from data processing. Jenny Anto in Descriptive Method of Study The main goal of this type of research is to describe the data and characteristicsabout what is being studied. The result was adecision to automate FEU's enrollment system. and other systems are on its way. Engineering. Arts and Sciences. accounting. Feedbacks from the students wereformulated when the first semester started.Lack of Enrollment System in a school can lead to chaos and troubles. With the good result of thedry run the automated enrolment system will be finally implemented this 2nd semester. and the Colleges of Education. Far Eastern University Enrollment System With its 25.cashier. businesstransactions. Hediki Hashimoto. Over 75 % of them say that the automationprocess of enrollment was better compared with the old system. Descriptive research is mainly done when a researcher wants to gain a better understanding of a topic. efficient system that can help both the student and personnel for fast dataprocessing of enrollment. And with a large population comesmultiple problems in enrollment. She also met with therepresentatives of individual institutes and with the support of the academic managers andSQL*Wizard's technical group. planning. Engr. Offices affected with the automation were the registrar. it does not gather the causes behind a situation. a Japanese volunteer headed thecreation and conceptualization of the system.averages. Far Eastern University (FEU) ranks among the biggest universities in the country in terms of population. an integrated system for student enrollment that contains modules withextensive inquiry and reporting capabilities. Students will beconfused on what they should do to be able to enroll. They also tapped FEU's Computer ServicesDepartment to iron out kinks. They reviewed organizational structures. FEU asked consultants for recommendations. Ace Adrian Sandoval in Enrollment System Enrollment System is useful especially when the school retrieves the important information from the student. For example. FEU decided to automate the enrollment system in two phases: (1). The information technology faculty from theCollege of Engineering and Arts and Sciences assisted him.A dry-run for this automated enrolment was done last summer and the first semester of this school year.000 students. The enrollment system of the university isnow computerized. and (2) theintegration of the student's financial records for. standardizing labels forsubject and preparing the subject requirements. The idea behind this type of research is to study frequencies. Descriptive Research s also called Statistical Research. Samar State University (SSU)as one of theUniversity in Samar Island aims to be the center of excellence in education had recentlymade changes to some of its existing systems. . monitoring and even in medical operation of mans bodyis now entrusted to computer technology. student records and related data. Although this research is highly accurate. Wanting a lastingsolution to the problem.CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDY Every piece of ongoing research needs to be connected with the work already doneto attain an overall relevance and purposes. This only show that they are coping with the latest technology.user friendly. research. The Automated Enrollment Systemof Samar State University aims for an accurate. The review of literature thus becomes a link between the research proposed and the studies already done.Industrial Technology. plotted the move to launch an integrated system during the second semester. The system that is web baseduses PHP programming language with data stored in MySQL is run through the intranet of SSU. The preparation involved cleaning the database. The school can trace what is the standing of the students. It is quantitative and uses surveys and panels and also the use of probability sampling. a frozen readymeals company learns that there is a growing demand for fresh ready meals but doesn know much about the area of fresh food and so has to carry out research in order to gain abetter understanding. thedevelopment of a system for enrollment and student records for Phase I. Samar State University Automated Enrollment System Technology innovations had influenced man's work. and other statistical calculations. assigned people tosupport groups and asked faculty advisers and staff to train. It is extremely useful in the school inthe way of working processes of enrolling become much easy. They worked closely with SQL*Wizard topilot E*Wizard. Nursing and Graduate Studies.

Waterfall Method was remove totally in industry of studies.2. It is known as the Iterative Implementation/Continuous IntegrationApproach. This is also known as Design/Implementation Increments. This was invented to avoid a linear and sequential development of study unlike theWaterfall Study.Foreign Literature and Studies Stephen McHenry in Iterative Implementation Strategy There is another implementation approach that eliminates problems of using awaterfall study. issues comeout that by using Iterative Implement. In fact. .2.

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