Reasons NATO Fear s the Ar ab Spring

1. the powers of Russia and China may cause a larger conflict if NATO were to interfere 2. Israel is perfectly happy with regimes that have not sought to invade them in decades 3. Israel is the only nuclear power in the region, and is used as a proxy (along with Saudi Arabia) by the NATO countries to protect their oil 4. with Hezbollah taking control of southern Lebanon, the Muslim Brotherhood taking control of Egypt, the last thing the West and Israel wants to see is a degeneration of the Middle East along lines of Sunni and Shi'itecontrol 5. The West knows what it is getting in Lebanon with Hezbollah (Shi'ite) taking over, and it frightens them 6. The West knows what it is getting in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood (Sunni) taking over, and it frightens them 7. the West knows what it will get with a new power in Syria, a Sunni state with large minority religions and it scares them that it will either further the escalation of violence in Iraq, a country with similar demographic spread except that Shi'ites are the majority and Sunnis the minority 8. Syria almost certainly would become a Sunni 9. Iraq almost certainly will end up a Shi'ite state 10. Egypt will almost certainly be a Sunni state 11. Syria will almost certainly ally with Egypt and northern Lebanon (Sunni heavy) 12. Iraq almost certainly will ally with Iran and Southern Lebanon (dominated by the Shi'ite group, Hezbollah) 13a. the first order of these new states in allied groups will be either to kill the local religious minority populations or... 13b. to recruit populations in other countries to rebel to enlarge their groups (i.e. Sunni in Saudi, Northern Africa, the Arabian peninsula and Shi'ite would recruit majority populations in Bahrain and Azerbaijan) or... 13c. the Shi'ites focus on taking the United Arab Emirates, causing a virtual monopoly on oil or.... 13d. once one of the two or both Shi'ite and Sunni states develop nuclear weapons, they would attack together Israel under M.A.D. 14. the conditions of M.A.D. won't exist because of the religious fervor of the Sunni, Shi'ite and Israel states, destroying those lands as we know them -Seif-Eldeine O. What are your opinion on the Arab Spring? Share them on the comments' section below. Help a starving artist! Share "15 Reasons" on facebook by using the readcast button on the left column and pressing the facebook all the way to the right. That way, I will be able to focus on writing you more quality content.

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