Describes how the role of internet in marketing today and in the future. (your answer at least 5 pages)


The defenition of E-Marketing by Armstrong and Kottler (2004:74) is "E-Marketing is the marketing side of E-Commerce, it consists of company Efforts to Communicate about, promotes and sell products and services over the internet. " According to the American Marketing Association, quoted by Kleindl and Burrow (2005) marketing is the process of planning and implementation of an idea or concepts, pricing, promotion and distribution. Marketing can be defined more simply the development and maintenance of mutually satisfying relationships between businesses and consumers. Nowadays marketing has evolved along with technological developments. Marketing activities become more wide spread with the Internet. Use of the Internet and existing facilities on the Internet to conduct marketing activities known as e-marketing (Kleindl and Burrow, 2005). According to Boone and Kurtz (2005) e-marketing is one of the components in e-commerce with a special interest by marketers, the strategy-making process, distribution, promotion, and pricing of goods and services to internet market share or through other digital equipment. Meanwhile, according to Strauss and Frost (2001) emarketing is the use of electronic data and applications to the planning and implementation of the concept, distribution, promotion, and pricing to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals.  E- MARKETING TODAY : WEB 2.0 Today,the internet has matured in industrialized nations.High adoption rates ad heavy web and email use are commonplace . the key element of of today web 2.0  Power shift from sellers to buyers Both individual and business buyers are more demanding than ever because they are just one click away from a plethora of global competitor ,all vying for their business .as well the consumer have more control than ever ,shaping braand iage with ther evry online post.

that point to a site .  Intellectual capital rules.Job recruiters scour social network for job candidates . . This integration is especially evidence in multi channel marketing : offering customers more than one way to buy something.now there are modular chasing them and profit are improving.web page. Relevance is one of google search algorithm variable. Search engine are now reputation engines.this was true of the first generaion internet and continious to this day.as evidenced by the decline in prime time television rating.  The long tail This refers to the economy of abundance and exolain how cheap computing and storage make it posible to increase revenue by selling small quantities of large number of product online.  Market and media fragmentation The mass market has been slowly dissapearing since about 1992 .the higher it appears on search engine result pages for specific keyword.  Refined metrics The internet allows for tracking every mouse click and marketers have have well – establish measures for online tactics.nd enterpreneurship are more important resources than financial capital.the more high traffic.retailers manage customers via accessable by all employees.growth of cable television and increasing number of specific interest magazines. Imagination .  Improved online and offline strategy integration.the internet ut finality to this trend by extending it to its ultimate and prompted merketers to create product and communication to small target group. It is about who you knows onine and what they say about you.similar topic. databases  Marketing investment is moving online As previously mentioned both advertising and e commerce dollars have jumped dramatically in the last two years altough the number of US internet users has remained stable for years .creativity.  Connection are critical Socialnetworking is the name of the game today .and business deals are made among linked In members who have never met in person.

or internet.the internet allows disgruntled customers to tell a few thousand friends with one mouse click.  Appliance Convergence Digital media are simply data that can be seen to viewers a number of ways such as television .but not complete control Consumer s and business customers word of mouth has long been a powerful market force.this phenomenon is only one part of a trend that has been working for years because of the internet.marketer needs to ask permission to deliver communication if they want it to be attended and generally gve customers what they want when they want it.  Traditional and Social Media Lose Their Distinction Marketers currently allocated advertising budget by media type such as news papers .colleagues and families .but they still have the opportunity to guide brand message if they do it honestly and openly online.but now individual are not limited to their friends .PDA and others .the idea of separating the medium from the appliance is both mind boggling and exciting because of the business opportunities.paralelling the .oline buletin board .the receiving aplliance is separated from media type.and other online communication .One reason that consumers are not watching marketing ads with glee is that they dont trust companies or advertising much anymore. Conversely the audience doesnt discriminate between the same video advertising . One hundred years of exposure to marketing strategies has made consumers more demanding and sophisticated and marketer wil have to become better at deliverig customer value .radio.computers .television. In other word watching a television set doesnt mean one must be viewing television programming . Marketers could not longer hold an individual captive for 30 second in front of a TV screen or even for 10 second in front of a computer screen. THE FUTURE : WEB 3. Marketer have practically lost control of brand image due to blogs.contrary of popular terminology usage .0 We describes several important trends that will furthers solidify in the new future and some that may take 1-15 years  Consumers in control.cellphone .media editorial already appear both o line and offline .

 Social Media Marketing: the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media websites such as Facebook.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO): the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results.bluring of media advertising.  TYPES OF INTERNET MARKETING Internet marketing is broadly divided in to the followingtypes:  Display Advertising: the use of web banners or banner ads placed on a third-party website to drive traffic to a company's own website and increase product awareness. it support a wide range of bandwhidths of for receiving and sending e-mail and large amount of data.0. .  Referral Marketing: a method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals. or through the use of free search engine optimization techniques. usually word of mouth.  The Wireless Networking Increase GPRS is close to being a third generation web device.  Email Marketing: involves directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using electronic mail.anyways to ay device on demand by the users.  Search Engine Marketing (SEM): a form of marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the use of either paid placement.  Affiliate Marketing: a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's own marketing efforts  Content Marketing: involves creating and freely sharing informative content as a means of converting prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers.in the future marketers will begin to realize that the medium and appliances are no longer defining way to reach customers . contextual advertising. and paid inclusion. Twitter and LinkedIn. GPRS may well be the first indication of Web 3. marketers will create multimedia communication for distribution to audience members any time . and for web browsing in many different countries. Also known as 3G mobile phone technology.

marketers target a user browsing the Internet alone and so that the marketers' messages reach the user personally.). The entity that owns the product may provide some marketing material (e. These prospects are often referred to as organic leads..Similar to walk-in customers in retail world. Appeal to specific interests When appealing to specific interests.  Affiliate Marketing: a process wherein a product or service developed by one entity is sold by other active sellers for a share of profits. Niche marketing Niche and hyper-niche internet marketing put further emphasis on creating destinations for web users and consumers on specific topics and products. One-to-one approaches In a one-to-one approach. gender. and targeted online sales promotions. Local Internet marketing uses tools such as social media marketing. geography. Niche marketers differ from traditional Internet marketers as they have a more specialized topic knowledge. marketers place an emphasis on appealing to a specific behavior or interest.  Local Internet marketing: a strategy through which a small company utilizes the Internet to find and to nurture relationships that can be used for real-world advantages. For . This approach is used in search marketing. BUSINESS MODEL Internet marketing is associated with several business models:  E-commerce: a model whereby goods and services are sold directly to consumers (B2C).g. tracking facilities. businesses (B2B). however. affiliate links. This approach usually works under the pay per click (PPC) method.  Lead-based websites: a strategy whereby an organization generates value by acquiring sales leads from its website. rather than reaching out to a broadly defined demographic.. the vast majority of affiliate marketing relationships come from ecommerce businesses that offer affiliate programs. or from consumer to consumer (C2C) using computers connected to a network. etc. for which the advertisements are based on search engine keywords entered by the users. These marketers typically segment their markets according to age group. sales letters. and other general factors. local directory listing.

such as latitude and longitude. Please identify what are the benefits of the Internet both for consumers and for producers. whereas in traditional Internet marketing a website would be created and promoted on a high-level topic such as kitchen appliances. Can add a product to market quickly and make changes in the plan to sell very quickly. geo targeting and geo marketing are the methods of determining the geolocation of a website visitor with geolocation software. b. Track the sales process directly from the manufacturer to the user without have to through the distribution line classic.example. Niche marketing provides end users of such sites very targeted information. organization. Able to reach many consumers in an environment that has not been met by competitors. E-mail and data files can be transferred to consumers who selected or all customers in a matter of seconds. Internet Protocol (IP) address. country. city. region or state. and delivering different content to that visitor based on his or her location. (your answer at least 1. 2. the steps and results obtained. and allows the creators to establish themselves as authorities on the topic or product. Geo-targeting In Internet marketing. Able to track sales activity that has occurred. . e. ISP. metro code or zip code. f. c. niche marketing would focus on more specific topics such as 4-slice toasters. and other criteria.5 pages).  THE ADVANTAGE OF INTERNET MARKETING FOR THE COMPANY Advantages that can be provided by the use of E-marketing for companies according to Jamal (1996:18). Business transactions electronically and at a low cost. as follow : a. Target is the consumers who have been divided into groups and develop a continuing dialogue. d.

Cheap and efficient To open a physical store would require millions of dollars of capital. banners. Besides cost online store operations only at the cost of internet access without the need of employees. 6. 3. Because the dorm could be established through an interactive communication between . even now many facilities on the Internet that can be utilized to open an online store for free. even reaching overseas markets. Online through internet marketing is not limited by time Not like other online businesses. 4. Online marketing through the internet are also reaching a wider market. Reduce marketing costs Because online through internet marketing more targeted and costs are relatively lower than the cost of offline marketing that cost significantly more to make brochures. Through the Internet business. Can distribute programs and information about the product via e-mail or file transfer. thus providing more value to existing business competition..g. Can keep an eye on competitors h. 2. the product can be informed through all regions of the archipelago. it is different with the capital necessary to create an online store only hundreds of thousands of dollars. Make it easy for businesses to build relationships with consumers. Marketing services business over the Internet can be accessed at any time as long as there are consumers of the Internet. 5. Other advantage for the companies 1. Creating a dialogue between the company and the consumer i. etc. neon box. banner. Can enhance the company image in the eyes of consumers.

Customers can take advantages of pricing that may change regularly or take advantages of special offers that last for a limited period. through 3G technology and Wi-Fi.  THE ADVANTAGE OF INTERNET MARKETING FOR THE CONSUMERS Customers have gained immensely from the use of the internet. Listed below are some of the benefits of the internet for the customer. As the number of users of the internet increase more and more will shop online. can increase customer loyalty. There is also price comparison websites that customers can use to get the best possible price for their products. Customers have gained immensely from the use of the internet. Clear product information for the customer Websites offer clear product information on the product or service. Many retailing websites offer the facility where different products they sell can now be easily compared. . Customers can compare online One of the greatest advantages for the customer is that they can compare products or services they wish to purchase from the comfort of their own homes. customers can be kept updated almost in real time. Instead of visiting a number of different retail outlets. There is little chance of misinterpretation or mishearing what the sales person said.consumers and businesses. Listed below are some of the benefits of the internet for the customer. As the number of users of the internet increase more and more will shop online. With the internet now becoming mobile. the user simply has to open different window tabs to compare prices or features of the product/service they wish to purchase. for example through a suggestion box or space comments. Customers stay updated Customers are kept updated with product information either via the website or emails. Transparent pricing Pricing online is very clear and transparent for the customer. So if communication is well maintained. and forum discussions among consumers.

But remember to ask yourself these questions before you part with your money: Can the proposed website help to improve efficiency or relieve operational work? What Does do my I want my customers showcase to my do when products they come or to my website? accurately? website services How simple will it be to update the website on my own? . How internet used to improve for small & medium enterprises competitiveness 1) You need a website that works for you. 24/7 Shopping There is no time restriction on when a consumer can shop online.Track your purchase Consumers have to pay for their product /service before they receive it. Web design houses are a dime a dosen. Their personal carbon footprint is reduced. and you can get freelancers who can design a website at very low costs. It is important that consumers feel reassured when this happens. 5. As consumer spend more time shopping online and use their cars less. Many webistes allow consumers to track their purchase from order. Cheaper and More Flexible If the customers do their shopping online from this they save the travel cost and less time. and not just a pretty brochure. We all know that the first step to going online is getting your own website. if we go to the shopping we have to look around for the product we want to buy but online it’s just one click of a button. Reduction in personal carbon footprint. But it's important to know what you want from your website. Many online sales now start at midnight on a particular day encouraging customers to shop all hours of the day. Again this reassures the consumer and makes them feel that they are obtaining a good service online. Share Experience Many people have complains about the service they use sometime and they want to share their opinion to other people or member of the staff so they won’t experience that again. dispatch to transportation before delivery to their home address. Think of your website as another vehicle to generate revenue for you.

the next step is to let people know of your existence. . To get started with this. There are many methods to market and promote your website. your website address e. and more traffic means more potential customers.e. High visibility means high traffic.webspider. You may choose to market your URL (i. If you are Internet-savvy.g. They may cost little more but remember.sg]) through traditional advertising such as print ads. you are free to set a daily/monthly budget that you are comfortable with. These ads are usually at the top or on the right side of the page and labelled as 'sponsored links'. You can monitor the progress of your ads and measure your ROI before you decide to increase your budget. only when they visit your website will you be able to convert them into customers. flyers and in-store promotions. Experienced web usability consultants will be able to help you and make recommendations based on your business model. Remember. then you should think twice before hiring him. Advertisements on search engines appear when people search for a certain keyword that is related to your product/service and which you have targeted. These advertisements are cost-effective as you only have to pay for your ad each time someone clicks on it.If your potential web designer cannot guide you through this thought process. you can actually try setting up and start a campaign on your own with Google. Invest correctly in the beginning and your website will bring more business than you imagine. you can approach a search engine marketing consultant to manage the whole advertising campaign for you. Now that your business exists on the web. Here are some cost-effective online marketing methods to consider a) Advertising on search engines Advertising on search engines is one of the most cost-effective methods that increases the visibility of your website and generates more traffic. your website is an investment. Only when people are aware of your website will they visit it. 2) You need to market your website online. [http://www. These are viable methods but they tend to be more costly.

Otherwise? They will find your competitors! SEO is a laborious and tedious process of making your website search engine-friendly and building links. If they don't find what they are looking for.sg] has come up with a payment scheme for SMEs that allows you to start at a very low cost and pay only when the traffic to your website increases. However. unless you are certain of the results they can deliver. Once again. When your website is optimized for search engines. as internet users tend to have a very short attention span. beware of vendors who charge way below the market rate.webspider. It's probably worth your while to outsource it to the experts. WebSpider [http://www. and an . it is up to your website to retain them and hopefully. but SEO involves the enhancement of the organic search engine ranking of your website. Therefore. 3) Retain your potential customers through your website Once new visitors arrive on your website. Does your website provide useful information? Can visitors find the required information easily? It is important that visitors find useful information fast. Organic rankings refer to search engine listings that cannot be paid for (unlike the sponsored listings). it means that your website will be listed on the first few pages of the search engines when someone searches for a keyword related to your product or service. they are found on the left side of the page.b) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) This marketing concept is similar to advertising on search engines. they leave. your website needs to be listed on the first three pages of the search engines. SEO usually involves a significant amount of investment. It could well be too cheap to be true. Why is it important to have high rankings on search engines? 90% of all internet users use search engines to look for products and services and 88% of which do not look past the first three result pages on the search engines. convert them into customers. in order to capture the attention of your potential customer.

Map Network Upgrades in Relation to Long-Term Business Goals An upgrade shouldn't just be a stopgap for a failed networking solution. boost efficiency and even avoid costs. They'll automatically report service delays and calculate the time customers or employees spent waiting for a specific networking process. you can establish a relationship with your prospects. it is vital to view your website as an investment. In additions. improve access to internal information. In conclusion. Your website is of little value to you unless you market it well. It can be tool that can generate leads and acquire new customers without you lifting a finger. thus making it a lot easier to convert your prospects into customers. so you are able to track where your dollars are going to in order to make informed decisions. A number of business networking hardware products can analyze and assess the performance of network traffic over the course of the device's life. Sometimes. Internet Marketing is cost-effective and measurable. That way. It's equally important to listen to employees. you will be able to keep track of the prospects who visited your website. they will come back. businesses can tap trusted third parties such as Cisco partners for such services as network assessments. It is a good idea to have a option for visitors to register on your website for a newsletter or to join your mailing list. continuous network monitoring for reliability or on-site analysis to identify the precise location of network bottlenecks.opportunity is missed. By keeping them in your mailing list and through regular communication. It also opens the opportunity of reaching out regionally and globally to new customers. Keep an Eye on Network Performance Poor network performance can be a key indicator that it's time to take a closer look at your network. Network hardware upgrades can help a business increase its ability to interact with customers. . visitors may not immediately purchase a product on your website but if they found your website useful. Third-party management can often resolve a problem before users know it has occurred. chances are.

3. do more with less. Blog Keeping a well-maintained blog is simply the standard these days. Find a Good Name The company name is usually the first impression the customer gets of your business. and more importantly is relevant to the products or service you are selling. If small businesses upgrade their network with some sort of mid-term goal in mind. Have a professional looking website Tasteful simplicity is usually the way to go. Find a logo Similar to your name. spell. 2. tasteful website building. as well as to demonstrate your vast knowledge of the industry. match the blog to your site for a unified brand feel. and include pictures to prove these are real people. If you’re going to plaster it all over the internet. Something too flashy or sales-oriented will drive customers away while an attractive but straightforward layout will denote professionalism. Reserve a prominent place on your site for users to share their praises. that allows them to be more productive. Showcase Press Coverage Press coverage is a valuable badge of credibility. 5. Also make sure you have your own domain name (www.An upgrade also can allow a business to leverage new technologies or applications without worrying if the network can handle them. it makes it a lot easier for them to add services in the future. User Testimonials Testimonials go a long way in reassuring visitors that you indeed have happy customers. In the physical world we see restaurants displaying positive reviews on the door. why not do the same online? 4.com) and a blog that links from the site. be sure the name is easy to remember. and add new dimensions to the business. tasteful stylization of a common word or image relevant to your . It’s an opportunity for you to engage customers. As stated previously. 6.yourcompanyname. 1. Try Weebly for easy. a logo can define your business as professional and established. Try to come up with a clean.

your site’s about page is the first stop for many internet-goers. a fact vital to your credibility. engage the community. Update Content Often Changing the content of your site (even a little) shows that there is a living company behind the webpage. and include pictures and employee bios for personality. 7. A Friendly About Page Often overlooked. who’s to say your product isn’t flawed as well? Attention to detail is the mark of a professional business. Social Media Also a new standard.business. Video Content When it comes to web content. Produced videos of reasonable length will grab the attention of browsers. For help producing a professional looking business video visit Pixability. Mention Company News Customers will always prefer an active company to a stagnant one. eyeballs tend to gravitate toward pictures and videos. 11. 12. 8. and sharing company news and updates is a great way to establish yourself as the former. and include link buttons on your main site. you can consult Logoworks and they will come up with one for you. Build out your own social media pages. Speak in a relatable voice about what your company does. 10. 9. No Errors If your site is riddled with typos and broken links. sites like Twitter and Facebook are now integral to a respectable webpresence. and establish further your web credibility. . If you need some help.

18. If people have a hard time finding you on major search-engines. 16. Showing customers that you’re open to talk improves trust and professionalism. Provide Helpful Information By offering genuine. you can bet you aren’t going to be taken seriously. Show Affiliations with Credible Sites If you are somehow associates with or work alongside sites that have already established credibility. 17.13. and can be easily set up with Grasshopper. 19. . Conversely. email. Leaving informed comments on relevant articles and forums will help you and your company be known as a credible resource and business. and any other forms of contact should be made painfully obvious. If anything flashes or pops up on your site. let that be known. SEO Optimize Customers obviously need to find you . 15. No Gimmicky Interruptional Advertising! Honesty is the best policy. enter to win some. Awards Awards act as a shiny badge of credibility that customers can take comfort in. and if not. and gone are the days that anyone actually fell for the “you’re the 5. If there are any industry or other awards your company has won recently. 14.000th visitor!” trick. Your own 800 number is also a mark of professionalism. be sure it’s clear on your site. and also that you aren’t just trying to sell something. but Google and the like are also important to your web credibility. unbiased information relevant to your industry you show both that you are knowledgeable in your field. address. Establish yourself as an authority This means engaging in the community surrounding your industry and showing you know your stuff. they assume something is wrong. Make Contact Easy Phone numbers. do not link to or associate with less than credible ones.

Marketing on the Web This Inc. This is a great way to get ideas and take stock of your own company’s online marketing efforts. and makes them feel that they are in good hands. Your competition may not be up to the challenge leaving you standing above the crowd. Find out what others in your vertical are doing and saying. capricious Web users to come back. keep improving their experience. Managing Customer Data With consumer privacy a contentious issue. Building a Better Web Site If you want finicky. find a way to include this on your site. Check out your competition. This inc. using references.20. it's especially important to be up front with your customers about your privacy policy and to make good use of the data they willingly provide.but they are still the best way for cash-strapped entrepreneurs to get eyeballs to their sites. Build Traffic Using Search Engines Search engines may index only one-third of the Web -. As you can see.com guide to Customer-Driven Marketing. and that is precisely why you should do it. Visit your competitors’ websites. Highlight Experts on Your Team If there is anyone on your team that would qualify as an expert.com guide takes you through the essentials of sprucing up your Web site. Online Community . and stimulating word-of-mouth marketing to build your business with the Inc. Customer-Driven Marketing Get ideas on generating referrals. It gives customers that personal feel. Do searches for keywords related to your business. building web credibility takes a lot of work and patience.com guide contains the best resources our site offers about marketing on the Web.

and meet your target market's needs. we share expert methods for enhancing speeches. Improve Your Communication Skills In this Inc. about latest industry trends and standards helps to establish a continuous and effective relationship with the customers. Use this Inc.  Start a blog: A good blog started by your company may give you potential customers a reason to come back to your website again and again. Things like using keywords in each page and text for site navigation are a few steps that you can easily learn within minutes. . Add more and more features you can think of and persuade your customers to keep themselves busy with you. most of the website designers teach how to update the site by yourself. Regularly update the blog and put in it latest news in your industry.com guide.  Start an online newsletter: Starting a newsletter is a very powerful way to to develop relationship with potential customers. Market Research This Inc. presentations and communications in general.  Make your website look professional: Treat the website as seriously as other business promotional measures. Grassroots Marketing Get inspired to fuel your company's growth with this collection of innovative marketing ploys.Learn from these practical tips and stories about on-line community and small businesses.com guide to make the process more manageable.  Learn some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills: Improving web page titles is an effective SEO skill but there are lot more to improve the search engine ranking of your website. In these day. Letting your customers to know about your new products and sales. Make the website user friendly and attractive and put detail information about the products and services your company offers. Web-Site Starter Kit Starting your own Web site can be challenging. it will certainly reflect on your company's name and you even lose potential customers.com guide offers tips and resources to help you research your industry and competition. If you make it look like something designed by a child.