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DS/FM/HRD/17 Version: 4.00

PT – Part Time. if you have any gaps in education: Duration: Reason: SHORT TRAININGS: TECHNICAL / COMPUTER / OTHER Course / Training Institute Year of Passing / Attendance Duration Details of course / Training % Marks/ Grade/CGPA SIGNIFICANT ACHIEVEMENTS [Please mention any Distinctions. Awards (Academic. extra curricular) received] _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Are you a member of any Professional Institution / Association? Yes/No If Yes. Honors. C – Correspondence) Course/ Degree/ Exam Mode # R / PT / C School / College / Institution with Address Board / University Year of Passing Area of Specialization / subject % Marks/ Grade/ CGPA Please mention.ACADEMIC & PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION (Please give details of your Academic & Professional Qualification beginning with Class XII (# Mode of study: R – Regular. please give details __________________________________________________________________ Strengths Weakness What are your Areas of Interest / Hobbies / Games you like: Page 2 / 5 DS/FM/HRD/17 Version: 4.00 .

please give details __________________________________________________________________________________ ___ Do you have any Relatives/Friends in DS Group? Yes / No. If yes. ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ CURRENT / MOST RECENT SALARY DETAILS (Please exclude TA / DA) COMPONENT Basic HRA Transportation Allowance Special Allowance Reimbursement / Allowance (Pl. please mention the name & relationship: _____________________________________________________________________________________ How were you referred to DS? Employee Referral / DS website / Job portal / Advertisement / Placement Consultant / Contacted by DS. specify) TOTAL (B) AMOUNT (` per month) Page 3 / 5 DS/FM/HRD/17 Version: 4. please give details: ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ Have you ever been arrested/ convicted in criminal/ civil proceedings or fined or imprisoned or are there any pending cases against you? If yes.00 .Have you previously applied / interviewed / worked with us? Yes / No. please give details _______________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Medical History Blood Group: Height: Weight: Please give details of any major illness / surgery / accident in last 5 years. how soon can you join? _________________________________________________ AMOUNT (` per month) COMPONENT EPF (Employer Contribution) Bonus / Ex-Gratia Mediclaim / ESI Gratuity Superannuation Any Other (Pl. If yes. Specify) GROSS SALARY (A) CTC Per Month [ (A) + (B) ] Expected Compensation (CTC Per Annum) (` in Lac) If offered employment.

00 . 2 references) COMPONENTS PRESENT COMPANY PREVIOUS COMPANY PREVIOUS COMPANY S. if required. of Employees Employment Type (Please ) Department Designation Location of Posting Details of Reporting Officer Name Designation Part time Full Time Contractual Part time Full Time Contractual Part time Full Time Months PREVIOUS COMPANY From To Contractual Part time Full Time Contractual Reason for Leaving Last Drawn Salary (CTC) Main Responsibility Areas: Please mention if you have any gaps in employment Duration: Reason: Page 4 / 5 DS/FM/HRD/17 Version: 4. Organization Annual Turnover of the Company No. Address 3. You may use the supplementary sheet.) Experience (Please give details of people you have worked with in previous organizations – min. Name of Organization 2. No. Duration of Service From To From To (Landline / Mobile) From To 1. Nature / Business of 4. Name Designation Organization Contact Phone no.EXPERIENCE / EMPLOYMENT RECORD Total Years PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES (Please start from present / most recent.

character and general reputation. and give names of the position holders if possible) DECLARATION 1. I am required to abide by all rules. I understand that if employed. which may include information as to my education. work history. 4. 3. my services are liable to be terminated without notice or compensation in lieu of notice. I understand that any offer of employment by the company is conditional upon the satisfactory completion of all regulatory checks and independent reference. I hereby declare that the above information is true & correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I hereby authorize DSL and/ or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates and any person or organization acting on its behalf to verify information mentioned by me on this Application for Employment / resume and to procure investigative report for that purpose. Date: _______________________ Place: _______________________ Page 5 / 5 Signature of Applicant: _______________________ DS/FM/HRD/17 Version: 4.Structure of your department in your present / most current organization (Please highlight your position giving at least 2 levels above & below yours.00 . 2. I understand that if any of the details mentioned herein are found to be incorrect at any time after my appointment. regulations and policies of the company.