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The files in the “AEP LOGOs” folder on the server contain the standard graphics used in the
Association’s printed letterhead paper, including the AEP ‘logo’. These graphics should be the only
ones used on ‘official’ Association stationary, documents, publicity materials etc. and should be the
only ones provided to external printers undertaking work for the Association.


Both the letterhead and logo graphics are supplied as ‘tiff’ format graphic files, as preferred by
commercial printers. They are designed for use with a printer resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch).

Two graphic files used for the full Association letterhead are in the subfolder:
“/Letterhead/Graphics”. These files are entitled:

“AEPLogoTitle8D2b.tif” - this is the black version

“AEPLogoTitle8D2b (green1).tif” - this is a green version

Four Microsoft Word documents in the subfolder “/Letterhead/MS Word Docs” contain ‘mock-up’
versions of the letterheads:

“AEPLetterhead 8D2b_1.doc” - black letterhead without address

“AEPLetterhead 8D2b_2.doc” - black letterhead with address
“AEPLetterhead 8D2b_1 (green1).doc” green letterhead without address
“AEPLetterhead 8D2b_2 (green1).doc” green letterhead with address

The AEP logo graphics are contained in the subfolder “/Logos”:

AEPLogo8D2(black).tif - black logo (small size)

AEPLogo8D2(green1).tif - green logo (small size)
AEPLogo8E2(black).tif - black logo ( medium size)


Any of these ‘tiff’ graphics can be inserted into a Word document using the menu ‘Insert/Picture/From
File’ option. Be aware that Word will automatically re-size the graphic to fit inside the existing margin
settings of the current document, which may result in the letterhead graphic in particular ‘shrinking’.
Although the graphic can be re-sized after insertion, it may be difficult to get it exactly to the size at
which it is designed for printing. It is therefore best to minimise the document margins before
inserting the letterhead graphic, and then if necessary re-setting the margins of the document

Enlarged (or reduced ) versions of the logo (and letterhead) graphics can be produced most easily by
inserting the graphic file onto a blank Word page, clicking once on the graphic, and dragging with the
mouse pointer one of the corner drag ‘handles’, until the image is of the desired size. Ensure that
only the corner drag handles are used for resizing, as otherwise the logo proportions will change.
However, enlarging these graphics much beyond 2X or 3X original size is not recommended, as
‘jagged’ edges become increasingly visible at larger magnification. The ‘medium-sized’ logo can be
enlarged to fill most of an A4 page in landscape without looking too untidy. Larger prints will require
production of higher-resolution graphics.

When supplying graphics to commercial printers, send the appropriate ‘tiff’ file, if necessary including
a Word document containing the graphic enlarged to the size at which it is to be printed.