January 1, 2009

Special Agent Crandai! NCISRA Parris Island, 5C P.O. Box 5056, Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, SC 29905-0056

Special Agent Crandall,

i would like to take the time to thank you for speaking to me on December 11, 2008 regarding the NCIS investigation that was initiated in June 2004 at Parris Island MCRD and "completed" in August 2007 at Camp Pendleton when my husband. Edwin A. Ehlers II was convicted of the sexual assault of H . Skovranko. I was surprised when you mentioned that you remembered Ms. Skovranko's alleged sexual assault case, a case you did not actively investigate yourself and maybe saw in passing. Can ! ask why you vaguely remembered the details of this particular case when you are unable to recall the proper protocol and reporting procedures for an alleged sexual assault involving a minor? During our conversation, specifically when I questioned you about the Family Advocacy Program {FAP), you stated that the FAP was not available in June 2004 at Parris Island MCRD,. as you have extensive experience with NCIS for the past 25 years and certainly would know if it was available, i understand that after being at a job for so long and with the vast amount knowledge you gained during this time, certain steps, procedures, protocol, are mindlessly overlooked or purposely stepped around because of your superior knowledge of the job. A mere yearling or new trainee would thoroughly adhere to al! of the steps, procedures and protocol and do a much better job, hoping to someday rise to your status as a supervisor within NCIS. You personally assured me, after changing your position as to whether or not the FAP was in fact available and active in June 2004 that your underlings did contact that FAP regarding H; Skovranko's alleged sexual assault. Yet, in my research and signed documentation from the Parris Island FAP which states, "Despite a diligent search we were unable to locate the responsive documents", is in direct contradiction to your assurance that your special agents did contact them. Is the FAP incorrect in their documentation or are you just covering up for the incompetence of NCiS and your colleagues? Although you have 25 years of experience working within NCIS, by your behavior on the phone i.e. "I don't want to talk about this anymore" when it was brought to your attention that your NCIS agents are not only incompetent but obviously have taken it upon themselves or perhaps by your direction to maks up the protocol and reporting requirements of the alleged sexual assault of a minor as the proceed with their investigations.

is the Department of Defense aware that Parris Island NCiS believe they are above the directive 5400.1? This particular DoD Directive covers the reporting requirements to the FAP from law enforcement and also military hospitals. This DoD Directive states that NCIS is required to work with ioca! Saw enforcement agencies in cases involving child abuse as specified in section 1. A little FYI, if your agents had done their job properly, they would have discovered as I did, that RP2 Skovranko AT MO TiME during the month of June 2004 took his daughter to be treated at the Beaufort Naval Hospital for the alleged sexual assault as he stated to your NCiS agents on June 3,2004 in a sworn statement. Might! suggest that a refresher course in your investigative techniques at NCiS be put on the agenda? I have enclosed for your convenience a copy of the Family Advocacy Program document dated January 28, 2008 arsd DoD Directive 6400,1 dated June 23,1992 and the update dated August 23, 2004, I am enclosing the DoD Directive in case you are unable to locate the document or were absent the day that the reporting requirements for the sexual assault of a minor were discussed. After reading the enclosed documents, I would seriously reconsider your previous statement of the thorough and complete investigation that you were so confident that you agents did and come to the same conclusion as l-that this was a complete "cluster-fuck" investigation done by your agents, if you have questions about the enclosed documents or the statements i made in this letter, please feel free to contact me.




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