Secabo C60III vinyl cutter

The Secabo C60III is a professional drag knife vinyl cutter for sign vinyl, garment vinyl and other media with a w i d t h of up t o 72cm. It suits all professional requirements of the signmaking industry. The solid machine with very good specifications can be used for large volume cutting jobs. The illuminated display and the big coloured buttons m a k e i t very easy t o use. The machine is used with the supplied FlexiStarter software and comes with stand . The machine is very silent, so i t can be used in offices, too.

feature overview:
integrated knife test cutting test t o check the knife settings a n d prevent excess vinyl WarrantyPLUS optional Optional Express Exchange Service WarrantyPLUS 1 2 or 2 4 months for a simple replacement of the device in case of damage. FlexiStarter cutting software The professional multilanguage cutting software FlexiStarter from SAI international enables prod

Plug and play The machine comes with all you need i n order t o start. The convenient installation manager helps you t o get started very quickly easy to use menu comfortable control panel with illuminated LCD- display and large buttons

USB interface the vinyl cutter uses a USB connection and is very easy t o install

laser positioning system With the laser positioning system, contour cutting of printed media is possible

Mac compatible This product is also available as a mac compatible version w i t h the SignCut software (without LAPOS).

technical data:
vinyl cutters: type: max. media width: max. cutting width: max. media thickness: max. cutting speed: downforce: interfaces: contour cut function: control: plotter languages: internal memory: mechanical resolution: repeating accuray: power supply: environment: weight without packaging: weight incl. packaging: dimensions (w x h x d): Secabo C60III machine including stand 720mm 610mm 1mm 600mm/s 50g - 500g RS232C, USB LAPOS, 4 registration marks back-illuminated 4-line LCD display with gel buttons HP-GL, DMPL 1MB 0.025mm < ± 0.1mm 90V - 240V / 50Hz - 60Hz +5°C - +35°C / 30% - 70% humidity 12kg 16kg 89cm x 26,5cm x 27cm vinyl cutter, multi-language cutting software FlexiStarter (Windows) or SignCut (Mac), 3 x cutting blades, ball-bearing cutterholder, plotting pen, power cord, USB cable, stand with roll holder and catchup basket, english manual


scope of delivery:

available accessories:
catchup basket for C60III vinyl cutter - catchup basket for Secabo C60III vinyl cutter drag knives for Secabo vinyl cutters - Replacement knives are available with a cutting angle of 30°, 45° or 60° - depending on the operational area, offset 0,25mm. For optimal plotter results, we recommend regular replacement of knives.

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Used in the Secabo CIII-Series and the Secabo mini. mounted blade holder for replacement blades.Light self-adhesive plot mats for stabilizing thin or single-layered material such as plotting paper. ball bearing.Aluminium. . cutterholder .plot mats . Available in A3 and A4.