Held Under the Patronage of

His Excellency dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza
Minister of Energy – Chairman of National Oil & Gas Authority, Kingdom of Bahrain

MIddLE EAST 2012
9 – 10 May 2012
the ritz-Carlton, Bahrain hotel & spa, Bahrain
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the first

Future Trends, Opportunities and Challenges in Base Oil and Lubricant Trade and Technology

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Media Sponsors: Held in conjunction with The 20th Annual Middle East Petroleum and Gas Conference 2012 (MPGC 2012)

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org the PetrOsiL GrOUP is a reporting agency that creates and manages a range of market intelligence services and databases that are subscribed to by the world’s leading energy and chemical companies. The company is engaged in the oil industry including exploration and prospecting for oil both onshore and offshore. THE FIRST EVEnT On MIddLE EAST BASE OIL & LUBES BLM 2012 will run back to back with the 20th Annual Middle East Petroleum and Gas Conference (MPGC 2012) on May 6-8.com or visit www. Kingdom of Bahrain.org or visit www. For more information. developments in technology. for the oil & gas industries and other business sectors internationally. Petrosil also jointly organizes conferences for the industries we cover. trade data and analysis to over 800 global companies. conferences and other events. We gather. industry trends. the Far East.Conference Connection and Petrosil Group are pleased to announce the 1st Annual Base Oil and Lubes Middle East Conference (BLM 2012) on 9-10 May 2012 in the Kingdom of Bahrain under the Patronage of His Excellency Dr. Dedicated to providing an independent platform for interaction and discussion of the latest business & industry strategies. Do not miss this excellent opportunity to be part of this exclusive gathering of high level executives. The natural gas network is one of the most modern. please email info@cconnection. sales and exports of crude oil and refined products. is wholly owned by the Government of Bahrain. shipping and logistics and many other topics of interest. accurate and compelling business intelligence reports supported by next-generation technologies to our clients. Fax in your registration form or register online at www. the two-day event will serve as a platform for all senior-level decision makers from the global base oil and lubricant industry. Opportunities and Challenges in Base Oil and Lubricant Trade and Technology” will focus on key challenges and opportunities that exist in the entire value chain and will explore related topics such as regional issues. For a full list courses. (CLOseD) – BAPCO. The conference themed “Future Trends. 2012 in Bahrain. Abdul hussain bin Ali Mirza. corporate events and symposia. BAPCO’s prime customers for crude oil and refined products are based in the Middle East.com .000 barrel-a-day refinery (originally built in 1936). BAPCO continues to develop new opportunities in the oil industry for the benefit of the Kingdom of Bahrain. South East Asia and Africa. refining. 2012 in Bahrain. realtime reports. demand & supply outlook.petrosil. production. The company also supplies and sells aviation fuel at the Bahrain International Airport through its affiliate. a marketing terminal. The company produces and distributes all the natural gas used in Bahrain to feed all power plants.cconnection. it strives to combine excellence and professionalism through linkage with inter-governmental. professional and industry groups worldwide. and 95 percent of refined products are exported. premier-sector focused business events. It owns a 260. the CONfereNCe CONNeCtiON GrOUP is dedicated to the provision of global business information through high profile.org NOW! hOst OrGANisers the BAhrAiN PetrOLeUM COMPANY BsC. please e-mail info@petrosil. analyze and disseminate information including price benchmarks. production capacities. MPGC 2012 is the longest running annual oil conference in the Middle East and is held during the Middle East Petroleum & Gas Week (MEOW) which runs from May 5-10. industrial installations and feed for petrochemical plants. pricing trends. The Bahrain Aviation Fuelling Company. and an export marine terminal for its petroleum products. storage facilities for more than 14 million barrels. Hosted by the Bahrain Petroleum Company. cconnection. Minister of Energy – Chairman of National Oil & Gas Authority. The company’s main objective is to deliver timely. BAPCO exports crude oil from its offshore field to world markets and sells petroleum products locally and internationally. including international conferences. drilling. distribution of petroleum products and natural gas. There will be six events in Just 6 days and over 500 participants from 50 countries are expected at MPGC/MEOW 2012. India. newsletters.

Hamza Alwai. Manager Petroleum Products Sales. Petrosil Group. Global Editorial Director. Jorge Montepeque.10pm Lunch sponsored by sessiON sessiON I OffiCiAL OPeNiNG & KeYNOte ADDress Official Opening His Excellency Dr. India Afternoon Coffee Break indian Base Oils Market – Challenges & Opportunities l Indian Base Oil Market including Rubber Process Oils l Indigenous Base Oil Productions including qualities and Imports l Pricing of Base Oils in India l Base Oil Quality needs l Opportunities Mr. Minoti Makim. Abdul Hussain Bin Ali Mirza.50am sessiON Morning Coffee Break 2. Stephen Wright. Vice President. Kingdom of Bahrain (to be confirmed) IV DeMAND/sUPPLY OVerVieW iN MiDDLe eAst & AsiA Global Lubricant Basestocks supply and Demand trends: A Constant Changing Paradigm l Global paraffinic and naphthenic basestock capacity and production l Global demand for paraffinic and naphthenic basestocks l Future capacity additions and future demand l Trade flows and impact on pricing l Overview on manufacturing costs across API Baseoil grade types Ms. India Global Lubricants industry: Market Analysis and Opportunities l of the global lubricants industry and Size future forecasts 9.00am Registration and Morning Coffee Chairman’s Welcome Mr.40am New Group iii Lube Base Oil Plant successfully Commissioned in Bahrain Mr. Neste Oil Corporation.15pm 3. Kingdom of Bahrain (Invited) 9.15pm II LAtest DeVeLOPMeNts iN GrOUP iii BAse OiLs iN MiDDLe eAst 10.45pm 3.CONfereNCe AGeNDA Wednesday | 9 May 2012 8.00am 9.10am Acceleration of Group iii Base Oils in Middle east l Challenges shaping the future of the energy sector l Growing importance of Middle East as geographical hub for high quality base oils l Middle East’s opportunities and challenges to meet the growing demand of high quality base oils Mr. The Bahrain Petroleum Company. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.15am 1. Zakaria Sulaiman. Market Manager LUB. The Bahrain Petroleum Company. International Marketing. Juha Wallius. Europe/Middle East. USA the Global Naphthenic Market: Present and future – Challenges and Opportunities l Overview on global naphthenic capacity l Main applications of naphthenic oils l Demand outlook in main applications l Challenges and opportunities for naphthenic oils Dr. UK 4. Ebrahim A Talib. Nynas AB. Valentina Serra-Holm.15pm Copyright © The Conference Connection Inc. Kline & Company.30am Keynote Address Middle east Becoming An important supply hub Mr. Platts.10am Crude Oil Overview and impact on Base Oil Price Volatility Mr. Vice President – Energy. The Bahrain Petroleum Company. Sanjay Kumar. Market Reporting. Deputy Chief Executive.45pm 9. Process Specialist Lubes. Finland 10. Minister of Energy-Chairman of National Oil & Gas Authority.40am road Ahead and future trends for Group i Base Oil Plants in Asia and the Middle east Mr. Kingdom of Bahrain 11. S. Solomon Associates. USA 12. Vice President. Geeta Agashe.45pm III CrUDe OiL & refiNiNG OVerVieW 11. DGM – Product Supplies (Lubes). Market Development Manager. The organizers re . Refining & Marketing. Kingdom of Bahrain sessiON 2. Sweden Overview of Base Oil trade and Price trends in Asia Ms.

on the afternoon of 10 May 2012. Group III lubricant base oils from the hydrocracker bottoms stream using catalytic iso-dewaxing technology. Managing Director. N. the National Oil and Gas Holding Company and Neste Oil in Finland. Japan 11. Lubricant Business Manager.10pm Summary and End of Conference 12.45pm 3.15am evolving requirements in engine Oil specifications Speaker to be advised 11. Idemitsu Kosan Co. ENOC International Sales LLC.00am Morning Coffee Chairman’s Opening remarks Mr.45pm 2. Lubricants Technology. Bahrain hotel & spa Arrival at the new group iii base oil plant followed by tour of facilities Depart by coach from base oil plant to ritz-Carlton.30pm Depart by coach from ritz-Carlton. will have the opportunity to be part of the first ever group site visit to this new facility. restricted to a maximum of forty on a first come first serve basis. The final date for site visit registration is 1 May 2012. Overseas Marketing Manager. and is producing very high viscosity index (VHVI). Tatsuya Kawamura.00am 9. Tide Water Oil Co (I) Ltd & Director. Kline & Company. Geeta Agashe. The plant is the largest of its kind in the Middle East.CONfereNCe AGeNDA l Regional and product breakdowns l trends and opportunities Key l Global lubricant marketers and their market share Ms. Places are restricted and delegates are requested to register early.45am site Visit to BAPCO’s New Group iii Lube Base Oil Plant Bahrain’s New Group III Lube Base Oil Plant is a joint venture between BAPCO. USA 4.15pm Conference Working Luncheon followed by Site Visit to BAPCO’s New Group III Lube Base Oil Plant 5. UAE 10. The new unit is a state-of-the-art facility. Ltd. India End of Day One ~ Multi fuels usage and its quality ~ Harmful exhaust gases emissions and its reduction controls ~ Engine hardware developments ~ Engine oils quality l users’ perception towards low End viscosity engine oils and extended oil drain period l Additive companies’ challenge in meeting low Sulfated ash and phosphorous requirements l companies’ dilemma in marketing Oil low SAP engine oils Mr. R.15am 9. on new technical advancements (Low SAP oils): 10 May 2012 (1.00pm – 3.30pm) 9. Kingdom of Bahrain sessiON V fUtUre treNDs AND iNNOVAtiON iN teChNOLOGY the Lubricant Additives Market in the Middle east & Asia Speaker to be advised Automotive engine Oils – technological Advancement and its impacts l OEMs and Oil companies’ concerns API.15pm Thursday | 10 May 2012 8. where the paraffinic waxy feedstock undergoes transformation and isomerisation into a non-waxy high viscosity index product suitable for use as base stock for the production of high grade lubricants. Veedol International Limited. The plant has a capacity of up to 400.45pm indian Lubricants Market – emerging trends in the Automotive sector l Economy & Demographics l Market Segmentation & Demand l Trend Drivers Key l Performance Levels l Route to Market Mr.45am future trends and New Advances in PAO technology Mr. Bahrain hotel & spa eserve the right to alter the content and timing of the program. Marketing Division – Lubricants.00pm 1. Thangavel Rathina Kumar.45am Open forum – Outlook & future Challenges for the Base Oil & Lubes Business (All Speakers and Delegates are invited) 12. Howard Hancock.15am Morning Coffee Break 10. The Bahrain Petroleum Company. Ghosal. Bahrain hotel & spa Arrival at ritz-Carlton. Vice President – Energy. Alpha Olefin & Derivatives Group. courtesy of BAPCO. Delegates at BLM. schedule of site Visit to BAPCO’s New Group iii Lube Base Oil Plant 1. Manager. incorporating the latest catalytic dewaxing and distillation technologies from the world’s leading process licensors for the production of Group III base oils. .000 tpy and is located at Bapco’s refinery on Bahrain’s east coast.

importers. shipping companies. storage companies. senior executives and deal makers in one location. energy holdings n.L • alwaha Petrochemical Company • as Odysseus • Bahrain Petroleum Company • B. Vopak Middle east and others. • Blandford Consulting • BP Plc • Chevron Corporation • Citigroup • deepa Petroleum • dubai Mercantile exchange • emirates national Oil Company Limited (enOC) LLC • enOC International sales LLC • e. original equipment manufacturers. The organisers are inviting endorsement and support for the conference through corporate sponsorships and hosting of various functions.org . exporters. consultants. re-refiners.L. All events are individually priced & bookable separately with joint attendance discounts! • Middle east Petroleum insiders (MPi 2010) 5-6 May 2012 • Production sharing Contracts & international Petroleum fiscal systems (PsC 2012) 5-6 May 2012 • the 20th Annual Middle east Petroleum & Gas Conference (MPGC 2012) 6-8 May 2012 • Middle east Gas insiders (MGi 2012) 9-10 May. (I) Ltd • Total s. marine oil manufacturers and traders. additives manufacturers & suppliers. surveyors.. from 6-8 May 2012 in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Zimbabwe • Mubadala Oil & Gas • national Oil & Gas authority • national Oil Infrastructure Company of Zimbabwe • neptune energy Trading LLC • neste Oil Corporation • neste Oil Corporation • nynas aB • Oman Oil Marketing • Oriental Oil Company Limited • Petoyag a.BLM 2012 SPOnSORSHIP strengthen & showcase Your Brand. please contact (65) 6338 4090 or email abby@cconnection. lubricant packaging companies. 2012 • Gasoline & Diesel Blending technology & economics (GDB 2012) 9-10 May 2012 JOiN the fOLLOWiNG PArtiCiPAtiNG COMPANies At MeOW 2012 eVeNts aramco Trading • agas Lubes W.B. each catering to the specific information needs of delegates.On ruhrgas • energy Intelligence • FaCTs Global energy • Frigmaires engineers • Galana Petroleum • Gazprom Marketing & Trading Pte Ltd • Geo Chem Middle east • Gunvor Middle east dMCC • Gunvor sa • hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd • Idemitsu Kosan Co. Five other events are also being organized during this week.org or visit www. blenders. lubricants traders/retailers.s • Petrobras Petroleo Brasileiro sa • Petrosil Group • Platts • reliance Industries Limited • saLaCO • saudi arabian Oil Company (saudi aramco) • saudi Chevron Philips Co (s-Chem) • shell International LnG supply (sILs) • solomon associates Limited • swiss singapore Overseas enterprises Pte Ltd • Tatweer Petroleum • Telvent dTn • Tide Water Oil Co. the first Base Oil & Lubes Middle East 2012 will provide the ideal opportunity to enhance your company’s profile and increase your business potential through direct exposure to an audience of global base oil & lubes key decision makers. Kingdom of Bahrain • Ministry of energy & Power development.a. To register email mpgc@cconnection.V. • uOP LLC. Products and services @ BLM 2012 As the premier and dedicated Base Oil & Lubes conference in the Middle East..org / alycia@cconnection. Ltd • Icconol Petroleum Pvt Ltd • Interfax natural Gas daily • International energy agency • IrIs research Institute of Trade & Industry • JX nippon Oil & energy Corporation • Kline & Company Inc • Korea national Oil Corporation • Kuwait Petroleum Corporation • Lubes‘n’Greases europe-Middle east • Maersk Oil & Gas • Ministry of energy. clearing agents and others related to the industry such as:• Presidents • CeOs • Managing directors • executive directors • General Managers • Vice Presidents • Corporate Planners • Business development Managers • sales & Marketing Managers • export Managers • regional Managers • Product development Managers • Licensing Managers • Operation Managers • refinery Managers • export Managers • supply & distribution Managers • additives Managers • Fuels & Lubes Managers • Lube Plant Managers • Process Managers/Technologists • Marketing/Commercial Managers • Lubricant supply Chain Managers • Technical Managers • Base Oil Managers • Blending Managers • Lube retail Managers • Quality Control Managers • Lube Traders & Brokers • Lube analysts/ Consultants • Government Policy Planners • Procurists • senior Chemists MiDDLe eAst PetrOLeUM & GAs WeeK Base Oil & Lubes Middle East 2012 conference (BLM 2012) is being held in conjunction with the Middle East Petroleum & Gas Week. a honeywell Company • Venus Petrochemicals Pvt Ltd • Vitol Group of Companies.cconnection. Key sponsorship opportunities include: • Corporate sponsorships • Conference Documentation • Ballroom Collaterals • hosting of Official functions • Corporate Gifts • exhibit Booths For queries on sponsorship & exhibition opportunities.org WhO shOULD AtteND This conference will satisfy the information needs of base oil manufacturers.

795 Attendance fee (with MPGC) Alumni/ Gold Connect Member fee Day fee q N. please photocopy the registration form) reGistrAtiON fees BLM 2012 9-10 May 2012 PsC 2012 5-6 May 2012 MPGC 2012 6-8 May 2012 . ENQUIRIES & REGISTRATIONS: The Conference Connection Inc.org DATES & VENUE: Wednesday – Thursday. All discounts are mutually exclusive.. Bahrain Tel: (973) 1758 0000 Fax: (973) 1758 0333 REGISTRATION FEES FOR CONFERENCE: Full Fee: US$1. q US$2. PO Box 1736.720 (8 May) q N. Raffles City PO Box 1736 Singapore 911758 (PHONE Singapore (65) 6338 0064 )FAX Singapore (65) 6338 4090 :EMAIL info@cconnection. PAYMENTS: l All payments are to be made in advance of the conference in US Dollars by Inter-Bank transfers. DISCLAIMER: The organizers will not accept liability for non-approval of visas. 50% the invoiced fees will be charged and one set of conference documentation will be given (post event).A. Please fax/ email this form directly to the hotel of your choice and not to the conference organisers.795 per person (for all registered MPGC 2012 delegates) Team Fee: US$1. Travel.5 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER *MAIL The Conference Connection Inc. incidental or consequential. q US$2. Please request for a FastFax Hotel & Visa Application Form with your registration.A. (Please note: you are entitled to a 10% joint attendance discount for the fee off any MEOW event.100 q US$1. l The organizers reserve the right to impose conditions of entry for walk-in delegates. the client releases the organizers from any liability.A. l Paid and unpaid cancellations notified and acknowledged between 15 – 22 April 2012 will be given a 50% refund and one set of the conference documentation (post event).450 q US$2. Singapore 911758 or BLM 2012 Secretariat: 135 Middle Road.795 per person (Payment by 31 March 2012) Joint Attendance Fee: US$1. Fees include participation at all sessions. Tel: (65) 6338 0064 Fax: (65) 6338 4090 Email: info@cconnection.A.org :ON-LINE www. q US$2. daily lunch & coffee breaks and a set of conference documentation per person. PO Box 1736. Please instruct your bank to remit the full amount. l Staff at the event will request a credit card guarantee without proof of payment. HOTEL ACCOMMODATION & VISA APPLICATION: Official conference participants for MPGC & MEOW 2012 events qualify for special discounted rates at the following hotels in Bahrain: ~ The Ritz-Carlton. l Please quote event name. #05-01 Bylands Building. Ms) Email of Approving Manager Main Business Activity Please choose either Team or Joint Attendance Fee as only one will apply. Singapore 188975. q N.890 (6-7 May) q US$1.795 per person for the second and subsequent delegate from the same company and billing address.cconnection. full fee applicable for first person.) *For the 2nd & subsequent delegate from the same company and billing address..200 full fee early Bird fee (payment by 31 March 2012) team fee* q US$1.795 q US$2. Dr. l No refund will be given after 22 April 2012 but delegates can be substituted if the organizers receive prior notification at least 2 weeks prior to the conference. l The organizers reserve the right not to accept prior and on-site registrations without payment. Not valid with other discounts i.795 q US$2.org REGISTRATION CONDITIONS: l All registrations must be on the prescribed form or in writing and will be on a confirmed basis unless otherwise notified in writing. 9 – 10 May 2012 The Ritz Carlton.205 My Gold Connect card number is ____________ q US$1. l For registrations invoiced and unpaid but subsequently cancelled after 22 April 2012.475 Joint q US$1. individual transport delays and transport disruption.105 (Alumni q US$2.A. Ms) Surname Company Job Title Nationality Address GDB 2012 9-10 May 2012 q US$2.org Website: www.995 q US$1. Dr.100 Gold Connect Member) q US$2. Singapore 911758 or the BLM 2012 Secretariat at 135 Middle Road. #05-01 Bylands Building. Not valid with other discounts and full fee applicable for first person. nett of bank charges. q N. BAse OiL & LUBes MiDDLe eAst 2012 Delegate registration form (ii) Please PriNt in block letters and return to: The Conference Connection Inc. Raffles City.100 q US$2. l Delegates whose payments are not received before the event are required to furnish proof of payment on-site.A. our normal cancellation rules and penalties apply. Where matters beyond the reasonable control of the organizers impair or prevent the organizers from being able to perform their obligation under this event.cconnection.A. Raffles City. Bahrain Hotel & Spa PO Box 55577 Manama. q N.A.org q Yes! Please register me/ us: (for more than one delegate.205 (Non Alumni Fee) q N. please photocopy registration form) q Yes! Please register me for the site visit at the same time q Please send us information on Middle East & Petroleum Gas Week events CC/3220/12 Petrosil THIS CONTAINS YOUR UNIQUE REGISTRATION REFERENCE PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE MAILING LABEL First Name (Mr. Tel: (65) 6338 0064 Fax: (65) 6338 4090 Email: info@cconnection.e. (For more than one delegate.995 per person Early Bird Fee: US$1. Singapore 188975. Country Tel Fax Postal/Zip Code q N. (Bank details will be provided upon receipt of registration). Bahrain Hotel & Spa – Host Hotel ~ Gulf Hotel Bahrain ~ Kempinski & Grand Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre ~ Sheraton Bahrain Hotel ~ InterContinental Regency Bahrain Delegates will be responsible for their own hotel and visa arrangements and are advised to make reservations before the cut-off date specified by each hotel. invoice number and delegate number for bank transfers. and in such circumstances.750 q N. to such matters. Only one room reservation per form is allowed. CANCELLATION & SUBSTITUTION: l Cancellations notified in writing by letter and acknowledged by 15 April 2012 will be levied an administrative fee of 5% for paid cancellations and 10% for unpaid cancellations.475 q US$2. q N. as a registered delegate of MPGC – applicable only to full registration fee and does not apply to other discounted fees.A. Email Name of Approving Manager (Mr. accommodation and visa costs are not included.