BBA VI th Semester Proposed Syllabus for ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR HRM SPECIAIISATION —PAPER-1 UNIT 1 Introduction • Introduction & Foundation of OB : Meaning, Scope. Contribution of multiple disciplines (behavioral sciences), Hawthrone Experiments Motivation : Meaning, Process. Defense Mechanism to Frustration, McClelland’s characteristics of high achievers & low achievers. Victor Vroom's Theory. Practical implications of motivation

UNIT 2 Foundation of individual Behaviour • • • Perception : Process. Perceptual Selectivity and social Perception Learning : Nature. Theories of Learning. Learning Principles Personality and Attitudes

UNIT 3 Foundation of Group Behaviour • • • Nature and Functions of Groups Group Dynamics : Norms. Cohesiveness. Group Decision Making Leadership and Power

UNIT 4 Organisational Dynamics • • • Conflict and its Resolution Work Stress : Sources and Coping Change Management

Reference Books: 1. Organisational Behaviour - Fred Luthans (Tata McGraw I lill) 2. Organisational Behaviour-.Stephan Jlobbins (Prentice Hall) 3. Organisational Behaviour - Ashwathappa (Himalaya Publication House) 4. Human Relations and Organisational Behaviour —R.S. Dwivedi (McMillan Publisher) 5. Organisational Theory & Behaviour - T. Sharma (Tata McGraw Hill)

Strategic HR planning process . Competitive advantage through people .Strategic approach to recruitment and selection .Flexible compensation.Role of HR in Knowledge Management and learning organization. VIth Semester (HRM Specialisation) PAPER-II Proposed syllabus for Strategic Human Resources Management Planning.Functional Strategies • Resourcing and Recruiting People as organizational resource . Processes & Systems Unit I : Strategic Human Resource Management .Competency mapping and development .Performance management: operational aspects (appraisal & reward systems) • Compensation Objectives of compensation plan.Transformational leadership.Functional Strategies • Retention Employee retention challenges and strategies . Unit IV Strategic Human Resource Management S & Organisational Strategies Dynamics and types of organizational culture.Aligning business strategy with HR strategies. Management and appraisal.B.Strategic contribution of HRM to organizational success. .A.Role of team.Managing strategic change and HR role. .T. . . External environmental influences and SHRM .International HRM .an Introduction Concept of Strategy and Strategic Human Resource Management.Y. .! processes in organizations.Employee Socialisation • Development Assessing Human Resource Development needs . .Human resource work analysis . Unit III .D.Strategic Human Resource Development Techniques . . . .Emerging challenges to SHRM -Ethical concerns & HR Management . leaders role in implementing organizational change. politic?. .Components of compensation .Contemporary issues in SHRM Unit II . • Performance Management Concept of performance planning.Career Management.Strategic Roles of HRM .Designing a high motivation compensation system.Power Sr. incentives and benefits.Organisational talent management .Organisational culture and strategic HRM. job design and employee engagement in retention.

The Strategic Managing of Human Resource By Leopold J.. . Strategic Human Resource Managemcnt by Schuler R. K. Strategic Human Resource Management by Charles & Greer Peerson Education Strategic Human Resource Management : Winning through people : concepts. Harlow. 2. Haris L. 1.• Reference Books. Thomson learning Strategic Human Resource Management by Tanuja Agarwala Oxford University Press Strategic Human Resource Management by Kesho Prasad Macmillan India Ltd. 7. Jefferery A. practices and emerging trends. London Strategic Human Resource Management by Mello. Prentice Hall. Blackwell. 6. by S. 4. New Delhi. 3. 5. and Jackson S.. Bhatia Deep & Deep Publications. Watson T.

B.New Delhi) 3) Organization Development -Behavioral Science Interventions for Organization Improvement Wendell L.R. MBO. Bell ..T. New Delhi ) 2) Designing and managing H.Process & Subsystems HRD Functions HRD MECHANISMS AND CASE STUDIES UNIT II • • • • • • Performance Appraisal & Potential Appraisal Scope for Self appraisal Performance counseling. Features. Definition. Coaching and Mentoring Inter group team building.Jr. Interpersonal and group process intervention Third party peace making intervention Structural Intervention Survey Feedback.V. (Prentice-Hall of India Private Ltd ) .B. Rao (Oxford IBH Publications. Framework & Significance of HRD Evolution & scope of HRD Some critical issues in HRD Designing . French & Cecil H.A VI th Semester Proposed Syllabus for HUMAN RESOURCE & ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT HRM SPECIALISATION-PAPER III UNIT I • • • • INTODUCTION TO HRD Concept. Topmoy Dev ( Ane Books India. Nature and Characteristics of OD History & Underlying Values in OD Basic Components of OD OD Process Conditions for OD Success & Reasons for failure of OD programs OD 1NTKRVKN HONS AND CASK STUDIES UNIT IV • Team Interventions Process Consultation Intervention. 2006. Uday pareek & T.Y. Quality Circles • • • • • References: 1) HRD : Theory & Practice. feedback & employee empowerment Training and Development of manpower Training and Development of manpower Career & Succession Planning Human Resource Information System as an HRD Mechanism INTRQUCTION TO OD UNIT III • • • • • Concept. Gestalt Approach to Team Building Training an as OD instrument T Groups. Sytem.

V S P Rao. Need.V. Retrenchment. Dynamics of Industrial Relations.House 4. Layoff.Y.PAPER IV T. Himalaya Publishing House.Subba Rao. 2. 1926 Legal provisions related to women • • Reference Books : 1. Human Resource Management. Strike & Lock out.B.B. 1947. e. Authorities under the act to settle Industrial Disputes Act. VIth Semester (HRM Specialisation) Proposed syllabus for THEORY & PRACTICE OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS UNIT –I • • • Framework Of Industrial Relations in India Methods of settling Industrial Relations Collective bargaining & Negotiation process UNIT-II • • • Indian trade unions Drafting collective agreement Drafting employment contract UNIT-III • Discipline : Legal approach to discipline Concept of misconduct Principles of natural justice Drafting show cause notice Conducting a domestic inquiry Grievance Procedure .B.Memoria. • • UNIT IV • Key provisions of Industrial Disputes act.Importance. Key provisions of Trade Unions Act.g. & Model grievance procedure Prevention of Industrial disputes & Atrocities & discrimination practices. . K. S. Himalaya Pub.P. Himaliya Publishing House.C. Satish Memoria.Ashwathappa.Gankar. Human Resource Management. Excel Publishers 3. Human Resource management & Industrial Relations.A.