Topic : Strategies of Mall of India to Compete with Great India Place
By Bhupesh Mahara A0102210063 MBA-M&S Class of 2012

To Ms. Sunetra Saha Assistant Professor, Faculty of RMM Department Of Marketing & Sales

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DLF Limited is India's largest real estate company in terms of revenues, earnings, market capitalization and developable area. IT has a 62-year track record of sustained growth, customer satisfaction, and innovation. The company has approximately 238 msf of completed development and 423 msf of planned projects, and has pan India presence across 30 cities. A shopping mall, shopping centre, shopping arcade, shopping precinct or simply mall is one or more buildings forming a complex of shops representing merchandisers, with interconnecting walkways enabling visitors to easily walk from unit to unit, along with a parking area — a modern, indoor version of the traditional marketplace. Similar, the concept of a mall having one or more "anchor" or "big box" stores was pioneered early, with individual stores or smaller-scale chain stores intended to benefit from the shoppers attracted by the big stores

Unitech is today a leading real estate developer in India. Known for the quality of its products, it is the first developer to have been certified ISO 9001:2000 in North India and offers the most diversified product mix comprising residential, commercial/IT parks, retail, hotels, amusement parks and SEZs. The well-recognised brand was yet again conferred with the title of "Superbrand" by Superbrands India in 2009. The Company is also the recipient of the CW Architect and Builders Award, 2008 for being one of India's Top Ten Builders.

Unitech has long partnered with internationally acclaimed architects and design consultants including SOM (USA), BDP (UK), Maunsell AECOM (HK), MEA Systra (France), Callison Inc. (USA), FORREC (Canada), SWA and HOK (USA) for various projects. It has an enviable clientele for commercial projects including Fidelity, McKinsey, Bank of America, Ford Motors,

Nike, EDS, Hewitt, Amdocs, Ernst & Young, Reebok, Keane, Seagrams, Perfetti, Exxon Mobil and AT Kearney. Unitech Scrip is one of the most liquid stocks in the Indian stock markets and was the first real estate company to be part of the National Stock Exchange's NIFTY 50 Index. The company has over 600,000 shareholders. Recently the Company has ventured into the infrastructure business by launching Unitech Infra, thus leveraging its decades of experience and expertise in real estate.

(6 specialty levels. 1.4 million sq. ft. of space. Over 430 retail outlets.) A landmark development by the DLF Group, Mall of India - Noida is set to change the face of retail in the country. For the first time ever, a mall is set to introduce India to the concept of retail zones. Spread over a staggering 1.4 million sq. ft. area, it enjoys a vantage location in Noida. Featuring over 430 retail outlets, over 140 restaurants and food joints, an entertainment zone, a supermarket, an amusement park and a three-level car park offering a whopping 2300 parking slots, Mall of India – Noida, will present shopping, leisure and entertainment like never before. Come open your eyes to a truly international shopping experience, right here in Noida.

The Great India Place is a shopping mall in Noida, India. With an area of 1,500,000-squarefoot (139,400 m2), it is one of the largest operational malls in India. The Great INDIA Place was developed by Unitech, real estate firm, and International Amusement Ltd [widely known for their Appu Ghar project, have formed a joint venture to be known as International Recreation Parks Pvt Ltd (IRPPL)] and is located in Sector 18, Noida. The mall is itself part of the larger Entertainment City amusement park (Worlds of Wonder).The mall houses a variety of retail outlets, including Shopper's Stop, Globus, Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Home Town, Lifestyle and Lifestyle Home, along with international brands like Adidas, Nike, Guess, Marks & Spencer. The mall is divided into specific zones, with home and

grocery on the basement level, women's apparel on one side, men's on the other and a 180,000 sq ft (17,000 m2). Food and Entertainment zone on the top floor with a BIG Cinema multiplex having a total seating capacity of 1220 seats. There is also an 80,000 sq ft (7,400 m2). zone dedicated to a Wedding Bazaar, and a Home Saaz section for home improvement. A large chunk of the mall's total area is covered by Future Group ventures, including Home Town, Big Bazaar and Pantaloon.


On the retail real estate management front, DLF is unmatched in its seamless integration of real estate business model owing lo its business operation spanning across land, design, construction, leasing, operation, facilities and marketing. This comprehensive bouquet of services is managed by a team of professionals with expertise spanning across these functions.

Perennial Real Estate Private, Ltd, being a strategic advisor lo DLF Retail in the areas of retail real estate business management also forms an integral aspect in our growth and development.


DLF Retail's project team collaborates with world class architectural firms to create un paralleled retail spaces which include shopping malls and integrated developments. One of the distinctive in house services consists of tenancy design and coordination functions. DLF not only develops projects but creates unique propositions to anchor its developments such as:

1) Positioning of the mall Positioning of mall refers to defining the category of services offered base demographics, Psychographics, income levels, competition in neighbouring areas. Mall of India should provide high-end luxury products catering to the elite class (Socio-economic classification A and B consumers).

2) Facility management It refers to the integration of people, place, process and technology in a building Mall of India. It also means optimal utilization of resources to meet organisational needs. It broadly includes infrastructure, ambience and traffic management.

 Infrastructure Management – The Mall of India should provide repairing facility to the tenants within the mall. So, that it can include provision of adequate power supply, safety issues in case of emergency and water supply, sanitation, etc.

These form an integral part of mall management as they are the basic amenities that any tenant would look for in a mall. Infrastructure management also includes risk management issues such as essential safety measure asset liability and environmental audits.  Ambience Management – The overall shopping experience should provide consumers a special feeling. The Mall of India should focus on wide parking space and overall look of the mall attractive .Mall of India should be not just a place for shopping but is also a place where people spend their leisure time .


EFFECTIVE VISUAL COMMUNICATION    Retail outlets in Mall of India have to give more emphasis on display visual merchandising, lighting, signage’s and specialized props. The visual communication s t r a t e g y m i g h t b e p l a n n e d a n d a l s o b e Brand positioned. T h e m e o r lifestyle displays using stylized mannequins and props, which are based o n a season or an event, are used to promote collections and have to change to keep touch with the trend.  The merchandise presentation ought to be very creative and displays are often on nonstandard fixtures and forms to generate interest and add on attitude to the merchandise.


Critical components of supply chain planning applications should help manufacturers meet retailer’s service levels and focus on profit margins. Retailer should develop innovative solution for managing the supply chain problems. Innovative solutions like performance management, frequent sales operations management, inventory planning, lean systems and staff should help retailers to get advantage over competitors.

CHANGING THE PERCEPTION Retailers benefit only if consumers perceive their store brands to have Consistent and comparable quality and availability in relation to branded products. New product development, aggressive retail mix as well as everyday low pricing strategy can be the strategy to get edge over supplier’s brand. The core purpose is to inform the target customers about the offering of the mall, persuade the customers to visit the mall and remind them about the mall.

     Innovative and creativity are among the key factors that define a successful customer loyalty program, particularly in retail sector. Retailers need to design appropriate loyalty strategies and target relevant consumer segments. Feel good factor decide the fate of loyalty program, it is the personal touch. The raison de etre of a customer loyalty program is to make the customer feel privileged and valued. Variety, uniqueness and attainability are among the several aspects to be considered while offering rewards. Up gradation of technological development increases the footfall of the customers. Loyalty software that combine multiple functions like o Data tracking and storage o Automated transactions o Updating membership details o Using loyalty initiative      Loyalty program is not a one-time affair and definitely cannot run on its own steam. Mall of India will have a zone marked out for women’s clothing, followed by accessories, while mass retail outlets would be separate from the premium zone. GIP mall is in top of list in entertainment so Mall of India should focus more loyalty initiatives in entertainment. Customers are more attracted towards discount schemes and sales. Various product lines should attract customers to choose their retail stores.

     

The retail stores should provide various kinds of loyalty rights in order to provide more customers. After sales service create loyal customers. Along with the SMS the retail formats should use more innovative ways to alert customers regarding loyalty schemes. The best program always maintain an active relationship with the customer by informing them of new developments, offers etc and seeking their feedback. Customers except firms to act upon their feedback. A smart firm can realize that customer loyalty develops only through high satisfaction level.

DT Cinemas: DT Cinemas is the wholly owned subsidiary of the DLF Group. The Multiplex chain started its operations through its first Multiplex at City Centre in Gurgaon. DT Cinemas has been screening movies since 2003 and currently operates cinemas in North India with 28 screens and an overall seating capacity of more than 5900 seats. SPACE OF USE: TGIP is proudly stating that 99.4% of the space of the mall has been utilized. We already know that Mall of India is a 6 Floors Mall with a 1.4 million sq. ft. working space with nearly about 430 retail stores and 140 restaurants and food joints. This is one of the key features of the mall where TGIP is lacking with these huge parameters. The mall can utilize this space to place sufficient enough greenery in and around the mall.  STORE SELECTION: TGIP is having all kinds of stores which can provide goods to all kinds of customers. To face the competition from TGIP, Mall of India has to show some or the other variation from the existed mall.

 Food Courts: Mall of India has to place a food court at a single floor where all the food joints have to be accommodated with in the mall. The following food joints has to be placed inside the mall to attract all kinds of customers.  Food Court of India: In food court of India different restaurants of different places of India will be placed like the space of the floor has to be divided according to the states of India. The states will be started from top to bottom i.e. Jammu Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Only authentic foods joints of these states will placed in these areas like kausthubh, Ohris, etch. Other than these food joints Mc- Donald, KFC, Bar-B-queue Nation, sports bar, TGI Friday’s, Papa Jones, Castle 9 etch. should also be placed inside the food court region. The whole food court should look like that of whole India at one place. This particular strategy will give a tough competition to other malls nearby because all kinds of people from various places of the country will visit the mall for at least food many times.

 Gaming Zone: Gaming zone is a very important part in any mall. Mall of India has a clear benefit to attract more customers than TGIP in this segment. Where TGIP provides video games, bowling and more of computer games. Mall of India has to prepare a gaming zone especially for kids, youth and adults so that an age differentiation has to be created and placed. This will give a feel good factor for customers. For kids game zone they can provide role playing games by placing the boards on floors like twister, picking up the toys etch. For youth more of bowling, video games, and other regional board games of India have to be placed. For adults billiards and professional games has to be placed like inbound golf by creating some small tasks of golf. This particular game zone should provide a wide screen which will display cartoons at the kid’s area, news at the adult area and youth channels at youth gaming zone.

 Cinemas: As all of us know that TGIP has BIG cinemas with it then as a strategic counter Mall of India has to place PVR Cinemas because this is one such brand which is not existed in the Noida market and customers are really waiting to see it nearby them. Many customers are moving towards saketh and Ghaziabad to watch movies in PVR. This will surely increase the foot fall of the mall heavily and will be a counter attack on TGIP from Mall Of India.  Apparels: There are stores like Shopper’s stop, Life Style, Pantaloons etch in TGIP. There are company branded outlets for Reebok, Addidas, Puma, etch. So as the strategic counter for the mall by Mall of India have to place Lifestyle, Pantaloons, Max, Puma, Reebok, Reebok Junior, Addidas, Nike and Leviton kind of stores. Vishal Megamart can also be placed which is not nearby Noida till know. There are some other stores like watches for that mall has to place Titan, Timex on a normal base class customers for which the foot fall is heavy at TGIP. For high class customers watch stores like GC, Fcuk, and Casio can also be placed so that the mall will cater all kinds of customers.  Book Stores: Well organized book stores should be placed like crossword, Teksons and Om book store has to be placed where customers can sit and read the books there and buy the books of all kinds. These book stores will make the customers to sit inside the mall for long time and it will make them to consume other goods from the mall. These book stores has to be placed near to coffee shops, cookie stores so that by sitting there the customers will also consume those things by reading books there in the store.  Consumer Electronics: Electronic stores like Jumbo electronics which is already there in TGIP. The mall has to provide extra store preferences to acquire the store into the mall. The electronic store like

Next Electronics also can be placed by the mall to get the first movers advantage because this store is not there in any other mall. The mall can be given preference to individual stores like Samsung, LG etch. So that they can earn more attention for more customers and make them walk into the mall.  GYM & SPA: Mall of India has to make a tie-up with the Talwalkers Gym which can provide best Gym services and spa services to the customers. These services will make customers to move inside the mall at different times. The gym and spa facility should be near to parking because the customer will feel ease to use such services and moves faster towards the mall. TGIP doesn’t have such nice facilities so it would be a nice experience for the customers.  Jewellery: Tanisq, Geetanjali Jewellers stores has to be placed inside the mall where these stores are not existed inside the TGIP. This would be an all in one experience for the customers to get satisfied with all their needs.  Super Markets: Big Bazar has to be placed as a super market and with that they can also place a reliance hyper store where all apparels, food items, etch will be available. This reliance has to be placed because it is not placed any other mall and with these things the mall has to take care of placing @home inside the mall. To provide all kind of services to the customers.  PARKING: Mall of India has 3 floors underground parking which can place 2500 cars at once and even they can display with the electronic sign boards to avoid the Kiosk at the main entrance. The sign boards which would specify whether the parking is available or not, so that the customers would feel the freedom to park their car. In the case no parking underground the mall has to provide valet parking to the customers so that the customers move into the mall easily and quickly. It gives a feel good factor to the customer.

 HELP DESK: Mall of India has to really take this advantage against Gip. They should come up with proper help desk in the mall so that customers can be benefitted. With the help desk customers can locate any stores very easily and any help at the toime of emergency can be provided by the help desk.  LAYOUT:  Colour Combination: The colour combination should be light at the entrances and shades at the middle of the mall. Rather than more of walls better to use glass panes and water drooping over them will create warm welcoming sign for the customers.  Display: The display of the stores and the display of the mall should make the customer should feel like they are in a natural environment. Small food stalls has to be placed under the trees and the chairs should place around small fountains inside the mall. This will create the natural visual attraction to the customer. Other than these for each a particular colour has to be assigned and foot prints to guide the customers to right store has to be placed as metro is following. This eliminates the Kiosk from the customer’s mind in finding the store.  Seating: Sufficient seating arrangements has to be placed by the mall management at the corridors and the seating at the food court should also be provided sufficiently and even some scattered layout can be used to place the seating at the food court.  Audio: A soft and following music has to be played all over the mall to make the customers feel free and relaxed after entering into the mall. The audio should be a mixture of offers too and oral advertisements of the stores inside the mall. The customers feel good by knowing about the offers.


Tenant mix refers to the combination of retail shops occupying space in all. A right tenant mix would form an assemblage that produces optimum sales, rents, services to the community and financiability of the shopping mall venture. A mall success dependent on the tenants Tenants are classified into two types:  Focused buyers  Impulse buyers With innovative and consumer friendly shopping, food and entertainment combinations, it enhances the retail experience along with maximizing growth and sales for tenant partners.






KFC PIZZA HUT MC DONALDS PIND BALLUCHI STREET FOOD OF INDIA DOSA PLAZA YO CHINA OTHER RESTAURANTS List continues....      Food court should be opened in Second floor. Big Cinemas ,Watch and music showrooms should be in third floor. Recharge coupons available only in Big Bazaar so mall of India should open Recharge counter with Nokia service centre in Ground floor. Reliance trends is not available in GIP so Mall of India open it in Ground floor. Medicine stores should be opened in Mall of India at first floor.


The marketing and promotions experts continually develop exciting activities to increase shopper traffic and facilitate tenant sales at our malls. All this is backed by well etched out advertising initiates for the efficacy of the marketing plans.

Pricing policy• Mall of India should come up with an agreement while giving the shops that if they found no increase in the footholds in the shop they have the power to remove the shop and can give to others. • • • • • Rent charged by the mall will on the basis of sales records of the shop so that balance can be maintained. Mall should focus upon a middle segment of society Having premium brands in there portfolio they should even invite medium range brands They should have designer wear showrooms in there mall which offers product on a affordable range by college youth With the stores discount mall should also offer discount.

   Focusing on OTH advertising (Out of home advertising) so that customers can know about the Mall of India. Giving print ads in Social networking sites like Face-book twitter and linked in so that customers can be aware of the brands that are available in Mall of India. Promoting Mall of India by giving ads in o Television o Radio o Newspaper and Magazines  The mall developer can create awareness about the offering among the target customers in number of ways.

Various communication tools available to the mall developer for promotions which include advertising buzz marketing, celebrity endorsement, use of print media, press releases and viral marketing.

 

Mall developer should also need to focus on door-door campaign in order to reinforce the message. Mall of India should position themselves as a trendy, youthful and vibrant that offers customers a wide variety of merchandise at an exceptional value for money.

The objective of a Promotional Strategies campaign is simply to make sure your audience knows you're out there, find the right message, medium and strategy to reach them, and make it easy for them to reach you. Mall of India has selected a correct geographic location which is covering the entire two malls like TGIP and CSM in the same area. The mall was placed near to key market of Noida that is Sector-18. There are certain problems for the mall’s Geographic location they are:  The main entrance of the mall is not towards the main highway.  The mall is not near to any of the metro station where as TGIP is near by two metro stations namely known as Sector-18 and Botanical Gardens  The people coming from Sector-16 and Ghaziabad were unable to see the mall until they came to CSM. Whereas TGIP is visible from these major routes and can be visible from the metro even.

There are some benefits for the mall in this area and they are:  The mall was expanded over a large area when compared to TGIP and CSM.  The main entrance is near to the residential segment of the Noida where TGIP is a bit far from this segment.  A major portion of the mall is touching the main highway and is visible to everyone that there is a new mall.

 DND flyway is having nearest touch point to the mall and this particular area is a hub for many college students and company professionals at weekends.

ENHANCE ITS VALUE OFFERINGS Retail outlets in the Mall of India should enhance its value offerings to its loyalty program members. Consumers are looking for holiday packages and executive health check-ups and other lifestyle-related options. Outlets in the Mall of India position themselves as lifestyle.


DLF Emporio
• 150K - 200K sq.ft (18,580 of Retail space • Luxury brands and designer stores • Exclusive offerings for cre'me de la cre'me

DLF City Centre Malls • 150K - 350K sq.ft* (32,516 • Located in established shopping centers • Premium retail, food and entertainment offerings

Mall of India - Destination Malls • Over 750K sq.ft* (69,677 • International standard design and product • Unparalleled scale and varied offerings

Galleria - Shopping Centers • 50K - 100K sq.ft* (9,290 • Neighborhood centers located in residential catchments • For local retail and commercial players


GREAT INDIA PLACE- Location of a mall is a basic underlying factor which decides upon a mall success. GIP located on a highway provides a full experience destination for the customers to enjoy. GIP on highway is accessible by the people coming from south Delhi, people of Noida, It is very well visible from the metro and is located at a location for the mall as well as for the people of Noida and nearby (Atta).

MALL OF INDIA- there location is also very accessible from metro but they have to advertise at all the places like metro station, hoardings so that they can attract crowd. As they are opposite to GIP they have to give lot of advertisement to attract customer.

CONCLUSION   Focus upon innovative strategies to increase the footfall Entertainment and kid’s zone are made available in the mall in order to cater more customers. Major steps should be taken to stop shoplifting in retail stores.

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