10 Traits of Shills

1/. Talk all day about problems problems problems and NEVER really tune in to the ROOT causes. All great information, brilliant facts, wonderful research. All of it 100% verifiable evidence. However NONE of them outright say “ITʼS A JEW WORLD ORDER.”     2/. They nudge people just a few degrees off course. Just enough to keep people off the scent, so as they wonder off and past the target, therefore ensuring potential truthseekers get lost in the fog and darkness. Most of whom never end up finding the real truth.    

3/. They keep people not only entertained, but in an entertainment mentality. They are charismatic or smooth talkers. The real truth is bland, ugly, unvarnished and can be really quite dry. The real truth does not leave you with a nice taste in your mouth.     4/. They keep you in fear mode. Despite their perception of providing solutions, they never really do offer tangible practical solutions.     5/. They allude to the idea that you need them, or some other expert for answers. Follow follow follow. Be that perpetual sheep. When all of us know in our hearts what we need to do. Even if they constantly say this, they still try to hook you in to the next amazing piece of information.     6/. They fleece us in the process. Look at the mammon they are pulling in. Book sales, tours with merchandise, glitzy TV shows, donations, paid interviews and on and on. Just this alone should ring alarm bells.     7/. Birds of a feather. If you are ever having doubts about any individual, just think of the expression “judge someone by their circle of friends”. Look how Jones has Alan Watt, and Icke, etc on as guests. This is not an accident. If youʼre not playing the ʻslag off the nazisʼ game, then you donʼt get on. Come on itʼs SO obvious.     8/. They support dodgy advertisers on their sites and shows.     9/. They are ʻallowedʼ to do major events. Just look at the capital locations where Ickeʼs done his events. Heʼs doing Wembley Arena for crying out loud! The man has even had a main stream TV documentary made about him titled: “Was David Icke right?” Look how Jones happened to conveniently ʻsneakʼ into Bohemian grove and film it, get out again safely with the film, put it out there and then brag about it. Is that the alarm bell going off?     10/. Despite all their rhetoric of being spiritual, they are not. They are self-absorbed egotistic and unconscious individuals serving their Jewish overlords.   Source: http://diggerfortruth.wordpress.com/2012/03/31/10-traits-of-shills/#more-706

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