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I? gtacey L. SKOVRA]^IK.O _, make the following free and voluntary statement to Spiecjal Agent Jeremy Gauthier whom I know to he a Representative of the United States Naval Criminal Investigative Service, I this statement of my own free will and without any threats made to me or promises extended, I felly understand that this statement is given concerning my knowledge of my daughter, H , disclosing being sexually abused, For purposes of identification I am a white female 32 years of age, I was bom on in , MI, I currently reside at Camellia Road in Beaufort, SC and my home telephone number is " My husband, Paul, is active duty Navy and stationed aboard Parris Island, SC, My husband and I were married on 14MAR9S and at the time were living in Michigan. On \ my husband and I had ow first child, H , After having H } niy husband rejoined the? Navy in FEBOO and we were stationed in Camp Pendleton, Agent QAUTHIER asked about complications I had with respect to H , About six months into pregnancy, I began having premature labor and they put me on a medicine, which was given me to stop labor; however, I do not recall the name of the medicine. The remainder of the pregnancy, I was on bed rest and stayed on the medication. I actually up going past my due date and had to have a C-seetion. Outside of the 1st© pregnancy, J did not experience any other problems, Upon arrival to Camp Pendletoa, we lived at Box Wood Road, which was located in base housing. My husband and I lived at Box Wood until JUN02 and we moved to Alderwood, which was also located on base bousing. While living at * Boxwood, I hang around with a lady named Tanya , who lived diagonally across the street from us. She had a little girl, who was one year older feaa I and she spent the night there on one occasion, Tanya's husband, Charles, active duty Nttvy, was also present Once at Alderwood, my husband and I became Mends with a neighbor couple. Their names are Gloria HESTER (1st marriage} and ELHERS (current last name) and her husband Edwin ELHERS, They actually resided at , Alderwood, Additionally, Gloria has two children from her first marriage, Raadi HESTER and Samuel HESTER, Also, Edwin had a child from a previous girlfriend; however, the child did not stay with him or Gloria, As far as I know, Edwin has never actually seen the child, Edwin was and is an active duty Marine and the last time I knew he was LCpi Edwin is a white male, about 69" tall, approximately 190 pounds, light brown hair, and know he has ^^p^g^^ni^i^^^^^^n^^^s^Baaeafiy, Gloria and I were stay at home toothers and became fiiends. Also, Gloria worked part-time for the Base Exchange and she also babysat part time. Gloria and I were good friends and would be at each other's houses during the day. Additionally, at this time I was pregnant with my son T: H . looked up to Randi, who is now thirteen years of age, and they often did things together. Paul and Edwin would basically say hello to each other and talk now and then; however, it was not like Gloria's relationship and me. Paul pretty 515
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Continuation of voluntary sworn statemer^ of Stacey L. SKOVRAHKO A on June 3, 2004 much worked normal hours until around QCTO2, which is the time feat he was preparing to deploy toIraq, Edwin worked for Edison Range as a Weapons Instructor or something and worked two days on and two days off. jl wls" feeling sick one day aad Paul was OB a two-week deployment I felt sick because of my pregnancy at the time and brought Eh . over to Gloria's residence to see if she could watch her for me while I took a nap- Also, at this time, Gloria's mother, Donna, was staying with Gloria for a short time. When I got to the house, I discovered that Gloria was at work and Edwin also told me that Donna did not feel good either and was taking a nap. I basically told Edwin not to worry about it; however, he told roe it would not be a problem and he could watch H; . Edwin told me he would set up the game system for H ; to play and again he would keep an eye on her. I agreed and left H > at Gloria's residence %vith Edwin and went back to ray house and lay down. About two hours latetj Edwin knocked on the door and H; was with him. When I looked at H, , she looked a little sad and I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she just missed me, I thanked Edwin for watching H and be went back home. Also, while living on Alderwood, Gloria's brother, Jimmy, stayed with Gloria for about a week and H referred to him as Mr. Jimmy. , 1 had H and a child named James playing At the time, Gloria was baby-sitting James on a part time basis and she bj«i been watching him off and on. from the time we initially moved oato Alderweod. While K and James were playing in the back yard, I heard H scresm and ran outside. Onee outside, I nsfced her what happened and she told me James tried to put his hands down her pants. I immediately took James to Gloria and told her the situation. Gloria put Wit! in time out and later that afternoon, ai& father, Scott, picked him up. Once Scott picked James up he brought James to my house and had him apologize to H -. <JL ^

About a week after the incident with James, H up spending the eight st Gloria's residence and Paul and I were also looking to get some atone time. F . spent the night and Paul and I went out together. Agent GAUTHIER asked me if Edwin was home during that night- however, I do not remember. Shortly after H spent the night, which was around the beginning of DEC02, 1 had Maintenance done on my residence and we ended up having to move due to maintenance problems, We moved on 1 8KEC02 and moved to Birch Road, which was also located on bass housing. After we moved to the new address, Gloria and I ended op staying in contact mainly via th§ telephone; however, she stopped by the house once and a while. On 20DEC02, our son, Ti \ was bom «nd on the night of Ms birfei H; ; spent the Bight with Chip mid Netta , who lived at Boxwood Road, When H spent the night, both Chip and Netta were home as well as their two sons, and* i, Chip was an active duty Marine and at the time was a Sergeant About two weeks after T was born, Paul left for Iraq and we had a party the night before he left, There were several people at the residence and Hi , ended up spending the night with my neighbor Theresa, and her three childrett, sincelerimsband was deployed. Around the time that Paul left for Iraq, I noticed H digfpng at her vagint! area both above and below her clothing irom time to time, I asked her why she did that on several occasions; however, each time she • just told me she did not know, Paul cams back from deployment around JUL03, During the time that Paul was gone, I went over to visit Gloria occasionally, and at the time they lived at: Pinyon Road, . <*
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of voluntary sworn statement of 4

on June 3, 2004 S^S
There were a ooaple of occasions that Gloria watched H w : for me and when I had dropped her off

Sometime around AUG02 or S-BF02, Gloria told me that she called the police because Edwin threatened Randi with a bee-bee gun. She also told me that the police removed his weapons and him from the residence; however, I do not recall how long he was gone. Gloria and Edwin argued a fsdr amount and was a large age difference between the two. <X,^ Sometime in OCT03, my husband got order to Parris Island, SC and we moved to Beaufort, SC, Since OCTOJ, I have mainfaiaea Wsffoamc contact wita Gloria as Weil as Xfffeiaei correspondence. During that time, Gloria has talked to me about a decline in their relationship. Gloria told me that at one point, Edwin took a second job doing telemarketing research and actually met another women during the course of mis second job. Gloria ended up leaving Edwin around APR04 and she moved to North Carolina with her two children and her mother also moved in with her. Since Eviijg in Beaufort SC* I have noticed, mat ED " .still digs Into her va&nal area oc^asiajjaUy and again have asked her why she does that but each time she told me she does not know. Since living in Bessfisi, SCS H bag spent fee with Jaesaa David , who reside In Laurel Bay Housing and their daughter , Other than that, H has not spent the night anywhere or been baby-sat by aiiydim £>L. ^ Over me course of the previous weekend, Memorial Bay weekend, specifically on 2SMAY04, Paul and I met Gloria in Myrtle Beach and picked up her two children to spend the week with our family. Gloria went back to North Carolina and we have talked on the phone during the course of the last week. While Randi and Samuel have been staying with us, Hi . sleeps in her bed, Randi sleeps on an air mattress in the playroom, and Samuel has slept on the living room couch. On Tuesday night, Randi and J stayed up, until about 0530 and basic^yteJfced about her mother aodniongy* Randi asked me why Hi touched herself and told me that she had observed her doing it I told her I did not kss^. I also told Rsssdi that I have feer if anyone has ttone aaythiag t& her aad she has told me no. Randi asked me if she wanted her to see if H, would talk to her about it and at about that time, H, woke up and came? into the Irving room. I left tie fiving room and went to get Patd up for work. After waking Paul up for work I went to sleep and got up at about 1 000, which was Wednesday, 02J UN04. When 1 got up, Randi approached me and told me mat she talked to H and that H: told her some things. Also, Randi told me that It } needed to talk with Paul and me. Randi told me that she asked HP -, if anyone had ever done anything to her, basically ythmgaadH .told her ao. Randi then told me she told H feat if someone did anything to her it was allright to talk to her mother, father, or her. Randi told me H got realty quiet asdfoldher ffesat Mr. Eddy did. Randi told EB« she Hi what &fe Eddy did tober and H told her Mr. Eddy put his penis in her "gina" and in her mouth. I told Randi mat I needed a few minutes and that I would go and talk to H , 1 smoked a cigarette and canned down for a minute. Randi and H went into the playroom and H .sat on the edge of the mattress and played with her doUhouse. I went In there and I told H mat Randi told nie she wanted to talk to me, H told me she wanted to talk to me aadwhrai I asked her about what H' ttoldmethat •.Eddy did some bad things. I asked her what he did and she told me he put his "nuts" on her
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continuation of voluntary sworn statemetu of Stacey L. SKQVRANKG / on/une 3,2004 "gjiia". I asked her what she met by "nuts" and she told me that he put his penis in her "gina". I sat there lor a minute and men asked EL , if he did anything else. H, i looked over at Randi and Randi told her she needed to tell me what she told her. At that point, I had Randi leave the room and asked H what else he did. K told me that when he put Ms penis in her mouth that white stuff came out I asked her where it came from and she asked me if I knew the hole on the penis where T: , her brother, pees from and I told I knew what she was talking about. When I asked her why she did not tell me before., H told me she was scared. I asked her why she was scared; she told me Mr. Eddy told her mat Paul and I would hate her and that he would kick her really hard. Also, when I asked H? where it happened, she told me that it happened at Miss Gloria's old house. At this point, I tried to call Paul and eventually got in touch with him later mat afternoon and I told him what HJ _ told me. H . also told me that Mr. Eddy played with her butt. I held H . for a while and told her mat I was sorry for what happened to her and told her that what Mr. Eddy did was very bad and mat I would always love her no matter what and was not mad at her rather I was mad at him. From that point until me time Paul got home, I did not talk to H anymore about it and andH ended up going swimming during 1he day. QnceJPaul got home, which was about 1530 to 1600. Paul and I went into our bedroom to talk , and Paul waated to speak wi^t her alone. I left the fcedroojs and Paul talked to Hf fat about teato fifteen minutes, I went into me-bedsoom, andHi hep wfest it felt l&e: she sat there for a second. Ba^teld-is^titatherasked&er-ifit^cMed and she told mm it did not tickle and insread ii him reaiiy bad, r aul ended up taking H iu wo N*v «u to- see if they eouM do an When Paul got back from the hospital, Paul told me they could not do an exammatioa and would have to take her to a pediatrics doctor. Also, Paul told me that Hi mentioned that there was Mood when he was done and that he. meaning Mr. Eddy, cleaned her and the blood when he was done, Agent GAUTfifBR asked me who Mr, Eddy is and 1 know that to be Edwin ELHERS. Hi has viE ELHE ss Mr. 5ddv. A l o sisce «h<* T"1^*^ *tw*- comment to me about Gloria's old house she must be talking about Edwin ELHERS. Agent GAUTH1J3R asked me about language that Hi uses for female and male body parts. My husband and I have taughi her since about me age of a year auu a uaif am* I mw»yi» *v&Mv«a to h£» vagina as her "gina" and a male organ as a "penis". There was a time when H; - asked me what the difference between a male and female was and I told her mat a temale has a "gina" and a male has a penis. Also* she. calls her buttocks her butt and calls her breasts her "chest" or "boobies". When Hi was younger I would normally wash her in the bathtub or she would take a bafh with me. On oeeasiQnj she would shows with my husband-, which stopped when she was about two years old or younger. Every now and then Hi. will come into the shower with me but she washes herself and I v^ywssk her hair at 2sis age. H " * hasqpss*sdSj«4PQr?/bss2Pas! was peeisgand he has told her that he was using the bathroom and she needed to go out He has always just told her to get out aad she has. Agent GAUTHIER asked me about any pornographic movies or photographs that II, may have seen or inadvertently been exposed to. I have let her watch me movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise; however, there are no sex organs seen. Other man mat, 1 know of no movies or photographs sfte has seen that are inappropriate. Agent GAUTHIER asked me if H, i has ever observed or
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of voluntary sworn statement of StaceyL. SKOVRANKO/ on June 3, 2004 <S ^S> walked in on anyone having sexual mtercourse or engaged in any other type of sexual act There was one time, which was wMle we have Item Uvrngm Beaufort, SC that U t walked into ow bedroom while I was on top Of Paul. As soon as she walked in I got offof Paul and put the covers over us and told her to go out of the room. As soon as she got out of the room, I had a T-shirt on and Paul put shorts on. I went to H " i and she asked me what we were doing and I told her that Paul was rubbing my back and she asked me if we were doing something '^asfy*1" and I told her again that Paul was just rubbing my back. She asked me why I was not wearing any underwear and I told her that I had just come from the bathroom and was going to put sweatpants on. Ht then asked me if Paul had his underwear on and I told her he did. H *. asked me if she could see and so I took her in the bedroom and she saw mat Paul had on underwear and she was fine with that and she went to bed. I am not aware of anyone that H has seen doing any&ing sexual other man what I just described. Agent GAUTHIER asked me if H; i or anyone in my family has been involved with a physical or sexual abuse investigation and we have not. Agent GAUTHIER asked me if there was ever a situation wherein Edwin ELHERS made H . angry; however, I am not aware of any situation. When Paid and I got the kids from Gloria last weekend, He . asked me if Mr. Eddy was going to be there and I told her that Mr. Eddy did not live with Miss Gloria anymore and she said, "good, I don't like him". I did not ask her why and have not mentioned anything else about it I have noticed that after leaving Camp Pendleton H seemed more distant than when we initially arrived at Camp Pendleton. Agent GAUTHEER asked me H 's medical history. While in Camp Pendleton and I think we were living at the Alderwood address when H ; got"flu like symptoms. She was lethargic and we took her to the hospital On the first visit, they took her temperature, gave her a Popsicle, and sent her home. On the way home, she threw the Popsicle up and we took her back to the hospital. We told mem she threw up and they attempted to give her an IV; however, they kept missing her vein. One of me doctors came in and was concerned about her being dehydrated and prescribed some Tylenol. They tried to get clean urine to determine if she had a urinary tract infection. While attempting to put a catheter in, she got upset and told them mat was her privates and told one of the attending nurses not to touch her "gina". They gave up on giving her the catheter and eventually we ended up leaving and she got better. Other than that, she has been healthy and not hospitalized for anything. Agent GAUTHIER asked me if I had anything to add to this statement; however, there is nothing I can mink of at fins time. -c: j <CL

This statement, consisting of this page and 5 other page(s) was typed for me by Jeremy GautMer as we discussed its contents. I have read and understand the above statement. I have been given the opportunity to make any changes or corrections I desire to make and have placed my initials over the changes or corrections. This statement is the truth to the best of my knowledge and belief. Signature
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Continuation of voluntary sworn statement of Stecey L. SKOVRANICO on June 3 , 2004 Sworn to and subscribed before me this 3*"^ day of in Use year


ve, Na^al Crimiiijjjlnvestigative Setvice D^IVED FROM ^OlCLB 136, UCMJ (10 U5.C. W6) AND 5 U.S.C. 303


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