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Double Break Rotary Isolator
Type tested design Manual or motor operated System voltage 33kV/66kV Australian design and manufacture Rated short time withstand current 31.5kA (3 seconds)

Double Break Ro
General arrangement
The Ampcontrol double break rotary isolator has been type tested by a NATA approved testing authority and complies with Australian Standard AS 1306 - 1985 and IEC 60129 amendments parts I and II. Options exist to supply the unit partially assembled or in a basic flat pack assembly.

Basic unit

The basic triple pole rotary isolator can be supplied with two 2900mm high galvanised steel support columns and is padlockable in the on and off positions. All isolators are supplied with a manual operating handle and linkages. Operating shaft lengths can be customised to suit individual requirements. Mounting options include utilising the support columns, pole mount or assembly onto a switchroom roof.

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Australian design and manufacture to suit local conditions Engineering support readily available - application assistance Low maintenance - cost effective Type tested design complies to Australian and IEC Standards - reliability assured Positive 2:1 switch movement provides ease of operation Motor operated open/closing mechanism option available (type tested) Part assembled option simplifies installation Load and/or line side earth switch option available Integrated mechanical interlocking ensures failsafe operation Security key option enhances operator safety

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Feeder isolators Switchyards Zone substations Traction installations Relocatable substations Mobile mining substations


otary Isolator
Simplified installation
The isolator is available in both flat pack and part assembled formats ready for installation. The part assembled option can reduce the amount of time required on-site and simplifies the switchgear installation. The ground level erection process requires only four stages - stand the two support columns, position the base frame on the columns, mount operating handles and fit interconnecting rods. Final inspection and operational checks follow.

Earth switches

Earth switches can be fitted for load and/or line side operation and are provided with a mechanical interlock to prevent simultaneous closing onto the isolator. All standard earth switches are supplied with a manual operating handle and linkages. Earth switch auxiliary contacts are also available.

Flicker blades

Stainless steel flicker blades can be supplied for installations requiring the breaking of low currents associated with system stored energy, such as line charging currents in cables or overhead lines.

Rotary isolator auxiliary contacts

To allow status signalling for manually operated isolators a separate position indicating switch can be provided in an IP66 metal enclosure.

Motor operator

As an alternative to manual operation, a type tested design DC motor drive assembly can be fitted to the isolator in lieu of the operating handle. The motor control assembly is fully self contained and supplied in an IP66 metal enclosure.

Solenoid interlock

The operating handle can be fitted with an electrical solenoid interlock arrangement complete with auxiliary contacts. A mechanical key style interlock kit can also be implemented


Isolator and earth switch utilise multi-contact parallel arrangement

Manual operating handle

Earth switch operating mechanism

Technical Ratings
Description System highest primary voltage System nomial primary voltage Rated short-time withstand current for 3 seconds Phases per unit Impulse - flashover co-ordinated Rated frequency Rated normal current Rated peak withstand current Class Lightning impulse, full wave, either polarity - Phase to earth and between poles - Across open disconnector Power frequency (1 minute) - Phase to earth (dry) - Across open disconnector (dry) - Phase to earth (wet) - Across open disconnector (wet) 36kV rms 33kV 31.5kA rms 3 200kVp 50Hz 1250-2000A rms 78.8kA Outdoor 200kVp 230kVp 70kV 80kV 60kV 80kV rms rms rms rms Value 72.5kV rms 66kV 31.5kA rms 3 325kVp 50Hz 1250-2000A rms 78.8kA Outdoor 325kVp 375kVp 140kV 160kV 140kV 160kV rms rms rms rms

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Galvanised support columns Security key interlock adaptor kit Earth switch auxiliary contacts Earth switch position indication flags Flicker blades Rotary isolator auxiliary contacts Motor operator 110VDC Solenoid interlock kits

Test report No. 101187 IEC 60129: 1984 with amendments No's 1 and 2 (Mechanical endurance: motor operator/disconnector/earth switch - 1000 operations). AS1306 - 1985 High voltage AC switchgear and control gear - disconnectors (isolators) and earthing switches (Mechanical endurance: motor operator/disconnector/earth switch 1000 operations). AS2395 - 1980 Terminals for switchgear assemblies for alternating voltages above 1kV. AS2650 - 1986 High voltage AC switchgear and control gear - common requirements.


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