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Khalil Gibran the Wanderer

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THE WANDERER $ 3et hi3 at the 4r566r5ad60 a 3an 7ith b8t a 4l5a9 and a 6ta::0 and a ;eil 5: <ain 8<5n hi6 :a4e= And 7e greeted 5ne an5ther0 and $ 6aid t5 hi30 >453e t5 3? h586e and be 3? g8e6t= > And he 4a3e= M? 7i:e and 3? 4hildren 3et 86 at the thre6h5ld0 and he 63iled att the30 and the? l5;ed hi6 453ing= Then 7e all 6at t5gether at the b5ard and 7e 7ere ha<<? 7ith the 3an :5r there 7a6 a 6ilen4e and a 3?6ter? in hi3= And a:ter 68<<er 7e gathered t5 the :ire and $ a69ed hi3 ab58t hi6 7andering6= He t5ld 86 3an? a tale that night and al65 the ne@t da?0 b8t 7hat $ n57 re45rd 7a6 b5rn 58t 5: the bitterne66 5: hi6 da?6 th58gh he hi36el: 7a6 9indl?0 and the6e tale6 are 5: the d86t and <atien4e 5: hi6 r5ad= And 7hen he le:t 86 a:ter three da?6 7e did n5t :eel that a g8e6t had de<arted b8t rather that 5ne 5: 86 7a6 6till 58t in the garden and had n5t ?et 453e in= GARMENTS "<5n a da? &ea8t? and "gline66 3et 5n the 6h5re 5: a 6ea= And the? 6aid t5 5ne an5ther0 ALet 86 bathe in the 6ea=A Then the? di6r5bed and 67a3 in the 7ater6= And a:ter a 7hile "gline66 4a3e ba49 t5 6h5re and gar3ented hi36el: 7ith the gar3ent6 5: &ea8t? and 7al9ed hi6 7a?= And &ea8t? t55 4a3e 58t 5: the 6ea0 and :58nd n5t her rai3ent0 and 6he 7a6 t55 6h? t5 be na9ed0 there:5re 6he dre66ed her6el: 7ith the rai3ent 5: "gline66= And &ea8t? 7al9ed her 7a?= And t5 thi6 ;er? da? 3en and 753en 3i6ta9e the 5ne :5r the 5ther= Yet 653e there are 7h5 ha;e beheld the :a4e 5: &ea8t?0 and the? 9n57 her n5t7ith6tanding her gar3ent6= And 653e there be 7h5 9n57 the :a4e 5: "gline660 and die 4l5th 45n4eal6 hi3 n5t :r53 their e?e6= THE EAGLE AND THE SKYLARK A 69?lar9 and an eagle 3et 5n a r549 8<5n a high hill= The 69?lar9 6aid0 AG55d 35rr57 t5 ?58= Sir=A And the eagle l559ed d57n 8<5n hi3 and 6aid :aintl?0 AG55d 35rr57=A And the 69?lar9 6aid0 A$ h5<e all thing6 are 7ell 7ith ?580 Sir=A A A?e0A 6aid the eagle0 Aall i6 7ell 7ith 86= &8t d5 ?58 n5t 9n57 that 7e are the 9ing 5: bird60 and that ?58 6hall n5t addre66 86 be:5re 7e 58r6el;e6 ha;e 6<59enB A Said the 69?lar90 AMethin96 7e are 5: the 6a3e :a3il?=A The eagle l559ed 8<5n hi3 7ith di6dain and he 6aid0 AWh5 e;er ha6 6aid that ?58 and $ are 5: the 6a3e :a3il?B A Then 6aid the 69?lar90 A&8t $ 758ld re3ind ?58 5: thi60 $ 4an :l? e;en a6 high a6 ?580 and $ 4an 6ing and gi;e delight t5 the 5ther 4reat8re6 5: thi6 earth= And ?58 gi;e neither <lea68re n5r delight=A Then the eagle 7a6 angered0 and he 6aid0 A Plea68re and delightC Y58 little <re683<t8586 4reat8reC With 5ne thr86t 5: 3? bea9 $ 458ld de6tr5? ?58= Y58 are b8t the 6iDe 5: 3? :55t=A Then the 69?lar9 :le7 8< and alighted 8<5n the ba49 5: the eagle and began t5 <i49 at hi6 :eather6= The eagle 7a6 ann5?ed0 and he :le7 67i:t and high that he 3ight rid hi36el: 5: the little bird= &8t he :ailed t5 d5 65= At la6t he dr5<<ed ba49 t5 that ;er? r549 8<5n the high hill0 35re :retted than e;er0 7ith the little 4reat8re 6till 8<5n hi6 ba490 and 48r6ing the :ate 5: the h58r= N57 at that 353ent a 63all t8rtle 4a3e b? and la8ghed at the 6ight0 and la8ghed 65 hard that 6he al356t t8rned 8<5n her ba49= And the eagle l559ed d57n 8<5n the t8rtle and he 6aid0 AY58 6l57 4ree<ing thing0 e;er 5ne 7ith the earth0 7hat are ?58 la8ghing atB A
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And the t8rtle 6aid0 AWh? $ 6ee that ?58 are t8rned h5r6e0 and that ?58 ha;e a 63all bird riding ?580 b8t the 63all bird i6 the better bird=A And the eagle 6aid t5 her0 AG5 ?58 ab58t ?58r b86ine66= Thi6 i6 a :a3il? a::air bet7een 3? br5ther0 the lar90 and 3?6el:=A THE LOVE SONG A <5et 5n4e 7r5te a l5;e 65ng and it 7a6 bea8ti:8l And he 3ade 3an? 45<ie6 5: it0 and 6ent the3 t5 hi6 :riend6 and hi6 a4E8aintan4e60 b5th 3en and 753en0 and e;en t5 a ?58ng 753an 7h53 he had 3et b8t 5n4e0 7h5 li;ed be?5nd the 358ntain6= And in a da? 5r t75 a 3e66enger 4a3e :r53 the ?58ng 753an bringing a letter= And in the letter 6he 6aid0 ALet 3e a668re ?580 $ a3 dee<l? t584hed b? the l5;e 65ng that ?58 ha;e 7ritten t5 3e= C53e n57 and 6ee 3? :ather and 3? 35ther0 and 7e 6hall 3a9e arrange3ent6 :5r the betr5thal=A And the <5et an67ered the letter0 and he 6aid t5 her0 AM? :riend0 it 7a6 b8t a 65ng 5: l5;e 58t 5: a <5et'6 heart0 68ng b? e;er? 3an t5 e;er? 753an=A And 6he 7r5te again t5 hi3 6a?ing0 A H?<54rite and liar in 75rd6C #r53 thi6 da? 8nt5 3? 45::in.da? $ 6hall hate all <5et6 :5r ?58r 6a9e=A TEARS AND LAUGHTERS "<5n the ban9 5: the Nile at e;entide0 a h?ena 3et a 4r545dile and the? 6t5<<ed and greeted 5ne an5ther= The h?ena 6<59e and 6aid0 FH57 g5e6 the da? 7ith ?58 SirBG And the 4r545dile an67ered 6a?ing0 F$t g5e6 badl? 7ith 3e= S53eti3e6 in 3? <ain and 65rr57 $ 7ee<0 and then the 4reat8re6 al7a?6 6a?0 'The? are b8t 4r545dile6' tear6' And thi6 758nd6 3e be?5nd all telling=G The the h?ena 6aid0 FY58 6<ea9 5: ?58r <ain and ?58r 65rr570 b8t thin9 5: 3e al650 :5r a 353ent= $ gaDe at the bea8t? 5: the 75rld0 it6 75nder6 and it6 3ira4le60 and 58t 5: 6heer H5? $ la8gh e;en a6 the da? la8gh6= And then the <e5<le 5: the H8ngle 6a?= '$t i6 b8t the la8ghter 5: a h?ena=' F AT THE FAIR There 4a3e t5 the :air a girl :r53 the 458ntr?6ide0 356t 453el?= There 7a6 a lil? and a r56e in her :a4e0 there 7a6 68n6et in her hair0 and da7n 63iled 8<5n her li<6= N5 655ner dIid the l5;el? 6tranger a<<ear in their 6ight than the ?58ng 3en 658ght her an6 68rr58nded her= One 758ld dan4e 7ith her0 and an5ther 758ld 48t a 4a9e in her h5n5r= And the? all de6ired t5 9i66 her 4hee9= #5r a:ter all0 7a6 it n5t the #air B &8t the girl 7a6 6h549ed an6 6tartled0 and 6he th58ght ill 5: the ?58ng 3en0 6he reb89ed the30 an6 6he e;en 6tr849 5ne 5r t75 5: the3 in the :a4e= Then 6he ran a7a? :r53 the3= And 5n her 7a? h53e that e;ening 6he 7a6 6a?ing in her heart0 F$ a3 di6g86ted= H57 8n3annerl? and ill bred are the6e 3en= $t i6 be?5nd all <atien4e= F A ?ear <a66ed d8ring 7hi4h that ;er? 453el? girl th58ght 384h 5: #air6 and 3en= Then 6he 4a3e again t5 the #air 7ith the lil? and the r56e in her :a4e0 the 68n6et in her hair and the 63ile lJ 5: da7n 8<5n her li<6= &8t n57 the ?58ng 3en0 6eeing her0 t8rned :r53 her= And all the da? l5ng 6he 7a6 8n658ght and al5ne= And at e;en tide a6 6he 7al9ed the r5ad t57ard her h53e 6he 4ried in her heart0 A$ a3 di6g86ted= H57 8n3annerl? and ill bred are the6e ?58th6= $t i6 be?5nd all <atien4e=A

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THE TWO PRINCESSES $n the 4it? 5: Sha7a9i6 li;ed a <rin4e0 and he 7a6 l5;ed b? e;er?5ne0 3en and 753en and 4hildren= E;en the ani3al6 5: the :ield 4a3e 8nt5 hi3 in greeting= &8t all the <e5<le 6aid that hi6 7i:e0 the <rin4e660 l5;ed hi3 n5tK na?0 that 6he e;en hated hi3= And 8<5n a da? the <rin4e66 5: a neighb5ring 4it? 4a3e t5 ;i6it the <rin4e66 5: Sha7a9i6= And the? 6at and tal9ed t5gether0 and their 75rd6 led t5 their h86band6= And the <rin4e66 5: Sha7a9i6 6aid 7ith <a66i5n0 A$ en;? ?58 ?58r ha<<ine66 7ith the <rin4e0 ?58r h86band0 th58gh ?58 ha;e been 3arried the6e 3an? ?ear6= $ hate 3? h86band= He bel5ng6 n5t t5 3e al5ne0 and $ a3 indeed a 753an 356t 8nha<<?=A Then the ;i6iting <rin4e66 gaDed at her and 6aid0 AM? :riend0 the tr8th i6 that ?58 L5;e ?58r h86band= A?e0 and ?58 6till ha;e :5r hi3 a <a66i5n 8n6<ent0 and that i6 li:e in 753an li9e 8nt5 S<ring in a garden= &8t <it? 3e0 and 3? h86band0 :5r 7e d5 b8t end8re 5ne an5ther in 6ilent <atien4e0 And ?et ?58 and 5ther6 dee3 thi6 ha<<ine66=G THE LIGHTNIG FLASH There 7a6 Chri6tian &i6h5< in hi6 4athedral 5n a 6t5r3? da?0 and a n5n.Chri6tian 753an 4a3e and 6t55d be:5re hi3 0 and6 6he 6aid 0 F$ a3 n5t a Chri6tian0 $6 there 6al;ati5n :5r 3e :r53 Hell.:ireBG And the &i6h5< l559ed 8<5n the 753an and he an67ered her 6a?ing0 FNa?0 there i6 n5 6al;ati5n 5nl? :5r th56e 7h5 are ba<tiDed 5: 7ater and 5: the 6<irit=G And e;en a6 he 6<59e a b5lt :r53 the 69? :ell 7ith th8nder 8<5n the 4athedral and it 7a6 :illed 7ith :ire= And the 3en 5: the 4it? 4a3e r8nning0 and the? 6a;ed the 753an0 b8t the bi6h5< 7a6 45n683ed0 :55d 5: the :ire= THE HERMIT AND THE BEASTS On4e there li;ed a35ng the green hill6 a her3it= He 7a6 <8re 5: 6<irit and 7hite 5: heart= And all the ani3al6 5: the land and all the :57l6 5: the air 4a3e t5 hi3 in <air6 and he 6<59e 8nt5 the3= The? heard hi3 gladl?0 and the? 758ld gather near 8nt5 hi30 and 758ld n5t g5 8ntil night:all0 7hen he 758ld 6end the3 a7a?0 entr86ting the3 t5 the 7ind and the 755d6 7ith hi6 ble66ing= "<5n an e;ening a6 he 7a6 6<ea9ing 5: l5;e0 a le5<ard rai6ed her head and 6aid t5 the her3it0 A Y58 6<ea9 t5 86 5: l5;ing= Tell 860 Sir0 7here i6 ?58r 3ateBA And the her3it 6aid0 A$ ha;e n5 3ate=A Then a great 4r? 5: 68r<ri6e r56e :r53 the 453<an? 5: bea6t6 and :57l60 and the? began t5 6a? a35ng the36el;e60 AH57 4an he tell 86 5: l5;ing and 3ating 7hen he hi36el: 9n576 na8ght there5:B AAnd E8ietl? and in di6dain the? le:t hi3 al5ne= That night the her3it la? 8<5n hi6 3at 7ith hi6 :a4e earth7ard0 and he 7e<t bitterl? and beat hi6 hand6 8<5n hi6 brea6t=

THE PROPHET AND THE CHILD On4e 5n a da? the <r5<het Sharia 3et a 4hild in a garden= The 4hild ran t5 hi3 and 6aid0 AG55d 35rr57 t5 ?580 Sir0A and the <r5<het 6aid0 AG55d 35rr57 t5 ?580 Sir=A And in a 353ent0 A$ 6ee that ?58 are al5ne=A Then the 4hild 6aid0 in la8ghter and delight0A $t t559 al5ng ti3e t5 l56e 3? n8r6e= She thin96 $ a3 behind th56e hedge6K b8t 4an't ?58 6ee that $ a3 hereB AThen he gaDed at the <r5<het'6 :a4e and
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6<59e again= AY58 are al5ne0 t55= What did ?58 d5 7ith ?58r n8r6eBA The <r5<het an67ered and 6aid0 AAh0 that i6 a di::erent thing= $n ;er? tr8th $ 4ann5t l56e her 5:tenti3e6= &8t n570 7hen $ 4a3e int5 thi6 garden0 6he 7a6 6ee9ing a:ter 3e behind the hedge6= The 4hild 4la<<ed hi6 hand6 and 4ried 58t0 A S5 ?58 are l56t li9e 3eC $6n't it g55d t5 be l56tB A And then he 6aid0 AWh5 are ?58BA And the 3an an67ered0 AThe? 4all 3e the <r5<het Sharia= And tell 3e0 7h5 are ?58B A A $ a3 5nl? 3?6el:0 6aid the 4hild0 Aand 3? n8r6e i6 6ee9ing a:ter 3e0 and 6he d5e6 n5t 9n57 7here $ a3=A Then the <r5<het gaDed int5 6<a4e 6a?ing0 A$ t55 ha;e e64a<ed 3? n8r6e :5r a7hile0 b8t 6he 7ill :ind 3e 58t=A And the 4hild 6aid0A $ 9n57 3ine 7ill :ind 3e 58t t55=A At that 353ent a 753an'6 ;5i4e 7a6 heard 4alling the 4hild'6 na3e= ASee0A 6aid the 4hild0 A$ t5ld ?58 6he 758ld be :inding 3e=A And at the 6a3e 353ent an5ther ;5i4e 7a6 heard0 AWhere art th580 ShariaB'0' And the <r5<het 6aid0 ASee0 3? 4hild0 the? ha;e :58nd 3e al65=A And t8rning hi6 :a4e 8<7ard0 Sharia an67ered0 A Here a3 $=A

THE PEARL Said 5ne 5?6ter t5 a neighb5ring 5?6ter0 A$ ha;e a ;er? great <ain 7ithin 3e= $t i6 hea;? and r58nd and $ a3 in di6tre66=A And the 5ther 5?6ter re<lied 7ith ha8ght? 453<la4en4e0 APrai6e be t5 the hea;en6 and t5 the 6ea0 $ ha;e n5 <ain 7ithin 3e= $ a3 7ell and 7h5le b5th 7ithin and 7ith58t=A At that 353ent a 4rab 7a6 <a66ing b? and heard the t75 5?6ter60and he 6aid t5 the 5ne 7h5 7a6 7ell and 7h5le b5th 7ithin and 7ith58t0 A Ye60 ?58 are 7ell and 7h5leK b8t the <ain that ?58r neighb5r bear6 i6 a <earl 5: e@4eeding bea8t?=A

BODY AND SOUL A 3an and a 753an 6at b? a 7ind57 that 5<ened 8<5n S<ring= The? 6at 4l56e 5ne 8nt5
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the 5ther= And the 753an 6aid0 A$ l5;e ?58= Y58 are hand653e0 and ?58 are ri4h0 and ?58 are al7a?6 7ell.attired=A And the 3an 6aid0A $ l5;e ?58= Y58 are a bea8ti:8l th58ght0 a thing t55 a<art t5 h5ld in the hand0 and a 65ng in 3? drea3ing=A &8t the 753an t8rned :r53 hi3 in anger0 and 6he 6aid0 ASir0 <lea6e lea;e 3e n57= $ a3 n5t a th58ght0 and $ a3 n5t a thing that <a66e6 in ?58r drea36= $ a3 a 753an= $ 758ld ha;e ?58 de6ire 3e0 a 7i:e0 and the 35ther 5: 8nb5rn 4hildren=A And the? <arted= And the 3an 7a6 6a?ing in hi6 heart0 A&eh5ld an5ther drea3 i6 e;en n57 t8rned int5 the 3i6t=A And the 753an 7a6 6a?ing0 AWell0 7hat 5: a 3an 7h5 t8rn6 3e int5 a 3i6t and a drea3B THE KING The <e5<le 5: the Kingd53 5: Sadi9 68rr58nded the <ala4e 5: their 9ing 6h58ting in rebelli5n again6t hi3= And he 4a3e d57n the 6te<6 5: the <ala4e 4arr?ing hi6 4r57n in 5ne hand and L0 hi6 64e<tre in the 5ther= The 3aHe6t? 5: hi6 a<<earan4e 6ilen4ed the 38ltit8de0 and he 6t55d be:5re the3 and 6aid0 AM? :riend60 7h5 are n5 l5nger 3? 68bHe4t60 here $ ?ield 3? 4r57n and 64e<tre 8nt5 ?58= $ 758ld be 5ne 5: ?58= $ AM 5nl? 5ne 3an0 b8t a6 a 3an $ 758ld 75r9 t5gether 7ith ?58 that 58r l5t 3a? be 3ade better= There i6 n5 need :5r a 9ing= Let 86 g5 there:5re t5 the :ield6 and the ;ine?ard6 and lab5r hand 7ith hand= Onl? ?58 386t tell 3e t5 7hat :ield 5r ;ine?ard $ 6h58ld g5= All 5: ?58 n57 are 9ing=G And the <e5<le 3ar;eled0 and 6tillne66 7a6 8<5n the30 :5r the 9ing 7h53 the? had dee3ed the 658r4e 5: their di645ntent n57 ?ielded hi6 4r57n and 64e<tre t5 the3 and be4a3e a6 5ne 5: the3= Then ea4h and e;er? 5ne 5: the3 7ent hi6 7a?0 and the 9ing 7al9ed 7ith 5ne 3an t5 a :ield= &8t the Kingd53 5: Sadi9 :ared n5t better 7ith58t a 9ing0 and the 3i6t 5: di645ntent 7a6 6till 8<5n the land= The <e5<le 4ried 58t in the 3ar9et <la4e6 6a?ing that the? 758ld be g5;erned0 and that the? 758ld ha;e a 9ing t5 r8le the3= And the elder6 and the ?58th6 6aid a6 i: 7ith 5ne ;5i4e0 AWe 7ill ha;e 58r 9ing=A And the? 658ght the 9ing and :58nd hi3 t5iling in the :ield0 and the? br58ght hi3 t5 hi6 6eat0 and ?ielded 8nt5 hi3 hi6 4r57n and hi6 64e<tre= And the? 6aid0 AN57 r8le 860 7ith 3ight and 7ith H86ti4e=A And he 6aid0 A$ 7ill indeed r8le ?58 7ith 3ight0 and 3a? the g5d6 5: the hea;en and the earth hel< 3e that $ 3a? al65 r8le 7ith H86ti4e=A N570 there 4a3e t5 hi6 <re6en4e 3en and 753en and 6<59e 8nt5 hi3 5: a bar5n 7h5 3i6treated the30 and t5 7h53 the? 7ere b8t 6er:6= And 6traight7a? the 9ing br58ght the bar5n be:5re hi3 and 6aid0 AThe li:e 5: 5ne 3an i6 a6 7eight? in the 64ale6 5: G5d a6 the li:e 5: an5ther= And be4a86e ?58 9n57 n5t h57 t5 7eigh the li;e6 5: th56e 7h5 75r9 in ?58r :ield6 and ?58r ;ine?ard60 ?58 are bani6hed0 and ?58 6hall lea;e thi6 9ingd53 :5re;er=A The :5ll57ing da? 4a3e an5ther 453<an? t5 the 9ing and 6<59e 5: the 4r8elt? 5: a 458nte66 be?5nd the hill60 and h57 6he br58ght the3 0 d57n t5 3i6er?= $n6tantl? the 458nte66 7a6 br58ght t5 458rt0 and the 9ing 6enten4ed her al65 t5 bani6h3ent0 6a?ing0 ATh56e 7h5 till 58r :ield6 0 and 4are :5r 58r ;ine?ard6 are n5bler than 7e 7h5 eat the bread the? <re<are and drin9 the 7ine 5: their 7ine.<re66= And be4a86e ?58 9n57 n5t thi60 ?58 6hall lea;e thi6 land and be a:ar :r53 thi6 9ingd53=A Then 4a3e 3en and 753en 7h5 6aid that the bi6h5< 3ade the3 bring 6t5ne6 and he7 the 6t5ne6 :5r the 4athedral0 ?et he ga;e the3 na8ght0 th58gh the? 9ne7 the bi6h5<'6 45::er 7a6 :8ll 5: g5ld and 6il;er 7hile the? the36el;e6 7ere e3<t? 7ith h8nger= The 9ing 4alled :5r the bi6h5<0 and 7hen the bi6h5< 4a3e the 9ing 6<59e and 6aid 8nt5 hi3 AThat 4r566 ?58 7ear 8<5n ?58r b5653 6h58ld 3ean gi;ing li:e 8nt5 li:e= &8t ?58 ha;e ta9en
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li:e :r53 li:e and ?58 ha;e gi;en n5ne= There:5re ?58 6hall lea;e thi6 9ingd53 ne;er t5 ret8rn=A Th86 ea4h da? :5r a :8ll 355n 3en and 753en 4a3e t5 the 9ing t5 tell hi3 5: the b8rden6 laid 8<5n the3= And ea4h and e;er? da? :5r a :8ll 355n 653e 5<<re665r 7a6 e@iled :r53 the land= And the <e5<le 5: Sadi9 7ere a3aDed0 and there 7a6 4heer in their heart= And 8<5n a da? the elder6 and the ?58th6 4a3e and 68rr58nded the t57er 5: the 9ing and 4alled :5r hi3= And he 4a3e d57n h5lding hi6 4r57n 7ith 5ne hand and hi6 64e<tre 7ith the 5ther= And he 6<59e 8nt5 the3 and 6aid0 A N570 7hat 758ld ?58 5: 3eB &eh5ld0 $ ?ield ba490 t5 ?58 that 7hi4h ?58 de6ired 3e t5 h5ld=A &8t the? 4ried0 ANa?0 na?0 ?58 are 58r right:8l 9ing= Y58 ha;e 3ade 4lean the land 5: ;i<er60 and ?58 ha;e br58ght the 75l;e6 t5 na8ght0 and 7e 453e t5 6ing 58r than96gi;ing 8nt5 ?58= 4r57n i6 ?58r6 in 3aHe6t? and the 64e<tre i6 ?58r6= Then the 9ing 6aid0 AN5t $0 n5t $= Y58 ?58r6el;e6 are 9ing= When ?58 dee3ed 3e 7ea9 and a 3i6r8ler0 ?58 ?58r6el;e6 7ere 7ea9 and 3i6r8ling= And n57 the land :are6 7ell be4a86e it i6 in ?58r 7ill= $ a3 b8t a th58ght in the 3ind 5: ?58 all0 and i: $ e@i6t n5t 6a;e in ?58r a4ti5n6= There i6 n5 684h <er65n a6 g5;ern5r= Onl? the g5;erned e@i6t t5 B g5;ern the36el;e6=A K And the 9ing re.entered hi6 t57er 7ith hi6 4r57n and hi6 64e<tre= And the elder6 and the ?58th6 7ent their ;ari586 7a?6 and the? 7ere 45ntent= Ea4h and e;er? 5ne th58ght 5: hi36el: a6 a 9ing 7ith a 4r57n in 5ne hand and a 64e<tre in the 5ther= UPON THE SAND Said 5ne 3an t5 an5ther0 AAt the high tide 5: the 6ea0 l5ng ag50 7ith the <5int 5: 3? 6ta:: $ 7r5te a line 8<5n the 6andK and the <e5<le 6till <a86e t5 read it0 and the? are 4are:8l that na8ght 6hall era6e it=A And the 5ther 3an 6aid0 AAnd $ t55 7r5te a line 8<5n the 6and0 b8t it 7a6 at l57 tide0 and the 7a;e6 5: the ;a6t 6ea 7a6hed it a7a?= &8t tell 3e0 7hat did ?58 7riteBA And the :ir6t 3an an67ered and 6aid0A $ 7r5te thi6M' $ a3 he 7h5 i6'= &8t 7hat did ?58 7riteBA And the 5ther 3an 6aid0 AThi6 $ 7r5teM' $ a3 b8t a dr5< 5: thi6 great 54ean='A

THE THREE GIFTS On4e in the 4it? 5: &e4harre there li;ed a gra4i586 <rin4e 7h5 7a6 l5;ed and h5n5red b? all hi6 68bHe4t6= &8t there 7a6 5ne e@4eedingl? <55r 3an 7h5 7a6 bitter again6t the <rin4e0 and 7h5 7agged 45ntin8all? a <e6tilent t5ng8e in hi6 di6<rai6e= The <rin4e 9ne7 thi60 ?et he 7a6 <atient= &8t at la6t he beth58ght hi3K and 8<5n a 7intr? night there 4a3e t5 the d55r 5: the 3an a 6er;ant 5: the <rin4e0 bearing a 6a49 5: :l58r0 a bag 5: 65a< and a 45ne 5: 68gar= And the 6er;ant 6aid0 AThe <rin4e 6end6 ?58 the6e gi:t6 in t59en 5: re3e3bran4e=A The 3an 7a6 elated0 :5r he th58ght the gi:t6 ' 7ere an h53age :r53 the <rin4e= And in hi6 ' <ride he 7ent t5 the bi6h5< and t5ld hi3 7hat N' the <rin4e had d5ne0 6a?ing0 ACan ?58 n5t 6ee O h57 the <rin4e de6ire6 3? g55d7illBA &8t the bi6h5< 6aid0 AOh0 h57 7i6e a <rin4e0 and h57 little ?58 8nder6tand= He 6<ea96 in 6?3b5l6= The :l58r i6 :5r ?58r e3<t? 6t53a4hK the 65a< i6 :5r ?58r dirt? hideK and the 68gar i6 t5 67eeten ?58r bitter t5ng8e=A #r53 that da? :5r7ard the 3an be4a3e 6h? e;en 5: hi36el:= Hi6 hatred 5: the <rin4e 7a6 greater than e;er0 and e;en 35re he hated the P bi6h5< 7h5 had re;ealed the <rin4e 8nt5 hi3= &8t therea:ter he 9e<t 6ilent=

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PEACE AND WAR Three d5g6 7ere ba69ing in the 68n and 45n;er6ing= The :ir6t d5g 6aid drea3il?0 A$t i6 indeed 75ndr586 t5 be li;ing in thi6 da? 5: d5gd53= C5n6ider the ea6e 7ith 7hi4h 7e tra;el 8nder the 6ea0 8<5n the earth and e;en in the 69?= And 3editate :5r a 353ent 8<5n the in;enti5n6 br58ght :5rth :5r the 453:5rt 5: d5g60 e;en :5r 58r e?e6 and ear6 and n56e6=A And the 6e45nd d5g 6<59e and he 6aid0 AWe are 35re heed:8l 5: the art6= We bar9 at the 355n 35re rh?th3i4all? than did 58r :5re:ather6= And 7hen 7e gaDe at 58r6el;e6 in the 7ater 7e 6ee that 58r :eat8re6 are 4learer than the :eat8re6 5: ?e6terda?=A Then the third d5g 6<59e and 6aid0 A&8t 7hat intere6t6 3e 356t and beg8ile6 3? 3ind i6 the tranE8il 8nder6tanding e@i6ting bet7een d5gd536= At that ;er? 353ent the? l559ed0 and l50 the d5g.4at4her 7a6 a<<r5a4hing= The three d5g6 6<rang 8< and 64a3<ered d57n the 6treetK and a6 the? ran the third d5g 6aid0 A #5r G5d'6 6a9e0 r8n :5r ?58r li;e6= Ci;iliDati5n i6 a:ter 86=A THE DANCER On4e there 4a3e t5 the 458rt 5: the Prin4e 5: &ir9a6ha a dan4er 7ith her 386i4ian6= And 6he 7a6 ad3itted t5 the 458rt0 and 6he dan4ed be:5re the <rin4e t5 the 386i4 5: the l8te and the :l8te and the Dither= She dan4ed the dan4e 5: :la3e60 and the dan4e 5: 675rd6 and 6<ear6K 6he dan4ed the dan4e 5: 6tar6 and the dan4e 5: 6<a4e= And then 6he dan4ed the dan4e 5: :l57er6 in the 7ind A:ter thi6 6he 6t55d be:5re the thr5ne 5: the <rin4e and b57ed her b5d? be:5re hi3= And the O <rin4e bade her t5 453e nearer0 and he 6aid 8nt5 her0 A&ea8ti:8l 753an0 da8ghter 5: gra4e and delight0 7hen4e 453e6 ?58r artB And h57 i6 it that ?58 4533and all the ele3ent6 in ?58r rh?th36 and ?58r rh?3e6BA And the dan4er b57ed again be:5re the <rin4e0' and 6he an67ered0A Might? and gra4i586 MaHe6t?0 $ 9n57 n5t the an67er t5 ?58r E8e6ti5ning6= Onl? thi6 $ 9n57M The <hil565<her'6 658l d7ell6 in hi6 head the <5et'6 658l i6 in hi6 heartK the 6inger'6 658l linger6 ab58t hi6 thr5at0 b8t the 658l 5: the dan4er abide6 in all her b5d?=A

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THE TWO GUARDIAN ANGELS On an e;ening t75 angel6 3et at the 4it? gate0 and the? greeted 5ne an5ther0 and the? 45n;er6ed=AThe 5ne angel 6aid0 AWhat are ?58 d5ing the6e da?60 and 7hat 75r9 i6 gi;en ?58B A And the 5ther an67ered0 A$t ha6 been a66igned t5 3e t5 be the g8ardian 5: a :allen 3an 7h5 li;e6 d57n in the ;alle?0 a great 6inner0 356t degraded= Let 3e a668re ?58 it i6 an i3<5rtant ta690 and $ 75r9 hard=A The :ir6t angel 6aid0 AThat i6 an ea6? 4533i66i5n= $ ha;e 5:ten 9n57n0 6inner60 and ha;e been0 their g8ardian 3an? a ti3e= &8t it ha6 n57 been a66igned 3e t5 be the g8ardian 5: the g55d 0 6aint 7h5 li;e6 in a b57er 58t ?5nder= And $ a668re ?58 that i6 an e@4eedingl? di::i48lt 75r90 and 356t 68btle=A Said the :ir6t angel0 AThi6 i6 b8t a6683<ti5n= H57 4an g8arding a 6aint be harder than g8arding a 6innerBG The 5ther an67ered0 AWhat i3<ertinen4e0 t5 4all 3e a6683<ti586C $ ha;e 6tated h8t the tr8th= Methin96 it i6 ?58 7h5 are a6683<ti586C A Then the angel6 7rangled and :58ght0 :ir6t 7ith 75rd6 and then 7ith :i6t6 and 7ing6= While the? 7ere :ighting an ar4hangel 4a3e b?= And he 6t5<<ed the30 and 6aid0 AWh? d5 ?58 :ightB And 7hat i6 it all ab58tB Kn57 ?58 n5t that it i6 356t 8nbe453ing :5r g8ardian angel6 t5 :ight at the 4it? gateB Tell 3e0 7hat i6 ?58r di6agree3entBA Then b5th angel6 6<59e at 5n4e0 ea4h 4lai3ing that the 75r9 gi;en hi3 7a6 the harder0 and that he de6er;ed the greater re45gniti5n= The ar4hangel 6h559 hi6 head and beth58ght hi3= Then he 6aid0 AM? :riend60 $ 4ann5t 6a? n57 7hi4h 5ne 5: ?58 ha6 the greater 4lai3 8<5n h5n5r and re7ard= &8t 6in4e the <57er i6 be6t57ed in 3e0 there:5re :5r <ea4e' 6a9e and :5r g55d g8ardian6hi<0 $ gi;e t5 ea4h 5: ?58 the 5ther'6 5448<ati5n0 6in4e ea4h 5: ?58 in6i6t6 that the 5ther'6 ta69 i6 the ea6ier 5ne= N57 g5 hen4e and be ha<<? at ?58r 75r9=A 0' The angel6 th86 5rdered 7ent their 7a?6= &8t ea4h 5ne l559ed ba497ard 7ith greater anger at the ar4hangel= And in hi6 heart ea4h 7a6 6a?ing0 A Oh0 the6e ar4hangelC E;er?da? the? 3a9e li:e harder and 6till harder :5r 86 angel6C A Q &8t the ar4hangel 6t55d there0 and 5n4e 35re he beth58ght hi3= And he 6aid in hi6 heart0A We ha;e indeed0 t5 be 7at4h:8l and t5 9ee< g8ard 5;er 58r g8ardian angel6=A

THE STATUE On4e there li;ed a 3an a35ng the hill6 7h5 <566e66ed a 6tat8e 7r58ght b? an an4ient 3a6ter= $t la? at hi6 d55r :a4e d57n7ard and he 7a6 n5t 3ind:8l 5: it= One da? there <a66ed b? hi6 h586e a 3an :r53 the 4it?0 a 3an 5: 9n57ledge0 and 6eeing the 6tat8e he inE8ired 5: the 57ner i: he 758ld 6ell it= The 57ner la8ghed and 6aid0 AAnd <ra? 7h5 758ld 7ant t5 b8? that d8ll and dirt? 6t5neBA The 3an :r53 the 4it? 6aid0 A$ 7ill gi;e ?58 thi6 <ie4e 5: 6il;er :5r it=A And the 5ther 3an 7a6 a6t5ni6hed and delighted= The 6tat8e 7a6 re35;ed t5 the 4it?0 8<5n the ba49 5: an ele<hant= And a:ter 3an? 355n6 the 3an :r53 the hill6 ;i6ited the 4it?0 and a6 he 7al9ed the 6treet6 he 6a7 a 4r57d be:5reR 6h5<0 and a 3an 7ith a l58d ;5i4e 7a6 4r?ing0 AC53e ?e in and beh5ld the 356t bea8ti:8l0 the 356t 75nder:8l 6tat8e in all the 75rld= Onl? t75 6il;er <ie4e6 t5 l559 8<5n thi6 356t 3ar;el586 75r9 5: a 3a6ter=A There8<5n the 3an :r53 the hill6 <aid t75 6il;er <ie4e6 and entered the 6h5< t5 6eethe 6tat8e that he hi36el: had 65ld :5r 5ne <ie4e 5: 6il;er=

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THE EXCHANGE On4e 8<5n a 4r566r5ad a <55r P5et 3et a ri4h St8<id0 and the? 45n;er6ed= And all that the? 6aid re;ealed b8t their di645ntent= Then the Angel 5: the R5ad <a66ed b?0 and he laid hi6 hand 8<5n the 6h58lder 5: the t75 3en= And beh5ld0 a 3ira4leM The t75 3en had n57 e@4hanged their <566e66i5n6= And the? <arted= &8t 6trange t5 relate0 the P5et l559ed and :58nd na8ght in hi6 hand b8t dr? 35;ing 6andK and the St8<id 4l56ed hi6 e?e6 and :elt na8ght b8t 35;ing 4l58d in hi6 heart= LOVE AND HATE A 753an 6aid 8nt5 a 3an0 A$ l5;e ?58=A And the 3an 6aid0 A$t i6 in 3? heart t5 be 75rth?5: ?58r l5;e=A And the 753an 6aid0 AY58 l5;e 3e n5tB A And the 3an 5nl? gaDed 8<5n her and 6aid n5thing= Then the 753an 4ried al58d0 A$ hate ?58=A And the 3an 6aid0 AThen it i6 al65 in 3? heart t5 be 75rth? 5: ?58r hate=A

DREAMS A 3an drea3ed a drea30 and 7hen he a759e he 7ent t5 hi6 655th6a?er and de6ired that hi6 drea3 be 3ade <lain 8nt5 hi3= And the 655th6a?er 6aid t5 the 3an0 AC53e t5 3e 7ith the drea36 that ?58 beh5ld in ?58r 7a9e:8lne66 and $ 7ill tell ?58 their 3eaning= &8t the drea36 5: ?58r 6lee< bel5ng neither t5 3? 7i6d53 n5r t5 ?58r i3aginati5n=A THE MADMAN $t 7a6 in the garden 5: a 3adh586e that $ 3et a ?58th 7ith a :a4e <ale and l5;el? and :8ll 5: 75nder= And $ 6at be6ide hi3 8<5n the ben4h0 and $ 6aid0 AWh? are ?58 hereBA And he l559ed at 3e in a6t5ni6h3ent0 and he 6aid0 A$t i6 an 8n6ee3l? E8e6ti5n0 ?et $ 7ill an67er ?58= M? :ather 758ld 3a9e 5: 3e a re<r5d84ti5n 5: hi36el:K 65 al65 758ld 3? 8n4le= M? 35ther 758ld ha;e 3e the i3age 5: her ill86tri586 :ather= M? 6i6ter 758ld h5ld 8< her 6ea:aring h86band a6 the <er:e4t e@a3<le :5r 3e t5 :5ll57= M? br5ther thin96 $ 6h58ld be li9e hi30 a :ine athlete= AAnd 3? tea4her6 al650 the d54t5r 5: <hil565<h?0 and the 386i4.3a6ter0 and the l5gi4ian0 the? t55 7ere deter3ined0 and ea4h 758ld ha;e 3e b8t a re:le4ti5n 5: hi6 57n :a4e in a 3irr5r= A There:5re $ 4a3e t5 thi6 <la4e= $ :ind it 35re 6ane here= At lea6t0 $ 4an be 3?6el:=A Then 5: a 68dden he t8rned t5 3e and he 6aid0 A &8t tell 3e0 7ere ?58 al65 dri;en t5 thi6 <la4e b? ed84ati5n and g55d 458n6elB A And $ an67ered0 AN50 $ a3 a ;i6it5r=A And he 6aid0 AOh0 ?58 are 5ne 5: th56e 7h5 li;e in the 3adh586e 5n the 5ther 6ide 5: the 7all=A THE FROGS "<5n a 6833er da? a :r5g 6aid t5 hi6 3ate0 A $ :ear th56e <e5<le li;ing in that h586e 5n the 6h5re are di6t8rbed b? 58r night.65ng6=A And hi6 3ate an67ered and 6aid0 AWell0 d5 the? n5t ann5? 58r 6ilen4e d8ring the da? 7ith their tal9ingB A The :r5g 6aid0 ALet 86 n5t :5rget that 7e 3a? 6ing t55 384h in the night=A
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And hi6 3ate an67ered0 ALet 86 n5t :5rget that the? 4hatter and 6h58t 5;er384h d8ring the da?=A Said the :r5g0 AH57 ab58t the b8ll:r5g 7h5 di6t8rb6 the 7h5le neighb5rh55d 7ith hi6 G5d :5rbidden b553ingBA C And hi6 3ate re<lied0 AA?e0 and 7hat 6a? ?58 5: the <5liti4ian and the <rie6t and the 64ienti6t 7h5 453e t5 the6e 6h5re6 and :ill the air 7ith n5i6? and rh?3ele66 658ndBA Then the :r5g 6aid0 AWell0 let 86 be better than the6e h83an being6= Let 86 be E8iet at night0 and 9ee< 58r 65ng6 in 58r heart60 e;en th58gh the 355n 4all6 :5r 58r rh?th3 and the 6tar6 :5r 58r rh?3e= At lea6t0let 86 be 6ilent :5r a night 5r t750 5r e;en :5r three night6=A And hi6 3ate 6aid0 A er? 7ell0 $ agree= We 6hall 6ee 7hat ?58r b58nti:8l heart 7ill bring :5rth=A That night the :r5g6 7ere 6ilentK and the? 7ere 6ilent the :5ll57ing night al650 and again 8<5n the third night= And 6trange t5 relate0 the tal9ati;e 753an 7h5 li;ed in the h586e be6ide the la9e 4a3e d57n t5 brea9:a6t 5n that third da? and 6h58ted t5 her h86band0 A$ ha;e n5t 6le<t the6e three night6= $ 7a6 6e48re 7ith 6lee< 7hen the n5i6e 5: the :r5g6 7a6 in 3? ear= &8t 653ething 386t ha;e ha<<ened= The? ha;e n5t 68ng n57 :5r three night6K and $ a3 al356t 3addened 7ith 6lee<le66ne66=A The :r5g heard thi6 and t8rned t5 hi6 3ate and 6aid0 7in9ing hi6 e?e0 AAnd 7e 7ere al356t 3addened 7ith 58r 6ilen4e0 7ere 7e n5tB A And hi6 3ate an67ered0 AYe60 the 6ilen4e 5: the night 7a6 hea;? 8<5n 86= And $ 4an 6ee n57 that there i6 n5 need :5r 86 t5 4ea6e 58r 6inging :5r the 453:5rt 5: th56e 7h5 386t need6 :ill their e3<tine66 7ith n5i6e=A And that night the 355n 4alled n5t in ;ain :5r their rh?th3 n5r the 6tar6 :5r their rh?3e= LAWS AND LAW-GIVING Age6 ag5 there 7a6 a great 9ing0 and he 7a6 7i6e= And he de6ired t5 la? la76 8nt5 hi6 68bHe4t6= He 4alled 8<5n 5ne th586and 7i6e 3en 5: 5ne th586and di::erent tribe6 t5 453e t5 hi6 4a<it5l and la? d57n the la76= And all thi6 4a3e t5 <a66= &8t 7hen the th586and la76 7ritten 8<5n <ar4h3ent 7ere <8t be:5re the 9ing and he read the30 he 7e<t bitterl? in hi6 658l0 :5r he had n5t 9n57n that there 7ere 5ne th586and :5r36 5: 4ri3e in hi6 9ingd53= Then he 4alled hi6 64ribe0 and 7ith a 63ile 8<5n hi6 358th he hi36el: di4tated la76= And hi6 la76 7ere b8t 6e;en= And the 5ne th586and 7i6e 3en le:t hi3 in anger and ret8rned t5 their tribe6 7ith the la76 the? had laid d57n= And e;er? tribe :5ll57ed the la76 5: it6 7i6e 3en= There:5re the? ha;e a th586and la76 e;en t5 58r 57n da?= $t i6 a great 458ntr?0 b8t it ha6 5ne th586and <ri65n60 and the <ri65n6 are :8ll 5: 753en and 3en0 brea9er6 5: a th586and la76= K $t i6 indeed a great 458ntr?0 b8t the <e5<le there5: are de64endant6 5: 5ne th586and la7gi;er6 and 5: 5nl? 5ne 7i6e 9ing= YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW $ 6aid t5 3? :riend0 AY58 6ee her leaning 8<5n the ar3 5: that 3an= $t 7a6 b8t ?e6terda? that 6he leaned th86 8<5n 3? ar3=A And 3? :riend 6aid0 AAnd t535rr57 6he 7ill lean 8<5n 3ine=A $ 6aid0 A&eh5ld her 6itting 4l56e at hi6 6ide= $t 7a6 b8t ?e6terda? 6he 6at 4l56e be6ide 3e=A And he an67ered0 AT535rr57 6he 7ill 6it be6ide 3e=A $ 6aid0 ASee0 6he drin96 7ine :r53 hi6 48<0 and ?e6terda? 6he dran9 :r53 3ine=A And he 6aid0 AT535rr570 :r53 3? 48<=A Then $ 6aid0 ASee h57 6he gaDe6 at hi3 7ith l5;e0 and 7ith ?ielding e?e6= Ye6terda? 6he
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gaDed th86 8<5n 3e=G And 3? :riend 6aid0 A$t 7ill be 8<5n 3e 6he gaDe6 t535rr57=A $ 6aid0 AD5 ?58 n5t hear her n57 38r38ring 65ng6 5: l5;e int5 hi6 ear6B Th56e ;er? 65ng6 5: l5;e 6he 38r38red b8t ?e6terda? int5 3? ear6=A OP And 3? :riend 6aid0 AAnd t535rr57 6he 7ill 38r38r the3 in 3ine0A $ 6aid0 AWh? 6ee0 6he i6 e3bra4ing hi3= $t 7a6 b8t ?e6terda? that 6he e3bra4ed 3e=A And 3? :riend 6aid0 AShe 7ill e3bra4e 3e t535rr57=A Then $ 6aid0 AWhat a 6trange 753an=' &8t he an67ered0 AShe i6 li9e 8nt5 li:e0 <566e66ed b? all 3enK and li9e death0 6he 45nE8er6' all 3enK and li9e eternit?0 6he en:5ld6 all 3en=

THE PHILOSOPHER AND THE COBBLER There 4a3e t5 a 45bbler'6 6h5< a <hil565<her 7ith 75rn 6h5e6= And the <hil565<her 6aid t5 the 45bbler0 APlea6e 3end 3? 6h5e6=A And the 45bbler 6aid0 A$ a3 3ending an5ther 3an'6 6h5e6 n570 and there are 6till 5ther 6h5e6 t5 <at4h be:5re $ 4an 453e t5 ?58r6= &8t lea;e ?58r 6h5e6 here0 and 7ear thi6 5ther <air t5da?0 and 453e t535rr57 :5r ?58r 57n=A Then the <hil565<her 7a6 indignant0 and he 6aid0 A$ 7ear n5 6h5e6 that are n5t 3ine 57n=A And the 45bbler 6aid0 AWell then0 are ?58 in tr8th a <hil565<her0 and 4ann5t en:5ld ?58r :eet 7ith the 6h5e6 5: an5ther 3anB "<5n thi6 ;er? 6treet there i6 an5ther 45bbler 7h5 8nder6tand6 <hil565<her6 better than $ d5= G5 ?58 t5 hi3 :5r 3ending=A

BUILDERS OF BRIDGES $n Anti54h 7here the ri;er A66i g5e6 t5 3eet the 6ea0 a bridge 7a6 b8ilt t5 bring 5ne hal: 5: the 4it? nearer t5 the 5ther hal:= $t 7a6 b8ilt 5: large 6t5ne6 4arried d57n :r53 a35ng the hill60 5n the ba496 5: the 38le6 5: Anti54h= When the bridge 7a6 :ini6hed0 8<5n a <illar there5: 7a6 engra;en in Gree9 and in Ara3ai40 A Thi6 bridge 7a6 b8ilt b? King Anti54h86 $$=A And all the <e5<le 7al9ed a4r566 the g55d
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bridge 5;er the g55dl? ri;er A66i= And 8<5n an e;ening0 a ?58th0 dee3ed b? 653e a little 3ad0 de64ended t5 the <illar 7here the 75rd6 7ere engra;en0 and he 45;ered 5;er the gra;ing 7ith 4har45al0 and ab5;e it he 7r5te0 A The 6t5ne6 5: thi6 bridge 7ere br58ght d57n :r53 the hill6 b? the 38le6= $n <a66ing t5 and :r5 5;er it ?58 are riding 8<5n the ba496 5: the 38le6 5: Anti54h0 b8ilder6 5: thi6 bridge=A And 7hen the <e5<le read 7hat the ?58th had 7ritten0 653e 5: the3 la8ghed and 653e 3ar;eled= And 653e 6aid0 AAh ?e60 7e 9n57 7h5 ha6 d5ne thi6= $6 he n5t a little 3adBA &8t 5ne 38le 6aid0 la8ghing0 t5 an5ther 38le0 A D5 ?58 n5t re3e3ber that 7e did 4arr? th56e 6t5ne6B And ?et 8ntil n57 it ha6 been 6aid that the bridge 7a6 b8ilt b? King Anti54h86=A

THE FIELD OF ZAAD "<5n the r5ad 5: 1aad a tra;eler 3et a 3an 7h5 li;ed in a nearb? ;illage0 and the tra;eler <5inting 7ith hi6 hand t5 a ;a6t :ield0 a69ed 0the 3an 6a?ing0 AWa6 n5t thi6 the battle.gr58nd 7here King Ahla3 5;er4a3e hi6 ene3ie6B A And the 3an an67ered and 6aid0 AThi6 ha6 ne;er been a battle.gr58nd= There 5n4e 6t55d b? thi6 :ield the great 4it? 5: 1aad0 and it 7a6 b8rnt d57n t5 a6he6= &8t n57 it i6 a g55d :ield0 i6 it n5tBA And the tra;eler and the 3an <arted= N5t a hal: 3ile :arther the tra;eler 3et an5ther 3an0 and <5inting t5 the :ield again0 he 6aid0 AS5 that i6 7here the great 4it? 5: 1aad 5n4e 6t55dB A And the 3an 6aid0 AThere ha6 ne;er been a 4it? in thi6 <la4e= &8t 5n4e there 7a6 a 35na6ter? here0 and it 7a6 de6tr5?ed b? the <e5<le 5: the S58th C58ntr?=A Sh5rtl? a:ter0 5n that ;er? r5ad 5: 1aad0 the tra;eler 3et a third 3an0 and <5inting 5n4e 35re t5 the ;a6t :ield he 6aid0 A $6 it n5t tr8e that thi6 i6 the <la4e 7here 5n4e there 6t55d a great 35na6ter?B A &8t the 3an an67ered0 AThere ha6 ne;er been a 35na6ter? in thi6 neighb5rh55d0 b8t 58r :ather6 and 58r :5re:ather6 ha;e t5ld 86 that 5n4e there :ell a great 3ete5r 5n thi6 :ield=A Then the tra;eler 7al9ed 5n0 75ndering in hi6 heart= And he 3et a ;er? 5ld 3an0 and 6al8ting hi3 he 6aid0A Sir0 8<5n thi6 r5ad $ ha;e 3et three 3en 7h5 li;e in the neighb5rh55d and $ ha;e a69ed ea4h 5: the3 ab58t thi6 :ield0 and ea4h 5ne denied 7hat the 5ther had 6aid0 and ea4h 5ne t5ld 3e a ne7 tale that the 5ther had n5t t5ld=A Then the 5ld 3an rai6ed hi6 head0 and an67ered0 AM? :riend0 ea4h and e;er? 5ne 5: the6e 3en t5ld ?58 7hat 7a6 indeed 65K b8t :e7 5: 86 are able t5 add :a4t t5 di::erent :a4t and 3a9e a tr8th there5:=A

THE GOLDEN BELT On4e 8<5n a da? t75 3en 7h5 3et 5n the r5ad 7ere 7al9ing t5gether t57ard Sala3i60 the Cit? 5: C5l83n6= $n 3id.a:tern55n the? 4a3e t5 a 7ide ri;er and there 7a6 n5 bridge t5 4r566 it= The? 386t need6 67i30 5r 6ee9 an5ther r5ad 8n9n57n t5 the3= And the? 6aid t5 5ne an5ther0 ALet 86 67i3= A:ter all0 the ri;er i6 n5t 65 7ide=A And the? thre7 the36el;e6 int5 the 7ater and 67a3= K And 5ne 5: the 3en 7h5 had al7a?6 9n57n ri;er6 and the 7a?6 5: ri;er60 in 3id.6trea3 68ddenl? began t5 l56e hi36el:0 and t5 be 4arried a7a? b? the r86hing 7ater6K 7hile the 5ther 7h5 had ne;er 6783 be:5re 4r566ed the ri;er 6traight 7a? and 6t55d 8<5n the :arther ban9= Then 6eeing hi6 453<ani5n 6till 7re6tling 7ith the 6trea30 he thre7 hi36el: again int5 the 7ater6 and br58ght hi3 al65 6a:el? t5 the 6h5re= And the 3an 7h5 had been 67e<t a7a? b? the 48rrent 6aid0 A&8t ?58 t5ld 3e ?58 458ld n5t 67i3= H57 then did ?58 4r566 that ri;er 7ith 684h a668ran4eB A And the 6e45nd 3an an67ered0 AM? :riend0 d5 ?58 6ee thi6 belt 7hi4h girdle6 3eB $t i6 :8ll
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5: g5lden 45in6 that $ ha;e earned :5r 3? 7i:e and 3? 4hildren0 a :8ll ?ear'6 75r9= $t i6 the 7eight 5: thi6 belt 5: g5ld that 4arried 3e a4r566 the ri;er0 t5 3? 7i:e and 3? 4hildren= And 3? 7i:e and 3? 4hildren 7ere 8<5n 3? 6h58lder6 a6 $ 67a3=A And the t75 3en 7al9ed 5n t5gether t57ard Sala3i6=

THE RED EARTH Said a tree t5 a 3an0 AM? r55t6 are in the dee< red earth0 and $ 6hall gi;e ?58 5: 3? :r8it=A And the 3an 6aid t5 the tree0 AH57 ali9e 7e are= M? r55t6 are al65 dee< in the red earth= And the red earth gi;e6 ?58 <57er t5 be6t57 8<5n 3e 5: ?58r :r8it0 and the red earth tea4he6 3e t5 re4ei;e :r53 ?58 7ith than96gi;ing=A THE FULL MOON The :8ll 355n r56e in gl5r? 8<5n the t57n0 and all the d5g6 5: that t57n began t5 bar9 at the 355n= Onl? 5ne d5g did n5t bar90 and he 6aid t5 the3 in a gra;e ;5i4e0 AA7a9e n5t 6tillne66 :r53 her 6lee<0 n5r bring ?58 the 355n t5 the earth 7ith ?58r bar9ing=A Then all the d5g6 4ea6ed bar9ing0 in a7:8l 6ilen4e= &8t the d5g 7h5 had 6<59en t5 the3 45ntin8ed bar9ing :5r 6ilen4e0 the re6t 5: the night=

THE HERMIT PROPHET On4e there li;ed a her3it <r5<het0 and thri4e a 355n he 758ld g5 d57n t5 the great 4it? and in the 3ar9et <la4e6 he 758ld <rea4h gi;ing and 6haring t5 the <e5<le= And he 7a6 el5E8ent0 and hi6 :a3e 7a6 8<5n the land= "<5n an e;ening three 3en 4a3e t5 hi6 her3itage and he greeted the3= And the?6aid0AY58 ha;e been <rea4hing gi;ing and 6haring0 and ?58 ha;e 658ght t5 tea4h th56e 7h5 ha;e 384h t5 gi;e 8nt5 th56e 7h5 ha;e littleK and 7e d58bt n5t that ?58r :a3e ha6 br58ght ?58 ri4he6= N57 453e and gi;e 86 5: ?58r ri4he60 :5r 7e are in need=A And the her3it an67ered and 6aid0 AM? :riend60 $ ha;e na8ght b8t thi6 bed and thi6 3at and thi6 H8g 5: 7ater= Ta9e the3 i: it i6 in ?58r de6ire= $ ha;e neither g5ld n5r 6il;er=A Then the? l559ed d57n 7ith di6dain 8<5n hi30 and t8rned their :a4e6 :r53 hi3K and the la6t 3an 6t55d at the d55r :5r a 353ent0 and 6aid0 AOh0 ?58 4heatC Y58 :ra8dC Y58 tea4h and <rea4h that 7hi4h ?58 ?58r6el: d5 n5t <er:5r3=A

THE OLD, OLD WINE On4e there li;ed a ri4h 3an 7h5 7a6 H86tl? <r58d 5: hi6 4ellar and the 7ine therein= And there 7a6 5ne H8g 5: an4ient ;intage 9e<t :5r 653e 544a6i5n 9n57n 5nl? t5 hi36el:= The g5;ern5r 5: the 6tate ;i6ited hi30 and he beth58ght hi3 and 6aid0 AThat H8g 6hall n5t be 5<ened :5r a 3ere g5;ern5r=A And a bi6h5< 5: the di54e6e ;i6ited hi30 b8t he 6aid t5 hi36el:0 ANa?0 $ 7ill n5t 5<en that H8g= He 758ld n5t 9n57 it6 ;al8e0 n5r 758ld it6 ar53a rea4h hi6 n56tril6=A The <rin4e 5: the real3 4a3e and 68<<ed 7ith hi3= &8t he th58ght0 A$t i6 t55 r5?al a 7ine :5r a 3ere <rin4eling=A And e;en 5n the da? 7hen hi6 57n ne<he7 7a6 3arried0 he 6aid t5 hi36el:0 AN50 n5t t5 the6e g8e6t6 6hall that H8g be br58ght :5rth=A
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And the ?ear6 <a66ed b?0 and he died0 an 5ld 3an0 and he 7a6 b8ried li9e 8nt5 e;er? 6eed and a45rn= And 8<5n the da? that he 7a6 b8ried the an4ient H8g 7a6 br58ght 58t t5gether 7ith 5ther H8g6 5: 7ine0 and it 7a6 6hared b? the <ea6ant6 5: the neighb5rh55d= And n5ne 9ne7 it6 great age. T5 the30 all that i6 <58red int5 a 48< i6 5nl? 7ine=

THE TWO POEMS Man? 4ent8rie6 ag50 5n a r5ad t5 Athen60 t75 <5et6 3et0 and the? 7ere glad t5 6ee 5ne an5ther= And 5ne <5et a69ed the 5ther 6a?ing0 AWhat ha;e ?58 453<56ed 5: late0 and h57 g5e6 it 7ith ?58r l?reBA And the 5ther <5et an67ered and 6aid 7ith <ride0 A$ ha;e b8t n57 :ini6hed the greate6t 5: <5e360 <er4han4e the greate6t <5e3 ?et 7ritten in Gree9= $t i6 an in;54ati5n t5 1e86 the S8<re3e=A Then he t559 :r53 beneath hi6 4l5a9 a <ar4h3ent0 6a?ing0 AHere0 beh5ld0 $ ha;e it 7ith and $ 758ld :ain read it t5 ?58= C53e0 let 86 6it in the 6hade 5: that 7hite 4?<re66=A And the <5et read hi6 <5e3= And it 7a6 a l5ng <5e3= And the 5ther <5et 6aid in 9indline660 F$t i6 a great <5e3= $t 7ill li;e thr58gh the age60 and in it ?58= And the :ir6t <5et 6aid 4al3l?0 AAnd 7hat ha;e ?58 been 7riting the6e late da?6B A And the 5ther an67ered0 A$ ha;e 7ritten b8t little= Onl? eight line6 in re3e3bran4e 5: a 4hild <la?ing in a garden=A And he re4ited the line6= The :ir6t <5et 6aid0 AN5t 65 badK n5t 65 bad=A And the? <arted= And n57 a:ter t75 th586and ?ear6 the eight line6 5: the 5ne <5et are read in e;er? t5ng8e0 and are l5;ed and 4heri6hed= And th58gh the 5ther <5e3 ha6 indeed 453e d57n thr58gh the age6 in librarie6 and in the 4ell6 5: 64h5lar60 and th58gh it i6 re3e3bered0 it i6 neither l5;ed n5r read=

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LADY RUTH Three 3en 5n4e l559ed :r53 a:ar 8<5n a 7hite h586e that 6t55d al5ne 5n a green hill= One 5: the3 6aid0 AThat i6 the h586e 5: Lad? R8th= She i6 an 5ld 7it4h=A The 6e45nd 3an 6aid0 AY58 are 7r5ng= Lad? R8th i6 a bea8ti:8l 753an 7h5 li;e6 there 45n6e4rated 8nt5 her drea36=A The third 3an 6aid0 AY58 are b5th 7r5ng= Lad? R8th i6 the h5lder 5: thi6 ;a6t land0 and 6he dra76 bl55d :r53 her 6er:6=A And the? 7al9ed 5n di64866ing Lad? R8th0 Then 7hen the? 4a3e t5 a 4r566r5ad the? 3et an 5ld 3an0 and 5ne 5: the3 a69ed hi30 6a?ing0 AW58ld ?58 <lea6e tell 86 ab58t Lad? R8th 7h5 li;e6 in that 7hite h586e 8<5n the hillB A And the 5ld 3an rai6ed hi6 head and 63iled 8<5n the30 and 6aid0 A$ a3 ninet? 5: ?ear60 and $ re3e3ber Lad? R8th 7hen $ 7a6 b8t a b5?= &8t Lad? R8th died eight? ?ear6 ag50 and n57 the h586e i6 e3<t?= The 57l6 h55t therein0 653eti3e60 and <e5<le 6a? the <la4e i6 ha8nted=A THE MOUSE AND THE CAT On4e 5n an e;ening a <5et 3et a <ea6ant= The <5et 7a6 di6tant and the <ea6ant 7a6 6h?0 ?et the? 45n;er6ed= And the <ea6ant 6aid0 ALet 3e tell ?58 a little :it 6t5r? 7hi4h $ heard 5: late= A 3586e 7a6 4a8ght in a tra<0 and 7hile he 7a6 ha<<il? eating the 4hee6e that la? therein0 a 4at 6t55d b?= The 3586e tre3bled a7hile0 b8t he 9ne7 he 7a6 6a:e 7ithin the tra<= Then the 4at 6aid0 FY58 are eating ?58r La6t 3eal0 3? :riend=G FYe60' an67ered the 3586e0 5ne li:e ha;e $0 there:5re 5ne death= &8t 7hat 5: ?58B The? tell < 3e ?58 ha;e nine li;e6= D5e6n't that 3ean that ?58 7ill ha;e t5 die nine ti3e6B'A And the <ea6ant l559ed at the <5et and he 6aid0 A$6 n5t thi6 a 6trange 6t5r?B A And the <5et an67ered hi3 n5t0 b8t he 7al9ed a7a? 6a?ing in hi6 658l0 AT5 be 68re0 nine li;e6 ha;e 7e0 nine li;e6 t5 be 68re= And 7e 6hall die nine ti3e60 nine ti3e6 6hall 7e die= Perha<6 it 7ere better t5 ha;e b8t 5ne li:e0 4a8ght in a tra< S the li:e 5: a <ea6ant 7ith a bit 5: 4hee6e :5r the la6t 3eal= And ?et0 are 7e n5t 9in 8nt5 the li5n6 5: the de6ert and the H8ngleBA THE CURSE An 5ld 3an 5: the 6ea 5n4e 6aid t5 3e0A$t 7a6 thirt? ?ear6 ag5 that a 6ail5r ran a7a? 7ith 3? da8ghter= And $ 48r6ed the3 b5th in 3? heart0 :5r 5: all the 75rld $ l5;ed b8t 3? da8ghter= N5t l5ng a:ter that0 the 6ail5r ?58th 7ent d57n 7ith hi6 6hi< t5 the b5tt53 5: the 6ea0 and 7ith hi3 3? l5;el? da8ghter 7a6 l56t 8nt5 3e= F A N57 there:5re beh5ld in 3e the 38rderer 5: a ?58th and a 3aid= $t 7a6 3? 48r6e that de6tr5?ed the3= And n57 5n 3? 7a? t5 the gra;e $ 6ee9 G5d'6 :5rgi;ene66=A Thi6 the 5ld 3an 6aid= &8t there 7a6 a t5ne 5: bragging in hi6 75rd60 and it 6ee36 that he i6 6till <r58d 5: the <57er 5: hi6 48r6e= THE POMEGRANATES There 7a6 5n4e a 3an 7h5 had 3an? <53egranate tree6 in hi6 5r4hard= And :5r 3an? an a8t83n he 758ld <8t hi6 <53egranate6 5n 6il;er? tra?6 58t6ide 5: hi6 d7elling0 and 8<5n the tra?6 he 758ld <la4e 6ign6 8<5n 7hi4h he hi36el: had 7ritten0 ATa9e 5ne :5r a8ght= Y58 are 7el453e=A &8t <e5<le <a66ed b? and n5 5ne t559 5: the :r8it= Then the 3an beth58ght hi30 and 5ne a8t83n he <la4ed n5 <53egranate6 5n 6il;er? tra?6 58t6ide 5: hi6 d7elling0 b8t he rai6ed thi6 6ign in large letteringM AHere 7e ha;e the be6t <53egranate6 in the land0 b8t 7e 6ell the3 :5r 35re 6il;er than an? 5ther <53egranate6=A
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And n57 beh5ld0 all the 3en and 753en 5: the neighb5rh55d 4a3e r86hing t5 b8?=

GOD AND MANY GODS $n the 4it? 5: Kila:i6 a 65<hi6t 6t55d 5n the 6te<6 5: the Te3<le and <rea4hed 3an? g5d6= And the <e5<le 6aid in their heart60 AWe 9n57 all thi6= D5 the? n5t li;e 7ith 86 and :5ll57 86 7here;er 7e g5BA N5t l5ng a:ter0 an5ther 3an 6t55d in the 3ar9et <la4e and 6<59e 8nt5 the <e5<le and 6aid0 A There i6 n5 g5d=A And 3an? 7h5 heard hi3 7ere glad 5: hi6 tiding60 :5r the? 7ere a:raid 5: 3an? g5d6= And 8<5n an5ther da? there 4a3e a 3an 5: great el5E8en4e0 and he 6aid0 AThere i6 b8t 5ne G5d=A And n57 the <e5<le 7ere di63a?ed :5r in their heart6 the? :eared the H8dg3ent 5: 5ne G5d 35re than that 5: 3an? g5d6= That 6a3e 6ea65n there 4a3e ?et an5ther 3an0 and he 6aid t5 the <e5<le0 AThere are three g5d60 and the? d7ell 8<5n the 7ind a6 5ne0 and the? ha;e a ;a6t and gra4i586 35ther 7h5 i6 al65 their 3ate and their 6i6ter=A Then e;er?5ne 7a6 453:5rted0 :5r the? 6aid in their 6e4ret0 AThree g5d6 in 5ne 386t need6 di6agree 5;er 58r :ailing60 and be6ide60 their gra4i586 35ther 7ill 68rel? be an ad;54ate :5r 86 <55r 7ea9ling6=A Yet e;en t5 thi6 da? there are th56e in the 4it? 5: Kila:i6 7h5 7rangle and arg8e 7ith ea4h 5ther ab58t 3an? g5d6 and n5 g5d0 and 5ne g5d and three g5d6 in 5ne0 and a gra4i586 35ther 5: g5d6=

SHE WHO WAS DEAF On4e there li;ed a ri4h 3an 7h5 had a ?58ng 7i:e0 and 6he 7a6 6t5ne dea:= And 8<5n a 35rning 7hen the? 7ere brea9ing their :a6t0 6he 6<59e t5 hi3 and 6he 6aid0 AYe6terda? $ ;i6ited the 3ar9et <la4e0 and there 7ere e@hibited 6il9en rai3ent :r53 Da3a64860 and 45;er.4hie:6 :r53 $ndia0 ne49la4e6 :r53 Per6ia0 and bra4elet6 :r53 Ya33an= $t 6ee36 that the 4ara;an6 had b8t H86t br58ght the6e thing6 t5 58r 4it?= And n57 beh5ld 3e0 in rag60 ?et the 7i:e 5: a ri4h 3an= $ 758ld ha;e 653e 5: th56e bea8ti:8l thing6=A The h86band0 6till b86? 7ith hi6 35rning 45::ee 6aid0 AM? dear0 there i6 n5 rea65n 7h? ?58 6h58ld n5t g5 d57n t5 the Street and b8? all that ?58r heart 3a? de6ire=A And the dea: 7i:e 6aid0 A' N5C' Y58 al7a?6 6a?0 'N50 n5=' M86t $ need6 a<<ear in tatter6 a35ng 58r :riend6 t5 6ha3e ?58r 7ealth and 3? <e5<leB A And the h86band 6aid0 A$ did n5t 6a?0 ' N5=' Y58 3a? g5 :5rth :reel? t5 the 3ar9et <la4e and <8r4ha6e the 356t bea8ti:8l a<<arel and He7el6 that ha;e 453e t5 58r 4it?=A &8t again the 7i:e hi6 75rd60 and 6he re<lied0 AO: all ri4h 3en ?58 are the 356t 3i6erl?= Y58 758ld den? 3e e;er?thing 5: bea8t? and l5;eline660 7hile 5ther 753en 5: 3? age 7al9 the garden6 5: the 4it? 4l5thed in ri4h rai3ent=A And 6he began t5 7ee<= And a6 her tear6 :ell 8<5n her brea6t 6he 4ried 58t again0 AY58 al7a?6 6a?0 'Na?0 na? Ot5 3e 7hen $ de6ire a gar3ent 5r a He7el=A Then the h86band 7a6 35;ed0 and he 6t55d 8< and t559 58t 5: hi6 <8r6e a hand:8l 5: g5ld and <la4ed it be:5re her0 6a?ing in a 9indl? ;5i4e0AAG5 d57n t5 the 3ar9et <la4e0 3? dear0 and b8? all that ?58 7ill=A #r53 that da? 5n7ard the dea: ?58ngK7i:e0 7hene;er 6he de6ired an?thing0 758ld a<<ear be:5re her h86band 7ith a <earl? tear in her e?e0 and he in 6ilen4e 758ld ta9e 58t a hand:8l 5: g5ld and <la4e it in her la<= N570 it 4han4ed that the ?58ng 753an :ell in l5;e 7ith a ?58th 7h56e habit it 7a6 t5 3a9e l5ng H58rne?6= And 7hene;er he 7a6 a7a? 6he 758ld 6it in her 4a6e3ent and 7ee<= When her h86band :58nd her th86 7ee<ing0 he 758ld 6a? in hi6 heart0 AThere 386t be 653e ne7
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4ara;an0 and 653e 6il9en gar3ent6 and rare He7el6 in the Street=A And he 758ld ta9e a hand:8l 5: g5ld and <la4e it be:5re her=

THE QUEST A th586and ?ear6 ag5 t75 <hil565<her6 3et 5n a 6l5<e 5: Leban5n0 and 5ne 6aid t5 the 5ther0 A Where g5e6t th58B A And the 5ther an67ered0 A$ a3 6ee9ing a:ter the :58ntain 5: ?58th 7hi4h $ 9n57 7ell6 58t a35ng the6e hill6= $ ha;e :58nd 7riting6 7hi4h tell 5: that :58ntain :l57ering t57ard the 68n= And ?580 7hat are ?58 6ee9ingB The :ir6t 3an an67ered0 A$ a3 6ee9ing a:ter the 3?6ter? 5: death=A Then ea4h 5: the t75 <hil565<her6 45n4ei;ed that the 5ther 7a6 la49ing in hi6 great 64ien4e0 and the? began t5 7rangle0 and t5 a4486e ea4h 5ther 5: 6<irit8al blindne66= N57 7hile the t75 <hil565<her6 7ere l58d 8<5n the 7ind0 a 6tranger0 a3an 7h5 7a6 dee3ed a 6i3<let5n in hi6 57n ;illage0 <a66ed b?0 and 7hen he heard the t75 in h5t di6<8te0 he 6t55d a7hile and li6tened t5 their arg83ent= Then he 4a3e near t5 the3 and 6aid0A M? g55d 3en0 it 6ee36 that ?58 b5th reall? bel5ng t5 the 6a3e 64h55l 5: <hil565<h?0 and that ?58 are 6<ea9ing 5: the 6a3e thing0 5nl? ?58 6<ea9 in di::erent 75rd6= One 5: ?58 6ee96 the :58ntain 5: ?58th0 and the 5ther 6ee96 the 3?6ter? 5: death= Yet indeed the? are b8t 5ne0 and a6 5ne the? d7ell in ?58 b5th=A Then the 6tranger t8rned a7a? 6a?ing0 A#are7ell0 6age6=A And a6 he de<arted he la8ghed a <atient la8ghter= The t75 <hil565<her6 l559ed at ea4h 5ther in 6ilen4e :5r a 353ent0 and then the? la8ghed al65= And 5ne 5: the3 6aid0 AWell n570 6hall 7e n5t 7al9 and 6ee9 t5getherB A THE SCEPTRE Said a 9ing t5 hi6 7i:e0 AMada3e0 ?58 are n5t tr8l? a E8een= Y58 are t55 ;8lgar and 8ngra4i586 t5 be 3? 3ate=A Said hi6 7i:e0 ASir0 ?58 dee3 ?58r6el: 9ing0 b8t indeed ?58 are 5nl? a <55r 658ndling=A N57 the6e 75rd6 angered the 9ing0 and he t559 hi6 64e<tre 7ith hi6 hand0 and 6tr849 the E8een 8<5n her :5rehead 7ith hi6 g5lden 64e<tre= At that 353ent the l5rd 4ha3berlain entered0 and he 6aid0 AWell0 7ell0 MaHe6t? $ That 64e<tre 7a6 :a6hi5ned b? the greate6t arti6t 5: the land= Ala6C S53e da? ?58 and the E8een 6hall be :5rg5tten0 b8t thi6 64e<tre 6hall be 9e<t0 a thing 5: bea8t? :r53 generati5n t5 generati5n= And n57 that ?58 ha;e dra7n bl55d :r53 her MaHe6t?'6 head0 Sire0 the 64e<tre 6hall be the 35re 45n6idered and re3e3bered=A

THE PATH There li;ed a35ng the hill6 a 753an and her 65n0 and he 7a6her :ir6t.b5rn and her 5nl? 4hild= And the b5? died 5: a :e;er 7hil6t the <h?6i4ian 6t55d b?= The 35ther 7a6 di6tra8ght 7ith 65rr570 and 6he 4ried t5 the <h?6i4ian and be658ght hi3 6a?ing0 ATell 3e0 tell 3e0 7hat 7a6 it that 3ade E8iet hi6 6tri;ing and 6ilent hi6 65ngBA And the <h?6i4ian 6aid0 A$t 7a6 the :e;er=A And the 35ther 6aid0 AWhat i6 the :e;erB A And the <h?6i4ian an67ered0A $ 4ann5t e@<lain it= $t i6 a thing in:initel? 63all that ;i6it6 the b5d?0 and 7e 4ann5t 6ee it 7ith 58r h83an e?e=A Then the <h?6i4ian le:t her= And 6he 9e<t re<eating t5 her6el:0 A653ething in:initel? 63all= We 4ann5t 6ee it 7ith 58r h83an e?e=A And at e;ening the <rie6t 4a3e t5 45n65le her= And 6he 7e<t and 6he 4ried 58t 6a?ing0A Oh0 7h? ha;e $ l56t 3? 65n0 3? 5nl? 65n0 3? :ir6t.b5rnBA
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And the <rie6t an67ered0 AM? 4hild0 it i6 the 7ill 5: G5d=A And the 753an 6aid0 AWhat i6 G5d and 7here i6 G5dB $ 758ld 6ee G5d that $ 3a? tear 3? b5653 be:5re Hi30 and <58r the bl55d 5: 3? heart at Hi6 :eet= Tell 3e 7here $ 6hall :ind Hi3=A And the <rie6t 6aid0 AG5d i6 in:initel? ;a6t= He i6 n5t t5 be 6een 7ith 58r h83an e?e=A Then the 753an 4ried 58t0 AThe in:initel? 63all ha6 6lain 3? 65n thr58gh the 7ill 5: the in:initel? greatC Then 7hat are 7eB What are 7eBA At that 353ent the 753an'6 35ther 4a3e int5 the r553 7ith the 6hr58d :5r the dead b5?0 and 6he heard the 75rd6 5: the <rie6t and al65 her da8ghter'6 4r?= And 6he laid d57n the 6hr58d0 and t559 her da8ghter'6 hand in her 57n hand0 and 6he 6aid0 AM? da8ghter0 7e 58r6el;e6 are the in:initel? 63all and the in:initel? greatK =and 7e are the <ath bet7een the t75=A THE WHALE AND THE BUTTERFLY On4e 5n an e;ening a 3an and a 753an :58nd the36el;e6 t5gether in a 6tage45a4h= The? had 3et be:5re= The 3an 7a6 a <5et0 and a6 he 6at be6ide the 753an he 658ght t5 a386e her 7ith 6t5rie60 653e that 7ere 5: hi6 57n 7ea;ing0 and 653e that 7ere n5t hi6 57n= &8t e;en 7hile he 7a6 6<ea9ing the lad? 7ent t5 6lee<= Then 68ddenl? the 45a4h l8r4hed0 and 6he a759e0 and 6he 6aid0 A$ ad3ire ?58r inter<retati5n 5: the 6t5r? 5: T5nah and the 7hale=A And the <5et 6aid0 A&8t Mada3e0 $ ha;e been telling ?58 a 6t5r? 5: 3ine 57n ab58t a b8tter:l? and a 7hite r56e0 and h57 the? beha;ed the 5ne t5 the 5therC A PEACE CONTAGIOUS One bran4h in bl553 6aid t5 hi6 neighb5ring bran4h0 AThi6 i6a d8ll and e3<t? da?=A And the 5ther bran4h an67ered0 A$t i6 indeed e3<t? and d8ll=A At that 353ent a 6<arr57 alighted 5n 5ne 5: the bran4he60 and then an5ther 6<arr570 nearb?= And 5ne 5: the 6<arr576 4hir<ed and 6aid0 A M? 3ate ha6 le:t 3e=A And the 5ther 6<arr57 4ried0 AM? 3ate ha6 al65 g5ne0 and 6he 7ill n5t ret8rn= And 7hat 4are $BA Then the t75 began t5 t7itter and 645ld0 and 655n the? 7ere :ighting and 3a9ing har6h n5i6e 8<5n the air= All 5: a 68dden t75 5ther 6<arr576 4a3e 6ailing :r53 the 69?0 and the? 6at E8ietl? be6ide the re6tle66 t75= And there 7a6 4al30 and there 7a6 <ea4e= Then the :58r :le7 a7a? t5gether in <air6= And the :ir6t bran4h 6aid t5 hi6 neighb5ring bran4h0 AThat 7a6 a 3ight? Dig.Dag 5: 658nd=A And the 5ther bran4h an67ered0 ACall it 7hat ?58 7ill0 it i6 n57 b5th <ea4e:8l and 6<a4i586= And i: the 8<<er air 3a9e6 <ea4e it 6ee36 t5 3e that th56e 7h5 d7ell in the l57er 3ight 3a9e <ea4e al65= Will ?58 n5t 7a;e in the 7ind a little nearer t5 3eBA And the :ir6t bran4h 6aid0AOh0 <er4han4e0 :5r <ea4e 6a9e0 ere the S<ring i6 5;er=A And then he 7a;ed hi36el: 7ith the 6tr5ng 7ind t5 e3bra4e her=

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THE SHADOW "<5n a T8ne da? the gra66 6aid t5 the 6had57 5: an el3 tree0 AY58 35;e t5 right and le:t 5;er 5:ten0 and ?58 di6t8rb 3? <ea4e=A And the 6had57 an67ered and 6aid0 AN5t $0 n5t $= L559 69?7ard= There i6 a tree that 35;e6 in the 7ind t5 the ea6t and t5 the 7e6t0 bet7een the 68n and the earth=A And the gra66 l559ed 8<0 and :5r the :ir6t ti3e beheld the tree= And it 6aid in it6 heart0 AWh?0 beh5ld0 there i6 a larger gra66 than 3?6el:=A And the gra66 7a6 6ilent= SEVENTY The <5et ?58th 6aid t5 the <rin4e660 A$ l5;e ?58=A And the <rin4e66 an67ered0 AAnd $ l5;e ?58 t550 3? 4hild=A A &8t $ a3 n5t ?58r 4hild= $ a3 a 3an and $ l5;e ?58=A And 6he 6aid0 A$ a3 the 35ther 5: 65n6 and da8ghter60 and the? are :ather6 and 35ther6 5: 65n6 and da8ghter6K and 5ne 5: the 65n6 5: 3? 65n6 i6 5lder than ?58=A And the <5et ?58th 6aid0 A&8t $ l5;e ?58=A $t 7a6 n5t l5ng a:ter that the <rin4e66 died= &8t ere her la6t breath 7a6 re4ei;ed again b? the greater breath 5: earth0 6he 6aid 7ithin her 658l0 A M? bel5;ed0 3ine 5nl? 65n0 3? ?58th.<5et0 it 3a? ?et be that 653e da? 7e 6hall 3eet again0 and $ 6hall n5t be 6e;ent?=A FINDING GOD T75 3en 7ere 7al9ing in the ;alle?0 and 5ne 3an <5inted 7ith hi6 :inger t57ard the 358ntain 6ide0 and 6aid0 ASee ?58 that her3itageB There li;e6 a 3an 7h5 ha6 l5ng di;5r4ed the 75rld= He 6ee96 b8t a:ter G5d0 and na8ght el6e 8<5n thi6 earth=A And the 5ther 3an 6aid0 AHe 6hall n5t :ind G5d 8ntil he lea;e6 hi6 her3itage0 and the al5nene66 5: hi6 her3itage0 and ret8rn6 t5 58r 75rld0 t5 6hare 58r H5? and <ain0 t5 dan4e 7ith 58r dan4er6 at the 7edding :ea6t0 and t5 7ee< 7ith th56e 7h5 7ee< ar58nd the 45::in6 5: 58r dead=A And the 5ther 3an 7a6 45n;in4ed in hi6 heart0 th58gh in 6<ite 5: hi6 45n;i4ti5n he
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an67ered0 A$ agree 7ith all that ?58 6a?0 ?et $ belie;e the her3it i6 a g55d 3an= And 3a? it n5t 7ell be that 5ne g55d 3an b? hi6 ab6en4e d5e6 better than the 6ee3ing g55dne66 5: the6e 3an? 3enBA THE RIVER $n the ;alle? 5: Kadi6ha 7here the 3ight? ri;er :l5760 t75 little 6trea36 3et and 6<59e t5 .5ne an5ther= One 6trea3 6aid0 AH57 4a3e ?580 3? :riend0 and h57 7a6 ?58r <athBA And the 5ther an67ered0 AM? <ath 7a6 356t en483bered= The 7heel 5: the 3ill 7a6 br59en0O and the 3a6ter :ar3er 7h5 86ed t5 45nd84t 3e :r53 3? 4hannel t5 hi6 <lant60 i6 dead= $ 6tr8ggled d57n 55Ding 7ith the :ilth 5: th56e 7h5 d5 na8ght b8t 6it and ba9e their laDine66 in the 68n= &8t h57 7a6 ?58r <ath0 3? br5therB A And the 5ther 6trea3 an67ered and 6aid0 A Mine 7a6 a di::erent <ath= $ 4a3e d57n the hill6 a35ng :ragrant :l57er6 and 6h? 7ill576K 3en and 753en dran9 5: 3e 7ith 6il;er? 48<60 and little 4hildren <addled their r56? :eet at 3? edge60 and there 7a6 la8ghter all ab58t 3e0 and there 7ere 67eet 65ng6= What a <it? that ?58r <ath 7a6 n5t 65 ha<<?=A At that 353ent the ri;er 6<59e 7ith a l58d ;5i4e and 6aid0 AC53e in0 453e in0 7e are g5ing t5 the 6ea= C53e in0 453e in0 6<ea9 n5 35re= &e 7ith 3e n57= We are g5ing t5 the 6ea= C53e in0 453e in0 :5r in 3e ?58 6hall :5rget ?58r 7andering60 6ad 5r ga?= C53e in0 453e in= And ?58 and $ 7ill :5rget all 58r 7a?6 7hen 7e rea4h the heart 5: 58r 35ther the 6ea=A THE TWO HUNTERS "<5n a da? in Ma?0 T5? and S5rr57 3et be6ide a la9e= The? greeted 5ne an5ther0 and the? 6at d57n near the E8iet 7ater6 and 45n;er6ed= T5? 6<59e 5: the bea8t? 7hi4h i6 8<5n the earth0 and 5: the dail? 75nder 5: li:e in the :5re6tU:t and a35ng the hill60 and 5: the 65ng6 heard at da7n and e;entide= And S5rr57 6<59e0 and agreed 7ith all that T5? had 6aidK :5r S5rr57 9ne7 the 3agi4 5: h58r and the bea8t? there5:= And S5rr57 el5E8ent 7hen he 6<59e 5: Ma? in the :ield6 and a35ng the hill6= And T5? and S5rr57 tal9ed l5ng t5gether0 and H the? agreed 8<5n all thing6 5: 7hi4h the? 9ne7= N57 there <a66ed b? 5n the 5ther 6ide 5: the la9e t75 h8nter6= And a6 the? l559ed a4r566 the 7ater 5ne 5: the3 6aid0 A$ 75nder 7h5 are th56e t75 <er65n6B A And the 5ther 6aid0 A Did ?58 6a? t75B $ 6ee 5nl? 5ne=A The :ir6t h8nter 6aid0A &8t there are t75=A And the 6e45nd 6aid0 AThere i6 5nl? 5ne that $ 4an 6ee0 and the re:le4ti5n in the la9e i6 5nl? 5ne=A ANa?0 there are t750A 6aid the :ir6t h8nter0 A and the re:le4ti5n in the 6till 7ater i6 5: t75 <er65n6=A &8t the 6e45nd 3an 6aid again0 AOnl? 5ne d5 $ 6ee=A And again the 5ther 6aid0 A&8t $ 6ee t75 65 <lainl?=A And e;en t5 thi6 da? 5ne h8nter 6a?6 that the 5ther 6ee6 d58bleK 7hile the 5ther 6a?60 AM? :riend i6 653e7hat blind=A

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THE OTHER WANDERER On4e 8<5n a ti3e $ 3et an5ther 3an 5: the r5ad6= He t55 7a6 a little 3ad0 and th86 he 6<59e t5 3eM A$ a3 a 7anderer= O:tenti3e6 it 6ee36 that $ 7al9 the earth a35ng <?g3ie6= And be4a86e 3? head i6 6e;ent? 48bit6 :arther :r53 the earth than their60 it 4reate6 higher and :reer th58ght6= A&8t in tr8th $ 7al9 n5t a35ng 3en b8t ab5;e the30 and all the? 4an 6ee 5: 3e i6 3? :55t<rint6 in their 5<en :ield6= A And 5:ten ha;e $ heard the3 di64866 and di6agree 5;er the 6ha<e and 6iDe 5: 3? :55t<rint6= #5r there are 653e 7h5 6a?0' The6e are the tra496 5: a 3a335th that r5a3ed the earth in the :ar <a6t=' And 5ther6 6a?0 e Na?0 the6e are <la4e6 7here 3ete5r 6ha;e :allen :r53 the di6tant 6tar6=' A &8t ?580 3? :riend0 ?58 9n57 :8ll 7ell that the? are na8ght 6a;e the :55t<rint6 5: a 7anderer=A

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