Our project is to be concentrated on the PRODUCTION AND OPERATION aspects & what are the measures that any small scale firm takes in order to increase overall efficiency & make itself competent in the market also what are the polices that affect directly or indirectly to the functioning of small scale unit. To make our understanding more clear & to understand different phases of production .we will take into consideration the practical working of SUPERNOVA TECHNOLOGIES Pvt. Ltd. Whose introduction is already given in the beginning. Now we will look after the various aspects of production of the firm in consideration step by step What actually PRODUCTION AND OPERATION MANAGEMENT is:Production and operation management concerns itself with the conversion of inputs into outputs, using physical resources, so as to provide desired utility/ies-a firm , place, possession or state or a combination thereof- to the customer while meeting the other organizational objectives of effectiveness, efficiency and adaptability. Production/operations management is the process, which combines and transforms various resources used in the production/operations subsystem of the organization into value added product/services in a controlled manner as per the policies of the organization. Therefore, it is that part of an organization, which is concerned with the transformation of a range of inputs into the required (products/services) having the requisite quality level. The set of interrelated management activities, which are involved in manufacturing certain products, is called as production management. If the same concept is extended to services management, then the corresponding set of management activities is called as operations management.

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Elecon Engineering Company Limited has been originated from “Milling Trading Company” established in 1914 and function as a house of machinery imports. In 1951, the Milling Trading Company imported an idea of establishing an indigenous organization to manufacture material handling equipment in the country and thus ELECON came into existing in 1951 at Goregaun, Mumbai. Before incorporation, it was working in the form of partnership firm to carry out manufacturing and dealing in Material Handling Equipment (MHE). Partnership firm was dissolved in 1959 and Shri B. I. Patel took over as a proprietor. On 11th January 1960 it was incorporated as a Private Limited Company. But later in the year 1961, company was converted into Public Limited Company. The name of company is derived from its two main products namely ELEVATOR & CONVEYOR, thus it is ELECON. After getting valuable experience of the decade Elecon shifted to V. V. Nagar from Mumbai in the year 1962. ELECON commenced manufacture of reduction Gear units in 1962 and set up a separate Gear Division in the year 1976. It was the first to introduce modular design concept, case hardened and ground gear technology in India. ELECON has also setup an Alternate Energy Division (AED) in the year 1993. For manufacturing and supply of Wind Turning Generators (WTG), a non-conventional source of providing energy under the technical knowledge. ELECON has installed around 25 WTGs at Lamba and Dhank site in Gujarat. ELECON to begin with, is

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Navsari BANKERS  State Bank of India Page 3 . Anand – Sojitra Road. Ltd. Patel  Shri Upendra M. Co. Patel  Shri Prayasvin B. Adhyaru AUDITORS  Thakorbhai-Shriish Desai and Butala Chartered Accountants.ICICI Nominee -Chairman and Managing Director . Amin  Shri Ashok BOARD OF DIRECTORS  Shri Bhanubhai I.Managing Director SECRETARY  Nayan M. Vallabh Vidyanagar – 388 120 Gujarat. Patel  Shri Chirayu R. Web site : www. Shah . Amritlal C.manufacturing 300 kw to 600 kw rating fully pitch controlled and free yawing wind electrical generators. INDIA. Shah  Shri Nanalal D. Parikh  Dr. Patel  Shri Pradip M. COMPANY PROFILE Establishment year Registered Office : : 1951 Elecon Engg.elecon. Patel  Shri Hashmukhlal S.


MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT DIVISION ELECON’S product range and field expertise in Material Handling Equipment is unsurprised. Since then it has been cast in the mould of a pioneer.EMPLOYEES On 31-03-05 MHE Gear Total 330 350 680 DIVISIONS 1. From elevators. for MHE. All these contribute towards a highly reliable range of material handling equipment. Since then.000 sq. INFRA STRUCTURE A workshop area 1.17. For almost five decades. power station and port mechanization in India and abroad. coal. cement. the latest CNC and NC machine tools. and iron-ore mines. Working hand in hand with technology is Elecon’s skills workforce at different operational levels. Gear Divisions 2. ELECON has today broad – based its production to cater to diverse requirement. It was one of the first to introduce the concept of Mechanized Bulk Material Handling Equipment in India. ELECON has supplies hi-tech equipments to major core sectors such as steel. MHE division Elecon Engineering Company Ltd. mt. scaling new heights in its determination to deliver the best. setting trailblazing standards of technical excellence. conveyers and gears to material handling plants. quality control and testing equipment. Page 5 . the company has grown to become the single largest company having a composite range of almost all types of bulk material handling equipment and products. fertilizers. lignite. was established in the year 1951.

 Courageously ELECON shall continue to improve and adapt to changes and be a market leader by always remaining a step ahead in technology and quality and strive to widen ELECON horizon through globalisation. Commissioning and Servicing of turnkey material handling system and equipments. MHE VISION  For close to half a century. honesty and respect for each other. Election. manufacture. SPARE PARTS & AFTER SALES SERVICE ELECON has an established spare parts division for speedy supply of spare and experienced Engineers to render after –sales services at various centers.friendly practices.QUALITY STANDARDS In November 1999. who are regularly trained at ELECON works. Each service center is equipped with highly qualified and experienced Service Engineers.  ELECON shall meet the aspirations of its stakeholders and enhance their wealth. GEAR DIVISION Page 6 . all over India.  ELECON shall always remain conscious of our social obligations and adopt environment.  ELECON shall continue to be a joyful and happy Elecon family of smiling faces through love.ELECON MHE division achieved international recognition by receiving ISO 9001 certification for Design. Supply. Elecon has contributed to nation building activities through infrastructure development and bulk material handling solutions thereby positively impacting the livelihood of millions and promises to do so in our mind and deeds.

Further. In addition to being the only company to have the 3 axis coordinate measuring machine. especially have won the approval of industrial plants all over Asia.hardened and ground gear technology in India. ELECON’s helical gearboxes. full fledged testing / calibrating lab and vacuum spectrometers to check chemical analysis of incoming material. helical and spiral bevel helical gears with horizontal and vertical output shafts in various sizes. Elecon has sophisticated gear profile testing machines. reducing foundation structure cost and lubricating oil consumption. They are compact and light. thereby saving space. It was the first to introduce modular design concept. The Elecon Gear Division is acknowledged as the most modern in the industry – more than 85% of the machinery and testing equipments is computer controlled. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – A PLANNED STRATEGY Page 7 . parallel shaft. an on line computerized inventory control along with speedy execution of orders have established Elecon as a dynamic visionary company. Already plans are being finalized for setting up the largest EDP center in Indian Engineering Industry. ELECON has since had a glorious history in the design and manufacturer of a wide range of worm. case.ELECON commenced manufacture of Reduction Gear units in 1962 and set up a separate Gear Division in the Year 1976. and testing of gear components. from single to quadruple stage reduction. QUALITY STANDARDS In November 1994 ELECON Gear Quality Management System achieved international recognition when it was conferred the ISO 9001 certificate and today it has achieved ISO 9001-2000 Certificate. ensuring a high degree of precision in the manufacture.

to always remain a step ahead. production. The latest CNC and NC machines.000sq. Backed by the most modern integrated system of networking all over India. From conventional gears boxes to spares available round the year. high precision boxes. tools. capable of transmitting up to 4. Its strength lien in its most modern integrated system of distribution and sales network encompassing dealers. Customer Service Representatives. Supported. which has the 7 axs CNC gear Profile Grinder cum Tester. inspect and assemble finished products. Mt plant are testimonial to its superior infrastructure which provides facility to test raw materials.  ELECON guarantee product performance to international standards. installation and service is part of Elecon’s planned strategy to serve customers better. today every industry derives superior service benefits from Elecon’s superior end products. Elecon manufacture the largest range of gears of gears in Asia. It’s the only company in India. GEAR VISION  ELECON wants to drive the industry with precision to enable them generate wealth. NEW GENERATION TECHNOLOGY The latest Addition to their production line are planetary gear boxes for marine and other industrial applications which have already been delivered for use on the patrol vessels of the Indian Cost Guard and other industrial applications. by 10 CNC centers in the Gear Division. manufacture components.Quality assurance in design. the only company to employ the “Hard-cutting “ process for spiral in contrast to “Lapping” used by others. All these contribute towards a highly reliable of gears. sales offices and service centers all over India. These are very compact. of course. And also. INFRASTRUCTURE The smallest to the largest gears that roll out Elecon’s 97. MAJOR CLIENTS OF THE COMPANY Page 8 .700 kW of power.  ELECON shall always be a leader by continuously upgrading and innovating our products to meet the diverse needs of our domestic and international customers. department. CREs(Consulting Resident Engineers). control and testing equipment.

O. manufacturing drawings of work is being carried out which is forwarded to planning dept. Packing etc.. & planning dept. inspection dept.. planning dept. surveys the market. Purchase. fabrication. Production. like shipping dept. This is listed in “Issue slips” after sorting out the issue slips. In these tenders general design of work & cost estimation are carried out by costing dept. In planning dept. where detail growing of the project is carried being carried out. Then it is delivered to client by help of Page 9 . value etc.. assembly. the drawings are sent to drawing dept. This L. Purchase dept. etc. This dept. of the project. Cement Plants  Coal Plants  Fertilizer Plants  Power Plants  Sugar Plants  Other Clients COMPANY’S FUCTIONING SYSTEM It depends upon the type & size of the company. procured the material and deliver to main store. Stores. In Elecon the work is divided into various departments like Costing.. First of all. for further processing. In drawing dept. comes under plant division. It shows how effectively & efficiently works is being carried out in the company.I is passed to contract dept. Then it is sent back to client for verifications & its approval. Marketing. Sales planning. painting of the job.. for the procurement of bought out items. marketing dept. machining. Designing. After being approved. contract dept. After this. and then client comes for the inspection of their jobs. inspection is carried out by internal inspector & then clients inspection call is given by contract dept. the main store deliver the items to concerned dept. After. shop delivery memo is released & is then send to various dept. the job order indicating the sequence of operation are being prepared & also they issue purchase requisition to purchase dept. Then it fills the tenders for various jobs according to capacity organizational skills & technical facilities. Works office. then the expected.

Drg order Industrial dept. Client Decide how to deliver Site Page 10 Erection . the operation of the part of an enterprise. reducing foundation structure cost and lubricating oil consumption. ELECON has all the manufacturing facilities like heavy fabrication shop. Shop Purchase dept. Handling Equipment in India. the bills are prepared by contract dept. & payments are being cleared. Inspection Finished product Assembly Shop delivery memo Shipping dept. trained and enthusiastic group of engineers with long industrial experience. Since then. ELECON cranes are aesthetically strengthened and offer many Detail drgs. which is responsible for the actual transformation of materials into finished products. especially have won the approval of industrial plants all over Asia. the company has grown to become the single largest company having a composite range of almost all types of bulk Researc h material handling equipment and products. Contract department modern up to date heavy and light machine shop. The name ELECON of the company is derived from two product of the company ELEvators and CONveyers. radiography. ELECON’s helical s && gearboxes. heat treatment facilities etc. They are Store compact and light.e. helical and spiral bevel helical gears in various sizes. of manufacturing. thereby saving Shop floor space. ultrasonic dept. and stringent quality control measures at every stage Design testing Planning dept. ItCosting is managed Project and Marketing dept. These manufacturing facilities are further backed by well knit testing facilities including xray. Tender ELECON was one of the first to introduce the concept of Mechanized Bulk Market MaterialL. ELECON is manufacturing wide range of worm. co-coordinating and controlling production i. Purchase renovated features order ELECON was the first to introduce modular design concept.O.hardened and ground gear technology in India.packing dept. At the same time. parallel shaft. by highly qualified.I. case.programming.


Manager Dy. idlers and pulleys Page 12 . Manager Asst. (Production and Planning) Sr. materials. energy. equipments. Manager (Works) Manager Asst.“Production is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or a need. and Works) A. Manager TYPE OF PRODUCT MHE PRODUCT RANGE  Belt Conveyors. Production management is the process of effectively ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT OF ELECON Chairman And Managing Director Managing Director Vice president (Tech.G.M.” Production means creation of utilities and utilization of resources such as labour. and machinery etc.

 Elevators and chain Conveyors  Stackers. Reclaimers. Stacker-cum-Reclaimers  Bridge type Blenders Reclaimers  Bridge type Bucket Wheel Reclaimer  Wagon Loaders  Crawler and Rail mounted Trippers  Twin boom stacker  Ship loader  Side arm charger  Rail pusher car  Apron Feeder  Paddle feeder  Vibrating feeder  Semi mobile crusher  Reversible hammer mill  Impactor  Double roll crusher  Ring granulators  Feeder braker  Roller screen  Transfer car  Cable reeling drum  Idlers  Pulley  Traveling Tripler  Circular stockpile  Rotary Wagon Tripler GEAR PRODUCT RANGE Page 13 .

so here the raw material may be fix for some standardizes items but here also customized items are made. The gear division of ELECON makes the standardized item as well as standardizes items. generally the tailor made items are made. NU worm Gears  Helical Gears  Fluid. General & Flexible coupling  Planetary bucket Wheel Gearbox Special Gears: • • • • • • • • Gear drive for piercing mill in seamless tube plant Gear drive for seven roll stands in tube mill plant Sheet metal uncoiler gearbox Assel mill gearbox in seamless tube plant Drive for briquetting mill in continuous steel plant for hot strip mill 330 kw wind mill gear drive unit Drive for sponge iron kiln. so the raw material is not fix for all type of product. Generally in ELECON the following type of raw material is used like:  Iron  Steel  Plate  Rubber  Fastener  Round bar  Angles  Bearing Page 14 . The products are made as per the requirement of the customers. Marine gearbox for advanced offshore patrol vessel propulsion RAW MATERIAL USED In materials handling department of ELECON.

4] After receiving quotation. 2] After receiving the purchase requisition from planning department the purchase department start inquiry from various suppliers in government and private sector for require raw material. 7] Then Company follow up the order. Chain  Ring for wheel  Casting  Pipe forgings  Belting  Electrical Plain washer  Channels  Grease nipple  Nut bold etc. 3] Then purchase department receive quotation for material from different suppliers. 5] Then again ELECON purchase department ask to supplier for best possible discounted price to finalized deal. 1] The planning department make purchase requisition as per orders of the company and than send that purchase requisition to the purchase department. Thus the above is purchase procedure of ELECON. When ELECON receives the material the company check material as per order. PURCHASE PROCEDURE OF ELECON In ELECON generally raw material purchase procedure is as per following steps. 6] Then ELECON purchase department select the final supplier and then make purchase order after finalized deal’s as per required material and fixing all payment terms. delivery terms etc. So the company will get second quotation from supplier. ELECON’s purchase departments make comparative statement of different supplier’s quotation. Page 15 . Generally ELECON demands all-inclusive price of material from suppliers.

Material handling is the preparation placing and positioning of materials to facilitate their movement or storage. MATERIAL HANDLING Material handling has been rightly defined as an art and science involving the moving. packing and storing of substance in any form. Then the quality inspectors do the inspection of raw material as per standard. In Elecon there is near one hundred and twenty cranes in both division. When the store departments receive the material the authorized person do visual inspection of material. Page 16 . Electromagnets and Vacuum lifting devices etc. The raw material is arranged in racks. The store managers keep all record of different type of material in store department. In gear division in Elecon there is electrical system for finding out material from rack. The store department issue the material when it get material requisition from any department and maintain all up to date record s above the material.STORE PROCEDURE In ELECON in store department there three main function 1] Receiving 2] Keeping 3] Issuing. truck. If the material is as per standard then company accept the material and keep the material with company and if the material is not as per the standard then the company inform the supplier and reject the material. The other material handling equipment is also used as like: trolley. MATERIAL CODING SYSTEM In ELECON in store department they using alphabetical and numerical coding system for easy reorganization and issuing of material. IN ELECON generally cranes are used as a (MHE) Material Handling Equipment. Lifts and hoists.

Types of PRODUCTION process In ELECON there are three types of production depending on the quantity of articles produced and the nature of their manufacture the production can be classified into three categories. After production and before installation care is taken that the customers completely read the manual before usage. If ELECON cannot produce some part of product then company will give that part on contract basis to other company. the proper tools. In case it is a non-standardized then the engineering checks whether it can be produced within the available facilities or not. Then the assembly drawing and the detailed drawings are made. Page 17 . efficient maintenance.PRODUCTION PROCESS Production process is a process of producing goods and services by combining and utilizing the services of factors of production In ELECON generally the production process consists of following stages 1] Production dept receive production Design 2] Receiving Raw material 3] Making and machining billets and blanks 4] Making components as per design 5] Assembling units 6] Separate articles 7] Checking the quality of the parts and assemblies 8] Painting The engineering department on the basis of order received decides whether the order received is standardized or customized. Assembly drawings show all the components but not the great details. efficient manpower etc. After the preparation of the drawing they are sent to the production department. If customer made any changes in product then the guarantee of the product is void. Incase of any change modification are done then. The success of each step depends on an uninterrupted supply of raw materials.

Continuous 2.1. Mixed ELECON adopted the process as per the order TYPES OF PLANT LAYOUT DEFINITION OF LAYOUT The layout of a factory. Generally in Gear division product layout used and in MHE division both process layout and combine layout is used PRODUCTION PLANNING AND CONTROL Page 18 . In Elecon as per order the layout is used. work places and storage points in the working areas. Intermittent 3. process layout and combine layout is used. including officers and staff facilities relatives to one another. workshop or working area means the position of the departments or shop in the factory and of the machines. DIFFERENT TYPES OF LAYOUT 1] Layout by process or layout by function 2] Layout by product or line production 3] The combination layout of product and process 4] Layout by fixed position or fixed material location In ELECON product layout.

The production planning and control functions and its interaction with other functions in Elecon are shown below figure. quality maintenance and Dy. The quality is not only means for enlarging the market share of exports and also of goods in the internal market where there is a growing inter firm competition but also means for providing he right quality of the goods to the Senior Manager customer with satisfaction. Sales forecast And Market research Production planning And Control Product design And Development Production planning -Production plan -Methods -Machines -Time estimates -Scheduling Production control -Dispatching -Transportation -Quality control -Expediting -Shipping Inventory control -Stores management -Quality control -Purchasing -Receiving -Simplification Quality assurance Vice president (Tech & Works) Quality control is a deliberate and planned activity to integrate the quality development. General quality improvements efforts of the entire Manager various groups in ELECON. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE OF QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPARTMENT OF ELECON Heavy Material Build Shop Contract CoOrdination Idler & Pulley Spare M/C ing Comp. Page 19 Steel Inspection Sub Contract Inspection Store Receiving .

caliper. In Elecon they are using instruments like varnier. Total quality assurance QUALITY DESIGN     Setting standard Product research Marketing research Principle of prototype model Quality process SMALL SCALE FIRM SUPERNOVA TECHNOLOGIES Pvt. Representation Form of Organization is high for further improvement. micrometer etc for quality assurance. Registered Office and work at Inspection of various stage of SUPERNOVA TECHNOLOGIES Pvt.the quality of running products Process conformance Anand (Gujarat) control In process Data are more important. x-ray.U.Organisation Type of Unit Small Scale Industry Page 20 .NAGAR.TOTAL QUALITY ASSURANCE IN ELECON ELECON follows the concept of total quality control because of their high quality objectives. Piloting V. Ltd. Inspection in chemical production lab Plot no: I-103 (In process control) Phase-4 GIDC Raw material inspection Finish inspection of product This is done on sample basis. radiography. Ltd. ultrasonic testing. Private Ltd.

MEHER AMERSEY Few Things about SMALL SCALE INDUSTRY:Registering your SSI Unit: The main purpose of Registration is to maintain statistics and maintain a roll of such units for the purposes of providing incentives and support services.P.Amersey DIRECTORS-HARSH AMERSEY. However. It has been decided to push the quality up gradation programme in the SSI Sector in a big way.N. • The small-scale industries have been found wanting mainly on account of resource crunch to implement quality systems to obtain this certification. a unit has to undertake significant costs. by reimbursing 75% of • Page 21 . States use the same registration scheme for implementing their own policies. States have generally adopted the uniform registration procedures as per the guidelines. ARVIND AMERSEY. SSI must make 'Quality' a way of life. It is possible that some states may have 'State registration scheme' Quality Certification: • To avail the certification of ISO-9000. as a paradigm shift. A scheme has been launched to give financial incentive to those SSI units who acquire ISO-9000 certification. It must be noted that small industries is basically a state subject.Directors’ Name CHAIRMAN.

their costs of obtaining certification. In quality awareness and learning programmes organized specially for their benefit. Opportunity: • Less Capital Investment • Promotion & Support by Government • Reservation for Exclusive Manufacture by small scale sector • Project Profiles • Funding . 0. subject to a maximum of Rs. • • In order to promote modernization and technology up gradation in SSI.75 lacs per unit. Page 22 . Small industry sector has performed exceedingly well and enabled our country to achieve a wide measure of industrial growth and diversification. the units are assisted in improving the quality of their products.Finance & Subsidies • Machinery Procurement • Raw Material Procurement • Manpower Training • Technical & Managerial skills • Tooling & Testing support • Reservation for exclusive purchase by government • Export Promotion • Growth in demand in the domestic market size due to overall economic growth • Increasing Export Potential for Indian products • Growth in Requirements for ancillary units due to the increase in number of Greenfield units coming up in the large scale sector.

• NSIC REGISTRATION Its full form being National small scale industry registrations. Page 23 . and a willingness to work towards improving efficiency. Also a member of GIDC ASSOCIATION.The International Standard for Quality Management What is ISO 9001? ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized standard for the quality management of businesses. These are the few associations & memberships that our unit is compiling with & is a member of.Registration: Details for registration of SSI units have been already discussed earlier now we see few benefits that are being generated with registration. (iii) Also at times security deposits are being waived during the opening up of tenders. It applies to the processes that create and control the products and services an organization supplies. It is designed and intended to apply to virtually any product or service. SSI REGISTRATION is compulsory for every firm aspiring to get benefits given by the government. (ii) When tenders are being opened Earnest money that needs to pay by firm is waived at times. SSI REGISTRATION When any firm is registered under SSI we need to understand that this is a registration made at the District level of state. Now we will see the benefits that the firm gets: (i) They get free stalls at government exhibitions. being a member the biggest benefit that Supernova Technology derives is that the unit is being continuously informed & upgraded about the latest happening taking place in the field. ISO 9001 . It prescribes systematic control of activities to ensure that the needs and expectations of customers are met. made by any process anywhere in the world. Supernova technologies have applied for ISO 9001 which is a requirement for every firm in this field of engineering production & working. Our SUPERNOVA INDUSTRY is a registered member of SSI UNIT ASSOCIATIONS. customers. Units registered under this head are nationally registered & benefits derived at that level can be availed. Why seek certification to ISO 9001? • Registration to ISO 9001 by an accredited certification body shows committed to quality.

Other norms that are being abided are CSPO i.N. An ISO 9001 certificate enhances company image in the eyes of customers. Also they have other registrations as mentioned below: 1) Electrical Research & Development Authority 2) Centre Of Wind Energy Test Department 3) As mentioned earlier Applied for ISO-9001 The main reason why all this norms & registration policies have been mentioned over here is that these policies give us an idea regarding the awareness regarding happenings around the environment by the firm. Centre Store Purchase Order in which all the information concerning Government department tenders are being updated & given first & information regarding opening up of the tender is being given to them. It also gives a competitive edge to an organisation's marketing. they are also in the manufacturing of Educational kits & instruments.JHA of DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS SPU. in which they have a CHAIRMAN & 3 Directors as mentioned earlier. Small scale industries are those industries which have an investment below 1 crore in their infrastructure i. Supernova technologies is a Research oriented firm providing Tailor made solutions in the segment of physically challenged people. The company does not advertise more for its products & functioning.• • • It demonstrates the existence of an effective quality management system that satisfies the rigours of an independent. The technology being is used is provided by the SARDAR PATEL UNIVERSITY under the Guidance of SHRI. It is a private Ltd.e. is a Vallabh udhyognagar based Small scale firm having a turnover of about Rs. The UNIVERSITY is paid for each & every research work undertaken under the guidance of SPU. firm & having a hierarchical structure of organization. INTRODUCTION OF COMPANY Supernova technologies Pvt. Ltd.S. external audit.2000 crores. This Factory was set-up in the year 2001 in the Premises of GIDC located at Vallabh udhyognagar. Also they have been registered with DGS&D in which price fixation norms are being mentioned & are being abided by the SUPERNOVA TECHNOLOGIES Pvt. Being a research oriented unit & its production being that of tailor made Page 24 . Purchase orders of different Government departments are also placed online & information is received before hand. employees and shareholders alike. the sole reason being that advertisements cost much more than the publicity that they get when articles are published in the magazines of their concern. security alarms & are also actively working in the field of Renewable Energy Sources.Ltd.e. asset.

Educational kits & instruments 4. Relays Coils Motors Connectors Metal housing ABS(plastic housing) Page 25 . V U the company does not have any fixed product.medical facilities are much better compared to other GIDC. GIDC is comparatively less polluted area. availability of water and electricity are to be found in abundance. Wind solar hybrid system 5. On the basis of vastu changes were made and departments were setup. Therefore we can conclude that saving of time is given priority. Village electrification system RAWMATERIALS: Company produces electronic procucts so it needs raw materials as follows: Electronics components like resistors. working atmosphere throughout the year.GIDC. Because all the infrastructural facilities like transportation (rail. LAYOUT While deciding layout of the unit priority was given to the VASTU SHASTRA which support good ventilation lighting . capacitors etc. The product that the unit produces requires lots of interaction of employees of all the departments. For that the unit has lots of doors in their layout.road). Facility location The main reason for establishing their unit at ANAND because it is central part of the state and in vallabh Udhyog nagar. EPBX system is installed from inception that is intercom facilities is available on all the tables. Products: 1. Therefore easy accessibilities. Fire Alarms 3. lots of ancillary units to support the production are also available. the area is safe and sound. They have a varied range of products. convenient approaches to all the departments is necessary.couriers. Another reason is ANAND is near to metro cities and cheaper(dedicated man power) from near by village available. Bulgural Alarms 2. inductors.

WORKFORCE REQUIREMENT ITI is minimum qualification for the employees. PRODUCTION CYCLE Time that is spend after production process for first lot of output to comeout ranges from a week to ten days. Genera daily requirements are purchased on monthly basis whereas few components are purchased on the basis on the weight. Ahmedabad Criteria for selection suppliers Suppliers are selected on the basis of their experience in market and knowledge about ISO 9000 is also taken into consideration.F.the time frame is set based on the performance of marketing people. generally the quantity is considered for four months in majority of cases. The work is assigned to the employees with consensus. Talent of employees is explore fully that help in the overall development. Employees are also given incentives on the basis of tasks. Employees are provided with uniform and safety is given a priority at work place or at fields. Page 26 . They produce a single product at time ordered by customer.Batteries Invertors Solar panels Fiber materials Dies Fiber Resin Polymers(FRP) 50 % of raw materials are common to all the products produced.their regular feedback and weekly updation helps company decide its production process. rights and public holidays is taken care of. PURCHASING DECISION The components use in the production process by the unit is predetermined and selected brands are considered according to feedback which they get from their employees. Employees are free to give their ideas which results in open environment with lots of transparency and the good ideas given by the employees are uploaded. Suppliers and their locations MAHAMAHIS GURU ELECTRONICS-New Dehi IOTA INTERNATION-New Deli PRAKASH ENTERPRISE-New Delhi ADESHWER ENTERPRISE. P. According to the information given by the marketing people buffer stock is kept in abundance to the suppliers accordingly. TYPE OF PRODUCTION PROCESS The company adopt a job production for their products.

Dr.Vikram Sarabhai Award For Scientist BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. www. 3. The McGraw – Hill companies 2. CHARY. production and operation management. N. 4 th Page 27 .AWARDS WON BY THE COMPANY: 1. www. NATIONAL AWARD OF INVENTION 2.supernovaindia.elecon.