Maan is an area; in the state of Maharashtra, in India. The districts; sharing this area; are Satara, Solapur and Sangli. Gondavle (India, Maharashtra state, Satara district, Maan taluka) is surrounded by places such as Dahivadi, Pusegaon, Koregaon, Mhasvad, Aatpadi, Satara, Phaltan, Vita, and Tasgaon. It is about 60 to 100 km from Sangola, Pandharpur, Pune, Sangli, Miraj and Mahabaleshvar. It can be reached from Mumbai, Panvel, Vashi, New Mumbai, Lonavla, and Thane; by road; in about 5 to 7 hours by express highway. Millions amongst us visit Gondavle with inexplicable and utmost attraction, love, devotion, dedication, reverence and innate piety; towards the incarnation of ultimate truth viz. Sadguru Shri Brahmachaitanya Maharaj Gondavalekar. Many of us participate in daily activities (conducive to individual and global blossoming) called NITYOPASANA (nitya = one which continues uninterrupted and upasana means getting nearer to God or truth). Some of us are involved in daily maintenance and management; while others are active in programs such as ANNA DAN (serving blessed food i.e. PRASAD) and GOSEVA and GOGRAS (caring and feeding the cows). How many of us know that there is a river named Maan Ganga and have seen it, where Shri Gondavlekar Maharaj spent his childhood?

How many of us have witnessed the miserable and pathetic condition of Maanganga? Do we care for the sanctity of Maanganga on the banks of which; Gondavlekar Maharaj played during His childhood? How many of us appreciate that neglecting Maanganga amounts to; disregarding our own reverence towards Shri Gondavlekar Maharaj? How many of us know that Maan (area around Gondavle) is drought affected and the importance of healthy river can not be overemphasized? Isn’t neglecting Maan Ganga; like committing suicide of our own physical, mental, economic and environmental existence? Is it not spiritual suicide also; in view of the fact that Maan Ganga is an infinite source of emancipating ambrosia? Can we isolate the devotion towards Shri Gondavlekar Maharaj, visiting Gondavle, volunteering for various services, practicing NAMASMARAN; from the revival of Maanganga the mother that would nurture us with spiritual nectar for centuries to come? NAMASMARAN can certainly inspire and motivate our conscience, wisdom, talents, expertise, managing capacity, technical skills, and coordination amongst many; to start and expedite the actual process of healing and revival of mother Maanganga; and help her to regenerate and rejuvenate us!