Hakkasan New York A la Carte

Supreme Special Dishes


Peking duck with Kaluga caviar
whole duck, with 16 pancakes and 30g Kaluga caviar second course with a choice of XO or black bean sauce


鸿运乳猪全体 紅燒二十頭日本吉品鮑 白玉麒麟扣鮮鮑

Chinese style barbequed whole suckling pig Braised Supreme dried Japanese abalone in Royal Supreme stock Fresh abalone with shiitake mushroom and dried scallop sauce Braised Emperor's seafood
abalone, sea cucumber and fish maw

$295.00 $375.00


極品海中寳 (位上) 松露燴鮮鮑 官燕龍蝦崧


Braised Japanese abalone with black truffle Stir-fry bird's nest with lobster and scrambled egg white

$888.00 $78.00



湘州素酸辣湯 雞絲酸辣湯 粟米蟹肉羹 芹香豆腐龍蝦湯 花胶鸭丝羹 杞子鱸魚湯 竹笙火腿虾片湯

Vegetarian hot and sour soup V Hot and sour soup with chicken Crabmeat and sweetcorn Supreme soup Lobster soup with tomato and tofu Shredded duck and fish maw soup Chilean seabass soup Chinese ham and prawn soup
with bamboo pith

$10.00 $12.00 $19.00 $24.00 $15.00 $17.00 $15.00

Small Eat


Hakka steamed dim sum platter
scallop shumai, har gau, prawn and Chinese chive dumpling, black pepper duck dumpling



Vegetarian steamed dim sum platter v
morel crystal dumpling, bamboo dumpling, lotus beancurd roll, chive flower dumpling



Hakka fried dim sum platter
roasted duck and pumpkin puff, crispy prawn dumpling, XO scallop puff


上海雞鍋貼 上海齋鍋貼 沙律香酥鴨

Grilled Shanghai dumpling Grilled vegetable Shanghai dumpling Crispy duck salad
with pomelo, pine nut and shallot

$12.00 $10.00 $29.00

妈咪豉油王煎斗鲳 芒果烤鴨脯 香酥鴨卷 茶香燻肉排

Seared spicy pomfret with sweet soy sauce Roasted mango duck with lemon sauce Crispy duck roll Green salad with asparagus v
in ginger lemongrass dressing

$26.00 $24.00 $16.00 $15.00


Stir-fry wild mushroom lettuce wrap v
with pistachio and pinenut


茶香燻肉排 家乡南乳炸鵪鶉 西施奶沙軟壳蟹

Jasmine tea smoked pork ribs Crispy fried quail with pickled vegetables Fried soft shell crab
with curry leaf and chilli

$22.00 $28.00 $22.00

椒鹽鲜魷 鵝肝酱蝦多士

Salt and pepper squid Sesame prawn toast with foie gras

$18.00 $25.00

A suggested gratuity of 20% will be added to all parties of 6 and more



Roasted silver cod
with Champagne and Chinese honey


沙茶醬烧銀鱈魚 蜜汁烧鱸魚 三杯鱸魚球 荷香蒸紅糟魚 XO蒜芯龍鯏魚 港式红焖多宝魚

Sha Cha silver cod Grilled Chilean seabass with Chinese honey Stir-fry Chilean seabass with Sanpei sauce Steamed red snapper with chilli sauce Stir-fry Dover sole in XO sauce Braised turbot with crispy pork belly

$49.00 $48.00 $39.00 $35.00 $52.00 $37.00



Spicy prawn
with lily bulb and almond


酱王煎蝦碌 沙茶海鮮煲

Tiger prawns in chilli tomato sauce Sha Cha seafood toban
prawns, scallop, fish and edamame



薄荷亚三海鮮煲 韭菜汁炒带子

Assam seafood claypot Stir-fry scallop with Chinese chive and rice wine sauce Stir-fry lobster with mushrooms in XO sauce Stir-fry lobster in black bean sauce

$42.00 $38.00

XO酱爆巴西龍蝦球 豉味炒龍蝦球

$59.00 $59.00



Sanpei chicken claypot
with Thai sweet basil


沙爹脆皮雞 蔴辣吊焼雞 茶香太爺雞 京醬爆火鴨脯

Roast chicken with satay sauce Spicy roast Ma-La chicken Jasmine tea smoked chicken Stir-fry duck breast with mushrooms and spicy bean Sauce Pipa duck Black truffle roasted duck

$22.00 $26.00 $26.00 $29.00

挂爐琵琶鴨 黑松露挂爐焼肥鴨

$39.00 $88.00


黑椒紅酒牛仔粒 麻香辣子神牛柳 醬燒羊柳 科羅拉多雪花羊馬鞍 古法羊胫

Stir-fry black pepper rib-eye beef with merlot Wok-fry Wagyu beef with spicy peanut sauce Shanghai style lamb tenderloin stir-fry Wok-fry lamb chop Traditional braised lamb shank
with Chinese herbs

$39.00 $78.00 $38.00 $48.00 $45.00

石榴咕噜肉 家乡焖花腩

Sweet and sour pork tenderloin with pomegranate Hakka pork belly claypot
with leek and cloud ear mushroom

$24.00 $24.00

豆香炒駝鳥肉 蒙古鹿肉

Stir-fry ostrich with spicy yellow bean sauce Mongolian style venison

$38.00 $42.00



Tofu, aubergine and shiitake mushroom claypot
with chilli black bean sauce


鍋燒嫲婆豆腐 翡翠瑶柱豆腐

Mabo tofu with chicken and homemade pickled chilli Homemade spinach tofu with Supreme dried scallop sauce Hakka three treasures in black bean sauce
tofu, aubergine and pepper stuffed with minced prawn

$19.00 $19.00




黑椒百合蓮藕蘆筍 蘭度夏果燒野珍菌 清炒爽菜 揽菜肉碎四季豆 酱爆四寶蔬

Stir-fry lotus root, asparagus and black pepper v Wild mushroom stir-fry with macadamia nut v Stir-fry sugar snap and cloud ear v French beans with minced pork and preserved vegetable Four-style vegetable stir-fry in Szechuan sauce v
asparagus, yam bean, tofu and shimeji

$18.00 $29.00 $19.00 $18.00 $18.00

咸魚白菜苗 金銀蒜蒸勝瓜 蟹粉碧玉瓜 時日蔬菜: 廣東菜芯, 白菜苗, 芥蘭 銀白菜苗 菜心 芥蘭

Pak choi with salted fish Steamed luffa melon with golden and silver garlic Braised zucchini with crabmeat and crab roe Seasonal Chinese vegetable V
with choice of oyster sauce, garlic or ginger

$18.00 $19.00 $22.00

pak choi choi sum gai lan

$15.00 $15.00 $15.00

April 2012

Rice / Noodles

蛋炒飯 薄荷秋葵海鮮飯 银鱼仔雞粒蘆筍飯 星洲米粉

Spring onion and egg fried rice v Hakka seafood fried rice Chicken and crispy fish fried rice Singapore vermicelli noodle
with prawn and squid

$8.00 $18.00 $15.00 $15.00


Stir-fry udon noodle with shredded roast duck and XO sauce Braised lobster noodle in Royal Supreme sauce Hakka noodle with mushrooms and Chinese chive v Truffle braised noodle
with scallop and enoki mushroom


黄燜龍蝦麵 客家炒拉麵

$39.00 $15.00




Steamed jasmine rice v


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