0:00:00.470,0:00:05.920 The time now is 18:25 and 9 seconds...now 0:00:05.940,0:00:12.

679 Okay thank you very much for joining me... would you mind stating your name and occupation please? 0:00:12.699,0:00:14.849 My name is Alfred Kröner 0:00:14.869,0:00:20.839 I'm at the university of Mainz in west Germany and I'm a retired professor of ge ology 0:00:20.859,0:00:23.999 Under UK law I must inform you 0:00:24.019,0:00:30.589 that this communiction is being recorded, do I have your permission to make thes e contents public? 0:00:30.609,0:00:31.499 Sure! 0:00:31.519,0:00:33.890 Thank you very much! 0:00:33.910,0:00:39.260 I'm just going to ask you a few short questions, the first one I'd like to ask y ou... 0:00:39.280,0:00:43.800 you were the Alfred Kröner that featured in a video 0:00:43.820,0:00:51.080 commenting on the Quran, this was back in the late 70's or early 80's 0:00:51.100,0:00:58.290 Can I ask what circumstances led to you attending this conference? 0:00:58.310,0:01:02.449 Well, there were no special circumstances.This was a professional conference whe re many foreigners 0:01:02.469,0:01:08.129 and Arab people where meeting because it was the first time that a major 0:01:08.149,0:01:10.970 research project had been undertaken in Saudi Arabia 0:01:10.990,0:01:16.480 and the university of Jeddah, that means King Abdulaziz university actually cond ucted this conference 0:01:16.500,0:01:23.339 because many of the lecturers and senior students of that university had actuall y graduated from 0:01:23.359,0:01:28.730 Britain or the western European countries and therefore wanted to show off their

results 0:01:29.370,0:01:34.550 So was it specifically a conference about the Quran and religion? 0:01:34.570,0:01:38.350 Or was it a conference about something else? 0:01:38.370,0:01:43.710 It had nothing what so ever to do with religion, it was purely a professional co nference on geology 0:01:43.730,0:01:50.950 Not a single word was talked about religion or the Quran or anything! 0:01:50.970,0:01:55.900 What were the circumstances which led you to being presented with religious text 0:01:55.920,0:01:59.570 and then being asked to comment on it? 0:01:59.590,0:02:00.750 Well... 0:02:00.770,0:02:08.340 during the conference there was and interviewer in Saudi TV organised by the the n vice president 0:02:08.360,0:02:10.649 of that particular university 0:02:10.669,0:02:13.660 and there were about five or six, 0:02:13.680,0:02:16.740 I can't remember so well, professors from various 0:02:16.760,0:02:20.329 European and north American universities 0:02:20.349,0:02:23.490 that attended this TV interview 0:02:23.510,0:02:25.789 and it was there for the first time that 0:02:25.809,0:02:29.259 we were confronted with these questions 0:02:29.279,0:02:37.259 "To what extent the Quran was compatible with present day thinking in Earth scie nces?" 0:02:37.279,0:02:45.399 Your comments were later used to suggest that you thought the Quran contained in formation which could not have been known by humans at the time 0:02:45.419,0:02:47.089 without divine revelation

0:02:47.109,0:02:51.509 Do you think that this accurately reflects your opinion at the time? 0:02:51.529,0:02:55.679 Well that was not at all the purpose and the discussion that we had, 0:02:55.699,0:02:56.769 the discussion was... 0:02:56.789,0:03:01.709 they were reading us certain verses from the Quran and they then they would say 0:03:01.729,0:03:03.880 "Is this compatible with modern day scientific knowledge?" 0:03:03.900,0:03:09.020 In some cases we said yes, because always (there) is in almost every religion is always something 0:03:09.040,0:03:12.969 that is compatible and in other cases we said "No" 0:03:12.989,0:03:18.869 So there was never the question whether there was any divine circumstances or an ything in this interview 0:03:18.889,0:03:22.980 Did you ever try to have these videos removed from the web? 0:03:23.000,0:03:25.469 No 0:03:25.489,0:03:29.439 Actually there is something that I've discovered more recently 0:03:29.459,0:03:31.799 someone gave me a Quran as a gift, 0:03:31.819,0:03:38.129 and as I turn to the back of the Quran you are actually in my Quran! 0:03:38.149,0:03:43.079 I didn't know if you knew that, but you're in a holy book! 0:03:43.099,0:03:47.550 I have seen this! I also have a copy of this at home. 0:03:47.570,0:03:51.359 I read it many many many years ago but it has nothing to do with that particular meeting. 0:03:51.379,0:03:55.569 Have you looked into the subject any further since this event? 0:03:55.589,0:03:55.980 No! 0:03:56.000,0:03:59.239 and has your opinion changed since the event?

0:03:59.259,0:04:04.639 Well, you see, this conference was I think in '79 and nothing happened and... 0:04:04.659,0:04:09.680 You know, this whole thing with the Internet actually only came up about maybe f our years ago or something? 0:04:09.700,0:04:10.980 I can't even remember! 0:04:11.000,0:04:14.380 and then somebody sent me a message on the Internet 0:04:14.400,0:04:18.769 and I replied and said "Oh I am very surprised but this is not how it was" and s o on 0:04:18.789,0:04:20.780 and then continuously more messages came 0:04:20.800,0:04:24.929 and then I talked to people in my department, we have a geography department 0:04:24.949,0:04:29.140 where there are two people who are really speaking Arabic and they are Arabists, 0:04:29.160,0:04:32.780 as as you would call them, and they really know the Arab world extremely well 0:04:32.800,0:04:34.230 and I told them about this and they said 0:04:34.250,0:04:42.880 "Look, there is nothing you can do, you just have to live with this, leave it al one because we can't advise you to do anything. It will not help!" 0:04:42.900,0:04:49.480 Finally may I ask, did you become a Muslims as a result of this event? 0:04:49.500,0:04:52.980 No I've never been a Muslim before and I've never been a Muslim afterwards! 0:04:53.000,0:04:54.480 [Both laugh] 0:04:54.500,0:04:58.480 And finally, to wrap up... could you confirm... 0:04:58.500,0:05:04.380 Are the opinions that you've stated in this video interview your own? 0:05:04.400,0:05:05.480 This one that we are talking about right? 0:05:05.500,0:05:07.180 Yes that we are having right at this moment! 0:05:07.200,0:05:09.680 Sure, this is my own opinion!

0:05:09.700,0:05:14.680 And have I offered you any reward for this? Financial or otherwise? 0:05:14.700,0:05:15.580 [Laughing] No, not yet! 0:05:15.600,0:05:16.880 [Both laugh at Alfred's funny joke] 0:05:16.900,0:05:18.480 I won't be offering you anything either! 0:05:18.500,0:05:20.480 [Both laugh at TheRationalizer's equally funny joke] 0:05:20.500,0:05:24.880 Okay, well thank you very much Alfred for agreeing to do this interview 0:05:24.900,0:05:29.380 I will try to make sure as many people mirror this video as possible 0:05:29.400,0:05:29.680 Sure! 0:05:29.700,0:05:37.705 The time now is 18:30 and 39 seconds...now

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