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q  Corporate Introduction q  Illustrative Loyalty Feature Sets
- Personalized In-App Content Delivery - Deep Social Media Integration - Actions Saved to Customer Profile - Easy Mobile Transactions - Automated Credits - Bespoke Gamification

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We offer a comprehensive platform for mobile customer relationship management Mobile Apps Technology” Headquarters: 71 Gloucester Place. London. United Kingdom Loyalty Platform Engagement Creative Design Experience Offices: London. Noida. W1U 8JW. Palo Alto Data Analytics Measurement Copy @ MobileWave 2011 3   .

to help our clients maximize their mobile strategy. Snapshot Overview: "   Design team in London "   Development team in India "   100 global customers "   120 mobile solutions "   Offices in London. (Pty) Ltd in South Africa and Ariose Software based in India. is headquartered in London. leveraging proprietary award winning technologies and resource capabilities. with wholly owned subsidiaries Oi Rewards (Pty) Ltd and MobileWave S. Noida Company: MobileWave Group Plc. Palo Alto. cultivate and retain long-term customers. UK. What: MobileWave develops innovative mobile solutions for leading brands. Copy @ MobileWave 2011 4   .We are a mobile technology & solutions Company headquartered in London Who: MobileWave is a leading mobile technology and application solutions company enabling brands to engage.A.

including operations. He is a recipient of the Theodor Herzl Award from the Jerusalem Fund and twice traveled (to the USA and the UK) as a member of delegation with then South African President. He was appointed European Accounting Manager for Measurex International Systems Ltd until 1980 when he moved to Foster Wheeler as Internal Audit Manager (based London and Milan). Prior to Havok Kurt was the Assistant General Counsel of i2 Technologies. Steve Herne. Stear was named an Entrepreneur of the Year by BusinessWeek Magazine in January 2000 and was featured in the Agenda Issue of Fast Company. mobile and value added services. Inc. software and services. West & McGregor. Most recently Kurt was Vice president & General Counsel at Havok. Spanish and Chinese. Prior to MobileWave. a Web marketing optimization and customer analytics platform that was later acquired by IBM. Executive Chairman: Rory is the Executive Chairman of Flambard Holdings. Arthur started his career in China where he built up the Dow Jones Online Interactive Services division. alliances. facilities and information systems and managed and protected Havok s patent and trademark portfolio. device drivers across variety of operating systems. raising capital and leading organizations. was a 2007 TIME/ CNN/FORTUNE Principal Voice and a 2007 TIME "Hero of the Environment". He has an extensive knowledge of networking & security protocols. Africa and Asia. In 1982 Steve joined Motorola. Arthur was Co-Founder and CFO of Coordinate Technologies. an Intel owned and separately operated company. regulatory activities. the sales contracting process. a privately held international investment company. marketing. Director and CEO: Kurt has 20 years of extensive multinational business and legal experience across a broad range of industry sectors. human resources.mobilewave. UK. USA. a China based Telecom VAS Company servicing China Mobile and China Unicom and providing wireless data connectivity services to over 20 global leading Telecom Operators. CRM and mobile wireless sectors. Arthur was a Co-Founder and Sales Director for Coremetrics. where he was a member of the Management Team and was responsible for the company s legal activities and supported corporate development. Chief Revenue Officer: Arthur has an accomplished track record building and scaling businesses in the Internet. In 2005 he joined Bishop Cavanagh Rory Stear. corporate social responsibility. Copy @ MobileWave 2011 5   . Amit was Engineering Manager at iPolicy Networks where he was the lead manager for development of the enterprise series of security appliances. Nelson Mandela.With proven management (In-depth: http://www. Controller: Steve is a Certified Accountant (ACCA) and is responsible for all accounting and financial matters for MobileWave. embedded systems. Prior to that. He has operated globally for the last 17 years especially in the USA. An engineering graduate from BITS-Pilani. and speaks English. Texas. a public supply chain software and services company based in Dallas. where he held several positions up until 2005. (NASDAQ: ITWO). He is the co-founder of the award winning Lifeline Energy (formally Freeplay Foundation). Stear has extensive experience in building businesses. Arthur Holcombe. CEO Ariose Software and Head of Engineering: Amit brings close to fourteen years of experience and accomplishments in leading positions in software development. Amit Goenka. a leading software consultancy in the banking industry. Kurt Pakendorf. business development. Between 1971 and 1976 he was an accounting and audit clerk with Owen. Arthur is tri-lingual. Amit brings to Ariose Software a unique blend of software product and services experience. He has extensive experience in driving products and solutions from concept to actual product delivery. including the role as UK Finance Director during 2000 to 2002 and CEE Director of Finance & EMEA Corporate Finance Director between 2002 and 2005. M&A. Prior to MobileWave.

USA 40+ Dedicated Engineers 120+ Mobile Solutions Cloud & Mobile Copy @ MobileWave 2011 6   .Helping brands enhance their business via the mobile channel 100+ Global Customers Europe. India.

Mobility and information enhance our intimacy with the brands we most admire.We believe mobile fundamentally changes how we engage our world We are a mobile technology Company with our own customer loyalty and analytics platform. Leisure Purchase Shop Travel Deals Community Food Business Copy @ MobileWave 2011 7   .

Data shows mobile engagement is transactional and local Hyper-Local + Commerce Is a highly relevant consumer marketing opportunity with vast potential Successful Mobile Relationship management requires proper engagement. promotion and processing tools Customer Registration Merchant Locator 80% of consumer spending is done within 15 miles of home (Piper Jaffray) Promotion Delivery E-commerce Store Voucher 50% Copy @ MobileWave 2011 of people would be happy to receive mobile alerts from retailers they already have a relationship with Social Networking 8   .

Engaging consumers and incentivizing them to interact with brands through utilities such as games.Users seek smart tools that add value in their daily life Get on with activities Register Once Contextual Communication Share Gamify Brand marketing is no longer unidirectional. Comment Purchase Copy @ MobileWave 2011 9   . loyalty schemes and deals is essential for success.

receive online voucher .Share to Facebook / Twitter Login Register / Personalize Process Barcode / CC Earn Points Loyalty / Virtual Credit Brand Engagement -  Geofencing – Opt-in mobile alerts / SMS (Near Store – Offers and Points) .User Credentials (+ CC) .User History Content .Products / Services .Community / Learning Consumer Engagement . Points) .App Surveys with rewards .See personal history .Profile (Preferences.Social media tools (Facebook) .Personalize leveraging analytics Deals Point of Sale / Nearby Receive Contextual Alerts Discuss Social Media Survey Gain Feedback Copy @ MobileWave 2011 10   .Purchase.That can be integrated into a great App! Registration .Present Bar Code to transact / receive .Specials .Unique Barcode .Order product or service and collect .Mapping / Locations .

226 £7. Mobile Application User Activity Report: Totals by Period End App Downloads Customer Registrations User Sessions User Transactions Revenues Loyalty Points Facebook Shares Survey/Promo Responses Total App Minutes Month-to-Date 31.747 Sep-11 - Copy @ MobileWave 2011 11   .061 16.368 Dec-11 16.480 Oct-11 3.970 28.288 8.564 4.653 805 687 111 £725 7.With insight to measure mobile customer behavior MobileWave provides reports that aggregate and display visitor location.077 16. Powerful user analytics help brands optimize customer engagement strategies and refine product promotions and displays.044 8.464 10.431 13.312 2.020 6.825 85.585 452.433 24.062 15.797 1.340 245.120 1. browsing and purchasing activity on the mobile app.978 63.552 £159.504 4.273 31.146 4.453 14.942 £32.457 38.231 £92.740 2.885 24.121 115.172 323.857 4.170 418 4.146 Nov-12 9.710 Jan-12 24.499 328.

hotel bookings. and booking facilities for domestic and international air Client: MakeMyTrip. developer and publisher of Bollywood and South Asian mobile and digital entertainment content in the world. pricing. What App does: Provide comprehensive information about School (Calendar.A sample of our 100+ mobile client solutions Client: SnapDeal features daily deal coupons at unbeatable prices. Client: Staples the world s largest office products company. What App does: The mobile application . It provides information. Client: Hungama Mobile is now the largest aggregator. Events. taxation. Client: Yatra. Client: Pay TM is a direct-to-consumer initiative of Pay TM Mobile Solutions– a leading provider of mobile commerce services in India. buses. Copy @ MobileWave 2011 12   . Client: Goom Radio is a digital radio-style entertainment source for mobile and Internet radio listeners. holiday packages. is committed to making it easy for customers to buy a wide range of office products. Communication). What App does: Allows lawyers to search through last 100 years of case law history Client: Atlanta Montessori school in Buckhead offering private education for primary school children. India s leading online travel company was created to empower the Indian traveller with instant booking and comprehensive choices. availability. offering DVD quality picture and CD quality sound along with new age interactive services. What App does: This mobile application provides a online radio. What App does: Cross platform mobile App that would help increase deal volume by enabling users to view and respond to deals via their mobile based on their current city Client: Tata Sky is a leading Direct-to-Home service provider in India. and car rentals. What App does: The first mobile payment application in India – Allows users to pay through their card using the handset application. corporate and business policy databases in India. Client: Manupatra is the leading law publisher and provider of is India s leading online travel company. railway reservation. What App does: Application allows the user to browse and record shows via the app.

Table of Contents q  Corporate Introduction q  Illustrative Loyalty Feature Sets .Easy Mobile Transactions .Bespoke Gamification Copy @ MobileWave 2011 13   .Deep Social Media Integration .Actions Saved to Customer Profile .Automated Credits .Personalized In-App Content Delivery .

Personalized In-App Content Delivery Driving customer retention Home   Welcome  Back   Charlie!   Win  a   Buy  one  of  our   feature  salads  and   1 2 User segmentation report defines target audience for personalized in-app mobile campaign Personalized promotion served to app home screen Free  Drink  Today    Yes  Please       1  FREE  COFFEE   Code:  PY6NW4   Limit.   Used  before     February  27th.  one  coupon  per  person.  2012.  5:00pm   3 Customer opens promotion and is reverted to a mobile coupon with an offer and redemption rules 4 Customer can save redeemable voucher to profile and produce it at the store till Charlie   Copy @ MobileWave 2011 14   .  not  be  sold  or      given  away  by  any  third  party.  one   item  per  coupon.

 40   more  points  and  you  earn  free  a     drink  on  us. 3 Charlie A link is posted with message on Face book that a Friend can click directing them to the brands website where offer is displayed.   Why  not  share  it  with  a  friend   and  let  them  also  win  a  free   drink?     1 Charlie completes a purchase and automatically generates a loyalty point which is stored in his profile for future redemption 2 Charlie is offered option to offer a Facebook friend a coupon.Deep Social Media Integration Driving Customer Acquisition Home   Sign  Up   Great!   Your  payment  has  gone   Through. Copy @ MobileWave 2011 15   .   You  just  collected  10  points.

Copy @ MobileWave 2011 16   . 2 Charlie The profile also allows for Charlie to spend his loyalty points and redeem awards.Actions saved to a Customer Profile One Click mobile repository Home   Profile   Details   Messages   Offers   Points   History   Favourites   2   3   15   9   7   1 Profile conveniently displays a history of Charlie s purchases as well as his corresponding loyalty points.

QR Bar code readers and can utilize prepayment merchant account to enable mobile e-commerce.Easy Mobile Transactions Simple payment execution Home   Bill    $20    $20    $20     Home   E-­‐  Receipt   Item  A Item  B Item  C    TransacXon  Info   Purchased  by:  Charlie  Smith   Payment  Type:  Credit   Type:  VISA   Amount:  $60.   Receipt  Code:  2095423   Store  ID:  1188390   Total  Amount                    $60   Pay   Cancel   ok   1 Mobile app integrates with relevant ePOS payment gateways. 2 Charlie Copy @ MobileWave 2011 17   . User can transact and be issued mobile receipts that can be presented to collect on purchase.

Automated Credits Turning purchases into rewards Back   My  Rewards   5  Stars  earned   towards  your  next  award.   you  need  1  more  star  for  a  Free   Hot  Drink   You  are  a  Gold  member          with  18  total  points   Silver  Gold  PlaNnum  Diamond   1 Introduce game mechanics into the customer loyalty program by incorporating levels and associated rewards for each successive purchase Reward  Classes:     2 User makes a purchase A loyalty credit. triggering a voucher that can be redeemed at the store. 2 3 Charlie The App signals when a level has been achieved. Copy @ MobileWave 2011 18   . consistent with the brands existing loyalty program is applied to the user account.

Bespoke Gamification Making Interaction Fun Back My Activities Map List 1 Charlie opens is Activities icon and has an option to view all his activities on a Map or on a List. and transaction type. Club Rouge 2012-02-17. 2 3 Search Direction Charlie Copy @ MobileWave 2011 19   . clicking on transaction will show time. Map viewing will also list all participating venues. 0535 AM Transaction Car Service 2 Map viewing will illustrate the GPS tracked location of all prior user sessions (red) and transactions / engagements (blue). location. Clicking on sessions will display time and location.

com +44 77 8750 0416 .Contact: Thank You Arthur Holcombe MobileWave Group Plc Aholcombe@mobilewave.