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Full Contents List for White: Strategic Management Prologue PART ONE: INTRODUCING STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Chapter One:

Introducing Strategy and Strategy Making 1.1 What is Strategy 1.2 A brief history of the concept 1.3 A multiplicity of meanings 1.4 Assumptions and meta-theories 1.5 Strategists and stakeholders 1.6 The cultural web and the political process of strategy making Chapter Two: Thinking and Acting Strategically 2.1 What is strategic thinking Strategy in Action: quick strategic thinking in unfavourable circumstances Strategy in Action: Sony the disruptive innovator 2.2 A definition of strategic management 2.3 A definition of strategic planning 2.4 Principles for the successful use of strategy 2.5 Finding the right strategic mix of entrepreneurial creativity and administrative expertise Case Study = The IKEA way Chapter Three: Adopting a Global Perspective 3.1 The meaning of globalisation 3.2 Home country bias Strategy in Action: The Old Model in the Airline Industry 3.3 A convergent world 3.4 Global players 3.5 The impact of globalisation on strategy Case Study = Bad Strategy and Bad Fortune Swissair and Qantas Chapter Four: Reading an Uncertain Future 4.1 Limited Information 4.2 Information, knowledge and strategy 4.3 Reading the general environment 4.4 Coping with the future 4.5 Different kinds of risk Case Study = Airbus Industrie and the Next Generation of Civil Airliners PART TWO: STRATEGIC ENVIRONMENTS AND COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Chapter Five: Identifying Opportunities and Risks 5.1 General environment and competitive environments 5.2 The nature of the general environment 5.3 Change and strategy 5.4 Environment segments Strategy in Action: Riding the Internet Wave Strategy in Action: The Celtic Tiger Strategy in Action: Argentina, a Case of Recurrent Crises Strategy in Action: The Development State The Port of Tanjung Pelepan (PTP) 5.5 The main features of global change Case Study = A Clean Vehicle The Hybrid Electric Car Chapter Six: Reading the Competitive Environment 6.1 Strategic players 6.2 The forces of competition

Strategy in Action: Competitive Forces for Starbucks 6.3 Risk and market Structures 6.4 Indeterminateness of outcomes Strategy in Action: Banking in Europe, Germany and perfect Competition 6.5 Country risk Strategy in Action: Business Crisis, Country Risk and the Case of Indonesia 6.6 Strategic risk Strategy in Action: The Deutsche Bank and Investment Banking Case Study = Videogame Wars Chapter Seven: Analysing Resources, Capabilities and Core Competencies 7.1 Enterprise identity 7.2 The nature of resources: tangible and intangible 7.3 Resources and capabilities Strategy in Action: Charles Schwab and Online Broking 7.4 The core competencies of an enterprise Strategy in Action: Haier Developing a New Core Competency and Pioneering the Chinese Export Brand Strategy in Action: Business Models in Broking Strategy in Action: John Doerr and Kleiner Perkins Caulfield and Byers, the leading VC firm in Silicon Valley Case Study = Branding a Sports Team Manchester United Chapter Eight: Creating and Maintaining Competitive Advantage 8.1 The concept of competitive advantage Strategy in Action: Inventing a New Product Cosmetic Contact Lenses Strategy in Action: The Virtual University and the MBA 8.2 Strategies for acquiring competitive advantage Strategy in Action: The Mt.Buller Winter Resort and Global Warming 8.3 Focusing Strategy in Action: Samsung Electronics: a Dramatic Turnaround Creating the Brand 8.4 Remaking the environment by innovation Strategy in Action: Samsung Electronics: a Dramatic Turnaround Investing in New Technology Strategy in Action: Vivendi Universal divesting to survive 8.5 Competitive advantage and market structures 8.6 E-commerce and services Strategy in Action: Dell and Direct Sales Case Study = Hutchison and the Introduction of Third Generation Wireless Communication Chapter Nine: Reducing Costs 9.1 General cost leadership 9.2 Cost drivers Strategy in Action: The rise of Haier 9.3 Pricing Strategy Strategy in Action: Southwest Airline the No Frills Airline 9.4 Focused cost minimization Strategy in Action: Packaging a cheap holiday Club Med 9.5 The nature of technology 9.6 The limits of cost leadership Strategy in Action: Wal-mart: the Origins of a Cost-reducing Machine Strategy in Action: Caterpillar v. Komatsu Strategy in Action: IT as a source of cost leadership Case Study = Infosys and the Indian Comparative Advantage Chapter Ten: Differentiating the Product 10.1 Needs and wants Strategy in Action: The democratisation of luxury Strategy in Action: Creating and maintaining demand for both luxury and aspirational automobiles

10.2 Marketing as a source of competitive advantage Strategy in Action: Formula One Strategy in Action: Promoting a good image 10.3 Product differentiation Strategy in Action: Exploiting a brand name Harley Davidson 10.4 Intangible qualities 10.5 Branding Strategy in Action: Sir Richard Branson and Many Wise Virgins 10.6 A product differentiation strategy Case Study = Turning a Stone into a Jewel De Beers PART THREE: STRATEGIC DILEMMAS Chapter Eleven: Determining the Size of an Enterprise 11.1 The optimum size of an enterprise Strategy in Action: Communication, Information and Entertainment the forces of making for fusion 11.2 The strategic gains from vertical and horizontal integration Strategy in Action: Integration in Communications/information/entertainment 11.3 Acquisitions and mergers Strategy in Action: The Hewlett Packard/Compaq Merger 11.4 Focusing, strategic alliances and networks, as devices for reducing the disadvantages of size 11.5 Outsourcing and downscoping Case Study = A Merger and a De-merger Chapter Twelve: Integrating the Strategists 12.1 Integrating structures 12.2 The influence of the principal/agent relationship on strategy Strategy in Action: Microsoft, a giant comes of age 12.3 The behaviour of principals and agents Strategy in Action: Semco and Ricardo Semler Democracy as a management strategy Strategy in Action: Finding a new structure and new strategy for Microsoft Strategy in Action: Reliance and the death of the founder 12.4 Strategy and organizational design Strategy in Action: Asea Brown Boveri 12.5 Monitoring, incentives and corporate culture 12.6 Outside control Case Study = The House of Gucci Chapter Thirteen: When to Compete and When to Cooperate 13.1 Dealing with other strategic players Strategy in Action: Cooperation as Strategy Strategy in Action: The Strategic Alliance between Renault and Nissan 13.2 The commons and free riding Strategy in Action: Benetton and Changing Networks 13.3 Games theory and the prisoners dilemma 13.4 The universality of the prisoners dilemma 13.5 How to cooperate 13.6 Strategic alliances Strategy in Action: When does a strategic alliance become a merger Case Study = The Wine Industry in Australia Chapter Fourteen: Managing Risk 14.1 The universality of risk management 14.2 Strategic responses to risk Strategy in Action: Enron and the Dhobal Project Strategy in Action: Lloyds of London and long-tailed risk Strategy in Action: Responses to the Asian Economic Crisis

14.3 Risk and the avoidance response 14.4 Risk management and risk mitigation Strategy in Action: Disney and the Redistribution of Risk 14.5 Risk and diversification 14.6 Strategic risk, scenario building and strategy making Strategy in Action: Three different reform scenarios in China Case Study = Africa, AIDS and Civil Wars Chapter Fifteen: Participating in the Global Economy 15.1 Participation strategies Strategy in Action: Wal-mart and the internationalisation of retailing Strategy in Action: News Corporation and expansion in the USA 15.2 Participation strategies and competitive advantage Strategy in Action: The Japanese entry into the USA automobile Market 15.3 Enterprise-specific assets and country-specific assets Strategy in Action: 1.Disney and a Tale of Three Cultures Strategy in Action: 2.The Trials of Euro-Disney 15.4 Internalisation 15.5 The nature of a world (global) enterprise Strategy in Action: SingTel and its Asia-Pacific Role Strategy in Action: Nestle a global enterprise? Case Study = Entry into the Chinese Automobile Industry PART FOUR: BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER Chapter Sixteen: Formulating Strategy 16.1 How to learn good strategy making, the core core competency Strategy in Action: Honda and the revival of a stagnant market 16.2 Steps in strategy making 16.3 Two alternative models 16.4 Strategic thinking making room for creativity 16.5 The nature of strategic management Strategy in Action: IKEA and innovative combination 16.6 Feasible planning Case Study 1 = The Supreme Strategist General Electric Case Study 2 = Nokia Where did it come from? Chapter Seventeen: Implementing Strategy 17.1 Common weaknesses in strategy implementation 17.2 The five Cs and strategy implementation Strategy in Action: Starbucks and Being a good citizen 17.3 The interactive or iterative nature of strategy making 17.4 Boundaries 17.5 Staging Strategy in Action: Lessons from the online broking experience how to stage? 17.6 Leadership and the role of the centre; a specialized strategy division Case Study 1 = South African Breweries A different global strategy Case Study 2 = Toyota still a Japanese Company? Chapter Eighteen: Monitoring Strategic Performance 18.1 Monitoring 18.2 Measuring 18.3 The role of financial controls Strategy in Action: Andersens, accounting and the problems of monitoring 18.4 Satisfying all the stakeholders Strategy in Action: General Motors and its value added Strategy in Action: The Enron collapse and others 18.5 Choosing the nature of strategy Case Study 1 = The Disruptive Innovator, Sony

Case Study 2 = A Blockbuster drug, Insider Trading and ImClone PART FIVE: STRATEGIC ANALYSIS & AUDIT Riding the Internet Wave Finance, a Venue for Perfect Competition the Deutsche Bank Haier Pioneering the Chinese Export Brand The Hewlett Packard/Compaq Merger Lloyds of London and long-tailed risk The Mt. Buller Winter Resort and Global Warming Euro-Disney and the Tale of the Three Cultures The Strategic Alliance between Renault and Nissan Samsung Electronics: a Dramatic Turnaround Going Global Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) Starbucks the third place Sir Richard Branson and Many Wise Virgins Vivendi Universal divesting to survive Wal-Mart: The Cost of Reducing Machine Forecasting the Price of Oil Epilogue Glossary Bibliography Company Index Subject Index