Edexcel Vocational Qualification Approval Form (VQA

1. 2. 3. Before completing this form, please read the guidance notes. This form should only be completed electronically. You should be supported by a member of the Pearson Work Based Learning team (employer, private colleges and training providers only) in the completion of the approval application process. Please do not complete this form without first talking to your Pearson/Edexcel contact.

Please confirm what you are seeking approval for:
Apprenticeship NVQ SVQ BTEC (up to level 3)

Section 1: Centre Details
Name of Pearson/Edexcel representative supporting this application Has qualification approval been declined or withdrawn by another Awarding Organisation? If yes please attach further details Centre/Organisation Name Address Line 1 Address Line 2 Address Line 3 Town Post Code Telephone No Website Address: Fax No County Centre Number (if known)

Nature of Business
Please confirm your nature of business Do you intend to work in conjunction with other centres If stated yes please attach further details

Overseas Learners
Working with learners based overseas Licensed Tier 4 Sponsor Details: Reside Tier 4 License Number

Section 2: Centre Contacts
Applicant: Email

The person submitting the form for Centre Approval
Examinations Officer: Email

The person responsible for learner administration
Quality Nominee: E-Mail E-Mail

The person with overall responsibility for quality assurance
Head of Centre/Organisation

The person with overall accountability for centre operation

Prepared by Brett Harries, Vocational Recognition & Approvals Manager Authorised by Geoff Harvey, Head of BTEC Assessment

Section 3: Qualification details BTEC – Please supply assessment material for 1 mandatory core unit for each programme applied for Type Qualification Title QAN Code Register of Regulated Qualifications On Screen Testing Proposed Registrations Year 1 Year 2 Start date Section 4: BTEC Apprenticeship / Scottish Modern Apprenticeship Apprenticeship Title Framework Component Apprenticeship Component Title QAN Code Register of Regulated Qualifications On Screen Testing Proposed Registrations Year 1 Year 2 Start date .

Section 5: NVQ/SVQ/Apprenticeship Fast Track Approval If you currently offer NVQs with other Awarding Organisations and would like to change to Edexcel we will be able to fast track your approval Type Qualification Title QAN Code Register of Regulated Qualifications Highest level offered Current Awarding Organisation Direct Claim Status Apprenticeship declaration: I confirm that our centre has both suitably qualified staff and suitable provision for “off the job” guided learning to deliver the BTEC Technical Certificate programme Prepared by Brett Harries. Vocational Recognition & Approvals Manager Authorised by Geoff Harvey. Head of BTEC Assessment .

6 and 7 Assessor Q/WT NVQ/SVQ ONLY IV Q/WT NVQ/SVQ ONLY Employer Direct NVQ/SVQ ONLY Authenticated Certificates Available for inspection CV Staff Development Plan Countersigning Arrangements (NVQ/SVQ only): Details of countersigning arrangements for decisions made by unqualified (WT) assessors (if applicable) Details of countersigning arrangements for decisions made by unqualified (WT) IVs (if applicable) .Section 6: Delivery staff details: Name Qualification(s) responsible for As per section(s) 5.

IT.1 7.4: Please provide details of methods of assessment (if applicable) 4 Please confirm that evidence of each Qualification Criteria will be available should Edexcel require by answering YES/NO to each statement: Centre Confirmation Edexcel Use Only 7.3 7. learning materials.Section 7: Qualification Criteria Evidence that the following Qualification Approval Criteria are satisfied must be provided If you have indicated „NO‟ for any criterion. please reference the criteria number and give the reason why: 4 .g.6 7. Section 7 7.4 ASSESSMENT Assessment is carried out by occupationally competent. accredited staff who are adequately supported to fulfil their responsibilities An appropriate range of assessment methods are used (for BTEC please supply assessment material for 1 mandatory core unit) Centre Confirmation Edexcel Use Only 7. teaching rooms and specialist equipment required to support learning objectives Centre Confirmation Edexcel Use Only 7.7 There is sufficient time.2 RESOURCES Staff involved in the assessment process have the appropriate experience and expertise to deliver qualification Please provide evidence of physical resources available to support the delivery and assessment of qualification e. resources and authority for staff to perform their roles and responsibilities effectively A system is in place to ensure professional development for staff delivering qualification(s) covered in this application The centre has the appropriate Health and Safety policies for the equipment used to support learners in the qualifications covered in this application For any criteria where evidence will not be available.2: Please provide details of resources available to support the delivery of qualification(s) 4 7. please give the reason why in the box provided at the end of this section.5 7.

My organisation will retain evidence of learner work. I confirm that Edexcel will be notified of any changes.Section 8: Agreement By Principal Or Chief Executive Or Head Of Organisation/Institution a) b) c) d) My organisation will co-operate fully with Edexcel. The roles. policies and procedures and keep auditable records. Training Providers and Private Colleges – please email the fully completed application to: wbl@pearson. I confirm that any material supporting this application that is the intellectual property of another person or organisation is used with the express permission of that person or organisation. allocated and understood. I confirm that my organisation has not previously been rejected or had withdrawn centre recognition or programme approval with any Awarding Organisation. I confirm that we will implement the agreed equal opportunities access and fair assessment policies and procedures. My organisation will retain a hard copy of the centre and qualification approval application for a minimum period of three years once approval has been granted. premises and learners. authorities and accountabilities of the assessment and verification team across all sites are clearly defined. No material supporting this centre approval has been plagiarised. records. I confirm that we will monitor. records of assessment and internal verification records for a minimum period of three years following certification of the learner. I confirm that we will make available to Edexcel and/or Ofqual/SQA any materials. Vocational Recognition & Approvals Manager Authorised by Geoff Harvey.com FE Colleges and Schools currently offering Academic qualification with Edexcel wishing to offer BTEC up to Level 3 should gain approval through Edexcel Online. information or documents associated with the delivery of the qualification(s) and allow Edexcel officials access to such materials. My organisation will adhere to all of Edexcel policies and procedures. which put at risk my organisation‟s ability to meet the centre approval criteria. I understand that approval of a qualification by Edexcel does not imply or guarantee that it will be supported by public funding bodies. I understand that if quality is not maintained centre approval may be withdrawn. I understand that Edexcel Centre Recognition maybe withdrawn should my organisation remain inactive for 2 years or more. I understand that Edexcel has the right to refuse approval without giving reasons as to their decision. Head of BTEC Assessment . I confirm that information supplied to Edexcel for the purposes of registration and certification will be complete and accurate and learners will be informed of their registration status. My organisation will comply with Edexcel terms and conditions for payment of invoices. e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) n) o) p) q) r) s) t) u) v) Signature of head of organisation (Electronic copy of signature required) Print name Position within organisation Date of submission Edexcel reserves the right to decline Centre Approval Employers. My organisation will monitor the approval and accreditation period for all of the qualifications approved and seek re-approval as and when required. If you are brand new to Edexcel and wish to start offering BTEC please call us on 0844 576 0026 prior to submitting your application. I confirm that the assessment procedure will be open. Prepared by Brett Harries. fair and free from bias. My organisation will operate any required external assessments in full accordance with Edexcel and/or Ofqual/SQA procedures. My organisation will not extend overseas its operational boundaries in relation to Edexcel qualification delivery without prior authorisation from Edexcel. review and evaluate our operations. responsibilities. My organisation will not undertake any activity or advertising that could bring the name of Edexcel into disrepute.

Vocational Recognition & Approvals Manager Authorised by Geoff Harvey. Head of BTEC Assessment . 4 and 5 are currently accredited BTEC qualifications An appropriate person within the organisation has signed the declaration CVs (qualifications and subject/level experience) are appropriate to the application Centre resources are adequate to the qualification (Qualification approval only) Comments: Qualifications reviewed Qualification Comments Signed off Prepared by Brett Harries.EDEXCEL USE ONLY (Qualification Review) Qualification Reviewer Details Name: Review Date Further Evidence date (1) Further Evidence date (2) AA Number Qualifications identified in sections 3.

FOR EDEXCEL USE ONLY (Qualification Review) Further Evidence Required (Qualification) Number Information Required Outcome of Evidence Required (Qualification) (1) Number Complete? Date? Comments Outcome of Evidence Required (Qualification) (2) Number Complete? Date? Comments Recommendations (these should not prevent approval) Review Declaration The Qualification Approval criteria has been met and approval agreed If „NO‟ Please give reasons why: Reviewer (email address accepted as signature) Date The Centre may be granted approval for the delivery of Edexcel Vocational Qualifications Qualification Manager Name Signature Date .