NewCo To Do 1. FabTab a. License agreement with Axio b. Patent harvesting session and file provisionals– early Oct i.

Jay Udani ii. Dave Dresback iii. Joe Evans iv. Boaz v. Patrea c. Samples – Formulation Technologies - (209) 847-0331 d. Legal i. Incorporate RAV Inc. ii. Consulting agreements with Dave D, Jay Udani iii. License with Axio iv. Patrea Pabst- (404) 879-2151 1. Freedom to operate opinion 2. Process patent on manufacturing 3. Broad patent on platform for systemic and topical disorders e. Fundraising strategy – how much, from whom? f. Budget g. Presentation i. Product ii. Product roadmap/Dev plan iii. Capital needs and use of capital iv. Projections v. Competition…why are we better 2. Competition a. – medical chewing gum b. c. d. e. f. i. ii. g. h. SmellX - Dr. Nir Sterer, Dr. Michel Perez-Davidi and Ervin Weiss i. Dental Biotechnology LTD - i. Panacea Biotec Ltd j. Thin Film Companies i. ii. k. l. - extended release products – pills – 1 versus 3 3. Axiomedic Property of GPV - Highly Confidential

Tom Hughes ii.VIAtab™ is an oral sublingual insulin tablet that dissolves in minutes when placed under the tongue. h. Advisors . MD.katz@yale. David L. SAB i. Apovian – BU http://www. Umami as an ingredient.4. Determine advantage of oral delivery compared to best available pill on the market b. Energy boost (sports – hydration and energy) f. Resveratrol – oral applications and effectiveness – Christoph Westphal j. PK study on resveratrol (location TBD – Joe any suggestions?) i. Clinical Studies – Boaz will prepare memo on the scope of project and potential location for tests a.617-999-7303 vii. Slow release. Joseph Evans iii.html 6.(401) 863-1358 – expert in mucol adhesion v. George Blackburn Property of GPV . MPH.http://www. Zoleplon. Baclaten etc. http://www.cfm?id=8 – conducted study on “effects of caffeine in chewing gum” iv. MOU with Axiomedic -done b.High Blood pressure – high 1 health problem .bumc. Harris Lieberman . Lou Tartiglia vi. Caroline M. Methylphenidate – ADHD k. Caffeine b. Measure molecules in saliva (in vitro/in vivo) ii. Jay Udani.Highly Confidential . sodium oral adhesive for low sodium diets.david. MD iv.512-471-6644 .obesitymyths. .a.smithap@cardiff. Peppas .lieberman@na.Quigley Corporation i. Obesity (weight management/appetite suppressant) b. Diabetes (insulin) – Solomon Steiner – Biodel .intecpharma. Nicholas .done 4.utexas. Edith Mathiowitz .amedd. Sodium pill – runners need sodium replacement/electrolytes . Markets a. Prof Avi Domb vi. Measure release kinetics and uniformity (in vitro/in vivo) for tablets Cold (zinc) . http://www. Measure release kinetics and uniformity (in vitro/in vivo) for pills ii. Targets i. Saliva study (Hebrew Univ – Prof Avi Domb) i.harris.Dir of the Yale Prevention Research – 203-732-7194 iii. 10K deposit . Prof Andrew Smith . Bad breath c. Smoking v. l. Boaz Mizrachi . Alcohol e. L-dopa and carbidopa.

www. g. MD 8.(209) 847-0331 d.http://www. Flavor masking h. Manufacturing a.D.schlundt@vanderbilt.Jeffrey H. Joseph Evans Flavor Producers – Tony Moore -Chief Flavorist – tony@flavorproducers. http://www. http://www. Jay b.vii. http://www.senomyx. Schlundt. Oprah Property of GPV . Bill from EAS c.magnasweet.http://www. Ph. George Bray Lou Aronne David Go to Market Research and Strategy a. Celebrity a.aspx . Worthington . Asta Food Research – Katie – 310-378-2370 b.763-488-4975 . http://www. KnowledgeBank – Debra.Highly Confidential .firmenich.Dave@formulationtech.Senior Flavorist at Firmenich d. viii.212 749 3986 . Marketing gurus a.flavorsystems. www. http://www.xcelience. ix.htm 11.susanfader@faderfocus.senopsys.John Zanone . Roger Stier – taste masking specialist b.html .com/ i. www. Herbal experts a. Guthy Renker c. FMC Biopolymer David Ludwig – Children’s hospital 7. Mark the shark b. Formulation Technologies . http://www. http://www. CIMA .colorcon. Formulation experts or Custom Formulator .com – recommended by Joe Evans f.contract manufacturing f.781-935-7450 g. – Bill Wasz .John Nagel .aspx c.714-642-5100 9. x.(513) 870-4907 e. Susan Fader .perrigo.wildflavors.thepuresource.aspx e. Sung Park 12. . Xcelience .

Maxi Health – kosher nutraceutical company d.http://www. Nutrisystem h. Wrigley chewing gum and obesity b. Weider – Eric Weider . Cold Eeze (zinc) .617-636-6093 ii.nutraceutical. Ann Sommerlath – Edelman d.monell. How do we know that the ingredients we are selecting will pass FTC approval? Karen Teff .com/ b. The Weight Loss Clinics of New England .naturessunshine. Jay Udani .medicusresearch. Herbalife .http://www. Monell .connection through Todd Kimmel .com g.Highly Confidential .com f. Nature's Sunshine .com (Joe Evans) e. Listerine strips – Johnson and Johnson Property of GPV . Code Blue j.schiffnutrition.Quigley Corporation b.http://www. Schwabe (Natures c. Wellcome Trust – Ted Bianco – 011-44-207-611-8888 (Karen) 19.http://www. Strategic partners a. Scott Shikora – Director . Airborne .woodruff@naturesway. Research in the field a. Questions a. Verticalmarketing.(267) 519-4860 / teff@monell. Nutraceutical International .com and RJ Palmer b.(508) 832-3136 c. Athletes 14. Slimfast – Danny Abraham or Marc Tobin e. Medifast k.S.Hillard i. Schiff Nutrition International – Roger Kimmel . Cornell Weight loss clinics – Lou Aronne b.312-240-2856 . Solgar c.janet. PR/Ad Agencies a. Enzymatic. Janet Cabot – EVP U. Tufts Weight and Wellness Center i.http://www. Food & Nutrition .clinicaltrials. Obesity clinics – www.818-882-9442 17. Kate Moss c. Gail Boucher – 646-935-1294 . Integrative) – Scott Woodruff – 801-489-1423 – a. Does this create cavities b.http://mwny. Fleishman.b.http://www.herbalife. Comps to investigate a.http://www.bartleboglehegarty. Comps and their ad agencies a. Isaac Greenberg – Director -617-636-0158 d.

com/ .former CEO of GNC .eurand. PGE and Rothschild d. Phillip Morris – gum and smokeless e. Anthony Almada .com .www.shtml e.controlledrelease.pkineticsintl.Proctor and Gamble 21. Oral B d. Kathie Wrick – The Food Group . for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado/Denver e. James Hill .com – PK expert recommended by Joe Evans i.copernicusmarketing.glucotize. http://nutritionbusinessjournal. http://www.http://www.http://en. Weider. Rich Oprison – former head of marketing at GNC – brand strategy and marketing. Roger Kimmel – Director on Schiff International. Publications/Organizations/Resources a. Kevin Clancy . Marc Speichert . Mario Gonzalez – 954-829-3855 P’Kinetics International – www. Greg Horn . www.htm d. http://www. Bill Phillips c.http://en. http://www. Thin Film . b. Adhesives Research. Drug Delivery/Oral Adhesives a. marketing plan strategy.Chief Marketing Officer at LOreal Property of GPV .(303) 315-9975 . Inc.wikipedia. c.Mary Lawson .wikipedia.John Fraher – Chief Commercial Officer 23. Contacts or potential management a. then to Abbott Labs for 320M i. Ed Byrd . EAS– sold it to North Castle for 160M.html .com/about_founder.1100 – referred by Jeff Worthington http://macdonaldgroupconsulting. Crest White Strips .c. pharma – 412-298-0313 h.447.Pharmaceutical Business .com/index.Highly Confidential .371.imaginutrition.html iii.adhesivesresearch.4445 f.http://www.drugdeliverytech. John MacDonald – 508-362-3625 – info@masdonaldgroupconsulting.717-227-3407 b. Tablets .978.

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