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· Amillr Chitra
No~ 68 3


N'r:nfember .~. 1 '986


Assistent Editor Sub-Edoor


'The Nawab's Diwa,n and Other Ta,mi,)· Tales
the first novel ~nTamil, the oldest of the Dravidian
group of ln dian. languages.



Wdtt'en in 1. 879, Pratapa Mudaiiar Charitram is

a.R ~tiAl'K

Art Consu Rant

Veda Naryakam PUla] (1 826-188'9) of,Ma.,ayooram
(Ma~]aduthultli of today) ln Ti ruchl district was
born in a Christian femily.He worked as munsif In



Production Assistance

R.eference Assistance

pucnshed by:
H .G" MIRCHANDANI for India Book House M. Ltd,.

rvtarthurda \Ii sse nj ~ROOd.. Andheri (East)d Bombay 400 059.

o nd pr~nfed bV him at ~BHPrinters .. Me rei Naka, India Book

Mchclaxmi' Chambers 22. 'lBhulabhoii Desaj Rood. Bombay 400 026.

various parts of the district. Plllal who was wide~y read in European litereture was eager from his youthful days to introduce the novel in Tamil, The result was Praicux: Mudalior Choritram which continues to be read and appreciated by Tamil s'pa.~~'~ peop,'l"~ to, ullS'. '.,~ n"'g - .'" e .' 4-:~. ,day'·· ..., ~n this Amar Chitra. 'Katha~ we have retold the , .' -· t' d' "h ----f [1l.....,.~ • ....I '~ase'nating story O'wt Pra;~pa s gran.·'. ran rer ouowed .-' by the story of ];tis childhood friend Kanakan, The
y ~,. . "",,"yN_ ....I .~"!!I,' ~

story of 'R,fata~ has been retold in the companion Amar Chitra Katha Volume-« The Aduentures oj


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t-!k~'vembe-r u 6, 1986

" "

,Maha'bhara,ta _ 21 ARJ(jNA IN INDRALOKA

~~"'~~=-===-------------~--~-~~-Ii: "'

NfJRKET. MAN C.M6 70 "!'HE' .-9.PLAce ~ vasr THEN t.


CE.RTAr~ l"l N WARD . . HiHS ON IfIS FEeT~ '1~ RNi( ~0tI ~ .." WHAT eRN I ..L - RE'WAR 11 Y. ALMlG..i¥OtJ? . .HT\f' ..uGM ~ ~~•NQT .·00 'f=OR .. .H'TY TfJ H 6.LP A FELLOW' HUMAN 6'EING ~~.. O'.OU..EveN r ~RiOM THE.r l'tU:.'THE FIJKIR.. ' ~E ALLAH WU.ENO.PPOR:"~'.


so J SENT ARM ED N 70 FETe . ~------------------------~------~ ~!1'!I!I.'TH~N ."--11 THE. ~IE ~ .P IN ''1.'amell" c"_itra k£itho EKAMBcARfjM Kh'§ 'T/J..'U hi E.CljPITlJl ~~.or:>.W'fa RD'. 70 lefll?H iHE 'r~E ST'me' OF llHltlR5 IN HIS kiNGDOM HE ~1i{~l.(JU WOtH .'Hf!.. . I( H E.W I 'j. N·OT AlX.LE. .K¥-N 70 ~ _c"HS' .. OF II FIJ/(ff. NI'tWflS' WAS ·NONE: .EPT AlN~' ItE.' .. D15Gl:!ISc.~O.

. TO U&E FORce A6..i9iH.sERv'1 C E'" • ..' .pJ HAVE. .AlHST G. 'THUS eXIJ M8 . . PIWIIN'NJO eRRNED Fti'ME POIt! HIS ..'THE NAWABJ'S D:IWAN .___..9R.. D "" Cif" A . SOM is TIME.IW"N..'f..L 'YOU BE MV P . MlJ""LIRR BSCIIME.. 'WU.' THIS' .S WE ~-----:""~V"'::loo_~'..I1ONES'T.. EFFiCllh'I'T liND 3E'L Fl E'5S. ·NRWflB.-... I NEED TH~ aERWC~ MAN UKE '~OU.OOP' MeN TOCk ..n .

a mar chitflo katho KANAKAN FINDS A HOME .

. TAi<E CA:RE OF HIM. WIFE.L .7 MQMEN7- W 11''1 POH''"T .WJ'U' .L.!i IVE HIM "'TO US~' W'E W~.D . l-tANAKA N FINDS A HOME sr TitS INF"N7~ 'THE N61. LOO'NE. .

LL.EAVe. ali '10~ MUS'T L. . GIV. TO HIM. TO US NOW.L.ttP Be LONGS. ~ ARE '"tDU W~Lll NG 1'0 eo il1Ai e' • 1 DOH~T THJ~HK THE CH.WELL~ I WI. I PON"T CARE.. TOWN i MM ED IA'TE.e TO yOU ON'E_ C'ONP~7~OH.. IBELONIG6.

I.D (Jt () I.Ii6(JUT EIGHt" tERRS . clIMe I .'JJeE·~ . ~l tildE wFJ./(~"· 70 VIJJ.TO'6IJTYIlPtlRJ ~ "'.KANAKAN IF1NPSA HOME.OINS D r--------=----~--~------~~~~-~..INP F~IVJUl Y JNHEN THE t.5.I(IJNIJMN tH£y.HII. " ..

L.. HE. ME&5AGE '.E 5MART~ \ .." " P'lRA1PU:.A.S.tJi MAKES J! M 19T/U(E:~ VOHtT /P(JNf5:~ .!!' RY V. HiM ""~ ~ ~ l N SoT EAtD' pU Ni SH KANA ~'AN.llAN WJ L l G Elf "T~ E.Q" ~F PRATA P. ~:~. .A.

P 'iii .eli N HOT BE PUN ISH E.P. .RA1APAN MU~1i' 2EA L I 1".11 AT MNA KR'N . BUTf MO'THER ~...t:fOU iii AVt=:t.. .f'l 51'1 E IN ME AN'1 I=OOD. ~o~ I1JM.

~ka~:t~h~a~~~~~~~~~~~ W.~~~~~~--. .A IitA. AtONE NEEOi5 -':0 ERT _mo~:_rC~~h~.i."1iI~N HJ.N -. ~ .I<'"A. BEING PUN U:'UiED . . ...i~f'ra~·~~. .' I F ~DUR .~~ __ ~ __ ~==~ __ Q_.N·.fre .M~S:~A).I1E~: qou FEEL : MUN'G~. • .ARE COR'R e elSD 8''1 .

A BET' ~l L JUGHT ~~' .SAND~. -~ Hl!RE.. .AN D. . ~15A :H'..F-UL OF .


WtH=~ TH.A MARk O'F .E .~.~ .HT A. FI RST' TU R!Io. A._ LEFT ••• THEM •.ND 7/U(1E THE. PRE9f:N1' .A R5'j IEVERVONS. HIJS H'AT/tS .PP'8.REMOVes.sOV ERNQ.RES...GO' S"-RAiG. PE c."T • ~.f ")':0 7H Ii: .

' ~IV ~ D'i.REMOVEI' .::. SIR'~ R. .PLEASED WITH KAIjIIIICHH'S IfS71PY . ..M NOT.lI!!.PO YOO KNOW 'WH'O TH:E_ GOVERN'O~.'i.ALL HA.Wlt" THe (3QVERNOR. "fWO ..VE... · · ~ KNOW l A. . WI E IR" HA"TS.JlE... WllRDEO I"f/M HAND 5C¥1E.V(..L 'Ff 41 ..OF .C'E...~ ~ ~ .PT !H'E../tE. '. trQW I' 8OV."'" n . . 'TttlE.. ~ us. lS ~ . _. III .. AI.

. WOUtJ) (lFTEN . THE Qll/./6.· .JNIJNIfNl.. so '1$ ~ lINCt'e. .+ 'ER O'P'p/?IiTIIPRN's PLIt Y WItH THe.

VOIWR ." :~c.!" rr . .HO. IIT ~ ..R$ES" I HIC' 'RUNN JIH G FAS.ER.P:U' H"" ..~1 'f'FtfGHTf:'NEV' .

!i !H AVE THREE . ... T~I~ 'T~J'R'D' FRY ~Tj .NO J W.o(l HAVE. 1'1 NI7 V.PRATAPR:~ .

mar chitra kmha KANAKAN FI:NDS HIS PARENTS .a.

. RAN AKAN f"1NDS loonsP ARENl'S 23 ...

H.WIH!.mar chit ra katha I IPFtATA PAN~..QW WDYlD 'WE H~VE FAC E D "'It}U R FATHE.H~ vu::iH'~l" '¥OU ~ t LET ME D'~EP 0.D ."rr FOR HJiLP P -W'.AD ~OLl []IED~ I1.' ~()U 5t1o.a.R ~ .i D~.

AS M~ PAT. OWe.ARE ~SH'OCKeo.I ~He. C:BItTn~. lUi.lIUMN 8RQI(S JNTO TI!~RSr..~--~~-----=~----~~~ 'tOU .LOOK u'i?'ON .f.iN I . UN FoR:TU HATE 'l't1Af.." '10 TtnNK'THFrr THe'RE AR e PAIitEUi lS OW'N 'HILlE) ~ WHO R SA NfD"ONI "fH E~R WI'LL ~ANAKAN" FllIi'V 1¥Q'(J'R F.W'AS 5 'KANAKAN FINDS HiS PARENiS ~--~------~~--~~--~~ KIIJ. VO~ .D· Ma 'WHEN' HE WA 5. WH'O POlES NOT KNOW' WH'O HilS f'AREHT5 AR.4RSN1"5.L.:Y \..HE.E'~ r WHEN 'l"H'E M.HER TOl.tiL.' . 0 . " Bilive Ffj n'l1 . CAN.U.e . BE MOR.fn·I'~o.


J DE. we.-C=.S.. TO GS. ~ .J AD IVt4 SON' IKUJ. ~T'Tocal~. D'VE·R TH'~ SHO·C'K .E. .T G .OSO THIn HE COUio SlfCCEf D / l 'W '1]-tE L1=1'TE ~ lie: HAS· I M.. ON Mf.AJ"H .KANAKAN FINDS HIS PARENTS TO.A D CMJL D'... wEPT fOR OU\R D.0:1'1 'I ~ME..!:. 4& Ii 1. STORV . CONF~SED "fHAT H~' i. HIS.

E OU'R 5URPR:~S E WHE. i 'lE. C.WS OF MY M~1f!E~ v£nTH .lU) THE Wi e.ED TO' ~N.I WIU'fT.L a ru) & R.[) WA'S IH.11LD.' WH.RUC. RA ~A TtI. D 'W. &UT f CG'U LO ~ .iS • I 'WAS . lHE ~N$T. .Otf1' M"f M~5TE.I.1N'aT'CA:RAY .A'S' .sAH·YAS.E H 'lr H E.jl CAMe: TO DURHOO5E ~'MA~~IH...VE' " BAct( 1'H.m.J~.I& CRUE.A FEW P.R.M H~ iOL P US TN'AT OU R t: tU L.TEP' l!(~tL 10 .AYSi ..FO.fiT HJ$ CHll.RM TH E.

..~ -A FeW' DAtY&· SAC.s SON.ND US A(f ADOOR.. I 1ft ESCt. Pl:.K.. I·AM GR. .N'{j' You..lAI .I.. FROM .H~e.U?: HU"D~l~I<E Hie OWN C PARENTe.RENTS ~ 6U1" 1.NEW 1'HIAT H"E. ~A~ OF O(..i ED ~ so« FRO_M. PROW NI N:G.R'ACK OF: S~AH'fALn'iGAM PU.1h.BU~"1H MA. qou 1001< iJ'VS A.Ptli.EASE COME' A.. wnw KANAkPil... NA K AN FINDS Hl S PA. WAS 7ME. RAtU=i.RK .08T 1.010 HOT KNOW W'HER'Er" F"OR i HAP l:.K II.!9-PUL 1'0 .'" .

' ." I.·TO "eER. ' 1 .MY 5I. . ' W'HO ARE HIS . ATON·E. ~INCEe>5....VETH'AT SLIND ...IN. .. .? .Compiled by: Shobha ROo ...: .. FOR ·INl?EED! MOt YOU A 8EAUTIFUL ...." '.PJlRENTS. OLD 5' . INDIA-3 .. 6LADL'I ·6HALL I ~lERVE HIMf IfATHER~ I·MU'5T .

the blues? The co neap! of Avata ra .. entry must be accompanied with COU~ given on this page.. decision of the-judges~II be I al. one-error entry 'Will rec:eive a.. of certfficate worn by you. '5XKJO!·.Ue~ce ~ M.-t we' do not.'I!!".1~71 the' priZe WlIJ ' distributed . ' : participant who col ec1$ four green or. < " ll.oue~ !Jour'sl~lf and..7 wil~ -.. "W'HAT 16 ... the world t..nd edited. lertlnc:al:e.IR_G.among thoSe who ..8 'v'ery specie! magazin....he fUll wa~..llf' you are .and ... aV:e sent ~ h HIGHLIGHTS Of '" ~OVEMBER De'..SUE career .. " looking fl?r' Exce.0 dOt to. Kamath fOOl alll'oorrect entries.disc.s ahead.To hefp ~ou ..IN E.. ii~""'" entries ti~1 June . five or more aEk:qrreC. .~a for six -monfhs. ~ . win re~iv'@c a green."e' full'of exciting' thi~g's 1'.m'ag~zf. $ix blue certJftcates @ive ij' free subscription of Arnar Chi. ".-I '_ participant sending tn-five OJ more aU . .rve 2 titles of Amar " 'We bev« no w .eyou m~stquote' . ' . A . . t or more blue oertifi(:ate~ 'ti l ~une . . ' by your OLD~ Uncle P'(d."'II''ilg~ .V.. _ partidpant wh<) collects tm June three g~@nJ 198. .:a r enmes. " ' first 50 ailll-co[1]"ect emdes received in r office wiU each ffioo.sign yOUif'" IS.: Do you get. anYOl11e til~ Juna '. 'How to make dec is ions S ~ a ru Ha ng 1'1E!!.THE MA'l. r Ohil1a Katha for one year.1f. subscription of .ik.IOR NdST"~ffi N THIS IllLUSTRATION ? ..wllo hwe.' b~ue ' ficate. ' I Kama. a cash prize of Rs. ' correct entry.. ~ The [Face of Space. " fourteen and over ROlFS .lea~n ..1987 WiU be...j lEi ~~ LF~1!l E PARTHA vsro e: r PM N IMAGAZ . ' claim~ng your priz....'will rece'ive a free..and to becom~1' 'deulsed Q. .. K.~· .- JOurentries ~fX INDIA .e Jor the very special " vs's. receive 'fi\te alJ<arrect etrtries .. reference n~mbfg g:iven at the ere more'than one (laimant the priz~Mil be distributed amOf\g'ihose..