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ACTIVE: What was the highlight of

2011 for you? NASH OVERSTREET:
e main highlight of 2011 was
denitely winning the Favorite
New Artist award at the American
Music Awards. e fans voted for
it, & we denitely have some crazy,
amazing fans. Wiz Khalifa was in the
category, so there was some sti
competition. e closer it got to
that moment we started psyching
ourselves out. We thought we had
a chance to win, & then like 5 min-
utes before we thought theres was
no way because we cant beat Wiz
Khalifa. We had our names called &
freaked out.
ACTIVE: Who would be your
celebrity female alter ego? NASH
OVERSTREET: Pink because shes
an amazing singer, & shes got the
crazy acrobatics going on. Shes got
amazing songs & a bit of an edge
so she can swears if she wants to
& nobody is really disappointed or
ACTIVE: Any crazy fan stories that
stand out in your mind? NASH
OVERSTREET: One girl actually
ew everywhere we went in Aus-
tralia the rst time we were there.
Which is kinda cool because thats
some awesome dedication.
Following the success of their double platinum-selling single Tonight
Tonight and winning the American Music Award for Best New Artist, Hot
Chelle Rae hopes to make 2012 an even bigger year than the last. eyre at
the height of their rst headlining tour with newcomers Cady Groves, Electric
Touch, and Action Item; and things show no sign of slowing down before they
set out to tour with Demi Lovato this summer. e bands energy is conta-
gious, and their fans are some of the most loyal and enthusiastic Ive seen. I
chatted with guitarist Nash Overstreet when the band recently played a show
at Freebird Live in Jacksonville Beach.
50 AC1|VL
AC1|VL 51
would your band
mates say is your
most annoying
habit on tour?
STREET: Well, Ive
got a lot of annoy-
ing habits. I sleep
in weird incre-
ments. Ill stay up
late & want the lights up because
Im awake. ey might want to go
to bed & get vibey & play some chill
music. Im like, Hey its 2am. Dance
music. Lights up. If you want to
sleep, go to the back of the bus. So
they denitely get annoyed with my
inconsiderate time of day & night,
ACTIVE: What would be your
dream tour? What artist outside
of your genre would you most
like to collaborate with? NASH
OVERSTREET: Id like to tour with
Maroon5, Katy Perry or Pink, &
Nicki Minaj. Collaborating with
Nicki Minaj would be amazing.
Any song we did with her would be
ACTIVE: Whats on your agenda for
2012? NASH OVERSTREET: Our 3rd
single Honestly just came out o
our album WHATEVER. Were tour-
ing for the rest of the year. Were
going to Europe, nishing up the
Beautiful Freaks tour in May, & then
going out on tour with Demi Lovato
this summer.
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