June 2, 2010

Gordon S. Heddeil Inspector General Department of Defense 400 Army Navy Drive Arlington, VA 22202-4704 Inspector General Heddeil,

My name is Angela Ehlers. I'm the wife of Sgt Edwin Enters, USMC who is currently incarcerated at Fort Leavenworth USDS, Kansas. The reason I am writing to you is not because he was wrongfully convicted, but because of the events that led up to the wrongful conviction including fraud, perjury, false official statements given to NCIS, used by NCIS and the cover-up that has ensued since the United States Marine Corps, United States Navy and NCIS were made aware of the situation. This started on June 1, 2004 in Beaufort, SC. My husband's ex-wife's children, Randi Hester and Samuel Hester were visiting Paul and Stacey Skovranko and their two children H, (the alleged victim) and Tr . Randi Hester, 13 and former step-daughter of my husband and Stacey Skovranko, mother of the alleged victim, were talking about my husband Edwin and his ex-wife, Gloria's divorce and the financial difficulties Gloria was facing without Gloria's monetary support from Edwin. (Enclosure) Randi asked Stacey why Hr was touching herself, and Stacey told Randi, a 13 year old child at the time that she did not know why her daughter was touching herself but asked if Randi would speak to H; about it. Stacey went to bed in the early hours on June 2, 2004 while Randi stayed awake. Randi stated she went to H; 's bedroom, where H; told Randi that "someone touched her" but, according to Randi, H refused to give a name. Randi told NCIS that H; told her that "her mommy would be mad if she told". Randi then told H that they would both tell Stacey that someone had touched H and H agreed. When Stacey woke up the next morning, Randi told Stacey that H had to tell her something. H; told Stacey that someone had touched her, but she still refused to say who the person was. According to Randi, in her NCIS statement, Stacey told H it was Edwin Ehlers that did this to her. Upon realizing that Randi was still in the room when Stacey made this statement, Stacey told Randi to leave the room. (Enclosure) This is how Edwin's name was brought forth as the person who committed this act. RP1 Paul Skovranko, and father of the alleged victim, was at work when his wife Stacey contacted him. Paul stated that he told his CO, Chaplain Gibson what had happened and Chaplain Gibson told Paul to take his daughter to the Beaufort Naval hospital. Paul checked out of his command at approximately 1400 hours and returned home. Paul told NCIS that he questioned his daughter alone for several hours and then left to take her to the Beaufort Naval Hospital at 1645 hours. Paul stated that he told the Officer of the day, staff and security as to what his daughter alleged, and he was denied treatment for her. He stated that he was then checked into the emergency room by Debbie and was escorted to an exam room and told to wait. Paul was told that the pediatrics department was closed and no pediatrics doctor was available so he would have to check F into the ER instead. Paul told NCIS that he waited for several hours in the exam room at the Bfcaurort Naval Hospital, was denied treatment and told to go to Savannah, GA with his daughter, and H told him that Edwin did not do anything to her, he then stated he signed her out of the ER and took her home around 2100 hours. (Enclosure)

I find it interesting that having been denied treatment, Paul alleges he was allowed to sign his daughter into the ER. If he was told to take her to Savannah, GA what would have been the point of being signed into the ER at all? Paul lied about taking his daughter to the Beaufort Naval hospital the night of June 2, 2004. Edwin was found guilty of the sexual assault on August 21, 2007. In December 2007, Michael Eisenberg contacted Lt Col Porter, the Sexual Assault Victims Intervention Program (SAVI) liaison at the Beaufort Naval Hospital after I had spoken to him regarding this alleged visit in June 2004. Lt Col Porter directed Michael to speak with Capt F. A. Congdon regarding the report to the Family Advocacy Program (FAP under DoD Directive 6400.1). On January 28, 2008, several months after the conviction but prior to the convening authority action, Capt Congdon sent Michael the FOIA for the FAP program at Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot. The document reflects that there is no FAP record for Paul, Stacey or their daughter, the alleged victim, K The hospital never reported to the FAP because Paul was never at the hospital as he alleged and NCIS failed to make the report after Paul reported the alleged sexual assault to them directly. (Enclosure) Michael Eisenberg had even contacted the Staff Judge Advocate to Major General Thomas Waldhauser, the acting convening authority, requesting the record for the sign in/sign out for H Skovranko's visit to the ER at the Beaufort Naval hospital the night of 6/2/2004. Lt Col Miller, the acting S3A at the time was aware that the child may not have been taken to the hospital at all. When Michael Eisenberg compiled the convening authority appeal, he included the FOIA from the FAP at Parris Island, but it went completely ignored by Lt Col Miller, even after the e-mail was received. (Enclosure) In February 2008, just after the convening authorities' action in this case, and having not received the sign in/out sheet for the Beaufort Naval hospital as requested to Lt Col Miller, Michael contacted Capt Congdon again to get proof that Paul lied about taking H, , to the hospital. Lt Adam K. Burch, acting on a FOIA request sent Michael an e-mail stating that H was only at the Beaufort Naval hospital in July 2004, and not June 2004 as alleged by RP1 Paul Skovranko. (Enclosure) If he did not take her to the hospital the night his daughter came forward with the sexual assault allegations, where did he take her for those 4 hours? In April 2008, after receiving the convening authority's action in the case, and the SJA's opinion as to what, if any clemency was warranted, I decided to report Capt John Ellis for the fraud he committed before the trial since the acting DDC Lt Michael Melocowsky's failed to report it himself. After calling the Legal Support Services, Camp Pendleton, I finally spoke to Capt Ellis' CO Major Clay Plummer, the acting OIC of Legal Support Services, Camp Pendleton. Major Plummer and I spoke at length on the phone. He was particularly interested if I was in California and if I was able to get him the documentation we had discussed regarding the fraud, perjury and false official statement. I told him no, I was not in California but would be happy to send him the documentation detailing the lies by Paul, Stacey and H, Skovranko that he and Capt John Ellis used at court to obtain their conviction. Major Plummer assured me that it was his "judicial and legal obligation to report this fraud to the courts". On April 25, 2008 I sent off all the documentation I had along with a detailed letter to Major Plummer. It was sent certified mail, and once received Michael Eisenberg called Major Plummer to follow up, since as Major Plummer stated it was his legal obligation to report the fraud. When Michael spoke to Major Plummer, Major Plummer at first denied having spoken to me at all. It was only after Michael gave Major Plummer personal information that he, himself had shared with me regarding his own family, did Major Plummer acknowledge that we had spoken. Major Plummer told Michael that I was nothing but a distraught wife and mother and he was not going to report anything to the courts and hung up. (Enclosure)

By not making this mandatory report, Major Plummer is in violation of DoD Directive 5500.7 Section 4.3. JAGINST 5803.1C Section 4-Applicability(l)(a), Rule 3.3 (a)(l)(2)(4), Rule 3.3(e)(2), Rule 3.3(e)(3)(a), Rule 3.3(5), Rule 3.4(a)(2), Rule 4.1(a)(2), Rule 4.1(b)(2)-Failure to act, Rule 4.1(b)(3), Rule 8.3(a), Rule 8.4 (a)(l),(a)(2),(a)(3),(a)(4). I reported these acts to the Judge Advocate General, several times, and every time someone has written back stating that they are unwilling to do anything about it. December 11, 2008 I spoke to Special Agent Crandall, a supervisor at NCIS Parris Island. I was calling down there to ask a few questions regarding the mandatory reporting requirements for the sexual assault of a minor. Special Agent Crandall reiterated to several times that he had 25 years experience with NCIS and knew all the reporting requirements of a sexual assault. I asked him why the FAR was not contacted. Special Agent Crandall told me that he was 100% sure they were contacted. When I brought the FAR document dated January 28, 2008 to his attention , he stated that the FAR was not available in June 2004. I let him know that I had documentation showing the RP1 Paul Skovranko was never at the hospital as alleged, and if the Special Agents who worked on this case, had bothered to do their jobs properly, they would have known this information. Special Agent Crandall quickly ended the phone call shortly thereafter. January 7, 2009 I wrote to Special Agent Crandall a letter and sent it to his Pairrs Island office. It was received and signed for by Special Agent Crandall on January 14, 2009. I gave him a copy of the documentation we had discussed. In April 2009 I went to a dinner for Major General Thomas D. Waldhauser at the . Officers club. It was an interesting affair, there to congratulate a v from and his achievements. I personally handed him Edwin's article 73 petition for a new trial, and spoke to him for several minutes while there. Included in the Article 73 Petition, which I wrote, I showed that Paul Skovranko and his wife Stacey lied about what really happened thenighU-U came forward with the allegations of sexual assault. I showed documentation from the Family Advocacy Program, NCIS, and DoD Directives that have been violated by members of the United States Marine Corps, United States Navy and NCIS. Major General Waldhauser told me that he never saw anything but my letter to him when he was deciding Edwin's clemency. He took the copy of the petition back to California when he left .. Major General Waldhauser sent me a letter back and stated that he wished me the best of luck. (Enclosure) April 25, 2009 I contacted NCIS supervisor Special Agent Crandall for a second time. I advised him that he has failed to report this to the investigations department at NCIS as required. I let him know that he was in violation NCIS' own manuals and that I was going to report him to the NCIS IG, Robert Mulligan. The letter was received by Special Agent Mulligan on May 4, 2009. (Enclosure) May 15, 2009 I was contacted by the NCIS IG Robert Mulligan. When I had sent out the letter to Special Agent Crandall that April, I had also copied the NCIS IG. Inspector General Mulligarr stated he would evaluate the information provided and take the action he deemed appropriate. I never received a response even after following up with 2 more letters dated July 9, 2009 and September 12, 2009. (Enclosure) July 31, 2009 I contacted Major General Richard P. Mills, the returning Commanding General of 3rd Battalion 1st Marine Division. I advised him of everything that I had discovered, all the people contacted (the most recent being Major General Waldhauser and his rolein all of this). I showed him all the documentation and asked him to take a second look at what was going on. (Enclosure) August 6, 2009 Major General Richard P. Mills responded to my letter. He stated that he was unable to take a second look at Edwin's case or change the convening authority's action because this was already at the Judge Advocate General's office. (Enclosure)

August 25, 2009 The Commandant of the Marine Corps sent out a letter to all the Marine Corps Judge Advocates. This being a letter I was never supposed to receive because of the incriminating information provided within it, was given to me by a Marine Corps Judge Advocate, In the letter, Commandant James Conway advises Judge Advocates that it is their job to "assist the commander in formulating the command's response to allegations of sexual assault, to include the investigation and dealing with the reporting procedures". Obviously LtCol Miller, the acting SJA in this case failed to do his job properly and his actions (and lack thereof) would be construed as unlawful command influence because LtCol Miller CHOSE not to provide the information showing Edwin's innocence to the convening authority, Major General Thomas Waldhauser. This letter tells the Judge Advocates what they are required to do within the scope of their "unique" positions. It's interesting that the Commandant has to tell his people how to do their jobs properly. One would think that the Judge Advocates, having the legal background they do, could easily follow the DOD Directives, SECNAVINST, and reporting requirements for the mandatory report of sexual assault. December 14, 2009 I contacted the Defense Hotline. I told them everything that had been discovered up to that point. I told them about the DoD Directives, SECNAVINST, and JAGINST that were violated or simply ignored. On January 11, 2010, I received a letter from Mr. Leonard Trahan, the Director of the DOD Hotline advising me that they too, were not going to do anything about my complaints of wrong and the fraudulent claims used to convict my husband. According to DoDI 7050.01, Defense Hotline Program, yes they are the correct department to go to report this crime. This directive applies to the military departments and under policy, they have to evaluate the allegations of fraud, abuse and mismanagement. It also states under responsibilities, 5.1.1 to be exact, that "inquiries resulting from allegations are conducted in accordance with applicable laws, DoD regulations, policies and standards for investigations. Receive and investigate complaints or information concerning allegations of violations of law, rules or regulations, mismanagement, gross waste funds, abuse of authority". I do not believe Mr. Trahan had followed this instruction. He read my letter and responded that he was not going to do anything, and referred me to the appeals court. I am not interested in his opinion as to whether this fraud would better be applied in the appeals court. The hotline is there to receive the reports of fraud concerning the DoD, and this would apply to the military as well. As you can see, I have gone up and down the chain of command in the military, but to no avail. This started with the lies a mother told her child in front of a witness, and escalated by NCIS not doing their job properly. I want an investigation done into these lies, since no one will admit fault in the halfassed investigation that was conducted with regards to these allegations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to explain the documentation provided. Respectfully,

Angela . Ehlers www.militaryinjustk:es.blogspot.com

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