A, An, The, or (Nothing

Taiwan was called "Isla Formosa" by ___ Dutch ___ first Presidential election was March 23, 1997. There are many ___ earthquakes in Taiwan every year. Taiwan has ___ strong economy. ___ Taipei is the capital of Taiwan. Taiwan is ___ island. ___ large mountain range runs down the center of Taiwan. Taiwan is ___ industrialised country. Taiwan is ___ tropical island. ___ language and culture of Taiwan is Chinese. Another name for Taiwan is ___ Republic of China. Taiwan is ___ democratic country. Chinese New Year is ___ important holiday in Taiwan. Taiwan has ___ population of 22,000,000 people. ___ Tropic of Cancer crosses Taiwan. This is ___ easy question. Please speak ___ little louder. May I have your ___ phone number? I have never seen ___ UFO. May I ask you ___ question? David is ___ best student in our class. What is ___ name of the next station? He has ___ my car today.

7. __________ son is a very bad student. We'll send __________ one. This is Tom. 10. We wish __________ would study harder. We love __________. 2.Fill in the blanks with the appropriate personal pronouns and possessives. and this is __________ father. please? I've lost mine. __________ house is very small. have you seen __________ money-box? I'd like to put a couple of coins in. "I've just bought some big ice-creams for lunch. please. 8. but __________ daughter is brilliant. 6. sweetheart. __________ doesn't like __________. mum. there isn't anything you can do to help __________. 9. That dog is almost never in __________ kennel. "Is there anything __________ can do to help you" "No. Peter and __________ family do not live in London." 11. __________ say that __________ is too big a city for __________. mum and dad. but comfortable. "Please send __________ a postcard when you are on holiday?" "Don't worry. and says that she loves __________ deeply." 5. 12. We can go to the cinema tomorrow." "Put __________ in the fridge. "Where shall I put this book?" "Put __________ on the table. __________ is raining cats and dogs." "__________ can't love __________ deeply! __________ only met yesterday! 3. Can you lend __________ __________ rubber. 1. "She met a boy yesterday." 13. Mum. 4. so __________ had better stay at home." .

" ." "Here is __________ leg. 16.14." "Where is __________. please? I'm very thirsty. "Is this __________ pen." 20. Would you like me to tell __________ something when I get home?" 18. "John and __________ family do not live here any longer. Paul?" "__________ sister is at home." 15. of course. "Where is __________ sister. __________ isn't __________." 17." "Yes. "This table has a missing leg. __________ is studying for an exam. We've been living there since 1999. then?" "__________ is on the floor!" "OK! Thank you. This is a picture of __________ house. __________ is __________." "Where do __________ live now?" 19. "How do you know that your neighbours are at home?" "Because __________ car is over there. Peter?" "No. "Can __________ give __________ a glass of water.

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