February – April, 2011

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Scott Hays, Director Product Marketing

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FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTS: This document includes descriptions of product functionality that is not presently available. This press release contains certain statements which may constitute forward-looking statements under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements include statements regarding future product releases, revenues, cash flows, growth prospects, installed base of customers, the launch of Epicor 9 and other statements that are not historical fact. These forward-looking statements are based on currently available competitive, financial and economic data together with management's views and assumptions regarding future events and business performance at the time the statements are made and are subject to risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from those expressed or implied in the forward-looking statements. Such risks and uncertainties include but are not limited to changes in the demand for Epicor's products; the timely availability and market acceptance of new products and upgrades; the impact of competitive products and pricing; the discovery of undetected software errors; changes in the financial condition of Epicor's customers; and other factors discussed in Epicor's annual report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2009. As a result of these factors the business or prospects expected by Epicor as part of this announcement may not occur. Epicor undertakes no obligation to revise or update publicly any forward-looking statements.

February – April, 2011

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Using Technology to Spark Innovation and Power Growth

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Peer Presentation: Customer Story How Epicor Global Services Ensure Your Ongoing Success Networking Lunch Break-Out: E9/Manufacturing/SCM or Enterprise/Clientele

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Ask the Experts: E9/Manufacturing/SCM or Enterprise
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2011 .Thank you to our Sponsors! Premier Sponsors Corporate Sponsors February – April.

Using Technology to Spark Innovation and Power Growth .

2011 .The Business World in 2009 February – April.

The Business World in 2011 February – April. 2011 .

2011 .The Growth Imperative February – April.

2011 .What the Best-in-Class are Focusing on Developing new products and services Improve business processes and execution Taking steps to reduce operational costs Efforts to service and grow customers February – April.

2011 .The Savings v Growth Dilemma Conference Board Survey of Senior Business Executives 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% CEO 18% 9% 11% 22% Executives are expected to keep recessionary cost savings while driving still driving revenue growth CFO CIO 73% 67% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Shareholders Revenue Growth Cost Pressure Higher No Change Lower Source: Conference Board 2010 February – April.

Enabling Your Growth Through Your Innovation .

February – April. 2011 .

05 – Focused on You Financial Management • Advanced Financial Reporting • Advanced Allocations Engine • Asset Management Engine • Tax & Carbon Connect • Expense Management • Project Accounting • Virtualization Taking steps to reduce operational costs February – April. 2011 .Epicor 9.

Epicor 9. Sales. 2011 . Service Management • Lead & Opportunity Management • Case & Contact Management • Enhanced Quality Assurance • Maintenance Management • EDI Demand Management • Mobile Field Service • Epicor Commerce Efforts to service and grow customers February – April.05 – Focused on You CRM.

Project and SCM • Material Requirements Planning • Lean Production Management • Product Data Management • Planning and Scheduling • Sourcing and Forecasting • Time Management • Project Structuring Developing new products and services February – April.Epicor 9.05 – Focused on You Production. 2011 .

05 – Focused on You Performance Management • Updatable Business Activity Queries • Seamless SharePoint Integration • Comprehensive Analytics • Epicor Mobile Access • Search Anywhere • Easy to use BPM • Dashboards Improve business processes and execution February – April. 2011 .Epicor 9.

602/a Release Service Pack Patch Patch Patch Service Pack/Patch Service Pack/Patch Date March 2010 April 2010 May 2010 July 2010 September 2010 November 2010 • Planned Maintenance: Number 9.600 9. 2011 .05.600a 9.604 9.05.601/a 9.600c 9.Future Releases. 9. Release Content and Dates Subject to Change Performance and Enhancements • Released Maintenance: Number 9.05.606 Release Service Pack Service Pack Service Pack Service Pack Date February 2010 April 2011 June 2011 August 2011 February – April.05.603 9.600b 9.

04.601 75200 Improve performance of dependencies calculation during SCS backup 9.602 78251 Web Forms .04.505 Fixed at 9.60x Performance Epicor70% reduction in network traffic Enhancements • Super SQL enhancements and profiling • Dashboard multi-threaded data “uptake” via UBAQ • Cached doc types reduces roundtrips for attachment processing • Replication trigger “tuning” and documentation • Single BO calls • Tuning quote to cash modules • Order entry • Fulfillment • Job entry • Cash receipts • Invoice process • Po entry 48194 In BO designer improve the feature of linking fields to help in performance on SQL Server 9.Perfomance issue at loading the Matching screen 77080 EA-CreditCard Credit Card .05.Load time is slow when used with Epicor 9 source databases 9.05.js & EpiControl.05. takes 36 hours to print one day of transactions 74259 EA-RunConversionProgram Run Conversion Program GL upgrade is not re-assigniing JEDate based on Fiscal Year/Period 75079 EA-ProductConfigurator Product Configurator ..700 76043 Use cached zData in lib/ClassAttribute 9.05.Entry of a Different Date from Default Causes Huge Data Download 9. 9.Retrieving PO is Very Slow 9.report hangs on retrieving data.Slow performance retreiving large amount of records 67653 EA-CustomerTracker Customer Tracker .04.Add functionality to support foreign links similar to the functionality of GetRows 9.601 Fixed at 9.05. 9.05.00.Slow performance when saving a new schedule 75694 EA-DemandEntry Demand Entry takes a long time to delete schedules and details 76498 EA-DemandEntry Demand Entry ." is selected on an operation 76470 EA-ProcessMRP Process MRP .04.Remove the ALTER FUNC statement in BAQ SQL statements for SQL database 9.Credit card conversion program (cvcd0001.w conversion routine 9.Rebuilding ES index loses some table indexes and statistics 9.00.601 66154 EEPM Glossary Designer .05.review performance 64193 _SCR100 Performance Improvement .600 Fixed at 56375 The client performance needs to be improved.Price List UOM is set to Inventory UOM for converted Dimension tracked parts 73765 EA-InventoryWIPReconciliationRpt Inventory / WIP Reconciliation Report slow performance.ShipTo page limit break is not working.Performance issue while loading some Customers 70095 EA-AssetDepreciationRecalculation Asset Depreciation Recalculation .601 75730 Web Forms .700.504 60276 Make the Splash form come up as soon as possible after the user has logged in.04.600 62183 EpiControls .504 59929 Reports / Processes . UI and Tracker for Part Lot seperately.Leaving a field takes 15 seconds when there are 800 inputs in the configurator 68930 EA-AgedReceivables Aged Receivables .504 61688 Web Forms Labor Entry .hangs up when trying to pull up jobs.Slow performance when adding a detail 73728 EA-UOM UOM Conversion of Dimension creates too many UOMClasses 73733 EA-UOM UOM .002 52290 ClassAttributeHandler does not memory cache info about classes that have no attributes .503 59249 Catchall for client performance bugs.601 76871 Add compression option to User Maintenance 9. 54063 EA-Part Part .04.05.05.Optionally do Get Shipments for completly shipped sales orders only 77644 EA-CashReceiptEntry Cash Receipt Entry Invoice Selection takes more than 10 minutes to process more than 1000 invoice 73944 EA-CashReceiptEntry Cash Receipt Entry .504 61710 Web Forms Receipt Entry .js) 9.505 62183 Performance issue in sales order with EpiTreeView::treeLoader 9. 66266 _SCR100 ReportMonitor Update slow affects report preview performance . plus search has a very slow performance 62304 EA-SupplierPerformance Supplier Performance .Slow performance when running this report 70566 EA-ProductConfigurator Product Configurator .Slow performance when saving a new schedule 76151 • Improved upgrade process • Printing framework • Improved Web client • Direct service calls from Service Connect • Minimal client deployment (only downloads DLLs as needed) .04.Slow Performance printing 30 pages with 153K customer's on DB 69397 EA-OpportunityQuoteEntry Opportunity / Quote Entry .601 71683 Implement .04.Slow performance when loading the search screen 73625 EA-DemandEntry Demand Entry .601 74183 BAQ Conversion .601 74537 Too much logic is added to the session constructor 9.p) is taking more than 24 hours to finish 67310 EA-ManagementReporter Management Reporter . 60314 EA-InventoryTransfer Inventory Transfer .601 76652 ICE Enterprise Search .Slow performance when loading jobs with almost 900 materials 76777 EA-HandheldMasterPack Handheld Packout .301 57407 Product Configurator <Copy/Paste functionality does not allow validations before the paste operation> 9.Issue with GL Journal Detail posting performance 63190 EA-InventoryWIPReconciliationRpt Inventory / WIP Reconciliation Report .00.Performance issue when created pack by using Picked Orders 76606 EA-InvoiceEntryAR Invoice Entry AR .Improve performance of cv\cvloaddata.5 9.600 62191 General Framework <Add index to bzKeyFieldCache temp table to improve update performance> 9.Performance issue 77652 EA-ProductConfigurator Product Configurator .process is slow even just for one asset 72840 EA-SerialNumberAssignment Serial Number Assignment . 9.601 49323 Company initialization should be done when the company is created and not upon changing companies 9.custom forms load combos twice on load 9.Improve performance and streamline the General Ledger data that is sent 76021 EA-StartActivity Start Activity .04.04.Cannot use for all plants at the same time 67475 EA-Customer Customer . Print detail performance .002 50461 XDocTypeCtrl :: GetList() method.05.Improve performance when using 70 or more sub configurators 75455 EA-ProjectEntry Project Entry .Performance issues when receiving thousands of serial numbers 75924 EA-ExternalCompany External Company .Performance issues on KeepWhen if there are multiple subassemblies 67772 EA-DemandReviewReport Demand Review Report .601 76261 EWA: cache class attribute 9.Performance issue due to lack of index for serial numbers 75045 EA-EDI-Inbound EDI Inbound .Conversion program should include code to generate a list of subassembly configured parts 68323 EA-PayrollCheckEntry Printing a payroll register takes a long time 66922 EAFebruary – April.Install (XMLA installer) 9.so a back office call happens everytime to check for attributes.specially if the customer has lots of patchfld records 51856 EA-SerialNumberCustomerTransfer Serial Number Customer Transfer .Slow performance when using a non US date format culture 76485 EA-JobEntry Job Entry .002 52350 CallContext dataset metadata being marshalled 9. 9.Update slow running conversion programs such as UOM and others 70122 EATime&MaterialsInvReview T & M Invoice Review.Slow Performance for Select and release for picking.MES .Review CashRecGetInvoices for performance enhancements 75033 EA-PostingEngine Posting Engine .No data is returned in SQL database.002 51783 GetList is not optimized under SuperSQL if a separate list dataset has not been defined 9.Project Analysis performance is taking over 3 minutes on a customer db.NET Open Client compression enhancement that was put by Progress in 10.Client proxy files are downloaded during form load 9.05.General Performance SCR 76209 EA-JobEntry Job Entry .05.GLAccount control is causing OnChanged event to be called twice 9. 75917 EA-DemandEntry Demand Entry .504 60103 Web Forms SCR Entry on the EWA Matrix takes too long to load 9.Performance .Improve performance when "Serial Number Required.501 58242 Client performance issues.0. 76184 EA-CustomerShipmentEntry Customer Shipment Entry .05.Increase performance in EDI workflow by removing schedule validations 75046 EA-EDI-Inbound EDI Inbound .Script Performance in EWA (Framework.04. add 2 fields from DocType table (Description && StorageType) 9.05.add option to get details from the base part or generated part 64750 EA-RunConversionProgram Database conversion 6690 triples the number of BookRel records 64855 EA-InvoiceEntryAR Invoice Entry AR Get Shipments will not auto-print packing slips 75390 EA-DemandEntry Demand Entry .05.05.• OpenClient network compression (WAN) • Up to 9. 74904 EA-LaborEntry Labor Entry .504 61857 Web Forms . 2011 FulfillmentWorkBench Fulfillment Work Bench . 67863 EA-PostingEngine Posting Engine .601 66158 GetList API .05.601 77651 Create caching mechanism for BAQ-based datasources 9.Slow performance after entering a sales order number 77213 EA-GeneralLedgerReport General Ledger Report .05.600 64644 Performance enhancements for ICE 2.05.05.Control the number of times KillTask actually writes to the database 9.601 76327 BAQ .Remove PartLot from Part Maint/Tracker and create a new BO.has slow performance 67612 EA-ProductConfigurator Product Configurator .05.Search territory combo should not be filtered based on user read-only territories 67717 EA-RunConversionProgram Database Conversion 6430 takes a long time to run.05..Slow performance on Part search 65843 EA-FulfillmentWorkBench Fulfillment Work Bench . 64426 EAProductConfiguratorDesigner Product Configurator Designer .2A03 on the Client side 9.Increase performance in EDI workflow by avoiding saving the demand contract information 75343 EA-ReceiptEntry Receipt Entry .601 74007 EEPM Installation .05. 9.

quicker deployment. lower costs February – April.Hardware Sizing and Virtualization Taskforce • Goal: Configuration and specification of hardware sizing for new and existing customers Goal: Documentation to guide implementation of Epicor ERP in virtualized environments Goal: Series of new tools that leverage our best resources and our Partners skill sets Benefits: Head start for common hardware sizing and typical configurations Benefits: More comprehensive documentation and guidelines Result: Greater upfront accuracy. 2011 • • • • • .

2011 . December 2010 • Epicor 9.05.400 (1200 users) February – April.500 (1500 users) and 8.Performance Benchmarking • Microsoft labs. WA.03.04. Sammamish.602a supported up to 3000 concurrent users • Results showed significant performance improvements over 9.

avoids bottlenecks. • Availability. and cost-efficiently simplifies management of the infrastructure as it grows. reduces mean time to diagnose. 2011 . performance and configuration monitoring and analysis • Automated root cause analysis minimizes downtime. reduces costs February – April. SAN and storage devices. LAN. that minimizes IT environment downtime.Hitachi IT Operations Analyzer Excellent fit for all-in-one monitoring of servers.

Future Releases.03.04. Release Content and Dates Subject to Change Extend Solutions and More Planned Solution Epicor Commerce Epicor Precise Point of Sale Epicor Tax Connect ST Epicor Tax Connect UT Epicor Tax Connect 1099 Epicor Secure Data Manager Epicor Strategic Sourcing V8.4XX V9.XXX V9.05. 2011 .XXX    2011     Q1 2011  2011             SaaS Option  Epicor Carbon Connect Epicor Knowledge Mentor Epicor AFR & XBRL Epicor XL Connect Epicor Information Worker Epicor Service Connect Epicor HCM Q1 2011  2011 2011   2011 Q1 2011   In QA   2011    In QA   Q1 2011   February – April.

2011 .” Forrester Research. 2010 February – April. inc. Vendors…must provide preconfigured bestpractice packages to unlock access to new enhanced capabilities.Why Industry? “Today’s increasing complexity of business processes requires solutions that are tailored to respective industry challenges.

601 • Deferred Revenue Accounting • Contract Renewal • Employee Training • Industry specific dashboards/reporting Epicor 9.05. Lean enhancements Q4 2010 2011 2012 Upgrade to newer versions when ready Continued releases planned every 12-18 months Future releases. dates and content are subject to change February – April. 2011 .05.Epicor for Aerospace and Defense Road Map Epicor 9.1 • • • • EVMS ITAR MRO enhancements Project Mgt enhancements • Contract Mgt enhancements Q3 2010 Building on the foundation of Epicor 9.05 ERP: • • • • • • • • • • • Project Management Revenue Recognition and Project Billing Asset Management Maintenance Mgt Mobile Field Service Enhanced Quality Mgt Advanced Financial Reporting Customer and Supplier managed inventory Lot and Serial traceability Engineering Change control EDI.602 • US Government forms • WWAF integration • Borrow/Payback • Supplier Audits and Surveys • Industry Best Practices Epicor 9.05.603/604 • Project Management enhancements • Exostar Integration • Field Service enhancements • Maintenance Mgt enhancements Epicor 9.

AgileShip Manifest A Complete Global Shipping Solution • Automate compliance for parcel. LTL. generate labels & required documentation • Verify US addresses for errors. zip + 4 correction. & TL shipments Reduce each transaction cost by • Rate shipments. residential delivery • Update Epicor with freight charges and tracking data Agile Export $10 You reduce Reduce each transportation transaction costs upby cost to 30% Agile Route Agile Manage February – April. 2011 .

2011 .Flexible Business Process Management February – April.

2011 .The Benefits of Epicor for Your Industry • Rapid implementation and adoption of application modules • Roadmaps with focused functionality related to business and industry • More efficient processes through best practice models and end user procedures • Assists compliance with regulatory and reporting requirements • Improves operational visibility and support for transparency demands • Heightened business performance without compromise February – April.

The Cloud: Application Delivery Evolution February – April. 2011 .

1. February – April. Complete choice and flexibility for ERP deployment. 2. secure. 2011 . low cost access to value-added EXTEND solutions. Rapid.

Extending Microsoft’s Technology Architecture Leading Cloud Platform Epicor ERP Express Edition (multi-tenant SaaS) Epicor Campaign Connect Epicor Carbon Connect Epicor Advanced Financial Planning* Epicor Payment Connect* Epicor Global Payroll* Epicor Tax Connect Epicor Commerce Epicor HCM Epicor Mobile Server* Epicor Everywhere* Epicor ERP Azure* * Future products not yet released February – April. 2011 .

Epicor HCM Comprehensive Functionality  Manager Self-Service  Employee Self-Service        Employment Data Absence Tracking Benefits Administration Compensation Administration Position Control Tailoring Tools Global Features  US Payroll  Payroll Connect*      Salary Planning Performance Review Training & Development Succession Planning Organization Charting  Recruitment Management  Candidate Self-Service     Standard Reports Custom Reporting Analytics Workflow & Alerts February – April. 2011 .

Cloud Brings Flexibility and Choice to HCM From HR… … and everything in between … … to ERP • Modular suite functionality • SOA based components • Full range of deployment options • Flexibility to mix and match February – April. 2011 .

highly secure. and SLA backed • More predictable costs as Cap Ex becomes Op Ex and you only pay for what you use • Promotes standardization through consistent IT infrastructure and approach • Delivers freedom of choice for deployment and acquisition approach February – April.The Benefits of Cloud Computing • Enables rapid deployment and provisioning of releases with minimal overhead • Provides massive and instant scalability through flexible elasticity • Mitigates risk from being always available. 2011 .

2011 .Where does BI really make a difference? In the context of what you are doing now Based on your role within the business And in always in real time February – April.

Release Content and Dates Subject to Change Epicor Actionable Analytics • Rounds out Smarter BI stack • Key Performance Indicators • Extends business activity monitoring to Business Intelligence • Uses best practice models • Supports analytic integrity rules • Integrates with BPM engine • Links EPM Canvas to the Epicor ROI Calculator • Actual results update ROI values and reflected in EPM Canvas • Longer term goals influence daily operational performance February – April. 2011 .Future Releases.

anytime. any device access • Empowers users without compromising security or straining IT resources • Improves operational efficiency and predictability through best practices • Establishes a culture of high performance that aligns users with objectives • Reduces “shelf-ware” with rapid adoption and implementation of BI enterprise wide • Drives better business insights and smarter decisions February – April.The Benefits of Epicor EPM • Supports real-time information with anywhere. 2011 .

Mission Critical Information Anywhere Industry Industrial & Consumer Energy Oil & Gas Distribution & Logistics Insurance Services Health Care Services Mobile HCM and Workforce Management Mobile Enterprise Asset Management Mobile Field Force Management Mobile Sales Force Management Mobile Transportation Management Vertical Horizontal • MES Shop Floor • Asset Management • Inventory Management • Maintenance / Repair • Pick Up / Collections • Telematics • Dispatching • Direct Store Delivery • Claims & Evidence • Loss Adjustment • Patient / Aged Care • Electronic Records February – April. 2011 .

Dutch. 2011 . Release Content and Dates Subject to Change Epicor Enterprise Mobility • Epicor Mobile: Mission critical apps available now • Fully featured Field Service app – English. Chinese versions • Fully featured Sales Assistant app – CRM sales and distribution field workers • Additional fully featured applications • Time and Expense Management app • EXTEND across Epicor product lines • Support for semi-rugged lower cost devices and multiple operating platforms • On-demand SaaS version for server/devices • Epicor Commerce: Mobile edition February – April.Future Releases. Spanish. Swedish.

2011 .There’s Smart Phones…. February – April..

The Benefits of Epicor Enterprise Mobility • Maximizes worker uptime by enabling more tasks per day • Enables smarter work by delivering essential information at the point of work • Reduces costs through operational and processes efficiency improvements • Smartphone usage reduces IT training and help desk overhead • Provides access to a rapidly growing online and m-Commerce generation • Real time mobile applications improve customer service and satisfaction February – April. 2011 .

February – April. 2011 .

Information Week 500 Study Results February – April. 2011 .

• Increase productivity by 40% or more • Reduces filing.doc-link for Epicor doc-link™ is an integrated document management system that interfaces with Epicor ERP applications to eliminate paper from your office. retrieving and archival costs • Achieve rapid return on investment • Eliminates file cabinets and reclaims office space • Reduces cycle times by streamlining accounting processes February – April. 2011 .

2011 . Release Content and Dates Subject to Change Epicor Activity Streams Management February – April.Future Releases.

and the supply-chain • Improves organizational efficiency as well as worker productivity • Retention of knowledge and access to a new and broader source of talent • Reduction in time taken to react.The Benefits of Epicor Enterprise 2.0 • Effectively engages workers within and between businesses. respond and resolve business matters • Competitive differentiation that can be hard for others to replicate • Promotes Innovation through connected collaboration and creativity February – April. 2011 .

Next-Generation ERP in Action: Epicor 9.05 Demonstration: Kristen Martin .

2011 . Smarter Business Intelligence Initiative 4. Deep Industry and Vertical Strength 2.0 Platform Growth Through Innovation Enabling Growth Through Innovation February – April.Epicor 9. Enterprise Everywhere Mobility Solutions 5. Value-added SaaS and Cloud Offerings 3.05 ERP Focus in 2011 1. Collaborative Enterprise 2.

Break Up Next: Customer Presentation .

February – April. Product Marketing . Director. 2011 Epicor Global Services Presented By: Chad Meyer.

Converge” Strategy Upgrade & Migration Services Protect Investment Tiered Support Programs Managed Services Epicor Global Services Maximize Value Business Process Review Performance Consulting Outsourcing Offerings . Extend.Implement Software Implementation Services End User Training Documentation Next Generation “Protect.

Your Resource for Upgrades and Migrations .

2011 .How Many of You Have Experienced This? What The User Asked For How The Solution Was Specified How The Solution Was Implemented What The User Really Wanted February – April.

Best Practice Models • Implementation focused on achieving your objectives established during the sales cycle Reduces implementation time by starting with a roadmap Gaps are easily identified and adjusted to specific requirements Improved project success Rework Capital Expenditure Request Rework Required Rework Required Declined • Validate Capital Expenditure Request Raise Capital Expenditure Requisition Form Capital Expenditure Request Status Board Approval of Capital Request • Declined Approved >$100. we work with you to build a solution that follows industry best practices while preserving what makes your company so unique and successful February – April.000 Capital Expenditure Request Status (Post-Board) Approved • Review Approved Included in the Capital Plan Approved Capital and Budgets Plan and Budgets? No Process Capital Expenditure Request Epicor does not just replicate existing processes or implement a preconfigured package. 2011 .

It simplifies the process of defining.XSOL InOrder XSOL InOrder enables you to easily map and model your business processes. documenting and visualizing your operations Document • • • • • Visualize Publish Refine Capture processes with the easy to use graphical design environment Visually illustrate processes Instantly publish and republish documentation in multiple formats Model new or modified business processes before implementing or upgrading XSOL is the mapping tool behind Epicor Best Practice Models February – April. 2011 .

With Epicor Best Practices and XSOL What The User Asked For What The User Really Wanted How The System Was Specified How The Solution Was Implemented February – April. 2011 .

and goals . pains. 2011 .Epicor ROI Services • Focuses on over 40 potential areas of tangible benefits associated with specific aspects of ERP Focuses on your issues.not on our features and benefits (uses your data. and your estimates of the benefits) Track and prove the results of your solutions • • February – April.

savings are shared 50/50  If the project is over budget. Epicor charges only 50% of the standard rates for all over budget costs Win-Win • Lower risk of over budget projects through simplified requirements and a clearly defined project scope • You and Epicor equally share success and responsibility February – April. 2011 .Shared Benefits Program Commitment • You and Epicor are equally involved • Epicor provides a quote based on your clearly defined requirements and project scope The Deal • If the project is under budget.

no or minimal customizations Fixed price for remote program Onsite consulting varies Advanced Program • • Enterprise.Upgrade and Migration Programs Remote Program • • • Small and midsize companies. single site. 2011 . multi-site. complex customizations Business Process Review to define requirements and final quote February – April. multiple products. no customizations. no complex environment No custom data migration needs Remote project management and self-paced tools and services Hybrid Program (Remote + Onsite) • • • Small or midsize customers. more than 200 users.

for further tuning.g. You perform all further data migrations thereafter (e. testing. Individually priced depending on your needs and preferences February – April. 2011 .Data Migration Services Option 1: • • Epicor data extraction and import tools PLUS 3 days of services Provides a knowledge transfer and training on how to use the tools Option 2: • • Epicor data extraction and import tools PLUS 8 days of services Helps execute the first pass data migrations and guidance on results and next steps. to support the business simulations and pilot and ultimately the go live pass) Option 3: • Customer-specific services • Epicor performs all data migration on your behalf.

Data Management Tool (DMT) The Data Management Tool enables you to easily import and validate data simultaneously into Epicor 9 DMT allows you to import records by adding. deleting or updating data directly via an integrated business logic which ensures optimum performance while retaining the product database integrity Feature/Benefits: • • • • • • • • Informs users of required fields Error log clearly identifies specific import issues Import data from Excel and CSV files Ensures data integrity by validating against business logic Employs Epicor user security Provides estimation of the time it will take to import data Delivered with 60+ standard import templates Template builder simplifies creation of import templates February – April. 2011 .

Epicor Data Extraction Tools • Developed by Epicor Consulting specifically for users of iScala. our data import tool • Can be adjusted to your needs and requirements February – April. in the correct format to be imported into Epicor 9 • Epicor provides a complete data migration methodology based on your existing functionality and requirements for Epicor 9 Benefits: • Built specifically for your current Epicor product • Works in conjunction with DMT. 2011 . Enterprise and iSolutions products • Extraction of the right data.

Resources and Tools for Success • SharePoint Project Control Center • Project Planning Workbook • Best Practice Models • Embedded Education Courses • Knowledge Mentor Lessons • Data Management Tool (DMT) • Data Migration Templates • Project Management .Stage Reviews February – April.Overall Project Scope & Plan .Activity Reports .Cutover Plan . 2011 .Conference Room Pilot Plan .

Epicor Education .

000 February – April.Epicor Education by Numbers • 100 plus Embedded Courses associated with Epicor 9 • 105 virtual or classroom courses available • 2.000.000 fields defined in “Field Help” Over $1.000 invested in education and documentation in 2010 • 1.500 pages of technical content in Epicor’s Technical Guides • 74.000. 2011 .

5 Tools Service Management Cross Brand Solutions Production Management Sales Management Human Capital Management Materials Management • Application.Epicor University • Singularly focused on the worldwide education of Epicor customers and partners Introduce certification programs Education and Certification Tracks Industry and Vertical Manufacturing Distribution Procurement Medical Device Aerospace/Defense Capital Equipment Not for Profit Automotive Electronics Job Shop Hospitality Senior Living ICE 2. 2011 . Technical and Tools Financial Management • Extend the Epicor 9 product education deliverables Dedicated team to conduct training worldwide Ensures consistency and quality across training and education deliverables • • February – April.

Education and Documentation Instructor Led Classroom Event Experienced Instructor Certification Exams Blended Delivery Supporting Formal & Informal Learning Self-Paced Embedded Education w/Demo Database Certification Exams Web-Based Virtual Courses Experienced Instructor Certification Exams February – April. 2011 .

Installation Guides. 2011 . Feature Summaries February – April. Release Notes. Field Help and Technical Help Classroom Training Virtual Workshops + Feature Summaries Online Help RELEASE DOCUMENTATION: Start Here Cards.Education and Documentation Across all Stages of the Implementation and Beyond REVIEW User Guides Feature Summaries Online Help INTRODUCE Curriculum Roadmap Project Control Center EPICweb: Ed & Doc Tour COMPLETE Curriculum Roadmap REVIEW User Guides + + Embedded Courses Technical Reference Guides Online Help.

instructor-led scenarios Try: Allow users to practice in an environment that replicates their live application Test: Measure user knowledge and provide feedback on performance Guide: Provide step-by-step assistance to users through applications February – April. Read: Provide user guides and job aids for reference Show: Demonstrate how to complete tasks in automated. role-based educational content and end-user resources.Epicor Knowledge Mentor Knowledge Mentor enables the development and delivery of custom. Knowledge Mentor provides an effective solution to improve end-user adoption and proficiency in using software Authoring Suite Collaborator Learning Manager Navigator Global Create content from a single source and deploy in multiple ways. 2011 . Through it’s unique capabilities.

Test Test Scripts Business Process Procedures Test Scripts Business Process Procedures February – April.Knowledge Mentor Deliverables Across all Stages of the Implementation and Beyond Support Material Training Manuals/QRG’s Simulation Overviews Interactive – See. 2011 . Try.

Epicor Outsourcing .

Epicor Outsourcing Managed Services • • Services to support and simplify running Epicor Enable you to focus on running your business vs.Application & technical experts .System Architects . 2011 .Operations & customer support • Services based on core competencies. functional & technical expertise System Monitoring February – April. managing IT Helpdesk Outsourcing Managed Hosting Application Management System Assurance System Management • 3 global operation centers • Overview 60+ experienced team members .

How Many Are Familiar With This? February – April. 2011 .

performance and health reporting • Proactive alerts and support to address potential problems • Expert resources to help resolve issues February – April. 2011 .Epicor System Monitoring and Management • Provides 24x7 monitoring of the servers and components within your IT environment • Extensive availability.

Epicor System Assurance System Threats Technological Overview • Provides a secure. 2011 . reliable and affordable solution for ensuring your IT system is readily available in case of system issues or disaster Designed with small and mid-sized businesses in mind where it provides a pragmatic and cost effective solution for something that often is overly complex and expensive • Environmental Benefits Infrastructure • • • Provides peace of mind Simple. affordable cost structure Scalable and flexible to expand with growth Abstracts set up and management complexity Minimizes system downtime and business disruption Utilizes a best-in-class technology and datacenter Human • • • • Critical component in a company’s business continuity plan February – April.

Thank You…Questions? .

Appendix .

40x Service Patch Vista/Vantage latest 8.400 versions > Latest Vista/Vantage 8.04.40x Service Patch > Epicor 9.502 Epicor 9. 2011 .03.0 versions > 8.03.Upgrading to Epicor 9 – Upgrade Path • • • • • Vista/Vantage pre-8.0 Vista/Vantage 8.0 releases > 8.03.400 Vista/Vantage 8.05 February – April.03.04 > Epicor 9.

Linux or UNIX Database: SQL Server or Progress February – April.3 DataFlo 5.6 • Customers on earlier versions must upgrade their system to the applicable system version in order for the tools to work The extraction tools will be upgraded for future releases of the heritage products (for example iScala SR2 ) Customers can migrate directly to Epicor 9.3 SR1 Avanté 9.2.05 using the Epicor extraction and DMT tools • • Supported Platforms • • Server: Windows 2003/2008. 2011 .5 or 7.4 Scala 5.5 InfoFlo 7.0 Manage 2000 6.1 and iScala 2.Migrating to Epicor 9 – Supported Versions Supported Versions • • • • • • • Enterprise 7. 6.1 ManFact 5.

Vantage & Vista. Manager. iSolutions Presented By: Christine Hansen.February – April. Product Marketing . 2011 Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Breakout Epicor 9.

February – April. 2011 .Our Focus is on Your Business Reach out to your customers in new ways Use technology to drive new employee satisfaction Ensure business efficiency at reduced cost.

4:00 Demo Epicor Mobile Sales Assistant and Field Service Ensuring Business Efficiency and Reducing Costs Demo Operations Demo Financial Using Technology to Drive new Employee Satisfaction Demo HCM Forum Ask the Experts .1:20 1:20 .1:45 1:45 .2:00 2:00 .2:05 2:05 .Breakout Agenda 1:00 .1:05 1:05 .1:30 1:30 .1:10 Welcome and Thoughts to Consider Reaching Out to Your Customers in New Ways .Extending Your Channel 1:10 .2:15 2:15 .

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. Workflow.Epicor Product Strategy PROTECT Continued investment in current products and solutions EXTEND Standardization of key solutions and infrastructure (e. Office integration) CONVERGE Ongoing evolution of applications to a superset product.g. offering best of all Epicor solutions February – April. 2011 . EPM. Portal.

Extending Your Channel .Reaching Out to Your Customers in New Ways .

B2C. On-premise or on-demand Supports dealers and affiliates Estimated and actual freight Suggested and related items Multiple payment options Search engine optimization February – April.000s of items automatically • Only uses statistically valid algorithms • Statistical methods selected for accuracy • Built in support for intermittent demand • On-screen forecast adjustment • Planned Epicor EXTEND solution Epicor Commerce • • • • • • B2B.Reaching out to Your Customers in New Ways Extending Your Channel Epicor Forecast Pro • Can forecast 100s or 1. 2011 • Epicor EXTEND solution .

GPRS support Remote device control and diagnostics • Epicor EXTEND solution Epicor Mobile Sales Assistant • Supports three field sales scenarios: • • • Account management Proof of delivery Van sales fulfillment • • Inventory visibility across warehouses and van stocks Epicor EXTEND solution February – April.Reaching Out To Your Customers In New Ways – Extending Your Channel Epicor Mobile Field Service • • • • Microsoft Windows Mobile platform Intermec and Motorola hardware (more devices planned) Drag and drop scheduling. 2011 .

Ensuring Business Efficiency and Reducing Costs in Both Operations and Finance .

Customer Managed Inventory

• Store inventory on behalf of customers • CMI bin holds inventory • CMI purchase order receipts created for the supplier who is providing your customer’s material
Supplier Managed Inventory
• Allows a supplier to store product in the your facility • SMI bin holds inventory

• SMI PO receipt increments on hand quantity
• Ownership changes when moved (production/sale)
February – April, 2011

Epicor Enhanced Quality Management
• Inspection test plans, skip lot processing, and equipment calibration • Supplier cm/ncm, qualified manufacturer • Serial/lot, maintenance management and configurator integration • Inspection tracker

• Multi-plant/company

Epicor Training Management
• Course maintenance includes length, syllabuses, prerequisites, materials • Scheduling includes revisions, location, dates, instructor, max size • Pre-plan or have employees request and attend courses • Costs and reimbursable expenses
February – April, 2011

Epicor Maintenance Management
• • • Preventative approach to EAM with inspect, repair, and correct template plans Plan/schedule by calendar or usage (meter readings) and auto schedule down-time Work order requests and activities (operations on job) against specific tools/equipment (special parts) Integration with Enhanced Quality Assurance

Epicor Lean Manufacturing
• Set production and cell targets daily and weekly with hours and unit throughput, and analyze activity Select multiple Jobs to start, to finish by “Group by” / Attributes Have system select Jobs by next time period to make x units Lean metrics/execution for MTO/CTO
February – April, 2011

• • •

2011 . BAQ results – Financial / statistical balances • Audit trials and history tracker February – April. target accounts. offset.Financial Epicor Deferred Revenue Accounting • DR schedules based upon product/order type or revenue rules • Handles product. services and bundled revenues • Automatic GL mapping. scheduling of batches • User driven formulas – Arithmetic operators – Fixed values. maintenance. monthly posting • Prorate and allocate revenue for contract updates. renewals • Forecast and reconciliation reporting Epicor Advanced Allocations • Source. amendments. tiered allocations.

Financial Epicor Advanced Financial Reporting • • • • • • Multi-company. Excel) within rows • • • Drill down within reports and to sub-ledgers (Epicor 9 only) XBRL tagging for SEC submission (Add-on) Epicor EXTEND solution February – April. revaluations Data and report security improvements Generate tree based on COA Mathematical expressions in row summaries Row level formatting and display rules for currency and negative amount fields Epicor Advanced Financial Reporting • • Convert FRx/MMR reports to AFR format and report creation wizard Support for external data source (e.g. multi-book reports Continuous consolidation. 2011 .

file and retain records • Epicor EXTEND solution Altec doc-link AP Workflow • Integrated document management system. print. retrieve and research document transactions. mail.Financial Epicor Tax Connect 1099s • 1099 corporate exception is ending • Extracts AP invoices from the 1099 MISC or 1099 INT bucket by period • Automates process of buying forms. electronic workflow AP Processor Invoice Approver February – April. • Enables you to archive. • Reduce labor and time in AP Processing. workflow. 2011 • Epicor EXTEND solution .

Using Technology to Drive new Employee Satisfaction .

all. self) Deeply embedded with AP. Project. WBS. 2011 . Assembly. Operations • • • Direct.Using Technology to Drive New Employee Satisfaction Epicor HCM • Configurable homepage • • Quick links for managers to people Single secure UI for all users • Recruitment • • Benefits Management Talent Management Epicor Time & Expense Management • • • Multicurrency expense sheets Approval and approvers (any. Job. Indirect and reimbursable Quick entry codes and copy function Notes and comments and multiple views February – April.

Our Focus is On Your Business Helping you reach out to your customers in new ways Helping you ensure business efficiency Helping you use technology to drive new employee satisfaction And with reduced costs February – April. 2011 .

Roadmap for Service Packs .

409c Release Service Pack Patch Patch Date February 2010 March 2010 June 2010 • Planned Maintenance: Number 8. Release Content and Dates Subject to Change Epicor Vantage and Vista Roadmap • Released Maintenance: Number 8. 2011 .03.409 8.410 Release Service Pack Date April 2011 February – April. 8.Future Releases.

505c 9. Release Content and Dates Subject to Change Epicor ERP Roadmap • Released Maintenance: Number 9.04.507 • Planned Number 9.506b Release Service Pack Patch Patch Service Pack Patch Patch Date December 2009 December 2009 January 2010 March 2010 March 2010 April 2010 9. 2011 .505 9.04.508 Patch Service Maintenance: Pack Release Service Pack June 2010 January 2011 Date June 13 2011 February – April. 9.04.505b 9.04.506 9.Future Releases.

05.602/a Release Service Pack Patch Patch Patch Service Pack/Patch Service Pack/Patch Date March 2010 April 2010 May 2010 July 2010 September 2010 November 2010 • Planned Maintenance: Number 9.606 Release Service Pack Service Pack Service Pack Service Pack Date February 2010 April 2011 June 2011 August 2011 February – April.05.600c 9.600b 9.05.Future Releases. 2011 .600a 9. Release Content and Dates Subject to Change Epicor ERP Roadmap • Released Maintenance: Number 9.605 9.603 9.600 9.05.

Feel free to inquire for more information. we wanted to provide a glimpse into some of the exciting features we highlighted. .Open Forum – Ask the Experts If you missed the Summit last year.

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Supplementary Content .

and Cancel Nonmatched Order Releases February – April. and mass print of sales orders. packing slips and AR invoices • Enhanced Net Change report. Demand Entry log. 2011 . and Part Validation options • Added “Mark For” and “In Transit” shipments. digital and wide-format print operations Epicor EDI and Demand Management • New CTP at Demand.Operations Epicor Advanced Estimating & Pricing • • • • • • High degree of complexity and wide array of pricing strategies Multiple “routes” to produce a job Unlimited quantity estimating Recommends optimal production paths Configurable pricing schemas Supports offset. Close Rejected Schedule. and EDI Configurator • Added multiple grouping option for mass processing.

Operations Epicor Strategic Sourcing • Electronic RFx functionality with support for 20 events types including English. Dutch auctions. spend analysis and scorecards • Epicor EXTEND Solution Epicor Secure Data Manager • • Listed by PCI Security Standards Council as a validated PA-DSS payment app Generates tokens to represent sensitive data which is transformed at point of entry into proxy numbers or reference pointers Uses AES 256-bit encryption Reduces costs. resources. 2011 • • • . etc • Public and private events with mobile notification of bids and split awards • Supplier collaboration. negotiation. risks Epicor EXTEND Solution February – April.

Operations AgileShip Manifest • A Complete Global Shipping Solution Agile Export Agile Route Agile Manage Reduce each transaction cost by Reduce transportation costs up to • • • • Automate compliance for parcel. & TL shipments Rate shipments. 2011 . LTL. residential delivery Update Epicor with freight charges and tracking data $10 Epicor Carbon Connect 30% • Understand and manage Federal • • • • Government compliance exposure Provide energy efficiency opportunities Reduce risk through rising energy prices and compliance fines Increase operational cost savings and drive business performance Epicor EXTEND Solution February – April. generate labels & required documentation Verify US addresses for errors. zip + 4 correction.

auto firm horizon. cumulative lead time calculations. and auto release horizon • • Start minimum quantity support Multi-level CTP. rough cut scheduling. and auto consume stock for MTO February – April.Operations Epicor Project Billing • • • • • • • Fixed fee and T&M Progress claims and retentions Cost plus Charge rates for labor Cost pooling (GL allocations) Project contracts and variations Create multiple approval tasks for supervisor or project manager Epicor MRP and CTP Management • Componentized MRP process improves performance: Recycle Jobs. plan as assembly. 2011 .

2011 .Future Releases. separate from Office user license February – April. worst) • Visibility of National A/C in BAQs Epicor Case Management • Sales oriented case workflows (workforce role link) • Quick Call accessible from the menu • NEW: CRM user license. Customer in LOQ • Industry codes and attributes (IM. etc) • New Confidence Factors (best. twitter. Release Content and Dates Subject to Change Operations Epicor Sales Force Automation • Universal person added to Contact Management • Quick Entry for Contact.

cash and other operations • • • Advances. voids. 2011 . returns. supplier. wages Tax. Debit Memo and Supplier Master • Automatic Use Tax calculation based on flexible application configuration • Reporting and filing with appropriate tax jurisdictions • Planned Epicor EXTEND Solution Epicor Petty Cash • Employee. comments. customer. bank. issues.Financial Epicor Tax Connect UT • Connects AP Invoice. balances Multi-currency and revaluations • Integration with Expenses February – April. prepayments. receipts.

GL. IV Epicor Contract Renewals • Invoice contract directly at Invoice Entry (no need for order and shipment) • Renewal quotes and service contract renewal at expiry • Append and remove contract items • Link agreements for co-terminus support February – April. MM.Financial Epicor Asset Management • • • • • Configurable depreciation rules Accelerated switch to straight line (US MACRS/ACRS) Multi-currency and multi-book Mass maintenance and status Interfaces: AR. PM. AP. 2011 . PO.

350 gems 700 measures.Epicor Enterprise Performance Management Epicor EPM Server • • • Scheduled cube processing Localization and translation Rich packaged content (incl. sorting February – April. 2011 . alignment. CRM) • • 21 cubes. fonts. 1500 dimensions EPM Performance Canvas Epicor Embedded Dashboards • • Support for updatable BAQs Easier deployment of EPM gems • • Direct publication as SharePoint 2007 ands 2010 Web Parts Enhanced grid management of colors.