comments had forthcoming Heritage White Paper. company that ploughs its profits back into
angered the German government who council coffers. A report by the district
The committee is particularly interested in
many believe paid a hefty ransom to her auditor prompted the move.
evidence about:
Vanessa Trevelyan, head of Norfolk
how effectively the Department of Museums and Archaeology Service, said
MS Osthoff was kidnapped on 25
November in Baghdad. She was intending Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), that NAU was in a strong position to
English Heritage (EH) and other
to travel north, but instead her driver took expand and tender for work across the
heritage organisations represent
I to a house in the capital where three UKWyndham Northam, cabinet member
bundled her into the boot of a car. She heritage interests to the government, for commercial services, said: ''At the
was driven to a place near the border where funding for EH and museums and how present time, they tend to work in Norfolk,
she was held for three weeks. lottery money should be shared out, but as NPS has offices around the country
this will give them an opportunity to spread
The German government has denied that its the responsibilities of EH, the Heritage their wings. It's a win-win for both."
release of a Hizbollah member jailed for Lottery Fund (HLF), local authorities
the murder of a U.S. Navy diver was linked and museums in looking after UK After a decade amassing debts of nearly
to MS Osthoffs freedom days later. A heritage and &Im, NAU now makes a £75,000 surplus
ransom is widely believed to have been on an annual turnover of £1.3~1. The
paid. the balance . between heritage and couosil has said the jobs of NP.W's 32 staff
development in planning policy. are not threatened.
German Muslim leaders, former
Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Iraqi The inquiry will touch on a number of Other local authorities with archaeological
cleric Moqtada al-Sadr were among those controversial issues. The past year has units will be watching the takeover closely
who called for the archaeologist's release. been particularly bad For EH. There were and may follow Norfolk's lead if
A petition organised by BAJR was signed job losses and a strike coupled with cuts in privatization cuts costs and boosts income.
by over l000 people. funding and rumours that the government Norfolk is a government-designated
would close the heritage quango because of 'Beacon council' that already contracts out
Speaking publicly for the first time, MS 'bitter rows.' 65% of its services.
Osthoff told the Arabic-language Al-
.. ;era satellite channel that her captors DCMS has also been criticised by MPS for Neighbouring Essex County Council,
dad treated her well. They weren't hying to not giving heritage a higher priority. whose own Field Archaeology Unit has
get money, she said, but were demanding Current responsibility for archaeology is had problems in the past, also contracts
that schools and hospitals be built in Sunni scattered across many government some services to NPS.
Arab areas. departments and there is no one at DCMS
with specific archaeological expertise. Elsewhere, Northamptonshire County
She was also reported to have said that she Council intends axing its Built and Natural
may return to Iraq, which drew fierce The HLF itself has an uncertain future and Environment service that runs the local
criticism in Germany. Foreign Minister there is widespread concern that HLF Sites and Monuments Record. Northants
Frank-Walter Steinrneier said, "I would money will be diverted kom heritage Archaeology Society, which is
have little sympathy if Frau Osthoff puts funding to sport, especially with the 2012 campaigning against the plans, says that the
herself again in danger considering the Olympics on the horizon. service's archaeological advice on
intensive efforts made by many people to Local authorities are shutting down their development proposals will be vital for the
secure her release." archaeological units and shifting the county that will undergo 'enormous
responsibility of recording and excavating expansion in the next two to three
Ruprecht Polenz, the chairman of the
sites to the private sector. decades.'
Parliamentary Foreign Afiirs Comttee
added, "In the event of a second Written submissions with your name and The society has called for protest emails to
kidnapping one would have to discuss who address should be sent by 19 January to the be sent to the council's Chief Executive.
should foot the bill." Clerk of the Committee at 7 Millbank, Three jobs are also under threat at York's
MS Osthoff is believed cwrently to be in London SWlP 3JA. The committee will Leisure and heritage department as the city
Jordan with her 12 year old daughter. take oral evidence during February and council cuts spending before the new
March. financial year.
WM8 trowels bite the dust? workmanship.' It is an icon, a design Hill, an historic landmark in South
classic. Northants.
Ping! It's become a sound familiar on sites
We contacted Neill Tools to see wbat they This one will be made of carboniferous
up and down the country, usually followed
had to say. Marketing Director Derek limestone rather than polystyrene with four
by the indignant shout of an angry digger.
Thomas told us: 'I can confirm that the 10-tonne stones at compass points near the
Ping! The noise of the blade of another
design has indeed been amended, this top of the hill and a fifth stone at the
WHS trowel snapping in half.
followed consultations with our summit. The planning committee was told
We never thought it would come to this. construction customers (as this is where the that army Cbhook helicopters could be
LWIS trowels used to be indestructible. majority of our sales go). Their requests for drafted in to airlift the stones into position.
You could lever out slabs of masonry, lighter more flexible bricklaying and Ironically this fake monument may actually
scrape clean acres of cobbles and then pointing trowels were considered and destroy some real archaeology on the site.
throw your trowel under the JCB and it balanced with the needs of our other Never fear, though - the council says that
would still be good as new. Indispensable customers such as yourselves. I am sure Northants Heritage will be notified seven
too. Short of a fishslice for your Friday you appreciate the difficulties in balancing days in advance of any work taking place.
night fiy-up? WHS to the rescue. two or more sets of requirements with just
one product, and it would appear £torn your Cf' Letter Bombs
Recently the design changed. The new
comments and those of your readers that
trowel looked good at first - with its
we haven't got it quite right.' So what was Irchester Roman wall
knuckle protection and flash red handle.
he going to do? 'I would be pleased to re- The bit of wall that has caused aU the
But the blade is thinner and can't stand up
introduce the previous 'indestructible' 4" h s s is not m fact part of the scheduled
to the punishment of an archaeological site.
trowel.' monument. The boundary of the SAM is
So there you are. Result! Get your orders in the northern boundary of the A45 roa-'
It's got so bad that one major unit has corridor. Works were done within the SA. -
quick before they change their mind!
already given up on W I S in favour of its to my satisfaction under scheduled
US rival. Duncan Waltham, Logistics monument consent.
Manager at Oxford Archaeology, told The Foam- and fake-henee Glyn Coppack,
Digger that the new WHS trowels are
Can you picture his face? Your site EH Inspector of Ancient Monuments
inferior to the old type. 'The problem
director turns up to work on Monday to MA no guarantee of job
seems to be that the metal used in the
find Stonehenge has appeared on his site. I feel I ought to correct the
construction of the new trowel is much
There were only a few muddy pits and misapprehension that a masters degree
harder and therefore more brittle. The
postholes before, but now he's dwarfed by means you'll automatically get a job in
blade tends to snap rather than flex. The
trilithons, he's slmounded by bluestones archaeoiogy. I've got one and strangely
Marshalltown Trowel is one of the types
and there's a heelstone on the horizon. Try enough, I've left the profession because I
we have tried and at the moment seems to
describing that on a context sheet. couldn't get a job. My husband also has a
be the favourite.' Manufacturers Neill
Tools have also changed their supply Channel 5 reconstructed Stonehenge out of masters. He does have a supervisor job, but
policy, making their trowels more difficult polystyrene for a programme broadcast at it took him two and a half years to get it
for OAU to obtain. the summer solstice last year. Now the life- and I suspect that the promotion actually
size replica is looking for a new home. relied more upon his ten years digging
William Hunt & Sons (WHS) of Brades experience than his masters. Oh, and he
Could your site oblige?
Steel Works was founded in 1793. The takes home less than £270 a week after tax.
company was acquired by Brades Nash Mike Pitts, editor of British Archaeology
Industries in 195 1 and then by Spear & and the Stonehenge expert who took part in So by accepting promotion, he has becon
Jackson eleven years later. Neill Tools the programme, told The Digger that the lower middle class (Cl) rather than skilled'
inherited the WHS name when it bought replica 'is still in storage with the haulage working class (C2). Does this mean that he
Spear & Jackson in 1985. In the building contractor who took it £tom the site after is now a working class traitor? And what
trade, the WHS initials are affectionately the broadcasts.' The production company about all the other people that I know that
referred to as 'Work Hard or Starve,' or if Darlow Smithson tried to sell it on eBay, have masters degrees but poorly paid jobs?
you're an archaeologist 'Work Hard and but no one met the reserve price. North
The 4-inch pointing trowel, or the 'London
handle type standard heel width pattern
number 11 1 part number 11 104L IOOrnrn
Wiltshire District Council wanted to put it
up in the grounds of a local college, but
baulked at the cost of hiring a fleet of 14
articulated lorries to transport the thing.
( 4 7 one-piece solid roll forged pointing So why not? Have a whip-round. Raid the
trowel,' to give it its full designation, has tea kitty. It'll be worth it just to see the
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been used by archaeologists for decades. reaction.
WHS boasts that 'all trowels are
Meanwhile, Daventry's District Council
manufactured in Sheffield from top quality Thanks to those who have contributed!
has approved plans for its own fake
carbon steel and each one is guaranteed
- 'Stonehenge' to be built on top of Cracks
against defective materials and
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