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I. II.

Executive Summary Brief Description of the Business

1. Name of the Business: smarT 2. Nature of the Business: Service based business 3. Industry: Garments industry 4. Objectives: Give customer satisfaction by fulfilling the customer desire. The customer can use our online user friendly designing software to create any sophisticated design. We are encouraging the people to use the modern technology to order the product with customization option along with flexible delivery process that will result diminishing the ordering and delivery hazards. 5. Employment: Skilled 6 6 Semi-skilled 2 2 4 Unskilled 1 1

Permanent Temporary Total

6. Brief Introduction of entrepreneurs:



Educational qualification Graduate Graduate Graduate Graduate Graduate Graduate

1 2 3 4 5 6

Rezwanur Rahim Irfanul Haq Khan Syeda Nabila Kaiser Tanzila Tabassum Kazi Taslim Zulfiqur Shakeel Ahmed

Experience in other business none none none none none none

Business experience

Ownership (%)

16.67% 16.67% 16.67% 16.67% 16.67% 16.67%

7. Type of ownership: Partnership 8. Total Investment: Initial Investment 900000 Fixed Asset Current Asset Total 900000

9. Loan & Equity: Loan Equity 900000 Total 900000

10. Potential Market: The potential market area is the Dhaka city where number of universities, school and colleges are available like Mirpur, Baridhara, Uttara, Banani, Mohakhali & Gulshan area. The reason for selecting these areas is our targeted customer belongs in these areas. Various activities take place in universities, school, college and corporate office, and many require clothing with their own logo and design. There we come into play; we provide them the clothing and design without any hassle at reasonable price. We believe in near future we have a very good chance to expand our business to abroad specially in Myanmar, Sri Lanka & India (west Bengal, Tripura, Assam).Most of in these countries have a high cost & traditional manual based order & delivery process. Beside that the quality is not satisfactory compare to the price. So we believe near future we will have strong possibilities of getting order from these countries as we will be providing quality product with reasonable price & customization option along with safe & flexible online based payment method without any bargaining & delivery related hazards. Local Mirpur Baridhara Uttara Gulshan Banani III. Description of Product / Service International India Sri Lanka Nepal

Our products include printed clothing with design either created by the customer or by us. The service is to take the order and deliver the product on time with proper customer satisfaction. The most important feature for our service is we are using e-commerce to reach out for customer and give them a hassle free service. For that we have created a website with user friendly software for designing. Therefore, user can create own design or choose pre-designed pattern from 1000 pattern. The users get full customization of the product, they can select type of cloths required by them, size, color and design which will be printed on the cloths. These all process could to done through our website. The ordering and even the payment could be done through online with credit/debit card or online payment method. The delivery also will be done by us. The customer can just sit and enjoy themselves. If the customer does wish to use online process, they can directly call us or come to our office to order the product.

The comparative advantages for our product will be: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Use of ICT Customization option Flexible ordering and payment process Ensuring the best quality product maintain delivery time strictly time & cost sensitive process that will reduce clients lot of stresses

On the other hand the disadvantages would be: 1. clients may not rely our processes 2. online payment process may not be trustworthy to clients 3. Giant companies may come with huge investment IV. V. Marketing Plan Operations Plan

1. Stages in production process: The production process starts after procuring the raw material i.e. the clothing which includes tshirt, scarfs, caps etc. The customer gives the desired design which will be printed on clothing; a digital image of the design is generated on the photo paper with help of designing software. A cast is made from the photo paper which will be used throughout the process. Cast is made according to the number of design or image is present. If there are ten design than there will be ten cast. The cast is placed on the clothing and color dyes are put on it and pressure is being applied with press machine. Flow Chart of Production Process


Computer generated design

Cast creation

Cast put on clothing

Color dye is mixed and put on cast

Pressure applied with press machine

Finished Goods
To check the quality of the printing, image on the clothing is compared with the image given by the customer. All the clothing quality is checked on basis of color, tone and texture. If any defects are found, actions are taken instantly. 2. Project Implementation schedule: SI Activity 1 Procurement 2 Design 3 Cast 4 Printing on clothing 3. Production Capacity: Product Quantity T-shirt 6000 Scarfs 2500 Handkerchief 1500

Duration 1 day 4 hours 2 hours 1 hour

Time 1 year 1 year 1 year

Unit price 80 25 15

Taka 480000 62500 22500

Cap/Hat Total


1 year


200000 765000

4. List of Fixed Assets and their Depreciation: Fixed Assets Quantity Price

Duration (year) Machinery & Equipment Color Dye (pack) 200 20000 1 Photo paper (pack) 50 7500 2 Printer 1 17500 3 Press machine 1 5000 5 Software 1 25000 3 Furniture Tables 5 35000 5 Chairs 10 15000 5 Total 125000 *Depreciation is calculated by Straight Line Depreciation Method 5. Repair and Maintenance cost of fixed asset: Fixed Asset Printer Press machine Software Furniture Total

Depreciation (In Taka)* 20000 3750 5833 1000 8333 7000 3000 48916

Repair and Maintenance cost 3000 1000 4500 1000 9500

6. Cost of Raw Materials (yearly): The raw material of our product is the various type clothing like t-shirt, scarfs, handkerchief, hat and cap. The design either will be provided or we will create it by ourselves. Other raw materials include color dye, cast, and printing paper. Description of Raw Material T-shirts Scarfs Handkerchiefs Hat/cap Color dye/ink (pack) Cast Photo paper (pack) Total Quantity 6000 2500 1500 4000 200 5000 50 Unit Price 80 25 15 50 100 50 150 Cost (Taka) 480000 62500 22500 200000 20000 250000 7500 1042500

The sources of our raw material will be garments and local wholesale shop of clothing. We will buy from them once the order is given to us. Usually, these clothing are available through the year but during occasion like Eid and Puja, scarcity of cloths can take place. Therefore, we will buy the clothing earlier.

The supplier of primary raw material i.e. clothing are from Bongo Bazzar, Gulisthan Municipal Hawkers' Market and Mohanagar Hawkers' Market. 7. Workforce Engaged in Production: Type of workers Number of workers Direct 3 Indirect 2

Level of skill One of them is highly skilled and other two are learning from him. One of them is the procurer of raw material. Other one is the supervisor. Both are highly skilled.

The workers, who are not trained, will get training from the professional who is also working in company. They are the apprentices of him. Designation Production Supervisor Procurer Labor Leader Labor 1 Labor 2 Total Wages (yearly) 84000 69600 72000 60000 60000 345600

Usually workers are available round the year, during absent/leave/termination, other labor could be found easily but they are usually unskilled. In that case production will be delayed but recoverable. 8. Factory Overhead Cost: SI Description Utilities (gas, electricity, water) Depreciation of fixed cost Repair and maintenance cost Rent (Building, land) Cleaning Total

Ref V. Operation Plan: 4 V. Operation Plan: 5

Cost (yearly) 21600 48916 9500 300000 7200 387216

9. Production Cost: SI Description 1 Cost of Raw Materials 2 Wages 3 Factory Overhead Cost Total

Ref V. Operation Plan: 6 V. Operation Plan: 7 V. Operation Plan: 8

Cost (yearly) 1042500 345600 387216 1775316

10. Inventory Management: Usually once the order is given by the customer then only we will buy the item required especially the raw material i.e. clothing. Therefore, the inventory of the raw material will be kept for long time. The inventory system will be Just-In-Time method. We get supply unless it is needed.

We will store finished goods inventory if it is needed. The customer might want us to deliver the product on a particular time. The office will be used as storage space which is rented. The security of the premises will be guarded by the guard of the building.


Organization and Management Plan

1. Organizational Structure We have a small business therefore our organizational structure is team. Team is one of the newest organizational structures developed in the 20th century. In small businesses, the team structure organizes separate functions into a group based on one overall objective. The reasons for the team structure are chosen for our organization:

Best for small companies with limited employees Intradepartmental barriers break down. Decision-making and response times speed up. Employees are motivated. Levels of managers are eliminated. Administrative costs are lowered. Organization Chart

Manufacturing Manager Sales Manager Plant Manager HR Manager

Employees Employees Employees

IT Manager


SI 1 2 3 4 5 6

Name Rezwanur Rahim Irfanul Haq Khan Syeda Nabila Kaiser Tanzila Tabassum Kazi Taslim Zulfiqur S.M. Shakeel Ahmed 2. Succession plan

Management Team Experience

Qualification Graduate Graduate Graduate Graduate Graduate Graduate

Succession plan will be executed in order of this hierarchy.

Kazi Taslim Zulfiqur

Rezwanur Rahim

Syeda Nabila Kaiser

Tanzilla Tabassum

Irfanul Haq Khan

S.M. Shakeel Ahmed

3. Business start-up activities and cost SI 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Business Start-up Activities Registration and license for business (Partnership firm) Name clearance Office Rent (Advance payment) (Tk. 25000/month) Office furniture & equipment Website hosting and domain registration Website design Software Machine, dye and cast Time (year) 1 Cost (Tk.) 110 600 150000 65000 2000 20000 25000 20000


Color Printer Total 4. Office Equipment

17500 300210

Fixed Asset Cost Duration (year) Office furniture 50000 5 Office equipment 15000 2 Total 55000 *Depreciation is calculated by Straight Line Depreciation Method 5. Salary of the Employee SI 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Description Employee 1 (Sales) Employee 2 (Sales) Employee 1 (Human Resource) Employee 1 (Manufacturing) Employee 2 (Manufacturing) Employee 3 (Manufacturing) Employee 1 (IT) Employee 2 (IT) Total 6. Administrative Expenses (Yearly) SI Description Depreciation of Office furniture and equipment Salary of Employees Office Rent Postage, Telephone etc. Office equipment Total 7. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Ref VI. Organization and Management Plan: (4) VI. Organization and Management Plan: (5)

Depreciation* 10000 7500 17500

Salary (yearly) 66000 66000 84000 38400 38400 38400 84000 84000 499200

Cost (In Taka) 17500 499200 300000 10000 7500 834200

To monitor the progress of implementation of the plan, we have taken certain steps. a. Set up specific meetings to review progress on major actions. b. Set up regular sessions to talk with our employee about sources of work-related pressure, for example, as part of team meetings. c. Make use of informal contacts with staff to ask about the effectiveness of solutions.

These meeting and discussion will be evaluated to measure the progress of the companys activities. There certain Objectively Verifiable Indicators (OVI) available for the success of the activity. Objectives / Activities Cost of transportation is contained within economical level Sales in June has decreased Objectively Verifiable Indicators Ability to control cost Reduce rate of transportation cost Estimated sales in June was 3570 unit Sales in June is 3120 unit Review of progress report Estimation was wrong Not enough effort was given Regular sessions with staff Mean Verifiable Assumption

8. Business Social Responsibility (BSR) After properly established in the market, we will undertake certain activities to fulfill our responsibility towards the community. Organize Science Fair to give opportunity to the youngest people to show off their creativity. Participate in national education development. Help to improve the women education in our community Always use the environmental friendly dye/ink/color for our product.

9. Research and Development (R&D) Marketing research to improve our product and service. Research on product to improve the quality. Research on the possibility of export and import.

10. Training and Development

There are lots of company like Prothom-alo jobs, bdjobs and more, who organize various training and workshop session for the upcoming managers. We will be using these organizations to improve the skill of our employees.

Professional people will be hired to do the printing work as well as teach the other unskilled labor the work of printing on cloths/apparel. VII. Financial Plan

1. Fixed Assets Item Machineries & Equipment Furniture Software Total 2. Current Asset Item Raw Materials Expenditure Wages Factory Overhead expenditure Marketing expenditure Administrative expenditure Total 3. Start-up cost VI. Organization & management plan: 3 VII. Financial Plan: (1+2+3) = = Tk. 300210 Tk. Ref V. Operation Plan: 6 V. Operation Plan: 7 V. Operation Plan: 8 IV. Marketing Plan: 8 VI. Organization & management plan: 6 Present (Tk.) 1042500 345600 387216 Proposed (TK.) 1042500 345600 387216 Ref V. Operation Plan: 4 V. Operation Plan: 4 V. Operation Plan: 4 Present (Tk.) 75000 50000 25000 125000 Proposed (TK.) 75000 50000 25000 125000



4. Total Investment 5. Sources of fund

Our sources of fund will be funded by us i.e. Owners capital, no third party funding. 6. Income Statement Items Sales Current Year Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

(-) Net VAT Net Sales (-) Cost of Goods Sold Gross Profit (-) General, administrative and sales expenditure Net profit before interest and tax (-) Interest on bank loan Net profit before tax (-) Tax Net profit after tax 7. Break-Even point 8. Projected Balance Sheet Items Current Year Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

VIII. Other courses of action: 1. Environmental issues: Since our business does not involve with the direct manufacturing development so the issue of the whole waste management and development of raw materials becomes unconnected. There are few things that can be connected with the environment. We will be using colors and chemicals for printing and later we will assure the proper disposal strategy in order to establish a better environment. This is noted that we will not use any toxic stuff that is harmful, though its not possible yet to establish a fully green technology in our country. 2. Ethical issues: In order to assure fairness we would definitely maintain a high standard and deliver the ordered stuffs within given time period. Moreover we will take order that we will be able to deliver. We will not take anything that cannot be accomplished by us. Any kind of double dealing or cheating will not take place.

3. Legal issues: Our Company will run under all kind of corporate policies and regulations. Proper law enforcement will be assured to deal with the corporate circumstances. Property rights and own policies will be registered under our legal trade license. 4. Intellectual property rights: We have our very own logo and name, so any kind of copying our product name or logo will be noticed as a violation of law. This will be mentioned under the terms and condition of our trade license. 5. Safety and security issues: There will not be used any heavy industry materials so the risk is statistically low for any kind of accident. Besides any kind of cheating against our organization will be handled under the law enforcement. 6. Use of technology: Our business is partly established on the internet. So the proper domain hosting of our website will be assured. Regular basis upgrading will be maintained in order to provide current market information. All kinds of information will be sorted under category that anyone can access easily and understand them appropriately. Friendly use of our website is one of the major issue to analyze.