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Serbco Distributors are a dynamic South African company operating in the piping systems sector of the market, since 2009. We bring to market a range of innovative, high quality yet very cost-effective piping solutions. All products conform to the highest European specifications and certifications possible, and have been developed in ISO 9001 accredited factories, with environmental concerns as a major design consideration. Although multi-layer PP-r pipes are manufactured, this range is not available from our distributors due to the adverse effect of aluminium on the environment and also the non-recyclability of multi-layer pipes. We have exported our products in to Africa and around the globe. We are quickly busy establishing a reputation for efficiently supplying highly competitive priced piping solutions to projects around the country. We have established a nationwide network of distributors with local stockholding, supported by a national warehouse and logistics centre in Johannesburg. Serbco promotes a range of PolyPropylene Random Co-Polymer (PP-r) pipes and fittings from 20mm to 160mm and in pressure classes from 10 to 25 bar. The pipe system has been specifically designed to enable the flow of clean hot and cold potable water, completely replacing the use of galvanized and copper pipe as poor or aggressive water conditions are on the increase. Moreover PP-r (Polypropylene Random Co-Polymer) has very successfully been used in compressed air, irrigation, vacuum, food processing, sea water, high abrasion and various chemical applications. It is also commonly used for radiator, under-floor heating and cooling systems, as well as being highly popular in the transport industry due to the joints’ extreme resistance to vibration. The pipe system is manufactured from PP-Random type III raw material from Borealis, a global supplier to the plastics industry. It meets and exceeds the German and European health standards. Serbco PP-r has completed and passed SABS testing to SANS ISO 15874 and is now SABS approved, as well as being JASWIC accepted. Clients are encouraged to visit the company’s website at

Serbco is a proud member of both the Polymer Hot and Cold Technology association (PHACT) and the Institute of Plumbing in South Africa (IOPSA). We are service driven and strive to not only create substantial savings to customers but also make a positive contribution to the environment by making role players aware of the environmental advantages of the product and their contribution by specifying the product. We will assist with design and consult with contractors on site with correct installation procedures in addition to providing training to all staff, free of charge.

Durban Inner city rehabilitation project – Johannesburg Retirement Village – Johannesburg.Athlone Stadium /Khayelitsha Hospital Modern Plumbing .TAJ Palace/Promenade Shopping Mall/Green Offices Century City RMI Plumbing .Century City.Western Cape Honey town house development 1033 units Little Moorings .Cape Town Darling Fresh Chickens Broiler Farm. Kingswood.Hillbrow Engineers Building-Compressed air + water .Cape Provincial Univ.Aircon Plantroom and distribution in building. Cape Town Barracks – Saldanha Bay Naval Base .Groote Schuur Hospital/Hermanus Hospital Current and recently completed projects include:                        Kenako Golf Academy – George Residential projects – Oubaai.Century City.Cape Town Millenia Building .Groote Schuur Hospital – Cape Town Simonstown Naval Base . Cape Town Hollywood Heights/Caronia Building .Coral Hotel Stewco(Best Plumbing) .Groote Schuur Hospital Interfloor C & D Waterloo Plumbing .The following Cape Town based plumbing companies are some who have used PP-r at the venues indicated next to their names and are in favour of using PP-r:       Peninsula Plumbing . . etc.Cape Town Harry Comay Hospital – George Kyaga School – Port Elizabeth Tyre retreading facility . Retrofit of Interfloor Levels C & D – Grootte Schuur Hospital. Serengheti. of Technology/Mitchells Plein District Hospital Juro Piping . Kempton Park Mitchells Plein District Hospital .KZN Calitzdorp Primary and High schools Aurecon Green Offices .Replace aircon main supply ECT. Cape Town Cape Peninsula University of Technology – Residences . Ebotse.Stellenbosch SA Navy-Goedverwacht Radio Station Durbanville .Cape Town Plascon chiller lines .

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