“Anatomy of the Human Grey Body” illustrates what a human grey body looks like and why it looks

the way it does. The illustrations in this work are derived from actual experiences with grey aliens, offering an objective contrast comparison. Further, the illustrations depict greys that are not in every case associated with earthy human bodies— aliens in every sense of the word—galactic, intergalactic, or multidimensional space travelers. Archeological records depict human’s earliest civilizations springing from bands of wandering nomads about the biblical frontiers of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Here, the story of the human body begins while fruitless scientific hypotheses try to link man to early primates in vain. The missing links of evolutionary changes are not present as man seems to have hopped to earth toward the end of the last ice age. No doubt, evolutionary processes that shape bodies play a major role in the development of all biological entities; however, the shape of man has changed little since his appearance during the Holocene epoch some 20,000 years B.C. Ancient sphere sculptures are the most compiling archaeological evidence that links causal shapes to human psyche. The sphere is the shape of form, beauty in itself —attractive to the eye, magnetic to the soul. The idea of the sphere has captured the imagination of the earliest peoples. Sphere sculptures have been documented in Northeast America, South America and even as far as the Polynesian Islands. A high intensity of finds is clustered in Costa Rica. Spheres of influence are another way to illustrate the Sanskrit planes such as the ancient Hebrew graphic from the Cabala called “The Tree of Life” dating back over two thousand five hundred years ago. “Carlton’s Introductory to the Cabala” depicts a hierarchy of planes as connected spheres, or multidimensional powerhouses that eventually materialize life as we know it here on the Earth plane (Halevi). A simpler illustration of spheres within spheres as follows:

http://www.linearism.org/images/collage3 Spherical Chart Planes of Existence

All things are shaped by a sphere of influence from huge astronomical systems to the smallest atom or monad. “Monadology” a famous metaphysical essay by Gottfried Leibniz suggests that all things that exist have ontological weight as Monads, the smallest units of awareness (Lebiniz). Shape and forms of things seem to be adaptive to the world which surrounds or affects a particular body. Certainly, this is true in a sense but not necessarily. Objects are conditioned by the physics of awareness, the higher law in which all lower laws must obey. A sphere of emptiness envelopes all binary relations by way of negation, limitation, or undefined schema- as all things that come to be already exist as an empty set of ideas. Self-examination of the body such as the legs, hands, and arms are commonly concluded as utilities—a means for gathering provisions or a way to get from one place to another. Seldom do we think of bodily forms as reflections of human states such as individuality, freedom, or to grasp an idea. Human forms as well as all objects are shaped by our own perceptions and understanding. “Man Visible and Invisible” by Leadbeater first published in 1898 illustrates ancient Sanskrit planes and a variety of corresponding human astral bodies or “when I am dreaming body” (Leadbeater). Every possible world must also have a corresponding body such as the human body which operates off the physical plane or such as the Astral body of the dream world. Grey type extraterrestrials are synonymous with jivatmas bodies of ancient Sanskrit text and operate off the etheric plane referred to as etheric bodies. Within multidimensional bodies such as the human and etheric bodies, all corresponding bodies nest. Likewise are own solar system nests within the properties of the etheric and Atman planes. Hence, idealism merges with realism for there is no separation between mind and body as all things nest within Divinity the Hindu praises as Atman Atman is the birth place of the atma, our own identical individualities. Set apart by experience, we know one another by way of empathy and we are seen as shining stars sparkling about in a cosmic sea of unconditional freedom. Atman is the birthplace of I-ness coined the ‘Atma” by ancient Indian Sage’s which is synonymous with the soul body of Hebrew, Christian and Islamic faiths. When we talk about the Sanskrit term, atma, we are talking about the same soul body referred to by the majority of religious beliefs. Just as creatures of the deep, atma(s) take on a form or body that is best suited for a particular plane of operation. The individual soul is marked only by the experience acquired under conditional restraints of the lower planes, the first of which is termed the etheric plane. The conditional properties of the etheric plane are the frameworks necessary to fence in the painful playground of “the school of hard knocks”. The Atma takes on an etheric “Jiv-Atma” body like a set of clothes or costume. The jivatma is the mask of soul, the first manifestation of the archetype Atman properties by way of negation, limitation or undefined schema- all things that come to be already exist within the Atman consciousness. All things are shaped by a sphere of influence from huge astronomical systems to the smallest atom or monad. A monad is the name Leibniz gave the smallest unit of awareness or what most religious beliefs call the soul. Further, the theory suggests that all things big and small from huge statistical systems such as our Sun to the smallest atom are made of monads. The sphere is the shape of form, beauty in itself; attractive to the eye, magnetic to the soul. It makes good sense if all bodies and planes coexist; the human shape is forever as the shape of a sphere, bright shining balls of light and by way of anthropomorphic idealistic changes develop into today’s human shape.

The following illustrations are artistic conceptions of the changes from the simple spherical shape of the monad, into the biological complexities necessary to deal with harsh elements of the physical plane.

Fig 1 Monad Illustration As Described by Gottfried Leibniz “Monadology” http://www.linearism.org/images/Monad11072007GODell.jpg

Fig 2 Artist Conception Smallest Unit of Awareness http://linearism.org/images/butphotobucket.jpg

http://linearism.org/images/CSpr042.jpg Fig 3 Artist Conception of Morphology of Sphere

Fig 4 Artist Conception of anthropomorphic idealistic changes http://linearism.org/images/Figure046AnatomyOfAHumanGre.jpg

http://linearism.org/images/BestInTheWestjivatma2009GODellbcd.jpg Fig 5 Final Rendering Etheric Jivatma Grey Alien or Jivagrey in 2008

Profound esoteric consequences await those that have had experiences with jivatma greys and the memories of such have been deluded by linguistic determinants associated with Hollywood greys. The reality of the experience is not lost forever, and the eidetic memories will return as the reality of the experience cannot add-on or take away from what actually did happen. Most encounters with grey type aliens are in fact encounters with human etheric bodies called jivatmas in the east. Likewise, jivatma spiritual experiences have striking similarities to grey alien type encounters in the west. Grey type experiences are not in every case alien to those that report the encounter, and are in some cases, themselves respectively.

Those that report experiences with jivatma etheric bodies or Grey Extraterrestrials are marked by a series of experiences that begin as a child and continue throughout their lives (Pritchard). This is true in my own case; however, in my case I did not correlate the experiences with grey extraterrestrials until recently. My experiences are therefore unique and void of most sci-fi clutter that deters the mental image in which illustrations are drawn. Nevertheless, true representations of Grey extraterrestrials in the form of drawings have been difficult and required the employment of artist, illustrators and 3D experts to arrive at anatomical precision illustrations. Jivatma Greys are multidimensional entities with large eyes. The eye characteristics display a unique astronomical 3D depth that is difficult to illustrate. Our earliest drawings are typical to most reported grey illustrations as figure 6 represents. Unhappy with artist representations of 2005, we used clay models such as the jivatma mask (Figure 7) as photographic images to filter in 3D software (Figure 8) and adjust by brush. The mask brought us closer to actual representations, so we continued with clay modeling busts represented in figure 9. We went on to build a model with a full torso as represented in figure 10 and small full-figured jivatma statuette; shown in ceramic slip, see figure 12. True representations of the Jivatma eyes were still a problem, and several 2D drawing illusions were used such as figure jivatma ceramic mask as shown in figure 7. The actual experience representing the jivatma grey eyes can be experienced within a few seconds of relaxed focus on the lower eyes of the cartoon drawing figure 11. Our first Jivatma Grey Alien animation was produced in the summer of 2006 titled “Alien Explosion” using the features of the clay models in 3D software, see figure 13 and 14 (Alien Explosion). Final rendering in the summer of 2007 brought us to an almost exact likeness of a grey jivatma as in figure 5, and various new themes were drawn as per artist representations not shown; however, illustrated in the book “Anatomy of the Human Grey Body: Grey Anatomy.”

http://linearism.org/images/Fig6TypicalAlienDrawingBrush.jpg Fig 6 Typical Grey Alien Illustration

http://linearism.org/images/AlienCeramicMaskweb.jpg Fig 7 Jivagrey Ceramic Mask

http://linearism.org/images/Alignment.jpg Fig 8 3D Alien Modeling

http://linearism.org/images/Fig8AlienBust.jpg Fig 9 Clay Modeling Alien Bust

http://linearism.org/images/FullTorso.jpg Fig 10 Ceramic Full Torso Alien Bust

http://linearism.org/images/pr025.jpg Fig 11 Cartoon 3D Depth Illustration

http://linearism.org/images/AlienSlipStatutte.jpg Fig 12 Small full-figured Jivatma statuette

http://linearism.org/images/AlienExo555.jpg Fig 13 Alien Explosion Animation

http://linearism.org/images/AlienExplosionFig14.jpg Fig 14 Alien Explosion Animation G N O’Dell 01/03/2012 © Copyright 2007

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