Funny Games for Groups

People of all age-groups can participate in funny group activities. Here are a few funny games that you would enjoy playing. Funny Games and Activities for Groups Group activities can begin with an icebreaker. Icebreakers are funny games that introduce the members of the group to each other and help them settle down and feel at ease. Let us take a look at some funny games for group activities. Mimicking an Animal - This icebreaker game can be played by all age-groups. Write the names of a few animals on pieces of paper. The size of the group decides the number of slips you would require. For medium-size groups you can create 5 to 10 slips for each animal. Fold the slips and put it in a cookie jar. Each participant takes a slip. The participants imitate the sound of the animal on their slips and make groups of the animals. This activity has to be performed without talking and it is a fun way to get acquainted. Ha-ha He-he - The members of the group stand in a single row. Each person places his head on the back of the person who is in front of him. This game starts from the last person. He has to say "Ha-ha He-he". The next person says "Ha-ha Ha-ha, He-he, He-he" and so on. The aim of this game is to get all the members of the group to say this without breaking into spasms of laughter. Laughter is infectious and you can imagine the scene if even one of them starts laughing. I Love... - A cutout of the heart is required for this funny activity. Ask the participants to form a circle. The first participant says "I love pastries" and he passes the heart to the next person, who will say "I love baseball" and so on. The participants are given only a couple of seconds. The game is over when the participants can think of nothing to say. Wrong and similar answers are not allowed. Do You Love Thy Neighbor - This game is played by people (mostly women) of all age-groups. The group members sit in a circle. One of the members sits on the lap of another member and asks, "Do you love your neighbor?" If the answer is "yes", he/she moves onto the next person. If the answer is "no", then he/she can ask "Then who do you love?" For instance, if the answer is "People who wear blue shirts"; all the people wearing blue shirts exchange their seats. In the mean time, the person who is asking the question tries to get a seat for himself. The person who is left without a seat is the one who will be asking the question next. Memory Game - This icebreaker can be played by a medium-sized group. On a serving tray arrange various kinds of food. Put this tray in front of the group for a couple of minutes or you can pass the tray to all the participants. Keep the tray out of their sight. Ask each participant to recollect the contents of the tray. The person who can recollect the maximum number of items is the winner. FOOD TESTER , DRAW & GUESS, RELAY DRAWING , Buffoon - 'Buffoon' can be played by all age-groups. The participants sit in a circle and one of the participants is chosen to be the buffoon. The other participants have to make sad, annoyed or gloomy faces. The buffoon should make the participants laugh. If he succeeds in getting at least one participant to laugh, that participant has to be the next buffoon. The anchor can modify the fun activities depending on the size and age-group of the members participating. Funny group games are excellent mood-elevators and they help in setting a lighter tone to an otherwise boring party. Funny games are a great way to let your hair down and enjoy company without having to think of making any kind of serious impression on the crowd.

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