Serving at Ohio University

Ty & Carrie Komjati
March 2012

Big Break 2012
At Big Break students learn how to share the gospel with others and spend afternoons sharing Christ with lost students.

Prayer Requests
1. Pray that students would remain eager and passionate about sharing the gospel. 2. Pray for wisdom as we challenge students to leadership positions for next year. 3. This will be our last quarter in Athens. Pray that we would use these final weeks well and that we’d be able to enjoy the city and campus we love!
Our National Day of Prayer is Tuesday, April 24. Please let us know how we can be praying for you!

It was alcohol-soaked and hypersexualized. And we were right in the middle of it. It was Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Florida- one the country’s most popular Spring Break spots for college students. Hundreds of thousands of college students migrate to the sunny shores of PCB each spring in search of joy in the bottom of a can of cheap beer or a string of one-night stands. And each year a relative handful make the trip in an effort to point lost and searching people to Jesus, the only source of true joy and satisfaction. The Big Break conference is one that Cru puts on every year and brings together students from across the nation to engage their peers on the beach in the most important conversations they could ever have- conversations with eternal implications of life or death. We took more than 50 students with us from Ohio University and Hocking College. We received great training in how to have spiritual conversations and focused on listening to people, asking them to share their stories with us and getting to know them before sharing our stories of how Jesus has changed our lives in the most extreme way. At the end of the week, the 800 of us at the conference had seen 94 people indicate decisions to trust Christ and many more come closer to faith or grow stronger in their relationship with God. For many of our students, this was the first time they’d ever shared their faith. It was incredibly encouraging to see them grow in confidence to step out in faith and share the gospel. They have returned to Athens with not just a great desire to reach the campus for Christ, but also with the training to do it. Thank you for being a part of all this and for allowing us to be a part of it as well! We thank God for you often and hope that you are encouraged by our prayer letters. You play a hugely important role in what God is doing at Ohio University.
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