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Happy Child Abuse Propaganda Month - Baby LK Report For April 1st 2012



A Kansas attorney general's investigation found

that a state social worker disliked a Coffeyville
couple and chose to do "nothing to protect" their
23-month-old granddaughter before she was
murdered in 2008.
Authorities said the toddler suffered brain
injuries after being beaten or violently shaken.
Her father's meth-addicted girlfriend, Melissa
Wells, was later convicted of first-degree murder.
Kansas Family Rights Coalition
April 2012
April is National
Child Abuse
Kansas Family Rights Coalition: Prevention Month
Don and Phyllis Porter, PCJustice Advocate
By: Donna Roberts I am sure most parents
think the way I did 6
Donna Roberts ACRA, Child Advocate
years ago, "trusting of
the child protection
Marlene Jones, Activist/Advocate system". At one time I believed the system protected children from danger- ous people and I now know that sometimes the abusers are the “system
Kathy Winters, Grandparent Advocate
itself” and not always the parents.
Kansas state statutes have loopholes that allow law enforcement free reign Activist of our children. We have a monster lurking within our state and it is the
Kansas Statute that allows law enforcement to place your child into
PMA ~ Kansas Chapter Leader custody on "probable cause" without any court orders, no legal docu- ment. Law enforcement can go to your child's school and remove your
child from your custody and place them in the custody of the police depart-
Elisa Breitenbach, Activist/Advocate
ment and hold them up to 72 hrs. without a hearing, they can use force to
remove your child from your home. Imagine being a child and you are at
Justice For Families For Change, Advocate school and you are called to the office and the next thing you know you are in a police car with a detective and social worker and you are being taken
to strangers and you have no idea why. We must have laws that truly pro- tect children but we also need laws that will not allow a law enforcement
officer to remove your child from your care because they can.

COMMITTEE ON CHILDREN The above statement is a prime example of what is happening to child vic-
AND FAMILIES tims who tell of abuse, child victims are being re-victimized by the child
HB 2137 Protective Parent Act
protection system. Children should be treated with dignity and respect after
HB 2542 Citizens Review Panel they report abuse, not treated as if they have no rights, because they do.
HB 2538 Grandparents Compensation Bill ~ We must not only protect children from abuse but we must also protect
IGNORED It costs more money for the tax
payers to place children in the home of strang-
them from a child protection system
ers where they are more likely to be abused, that causes secondary trauma by re-
but the State isn’t interested in making sure moving the child from the non-abusive
Kansas children are safe or know their family parent and place them in the home of
members and where they come from.
SB 262 Grandparents receive preference in
the abuser.
custody cases PASSED, NO threat to the
State or Judges, they don’t follow the law Donna Roberts/Founder
anyway. ACRA-A Child’s Rights Association
1 Wichita, Kansas
Kansas “The Best Interest Of The Child”

Parent Victory! KANSAS CINC LAWS

KS Court of Appeals Vacates the ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL
Criminal Contempt Charges by
Nola Foulston and
Judge James Burgess

The Kansas Court

of Appeals found,
"If this is a crimi-
nal contempt, then
the court failed to In Kansas children are being taken
afford V.R. suffi- from parents on an allegation of
cient due process. abuse and placed in foster care.
Kansas Family Rights Coalition Interestingly, the BURGESS In Sedgwick County, the DA has
April 2012 State now contends admitted to filing boiler plate peti-
that the contempt proceedings are to tions against parents and has stated
be regarded as criminal in nature and that it is up to the parent's attorney to
Did You Know? the district court properly imposed a correct that. This is the same DA that
punitive sanction for indirect crimi- was accused of bullying social work-
Adolf Hitler's nal contempt. This change of posi- ers into filing false information. The
slogan, tion by the State cannot be ignored. legislative post audit found that at
“In the best interest Even if we view this as a criminal least one social worker in each re-
of the child” contempt action, we must likewise gion had been pressured to include
is a favorite line vacate the sentence because the or exclude facts of a case.
perpetually QUOTED court failed to afford V.R. due proc- If it is alleged that you raped a dog
by today's Judges, DA’s, Social ess." or duck in Sedgwick County, you
Workers & Child Protection will have a jury trial by your peers.
"Because the court gave the con- If it is alleged that you neglected or
temnor no way to purge herself of abused your children, those children
contempt, we hold that sentence to will be taken from you and placed in
be wholly punitive. The court failed foster care. You will be in a civil
The Broken Arm, to give the contemnor "the keys to court where anything can and will be
By Matthew Brown the jail." The court had no author- said. There is no jury of your peers.
(9th grade essay, a few years ago) ity to impose a criminal contempt The parents are silenced by the
This is the brother of the eight year sentence in a civil contempt pro- system, that their taxes fund, and are
old girl who was interrogated in ceeding. only allowed to discuss how the case
Reno County. Therefore, we vacate the penalty." was handled without revealing the
Matthew wrote, ""After that terri- identity of their own children.
Opinions/CtApp/2012/20120224/105505.pdf The Confidentiality Law is really
ble, terrible February 11th, we had
been in foster care for three days about covering up what the State is
before we were finally allowed to Booooo! doing to families. It’s NOT about
see our parents. They had won their March 20, 2012, protecting the child’s identity,
case ( but at the cost of my mom Thirty-five constitutional rights or due process.
losing her business ). I remember Kansas Senators
sitting in my fathers lap, as watch- Voted Against Feb. 2, 2012, PC Justice,
ing him cry for the very first time. I Children's Rights, ACRA, And Family Members
could tell how happy my parents accountability, the Spoke Before KS Legislators
were to see us again, and I knew protection of children, due Phyllis Porter
that they loved me. This had been process, Kansas statutes and the
one of the saddest and hardest times right to be a parent by confirming
Chris Brown
of my life. I don’t think that I will Phyllis Gilmore as the next
ever forget that moment"" http:// Secretary of SRS. v=lLs8GP_wiME&feature=channel More here: Donna Roberts
when-matthew-was-10-and-he-wrote-about-it thirty-five-kansas-sentors-voted.html v=eiXK4yIGl_Q&feature=channel