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Dear Friends: Hi Everyone, This newsletter is sent to you as students prepare have moved on to Field Term. We had three teams this year for Team Evangelism - Inverbervie, West Midlands and Southampton, It has been a really good time for the students to be involved in these different places. Now, as they are away, we ask you to pray for them that God will bless this period for the students as they wait upon God to discover the next step in their spiritual journey.

Student Introductions You have already been introduced to some of the student group. We asked a few others to say something about themselves.

Rebecca Hawthorne
I come from Northern Ireland and knew Tilsley from when my parents did the course in 2006. I decided to come because I wanted to learn more about God and allow Him to change my life. At the end of this year I would like to have learned so much more about God, how to work with other people and how to share my faith.

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I come from Lossiemouth, in Northern Scotland. I had been thinking about going on mission and myself along with some close friends had been praying that God would show us what to do. At that point I found a Tilsley College prospectus then called and spoke to the staff. It seemed to me the one year course was a great foundation for going out on mission. What I want to get out of this year is to be closer in my walk with God and have a stronger sense of direction as to where He wants me to go and what He wants me to do!

Rheagan Donaldson
I come from Tranent, Scotland. My intention had been to do the First Serve Programme but in discussion with Mark Davies and others I felt it was best to do the full time course in the College. Over this year so far I felt God really was calling me to this period of study and my hope is that by the end of the year I will have a more personal relationship with God and long life friends :)!

David Conn
I come from a town called Bangor in Northern Ireland and found out about Tilsley College through my home church Scrabo Hall in Newtownards. After spending some time doing mission in Malawi I was considering going to Bible College and the opportunity opened for me to attend Tilsley for one week to do the Mission Orientation Program. I really enjoyed the time and that challenged me to think about the one year course. After some prayer and consideration I took the step and went for it! For this year I want to make the most of the time I have to study and learn from the Bible and also to experience a range of different areas of Christian work to help prepare me for my future.

Going and coming!
2012 has brought a number of staff changes we would like to tell you about. David Clarkson, who has been associated with Tilsley College for 20 years, retired in January and Simon and Dorit Marshall joined the staff in February. lot from the students whose lives I was privileged to share for a short time. Thank you all very much

In the early days we developed seminars and courses for elders and later produced the Learning to Lead course. In more recent years I have been chairman of the College Council working in close association David writes: "I left teaching in the summer of with Mark Davies, the present College Principal. 1991 with a sense that God was calling me to full Over the last few years Mark and the Academic time Christian work. This brought me to Tilsley College to teach and develop the extension minis- Dean, Allan McKinnon, have worked extremely hard to extend the impact of the College and bring about tries. Ray and Eunice Cawston led the work in Tilsley and the accreditation of college courses. were greatly supportive of what I was trying to do. It would have been very difficult to have made such progress without the help of Sheila, Erika and HeathStephen McQuoid was also teaching at that time er. I think the College is well placed to impact and we were later joined by Allison Hill and Carochurch life for the future and I wish everyone every lyn Baker. My main role was in teaching. It was exhilarating blessing for the years ahead. for me to be able to teach from Genesis to Revelation to groups of students who actually wanted to get to grips with the Bible. In my view it doesn't get any better than that. I don't know if anyone learnt anything from me but I certainly learned a I am sure Simon and Dorit will be a great asset to both the College and GLO administration. I wish them every blessing for the future and can only say that if their time in Motherwell brings them as much fun and fulfilment as it brought me then they will be blessed indeed.

New Staff Member
We moved to Motherwell at the beginning of February 2012 to work for Gospel Literature Outreach. Dorit is working in administration for the mission and Simon is part of the teaching staff at Tilsley College. Before Motherwell, we were in Prague and worked for the International Church of Prague. Dorit again in the church office, and Simon as Director of Studies. ICP is an English-speaking church in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and serves mainly the ex-pat community in the Czech capital. Its members come from over 40 different countries and the church exists to be a radiating centre for the gospel, not just in Prague but further afield. Prior to moving to Prague, we lived in Exeter, where Dorit was working for the Rural Payments Agency and Simon was pastoring Beacon Heath Church. BHC is on an ex-local authority estate in the north of Exeter and celebrated 50 years of service to the area in 2011. Our two children, Robert and Kristina, both still live in Exeter, where they are married and active in their local churches. Dorit comes from the Faroe Islands and we spent ten years of our married life there; both our children being

born in the capital, Tórshavn. Dorit did various jobs, and spent a few years as full-time homemaker. Simon worked at a school (website in Faroese) teaching English and French. Between our time in the Faroes and that in Exeter, we spent three years working at Hebron School in South India. Dorit enjoys knitting, sewing and walking while, apart from an interest in theology and literature, Simon is a big fan of Bob Dylan and of cricket!

Upcoming Events
An Open Day has been arranged for 28 April 2012. This will allow the opportunity to visit the College and experience at firsthand what the College has to offer. We will send details later but if you know of anyone who might be interested we would be happy to send further information. We have started taking applications for next year’s full time course, and praying that God will be working in the hearts of those who are seeking to know Him better. In the same way God directed us to come and spend a year of our lives here in many ways, through friends, families, churches and flyers we pray that God will use you to be able to help others to find direction while they are making such an important decision for their future. We hope you can help us in this very important task of sharing with others what the Lord did in your life during your time here. We have started taking applications for next year’s full time course. If you know of anyone interested in taking a year out to study we would be grateful if you felt free to tell them about your time at Tilsley and encourage them to send for a prospectus.

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